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The documentation of Billy Meier's contacts


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By Kåre Bergheim

25th July 2014


·         Documentation

·         The analysis of the extra-terrestrial metal samples

·         The landing tracks and daytime photograph of Quetzal's beam ship taken by Hans Schutzbach during contact 59.

·         Contact 59.

·         Night time demonstrations. Burning off static energy.

·         Billy Meier’s trip in space. Contact 31.


With Reference to: ”Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums….Kontakte mit den Plejadiern/Plejaren” (1997) by Eduard Meier  - Documentation




Counting among the documentation of Billy Meier’s contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejarans belong not only several hundred contact conversation reports, but also experience and observation reports from witnesses who confirm his own statements and those from the Pleiadians/Plejarans. There are about two dozen persons who in particular have had different experiences in connection with his contacts to the extra-terrestrials and who also in part witnessed when murder attempt on his life were carried out. And all witnesses of the honest type were always prepared to make statutory declaration, or to testify, to confirm their experiences and perceptions, etc.


Among such experiences and perceptions belong day and night sightings of Semjase’s, Quetzals and Menara’s space ships as well as landing tracks, which normally originated from Semjase’s beam ship and which mostly were left behind in order to serve the purpose of creating relevant photographic and film evidence. For those purposes were also night demonstrations performed, during which energy combustion of static energies were carried out, which in the dark night sky always produced a fantastic magic fire and could be observed from dozens of kilometres afar.


To the demonstrations also included Billy Meier’s own disappearance by teleportation, sometimes from the midst of a group of people. The demonstration also included a 5 day old beard which he verifiably brought back home after only 22 hours absence, during which time he was underway for 5 days in reality, through a time shift. Included as well is a speech on audio tape by the extra-terrestrial Talida.


Witnesses could also report of the elimination of fir trees or of sightings of extra-terrestrials which let themselves be observed during contacts, or during walking-visits on the Center premises, as for example was the case with Quetzal, or by the giant Daniel who has a size of somewhere around 250 centimetre or 8,2 feet. Or Andron who measures a respectable 5,5 meter or 18 feet. In fact, Billy adds, it would lead too far if all sightings, experiences, perceptions and observations etc. were to be addressed in report form and in details.


Thus, Billy only singles out one witness report to be reproduced. It involves a statement of an experience of an extra-terrestrial visitor at the Center premises, which over the years gone by was nothing special or extraordinary, but something which simply belonged to the life on the Center. The whole thing occurred in October 1982, at which Brunhilde Koye was the witness: My translation above the German original


Brunhilde Koye:

“ On the 1st October, as I shut the trunk lid of my car with a snap, on the parking lot assigned to me in the Centre, I turned around like under a compulsion, squinted in the warm October sun and looked like spellbound down the slope to the edge of the forest. Like a flash, the recollection suddenly shot through me (as I reckoned) of an image which I seemed to have observed from this place – or did I see it first now?


From this hill (in front of the shed) I looked down the steep grassy slope to the edge of the forest until my eyes, like spellbound, got stuck on to a small moving spruce, near the high spruces through which the sunlight flooded through the treetops. The spruce moved from left to right, thus from south to north. I am wondering, looking searchingly at the lower part of the moving tree. I see clearly the golden yellow shimmering edge of the cut surface underneath the tree trunk of the tall spruce; it is no longer connected to the root, it does not topple over.


However, I cannot detect the tree stump. Instead, I suddenly see two very large feet in rugged shoes, then a long, symmetrically grown human carrying the tree; The three top tower some meter above his head. “Well, something of the kind”, I thought surprised, only for a short moment, because shortly after I realized perplexed that for me this is nothing unusual anymore.


The tall man, as such I clearly recognize him as being, goes to the edge of the meadow, at the ledge of the slope, and I hear him speaking to somebody, but as much as I make an effort, I cannot understand the actual words. The man, with the tree in his arm, goes slowly further and further to the right, thus northward; my eyes follows alternately the wandering tree top and the steps of the carrier until I detected an equally tall man lying on his back. This tall figure has his arms folded under his head – obviously the man is resting and enjoys the sun. Now, I also recognize that both men are carrying the same gray-blue fully covering suits, i.e. kind of an overall. I somehow then knew that the man carrying the tree, in a friendly way is letting it be known to the man lying down that he now should help him again.  


This image imprints itself on my mind – I turn briefly away, shake my head like in a dream, briefly turn it backward, see my car, and when I again look down the slope, only the sunrays can still be seen, which light up the upper part of the slope with their glistening light; the edge of the forest now lies in the shade.


At dusk the next day, I come from the garden, walk slowly towards the house, and suddenly I see one of these tall men, with arms crossed, leaning against the house; the head reaches above the gutter. The figure is already familiar to me, although I am astonished, and the man (Andron, more than 5 meters tall) smiles friendly and relaxed to me; I even believe to have in my recollection a roguish smile. These are my records of the 1st and 2nd of October 1982. ”


German original

Brunhilde Koye:

“Am 1. Oktober, als ich auf meinem mir zugewiesenen Parkplatz im Center den Kofferraumdeckel meines Autos zuklappte, wandte ich mich wie unter einem Zwang um blinzelte in die warme Oktobersonne und schaute dann wie gebannt den Hang hinunter zum Waldrand. Wie ein Blitz durchschoss mich plötzlich die Erinnerung (wie ich meinte) an ein Bild, das ich von dieser Stelle aus beobachtet zu haben schien – oder sah ich es soeben erst?


Von dieser Anhöhe aus (vor der Remise) schaue ich den steilen grasbewachsenen Hang hinunter, bis mein Blick am Waldrand bei den hohen Fichten, durch deren Wipfel das Sonnenlicht flutet, wie gebannt an einer kleinen sich fortbewegenden Fichte hängenbleibt. Die Fichte beweget sich von links nach rechts, also von Süden nach Norden. Ich staune, schaue suchend nach dem unteren Teil des sich fortbwegenden Baumes, sehe deutlich den goldgelb schimmernden Rand der Schnittstelle unten am Stamm der hohen Fichte; sie hat keine Verbindung mehr zur Wurzel, sie fält nicht um.


Den Baumstumpf kann ich allerdings nicht entdecken. Plötzlich sehe ich statt dessen zwei sehr grosse Füsse in derben Schuhen, dann einen langen, ebenmässig gewachsen Menschen, den Baum tragend; die Baumspitze  überragt seinen Kopf einige Meter. “Na so etwas”, denke ich überrascht nur einen kurzen Augenblick, denn gleich darauf ist dies für mich nichts Aussergewöhnliches mehr, stellte ich perplex fest.


Der grosse Mann, als solchen erkenne ich ihn deutlich, geht zum Rand der Wiese am Hangabsatz, und ich höre ihn zu jemanden sprechen, doch so sehr ich mich auch anstrenge, die Worte selbst kann ich nicht verstehen. Der Mann geht langsam, den Baum im Arm, immer weiter nach rechts, also nordwärts ; mein Blick folgt abwechselnd der wandernden Baumspitze und den Schritten des Trägers bis ich einen ebenso grossen Mann entdecke, auf dem Rücken liegend. Die Arme hat diese grosse Gestalt unter dem Kopf verschränkt – offensichtlich ruht sich der Mann aus und geniesst die Sonne. Jetzt erkenne ich auch, dass beide Männer die gleichen graublauen durchgehenden Anzüge tragen, eine Art Overall also. Irgendwie Weiss ich dann, dass der baumtragende Mann den liegenden freundlich wissen lässt, dass dieser ihm nun wieder helfen solle.


Dieses Bild prägt sich mir ein – ich wende mich kurz ab, schüttle wie im Traum den Kopf, drehe ihn kurz nach hinten, sehe mein Auto, und als ich wieder den Hang hinunterschaue, sind nur noch die Sonnenstrahlen zu sehen, die mit ihrem gleissenden Licht den oberen Teil des Hanges beleuchten; der Waldrand liegt nun im Schatten.


In der Abenddämmerung des nächsten Tages komme ich aus dem Garten, gehe langsam auf das Haus zu , und plötzlich sehe ich einen dieser beiden grossen Männer mit verschränkten Armen am Haus lehnen; der Kopf ragt über die Dachrinne hinaus. Zwar staune ich, aber die Gestalt ist mir schon vertraut, und der Mann (Andron, über 5 Meter gross) schmunzelt mich freundlich, gelassen an; ich meine sogar, ein spitzbübisches Lächeln in Erinnerung zu haben. Dies sind meine Aufzeichnungen vom 1. Und 2. Oktober 1982.”


As already mentioned, time and again witnesses were able to observe how Billy all of a sudden at a place simply disappeared without a trace, or simply again reappeared, like as though out from nowhere. Billy here writes that this normally happened when the Pleiadians/Plejaren brought him into their space ship or brought him back again. This involved a transport method of controlled transmission, which was carried out with the help of a tele-transmitter machine.


By this processes is a human (also an object etc.) disintegrates lightning-quick molecular wise and time less on one place for in the same fraction of a second materialize again on another location, something which however only can be applied within a distance of one third of a light second (99 930,819 333 kilometre). Billy was one time taken away directly from the shed roof, by this transport method, where he was repairing the roof structure together with several other men. Whereby this incident naturally caused some sensation among those persons who for the first time experienced his disappearance in this way, Billy adds. 


Another time, Billy was in his office and he had the door and all windows closed from the inside because he was expecting extra-terrestrial visit. Instead of being visited by the Pleiadians/Plejarens in the office, he was brought directly into the space ship by the teleport beam. However, after the contact, he did not land in his office as he had expected but in the hallway of the residential building, namely directly in front of the very eyes of a former group member who became completely stunned. And a few activates followed in order to get into the office again since his office of course was still closed, and besides the key was inserted from the inside, while a spare key did not exist,. The only way which remained was to break open the door with force.


Furthermore, photo evidence also exists with Billy’s footsteps in deep snow, which simply lead from the middle of a field out to a road, without leading further into the field. This because he was simply set off in the middle of the field by teleport beam for demonstration purposes, (photo evidence),


Billy was another time on board the space ship during a contact while Jacobus Bertschinger was on a small road in the middle of a field, waiting for him in his VW. Billy then suddenly appeared as out of nowhere in front of his car, something which gave Jakobus quite a scare, although he already long ago had become accustomed to such things. There are still many such examples to be cited, but this small listing ought to be sufficient in this matter.


Also the buzzing sound of the Pleiadian-plejaran space ships and also footsteps of extra-terrestrials in the basement and on a freshly paved step plate at the Center belong to the documentation.  A shot-through-hole in the so called Semjase tree also forms part of it. This is when Billy shot through the trunk of the dying tree with Menara’s Laser gun. Since then the tree blossomed and carried fruit year after year.


