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Exra-terrestrials from Zeta Reticuli in Reticulum Constellation - Betty and Barney Hill.


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By Kåre Bergheim

21st of May 2013


From time to time throughout the contact notes, well known UFO cases are being discussed between Billy Meier and his extra-terrestrial contacts. He is being told that some of them are fake and some of them are real. Two of the real cases involve the Reticulum constellation. They are the 1947 Roswell crash and the 1961 Betty and Barney Hill case.  

  • Contact 246 - Betty and Barney Hill
  • Contact  37 – Betty and Barney Hill
  • The Betty and Barney Hill UFO case
  • Contact 115 - The Roswell crash
  • The limitations by using the Radial Velocity technique

  • Reticulum Constellation – Planets found
  • Reticulum Constellation – Deep sky objects


Left: The Reticulum constellation


Best known star in Reticulum is Zeta Reticuli which is a wide binary star system, with both members being similar to the Sun. It is located at a distance of about 39 light years. This system gained some notoriety in ufology when the alleged alien abductees Betty and Barney Hill named it as the home of their abductors.

Source diagram




Contact 246 – Betty and Barney Hill 


This contact was held in 1993, two years before the first confirmed detection of an extrasolar planet  was made which happened in 1995. An extrasolar planet is a planet located outside the Solar System. As of May 16, 2013, astronomers have identified 888 such planets. In Reticulum five stars have been confirmed to have planets around them and the search continues. Around zeta2 Reticuli a planet was announced to have been found in 1996, but after being published for four days  the existence of this planet was disavowed. Zeta1 Reticuli  is one of the target stars for NASA’s Terrestrial Planet Finder project


But a key point here is that the method used to find the current known planets in Reticulum, called Radial velocity, is limited, because it will never be able to detect small, Earth-sized worlds. (See below)


Billy Meier was told by Ptaah in 1993, one of his extra-terrestrial contacts, that there are inhabited planets in the area of Zeta Reticuli, and in fact planets inhabited by humans and this also apply to Zeta Reticuli 1 and Zeta Reticuli 2. Below is the excerpt of contact 246 from the original German contact notes where this information is given:


With reference to: Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 7 (2005) Contact 246 dated Saturday, 19. June 1993 at time 23.17 Page 176:  My translation above the German orgiginal





.... Then a question concerning the Hills in the United States, which indeed were abducted by life forms of extra-terrestrial origin, namely by human beings from the 37 light years distant area of  the star Zeta Reticuli. I believe you told me at the time that it correspond to the truth.



47. Yes.–

48. This forced contact is also the origin of the absurd stories and the hysteria around the <Little Greys> which however have nothing at all to do with the truth.

49. The fear and hysteria as well as the imaginative stories concerning the <Little Greys> correspond to a well steered false propaganda for, on the one hand to present certain things in a false light and, on the other hand to conceal certain events and machination.



But what is certain is that there are inhabited planets in the area of Zeta Reticuli, and in fact planets inhabited by humans. Does this apply both to Zeta Reticuli 1 and Zeta Reticuli 2?



50. That is the case, but we maintain no contact at all with the inhabitants there, who do not even have any knowledge about our existence, but who we from our side have been observing for several millennia already.

51. However, our interests are not in establishing contact with the life forms in those areas, because they do not yet possess certain forms of development which would be required for making contact.



Probably in relation to your directives?



52. That’s correct.


German Original


Unter Bezugnahme auf Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 7 (2005) Zweihundertsechsundvierzigster Kontakt Samstag, 19. Juni 1993, 23.17 Uhr. Seite 176





…. Dann eine frage wegen den Hills in den USA, die ja von Lebensformen ausserirdischer Herkunft entführt worden waren , und zwar von Menschenwesen aus dem 37 Lichtjahre entfernten Gebiet der Sterne Zeta Reticuli. Ich glaube, dass ihr mir damals gesagt habt, das entspräche der Richtigkeit.



47. Ja. –

48. Diese erzwungene Kontaktaufnahme ist auch der Ursprung der unsinnigen Geschichten und der Hysterie um die <Little Greys>, die jedoch in keinerlei Dingen etwas mit der Wahrheit zu tun haben.

49. Die Angst und Hysterie sowie die phantasievollen Geschichten in bezug auf die <Little Greys> entsprechen einer wohlgesteuerten Falschpropaganda, um einerseits gewisse Dinge in ein falsches Licht zu rücken, und andererseits, um bestimmte Geschehnisse und Machenschaften zu verschleiern.



Fest steht aber, dass es bewohnte Planeten gibt im Gebiet von Zeta Reticuli, und zwar von Menschen bewohnte Planeten. Gilt dies sowohl für Zeta Reticuli 1 als auch für Zeta Reticuli 2?



