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The future development on Earth on a political, social and geographical basis according to the predictions and prophecies from the Pleiadians/Plejarans


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By Kåre Bergheim

September 11 2013 

  • Definitions

  • Time Travel

  • The forecast from 2005 – Contact 376

  • Example of how detailed a prediction can be and the different methods used – contact 108
  • The unique demonstration which confirmed the prediction of contact 108– Contact 113

  • The future development of Earth on a political, social and geographical basis according to the predictions and prophecies of the Pleiadians/Plejarans:

  • History introduction

  • Prediction and Prophecies


With Geo political events in the Middle East again on the front page, it is time to dust off Billy Meier’s predictions and prophecies to see if what he wrote years and decades ago bear any relevance to what is happening today.  I will first I will first bring up the definitions of prophecy and prediction and what sets them apart. Then I will take a look at time travel, being one of several ways future events can be discovered and how this concept works. Next, take a look at the next two windows, 2006 and 2010 to 2015, which Meier informed about in 2005, in which World war 3 could break out in the Middle East and the relevant events which actually occurred and are occurring right now, falling within these two windows.


The next thing to look at is how detailed a prediction can be, how much information in regards to details he and the Plejaran Extra-terrestrials were able to find out about a future event to occur. I will here bring up the intermediate conversation of a contact Billy had with Ptaah on the 1st of June 1978, in where they were discussing a prediction, but which could not be officially disclosed before after the event had occurred.


But on this occasion, however, a contact took place, contact 113, on the very day the prediction came true which was on the 6th of August 1978. This was a contact where several witnesses were present and two of them wrote witness report. The aim with this contact was clearly to demonstrate their ability to predict. Wherefore one here needs to take a closer look at the details – if they shed light on not only if they knew, but also what they knew.  In the end I will bring up the future developments of Earth on a political, social and geographical basis according to the predictions and prophecies of the Pleiadians/Plejarans. This information was published in 1997 and the history introduction is necessary because it relates to the Prediction and Prophecies.  At the very end I have made some comments to some of them





Regarding prophecies and predictions, this is how Billy Meier defines the difference between them:

By predictions it is about a form of future forecast which is created in the way that extremely extensive Kabbalistic calculations lead to very accurate results, or various ways of the future are explored by travels into the future. A process which can take place for example by technical means or by consciousness travels. Also certain forms of future visions are here included.


This makes it clearly understood that predictions arrive with absolute certainty and unavoidability, without the possibility that a change or avoidance still could be possible, because after all by looking into the future, it will happen what actually and irreversibly will occur in the coming time. Predictions are therefore based on logical consistency of already established facts, from which origin and development a very specific effect must result.


The situation is however different with prophecies, which as a rule only have a warning function and which have the objective that something results from particular facts when no correct change is brought about in due time. But if a change is not brought about, then the prophecy becomes a prediction which inevitably must be fulfilled.


It must therefore be kept in mind that prophetic statements and announcements are always changeable, depending on human behavioural values. It is therefore no certainty given that a prophesised event actually occurs in the future if the facts leading to the prophecy are changed for the better. This evolutionary process in thinking and action of humans normally has to occur according to the laws of life, through a normal development and course, without that a prior exact knowledge of the coming exists, which is why the prophetic pronouncement of an event only present a possibility of information and at the same time a warning.


Each life form has its own upward path to walk, evolve through perception, recognition, knowledge, learning and experience. Also by humans must therefore anything and everything first be worked out before it can bear fruits. That is also the reason why prophecies, or their fulfilment time, never should be offered in plain text, because on the one hand certain development stages otherwise simply would be skipped, whereby an incompleteness in the evolution would result, and on the other hand because precise prophetic information and time frames etc. could cause fear and panic.


Furthermore, prophesies should not be made in an extensively detailed form also because by knowing certain facts, enormous destruction and disasters can be triggered – from fear, hate and envy etc. Certain prophetic values must therefore inevitably be kept secret, consequently only isolated wise, who are capable of truly understanding and coping with everything, are able to completely decipher them.


Time Travel


Meier laid out the principle of time travel in one of the first books he wrote called EXISTENTES LEBEN IM UNIVERSUM (EXISTING LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE) 1978/1993, In this book he explained how by manipulating the value of the time unit chronon, it is possible for the extra-terrestrials to travel to the future or in the past.


