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The history behind Billy Meier's publications


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By Kåre Bergheim

23rd of February 2014



At the very first pages in the book OM (Omfalon Murado), the main work Billy Meier completed in 1987 and published January 1988, at the very beginning, there is a listing of all his other publications up to that same year, 1987, when this book was completed.  The chapter is called Erklärungen which means explanations in English, thus it not only lists the titles, but it also give some explanation and historical background around each publication. It is written by one of the very first core group members.


With reference to Das Buch OM, Omfalon Murado,  Wassermannzeit-Verlag ERSTAUSGABE 1.Auflager. Dezember 1987 Erklärungen 1 bis 12




The origin of the book OM


Originally, Billy Meier was supposed to have started writing the book OM already in 1975. At that time, in 1975, there was no group and no Centre in place, and yet no possibility for himself to print all the writings which was to come into being in the future. The work which still lied ahead for Billy was incalculable, because everything had to be worked out, constructed and established from scratch, out of nothing.


The people who had decided to assist Billy in his mission had to find their own way and also had to be taught a lot. And last, but not least a suitable Centre had to be found and built and an organisation had to be founded, for the distribution of the teachings and the writings.


The commencement of the book OM became more and more delayed due to these many, and important, tasks and work along with the lectures, which he regularly gave in Hinwil and later in Hinterschmidrüti, and with the travels abroad, which Billy still made in the first years.  But despite everything, even though Billy had to manage all the many and often very time and energy-consuming work and tasks, he still wrote regularly and issued the main teachings, often under difficult circumstances, with severely wounded health, despite lack of sleep, or in complete exhaustion etc. Thus, over the years the publications originated in the listed order, always in-between, and not seldom as a result of night time work:




Talmud Jmmanuel


1974. Billy published the scriptures found in 1963, after he had received a letter from the finder and translator, who, according to this letter, withdrew from his task, in order not to endanger his family. The finder of the scriptures, an Arabic priest of the Greek-orthodox church, had in earlier years already handed over to Billy the first part of the translations to German of the scriptures which were written in the old Aramaic language.  Billy now published this translated part under the above mentioned title, first in the form of printed sheets and later then as a printed booklet which was made by his own work, until 1978, when from out of that the first professional finished book emerged, printed in an external printing house.




Die Psyche


1975. This writing is the first self-authored teaching text from Billy. It was first only available in the form of a bundle of copied and stitched together DIN-A4 pages, before, with greater possibilities,  a booklet originated, whose weighty guidance was and is a great help to many people. The cover picture for the book edition was designed by Engelbert Wächter after Billy’s idea.




Arahat Athersata


15. Mai – 11. August 1975, this work was the first writing which was communicated from a higher spirit level, transmitted by the means of spirit telepathy and was received and written down by Billy. The transmission of this writing from the Arahat Athersata plane (Arahat Athersata (Sanskrit) = The valuable who inspects time) could only take place because Billy then had reached an evolutionary level which enabled him to become a receiver of spirit-telepathic impulses from that level. Yet, still many more years passed by before he came to the point where he was able to contact this level himself. He wrote down this writing he first received with his old rattly typing arms typewriter, a Hermes 3000, whose operation was very painstaking, exhausting and tiring. The transmission took place in compact sections, which was also kept in that way in the printed writings and for this reason are easy to identify.  The cover image for the first book version was a work of T.Keller, idea and design originate from Engelbert Wächter.




Dekalog (die 10, resp. 12 Gebote in ihrer Urform)

(Eng.the Decalogue (The 10, resp. 12 commandments in their original form)


Tuesday, 14. Ocotober 1975, 08.46 o’clock – Monday, 17. November 1975, 23.10 o’clock, this written work is the first of several texts which was transmitted from a still higher spirit level, the plane of Petale, by means of spirit telepathy and was received and written down by Billy. (The plane of Petale is the highest and the last of the seven pure spirit planes, which the human spirit form passes through in its development on the way to become one with Creation). 