Until Billy was finally able to record the buzzing sound of the Pleiadian-Plejaren space ships to tape, he had to go through all kinds inconveniences. The ships are usually shielded against visibility and audible sound, so the buzzing simply cannot be heard. To nevertheless be able to record the buzzing to tape, Semjase had to open up the specific protection shield which only makes the sound inaudible. However, by opening the shield up, the buzzing welled out without restraint; as a result it could be heard several kilometres away.   


It was therefore inevitable, naturally, that due to the beam ships sound, uninvited visitors were attracted very quickly and in fact from private individuals to individuals belonging to police and military. It was naturally very unwanted and in fact both by Semjase as well as by Billy. Therefore, Billy writes, he travelled with his Kubota tractor and the caravan hundreds of kilometres around in the area of Zürcher Oberland, always guided by Semjase, to seek out new remote locations where they hoped to finally being able to make the tape recordings. But it was not that simple, because time and again people turned up unexpectedly starting to besiege Billy, wondering what kind of buzzing sound it was they were hearing, which in fact resounded like a hurricane throughout the area.


Then, Billy continues , on the 18th of July 1980 Semjase lost her patience and instructed him to make his way home in order to bring several people from the Center along to the quite remote Hintersädelegg, about 1,5 kilometres away,  because the tape recording should definitively be made there.  Billy therefore did what he was instructed to do.  Whereby the roads leading into the location, where the sound demonstration was expected to take place, were then secured by people from the Center, so that no one could come too close.


And then the buzzing sound also let loose, and fact with such sound intensity that Billy got a terrible headache for three days long through it. The buzzing sound sounded over the landscape for about twenty minutes, which resulted in that fairly quickly again quite a number of people came running towards their position, some of them living up to four kilometres away. However, through the road blockade by the people belonging to Billy, the recordings could go on unobstructed without further incidents, thus Billy came into possession of a tape cassette on which the <beam ship symphony> was recorded. The recording took place 60 meters (197 feet) underneath the beam ship.


Another cassette was loaded into the recorder by his wife Kalliope. And on this the most successful bussing sound recording was made by using a parabolic directional microphone pointed towards the sky at a range of 388 meters or 1273 feet. At this range, the buzzing could still be heard with undiminished force. Scientific analysis was also made from this recording. It was determined that even with eight synthesizers it was not possible to even come close to being able to reproduce the buzzing sound.

The footsteps which they found and photographed in the basement, originated from members of an extra-terrestrial dwarf race which carried out vibration purification in the Center. When Billy questioned Semjase about their origin, she told him the following:  (My translation above the German original)


“Their size amounts to 115 cm and they belong to us, naturally, but they live on a small neighbouring planet to Erra. They were working in there (in the Center) to clean the buildings, the room underneath (the basement) in particular, from vibrations and fluidal forces which had settled there as a result of past, and not exactly positive, events. We did not want you to be influenced by the negative occurrences there. That’s why our friends were working there. ”(See Semjase-contact reports.)


German original


“Ihre Grösse beträgt 115 cm, und selbstverständlich  gehören sie zu uns, leben aber auf einem kleinen Nachbarplaneten von Erra. Sie waren dort (im Center) darin tätig, dass sie das Gebäude, insbesondere aber jenen Unterraum (Keller), von Schwingungen und Fluiden reinigten, die sich dort infolge früherer  und nicht gerade positiver Ereignisse festgesetzt hatten. Wir wünschten nicht, dass ihr dort durch negative Vorkommnisse beeinflusst würdet. Deshalb waren unsere Freunde dort tätig.” (Siehe Semjase-Kontaktberichte.)


They were able to secure another footprint in its original size in a paving piece of Daniel, an extra-terrestrial with a size of 248 centimetres (8.14 feet), who allowed himself the fun to leave behind his footprint in a freshly paved path plate. Engelbert Wächter and Silvano Lehmann were witnesses. When they first found the footprint, standing from a few meters distance, they initially became annoyed that despite all alerts, somebody had now been tramping around in the fresh paving slab. Silvano then wrote down the event as follows:  (My translation above the German original)


“We stood immediately round the site of where it happened and our anger gradually disappeared, but only to make room for astonishment. Namely, it must have been a gigantic stumblebum who had left behind his footprint, which showed the size 56 or so. It was an imprint with a length of more than 42 centimetres, thus to some extent supernatural, unless extra-terrestrial, more precisely expressed.  We knew from Billy that our Center is being visited every now and then by the Pleiadians (Plejaren) and their extra-terrestrial friends going for walks. Thus we also knew that among these friends were giants and colossuses, like for example Andron, who reaches more than 5-meter in height, or Daneel whose height has been stated as being 2.48 meters.


And it could not have been a footprint of this Daneels, if we view the matter correctly. Thus we also agreed, something which at a later time was also confirmed by the Pleiadians, that Daneel, a member Pleiadian (Plejaren) federation, had been hiding somewhere above the Center, in the near grove, and must have observed us, in order to come down after we had left the building site to put a nice evenly footprint in the fresh paving. This apparently because sometime before Billy had asked the Pleiadians if they could not at some time deliver to us a special foot or shoe print of an, for Earth people, unusual extra-terrestrial.”


German original

“Wir umstanden unmittelbar die Stätte des Geschehens und unser Zorn verrauchte allmählich, jedoch nur, um einem Erstaunen Platz zu machen. Es musste sich nämlich um einen riesigen Trottel gehandelt haben, der da seinen Schuhabdruck hinterlassen hatte, der etwa die Grösse 56 aufwies. Ein Abdruck von mehr als 42 Zentimeter Länge, also in gewissem Masse  überirdisch, wenn nicht genauer ausgedrückt ausserirdisch. Wir wussten von Billy, das unser Center von Zeit zu Zeit von den Plejadiern (Plejaren) und ihren ausserirdischen Freunden besucht wurde, um spazierenzugehen. So wussten wir auch, das Riesen und Giganten unter diesen Freunden waren, wie z.B. Andron, der über 5 Meter Grösse erreicht, oder Daneel, dessen Körpergrösse mit 2,48 Meter angegeben wurde.


Und nur um einen schuhabdruck dieses Daneels konnte es sich hier handeln, wenn wir die sache richtig betrachteten. So kamen wir auch  überein was dann zu späteren Zeitpunkt von den Plejadiern bestätigt wurde, dass Daneel, ein Angehöriger der plejadischen (plejarischen) Föderation, irgendwo oberhalb des Centers im nahen Wäldchen sich versteckt gehalten und uns beobachtet haben musste, um dann nach unserem Weggehen von der Baustelle herunterzukommen, um den Schuhabdruck schön gleichmässig in den frischen Pflaster zu setzen. Dies offenbar darum, weil Billy einige Zeit zuvor bei den Plejadiern nachgefragt hatte, ob man uns nicht einmal einen besonderen Fuss- oder Schuhabdruck von einem für die Erdenmenschen ungewöhnlichen Ausserirdischen liefern könnte.”


Regarding the photographs, Billy writes that his entire photo material, still existing as of 1996, when he wrote this, and which mainly had been taken by himself, goes far beyond 1000 photographs. But only about 500 of them refer directly to the beam ships resp. UFO’s and their landing tracks etc. as well as of extra-terrestrials and their foot resp. shoe prints. Originally, he had more than 3500 photographs of spaceships and landing tracs as well as photographs from foreign worlds and the Soyuz -Apollo coupling in orbit around the earth etc. But over the course of the years, these were all stolen and also to a large degree manipulated in order to be able to accuse him of swindle and fraud.


Moreover, Billy continues, his photographs are as a rule not random snapshots as many people maybe assume, but rather they are photos and films which only came about through recording sessions agreed upon with the Pleiadians/Plejarens,  because the material should serve as evidence. Thus, he could only take the photographs when he was given permission to do so. Whereby he was able to make probably the world’s best and sharpest photographs and films of space ships resp. beams ships resp. UFO’s ever made.


The latest photographs which came about this way, in1981, show the so called cake ship, as it was named with respect to its look. This involved a space ship which was specially constructed for earth’s atmosphere, but which did not withstand the environmental pollution. It was withdrawn again from earth already after only one year’s operating time, as a result of corrosion damage Etc.,


To this very day (1996) Billy continues, time and again voices have been raised, why in later years after 1981 (up to the year 1996 when he wrote this), have no further photographs and films, resp. videos been captured. This question can only be answered with that from his side, and from the part of the Pleiadians/Plejarens, enough film and photo evidence material have to such extent been created, in order to substantiate the full truth about his story and the existence of the extra-terrestrials, that really no doubt any longer can exist. 


But if the existing material is still not sufficient, Billy adds, because deliberately those in charge under private and government, as well as intelligence control carry on and aspire to slanderous machinations in this way, then also further recording of evidence etc. bring no success and no further understanding etc. at all., which is also the reason why the Pleiadians/Plejarens have given no further demonstrations  with their beam ships for those interested, as was often the case in the early years of the contacts.


That is also the reason why Billy no longer was given permission to make any further photo or film recordings. And he has also strictly adhered to that, even though he secretly could still have created a lot of evidence material, what however with certainty would have been responded to with a rebuke and destruction of the material from Pleiadians/Plejarnen.


Thus, Billy continues, he has never, and not during Asket’s period either, taken pictures if he was not given permission to do so.  And he has never taken pictures out of curiosity as well as never appeared in public to enhance his image, or to indulge in psychological damages or to satisfy or remove inferiority complexes as those envious, detractors, know-it-all’s, phoney critics, as well as funded and controlled deniers have been blaming him of.


The fact is, he adds, that all his material, that he has created and gathered, have been on the request from the extra-terrestrials, in order to be able to refer to their existence and to tell of their presence, as well as to fulfil his mission in this world in the form it is required. 


The metal samples which he received from the Pleiadians/Plejaren, before they were analysed by every trick in the book by professional technical experts in America, were also examined in Switzerland, by the Swiss federal material testing institution EMPA in Dübendorf.


But, Billy goes on, as was to be expected, because unfortunately, since they told them that it concerned extra-terrestrials material, the whole issue was just torn apart and was only assessed as being cooking-pot material.  Apparently, neither could suitable qualified experts be found nor was there willingness to seriously accept the matter.


Only an extremely expensive and extensive analysis in America unveiled the truth. That is, it involved an alloy which was equally unearthly as the cold synthesis production process, which on earth is still completely unknown. And according to the statements from the metallurgists, this method may be developed on earth at the earliest in about 150 years. (For further details, Billy here refers to what engineer Buberl wrote in his book about outcome of the metal sample testing, which I have translated below).


