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The future is set - When Wendelle Stevens was given a copy of the predictions in Billy Meier’s Contact 115 and later watched the events occur.


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By Kåre Bergheim

5th of June 2015


  • Methods of determining future events and some of the evidence presented
  • The timeline for when some of the predicted events in Contact 115 occurded
  • The predictions from contact 115 which Wendelle Stevens was given on the 9th of March 1979 


Methods of determining future events and some of the evidence presented


Regarding prophecies and predictions, this is how Billy Meier defines the difference between them:

By predictions it is about a form of future forecast which is created in the way that extremely extensive Kabbalistic calculations lead to very accurate results, or various ways of the future are explored by travels into the future. A process which can take place for example by technical means or by consciousness travels. Also certain forms of future visions are here included.


Apparatus based analysis

On the 20 October 1975, Contact 36, Billy Meier was taken on board Semjases beam ship and shown some of the technology they use for monitoring and control purposes. One type of equipment he was shown, and which he was told gives them very exact data of things of important to them, is called an area analyzer. With this analyzer it is possible for them to read not only the consciousness thoughts of a person but also the information from the subconsciousness. Because the subconsciousness can tell when certain future events will take place in the future, affecting that person. Events which the person is not aware of.   


In the first demonstration Meier was shown how the analyzer could give them the day and time when a friend of Meier named Hans Jakob was going to give him a phone call in order to visit him. His friend, Hans Jakob, was still not aware of this in his consciousness, but his sub consciousness already knew.


The technology Meier was shown aboard the Pleiadian craft reacted on thought commands from the operator and it was interlinked with an interactive world map which showed the exact location, including photographs etc., of the person being analysed. They could pick out any person in the world and all data of that person selected for analysis would then be displayed on screens. Interestingly enough, today we have technology available, less advanced though, but which in principle works somewhat similar, not based on brain waves, but on cell phone signals which can  give lot of information about a person when interlinked with GPS, phone tower locations and google map type programs all interacting with data bases where stored information can be retrieved instantly.


Billy Meier was then given a demonstration of how this works where General Francisco Franco, former prime minister of Spain, was analysed. From his consciousness reading they could tell that he was very afraid of dying while from his subconsciousness reading, this fear was not present as the subconsciousness already knew the reality of death, that it was just passing from this side of life to the other.


The subconsciousness reading further showed he would have two severe heart attacks and that he would be kept artificially alive. It even showed them when he would die. There is a photocopy in the German Contact Notes of a letter Billy Meier wrote on the 28 October 1975 addressed to Hans Jacob where, under the conditions that the letter only to be opened earliest the 20th of November, he writes that Franco will die in the night Wednesday the 19th November  to Thursday the 20th November 1975. And Billy put down more details around this event such as that there would be 32 doctors treating him when he died. The photocopy of the letter has the signatures, up along the side of it, of 10 members of Billy Meier’s group.


In reply to this letter, there is another photocopy  from Hans Jacob dated 23rd November 1975, where he wrote that he received the letter from Billy first on the 21st of November as it had been delayed in the mail but that the letter was post stamped Hinwil 29.10.75, the day after Billy Meier wrote it. In the letter Hans Jakob also wrote that he contacted the post office and he then wrote what they told him regarding the circumstances that would have caused the delay, but the post office could not explain the unusual long delay time. 


Looking at what Wendelle Stevens wrote in in UFO contact from the Pleiades a preliminary investigation report p.88, is that Hans Jakob already knew of the prediction, but the registered letter was to establish a time officially. The letter was sealed and registered on 28 October 1975 in front of witnesses. This explains the 10 signatures by core group members which can be seen on the photocopy of the letter in the German contact notes, many of whom Stevens would have also have had a chance to talk to when he was in Switzerland. Stevens further writes that Semjase later told Meier that she had picked it up because of foolish attempts to disobey the secrecy rule, and had held it until the event. This is also mentioned in the German contact notes and would explain the 21 days delay of the letter.