For more details see Time Travel – Billy Meier , but in short, when the big bang occurred, the light speed was much higher, at 44'069'497,5 kilometres per second. Since then it has steadily been falling.  Meier states that at the current light speed, the throughput time of the number of chronons which give the second , at our present light speed amount to 299'792'500'000 : 14'700 x 10 ^- 24 chronons.


From this result arises the fact that through the change and reduction in the speed of light by the half-life, the cronons and space also change, whereupon the normal space changes to hyperspace and the chronons to tachyons, where they will continue to exist as being the smallest time units of the hyperspace, whereupon the oldest tachyons will always show an permanent unchanged constant of 44'069'497,5 kilometres per second in their own separate hyper space.


Every dwindling away of a half-life thus creates  its own hyperspace, whereby  seven different hyperspaces  or half-life hyper spaces already exist in our universe which are further divided into countless more normal hyperspaces which have originated through the decline of the STEADILY FALLING light speed.”


Thus it exists in our creation universe seven main, super or half-life hyper spaces and countless other normal hyper spaces which have formed as a result of the decline in the flow of chronons (decline in the speed of light by the half-life period).  


And the existence of these different hyper spaces,  in which therefore different light speed constants exist (in the past higher and in the future lower), makes it possible that time travels in the past or in the future can be carried out, as well as travels in the timelessness or in zero time.

In short,  Meier states:  “If for example tachyons, with a higher light speed than of those in normal space and the present of the material universe in any given hyperspace,  is stored around a flying object,  it is automatically flung into the past, while a chronon flow below our present speed of light results in a trip  to the future.”   


“If for example tachyons, with a higher light speed than of those in normal space and the present of the material universe in any given hyperspace,  is stored around a flying object,  it is automatically flung into the past, while a chronon flow below our present speed of light results in a trip  to the future.” Billy Meier - From the book EXISTENTES LEBEN IM UNIVERSUM (EXISTING LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE) 1978/1993


Left: A plejaran beam ship capable of time travel. The ship on this occasion was piloted by Semjase. Photo <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier at Hasenböl-Langenberg in Fischenthal on the 29th of March 1976.




Left Semjase Silver Star Center, Hinterschimidrüti Switzerland


Photo Kåre  Bergheim July 5 2006



The forecast from 2005 – Contact 376


On his birthday, on the 3rd of February 2005, Billy Meier had the official contact number 376 with the Plejaran extra-terrestrial Ptaah. In this contact the next two windows were given. The year 2006 and the period 2010 to 2015 would be the next danger periods for when an events or events could happen which could escalate into a third world war.




Contact 376 was first published in Semjase Berichte Block 20 which I purchased when I met Meier at Semjase Silver Star Center on the 5th of July 2006. That was the only trip I made there during my time as being a Passive/GL member (Germ. FIGU PASSIVE-GRUPPE und GEISTESLEHRE-STUDIUM) Meier first published all his contacts in Semjase Kontakt Berichte using the in-house printery at the Center called Wassermanzeit- Verlag.


Each S-K-B held about 200 A4 pages.  After publishing 2-3 SB’s (400-600 pages) the contacts were then later published in a hardcover format of better quality. The hardcover format is called Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte and became printed in in Augsburg, South Germany. In these were photos, photocopy of news clips, etc. added besides comments, in italic, from Billy and the extra-terrestrials to older contacts,. But the original text from older contacts was never changed and was always re-printed with the same sentence number, etc. So contact 376 was then re-published in Block 9 Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte which came out beginning of 2007.


So when I saw this contact in Switzerland for the first time, it was the 5th of July 2006, only 7 days before Israel invaded Lebanon.  This is where Condoleezza Rice described the plight of Lebanon as a part of the "birth pangs of a new Middle East" and said that Israel should ignore calls for a ceasefire. The language used by the secretary of state suggests this was meant to be the beginning of a wider conflict. But fortunately, the conflict, which started with the invasion on the 12 July 2006, only continued until the 14 August 2006 when a United Nations-brokered ceasefire went into effect, though it formally ended on 8 September 2006 when Israel lifted its naval blockade of Lebanon. Billy Meier was told in contact 376 below that president Bush was not only eyeing a military intervention in Iran, but also in Syria. The setback which Israel, an US ally, suffered in Lebanon in 2006 could have been a contributing factor for the US to shelve any plans they might have drawn up in regards to Iran and Syria that year. See also the 2010 article in the Guardian:  George Bush's memoirs reveal how he considered attacks on Iran and Syria  



The Syria conflict which started in 2011, fuelled by an influx of foreign mercenaries such the al-Qaeda affiliated Al- Nusra Front has widened in 2013. This crisis has now escalated to the point where president Obama are making case for military action and Putin warns Russia would come to Syrias aid over a US strike. One can only hope that cooler heads prevails, also this time….