Billy writes that he received further metal samples from Ptaah in June 1993, whereby it in part involved an alloy which showed different metals in different colours, whereas other pieces consisted of practically pure silver. However, these metal samples did not originate from our universe but from the DAL universe where Asket comes from.



The analysis of the extra-terrestrial metal samples


The book Billy Meier refers to above, regarding the metal sample analysis, is the book “Worauf warten wir noch?” Tau & Tau – Druck Verlag Handel G.m.b.H & CO. KG. Biriczweg 1, Postfach 19, A-7202 Bad Sauerbrunn. Here the author, engineer Alfred Buberl, has written about the evidence in the Billy Meier case, from page 96 to page 103: About the metal analysis he writes the following: My translation above the German original


“Also the buzzing sound, which had been recorded during the contacts, underwent the most stringent tests which also confirmed the authenticity.  In fact, this should already have been enough to confirm Meier’s integrity. But he had yet another sensation to offer: that was four small metal pieces which Meier left to Stevens prior to his return to America, namely with the words: “They represent three of the seven metal phases of which the beam ships consist of. The Metal is not unusual, because in the whole of the universe one can find the same basic elements. If you analyse it, the scientists says, you should watch out for the type of processing and the technical characteristics”.


In one of the samples, small pellets were integrated into a solid metal mass, a fact which very much surprised the metallurgist, Dr. Walter Walker, of the University of Arizona because it was inexplicable to him that these pellets were found uniformly in all parts of the Metal.

When he examined a small metal piece from it under the microscope, a gas escaped from the sample whereupon the small plexiglass plate it had been laid on broke apart. He referred to such a dynamic to be absolutely unusual for metal.


A renowned expert, Dr. Marcel Vogel, is the owner of one of the most comprehensive microscope equipment in the world. One of the metal pieces which Vogel received was strongly oxidized wherefore he tried to remove the oxidation layer with a metal scraper. “I only touched it with the steel scraper when red stripes appeared and the oxidation layer disappeared. I only touched it, and then it already deoxidized and became pure metal. I have never seen such a thing before”, this consisted of a not very unusual silver alloy.


Another triangular small piece of metal proved to be an exceptionally complex alloy of very pure silver and very pure aluminium as well as potassium, calcium, chrome, copper, argon, bromine, chlorine, iron, sulphur and silicone. A microscopic small area showed a remarkable combination of almost all elements of the periodic table, and each one of them represented the highest degree of purity: “Each pure element being present was connected with each other, but even so, somehow or other it kept its individual structure”.


But that was not all, at a magnification of 500 times, the chemist discovered two micro grooves running in parallel, whereby the main element in this narrow zone was Thulium: “Thulium exists only in tiny amounts. It is insanely expensive, by far more expensive than platinum and difficult to obtain. One must possess a high level metallurgical knowledge to produce even one connection with this material”.


When the electron microscope was brought at 1600 times magnification, he became even more surprised: “A world of its own appeared in the sample. There were here structures within structures – Very, very unusual! ” At 2500 times setting he found double thread structures – Very unusual for metal to have such double-threads areas. If one takes one area of this sample and places it under polarized light, one finds that it is probably a metal, but at the same time … crystal! ” He detected six sided crystalline structures which were arranged in a spiral shape. A photo micrographic image pointed to an excellent conductivity of the structures. Everything indicated a non-electrical cold fusion of the metals.


“With none of the technology known to us, could we achieve that on our planet. This is why I think, it is important that we, in the scientific community, get together and study these things seriously, instead of that we attribute it to people’s imagination”, was Vogel’s comment on these unusual samples.


End excerpt


German Original

Auszug aus dem Buch “Worauf warten wir noch?” Begegnungen der Dritten Art. Gestern - heute – morgen (1995) von Ing. Alfred Buberl

“Auch die Sirrgeräusche, die bei den Kontakten aufgenommen worden waren, wurden strengsten Untersuchungen unterzogen, die ebenfalls die Echtheit bestätigen. Das hatte eigentlich bereits genügen müssen, die Integrität Meiers zu bestätigen. Aber er hatte ja noch eine Sensation zu bieten: Nämlich vier kleine Metallstücke, die Meier Stevens vor seiner Rückkehr nach Amerika überlassen hatte, und zwar mit den Worten: “Sie repräsentieren drei der sieben Metallzustände, aus denen die Strahlschiffe bestehen. Nicht das Metal ist ungewöhnlich, denn im ganzen Universum findet man dieselben Grundelemente. Wenn Sie es analysieren lassen, sagen Sie den Wissenschaftlern, sie sollten auf die Art der Verarbeitung, auf die technischen Eigenschaften achten”.


Bei einer der Proben waren kleine Kügelchen in eine feste Metallmasse eingebunden, welcher Umstand den Metallurgen, Dr. Walter Walker, der University of Arizona, sehr verwunderte, denn es war ihm unerklärlich, dass sich diese Kügelchen uniform in allen Teilen des Metals fanden.

Als er ein kleines Metallstück davon im Mikroskop untersuchte, entströmte dieser Probe ein Gas, worauf das Plexiglassplättchen zerbrach, das auf sie gelegt worden war. Eine solche Dynamik bezeichnete er als für Metall absolut ungewöhnlich.


Ein namhafter Experte, Dr. Marcel Vogel, ist Besitzer einer der komplettesten Mikroskopanlagen der Welt. Eines der Metallstücke, die Vogel erhielt, war stark oxydiert weshalb er versuchte, die Oxydationsschicht mit einem Metallschaber zu entfernen. “Ich berührte es nur mit dem Stahlschaber, als rote Streifen erschienen und die Oxydationsschicht verschwand. Ich berührte es nur, da deoxydierte es schon und wurde zu reinem Metall. Ich habe so etwas noch nie gesehen”, dabei handelte es sich um keine allzu ungewöhnliche Silberlegierung.


Ein weiteres, dreieckiges Stückchen Metall erwies sich als ausserordentlich komplizierte Legierung aus sehr reinem Silber und sehr reinem Aluminium sowie Kalium, Kalzium, Chrom, Kupfer, Argon, Brom, Chlor, Eisen, Schwefel und Silikon. Ein mikroskopisch kleines Areal zeigte eine bemerkenswerte Mischung von fast sämtlichen Elementen des Periodensystems, wobei jedes von ihnen höchste Reinheit repräsentierte: “Jedes rein vorliegende Element war mit jedem anderen verbunden, trotzdem behielt es auf irgendeine Art seine individuelle Struktur”.


Aber damit nicht genug, entdeckte der Chemiker bei 500facher Vergrösserung zwei parallel verlaufende Mikrorillen, wobei das hauptsächliche Element in dieser schmalen Zone Thulium war: “Thulium existiert nur in winzigen Mengen. Es ist irrsinnig teuer, bei weitem teurer als Platin, und schwierig zu bekommen. Man muss ein hochgradige, metallurgische Kenntnis besitzen, um auch nur eine Verbindung mit diesem Material herzustellen”.


Als das Elektronenmikroskop auf 1600fache Vergrösserung gebracht wurde, erstaunte er noch mehr: “Eine eigene Welt erschien in der Probe. Es gab hier Strukturen innerhalb von Strukturen – Sehr, sehr ungewöhnlich!” Bei 2500facher Einstellung fand er “doppelfädige Strukturen – Sehr ungewöhnlich für Metall, solche zweifädigen Bereiche zu besitzen. Wenn man einen Bereich dieser Probe nimmt und ihn unter polarisiertes Licht legt, so findet man, dass es wohl Metall ist, doch zu gleicher Zeit… Kristall!” Er stellte sechsseitige kristalline Strukturen fest, die spiralförmig angeordnet waren.Eine fotomikrografische Aufnahme wies auf eine exzellente Leitfähigkeit der Strukturen hin. Alles deutete auf eine non-elektrische, kalte Fusion der Metalle hin.


“Mit keiner uns bekannten Technologie könnten wir das auf unserem Planeten erreichen. Darum denke ich, es ist wichtig, dass wir uns in der wissenschaftlichen Welt zusammensetzen und diese Dinge seriös studieren, statt dass wir sie der Vorstellungskraft der Menschen zuschreiben”, war der Kommentar Vogels zu diesen aussergewöhnlichen Proben.   


Ende Auszug





Metal samples from the Dal universe where Asket comes from.

These are the latest metal samples Billy Meier received and they were given to him by Ptaah in June 1993.

Photo taken by Freddy Kropf 27th of June 1993




Semjase-Silver-Star-Centre Hinterschmidtruti at Schmidtrüti in Tösstal, Switzerland

When I visited the Centre from the 5th to the 7th of July 2006, I met with Billy Meier. Of his children, I only met his daughter Gilgamesha Meier who also expedited my purchase of material. But her brother Atlantis Sokrates Meier was a member of the Figu Core Group. And their brother Metusalem Meier travelled to Nevada in 1999 where he spoke at the IUFOC conference under the segment titled ‘The reopening of the Meier case’. All three of Meier children are among the more than two dozen key witnesses in the case. They were present at daytime observation of the pleiadian beam ships. They were present when Meier recorded the sound from Semjase’s beam ship. And they were present on many other occasions, such as they all witnessed the many fresh landing tracks made both by the Pleiadian beam ships and by the space crafts from region of Vega.

Foto: Kåre Bergheim 5th of July 2006



The landing tracks and daytime photograph of Quetzal's beam ship taken by Hans Schutzbach during contact 59



Hans Schutzbach to the right standing beside Billy Meier in the middle, at Langriemenholz Hinwil on the 17th of July 1976. Hans Schutzbach is one of the more than two dozen key witnesses in the Meier case and he wrote several detailed witness reports.  He was present during day time sightings where he also took a photograph of the object. He was also present at night time sightings where he saw the illuminating object as well as the demonstration which followed where the craft made a light display by burning off static energy. He surveyed and took photographs of many fresh landing tracks made by different types of crafts. He was also present when Meier recorded the sound from Semjases’s beam ship. A sound with such intensity that it could be heard 4 kilometres or 2,5 miles away. 

Photo taken by Guido Moosbrugger 17.7.76



28th of June 1976 (Contact 59)

Beam ship tracks

By Hans Schutsbach, Switzerland


“Monday the 28th of June, 76. 1530. Billy has just called and has asked me to drive out with him. He would meet with Semjase and would be pleased if I was nearby. We should be able to drive away precisely at 1600 and then at this time, the Meier family as well as Ms. Stetter, also stepped into my 2CV car, meanwhile Billy made his moped ready. By means of a drawing he explained to me exactly where we should go and wait for him. We then sat about half an hour in the shadow of a lonely tree, far outside from Hinwil.


