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No other UFO case in modern history has the kind of quality evidence as the Billy Meier UFO case in Switzerland. <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier not just only took photographs of the crafts, he also provided other categories of evidence such as landing tracks, recordings of sound from their crafts, metal samples and more. On one occasion, when a laser gun was tested, Meier was even allowed to take photographs of the extra-terrestrial holding the gun so long as most of the extra-terrestrials face was blacked out afterwards, as she could not afford to be recognized due to their need on occasions to mingle among us.  

The extra-terrestrials were humans like us and told Meier their forefathers are our forefathers going far back in ancient times. The hole shot in the tree and the straight burn line through the vegetation was later examined by the lead investigator. Meier also took witnesses to the contact sites who took their own photographs of the crafts, like the night time images taken by Guido Moosbrugger, who at the time worked as a school principal at a school in Austria. Witnesses also experienced the presence of telemeter discs, such as Eva Bieri, who took a photo of two intense illuminating telemeter discs, which Meier at a later contact with the Pleiadians was told belonged them.

The case was investigated by Lt. Col. (USAF retired) Wendelle Stevens who, leading team of three others, investigated the case over a five year period from 1977 to 1982. Stevens published several books about the case and he also taped his investigation which became the movie CONTACT 1982. See below. The result of that investigation speaks for itself.

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CONTACT (1982) - The filmed investigation