Billy Meier was told in contact 376, below, that already in 2005 was Bush eyeing a military intervention not only in Iran, but also in Syria.


Contact 376 - 3 February 2005:


With reference to Semjase-Kontakt-Berichte block 20 (2006) page 3827.

(Plejadisch-plejarisch Kontaktberichte Block 9 (2007) page 411)  - Contact 376 Wednesday 3 February 2005, 22.57 o’clock (My translation above the German original)





It is also now a number of years ago since you spoke about the death of the Pope and said that he still will live a number of years into the third millennium. With it is also a given that that the prophesied end of the papacy has been delayed concerning the last two popes.

Many people have also become wiser what can also contribute to the fact that the old prophesies must not come true which originate from a third world war and next is prophesied for 2006 which should find its origin in the Middle East. The danger for that to happen still exists, nevertheless, consequently it could still be possible that such a war breaks out next year if the wings of US-president George W. Bush are not clipped or another sick madman presses the red button. Should this war in fact break out then George W. Bush is solely the real initiator of the same, namely with support of all of whom shout hurray for this war malicious agitator. However, in spite of this there is still hope that the future arises well, what is also to be hoped for 2010 until 2015 as well as for other periods in the more distant future, when even more dire prophecies exists.



76. Of course.–

77. In regards to the imminent threat of war which is prophesized to start in the Middle East, the chances are currently not very good, because American warmonger-president Bush is not only eyeing a military intervention in Iran, but also in Syria.

78. It is nevertheless to be hoped that right steps are still taken to curb the power of the US-president when the authoritative sections of the population and states rise up against him and his war mongering.


German original

Semjase-Kontakt-Berichte Block 20 (2006) seite 3827

Dreihundertsechsundsiebzigster Kontakt Donnerstag, 3. Februar 205, 22.57 Uhr





Es ist auch schon eine Reihe von Jahren her, dass ihr über das Ableben des Papstes gesprochen und gesagt habt, das er noch eine Anzahl von Jahrne ins Dritte Jahrtausend hineinleben wird. Damit hat sich auch ergeben, dass das prophezeite Ende des Papsttums in bezug auf die letzten zwei Päpste hinausgeschoben wurde. Viele Menschen sind auch klüger geworden, was auch dazu beitragen kann, dass sich die alten Prophezeungen nicht erfüllen müssen, die von einem Dritten Weltkrieg ausgehen, wobei der nächste für 2006 prophezeit ist, der im Mittleren Osten seinen Ursprung finden soll. Die Gefahr dazu besteht noch immer, folglich es doch noch möglich sein könnte, dass nächstes Jahr ein solcher Krieg ausbricht, wenn dem US-Präsidenten George W. Bush nicht die Flügel gestutzt werden oder ein anderer kranker Irrer auf den roten Knopf drückt. Bricht dieser Krieg tatsächlich  aus, dann ist einzig und allein George W. Bush der eigentliche Urheber desselben, und zwar unter der Beihilfeschaft aller, die für diesen Kriegshetzer pro und hurra brüllen. Trotz allem ist aber noch Hoffnung, dass sich die Zukunft gut ergibt, was auch für 2010 bis 2015 zu erhoffen ist, wie auch für die anderen Zeiten der ferneren Zukunft, wofür ebenso düstere Prophezeiungen bestehen. 



76. Natürlich. –

77. Bezüglich des drohenden Krieges, der mit einem Ausgangspunkt im Mittleren Osten prophezeit ist, stehen gegenwärtig die Chancen nicht sehr gut, denn der amerikanische Kriegshetzer-Präsident Bush liebäugelt nicht nur mit einer kriegerischen Intervention im Iran, sondern auch in Syrien.

78. Nichtsdestoweniger jedoch ist zu hoffen, dass doch noch die richtigen Schritte getan werden, um die Macht des US-Präsidenten zu brechen, wenn sich die massgebenden Bevölkerungsschichten und Staaten gegen ihn und sein Kriegshandeln erheben.