1655. The children suddenly shout. I then turn around and see in no more than 700 meters distance how an object is climbing up above a forested area. At first, an oversized hot-air balloon comes to mind. However, the shape does not match with that. This is a slightly disc-shaped object. It looks silver-grey and climbs quickly. In doing so it depicts a wide radius towards the left and with that turns away from the ground, thus from N-W in a southern direction. Too bad, no binocular is around, by means of which every detail on this object could be seen.


For a moment we are uncertain of what kind of object this is. But the answer to what it must be, is: An beam ship climbing up! For about 10 minutes we tensely follow how the Objet moves further and further away, up in the air, and in the end it is only visible as a small point high in the sky. Then, the until now steadily decreasing point, starts to move with breakneck speed to the right. At that time Billy has approached us unnoticed, and at the same moment as he appears with us, and greets the children, the point us gone, like erased.


He shakes his head when we tell about what we saw. Nevertheless, Semjase would have stressed, she no longer wanted to appear to people anymore for safety reasons. Therefore, we must have sighted the beam ship of Quetzal, who also arrived to the meeting together with Pleja, the sister of Semjase. If we were interested, he would to lead us to the landing place, where tracks of both beam ships could be seen.


And you bet we wanted! So we went down the small panoramic mountain, and after 500 meters, arrived at a forest in which a narrow, stretched out clearing moved along. This is slightly marshy and covered with high reed grass. Carefully, so not to tread down anything, Billy here led us to an extremely interesting place. He now and then pointed to the ground: Footsteps have been trodden in the soft ground there. These would originate from Pleja! However, the marks of the landing gear appeared mind-blowing to us. Because, in the half meter high grass, there are six gigantic, pressed down, circles arranged in two triangular groups.


The grass is pressed flat on the ground in a counter clockwise spiral pattern. In the centre of both triangles is a trodden place of which Billy has information about. Here would the ship’s exit have been. In fact, out from there also leads a narrow footprint to the edge of the clearing. The imprints at Semjase’s ship measure each a diameter of 2 meters. The distance from each other, measured from centre to centre, amounts to 3.77 meters, resp. 4 meters. Near the exit is a round down trodden spot of ca. 70 centimetres.


At Quetzals ship, the tracks are arranged in an equilateral triangle, with a distance of 3.45 meters from centre to centre. Here I measure the diameter of the flat pressed circles to be exactly 1.82 meters. Also here is the trodden place in the middle, and narrow footsteps which lead away and join with those of Semjase. Right here, footprints can again be recognized in the soft ground. Quetzal must have very big feet. (30 centimetre). There are no heels present, but instead a weak cross-ribbed profile. At Pleja’s imprints, we only measures 26 centimetres.


This girl must be a lively thing. She absolutely wanted to drive Billy’s moped and thus he showed her how the dangerous thing operated! After a proper visual inspection we left the place, only then to come back again a little later. We made recordings with a film camera as well as with photo cameras. For the purpose of better overview, we climbed up a beech tree which obviously served as an extended ant trunk as a bearer of a lice culture!


German original

28.Juni 1976 (Kontakt 59)


Von Hans Schutsbach, Schweiz


“Montag, den 28, Juni 76. 1530. Soeben hat Billy angerufen und mich darum gebeten, mit ihm hinauszufahren. Er würde sich mit Semjase treffen und wäre froh, wenn ich in der Nähe sei. Genau um 1600 sollten wir wegfahren können und um diese Zeit stiegen dann auch die Familie Meier, sowie Frau Stetter in meinen Döschwo hinein, indess Billy sein Moped klarmachte. Mittels einer Skizze erklärte er mir genau, wohin wir fahren und auf ihn warten sollten. Etwa eine halbe Stunde sassen wir dann im Schatten eines einsamen Baumes weit ausserhalb von Hinwil.


1655. Die Kinder rufen plötzlich. Da drehe ich mich um und sehe, wie in höchstens 700 Meter Entfernung ein Objekt über einem Waldstück  hochgeht. Zuerst denke ich an einen übergrossen Heissluftballon. Jedoch die Form dazu stimmt nicht. Es handelt sich hier um ein leicht diskusförmiges Objekt, ist silbergrau anzusehen und steigt zügig in die Höhe. Dabei beschreibt es einen weiten Radius nach links und wendet sich dabei vom Boden, also aus N-W, in südliche Richtung. Zu dumm, kein Fernglas ist in der Nähe, mittels dem jedes Detail an diesem Objekt gesehen werden könnte.


Im ersten Moment sind wir im unklaren, um was fur ein Ding es sich da handeln könne. Doch die Lösung, um was es sich hier handeln müsse, ist die: Ein aufsteigendes Strahlschiff! Angespannt verfolgen wir während gut 10 Minuten, wie sich das Objet immer weiter in die Lüfte hinauf entfernt und schliesslich nur noch als kleiner Punkt hoch am Himmel sichtbar ist. Dann beginnt der bis jetzt nur stetig kleiner werdende Punkt sich rasend schnell nach rechts zu bewegen. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt hat sich Billy uns unbemerkt genähert und im selben Moment, da er bei uns erscheint und die Kinder begrüsst, da ist der Punkt weg, wie ausradiert.


 Er schüttelt den Kopf, als wir von dem Gesehenen erzählen. Semjase hätte doch betont, sie wolle sich aus Sicherheitsgründen nicht mehr den Menschen zeigen. Darum müssten wir das Strahlschiff von Quetzal gesichtet haben, der sich ebenfalls, zusammen mit Pleja, der Schwester von Semjase zum Treffen eingefunden habe. Falls wir Interesse hätten, wolle er uns zur Landestelle hinführen, an der Spuren der beiden Strahlschiffe zu sehen wären.


Und ob wir wollten! So fuhren wir den kleinen Aussichtsberg hinunter und gelangen nach 500 Metern in einen Wald, in dem sich eine schmale, langgezogene Lichtung dahinzieht. Diese ist leicht sumpfig und mit hohem Rietgras bestanden. Vorsichtig, um ja nichts zu zertreten, führte uns Billy hier an einen äusserst interessanten Ort. Hie und da wies er auf den Boden: Fussspuren sind da in den weichen Grund getreten. Diese würden von Pleja stammen! Ueberwältigend schienen uns jedoch die Abdrücke der Landebeine zu sein. Im halbmeterhohen Gras befinden sich da sechs gigantische, runde Stapfen, in zwei Dreiecksgruppen angeordnet.


Das Gras ist dabei im Gegenuhrzeigersinn spiralförmig flach auf den Boden niedergedrückt. Im Zentrum der beiden Dreiecke ist eine zertretene Stelle, von der Billy zu berichten Weiss, hier wäre der Ausstieg der Schiffe gewesen. Tatsächlich führt von da aus auch eine schmale Fusspur an den Rand der Lichtung. Die Abdrücke bei Semjases Schiff messen einen Durchmesser von je 2 Metern. Von Zentrum zu Zentrum gemessen, beträgt ihr Abstand voneinander 3,77 m, bezw. 4 m. Beim Ausstieg ist eine runde Stelle von ca. 70 cm zertreten.


Bei Quetzals Schiff sind die Spuren in einem gleichseitigen Dreieck angeordnet, mit einem Abstand von 3,45 m von Zentrum zu Zentrum. Hier messe ich als Durchmesser der runden Stapfen genau 1,82 m. Auch hier die zertretene Stelle in der Mitte und eine schmale Fusspur, die wegführt und sich mit der von Semjase vereinigt. Gleich hier sind im weichen Boden wieder Fussabdrücke zu erkennen. Quetzal muss sehr grosse Füsse haben. (30 cm) Absätze sind keine vorhanden, wohl aber ein schwaches, quergeripptes Profil. Bei Plejas Abdrücken massen wir nur 26 cm.


Dieses Mädchen muss ein munteres Ding sein. Unbedingt wollte sie mit Billys Moped fahren und so zeigte er ihr, wie das gefährliche Ding funktioniert! Nach einem gebührenden Augenschein verliessen wir den Ort, um dann etwas später nochmals zurückzukommen. Mit einer Filmkamera, sowie Photoapparaten fertigten wir Aufnahmen an. Zwecks besserer Uebersicht kletterten wir auf eine Buche hinauf, die offensichtlich einem ausgedehnten Ameisenstamm als Träger einer Läusekultur dient!





28th of June 1976. - Contact 59

This is the photograph Hans Schutzbach took during Billy Meier’s 59th contact with Semjase, her sister Pleja and Quetzal on the 28th of June 1976. According to the contact notes, this is Quetsal’s beam ship.  When Hans Schutzbach took the photograph, the craft had moved away to some distance wherefore only an oval shaped, tiny object can be seen. Although this photograph does not show much in regards to details, it is still important as it shows an object was present in the air at that time. Thus, it not only supports Schutzbach’s own witness report, but also the reports written by the three other witnesses standing next to him. All of them wrote that they as well saw an oval shaped silvery disc flying up from the forest area where Billy Meier had gone for contact.


Moreover, they also found two set of landing tracks from the two pleiadian beam ships, when they went over to the contact location immediately after. Hans Schutzbach also took several photographs of the landing tracks on the ground and he recorded their measurements. All up four witness reports were written that day. The other three were written by Kalliope Meier, Atlantis Sokrates Meier and Metusalem Meier. The reports are all signed by those who wrote them and they can be found printed, along with the photographs of the object and the photographs of the landing tracks, in Zeugenbuch (2001) (The withness book) and also in the new German hardcover version of the contact notes, Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, block 2 published in 2003.




28th of June 1976 (Contact 59)

After first visually observing the silver grey disc shaped object as it departed, as well as taking the above photograph of Quetzal craft in the air, albeit at some distance, Hans Schutzbach also took several photographs of the landing tracks the same day. When Billy returned from Contact 59, he took all the witnesses to the contact site where he met with up the three extra-terrestrials, two women (Semjase and Pleja) and one man (Quetzal).  Schutzbach not only took several photographs of the two fresh landing tracs they found there in the reed type grass, but he also took exact measurements of both of the landing tracks as well as the footprints leading out from them. He measured one large man sized footprint (Quetzal) to be 30 centimetres (shoe size 13) and a smaller female sized footprint (Pleja) to be 26 centimetres (shoe size 9).

Foto: Hans Schutzbach




Billy Meier standing in- between the landing tracks of Semjase’s beam ship made during contact 59

Photo: Hans Schutzbach 28th of June 1976




Metusalem Meier

Speaking at the IUFOC 1999 in Laughlin, Nevada under the segment titled ‘Reopening of the Billy Meier case’ Metusalem Meier spoke of how he, on the 28th of June 1976 (Contact 59), saw the silvery shining disc flying up from the forest where his father had gone for contact with the extra-terrestrials. He was standing with the group of witnesses, next to his brother Atlantis Sokrates who first spotted the disc, and Hans Schutzbach who photographed it.