A well-documented similar type prediction was when Pope Paul VI died of a myocardial infarction, a heart attack on the 6th of August 1978. According to contact 108 held 1st of June 1978 between Billy and the Pleiadian extra-terrestrial Ptaah, Billy says that he had made a probability calculation (an extremely extensive Kabbalistic calculation) that Pope Paul VI would die on the 6th of August 1978 at 20 hours 40 minutes and 13 seconds in the evening.


The reply he got from Ptaah was that they already knew this. In fact they had known it for years and they found out by using an apparatus based analysis. What indicates they knew is that 3 hours before the pope died, Billy Meier started preparing for the contact. And only 10 minutes before the pope died, he walked out the kitchen door and vanished in thin air. His footsteps in the wet mud came to an abrupt halt as he had been teleported on board the beam ship. There were four witnesses that day. Two of them wrote a detailed witness reports, Jakobus Bertschinger and Wendelles Stevens.


On board the beam ship, Meier was informed that the Pope died by poisoning that day and that the same fate awaited his successor. According to Wendelle Stevens (Laughlin 2006), Billy watched it all on viewing screens, how it was carried out and why. But this part is blanked out in the contact notes and instead marked with a time line which shows that a segment of 6,5 minutes is missing at the very beginning of the contact. Deleting this segment in the contact notes seems logical as identifying the perpetrators could get Meier killed.


Time travel

In the book EXISTENTES LEBEN IM UNIVERSUM (EXISTING LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE) 1978/1993 Billy Meier wrote that “If for example tachyons, with a higher light speed than of those in normal space and the present of the material universe in any given hyperspace, is stored around a flying object, it is automatically flung into the past, while a chronon flow below our present speed of light results in a trip to the future.”


And Meier was taken on board their crafts on trips to the past as well as to the future to demonstrate that they mastered the technology of time travel. One such future trip was to San Francisco to watch the aftermath of the next big earthquake to come.


One evening in 1978, Wendelle Stevens wrote, they were sitting around the kitchen table at the Center in Hinterschmidruti when Billy Meier opened up an envelope and spread out eleven colour prints on the kitchen table. He said they were pictures from the future San Francisco quake. He then passed them around the table, one by one, to all sitting around. There were about 10 people sitting around the table who saw these photos.


Stevens carefully studied each photo, trying to recognize familiar landmarks and buildings, and any prominent new structures he had never seen before. He writes he saw smaller cars with smoothly rounded corners and no external projections, and some of these had half-glass and others full-glass cabin tops, making them look more like bugs than boxy cars.


He saw the Transamerica building cracked through its steep pyramidal shape from upper right to lower left, from the viewer’s angel, and another big rectangular building with higher rectangular towers on either end, collapsing in the middle and taking the two towers down with it. There was shooting flame, black and light smoke, and water and gas spewing from broken pipes, and there was a lot of dust rolling out from the collapsing rectangular building.


The photos were sent around the table twice before Meier collected them. They were never published because a few days later the extra-terrestrials took the both photographs and the negatives back.


Stevens next year got to see the Geo Magazine article with the earthquake painting. And one important point Stevens here made was that the Geo Magazine painting,  which Billy was accused of copying, was just one painting of the destruction of San Francisco spread over two pages in the magazine, whilst what Stevens saw was 11 separate photos. These photos looked very real to him, like real photographs and not photographs of paintings. Another person sitting around the table wrote that the photographs Billy Meier took were not taken from the same angle as the GEO paining.


Higher spiritual planes

By means of spirit telepathy, Billy Meier took down messages from higher planes which also contained prophecies and predictions of future events. This took place in the period 1975 to 1976.



The Geo magazine painting.

According to those who saw them, this painting comes close, but is not the same as the 11 photographs Billy Meier took of San Fransicso and the dislocation of the San Andreas Fault after the next earth quake.