Left Ptaah.

Self portrait 15.5.2000.


Example of how detailed a prediction can be and the different methods used – contact 108


Contact 108 – 1 June 1978


This contact gives a good example of the amount of details available to Billy Meier and the extra terrestrials related to an event they predicted would happen.


Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 3 (2004) Kontaktberichte 82-132 6. September 1977 bis 18 Juli 1980 - Page 167 Contact 108 Wednesday 1st June 1978 time 18.31  (My translation above the German original)




Interim conversation:

Contact 108 (= for the time being under the exclusion for the public)



Ptaah, over the last days I have come across something that gives me a lot to think about. Actually,

I already calculated the results for it last year, but I have nevertheless not stated it in the predictions for 1978 because I thought it was too dangerous.



1. Then speak about it.

2. What bothers you about it, and what is it about?



Nothing depresses me about it and it does involve Pope Paul VI. My probability calculations last year showed that he would have to die this year. Now this calculation has simply not given me any rest recently which is why I have made an effort to get further and more precise data and while doing so came across a very specific date and a very specific time. I now wonder whether my calculation contains any errors at all and if everything really is correct.



3. Then give me the information.



Okay, look here, I have written them down here: The day of death is the 6th of August 1978. I have calculated the time with the result 20.40 o'clock and 13 seconds. The death would have to occur by a heart attack, according to my calculations, whereby the body itself then will give up its function due to the lack of oxygen.



4. You have been very thorough in your calculations, because you state the same information to me which we, years ago already, have discovered ourselves by an equipment based analysis.

5. However, is also the place known to you where the spirit of the man will leave the body?



If my calculations are correct, and I correctly describe the place, then it must be the Pope's summer residence, Castel Gandolfo.



6. That is also absolutely correct, but keep silent about it and also do not tell anything about it to the members of your group. 

7. It could lead to dangerous effects.

8. It was also very wise of you that you have not mentioned anything about these matters in the yearly prediction.



I thought so. But I also kept some other things secret.



9. You will have your reasons for that.



That I have, and I will also continue to keep silent. However thanks a lot for your confirmation.  In some way I am quite glad that I have calculated the data correctly.



10. That I can understand.

11. Just continue to work further in this form.



I will do that, just do not worry. In any case, again many thanks.




German Original

Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 3 (2004) Kontaktberichte 82-132 6. September 1977 bis 18 Juli 1980 - Seite 167 Einhundertachter Kontakt Donnerstag, 1.Juni 1978 18.31 Uhr





Einhundertachter Kontakt (=vorderhand unter Ausschluss der Öffentlichkeit)



Ptaah, die letzten Tage bin ich auf etwas gestossen, das mir zu denken gibt. Eigentlich habe ich die Resultate dafür bereits letztes Jahr ausgerechnet, diese dann jedoch nicht in den Voraussagen für das Jahr 1978 angeführt, weil ich dachte, dass das zu gefährlich sei.



1. Dann sprich dich darüber aus.

2. Was bedrückt dich dabei, und worum handelt es sich?



Es bedrückt mich nichts dabei und handeln tut es sich um Papst Paul VI. Meine Wahrscheinlichkeitsberechnungen ergaben letztes Jahr, dass er dieses Jahr sterben müsste. Nun hat mir diese Berechnung in der letzten Zeit einfach keine Ruhe gelassen, weshalb ich mich um nähere und genauere Daten bemühe und dabei auf ein ganz bestimmtes Datum und eine ganz bestimmte Uhrzeit stiess. Es wundert mich nun, ob meine Berechnung nicht irgendeinen Fehler aufweist und wirklich alles stimmt.



3. Dann nenne mir die Daten.



Okay, sieh hier, da habe ich sie aufgeschrieben: Der Todestag ist der 6. August 1978. Die Zeit habe ich mit dem Resultat von 20.40 Uhr und 13 Sekunden errechnet. Der Tod müsste nach meinen Berechnungen eintreten durch eine Herzattacke, wobei dann der Körper selbst infolge eines Sauerstoffmangels seine Funktion aufgeben wird.



4. Du warst sehr gründlich in deinen Berechnungen, denn du nennst mir dieselben Daten, die wir durch eine Analyse apparatureller Basis schon vor Jahren selbst ergründet haben.