 “…My father was going to a contact and we were staying maybe one kilometre from the contact place away. And maybe half an hour later my brother was saying; oh look over there! – what’s this at the sky! So behind from the woods came silvery shining disc who flies upper and upper….”  Starts and continues at 9 minutes 20 seconds mark in the video.





Contact 59 – 28th of June 1976


A demonstration for film and photographic purposes was planned to take place the day before, Sunday the 27th of June 1976 during contact 58.  But Quetzal opened that contact, contact 58 which was held at 01.47 at night, by telling Billy that they decided to abort the demonstration for that day, Sunday the 27th of June, because too many people were out and around and at events in Hinwil. And many people were intensively watching the sky because of various fireworks connected to the events. Moreover, they had also just detected that in front of the crossroad to Hinwil was a car, with two persons from the police sitting inside, watchfully inspecting the surroundings.


So the extra-terrestrials had now become more careful when planning demonstrations for photo and film purposes. They took precautionary steps seeking to minimize the risk of being detected by the public. That can also be seen in contact 59, held the next day, which I have translated in full since it bear relevance to both the photographic evidence and also to the landing tracks. For example, to minimize the risk of detection, it was decided that only one beam ship was to fly in a visible state whilst the optical shield was to be activated on the other so that it would fly in an invisible state. And the two beam ships were hovering in the air, in a suspended state above the ground when the contact began. Only upon Billy Meier’s request did Quetzal agree that he and Semjase would land both ships on the ground, so that their three legs would leave landing tracks behind for the purpose of evidence.  


Earlier that day, on Monday the 28th of June, Meier was given a short telepathic message from Semjase of time and place for the next contact. It was to be held later the same day. This short telepathic message came following the transmission of the contact report of contact 58. The contact held the previous day. It gave Meier just enough time to notify the witnesses, Hans Schutzbach, Amata Stetter and his wife and children to get ready to come along to the contact area.


Contact 59 starts at 16.14 in the afternoon, which is the time Billy Meier meets with the extra-terrestrials at the clearing in the forest, where also the landing tracks later were found by the witnesses. 39 minutes later, at 16.55, according to Hans Schutzbach’s witness report, is when the witnesses saw the grey-silvery disc climbing up from the forested area towards the sky. And it was some minutes after that, but it would have been before the time 17.05, that he took the photograph above. Because, according to the witness reports, the beam ship was visible for about 10 minutes before it disappeared out of sight with breakneck speed.


My translation above the German original


Thought-transmission-contact following the contact report. (following after contact 58)



28. Remain ready at 16.00.

29. Pleija and I will at this time wait for you at a location to the west of yesterday's contact location.

30. Go to the southwest side of the forest where we will be waiting for you.


Contact 59


With reference to Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, block 2 (2003), page 252.

Contact 59 Monday 28th of June 1976, time 16.14



Please excuse my delay. I just did not get away from the house. I have sent my wife and the children to the hill behind the forest and that simply took time.



1. You seem to be annoyed in regard to the delay. You shouldn’t.



I would like to be punctual.



1. This is a very good characteristic about you.

2. Punctuality is very much of value and shows responsibility.

3. Unpunctuality shows indifference and lack of interest.

4. However, it is not your fault that you now come too late.

5. I do not know you to be delayed, which is why I checked up on your no show at the set time.

6. It is not really your fault.

7. But now my sister Pleija would like to greet you. Look, there she stands in-between the trees.

8. Just go over to her.



Great but have a look here, what I have brought you here and which is why you have summoned me.



9. You can still explain its function later to me, but give a very loving thanks to my dear friends for this.

10. I will embrace them in my thoughts.



That will make them happy. Here inside, by the way, is even writing paper, such a packet contains 500 sheets which probably is sufficient, or?



11. Certainly, but now go to Pleija.



Okay, but one more question: It would be very valuable for us if we could film and take photos of good tracks from your ships. Would it not be possible that you could <ground> both the barges instead of letting them hover, so that the marks from the plates would stand out in the grass, which we then can capture on film?



12. You must negotiate with Quetzal about that.



2. Although leaving tracks behind is not advisable, yet I understand your request.

3. This place here is also very suitable and extremely rarely trodden by people, consequently such an undertaking should not pose any great danger.

4. It will be possible to comply with your wish.

5. We will lower our beam ships down on the pads



Thank you Quetzal, I really appreciate that. But now excuse me.


(I am walking the few meters through the high grass back to the edge of the forest and step on breaking branches and crackling leaves in the forest where Pleija, the sister of Semjase, is waiting for me. Observant, I am eyeing her while walking closer. She is as pretty as Semjase)



Hello, girl, I am very pleased to see you. You look just as I have imagined you, after my wife told me about her dream. You are really looking beautiful and sweet enough to eat. Watch out, I will straight away start to nibble around you.



1. I thank to you, be also you greeted in love.

2. You give me great pleasure, never before have I been greeted in such an affectionate and uncomplicated way.

3. For that I thank you and assure you that you have touched me with great joy by your greeting.  



Oh well, I am just straight forward and boorish in such things. You know, I do not like any complex introduction ceremonies and I certainly also hide my insecurity through my behaviour concerning this matter.



4. You are very honest and open and I like that very much.

5. You may well be a little bit insecure in the mentioned form, however, your behaviour shows that you also think and feel according to your words.



You must know it.



6. We all know you very well.



That I can imagine, because after all surely you have all searched through me, to my innermost bone marrow. 



7. Now really, it’s not so much, however, I have come here because I wanted to speak to you face to face for once.

8. I know the personalities of your earliest past and the very old pictures of them and so I wanted to see you and speak with you for once.



I can give you some pictures of my youth if you want?



9. I am talking about much earlier times.



Oh, I see, you speak of a very specific time period – oh, are you not interested in our barbarian technology? I have heard something of the kind ring through?



10. It is unpopular for you to speak about those times, that’s why you extremisize the conversation.

11. However, you should concern yourself with your past of those times.



You talk like Semjase. Of course, I already know, and I am also aware all the things. On the one hand, however, they are very dangerous and, on the other hand, it is also not important for my present mission.



With which you are right only for the present time, because at later point in time it will become of importance.



That may be, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Now, do you want to examine my barbarian vehicle? It stands over there, near the trees. I will gladly teach you how to drive.



13. Certainly, that interests me.

14. These devices are really barbaric, however, I would like to try to steer and control it.



Well, then come.


(We walk across the forest clearing to my moped which I push on to the nearby forest track. Then, for about 15 or 20 minutes, I am teaching Pleija how to drive the moped. After that, there is another short conversation.)



How do you like my means of transport?



15. To steer and control this device is a rather barbarian adventure, which I nevertheless find very interesting.

16. Can I have this device for myself for a bit longer time one day?



Of course, do you want you to go on a moped tour then?



17. It would give me great pleasure and enjoyment if I someday could drive around with this barbarian device for a few hours.



Agreed upon, you can have the vehicle; just take care to ensure that you even do not become a barbarian yourself. That is to say the <stroke> is in a class of its own and constantly provokes quite an adventurous way of driving.



18. I have already felt that and I am pleased.

19. It means a real adventure to me, something which I have never before experienced.



See, the barbarian life has his charms after all.



20. With which you are not wrong.

21. But come now, I must return, because I have a task to complete together with Quetzal.


(We walk together, back to the ships, which Semase and Quetzal in the meantime have set down on the landing legs.)



Semjase, can could perhaps give my wife, the children, Miss Stetter and Mr. Schutzbach a joy and whizz over them with your ship? They are namely all waiting on the hill behind the forest.



13. Such an undertaking is particularly dangerous at day time.

14. I would be sighted too far and wide.

15. It is up to Quetzal to decide this.



6. It would be better that Semjase remains invisible, however, I can maybe do something.

7. I will check the surroundings and then decide.

8. However, it will be difficult to let us be seen because there are many people out and about in the surroundings.

9. Farewell now, our work awaits us.



Bye-bye to all of you.



22. See you soon dear friend.

23. For me it was a very pleasant get-together.



Same here. Good-Bye.



16. Then you can still briefly explain to me the device you brought along.



Okay, then come.


(The explanation takes only a few minutes. Semjase has then understood everything. After that we separate and she flies in her ship behind Quetzal, who has disappeared with Pleija in his ship only about four minutes before, but flying away visibly, has now disappeared behind the bushes at the boundary of the marsh-forest clearing lying north westerly of me, but in such a way that Amata Stetter, my children Gilgamesha, Atlantis and Methusalem as well as my wife and H. Schutzbach were able to see the ship clearly and precisely. Consequently it could also photographed by Hans Schutzbach, whereby he however lost his nerve and thus only shot two very bad pictures.)




German original

Gedankenübermittlungskontakt im Anschluss an den Kontaktbericht (Kontakt 58)



28. Halte dich bereit um 16.00 Uhr.

29. Pleija und ich werden um diese Zeit an einem Ort westlich des gestrigen Kontaktortes auf dich warten.

30. Gehe zur Südwestseite des Waldes, wo wir dich erwarten werden.


Kontakt 59


Unter Bezunahme auf Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, block 2 (2003), seite 252.

Neunundfünfzigster Kontakt Montag, 28. Juni 1976, 16.14 Uhr



Entschuldigt mir bitte meine Verspätung, ich kam einfach nicht vom Haus weg. Ich habe meine Frau und die Kinder auf den Hügel hinter dem Wald geschickt, und das hat eben seine Zeit gedauert.



1. Du scheinst in Hinsicht der Verspätung verärgert zu sein, das solltest du nicht.



Ich möchte pünktlich sein.



1. Das ist eine sehr gute Eigenart von dir.

2. Pünktlichkeit ist sehr von Wert und zeugt von Verantwortung

3. Unpünktlichkeit zeugt von Gleichgültigkeit und Interesselosigkeit.

4. Es ist aber nicht deine Schuld, dass du jetzt zu spät kommst.

5. Ich kenne eine Verzögerung nicht an dir und habe deshalb dein Nichtkommen zur festgelegten  Zeit kontrolliert.

6. Es liegt wirklich nicht in deiner Schuld.

7. Nun aber möchte dich Pleija, meine Schwester, begrüssen, sieh, dort steht sie zwischen den Bäumen.

8. Gehe nur hin zu ihr.



Schön, aber guck mal hier, was ich dir hier gebracht habe und weshalb du mich ja gerufen hast.



9. Du kannst mir die Funktion später noch erklären, bedanke dich aber sehr lieb bei meiner lieben Freundin dafür.

10. Ich umarme sie in Gedanken.



Da wird sie sich freuen. Hier drin ist übrigens noch Schreibpapier, so ein Paket enthält 500 Blatt, was wohl reicht, oder?