On 20 October 1975, Contact 36, on board Semjases’s beam ship, Billy Meier was given an demonstration of how some of their surveillance technology works. By technical means they were able read General Franco's subconsciousness. He was at the time the prime minister of Spain. From this analysis they were able to determine that he would die on the 20 November 1975. On the 28 October 1975 Billy Meier wrote a letter to his friend Hans Jakob where he put down the time Franco would die and other details related to the event. This was the information he got from the apparatus based analysis on board Semjases’ beam ship. The letter was signed by 10 of the core group members and it was post stamped Hinwil 29 October 1975. Image: Google newspaper archive, The Ledger Lakeland FL, Thursday 20 November 1975.



The timeline for when some of the predicted events in Contact 115 occurred.


19 October 1978


Contact 115. There are three of the Pleiadians present during this contact; Semjase, Qetzal and Ptaah.


9 March 1979


Billy Meier offered Wendelle Stevens to show him restricted notes of prophecies that had already come to pass and sent his secretary Eva Bieri to photocopy these. Meanwhile, Billy Meier was interrupted as he had to take a phone call. While he was busy on the phone, according to Stevens, Eva Bieri made photocopies of contact 115, which took place 19 October 1978, of not only of predictions which had come to pass but also of prediction in the contact which had not yet occurred.


Stevens placed the copies straight in his brief case when Eva handed it to him. When he got back home and discovered what he had got, he allowed two good friends of his to read the notes in full for future confirmation. Those two men were Major Rudolph Pestalozzi, USAF (Ret.), and Mr. O. Richard Norton, former director of the Flandreau Planetarium at the University of Arizona in Tucson.


18 November 1978

The Jonestown Massacre

This prediction was fulfilled when Wendelle Stevens got the copy of Contact 115 on 9 March 1979


9-11 February 1979

A civil war of short duration breaks out in Iran a short time before the overthrow of the Shah.

This prediction was fulfilled when Wendelle Stevens got the copy of Contact 115 on 9 March 1979


11 February 1979

The Shah of Iran is overthrown.

This prediction was fulfilled when Wendelle Stevens got the copy of Contact 115 on 9 March 1979


4  March 1979

It is discovered that also Jupiter has a ring after Voyager 1 sent back an image as it passed through the equatorial plane of the planet.

This prediction was fulfilled when Wendelle Stevens got the copy of Contact 115 on 9 March 1979



Before Voyager 1 reached Jupiter only 13 moons were discovered. Images from Voyager 1 and 2, captured from 4th March 1979 onwards, led to the discovery of more moons when these images were later studied with the discoveries being announced in the fall of 1979 onwards.


It explains why Semjase instructed Meier to wait until September 1979 by publishing the information that the number of moons was 17 and not 13 as had been discovered up until then. It is where she says in line 74. “That is right, but this matter is not allowed to be known on Earth before the month of September 1979: afterwards this matter of fact does no longer play a part.”


In regards to the question from Billy, to which Semjase gave the reply above, Wendelle Stevens presented the following translation (1979)



Wherein assumptively you are correct as well. Okay then: My question is the following: Your official information about the number of Jupiter moons is not correct, because they correspond by only a part with the truth. As far as I know, this giant planet has 17 moons (seventeen), as I was informed by Ptaah during the great journey.


Here, there is a slight difference in the German hardcover edition of the notes published in 2004, block 3, where the last sentence read:


 (Billy)” … As far as I know, this giant planet has 17 larger and several smaller moons, as I was informed by Ptaah during the great journey.”


German original (Billy)” … Meines Wissens hat dieser Riesenplanet 17 grössere und mehrere kleinere Monde, wie ich von Ptaah während der grossen Reise erfuhr.”


And this is also reflected in the reply from Semjase, in regards to the above question from Billy, in the same 2004 German contact notes editions, where she verifies what his information is correct and replies that the giant planet has 17 larger and several smaller moons.