5. Doch, ist dir auch der Ort bekannt, wo der Geist des Mannes den Körper verlassen wird?



Wenn meine Berechnungen stimmen, dann, und wenn ich den Ort richtig beschreibe, dann muss es die Sommerresidenz des Papstes sein, das Castel Gandolfo.



6. Auch das ist von absoluter Richtigkeit, doch schweige darüber und erkläre auch den Gliedern eurer Gruppe nichts darüber.

7. Es könnte zu gefährlichen Effekten führen.

8. Es war auch sehr weise von dir, dass du in den Jahresvoraussagen über diese Belange nichts erwähnt hast.



Das dachte ich mir. Ich verschwieg aber auch noch andere Dinge.



9. Du wirst deine Gründe dafür aufzuweisen haben.



Die habe ich, und ich werde auch weiterhin schweigen. Doch habe recht lieben Dank für deine Bestätigung. Irgendwie bin ich recht froh, dass ich die Daten richtig errechnet habe.



10. Es ist mir dies verständlich.

11. Arbeite nur weiterhin in dieser Form.



Das werde ich schon, hab nur keine Angst. Jedenfalls nochmals vielen Dank.



The unique demonstration which confirmed the prediction of contact 108– Contact 113


As a rule involving predictions, Billy Meier also here inserted the interim conversation first after the event happened, which he also has stipulated.  Our question then becomes, how do we know this conversation took place beforehand, more than two months before the event took place, and what indicate they knew so many details beforehand?


What they also beforehand knew, but did not officially tell, was the exact time and the exact event that would cause the pope to die. That is not printed in the contact notes, which is logical as it could get Meier killed. Instead, in my opinion, he told it verbally to Wendelle Stevens, who took notes and delivered it at his speech in Laughlin 2006.


Why I am certain of that, is because Meier drew a time line, which shows a segment missing at the very beginning of the contact.  This is the segment where Stevens describes how the murder of the Pope was carried out. In length it matches what Meier deleted. (For more details see ET Contact taking a closer look at an unusual demonstration) .


Further evidence to that is that is that they synchronized the time when Meier was taken on board to match the starting time of the murder event. This became the time the contact began and therefore also the time Meier entered the beam ship.


So my conclusion here is that since they knew the murder event, and when exactly it would start, they would also have known beforehand the other details they listed in the interim conversation of contact 108 above.   


In contact 108 held on the 1st of June 1978 it is revealed that both Billy Meier and the Pleiadian Extra-terrestrials knew the exact time and place where Pope Paul VI would die. It would be on the 6th of August 1978 and the time would be 40 minutes and 13 seconds past 8 o’clock in the evening. The place would be the Pope's summer residence at Castel Gandolfo in Italy.


Then, on that same day the Pope died, they set out to demonstrate that they really knew. That became contact 113 on the 6th of August 1978


Left Castel Gandolfo, Italy. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)



The four witnesses - Contact 113


Date 6th August 1978

Place Semjase Silver Star Center,  Switzerland


Left: Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (Ret.)


Witness Contact 113

Wrote witness report


Left:  Jakobus Bertschinger.


Witness Contact 113

Wrote witness report


Left: Elsi Moser  


Witness contact 113

Assisted Billy Meier in preparing for contact

Still from CONTACT 1982



Left: Kalliope Meier


Witness contact 113

Photo Wendelle Stevens 1982


Sequence of events - contact 113


Date 6th August 1978

(Swiss Local Time – For Italian Local Time add one hour)



Meier prepares for contact. He takes a bath and changes to clean clothes. He wears an American bomber type jacket, a walkie-talkie and a gun for protection.


This is 3 hours and 10 minutes before the Pope dies


Left Billy Meier preparing for Contact.  Still from CONTACT 1982



In the kitchen, Meier waves his hand to Wendelle Stevens, that he has received the signal to depart for contact. He walks towards the kitchen door. Steven follows after him, so close that he can see the outer door closing in front of him. Both Stevens and Bertschinger put this time down as 20:30 in their written statements.


This is 10 minutes before the Pope dies.


Left Billy Meier in the kitchen flanked by the investigator team. Still from CONTACT 1982



Billy Meier enters the Pleiadian beam ship and contact 113 begins.

When Stevens goes out the kitchen door, Billy Meier has all of a sudden vanished. The only trace he left behind was three footsteps in the mud, which abruptly stopped at the fourth. They are fresh as he notices the rain water is filling them up. 