During the transmission of the Decalogue, Billy had to write everything down by hand, since often corrections were made in the middle of the sentence which made a greater flexibility necessary than what was possible with the old typewriter. Also the Dekalog was transmitted in individual sections, meaning transmitted as required, which meant that Billy not seldom was writing for 18 hours without pause.


The Dekalog, as a handwritten manuscript, has a very extraordinary uniqueness, because not in one single letter of the whole work is Billy’s own handwriting recognizable, but only a great number of strange handwritings (in total around 50 different writing characteristics), which often alternate sentence by sentence and also often in the middle of a single sentence.


This characteristic happen as a result of that different spirit forms from the WE-plane of Petale (Germ. WIR-Ebene des Petale) work together in unity.  The cover image for of the Dekalog in book form was realized by Bernadette Brand after an idea by Billy.





(Eng. Genesis)


Wednesday, 17. December 1975, 00.41 o’clock – Tuesday, 25. May 1976. Also this work is a spirit telepathic transmission from the Petale plane, and also this time did Billy have to write down everything by hand, because here, too, exactly as was the case with Arahat Athersata corrections were in parts put in the middle of the sentences. And exactly as with Dekalog, also in Genesis are many different handwritings recognisable, but never Billy’s own. Only the main parts of Genesis were transmitted, Billy had to work out himself the whole explanation and interpretation of the origin of the Universe and the different commandments contained in the Genesis, which again took many months, since the Genesis is very extensive. 





(Eng. Prophecies)


28. January 1976 – 15. September 1976 and 19. November 1981 – 24. November 1981. During the above dates prophetic predictions were transmitted from the Petale plane, which Billy again recorded, partly by hand. In the first edition of Prophetien (1976), was only the first part of the transmission from the Petale Plane published.


(after the second part of the prophecies had been sent through, Billy explained, in reply to a question, that he saw everything transmitted in detailed images und sequences, exactly as it will also happen in the future. A part of his work was to describe the predictions with suitable words, so that people on Earth, on one hand, could understand and recognize what they are in for, but on the other hand, not get anxious and frightened or panicky.) 


After the second part of the transmission from the Petale plane had been recorded, the new 1982 editions was expanded and also prophetic predictions from Talmud Jmmanuel,  and prophecies from Asket, Semjase and from Billy himself were added. The raw design of the title image for the book Prophetien originate from T. Keller und was enhanced by Engelbert Wächter, who was responsible for front-cover images. 




UFOs Raumschiffe von fremden Welten

(Eng. UFOs. Spaceships from foreign worlds.)


Beginning of 1976. This small publication, which was written by Billy, contains various type of information about the contacts with the Extra-terrestrials etc., about Billy’s person and his family. In this publication is in particular questions dealt with as being asked by people, who’s special interest are ufology. The cover image originates from Billy.




Wissenswertes (insgesamt 4 Nummern)

(Eng. Useful information (total 4 numbers) (as of 1987)


September 1976 (Number 1 and 2) December 1976 (Number 3) and December 1978 (Number 4) The four issues of Wissenswertes originate from Billy and contain brief information on various topics, which time and again were addressed by visitors and interested people. The cover picture is adopted from “Stimme der Wassermanzeit”. Only the title was changed.





(Eng. Newsletters)


1977. In total 3 newsletters by Billy about the constructions of the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center. The publication of the newsletters was stopped for lack of time.




Gesetz der Liebe

(Eng. The law of love)


October 1978. Billy wrote Gesetz der Liebe himself, but on the 19th of October 1978 he presented it to Quetzal for checking whereupon he had to interpose some points which had been developed by the High council for people on Earth, which meant that he once more had to amend and extend the entire work, which amounted to a new start, so that the ‘Gesetz der Liebe’  could only be published on the 13th of January 1979. The explanatory drawings and graphics and the cover design of ‘Gesetz der Liebe’  was created by Engelbert Wächter according to Billy’s instructions.