50. Dem ist so, doch wir pflegen keinerlei Kontakte mit den dortigen Bewohnern, die nicht einmal Kenntnis von unserer Existenz haben, die wir unsererseits aber schon seit mehreren Jahrtausenden beobachten.

51. Unsere Interessen liegen aber nicht in einer Kontaktaufnahme mit den Lebensformen jener Gebiete, da ihnen noch gewisse Entwicklungsformen nicht eigen sind, die für eine Kontaktaufnahme erforderlich wären.



Wohl im Bezuge auf eure Direktiven?



52. Das ist richtig.



Contact  37 – Betty and Barney Hill 


The previous information Billy Meier refer to in contact 215 above, related to his question concerning the Hills in the United States, which is when he says  “ .. I believe you told me at the time that it correspond to the truth” would be contact 37 back in 1975. He was then told by Semjase that the Betty and Barney Hills case was for real. She then gave Billy Meier the below information:


Expecting some kind of a demonstration by Semjase for his group, Meier had warned them to be attentive around the suggested time, because he did not know what from the proposed demonstration would take. When the demonstration failed to materialize, Meier tried to contact Semjase to see what had happened to frustrate the plan. His attempts were unsuccessful and he became impatient. Finally they contacted him and he was summoned to a rendezvous. He got there ahead of the ship and when it arrived he confronted Semjase with an opening statement.


My translation above the German Original beneath


With reference to Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 1 (2002) Siebenunddreissigster Kontakt Montag, 3. November 1975, time 19.43 pages 483 to 487





You have really kept me on tenterhooks lately and wrapped yourself in silence.  In addition, you had told me that you in the night of 25 to 26 October maybe would demonstrate something for my group.



1. Certainly, that’s what I said under four eyes.

2. I therefore also tried very hard to demonstrate something to the members of the group, but as you already have noticed, I slipped out of your control.

3. Unfortunately, I was unexpectedly recalled as a result of a special task which I urgently had to deal with.

4. After fulfilling my task, I then noticed that the group members had already left your house.

5. Then I had to leave the system in order to devote myself to the task which I had mentioned to you in secrecy at our last contact.

6. In doing so I was to such extent occupied that I had to block myself against your searching intensive-impulses.



Aha, makes sense, that’s why I could not reach you again. And with your task you probably mean the matter in regards to Zeta Ratekalli, or?



7. Certainly, if you mean Zeta Reticuli with your distortion of words?



Of course, that’s what I mean - I could simply not remember the strange name. But now I will memorize it. However, what has come out of this matter now, have you found out something?



8. Certainly, I can give you different information which you are permitted to pass on:

9. For some time have intelligences been visiting the Earth, unknown to us until now.

10. They first caught our attention in 1961 when they seized two Earth people, kept them in their space ship and subjected them to a physiochemical analysis.

11. This involved…..



In this field I am blank, hence can you tell me what such a physiochemical analysis is good for?



12. It is not just only one method, but several ones, where the mixture of substances can be discretionary quantitatively and qualitatively separated whereupon the chemical compounds are quantifiable and qualitatively determinable in their structure and composition according to their properties.

13. Very sophisticated and ingenious methods, combined with an equally sophisticated technology also allow these analyses on living life forms, without these being harmed in any way.

14. It is, to our knowledge, still unknown on Earth, but very common and widespread among certain space faring races.

15. However, they only use this method in connection with telenotie, hence with hypnosis, whereby the test- or examination objects have no conscious recognition of such tests or examinations.

16. That means that they lack all recollection of this time, whereby I here speak of the examination or test time.

17. The recollection only establish itself deep in the subconsciousness, thus it can only be released again from there.

18. However, that is not possible through the consciousness, but only through a strong hypnotic counter block, which we call a breaking block.



Aha, even if I do not understand the chemical stuff, your explanations still makes sense to me,. But now, however what took place in 1961? The matter is a little bit unclear to me. And why do you concern yourselves about it first now?



19. I wanted to speak about that:

20. It was on the 19th September, 1961 in the mountains of New Hampshire USA, during night that two earth people called BETTY HILL and BARNEY HILL, a married couple, encountered a space ship of extra-terrestrial origin.

21. Through oscillation-paralysations was their vehicle, an automobile, rendered inoperative and brought to a standstill.

22. At the same time were both of them put into deep hypnosis by telenotical forces.

23. Their consciousness was in this way paralysed, whereby their conscious recollection was subjected to a blockade.

24. However, I have already explained this to you earlier.

25. The purpose of these proceedings by the intelligences had no vicious form at all, because their only pursuit was research of the earth human life form.

26. So they took possession of both the Earth human beings for a time of 127 minutes, brought them into their spaceship and subjected them very thoroughly to their tests and analysis, while they also took different specimens from both, such as some drops of blood, male sperm, hairs, saliva, fingernails and skin.