A reason for this discrepancy would be for the same reason why Billy was not allowed to disclose the existence of the additional larger moons before September 1979, namely which in that instance would have been not to make an announcement before earth scientists had collected their own data from the Voyager probes so to not pre-empt and interfere with Earth scientific research. Same would apply in regards to the existence of the smaller moons around Jupiter, as they were only found after 1999, thus Meier may have gotten permission to disclose the presence of the smaller moons around Jupiter only after 1999.


This is from


“By the time Voyager space probes reached Jupiter around 1979, 13 moons had been discovered; while Themisto was observed in 1975,[18] but due to insufficient initial observation data, it was lost until 2000. The Voyager missions discovered an additional three inner moons in 1979: Metis, Adrastea, and Thebe.[19]


For two decades no additional moons were discovered; but between October 1999 and February 2003, researchers using sensitive ground-based detectors found and later named another 34 moons, most of which were discovered by a team led by Scott S. Sheppard and David C. Jewitt.[20] These are tiny moons, in long, eccentric, generally retrograde orbits, and average of 3 km (1.9 mi) in diameter, with the largest being just 9 km (5.6 mi) across.


All of these moons are thought to be captured asteroidal or perhaps cometary bodies, possibly fragmented into several pieces,[21] but very little is actually known about them. A number of 17 additional moons have been discovered but not yet named since 2003,[22] bringing the total number of known moons of Jupiter to 67.[1] As of 2013, this is the most of any planet in the Solar System, but additional undiscovered, tiny moons may exist.”


Meier was also given further details about Jupiter and its moons, as listed in the contact further below, which were not known by Earth science at the time of Contact 115.

Unfulfilled prediction when Wendelle Stevens got the copy of Contact 115 on 9 March 1979



25 December 1979

Soviet army invades Afghanistan

Unfulfilled prediction when Wendelle Stevens got the copy of Contact 115 on 9 March 1979


14 January 1980 – 31 October 1984

Indira Ghandi was elected prime minister 14 January 1980 and was assassinated October 31, 1984.

Her newly election as well as her death was predicted in contact 115 with the following words: ” …  and about the marching-in of the Soviet Russian army into Afghanistan in the end of the year 1979, as well as about the newly elected Indira Ghandi as Prime minister in India, and her following then death, which will shake the whole Indian nation as well as the alliances of the American with different states of the near and far east, where still is added the alliance of Pakistan with the Chinese, besides the many other events to be expected.”  

Unfulfilled prediction when Wendelle Stevens got the copy of Contact 115 on 9 March 1979.


4 May 1980

President Tito of Yugoslavia dies. The time for when this would happen was predicted in contact 115 in 1978 with the following words: “….., and about the death of the Jugoslavian dictator Tito, who shall die during the coming three years when the Saturn shines her light towards the Earth.”

Unfulfilled prediction when Wendelle Stevens got the copy of Contact 115 on 9 March 1979.



Wendelle Stevens

Still from video clip about the Billy Meier case (1979)



Eva Bieri.

Still from the video CONTACT (1982)



Wendelle Stevens in a short clip from 1979, the same year as he was given a part of contact 115 which contained unfulfilled predictions detailing events which would take place later in 1979 and further into the future. Wendelle Stevens writes that these events unfolded exactly as predicted in the contact.



The predictions from contact 115 which Wendelle Stevens was given on 9 March 1979


Below are the predictions from contact 115 Wendelle Stevens claimed Eva Bieri photocopied and gave him on the 9th of March 1979:



Message from the Pleiades Volume 2 (1990) The contact notes of Eduard Billy Meier.  Edited and annotated by W.C. Stevens Page 351


Appendix I




Because events run in a sequential order, and some can not occur until others have already done so, prophecy is a necessary science to any other intelligence studying a society in evolution. Thus many extraterrestrials visiting this planet have engaged in predicting future events on out timeline.


In the 43rd contact, on Thursday, 27 January 1976, Meier complained of a work overload due to his having to take down the contact notes, the transmissions from Arahat Aathersata, and now the prophetic transmissions from the Petale Sphere. Semjase agreed to see what could be done about slowing down the Athersata transmissions for a time, but the prophesies from the Petale Sphere continued.