11. Sicher, doch nun gehe zu Pleija.



Okay, aber noch eine Frage: Es wäre für uns sehr wertvoll, wenn wir einmal gute Spuren von euren Schiffen filmen und photographieren könnten. Wäre es nicht möglich, dass ihr die beiden Kähne <auf Grund setzt> statt sie schweben zu lassen, so sich die Tellerabdrücke im Gras abzeichnen würden, die wir dann auf Filme bannen können?



12. Du musst darüber mit Quetzal verhandeln.



2. Spuren zu hinterlassen ist zwar nicht ratsam, doch aber verstehe ich dein Anliegen.

3. Auch ist dieser Ort hier sehr geeignet und höchst selten von Menschen begangen, folglich ein solches Unterfangen nicht von grosser Gefährlichkeit sein dürfte.

4. Es wird möglich sein, deinem Wunsche zu entsprechen.

5. Wir werden unsere Strahlschiffe auf die Stützen niederlassen



Danke, Quetzal, das ist sehr lieb. Doch nun entschuldigt.


(Ich gehe die wenigen Meter durch das hohe Gras zurück zum Waldrand und trete über brechende Äste und knisterndes Laub in den Wald, wo Pleija, die Schwester von Semjase, auf mich wartet. Aufmerksam mustere ich sie beim Nähergehen. Sie ist ebenso hübsch wie Semjase)



Hallo, Mädchen, es freut mich sehr, dich zu sehen. Du siehst ja genauso aus wie ich mir das vorgestellt habe, nachdem mir meine Frau ihren Traum erzählt hat. Du bist wirklich sehr hübsch und zum Anbeissen suss. Pass auf, ich beginne gleich an dir herumzuknabbern.



1. Ich danke dir, sei auch du in Liebe gegrüsst.

2. Du machst mir sehr grosse Freude, noch niemals bin ich in einer so liebevollen und unkomplizierten Form begrüsst worden.

3. Es sei dir mein Dank dafür, und die Versicherung, dass du mich durch deine Begrüssung sehr freudig berührt hast.



Ach was, ich bin eben unkompliziert und flegelhaft in solchen Dingen. Weisst du, ich liebe keine komplizierten Bekanntmachungszeremonien und verdecke durch mein diesbezügliches Benehmen sicher auch meine Unsicherheit.



4. Du bist sehr ehrlich und offen und das gefällt mir sehr.

5. Wohl magst du etwas unsicher sein in der genannten Form, doch es zeugt dein Benehmen Davon, dass du auch gemäss deinen Worten fühlst und denkst.



Du musst es ja wissen.



6. Wir kennen dich alle sehr gut.



Das kann ich mir vorstellen, denn sicher habt ihr alle mich doch bis in mein innerstes Knochenmark durchsucht.



7. Gar so sehr ist es nun auch nicht, doch ich bin hergekommen, weil ich dich von Angesicht zu Angesicht einmal sprechen wollte.

8. Ich kenne die Persönlichkeiten deiner Frühesten Vergangenheit und die sehr alten Bilder von ihnen, und so wollte ich dich einmal sehen und sprechen.



Ich kann dir ja einige Bilder von meiner Jugendzeit geben, wenn du willst?



9. Ich spreche von sehr viel früheren Zeiten.



Ach so, ich verstehe, du sprichst von einer ganz bestimmten Zeit – ach, bist du nicht an unserer barbarischen Technik interessiert? Ich habe doch so etwas läuten gehört?



10. Es ist dir unbeliebt, über jene Zeiten zu sprechen, darum extremisierst du das Gespräch.

11. Du solltest dich aber doch mit deiner Vergangenheit jener Zeiten befassen.



Du sprichst wie Semjase. Natürlich, ich Weiss schon, und ich bin mir alle die Dinge auch bewusst. Einerseits jedoch sind sie sehr gefährlich und andererseits ist es für meine heutige Mission ja auch nicht wichtig.



12. Womit du nur für die gegenwärtige Zeit recht hast, denn zu späterem Zeitpunkt wird es von Bedeutung werden.



Das mag sein, doch kommt Zeit, kommt Rat. Willst du nun mein barbarisches Vehikel begutachten? Es steht dort drüben bei den Bäumen. Ich will dir gern das Fahren beibringen.



13. Bestimmt, daran bin ich interessiert.

14. Barbarisch sind die Geräte wirklich, ich möchte mich aber gerne bemühen, es zu steuern und zu beherrschen.



Gut, dann komm.


(Wir gehen  über die Waldlichtung zu meinem Moped, das ich dann auf den nahen Waldweg schiebe. Während etwa 15 oder 20 Minuten unterrichte ich dann Pleija im Fahren des Mopeds. Danach gibt es noch ein kurzes Gespräch.)



Wie findest du nun mein Fortbewegungsmittel?



15. Das Steuern und Beherrschen dieses Gerätes ist ein recht barbarisches Abenteuer, das ich aber sehr interessant finde.

16. Dürfte ich das Gerät einmal etwas längere Zeit für mich beanspruchen?



Natürlich, willst du denn eine Mopedtour unternehmen?



17. Es wäre mir eine Freude und ein Vergnügen, wenn ich mit diesem barbarischen Gerät einmal einige Stunden herumsteuern könnte.



Abgemacht, du kannst das Vehikel haben, achte dann nur darauf, dass du selbst nicht auch noch barbarisch wirst. Der <Klapf> hat es nämlich in sich und reizt dauernd zu recht abenteuerlicher Fahrweise.



18. Das habe ich bereits gefühlt und ich freue mich darüber.

19. Es bedeutet für mich ein richtiges Abenteuer, etwas, das ich nie  gekannt habe.



Siehst du, das Barbarenleben hat doch seine Reize.



20. Womit du nicht unrecht hast.

21. Komm aber jetzt, ich muss wieder gehen, denn ich habe mit Quetzal zusammen eine Aufgabe zu erledigen.


(Wir gehen gemeinsam zurück zu den Schiffen, die Quetzal und Semjase inzwischen auf die Landestützen niedergelassen haben.)



Semjase, könntest du vielleicht meiner Frau, den Kindern, Frl. Stetter und Herrn Schutzbach eine Freude bereiten und mit deinem Schiff über sie wegflitzen? Sie warten nämlich alle auf dem Hügel hinter dem Wald.



13. Zur Tagzeit ist ein solches Unternehmen besonders gefährlich.

14. Ich würde zu weit herum gesichtet.

15. Es liegt bei Quetzal, dies zu entscheiden.



6. Es ist wohl besser, Semjase bleibt unsichtbar, vielleicht aber kann ich etwas tun.

7. Ich werde die Umgebung kontrollieren und mich dann entscheiden.

8. Es wird aber schwerlich sein, uns sehen lassen zu können, denn es sind sehr viele Menschen in der Umgebung unterwegs.

9. Lebe nun wohl, es ruft uns unsere Arbeit.



Tschüss zusammen.



22. Auf bald, lieber Freund.

23. Es war mir ein sehr freudiges Zusammensein.



Ganz meinerseits, leb wohl.



16. Dann kannst du mir noch in Kürze das mitgebrachte Gerät erklären.



Okay, dann komm.


(Die Erklärung dauert nur wenige Minuten, dann hat Semjase alles verstanden. Danach trennen wir uns, und sie fliegt mit ihrem Schiff hinter Quetzal her, der nur etwa vier Minuten zuvor mit seinem Schiff und Pleija nun doch sichtbar weggeflogen und hinter dem nordwestlich vor mir liegenden Abgrenzungsgebüsch der Sumpf-Waldlichtung verschwunden ist, jedoch derart, dass Amata Stetter, meine Kinder Gilgamesha, Atlantis und Methusalem sowie meine Frau und H. Schutzbach das Schiff klar und deutlich zu sehen vermochten, folglich es von Hans Schutzbach auch photographiert werden konnte, wobei er jedoch die Nerven verlor und folglich nur zwei sehr schlechte Bilder schoss.)




Night-time demonstrations. Burning off static energy.


What this is and how it is created is explained in the German contact notes, contact 48. The explanation is given by Quetzal. This was the contact when the first demonstration of this kind took place and the withnesses was Jakobus Bertschinger. He afterwards wrote a detailed withness statement where he also made a drawing of the flight path of the object and what he saw during the demonstration. This demonstration, according to the contact notes, was given to him as a reward for that he drove Billy out to the contact area and waited for him to return in the dark, cold night.


The next demonstration of this kind took place when Hans Schutzbach was present and he also  wrote a witness report giving a good desctription of what he saw. Third time when this type of demonstration took place, Guido Moosbrugger was one among the group of withnesses. He was given 3 days notice when the demonstration was to happen thus he was able to get hold of good photo equipment, including a telephoto lens. He was able to capture photos of the glowing drizzle falling down from under the craft as the special burn process of static energy started. That craft was piloted by Semjase. See photo below.


Ref. Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 2 (2003) page 102-103  48th contact Sunday, 14. March 1976 , 00.04 h My translation above the German original





That is very kind of him (speaking here of Jakobus), he is rather helpful. Recommend my thanks to him. He should not have done the trouble for nothing. When I depart, I will express my gratitude to him in the way that he can see my ship. Apart from that I will give him a small demonstration in the way that I will undertake an electrical energy elimination which he can observe very well. It involves that I bring about an energy concentration by drawing electricity inn from the atmosphere which I then eliminate through a combustion process. He must however be a bit patient because I should not do it below a height of 2500 meters since the burning energy falling to earth is very hot. I will rise very slowly so that he can observe everything closely. 


German original

Auszug Achtundvierzigster Kontakt 14. März 1976 



Das ist sehr freundlich von ihm (Jakobus), er ist recht hilfsbereit. Empfehle ihm meinem Dank. Er soll sich die Mühe nicht umsonst gemacht haben. Wenn ich weggehe, werde ich ihm meinem Dank erweisen dadurch, dass er mein Schiff sehen kann. Ausserdem werde ich ihm eine kleine demonstration gegeben dadurch, dass ich eine elektrische Energie-Eliminierung vornehme, die er sehr gut beobachten kann. Es handelt sich dabei darum, dass ich eine Energieballung zustande bringe mit aus der Atmosphäre anzusaugender Elektrizität, die ich dann durch einen Verbrennungsprozess eliminiere. Er muss sich allerdings etwas gedulden, denn unter einer Höhe von 2500 Metern darf ich dies nicht tun, weil die verbrennende Energie zur Erde fällt und sehr heiss ist. Damit er alles genau beobachten kann, werde ich sehr langsam hochsteigen.