27. They took specimens from the shoes and clothing as well and from other things too, which were of importance for the analysis to those intelligences

28. Everything was very accurately registered and radio-photographically recorded by them.



That is no concept to me; what is radio-photography – I have never heard of that before.



29. It is an apparatus, similar to your 35-mm film cameras, through which the physical-chemical analysis results can be radio oscillation wise recorded and photographed, whereby through apparatus based processes the oscillations are directly converted into a symbol formation in the recording filter.



This is a Spanish village to me, but that is surely also not so of importance. This could certainly be more useful to an engineer or physicist.



30. Certainly, now listen further.

31. After the analyzation of both the earth humans, they were then again brought into their vehicle, released and freed from the paralysing radiation.

32. The deep hypnosis was undone in the both of them, and they drove on without any recollection of the time of the analyzaton.

33. They did not have the slightest recollection of it.

34. Only in later years were they in a position to solve the mystery of this event as they were able to reveal their subconscious knowledge by hypnosis.



Aha, but why have you only recently troubled yourself with this matter. 



35. A fresh incident, which I unfortunately cannot speak about, has only now made it necessary.

36. Our checks in 1961 revealed that there was nothing to fear from these spacefaring intelligences.

37. They are of humanoid shape and were actually only carrying out research.

38. Their shapes are absolutely human, although their body mass are somewhat different from our own.

39. Their size varies between 126 to 163 cm.



That's interesting - but where do they really come from? What kind of space ships do they have and how they put up with our atmosphere, etc.?



40. They come from the planet and star system ZETA RETICULI as I already explained to you.

41. This system is located in a middle distance of 37 light years from Earth.

42. Their spaceships are very similar to our beam ships and are extremely well equipped and very space-capable.

43. The atmosphere of their home world is very similar to Earth’s atmosphere, thus they can breathe this without great difficulties.

44. However, they dispose of tight fitting filter suits, which offer them protection in a number of ways.

45. For people on Earth I would say that they are similar to the suits given to the imaginary characters Batman and Superman in the comics, except for that the face and the entire head is completely wrapped in the suit, whereby the eye areas are protected by the built-in and incorporated visual and protection  <glasses> in the suit.

46. The fantasy films of French production which deal with a criminal called FANTOMAS are surely known to you.

47. If you look at this imaginary character and substitute his eye area with dark protective glasses, then you have a quite good image of the Zeta Reticuli intelligence in their suits.



Yes, this character is known to me from television, but from where do got your knowledge about this?



48. I sometimes amuse myself with such broadcastings which you emit by your television apparatuses.



Aha, so then you are an illicit viewer.



49. That, I do not understand.



By us a concession is required if one has a radio or a television. If we hear radio or watch television without paid concession, then this is illegal, and about that we say that such a person is an illicit listener or illicit viewer.



50. You once again feel like joking.

51. That really isn’t possible that you have to pay a fee for it.



Nevertheless, that’s how it is, because also with these things are money taken out of our pockets – and in fact not just a little bit. Just watch out when the PTT catch on to the illicit viewers, then they are going hassle you.



52. You are really comical.



You may also express it like that. But how about if you just only cold give me a picture of the Zeta Reticuli Intelligences, can that be arranged?



53. I can make you a drawing if you like.



That would be nice. Could you at least make a half-length portrait of one of these intelligences and maybe also a drawing of their spaceships?



54. Certainly, but I do not have paper and a writing pencil.



I can give to you something – here, a pencil-, and here – this is a multicolour ballpoint pen, and that there is an eraser pencil. And – wait a bit, yes here-, is this paper sufficient?



55. Certainly, I will bring along the drawings to you at the next contact.



Good, now it would however still interest me if there is anything to fear from aforementioned intelligences?



56. They are peaceful humanoids



Is that all?



57. There is nothing more to report about that.



As you like. Then from the side of the Earth there is nothing of importance in their mission; this is what I get from your words?



58. Certainly, so it is.



You are quite sparse with words again today. I must buy every word from you.



59. I just try not to explain more than what is permitted to me.

60. You often have a way of asking questions where I unintentionally explain more than what I am allowed.

61. Therefore, I am careful.



I will no longer put you in a tight spot –at least not with these Zeta Reticuli humans, that’s what they after all are, or?



