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    | Site Map
    | The Henoch Prophecies - WW III
    | Landing tracks in the Billy Meier UFO case
    | Contact 8 between Billy Meier and Semjase
    | The future is set - When Wendelle Stevens was given a copy of the predictions in Billy Meier’s Contact 115 and later watched the events occur.
    | Billy Meier knew the size of the black hole in the Milky Way before the orbit of the star S2 was known.
    | Beam ships and the Earth's magnetic field. A closer look at Billy Meier’s film and sound recording.
    | Best daylight photograph of a Pleiadian/Plejaren beam ship taken by other than Billy Meier
    | The spiritual teaching and the sources Billy Meier refers to. Semjase about the spirit, contact 10.
    | Bases
    | Teleportation - Billy Meier Contact 111
    | The documentation of Billy Meier's contacts
    | Planet Mars
    | The Trinidad letter. Horst Fenner's encounter in Bolivia 1976
    | The history behind Billy Meier's publications
    | The 1975 warning from Semjase about holes in the ozone layer .
    | Semjase: List of Contact persons
    | The material consciousness and the spirit form. The rebirth and its confinement to a planet
    | The future development on Earth on a political, social and geographical basis according to the predictions and prophecies from the Pleiadians/Plejarans
    | Billy Meier’s first contact with Semjase
    | Planet Erra - The information the extra-terrestrials gave to Billy Meier about their home world.
    | Exra-terrestrials from Zeta Reticuli in Reticulum Constellation - Betty and Barney Hill.
    | Roswell
    | Pleiadian Spaceships And Spacecraft Technology - What the investigation uncovered and Billy Meier revealed. Eyewitness accounts.
    | Asket
    | Semjase
    | Billy Meier
    | Strahlschiff
    | Energy Shields
    | Time Travel. Billy Meier
    | Life, Death and Rebirth
    | Billy Meier UFO case
    | Extraterrestrial mothership
    | Extraterrestrial races in Lyra and Vega
    | ET Contact. Taking a closer look at an unusual demonstration.
    | The human history on Earth – What Billy Meier was told by the extra-terrestrials.
    | Astronomy and space news
    | Publications
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