All extraterrestrial intelligences needing this information, also calculate, or seek to perceive, future events for their own illumination.


Thus it was that in a contact on 19 October 1978, a discussion of detailed prophesied events came up. We jump forward here to that contact, at this time, because the time of taking down the Petale Prophesies is the time of these present contacts in 1976. Also because I was able to personally observe the outworking of some of those prophesies in 1979 when I was in Europe. One of these was the invasion of North Viet-Nam by China, another was the storming of the Iranian Embassy in London by London Bobbies, and a third was the abdication of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands in favor of her daughter Beatrix, all of which I had been told to expect by Eduard Meier before the event actually happened.


In a discussion of this in his house on 9 March 1979, Mr. Meier offered to show me his restricted notes on prophesies that had already come to pass.


Wanting evidence for myself, I asked for copies of the pages listing only the events mentioned which had already occurred. I was fully aware of Meier’s promise to both Semjase and the Petale Sphere, not to reveal events before their time.


He handed the notes to Eva and sent her out of the room to make copies of those pages for me. While she was doing that, Meier was called to the telephone. While he was still talking on the phone, Eva came back with the copies and handed them to me, which I stuck in my briefcase. When Meier came back from the telephone, he asked me if I had been given the copy pages, and I said yes and patted my briefcase.


When I looked at the notes later, I discovered that Eva had misunderstood and gave me more pages than Meier intended, because there were prophesies that had not yet been fulfilled. I decided to keep Meier’s promise not to release information on events before their time, but when I got home I allowed two good friends of mine to read the notes in full for future confirmation. Those two men were Major Rudolph Pestalozzi, USAF (Ret.), and Mr. O. Richard Norton, former director of the Flandreau Planetarium at the University of Arizona in Tucson. I have now decided to release those few pages from the 115th Contact on 19 October 1978 for your appreciation.


115th Contact Thursday, 19 October 1978 18:04 h


Comments by Wendelle Stevens::

Meier had been summoned to a late afternoon contact, to which he decided to respond, after refusing several previous summons over the last few weeks. He delayed responding for some time, deciding whether he would go or not. When he did go, and finally got to the rendezvous site, the Pleiadians arrived in force. Ptaah and Quetzal were with Semjase this time, because Meier had become disenchanted and broke off the contacts himself, refusing to respond to the summoning signals. He had not responded for some time.


The first part of the meeting was taken up by the Pleiadians trying to persuade Meier to continue with the contacts, because a mission was dangerously periled. They made some concessions and then reminded him of some of the prophecies that would occasionally involve him in some way. This led to a discussion of prophesies in general, and some that he had already taken from the Petale Sphere in particular.


Here then are the pages that Eva handed me in Eduard Meier’s house in Switzerland on 9 March 1979. The events mentioned in the prophesies that follow that date now speak for themselves. She had marked the notes as indicated.


Important: This is not an exact translation due to the lack of experience with the English language by the translator, but is a close copy of the original in German





35. So now do listen.

36. The first sign of the final times will be a sect massacre, for which many political personalities will bear great guilt.

37. By murder and forced mass-murder, nearly 200 children will find their death, and around 1,023 grown-up persons also, while of all of them only an amount of about 1,000 will be found.

38. This tragedy will happen in Johnstown, a village in Guayana, named after the megalomanic and injured in conscience sect leader Jim Jones, who has emigrated to Guayana together with a great part of his fanatical and hypnosis-influenced followers, and established there a village where he keeps his believers like slaves.

39. By recommendation papers of many political personalities in America, has succeeded for him the emigration to Guayana, together with his adherents, where he maintains a barbarous regiment.

40. At the time of the middle of November, now will be and happen, that he evokes by coercion and hypnosis, a fanaticism for which more than one thousand human beings will fall victim.

41. Many will voluntarily consume an offered poison, and will kill their children as well with this, while others will be forced to do the same thing, and the remaining ones will be killed by the bullets of murderers.