62. Certainly, they differ from us only in their anatomy as well as in their size and in the skin colour.


End excerpt


This is the comments Wendelle Stevens, the chief investigator in the Meier case, made to contact 37 above - Reference to Message from the Pleiades – The Contact Notes of Eduard Billy Meier Vol 2 (1990) page 37 - Quote


ANNOTATIONS (by Wendelle Stevens)

“ (1) There is only one case of known contact with extra-terrestrial visitors, who have specifically said they came from Reticulum, and that one began in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1978, with the first face-to-face contact and dialogue with them on 18 March 1979, over three years after the date of this contact note of Eduard Meier’s in Switzerland. The only previous connection with Reticulum was in the Betty and Barney Hill case, which happened in 1961. And in that case the ET’s themselves did not tell Betty where they were from, commenting that if she did not know where her own sun was on their star chart, what good would it be for her to know where they were from. It was not until years later that astronomer Marjorie Fish found a match for the star chart shown Betty Hill, and that match included the constellation Reticulum, and specifically stars Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 of that constellation. This was little publicised at that time, until it was printed in Astronomy magazine in 1976, a year after this Meier contact note was dated and witnessed. It is unlikely that Meier could have known of Fish’s work before that time. See our UFO CONTACT FROM RETICULUM, initial report, and a second update volume recently published.


(2) This is the first public release of the fact that male sperm was taken from Barney Hill during that abduction in 1961. This, however, is confirmed by the subsequent actions by Barney immediately after the incident, in view of data from other abductions since that time, and by the physical marks left on his body at the time.


(3) Depending on the star catalogue used, the distance between Earth and the stars Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 of Reticulum varies between 25 and 37 light years.” (Wendelle Stevens 1990)




German Original


Unter Bezugnahme auf Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 1 (2002) Siebenunddreissigster Kontakt Montag, 3. November 1975, 19.43 Uhr Seite 483 bis 487



Du hast mich in der letzten Zeit ganz schön auf die Folter gespannt und dich in Schweigen gehüllt. Ausserdem hattest du mir doch gesagt, dass du vielleicht in der Nacht vom 25. Auf den 26. Oktober für meine Gruppe etwas vordemonstrieren würdest.



1. Sicher, so äusserte ich  unter vier Augen.

2. Ich war auch sehr darum bemüht, den Gruppengliedern etwas vorzuführen, doch wie du aber bemerkt hast, entglitt ich deiner kontrolle.

3. Leider wurde ich unvorhergesehen abberufen infolge einer Spezialaufgabe, die ich dringend zu erledigen hatte.

4. Nach Erfüllung meiner Aufgabe stellte ich dann fest, dass die Gruppenglieder alle dein Haus bereits verlassen hatten.

5. Danach musste ich das System verlassen, um mich der Aufgabe zu widmen, die ich dir beim letzten Kontakt in Verschwiegenheit genannt hatte.

6. Dabei war ich derart beschäftigt, dass ich mich gegen deine suchenden intensiv-Impulse blockieren musste.



Aha, einleuchtend, darum also konnte ich dich wieder einmal nich erreichen. Und mit deiner Aufgabe meinst du doch wohl die Sache mit Zeta Ratekalli, oder?



7. Sicher, wenn du mit deiner Wortverdrehung Zeta Reticuli meinst?



Natürlich, das meine ich – ich konnte den komischen Namen einfach nicht behalten. Jetzt aber will ich ihn mir merken. Was hat sich nun aber in der Sache ergeben, hast du etwas herausgefunden?



8. Sicher, ich kann dir auch verschiedene Angaben machen, die du weiternennen darfst:

9. Seit längerer Zeit besuchen bis anhin uns unbekannte Intelligenzen die Erde.

10. Aufmerksam auf sie wurden wir erst im Jahre 1961, als sie sich zu Studienzwecken zweier Erdenmenschen bemächtigen, sie in ihr raumschiff verbrachten und einer physikalisch-chemischen Analyse unterzogen.

11. Dabei wur…



Auf diesem Gebiet bin ich eine Niete, kannst du mir daher sagen, wozu eine solche physikalisch-chemische Analyse gut ist?



12. Es ist das nicht nur eine Methode, sondern deren verschiedene, durch die Stoffgemische beliebig quantitativ und qualitativ getrennt werden können, wonach dann die chemischen Verbindungen in ihrem Aufbau und in ihrer Zusammensetzung laut ihren Eigenschaften quantitative und qualitativ bestimmbar sind.

13. Sehr verfeinerte und raffinierte Methoden, verbunden mit einer ebenso raffinierten Technik lassen diese Analysen auch an lebenden Lebensformen zu, ohne dass diese irgendwie geschädigt werden.

14. Unseres Wissens ist das auf der Erde noch unbekannt, doch sehr gebräuchlich und verbreitet bei

Gewissen raumfahrenden Rassen.

15. Sie aber verwenden diese Methode nur im Zusammenhang mit Telenotie, also mit Hypnose, wodurch die Versuchs- oder Untersuchungsobjekte keinerlei bewusste Erkennung von solchen Tests oder Untersuchungen haben.