Geisteslehre (Lehr-Briefe)

(Eng. The spiritual teachings (teaching letters)


From 3rd of Mach 1979 (In sum a total of 19 issues each of them four teachings letters. Issued monthly until July 1979. From August 1979 every four month, always on the 15th of April, 15th of August and 15th of December). The spiritual teaching letters were written by Billy, although in part additional and expanding information and details were made available to him by the Pleiadians. Billy dictated almost all the teaching letters on tape, and for a long time it was a familiar sound to hear him speaking onto tape in his office. Even the last teaching letters, which he still prepared after the accident, even as difficult as it was for him, he spoke onto tape. The teaching letters serve the comprehensive explanations and the most important connections in the spiritual teachings. But it also contain the introductions and instructions in the different practices and form of application of the intuition, the self-hypnosis and hypnosis, the meditation as well as human self-knowledge and self-enquiry. Furthermore, the spiritual teachings explain about beliefs and superstitions (6. – 12. book of Moses), as well as about the most important false doctrines and misunderstandings relating to spiritual matters. The title page was performed by H. Schutzbach according to the idea and the specific instructions from Billy.     




Verzeichnis authentischer Farb-Fotos

(Eng. List of authentic colour photos)   


Ca. May/June 1979. Due to the high demand for photos, which Billy was able to take during the contacts, it became necessary to establish a photograph-directory, in which Billy could list consecutively dates and mention circumstances when the UFO-photographs,  and others photographs relating to the mission, were taken. The first edition of the photographic directory contained data about the 745 photographs, which still existed until then (May/June 1979) (A large part of very important recordings had been stolen or disappeared). The second, expanded edition of the photographic directory dates from the year 1986 and contains data and information of 1009 photographs, of which the last was taken on the 16th of August 1982. Also this cover page was designed and performed by Engelbert Wächter.




Leben im geistigen und physischen

(Eng. Life in the spiritual and physical)


Summer 1979. This small publication, which originally was written by Billy as reference to the spiritual teaching, originated within a very short period of time, and almost equally fast, was a neat copy made and printed.




Leben und Tod

(Eng. Life and death)


Ca. August/September 1979. Billy wrote this comprehensive work in only two and a half month, (beside all the other work which he normally performed, and which will be described in more detail at the end of this listing) after he had spoken about the subject ‘life and death’ with the core group members and taught them in details about it around the same time. The very beautiful and sensitive title page design is once again the work of Engelbert Wächter.




Einführung in die Meditation

(Eng. Introduction into meditation)


Autumn 1979. The first part of the Einführung in die Meditation is taken verbatim from the Genesis. The second part was added by Billy in the autumn of 1979, since important question to the teaching of meditation had emerged which needed precise and comprehensive explanations. For this purpose he also adopted issues which had emerged related to the daily meditation exercises and which also in fact had been raised by different persons. The idea for the cover image design originates from Billy and was carried out by Bernadette Brand.




Aktion zur Durchführung der Olympiade 1980 in Moskau

(Eng. Campaign to carry out the Olympic games in Moscow 1980)


February 1980. Circular sent from Billy calling for the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow to be carried out. Practically all western governments and non-aligned states were calling for a boycott of the Olympic Games shortly after troops from the USSR had invaded Afghanistan at the end of 1979. The circular from Billy was sent to all governments and to the largest newspapers in the countries which were due to take part in the Olympics. Only one country, the Federal Republic of Germany, acknowledged receipt of the circular. 




Ein offenes Wort

(Eng. An open word)


October 1975 – beginning 1980. Ein offenenes Wort has regularly appeared in ‘Stimme der Wassermannzeit’ (Eng. ‘ Voice of the Aquarian Age’)  as a serial since October 1975. Billy wrote in this educational work, continuously from issue to issue, about the origins and the developments of the Christian religion, until he finished the entire work during 1979. The finished printed book appeared for the first time on the 3rd of May 1980. The cover image for the first edition was finished by Engelbert Wächter.