42. This extremely degenerate sect calls itself “Peoples Temple” or “Volkskirche Vereingung” (Common United Church), and is very much engaged politically and is sponsored by American politicians, who must share a very large guilt for making possible this cruel massacre, because they were those who paved the way Jim Jones crazy doings, and opened the way to all.



That is most cruel. Isn’t there any possibility for preventing that? One must be able to do something against it.



43. No, there is no other way, because this event must occur, because there are many important effects connected with this, which especially will happen in America.

44. You yourself then will have a decisive role in this matter, because after this event you will have to send a message from us to the American Government and the American people.



And what things will this message contain?



45. This you will know at the appointed time.



Well, but how do you imagine that I could reach the American government? If I write to there they will never get my message, as I do know by experience.



46. Such will not occur, because meanwhile you are keeping the decisive contacts by which this message will reach its addressee.

47. We will give you according advice in this respect.

48. This task is obligated to you and even then, if among us things should appear, which will become very unpleasant…



But what will this mean?



49. This you will recognize in a short time, but do promise me that you will nevertheless undertake this task, as for many reasons we ourselves cannot perform it, and as well order anybody else, by which I mean Earth human beings, who unfortunately are not within our disposal besides you.



Okay, I don’t want to flinch. This is a promise.



50. Sure, you used to keep your promises in honor, but be aware that the accomplishment of this will be very hard for you, because of very undelightful things coming to appear.



You can trust me. I won’t flinch from my obligation, even though very undelightful things will happen.



51. That is your word, like one can not expect otherwise from you.

52. I thank you very much.



Nonsense. Don’t make a fuss over it. Do tell me more, what further on will appear for the Earth that you wanted to tell me. Here as well I would be very much interested in whether really now the Shah of Iran will be overthrown after the New year, and be expelled from Iran, as I have figured out. And next, I also wonder about whether the “Voyager” sent out by the USA will obtain good results at Jupiter?



53. According to our calculations about the course of the sonde, it will fly very near to the star and to different moons of Jupiter, which means that good result have to be obtained, if the instruments of the research means are working faultlessly.



Will this perhaps mean that the time has come for the scientists to discover that the so-called Red Spot of Jupiter is in truth a self-rotating funnel-shaped hole in the wildly fluctuating surface of this unimproved sun, and that the funnel-hole forms the center of a gigantic and many thousand years long lasting storm? And does this also mean that now it will be found that not only Saturn and Uranus have a ring, but Jupiter as well, even if it is much smaller and thinner than both of the others at Saturn and Uranus?



54. Surely, even this has to be recognized, because the sonde will be steered so close to the celestial body, that it must necessarily record these matters.



Oh yes, and then perhaps it will be fund, that the ring of Jupiter consists in most part of the outthrown particles of the great volcanos of the moon Io, which were partly caught up by Jupiter, while the greatest part of all the outthrown material falls back onto Io again, and in practice covers all volcanic openings, as well as the huge plains and mountains, by which this moon, contrary to the other moons of Jupiter, shows no crater-filled landscape but a fantastic levelness despite the many craters.



55. Suring your excursion tours with me you have very thoroughly listened to me, and admirably kept them in memory.

56. Can you still remember other facts?

57. Beisides, these facts will surely be seen by the exploring mean.



Fine then,

Of course I still know several facts, because I have not forgotten all that you and Ptaah explained to me. I still can well remember the differently larger Jupiter-moons having different colors, as for example red, yellow, brown and white, as well as orange. Too, I still know that Jupiter should actually have become a sun, but her mass was too small for this star to really have been able to develop into a sun, but that nevertheless the whole formation consists in greatest part of fluid helium and hydrogen.