16. Das heist, dass ihnen für diese Zeit alle Erinnerung fehlt, womit ich die Untersuchungs- oder Testzeit anspreche.

17. Die Erinnerung legt sich nur tief im Unterbewussten fest, so sie auch nur von dort wieder gelöst werden kann.

18. Das aber ist nicht durch das Bewusstsein möglich, sondern nur durch einen starken hypnotischen Gegenblock, den wir einen Brechungsblock nennen.



Aha, auch wenn ich das chemische Zeugs nicht verstehe, so leuchtet mir aber doch deine Erklärungen ein. Was hat sich nun aber im Jahre 1961 zugetragen? Die Sache ist mir etwas unklar. Und warum kümmert ihr euch erst jetzt darum?



19. Davon wollte ich sprechen:

20. Es war am 19. September 1961 in den Bergen von New Hampshire in den USA während der Nachtzeit, als zwei Erdenmenschen namens BETTY HILL und BARNEY HILL, ein Ehepaar, einem Raumschiff ausserirdischer Herkunft begegneten.

21. Durch Schwingungs-Paralysatoren wurde von den Intelligenzen ihr Fahrzeug, ein Automobil, ausser Funktion gesetzt und zum Stillstand gebracht.

22. Gleichzeitig wurden die beiden durch telenotische Kräfte in Tief-Hypnose versetzt.

23. Dadurch wurde ihr Bewusstsein paralysiert, wodurch das Errinnerungs-Bewusste einer Blockade ausgesetzt war.

24. Das aber habe ich dir bereits vorhin erklärt.

25. Der Zweck dieses Vorgehens der Intelligenzen hatte keinerlei bösartige Formen, denn ihr Trachten lag nur im Erforschen der erdenmenschlichen Lebensform.

26. So bemächtigten sie sich für die Zeit von 127 Minuten der beiden Erdenmenschen, verbrachten sie in ihr Raumschiff und unterzogen sie sehr genau ihren Tests und Analysen, wobei sie den beiden auch verschiedene Proben entnahmen, wie einigen Tropfen Blut, männliches Samengut, Haare, Speichel, Fingernägel und Haut.

27. Jedoch wurden auch von Schuhen und Kleidern Proben entnommen, so aber auch von verschiedenen anderen Dingen, die für die Analysen der Intelligenzen von Wichtigkeit waren.

28. Alles wurde von ihnen sehr genau registriert und radio-photographisch festgehalten.



Das ist mir kein Begriff; was ist denn Radiophotographie – davon habe ich noch nie was gehört .



29. Es handelt sich um eine Apparatur, ähnlich euren Kleinbildfilmkameras, durch die physikalisch-chemische Analyse-Ergebnisse radioschwingungsmässig erfasst und photographiert werden können, wobei sich die Schwingungen durch apparaturelle Vorgänge im Aufnahmenfilter direkt in eine Symbolbildung umwandeln.



Das ist mir ein spanisches Dorf, doch ist dies ja sicher auch nicht so wichtig. Ein Techniker oder Physiker könnte sicher mehr damit anfangen.



30. Sicher, doch höre nun weiter.

31. Nach der Analysation der beiden Erdenmenschen wurden diese wieder in ihr Fahrzeug verbracht, das aus der Paralysierungs-Strahlung entlassen und freigegeben wurde.

32. Die Tief-Hypnose wurde in den beiden gelöst , und ohne jegliche Erinnerung an die Analysationszeit fuhren sie weiter.

33. Sie hatten nicht die geringste Erinnerung daran.

34. Erst in späteren Jahren vermochten sie das Rätsel dieses Geschehens zu lösen, als sie durch Hypnose ihr unterbewusstes Wissen zu offenbaren vermochten.



Aha, aber warum habt ihr euch erst in diesen Tagen um diese Sache bemüht?



35. Ein neuerlicher Vorfall, worüber ich leider nicht sprechen darf, hat das erst jetzt erfordert.

36. Unsere Überprüfungen im Jahre 1961 ergaben, dass von diesen raumfahrenden Intelligenzen nichts zu befürchten war.

37. Sie sind humanoider Form und stellten tatsächlich nur Forschungen an.

38. Ihre Formen sind absolut menschlich, wobei allerdings ihre Körpermasse von den unseren etwas verschieden sind.

39. Ihre Grösse variiert zwischen 126 und 163 cm.



Das ist interessant – woher kommen sie nun aber wirklich? Welche Art Raumschiffe haben sie und wie ertragen sie unsere Atmosphäre usw.?