Der rosarote Kristall

(Eng. The pink crystal)


Ca. middle of 1980. The first edition contained 10 fables which were written by Billy between 1978 and 1980. The second, extended edition, of spring 1986 contained 11 fables. Billy wrote the eleventh fable in March 1982, with the intention to publish a further volume, again with 10 new fables, which however was aborted due to his serious accident in November 1982 and due to work with other publications. The cover image for the first edition was designed by Engelbert Wächter.





(Eng. Directives)


Beginning of 1982. Direktiven was written by Billy. It includes the most important information and guidelines of how to learn and maintain hygiene and how this is necessary for the development and maintenance of a healthy mind. Direktiven was published in 1984. The cover picture was designed after an idea by Engelbert Wächter.




6360 interplanetare Namen in ihrer Urform und deren Bedeutung

(Eng. 6360 Interplanetary names in their original form and their meaning)


May 1982. The name book (due to technical reasons published in 3 volumes) was written by Billy in cooperation with Semjase and Elektra. Billy provided Elektra with different dictionaries from which she extracted those words which were still based on the old languages, brought to Earth by the extraterrestrials. Corresponding to those words were the related or associated names used for the name books, provided that these names already were in use on Earth in earlier times or even still are. Billy received all the information for the name book telepathically, apart from the names which Semjase already gave him in 1980. The cover image for the name books was designed after an idea by Engelbert Wächter.




Satzungen der F.I.G.U ‘Aktive Allianz’

(Eng. Statues of the F.I.G.U. ‘Active Alliance)


1. January 1981. Effective from the 1st of January 1981, Billy formed a daughter organisation to F.I.G.U., the ‘Active Alliance, of which intent and purpose was the preservation of nature and the restoration of the degraded and damaged environment. Billy fully prepared also these statutes and wrote them down as a manuscript.




Die Uhr schlägt eben zwölf … (Info 1 – 10)  

(Eng. The clock just struck twelve … (Info 1-10)


1982. The information publications describing the actions and the goals of the F.I.G.U. ‘Aktiven Allianz’ (‘Active Alliance) for the most part originate from Billy. A few individual articles were also drafted by members of F.I.G.U. The information publications were published in the course of 1983. The title picture design to Info 1 and 2 originate from T. Keller according to information from Billy . 





(Eng. Biotope)


1982. The teaching text about preparation of Biotopes (habitat) was also written by Billy during summer 1982, after under his direction and according to his ideas a large biotope had been created on the Centre premises. The writing was published in 1983. The title page was designed according to ideas from Billy. 




Existentes Leben im Universum

(Eng. Existing life in the Universe)


April 81 – March 84. Billy wrote this work under the title ‘Das Universum’ (Eng. ‘The Universe’) as continuations for ‘Stimme der Wassermannzeit’ (Eng. Voice of the Aquarian Age). For many years, time and again, he encountered conflicting information from scientists about the size and the creation of our Universe. The information provided was in each case changed and retracted or altered, almost from year to year, after each new discovery of further galaxies. Billy’s own data, however, which he to some extent calculated himself, but which he in part also received from the Pleiadians, were then, and are still also now (as of 1988) looked down upon and ridiculed by the scientists, even after, in the past years, (prior to 1988) all the predictions he until then had submitted had been confirmed.


Since many discoveries were once again made in the astronomical area, which in turn resulted in new insight for the scientist’s, Billy developed the existing facts further in 1984, after the completion of the continuation, despite serious health problems caused by the accident in November 1982, and wrote a voluminous manuscript, but which, as of 1988, is still not yet published since the preparatory work for the publication of the book OM has been given priority. (My comment:  After this was written in 1988,  in 1993 when ‘Existentes Leben im Universum’ was published, the content was extended to also include information published prior to April 1981, thus the book is marked COPYRIGHT UND URHEBERRECHT 1978/1993.)