So on the three different occasions, this is how the witnesses described what they saw in their own words, as they observed the crafts performing this light display demonstration at night. Guido Moosbrugger also took pictures of the phenomenon, two of them below. My translation is above the German original. The statements are excerpts from Zeugenbuch (2001) (The witness book):



Jakobus Bertschinger 14th of March 1976.


'.... Then the sphere of light again suddenly stood still, while I was awaiting the things which probably now had to happen. With that should also be mentioned is that the luminous object had been climbing without stop during its flight and was now located in a height of about 2000 to 3000 meter. Underneath the sphere of light a real shower of sparks now suddenly started to come down – in the same way as in a gigantic fireworks – probably 150 to 200 meter in length. This appearance was associated with extremely high noises, just as if two non isolated electrical power cables were touching each other for a longer period….”


German original:

"....Dann stand die Lichtkugel wieder plötzlich still, während ich der Dinge harrte, die nun wohl kommen mussten. Zu erwähnen ist dabei noch, dass das Lichtobjekt während seines Fluges unaufhaltsam hochgestiegen war und sich nun in etwa 2000 bis 3000 Meter Höhe befand. Unterhalb der Lichtkugel begann nun plötzlich ein wahrer Funkenregen nieder zu gehen – wie bei einem gigantischen Feuerwerk – wohl an die 150 bis 200 Meter lang. Diese Erscheinung war mit äusserst starken Geräuschen verbunden, gerade so, wie wenn zwei nicht isolierte elektrische Starkstromkabel für längere Zeit sich berührt hätten..."



Hans Schutzbach  28th of March 1976:


 “ … Slowly the light rises higher to about 500 meters above the forest. Here a glistening white firework suddenly begins, in about 1.5 kilometres distance, which ceases after about 10 seconds, for then only to properly go off a little higher. At the same time, during this process, the light is    continuously rising. A surely 170 meters long tail flows toward the ground ending in drops below. A Magnesium-light looks in a similar way bright and glary. About one minute the “spectre” lasts. Then the light ends. First when the eyes again are getting used to the darkness, I am noticing how a dark red pulsating object is rising further:  The source of the phenomenon which has just been visible….”


“….Langsam steigt das Licht höher, bis auf etwa 500 Meter über den Wald. Hier beginnt unvermittelt, in ca. 1,5 km Entfernung, ein gleissend weisses Feuerwerk, das nach etwa 10 Sekunden aufhört, um dann ein wenig höher erst richtig loszugehen. Dabei steigt während diesem Vorgang das Licht andauernd. Ein sicher 170 Meter langer Schweif fliesst der Erde zu, unten in Tropfen endend. Magnesiumlicht sieht ebenso blendend und strahlend aus. Ungefähr eine Minute dauert der “Spuk”. Dann ist das Licht aus. Erst als sich das Auge wieder an das Dunkel gewöhnt hast, bemerke Ich wie sich ein dunkelrot pulsierender Körper weiter anhebt: Die Quelle der soeben noch sichtbaren Erscheinung…”



Guido Moosbrugger 13th of June 1976


“…Shortly after that quite high above the horizon appeared a silvery disc which was dropping a glittering drizzle vertical downwards. For better understanding I would like to explicitly emphasise that that the so called energy combustion indeed was created out from the space ship, but was in no way identical with the same shape…”


German original:

"…Bald darauf erschien ziemlich hoch über dem Horizont eine silberne Scheibe, die einen glitzernden Sprühregen lotrecht nach unten fallen ließ. Zum besseren Verständnis möchte ich ausdrücklich betonen, daß diese sogenannten Energieverbrennungen zwar vom Raumschiff aus erzeugt werden, jedoch mit der Gestalt desselben keineswegs identisch sind…"



All witnesses categorically ruled out firework or similar. For example Hans Schutzbach wrote in his statement that it could not have been an ordinary firework display because the light was far too large and long lasting for that. Also a military flare was out of the question he wrote, because a military flare would not be able to go up to that height and looks very different too..




Semjase’s beam ship during a night time demonstration burning static energy

Photo: Guido Moosbrugger 13 June 1976. Equipment: Telephoto lens, tripod, light-sensitive slide film




Semjase’s beam ship during a night time demonstration burning static energy

Photo: Guido Moosbrugger 13 June 1976. Equipment: Telephoto lens, tripod, light-sensitive slide film




Jakobus Bertschinger

in the year 2000



Billy Meier’s trip in space. Contact 31.


The key witness to Contact 31 is Jakobus Bertschinger. This is Billy Meier’s long journey in space.

Billy left his house in Hinwil clean shaven at 9 o’clock in the morning on the 17th of July 1975. But when he came back the next day, having been absent for 22 hours, Jakobus noticed his beard had grown to such length as if he had not shaved for a week. What explains this is that in reality the entire trip in space took 5 days but Billy was away only for 22 hours in Earth time due to a time manipulation.


My translation above the German original


With reference to Zeugenbuch (2001) (The witness book) page 38


17th July, 1975

(Recorded on the 20th of June, 1989)

A strange beard history

By Guido Moosbrugger for Jacobus Bertschinger, Switzerland


As a rule it is enough if a man shaves during his morning toilet, so that he looks clean and tidy the whole day through. If he skips this shave for whatever reasons – be it for the sake of pure convenience, from lack of time etc.-, then, considered by itself, this is not bad. Nevertheless, this small neglect cannot be concealed for a longer period of time, because the beard hairs continue to grow unstoppably, also during the sleep period at night, as is well known, and the prickly stubbles therefore grows out on the face again the next morning at the latest. Surely everyone knows this trivial observation, and it is only intended to serve as an introduction for the strange beard story which I learned from Jacobus Bertschinger.


The occurrence goes back to the year 1975 when the Eduard Meier family still had their residence in Hinwil. Billy had at that time no full beard like today (1989), and one would expect of him that he shaved regularly. Thus, all the more surprised was the reaction from Jakobus when he was confronted with the following event: It was in the summer of 1975 – to be precise, on Thursday the 17th of July, - when Billy left his residential building, freshly shaven, about 9 o'clock in the morning and he only returned home again early in the morning the following day.


Jakobus was at that time present in Meier's living room and was already waiting impatiently for Billy to return. He can still very well remember all the details, as he assured me. After Billy had entered into the living-room, two things particularly struck him: Firstly, Billy looked very tired and exhausted which especially was reflected in the eyes, which he obviously only could keep open with effort. And secondly, Billy had grown such a thick beard, as if he had not shaved himself for a whole week.


But, on the other hand, Jacobus knew precisely that Billy had been absent only just one whole day and one night, thus by no means as long as the relative long beard hairs showed, visible for everyone to see. Therefore Jacobus thought, quite rightly, that something here was probably not quite right, because how else could the mentioned inconsistencies make sense? Or what would you say if a good friend of you turned up with a beard several days old, although he freshly shaved himself one day before? To be able to explain the phenomenon, you would probably at first think of a magic drink or of any unknown hair-growth drug. However, both presumptions are in this case not applicable, because the solution to the puzzle has to be found somewhere else.


Namely, in reality it is about the following facts: The Pleiadian friends had taken Billy on a long journey criss-crossing all over our universe in Ptaah’s large space ship; and this unusual excursion, which never before has been granted to an earth person, lasted a total of five earth days. The fact that Billy, in spite of 5-day absence, returned home again after just 22 hours appears extremely mysterious. However, there is only one plausible explanation for that, and that is - <time manipulation!>


Moreover, one more curiosity appeared, because according to Billy’s own information, he did not sleep at all during the whole trip, neither during day nor at night. The inevitable question therefore becomes; how was it possible for him to get by for such a long time without sleep? Billy explained that this was not to his credit. Rather he had been given a very specific food, which always kept him in an awake state. This Pleiadian food obviously has an even stronger effect than the wekamines commercially available to us.


Who are still surprised that Billy satisfied his need to catch up after these five sleepless days and nights by going into a permanent deep sleep of 26 hours.

First published in <Stimme der Wassermannzeit>, No. 71



German original

Unter bezugnahme auf Zeugenbuch (2001) seite 38


17. Juli 1975

(Festgehalten am 20. Juni 1989)

Eine merkwürdige Bartgeschichte

Von Guido Moosbrugger für Jacobus Bertschinger, Schweiz


In der Regel genügt es, wenn sich ein Mann bei seiner Morgen-Toilette rasiert, damit er für den ganzen Tag sauber und gepflegt aussieht. Lässt er diese Rasur aus irgendwelchen Gründen ausfallen – sei es aus reiner Bequemlichkeit, aus Zeitmangel usw. -, dann ist dies an und für sich nicht schlimm. Diese kleine Vernachlässigung lässt sich jedoch nicht auf längere Zeit verheimlichen, denn die Barthaare wachsen bekanntlich unaufhaltsam weiter, auch während der Schlafperiode in der Nacht, und somit spriessen spätesten am nächsten  Morgen schon wieder die borstigen Stoppeln im Gesicht. Diese banalen Feststellungen kennt sicherlich jeder, und sie sollen auch nur als Einführung für die merkwürdige Barteschichte dienen, die ich von Jacobus Bertschinger in Erfahrung bringen konnte.


Die Begebenheit reicht  bis in das Jahr 1975 zurück, als die Familie Eduard Meier ihren Wohnsitz noch in Hinwil hatte. Damals trug Billy keinen Vollbart so wie heute (1989), und man war es von ihm gewohnt, dass er sich regelmässig rasierte. Um so überraschter reagierte Jacobus, als er mit folgendem Ereignis konfrontiert wurde: Es war im Sommer 1975 – genau gesagt am Donnerstag, den 17. Juli -, als Billy so gegen 9 Uhr morgens Frisch rasiert sein Wohnhaus verliess und erst in aller

Frühe  des kommenden Tages wieder nach Hause zurückkehrte.


Zu diesem Zeitpunkt war Jakobus in Meiers Wohnstube anwesend und wartete schon ungeduldig auf Billys Rückkehr. Er kann sich noch sehr gut an alle Einzelheiten erinnern, wie er mir versicherte. Nachdem Billy in das Wohnzimmer eingetreten war, waren ihm zwei Dinge ganz besonders aufgefallen: Erstens machte Billy einen sehr müden abgespannten Eindruck, was sich vor allem in den Augen widerspiegelte, die offenbar nur mit Mühe offenhalten konnte. Und zweitens trug Billy einen so üppigen Bart, als ob er sich eine Woche lang nicht mehr rasiert hätte.