40. Sie stammen vom Planeten- und Sternensystem ZETA RETICULI, wie ich dir bereits erklärte

41. Dieses System befindet sich in einer mittleren Distanz von 37 Lichtjahren von der Erde entfernt.

42. Ihre Raumschiffe sind unseren Strahlschiffen ähnlich und äusserst gut ausgerüstet und sehr raumtüchtig.

43. Die Atmosphäre ihrer Heimatwelt ist der irdischen Atmosphäre sehr ähnlich, so sie diese ohne grosse Schwierigkeiten atmen können.

44. Allerdings verfügen sie aber über enganliegende Filteranzüge, die ihnen Schutz in mancherlei Hinsicht bieten.

45. Für die Erdenmenschen würde ich sagen, dass sie ähnlich den Anzügen sind, wie sie in den Comics den Phantasiegestalten Batman und Superman gegeben sind, nur dass dabei das Gesicht und der ganze Kopf völlig in den Anzug gehüllt sind, wobei die Augenpartie durch in den Anzug eingebaute und eingearbeitete Seh- und Schutz- <Brillen> gesichert sind.

46. Sicher sind dir die Phantasiefilme  französischer Produktion bekannt, die von einem Verbrecher namens FANTOMAS handeln.

47. Wenn du diese Phantasiegestalt betrachtest und ihre Augenpartie durch dunkle Schutzgläser ersetzt, dann hast du ein ziemlich gutes Ebenbild der Zeta-Reticuli-Intelligenzen in ihren Anzügen.



Ja, diese Gestalt kenne ich vom Fernsehen her, doch woher hast du Kenntnis davon?



48. Ich belustige mich manchmal an derartigen Sendungen, die ihr ja durch eure Televisionsapparaturen ausstrahlt.



Aha, dann bist du also eine Schwarzseherin.



49. Das verstehe ich nicht



Bei uns bedarf es einer Konzession, wenn man Radio oder Fernseher hat. Wenn wir ohne bezahlte Konzession Radio hören oder fernsehen, dann ist das illegal, und wir sagen dazu, dass ein solcher Mensch ein Schwarzhörer oder Schwarzseher ist.



50. Du beliebst wieder einmal zu scherzen.

51. Es ist doch nicht möglich, dass ihr dafür Entgelt entrichten müsst.



Dem ist aber trotzdem so, denn auch mit diesem Dingen wird uns das Geld aus der Tasche gezogen – und zwar nicht wenig. Pass nur mal auf, wenn die PTT den Schwarzsehen spitzkriegt, dann rückt sie dir auf den Pelz.



52. Du bist wirklich ulkig.



Du kannst dem ja auch so sagen. Wie wäre es aber, wenn du mir einmal ein Bild von den Zeta-Reticuli Intelligenzen besorgen würdest, liesse sich das einrichten?



53. Ich könnte dier eine Zeichnung anfertigen, wenn du willst.



Das wäre schön. Könntest du wenigstens ein Brustbild von einer dieser Intelligenzen machen und vielleicht auch eine Zeichnung von ihren Raumschiffen?



54. Sicher, ich verfüge aber nicht über Papier und Schreibstift.



Da kann ich dir etwas geben – hier, ein Bleistift - , und hier – das ist ein Mehrfarben-Kugelschreiber, und das da ist ein Radierstift. Und – wart mal, ja hier-, genügt dieses Papier?



55. Sicher, ich werde dir die Zeichnungen zum nächsten Kontakt mitbringen.



Gut, nun aber würde mich noch interessieren, ob von den besagten intelligenzen etwas zu befürchten ist?



56. Sie sind friedliche Humanoide.



Ist das alles?



57. Es gibt darüber nicht mehr zu berichten.



Wie du willst. Dann fallen von der Erde aus diesen Intelligenzen keine Dinge von Wichtigkeit zu, das jedenfalls müsste sich aus deinen Worten ergeben, oder?



58. Sicher, das ist so.



Du bist wieder ganz schön wortkarg heute. Jedes Wort muss ich dir abkaufen.



59. Ich bemühe mich nur darum, nicht mehr zu erklären als mir erlaubt ist.

60. Du hast oft eine Art Fragen zu stellen, dass ich ungewollt mehr erkläre als ich dürfte.

61. Daher bin ich vorsichtig.



Ich werde dich nicht mehr in die Klemme bringen – wenigstens nicht mit diesen Zeta-Reticuli-Menschen, das sind sie doch, oder?



62. Sicher, sie unterscheiden sich von uns nur in ihrer Anatomie sowie in ihrer Grösse und in der Hautfarbe.


Ende Auszug


The investigator tem lead by Lt col (Ret.) Wendelle Stevens examined the sites where Billy Meier took the photographs and 8 mm movie films, the places where landing tracks was made and the sites where a laser gun was test fired. They concluded the massive evidence Meier delivered was genuine and made several important conclusions during their five years investigation of the case. For example they concluded that  Meier photographs could not have been taken of a model, but were of large size objects. Reference here  and  here.  