Sprüche und Gedichte

(Eng. Proverbs and Poems)


Since 3.9.75.   Billy wrote poems time and again over the years, many of them for his wife. Also a great number of proverbs originated which together with the poems were collected in chronological order. Up until 15 September 1980 alone, had 513 proverbs and poems been written, of which some have been published in ‘Stimme der Wassermannzeit’ (Voice of the Aquarian Age). Since still new proverbs are written at the time of publishing the book OM, is a publication of the existing Proverbs not yet possible.





(Eng. The Contact Notes)


28. January 1975 – 31. October 1984. In total 196 contact reports with a manuscript size of total 1918 typewritten pages. After each meeting with the Pleiadians, Billy wrote down the conversation word-for-word, from the first contact with Semjase up to the last contact with Quetzal.  In order to enable a precise recording, a device was used by the Pleiadian contact person, which recorded the conversation that took place, word-for-word, directly from the subconsciousness of the Pleiadian. 

The same device sent telepathic impulses on which basis Billy then could write down the contact reports. 


At first, an exact time for the transmission had to be agreed upon between the Pleiadian contact person and Billy because initially it was not possible for the transmission device to memorize the content of the conversation. Only after a further development by Quetzal was this made possible, which for Billy led to a greater independence in regards to the choice of time for the recordings.


At a later time, after Billy had received a faster typewriter, Quetzal made further changes to the transmission device and to Billy’s new typewriter which permitted Billy to type down the reports with very high speed. This was primarily necessary because of the enormous manual and organizational workload which Billy was subjected to, and which often left him with little time to receive the reports.


(There exists video and tape recordings which proves that Billy made about 1200 keystrokes per minute during the telepathic transmissions. Engelbert Wächter, who was an eyewitness to such a telepathic registration, vehemently supports this fact. Quetzal calculated that one minute of telepathic recording in this speed was equivalent to exactly 23 minutes of strenuous manual work. Added to this fact, it must be taken into account that Billy could only write with one hand, since he lost his left arm, up to the elbow, in a bus accident on the 3rd of August 1965 in Iskenderun, Turkey.)


The transmission of the contact reports were discontinued after the 31. October 1984, after Quetzal had noted that Billy, through this type of extremely strenuous work, which required maximum concentration from him, put too much strain on himself health wise. Billy could no longer record the last 42 contact reports, until the end of the contacts with the Pleiadians. (My comment: The contacts with the Pleiadians resumed, after this was written in January 1988, when  Billy’s health had improved.)




Folter, Todesstrafe und Überbevölkerung

(Eng.Torture, the death penalty and overpopulation)


15. April 1984. Billy started a new campaign against torture, the death penalty and overpopulation. The articles to this English /German language booklet comprising of 52 pages had already been written and first time published by Billy within the framework of the information publications of the ‘Aktiven Allianz’ (‘Active Alliance’), but were again completely re-worked for the campaign against torture, the death penalty and overpopulation. The booklet was sent to all governments in all countries of the world, to all large international organisations and to nearly all of the world’s large newspaper editorial offices.




Stimme der Wassermannzeit

(Eng.Voice of the Aquarian Age)


First number published August 1975. (65 numbers published until the end of 1987).  Billy established in 1975 a monthly publication, which he wrote, edited, and printed all alone in the first years. Only after a certain period of time was to begin with the occasional article written by members of the group before then later, larger portions of the monthly publication could be filled with contributions from different persons. First during 1985 was the editing officially passed over to F.I.G.U., whereupon the monthly publication then only became published every 3rd month. However, at the time when this was written (end 1987), the editorial department of F.I.G.U. were working under the guidance of Billy. The cover image of the periodical was designed by Hans Schutzbach based on an idea from Billy.