Then still I know of you or Ptaah explaining to me that in the main parts potash salts and sulphur compounds would form the surface until deep down, and that all would have set down as a very thick crust, when the great masses of water would have vanished from this body. Especially, I think I remember that you said the moon Io was once completely covered by water. If I remember correctly, you both told me; I don’t know any more whether you or Ptaah, that the moon Io is exactly the large opposite to the moon Europa, that namely there on the moon Europa, the masses of water had not evaporated and changed, but have frozen into a gigantic armour of ice. Besides this, you still told me many other things and gave explanations to me, of which I still know a lot. So you also told me that the moon having about 200 kilometers in length, which I termed a huge chicken’s egg, I think, was the moon next to Jupiter, whose name I do no more remember.



58. Considering all things, you have an admirable memory.

59. That moon you just mentioned is called “Amalthea”.

60. The moon Io itself, about which you said something, moreover is the most volcano-active planetary body in the solar system.

61. This fact already then was explained to you, if you remember.



Of course, I don’t forget such things so soon. Then you said this moon was much more active volcanically than the Earth. Besides this I still remember very exactly, that you explained that the kilometres large cloud formation of the storm funnel of Jupiter move at great velocity, and rotate counter clockwise.



Surely, so I explained.



Now I wonder whether I remember correctly about the volcanism of the moon Io. If I am right, then you explained that the volcano eruptions occurred by elemental  power, and were equal to immense explosions which would fling out their material similar to atom-bomb-clouds, which reached heights of up to 180 kilometers. Mainly this consisted of dust particles, gasses ashes and little magma, which reached ejection velocities of up to 2,300 km/h and more, and because of the missing atmosphere of the moon there existed little counterforce.


But you told me that the greater part of the outthrown material falls back again onto the moon, as I have already mentioned. The rest, so you explained, was pushed out into free space, of which then a part is attracted by Jupiter, and is very slowly collected into her ring as a compound of sulphur ions. Is this correct?



63. Your memory is very much correct.



Okay, this will be sufficient. What matter then is interesting me, and which I don’t know any more exactly: In Iran should, a short time before the overthrow of the Shah, still break out a civil war of short duration? Do you still know about what time this would happen?



64. Surely, as in the 9th, 10th, and 11th of February 1979 this will happen.



But this whole absurdity will cost the life of many human beings, if I think right. As well about one hundred sentences for death should then get performed by the patronage of the murderer Khomeyni. The whole matter is truly not merely political on the part of the Shah and Khomeyni, but will happen for the reason that Khomeyni wants to take revenge on the Shah, because the father of the Shah had long ago murdered the father of Khomeyni. Is that right?



65. Surely, that is correct.



Well, this I just wanted to know.



66. Then I can still inform you about other more important matters.



But if you allow, I have another question yet?



67. Just ask, else you would give me no peace.



Here you likely think right.



68. So do ask.



It treats of Vietnam and China. Will in the end of February, or about then, China really attack Vietnam? And will this really only be a pro-forma-attack, which represents the very first predecessor of that which in later time will be repeated, and then shall form the essential starting fact of the Third World War, at least by that part, which will be started by China?



69. You are informed about these things, and you also know this to be inalterable, in which consequence all really occurs.

70. So why do you ask?



I only wanted an affirmation, nothing else.



71. Which you got by this.

72. Can I go on now?



Of course; this has been my last question – until the next one. In itself, this next question is already there, but I will  still wait with it if you have more important things.



73. Just do ask, or else you will have no peace.



Wherein assumptively you are correct as well. Okay then: My question is the following: Your official information about the number of Jupiter moons is not correct, because they correspond by only a part with the truth. As far as I know, this giant planet has 17 moons (seventeen), as I was informed by Ptaah during the great journey.


Comment by Wendelle Stevens:

[This was one prediction we watched carefully, because up to the time I first saw these documents only 15 moons of Jupiter had been reported, and two of them only very recently. Se the report on this in My Preliminary Investigation Report. The last two were found after the date of this 115th Contact. –Publisher]



74. That is right, but this matter is not allowed to be known on Earth before the month of September 1979: afterwards this matter of fact does no longer play a part.