Left: Photo from the book Light Years by Gary Kinder (1987)


 “Their spaceships are very similar to our beam ships and are extremely well equipped and very space-capable”  (Semjase to Meier in Contact 37, 1975 about the extra-terrestrial craft from Zeta Reticuli involved in the Betty and Barney Hill case)


Left: Part of photo Nr 86 taken by Billy Meier at Berg / Rumlikon on the 14th of June 1975. This is a Plejaran beam ship, seven meter in diameter, piloted by Semjase. She is here doing a demonstration flight.  


Betty and Barney  Hill UFO case


On the drive back home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire after a trip to Montreal Québec, Betty and Barney Hill caught sight of a UFO. The object followed them down the highway for some before swooping in over top of their car, producing some strange noises, and suddenly disappearing. But when the Hills reflected on the sequence of events that night, they realized that more had happened than they'd remembered. After undergoing hypnotherapy, the couple recovered memories of being taken aboard an extraterrestrial spaceship and subjected to intrusive medical examinations. This was the first widely publicized UFO case in modern history to involve so-called "missing time,"   



Left: At Franconia Notch a state marker commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the 1961 Betty and Barney Hill UFO incident. The wording of the marker reads as follows:


“On the night of September 19-20, 1961, Portsmouth, NH couple Betty and Barney Hill experienced a close encounter with an unidentified flying object and two hours of “lost” time while driving south on Rte 3 near Lincoln. They filed an official Air Force Project Blue Book report of a brightly-lit cigar-shaped craft the next day, but were not public with their story until it was leaked in the Boston Traveler in 1965. This was the first widely-reported UFO abduction report in the United States.”


Photo credit: AP Photo/Jim Cole


Contact 215 – The flying disk which crashed at Roswell


Another case which involves beings from the Reticulum constellation is the Roswell crash. Everybody agrees something crashed at Roswell in 1947 but not what it was, and the three explanations given to the press by the Military was, in the following order:


1. A flying disk or a flying saucer 

2. A weather balloon

3. It was part of a highly classified radiation detection experiment called Project Mogul.


Billy Meier received information about the Roswell case from one of his extra-terrestrial contacts named Quetzal in 1987 during a conversation in the 215th contact. By the crashed object it concerned a beam ship from the Reticulum-systems. Nothing more specific is given as to where in  the Reticulum constellation they came from. Meier was here told that in this case the crew did not consist of natural human life forms, but human androids of bioorganic nature, which meant they were artificial human androids, of which the US-Army also caught some alive and some dead, and which they secretly transported to undisclosed locations. For further details of what Meier was told see Roswell


Left The first story brought by the newspapers was correct according to information received by the Swiss contact man to the Pleiadians and their federation members, Billy Meier. It was indeed a flying disk which crashed at Roswell. Further details at: Roswell


The limitations by using the Radial Velocity technique


Exoplanets are very difficult to detect because they do not emit any light of their own and are completely obscured by their extremely bright parent stars - normal telescope observation techniques cannot be used.

All planets detected in the Reticulum constellation have been found by using a method called radial-velocity technique from ground-based telescopes in Australia and Chile.  

But this method cannot find Earth sized planets in Reticulum. Exactly the kind of planets we are looking for, planets on which human civilisations could exist. This is the information provided by the European Space Agency ESA on their website about the radial velocity technique:

Radial Velocity

 “This technique (radial velocity) is limited, however, because it will never be able to detect small, Earth-sized worlds. With the best spectroscopes, astronomers can confidently detect motions of about 15 metres per second. However, Earth only forces the Sun to move at 0.1 metres per second. Even if a spectroscope could be made to detect this, the boiling of the star's gaseous surface (the acoustical modes studied on the SUN by ESA’s SoHo and to be studied on stars with the COROT mission) would mask the effect of the planet..” ESA Source

The planets found in Reticulum also confirm this to be the case as below list shows. All of them have been discovered by using the Radial Velocity technique and they are all big. But the discoveries are still important as it show that planets are as common in Reticulum as everywhere else. It indicates the likely presence of Earth sized planets in Reticulum as well. It is just that we unable to find Earth sized planets by using Radial Velocity method.