Das Buch OM

(Eng. The book OM)


From 10th of May 1983 to 1st of May 1984, and from 21st of May 1984 to 9th of October 1984, Billy wrote the book of books, his greatest work, the book OM. Completed, it comprises of 77 canons with a total of 10’136 verses. Up to 1st of May 1984 it was 42 canons with a total of 7616 verses. The verses of each individual canon are in their total number divisible by the number 7. Parts of the book OM originated in joint work with JHWH Ptaah from beyond the Pleiades, by means of telepathy. Ptaah communicated to Billy, by the means of telepathy, all those sections of the book OM which are still identical to the original OM, which for the first time was written by Henok.


With the exception the two canons which Billy wrote down according to the words of Semjase and those canons in which Billy again delivered the ancient and oldest words of wisdom in their original and correct form, all other teaching, sayings of wisdom, explanations and interpretations, etc. originate from himself.


Billy had to write down the manuscript of the OM by hand, since it was no longer possible for him to work with the typewriter as a result of the 1982 accident. The handwritten manuscript was then typed up with the typewriter in parallel with Billy’s recording. Already during the writing of the book OM was the typed up manuscript read out aloud to the core group members, whereby already the first rough orthographic proofreading was carried out.


In May 1984 had preparation already begun to issue the first fair manuscript in DIN-A5 format. After about half of the existing manuscript had been transcribed, it became clear that the envisaged book format of DIN-A5 was unsuited for such a large and comprehensive work, which is why everything once again had to be written in DIN-A4 format. By the second and third proof-reading of the book OM, were further spelling and typographical errors corrected in the typewritten manuscript, whereby Billy also made the first minor corrections and extensions to the text. The second fair copy was unusable since by the proof-reading (first comparative proof-reading/fourth correction) it turned out that not all text changes and errors could be corrected; moreover, another font character had to be chosen since the font used so far turned out to be unsuitable.


At that time it was decided to buy a word processing system to facilitate the proofreading work and   to be able to make practical and qualitatively flawless printing material. By the third fair copy, the typewritten manuscript was once more proof-read. In doing so were further grammatical and orthographical errors eliminated and final corrections to the text were once more made by Billy, whereupon the final fair copy was made, which again was corrected (second comparative proof-reading/sixth correction).


By the seventh and last proof-reading, the completely corrected type written manuscript and the fair copy were once more comparative proof-read, whereupon some final grammatical and orthographical corrections were made.  The shared proof-reading by the core croup members was completed on Monday the 20th July 1987 at 21.18 o’clock. The seventh and last correction was completed on the 31st of July 1987 at 20.50 o’clock. Upon completion of the corrections, the finishing tasks for the book OM (foreword etc.) and the preparations for printing of the work still remained to be carried out.



Besides the works sited so far, Billy had started work on at least five different works at the time of his accident, (such as for example an interpretation and explanation of the Gesetzes  der Liebe (the law of love) etc.), but which he had to abandon as result of the accident. A continuation of the spiritual teaching letters likewise proved impossible after several attempts. Other works (like for example the periodical FAKTEN (Eng. FACTS), soon had to be abandoned for lack of time and assistance prior to the accident.  (Comment: Billy resumed writing the spiritual teachings letters after his health had improved, sometimes after this was written end of 1987. By March 2007 he had written 365 spiritual teachings letters. Since 4 spiritual teaching letters bundled together in booklet form is about 55 A4 pages, by March 2007 he had thus written about 5000 A4 pages of spiritual teaching lessons.)


Besides the publications which Billy wrote himself and published through F.I.G.U. and Wassermannzeit-Verlag, in America were still four more books published which originated in very close cooperation with Billy. Thus for example the majority of the translations of the contact notes etc. originate from Billy himself after some translators had sought to achieve the task and had failed due to lack of accuracy.  The editors of the books which were published in America were: Lee and Britt Elders, Tom Welch and Wendelle Stevens. Three books bear the same title, namely ‘Contact from the Pleiades’. Volume 1 (1979) and volume 2 (1983) are illustrated books. Wendelle Stevens wrote the report, which was published under the same title in 1982. The book written by Gary Kinder ‘Light Years’ was published in 1987 and it also originated in close cooperation with Billy.