75. Besides that, the American scientists will, in the course of their evaluations of the Jupiter-exposures, discover at least two more moons of that planet.



Then this will not be only one?



76. I said that they will discover at least two of those, after which then only three will still not be known to them.



That’s a thing, but I will still keep silent about it.



77. To do this is of urgent demand, too, but on the other hand you are able to keep silence, otherwise this would give you troubles.

78. For this reason as well, I want to entrust you, as well by obligation for keeping silence, that that you and all group members much will be decided within the next year.

79. As usual, these decisions will be connected to untruths, and destructive intrigues, which in the main will be originated by the brothers H.S. and K.S. and their aunt, Olga Walder, and Margaret Flammer.


80. You and Elsi could even be taken before a lawcourt.

81. But in this you should not get disturbed, because in consequence of these intrigues you will all have the sign of the first great success in respect to the announcement of your, your all ones’ and our task and mission.

82. It will happen, the Japanese television production of a good film inside of your center about our concerns, after which then, in the Month of September or October 1979, as well, the first book will be produced and sold.



Dear child, that is news. But why does the Japanese television just come here?



83. This will be the merits of your American friends.

84. As well, the first book will be printed by their help, which will deal with that work which will not find equal on the Earth.



Is this that one which was written by Wendelle Stevens?



85. No, it will deal with another one, filled up with your best exposures of our beamships.



Here I am eager yet. But why do I have to keep silent about it?



86. Because many of your enemies who could still spread lies and intrigues worldwide, will then be recognized for such by the film and the book, by which the spreaders of the lies and deceptions will suffer defeat and become unworthy of belief in all the wold, which fact is necessary.



A real psychological war.



87. That’s right, this embodies such.



Then I can expect this all rather relaxed.



88. Surely, so you can, because there exists no reason for worry in this respect.



Okay, then one can be contented. Are you still keeping other things stored?



89. Surely, even very large important ones which will cause labor for you as well.



How much?



90. This deals of coming events, at whose coming-to-appear you should conceive a short essay, to hand over then to different governments of the Earth.



But you know my having done so several times already, but that each time no reaction had occurred afterwards.



91. Surely, but at a given time, you nevertheless should trouble yourself again for these things.



So I can, or course, but of what does it treat here, or what should be effected by it when once more no success is obtained?



92. Soon I will explain the connections to you.

93. If on your troublings no reaction should appear, then unfortunately the work has been in vain.

94. But then your and our duty will have been performed, to try for a change to the positive during a menacing heavyweighted political confusion, which is able to lead to evil destructive excesses and wars, and already in the year 1976 were transmitted to you as prophesies.



You order me a riddle, as I do not know what facts you talk about.



95. Remember the prophesies about the threatening Third World War.



----- Oh, now I get it. You talk of the prophesies which discuss the overthrow of the murderer-knave Shah-in-Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi, of whom you have already spoken, and about the death of the Jugoslavian dictator Tito, who shall die during the coming three years when the Saturn shines her light towards the Earth, and about the marching-in of the Soviet Russian army into Afghanistan in the end of the year 1979, as well as about the newly elected Indira Ghandi as Prime minister in India, and her following then death, which will shake the whole Indian nation as well as the alliances

of the American with different states of the near and far east, where still is added the alliance of Pakistan with the Chinese, besides the many other events to be expected.



95. Surely, I am speaking of this, but in this thoroughness, none of the prophesies have been told you, because these details have not been mentioned in them; so these rise from your own calculations and figuring out.

97. In any case you have not received these from us.


Comments by Wendelle Stevens:

[And that is where the pages of the 115th contact given me by Eva Bieri ended. There was of course much more, much of which still can not be revealed publicly, because it may interfere with the outworking of necessary events affecting many other people in the world. In time I succeeded in obtaining more of those restricted notes from the 115th contact report, but this was from a time before the extraterrestrial visitor’s translated sentences were numbered. Thus I will have to report them as I received them in the continuation that follows: -Publisher]