Reticulum Constellation – Planets found


Year of discovery/Planet name/Size compared to Jupiter/Method/Country of Discovery


2000 - HD 27442 b -   1.35 Jupiter - Radial velocity- Australia

2001 - HD 23079 b -   2.61 Jupiter - Radial velocity- Australia

2005 - HD 27894 b -   0.67 Jupiter - Radial velocity- Chile

2007 - HD 23127 b -   1.50 Jupiter - Radial velocity- Australia

2010 - HD 25171 b -   0.95 Jupiter - Radial velocity- Chile

2011 - HD 21693 b - 0.032 Jupiter - Radial velocity- Chile

2011 - HD 21693 c - 0.065 Jupiter - Radial velocity - Chile


The radial velocity technique, which has been used to find the current known planets in Reticulum, is limited because it will never be able to detect small, Earth-sized worlds. Source ESA  


Left: Earth from Apollo 17

Photo credit: NASA


Reticulum Constellation – Planets found



Star: Epsilon Reticuli (HD 27442)  – Distance 59 light years


HD 27442 b is an exoplanet approximately 59 light years away in the constellation Reticulum. The planet has mass of at least 1.35 Jupiters The planet takes 1.13 years to orbit the binary star system Epsilon Reticuli (HD 27442 A AND B) at the average distance of 1.16 AU.

Year of discovery: 2000

Discovery site: Anglo-Australian Observatory, Coonabarabran, NSW Australia

Discovery method: Radial velocity also known as Doppler spectroscopy 



Star: HD23079 – Distance 114 light years.


HD 23079 b is an exoplanet approximately 114 light years away in the constellation Reticulum. The planet has mass of at least 2.61 that of Jupiter. The planet takes almost exactly two years to orbit the star HD23079 at the average distance of 1.16 AU.

Year of discovery: 2001

Discovery site: Anglo-Australian Observatory, Coonabarabran, NSW Australia

Discovery method: Radial velocity



Star: HD 27894 – Distance 138 light years


HD 27894 b is an exoplanet approximately 138 light years away in the constellation Reticulum. The planet has mass of about two third that of Jupiter The planet takes 18 days to orbit the star HD 27894 at the average distance of 0.12 AU.

Year of discovery: 2005

Discovery site: La Silla Observatory in Chile

Telescope: ESO 3.6 m with the HARPS spectrograph

Discovery method: Radial velocity also known as Doppler spectroscopy   



Star: HD 23127 Distance 320 light years


HD23127b is an exoplanet approximately 320 light years away in the constellation Reticulum. The planet has mass of about 1.50 that of Jupiter The planet takes 3.3 years to orbit the star HD 23127 at the average distance of 2.4 AU.

Year of discovery: 2007

Discovery site: Anglo-Australian Observatory, Coonabarabran, NSW Australia

Discovery method: Radial velocity also known as Doppler spectroscopy



Star: HD 25171  – Distance 179  light years


HD 25171 b is an exoplanet approximately 179 light years away in the constellation Reticulum. The planet has mass of 0.95 that of Jupiter The planet takes 5.05 years to orbit the star HD 25171 at the average distance of 3.02 AU.

Year of discovery: 2010

Discovery site: La Silla Observatory in Chile

Telescope: ESO 3.6 m with the HARPS spectrograph

Discovery method: Radial velocity also known as Doppler spectroscopy 



Star: HD 21693 Distance 106 light years  - Two planets


HD21693b is an exoplanet approximately 106 light years away in the constellation Reticulum. The planet has mass of 0.0322 that of Jupiter The planet takes 22.6 days to orbit the star HD 21693 at the average distance of 0.148 AU.

Year of discovery: 2011

Discovery site: La Silla Observatory in Chile

Telescope: ESO 3.6 m with the HARPS spectrograph

Discovery method: Radial velocity also known as Doppler spectroscopy


HD21693c is an exoplanet approximately 106 light years away in the constellation Reticulum. The planet has mass of 0.0647 that of Jupiter The planet takes 53.9 days to orbit the star HD 21693 at the average distance of 0.264 AU.

Year of discovery: 2011

Discovery site: La Silla Observatory in Chile

Telescope: ESO 3.6 m with the HARPS spectrograph

Discovery method: Radial velocity also known as Doppler spectroscopy



Left: Reticulum is a constellation only visible in the southern hemisphere, south of 23 deg N, wherefore the discovery site for the majority of the planets in this constellation has been the Anglo-Australian Observatory, Coonabarabran, NSW Australia


Photo credit: AAO


Left: In recent years the La Silla Observatory in Chile has been the discovery site for several planets in Reticulum using the discovery method Radial velocity also known as Doppler spectroscopy. This is the HARPS spectrograph mounted to the ESO 3.6 meter telescope.


Photo credit : ESO


Reticulum Constellation – Deep sky objects


Below are two of the most notable deep sky objects in the Reticulum constellation


Left The barred spiral galaxy NGC 1559 in Reticulum is a very intense star forming region


Photo: ESO


Left NGC1313 in Reticulum is classified as a starburst galaxy, because of the dense regions of very active star formation. NGC 1313 has a rate of star formation 1000x faster than the Milky Way


Photo: ESO