Billy worked until 1974 as a night watchman and also for a while as concierge. In the years between 1971 and 1974 he wrote 5 adventure novels and different newspaper articles beside his daily work. From 1975 he occupied himself with psychological consultations, with curing diseases by means of spiritual powers (so called spiritual healing), installing elevated aerials for large size TV facilities, bird breeding (parakeets and canaries), house renovations and garden work.


With a portion from these employments he earned the living for his family which consisted of his wife Kalliope and the children Gilgamesha, Atlantis Sokrates and Metusalem. But in addition to this, came also the work involved in building up the group, and all those tasks which served the production and distribution of the writings. And with the ‘Stimme der Wassermannzeit’ (Eng. ‘Voice of the Aquarian Age’) it can be well explained that beside his daily work and his writing activities, everything rested on his shoulders: The writing of articles, corrections, making fair copies for the print presentation, montage templates for the small offset sheet production, printing, assembling, stapling, cutting and mailing of the subscribed journals.


In that respect it should be kept in mind that the journal was published monthly, which by itself, even without the other undertakings, is a major achievement. But still, in addition to this came the contacts and the telepathic recording of the contact reports. A work which brought him blisters in all fingers since he to begin with typed with the old Hermes 3000 for lack of a better typewriter. At peak times he wrote for up to 22 hours on the contact reports without a break, because the work proceeded slowly due to the old rattly typewriter.


During the contacts and also often outside of the regular contacts, it was also his task to obtain the many photo, film, video and tape documentation which initially were the only evidence for the correctness of his statements and which also served to draw the world’s public attention to his mission. Also this job was associated with many organisational problems which rested on his shoulders alone in the first years. Once certain persons and organisations became aware of Billy and his contacts, the visitors started to flock towards Hinwil . And in the beginning he had to dedicate himself to them.


Moreover, a rich correspondence developed with people all over the world.  But with the attention to wider circles, came also the reporters to whom he time and again made himself available for interviews, until the year 1987 when he declined to answer any questions from reporters again after a denial campaign by the journalist Balz Theus.


Because in the early years, it still seemed that the existing UFO organizations would pursue a good and honest approach, were also long trips abroad to present lectures carried out. However, once it turned out that from the side of the UFO-organisations, no interest in the truth existed, Billy ceased these travels. But nevertheless still up until the 21st off May 1978 he often spoke out of town in front of large audiences, which he always and without exception was able to captivate and fascinate with his stories.


Still in Hinwil, Kalliope, Billy’s wife and Jakobus Bertschinger, who he already then had been friend with for many years, began to relieve him, and for the time being took some work off him. Soon were Kalliope and Jakobus, who also financed the first small offset printing press, engaged in the gathering together and completion of the writings, and they began to relieve him from other manual work. Kalliope soon became entrusted with the responsibility for the sale of the writing-, photo and film material, for the present under Billy’s instructions, and from 1983, she looked after subscription and the mailing of ‘Stimme der Wassermannzeit’ (Eng. ‘Voice of the Aquarian Age’).


As time went by, Kalliope was also able to take over the majority of the visitor receptions. Besides this work, Kalliope was always the main person responsible for the household, before Eva Bieri, as of 1979, became involved in reducing her workload. At the beginning of the year 1977, overtook Bernadette Brand, who then was a newcomer to the group, the clean spelling of the writings and as of spring 1978, Billy delegated more and more correspondence work to her, until she managed it independently, at the end of that year.


Guido Moosbrugger was, as from around 1978, responsible for all correction work on all writings. During the year 1979, Billy passed over the responsibility for the printery, which he up until then had to bear himself, to Engelbert Wächter, who also provided the 2nd small offset printing press, which was significantly faster and worked better. Eva Bieri, who during 1979, as she already was pregnant, had been accepted into Billy’s family, was towards end of 1979, assigned the responsibility for the gathering together and the finishing of the writings (which until then had been undertaken by a joint effort by all group members), and during the year 1980 she took over the accounting under the supervision of Billy. After Billy’s accident, it also fell into Eva’s area of responsibility, to type up, with the type writer, all handwritten manuscripts by Billy. Thus, she was also responsible for the preparation of the typewritten manuscript for the book OM.  