Andererseits wusste Jacobus aber haargenau, dass Billy nur knapp einen ganzen Tag und eine Nacht abwesend gewesen war, also keineswegs so lange, wie es die relative langen Barthaare für jedermann sichtbar zum Ausdruck brachten. Ergo dachte Jacobus mit vollem Recht, dass er hier wohl nicht ganz mit rechten Dingen zugehe, denn wie hätten sich sonst die genannten Unvereinbarkeiten zusammenreimen lassen? Oder was würden Sie sagen, wenn ein guter Bekannter von Ihnen mit einem mehrtägigen Bart erschiene, obwohl er sich vor einem Tag Frisch rasiert hatte? Wahrscheinlich würden Sie zunächst an einen Zaubertrank oder an irgendein unbekanntes Haarwuchsmittel denken, um das Phänomen erklären zu können. Doch beide Vermutungen sind in diesem Falle nicht zutreffend, denn die Lösung des Rätsel muss irgendwo anders gefunden werden.


In Wirklichkeit handelt es sich nämlich um folgenden Tatbestand: Die plejadischen Freunde hatten Billy in Ptaahs Grossraumschiff auf eine grosse Reise kreuz und quer durch unser Universum mitgenommen; und diese aussergewöhnliche Exkursion, die noch niemals zuvor einem Erdenmenschen gewährt wurde, dauerte insgesamt fünf Erdentage. Dass Billy trotz 5tägiger Abwesenheit schon nach 22 stunden wieder nach Hause zurückkehrte, erscheint ungemein rätselhaft. Doch dafür gibt es nur eine einzige, plausible Erklärung und die lautet - <Zeitmanipulation!>


Überdies trat aber noch eine andere Kuriosität in Erscheinung, denn nach Billys eigenen Angaben hat er während der ganzen Reise weder bei Tag noch bei Nacht ein Auge zugetan. Unwillkürlich stellt sich die Frage, wie es ihm möglich war, so lange ohne Schlaf auszukommen? Billy erklärte dazu, dies sei nicht sein Verdienst gewesen. Vielmehr habe man ihm ganz bestimmte Nahrungsmittel verabreicht, die ihn stets in einem wachen Zustand gehalten hätten . Offenbar besitzen diese Nahrungsmittel der Plejadier eine noch stärkere Wirkung als die bei uns im Handel erhältliche  Weckamine.


Wer wundert sich da noch, dass Billy nach diesen fünf schlaflosen Tagen und Nächten seinen Nachholbedarf  stillte, indem er einen permanenten Tiefschlaf von 26 Stunden einlegte

Erstveröffentlichung in <Stimme der Wassermannzeit>, Nr. 71




Billy Meier’s long journey in space started from Switzerland at 10.14 AM on the 17th of July 1975. He was then met by Semjase and he went on board in her 7 meter (23 ft) beamship. In this craft Billy was taken out in space, first to Venus, then Mercury and after that the larger planets in our solar system. They only flew a few kilometres above the planets and moons they visited so that Billy with his own eyes could see the surface conditions etc. This excursion to different planets and moons in our solar system lasted only until 16.30 hours Swiss time. Then Billy looked at his watch and he noticed they were back over Earth again, now to watch the Soyuz-Apollo coupling. Here Billy took several photographs. The below is the most close up photograph of Soyuz 19. On this occasion Semjase also demonstrated the possibilities of their technology which allows them to distort all matter through radiations so that it becomes invisible for the eye. When Semjase applied the technology, the effect was that Billy suddenly saw how part of the capsule simply disappeared, thus he could see the two cosmonauts sitting inside. So through this technology, the matter of the capsule was made transparent for viewing on the beam ships viewing screens.


Photo: Billy Meier 17th July 1976. Taken from inside the beam ship around the time of the Apollo-Soyuz coupling.




Soyuz 7K-T

This is a large model of the Soyuz 7K-T series, used for Soyuz 18 and others. Although it is not the 7K-TM as in Soyuz 19, which was the one used for the Apollo-Soyuz coupling,  it comes very close since the Soyuz 19 has the 7K-T design except it has an M added,  where the M stands for modified, thus 7K-TM means 7K-T Modified and it was that craft Billy Meier photographed. Nevertheless, this photo gives an idea of where on the craft Billy aimed at when he took the picture. Billy writes he saw the letters CCCP on the side, which he also would have seen, but what he took photo of was the two first letters of the word Союз, or Soyuz in English. (The Russian meaning of the word Союз is "union"). One of the differences between the 7K-T model as seen here and the real 7K-TM craft which Meier photographed in space on the 17th of July 1975, is the extra set of wiring on the external skin which can be seen on Meier’s photo. The place at which this photo is taken, is in front of one of the pavilions of the Exhibition of Soviet National Economic Achievement in Moscow. Image credit:  




Soyuz 7K-T

This photo better shows the real size of the Soyuz 7K-T model above because it is taken from a greater distance wherefore it is measured up against the surroundings. To the left is the Soyuz 7K-T spacecraft, same as above, except it’s taken from the other side and it’s further away. It here stands docked with the Salyut 7 space station. At the rear port of the Salyut 7 space station is a Progress spacecraft. The display is in front of one of the pavilions of the Exhibition of Soviet National Economic Achievement located across from the Kosmos Hotel on the north side of Moscow. Image credit




Photo: Billy Meier 17th July 1976. Taken from inside the beam ship, at around the time of the Apollo-Soyuz coupling event.




Billy wrote he could see five different extra-terrestrial crafts on the special viewing screens. They were already positioned there whey they arrived at 16.30. They were waiting there for same purpose, to observe the Apollo-Soyuz coupling. Only one of the five crafts belonged to the Pleiadians while the four other belonged to other extra-terrestrial races. The crafts could not be seen through the normal windows because they were optically shielded. Only on a so-called  zero visibility screen could they be seen. Which Billy was told was a special display unit able to visually capture and reproduce what could not be seen and located with the naked eye or by primitive monitor equipment like radar.   


Photo: Billy Meier 17th July 1976. Taken from inside the beam ship around the time of the Apollo-Soyuz coupling.




Photo: Billy Meier 17th July 1976. Taken from inside the beam ship, at around the time of the Apollo-Soyuz coupling event.




Photo: Billy Meier 17th July 1976. Taken from inside the beam ship, at around the time of the Apollo-Soyuz coupling event.




Photo: Billy Meier 17th July 1976. Taken from inside the beam ship, at around the time of the Apollo-Soyuz coupling event.




Photo: Billy Meier 17th July 1976. Taken from inside the beam ship, at around the time of the Apollo-Soyuz coupling event.




The large space craft, or mother ship, near Jupiter


After finishing observing the Apollo-Soyuz coupling, they headed towards the large Pleiadian spacecraft, also called mother ship due to its function as a hub from where smaller space crafts are launched. Onboard this, the trip continues to locations far outside of our solar system.


Photo: Billy Meier 17th July 1975. Contact 31




An atomic bomb explodes on an extra-terrestrial planet.


During the trip in space, Billy says that it interests him to know if other planets and life forms exist in our universe which more or less corresponds to Earth standard. The reply he is given is that parallels can be found everywhere. Thus Planets also exist which are very similar to Earth, on which there are human life forms on the almost same development level as here.


One such planet is 8 billion light years from Earth, which they name KARTAG. The people there are at a stage where they are utilizing nuclear energy and at that present moment in time they were waging a nuclear war against each other. But they are further evolved than earth humans and are also at the end of the atomic age. So after another hyperspace jump they reached the solar system where this planet is located.


Semjase and Billy again transfer over to her 7 meter beamship in order to fly into the planet’s atmosphere for closer look. Their aircraft are not similar to airplanes on Earth. They are more like beam ships. They do not load up the atomic bomb in their flying devices. Instead they use rockets. They shoot the atomic missiles out in space by the use of rockets. Their rockets resemble those used on Earth to send up satellites into orbit, only that the technology and propulsion in their rockets are of a different kind.


Semjase now ask Billy to take a look on the ships viewing screens. She tells him to look over at the city, where an atomic projectile can be seen falling down over it.  The bomb will destroy the city when it explodes. But the inhabitants in the city have already evacuated and are in an underground city. Billy makes his camera ready. Their beam ship is 35 kilometres away. Semjase tells him that when the bomb goes off, they need to move quickly away because the bomb is a lot stronger than the ones developed on Earth. Billy is able to take two pictures of it shortly after it explodes.  He describes the explosion as intense and the typical atomic cloud formation appears which also can be seen on the photo.  


Photo: Billy Meier 17th July 1975. Contact 31




A high-grade compressed energy block moving guided towards an atomic missile gone astray in space. 


As Billy looks at the growing mushroom, Semjase calls his attention towards another atomic missile visible on the viewing screens. This one goes the opposite direction. It goes from the city where the atomic bomb just exploded and up. Semjase tells Billy that this missile is out of control. It continues on its trajectory out in space where it is supposed to alter course and home in on an enemy target on the planet.


Billy here comments that it is probably because the city has been destroyed that it no longer is guided and instead continues out in space. Semjase agrees and says it has to be destroyed as it potentially could cause a catastrophic damage should it hit a star or a planet.  Billy asks her if she is going to chase after it in her beam ship but she says it will be taken care of by the large space ship, also called the mother ship. She is now going to show Billy how it’s done. Next he notices how the beam ship shoots upwards in rapid speed and out in space. He soon sees the gigantic mother ship approaching towards them.


Semjase slows down and enter a hold position not far from the mother ship. She says her father have located the atomic missile and is now going to destroy it. She points to a certain section on the mother ship and tells Billy that that is where the energy emitter, or in Billy’s own language, the energy canon sits. From there a high-grade energy is sent out which through another type of energy is being compressed into a block. The compressed energy block is then guided towards the atomic missile. Billy is able to take a photograph of the energy block as it moves with teeth shaped edges, which can also be seen on the photograph, towards the missile.


Photo: Billy Meier 17th July 1975. Contact 31




An atomic missile explodes in space after being hit.


Billy takes two photographs of the atomic missile exploding about 400 kilometres away from their position as it is being hit by the guided high-grade compressed energy block sent out from the mother ship.  Billy wonders why the explosion looks different in space and only lasts for a few seconds as opposed to the bomb which exploded on the planet where a mushroom cloud spread out.


Semjase explains it is because the planet is surrounded with different atmospheric layers. In these, the atomic mushroom cloud is able to expand and grow large. But in space, there are no such conducting layers present. Thus, any energy immediately fizzles out if it is not being controlled in its concentration. The energy utilized by the mother ship was controlled and thus it was able to maintain itself. But the released energy of the explosion was under no control or guidance thus only the force of the elements became visible. That is, the instantaneously released energy was visible, but faded immediately with rapid speed in the empty space. That is why Billy was able to observe the atomic fire only for a few seconds.


Photo: Billy Meier 17th July 1975. Contact 31