Due to the help from his assistants, by 1979, Billy was almost released from the practical work involved in creating the publications, but this did not greatly ease his burden, because on the 7th of April 1977, under his leadership and management, F.I.G.U. had obtained the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, which in day and night time work had to be completely redeveloped and rebuilt. As a self-taught and all-round man, Billy was versed and familiar with all work that needed to be done, no matter what kind it was.


He not only operated as a bricklayer, carpenter, joiner, roofer, architect, landscape gardener, cook, cheese maker, housekeeper, buyer, famer, mechanics, dredge man, woodworker and master well driller, but also as a smart legal expert, as a skilful cattle and small animal vet, as a talented photographer, as an advisor, psychologist, astronomer, meteorologist, doctor, teacher, engineer, electrician, environmental expert, biologist, realtor, and as prudent accountant etc. Last but not least, he also understood, like nobody else, to defend and represent their interests with the authorities. In short, there was never anything he could not make some sense of. He even involved himself with successes as a fashion designer and goldsmith.


Since there were only a few things the members of the core group had knowledge of, he had to train each individual in their area of responsibility, whereby the responsibility for everything still was with him. Although, little by little, he ceded responsibilities to individual core group members, but until the publishing of the book OM, it never came thus far that he unconcerned could have placed the reins in other hands.


With the growth of the Group and with additions in the form of children (In 1980 was Eva’s son Atlant Platon Sokrates born and was adopted as a son by Billy), the additional burdens for Billy also grew since he had to make room for everybody. In addition to the pure physical demand, huge psychological stress also came, since the living together of so many people under one roof was neither easy, nor did the core group members submit themselves to the conditions without problems.


He not only often had to put his foot down and act as housemaster for his flock, but all too often he was a buffer and scapegoat for moods and petty jealousy. Since he was an outstanding advisor and friend to all people who asked him for advice, it was inevitable that he was burdened and often also overwhelmed with the worries, big and small and with problems and issues, until he was completely burnt out and exhausted, because not only did his fellow men drain on his energy, but so too did the care and responsibility for those entrusted to him and the mission.


After two particularly bad years, in which everything went awry, and in which everything only seemed to consist of sorrows, worries, troubles and evil problems, a serious accident took place on the 4th of November 1982 at 4.35 in the morning. Billy, according to the unanimous statements from the doctors, from Quetzal, Semjase and Ptaah, collapsed and lost his consciousness in the washbasin room, suffering from a total mental and physical overburdening and total exhaustion. In doing so, he hit his head on the washbasin, the radiator and the floor.


The accident caused a severe brain injury, which in turn led to other severe and very severe health damages, like for example a permanent disorder of the equilibrium sense and part amnesia etc. developed, which still continued as of August 1987. The first two and a half years after the accident, were pure hell for Billy, as it was neither suitable medication available to relieve the damages from the accident, nor did suitable therapies exist which could have been helpful to him. Also, a lengthy and arduously process started for him, whilst he attempted to fight against his suffering. He was able to get to grips with many of the injuries which occurred, and others became bearable through steady self-control, but even as of August 1987, more after-effects still appeared.


Despite severe health problems, despite dizziness attacks and disturbed balance, despite great concentration difficulties and severe headaches and fighting with enormous eyesight problems and seriously damaged nervous system, Billy bravely withstood all the adversities and started the work on the book OM on Tuesday the 10th of May 1983 at 10.30 in the morning. For more than one year he wrote almost daily by hand on his manuscript, always fighting his manifold and very severe health impairments.


That the book OM at all was completed, and that Billy until the end directed and led all the correction works himself, was felt as a miracle for everybody involved, and he equally appeared as a miracle to them, one to whom certain suffering over time do not worsen further, but evidently even improved.