This is 9 minutes before the Pope dies.


Left: This is one out of 1476 photographs in total taken by <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier at Hasenböl-Langenberg above Fischenthal, Switzerland on the 29th of March 1976. It is photo number 157 and it shows the underside of a Pleiadian/Plejaran space craft 7 meter or 23 feet in diameter. The craft is piloted by Semjase and she is doing a demonstration flight.  



Meier makes the following remark:

Billy: He has now changed side, Quetzal.

Quetzal: I do not understand?

Billy:  I will explain it to you after you have finished your speech. You see, it was 20.40 and 13 seconds a moment ago. However, just continue


This is the time the Pope dies


Meier here creates a timeline which has a length of 9 minutes and 13 seconds. The 430 words spoken until then only takes 2 minutes and 40 seconds to read through with normal speed. Leaves a deleted gap of 6,5 minutes at the very beginning of the contact. Fit the segment Stevens tells in the video of what Meier saw on the viewing screen when they arrived there, and it explains why it is not mentioned in the German contact notes, as this segment describes the murder event, and thus also identifies the perpetrators.



40 minutes after vanishing, Billy Meier calls from a place named Gasthaus Krone in Elgg ca. 16 km away. His walkie talkie does not work due to the mountain range in-between which is why he is using the phone. He is asking to be picked up.  Jakobus Bertschinger, Kalliope Meier and Wendelle Stevens immediately drive to Gasthaus Krone in Elgg where they find Meier all dry, including his outer jacket, despite the heavy rain. It takes them 20 minutes to drive back. Jackobus wrote in his statement that if would have taken somebody 2-3 hours to walk the distance by foot, so that possibility could be excluded. Nor could he have used his moped because it was parked at the Center. There was no direct public transport to that place and any combination of public transport to get there would have taken far longer.

Left: Gasthaus Krone in Elgg in oberen Eulachtal. Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Paebi.



Next day, morning 7th of August

Meier tells Stevens “I watched the murder of the Pope”. He tells Stevens what he saw on the viewing screen onboard the Pleiadian beam ship and he also gives him the names and details of the next two popes to follow. Stevens takes notes and over the months to follow it all comes true, exactly as Meier told him.


Left: Wendelle Stevens presenting the Meier Case update 2006 at Laughlin Nevada



Wendelle Stevens presenting The Meier Case Update 2006 

Wendelle Stevens here talks about what he witnessed when contact 113, 6 Aug. 1978 took place and the information Billy Meier told him he was given on board the Pleiadian beam ship where he was met by Semjase and Quetzal.



Below is the part of Wendelle Stevens presentation which would fit the 6,5 minute deleted segment at the very beginning of contact 113. The transcript starts at 34 minutes into the video


“He looked at me again and said “I watched the Murder of the Pope” I said.. oh.. that is unbelievable.. ..unbelievable. He said I watched it all on viewing screens. He said we got there 5 or 10 minutes before. We watched that pope’s man servant prepare the warm tea before he got in bed each night, pope Paul the sixth. And the first thing they showed Billy was the man servant in the kitchen in the Vatican preparing the tray with the warm tea on it, for the Pope, and there was a cardinal standing there with his hands in his pockets of his cassock, just watching what was going on – nothing was being said.   And the man servant got the tray ready, got the tea ready, and put some lemons on it, got it all ready. And he noticed he didn’t have a napkin so he motioned to the cardinal like that (by hand gesture) and went out of the room and into another closet room, to get a napkin for the tray.


While he was gone Billy saw that cardinal take a little bottle out of the pocked of his cassock, unstop it put two drops of liquid into the tea, then he stopped it and put it back in his cassock pocket. When the man servant got back, that cardinal was standing the same way he did before, and the man servant did not notice anything. He took the tea inn and put it on the bedside table for Pope Paul the sixth and Billy saw all this on another viewing screen, and then he left the room. And then the scenes switched back to the cardinal standing in the kitchen. The man servant started putting things away.


The cardinal stood there for 4 or 5 minutes and then looked at a clock and then walked back and looked in the popes room, and apparently satisfied he closed the door carefully and went to the Popes office and picked up a folder that was laying on the popes desk, ready for an announcement to be made the following morning. He put the folder under his arm and walked out with it. And they did not show him where it went, but they told him…, he is protesting that they do not do this too… and they showed a scene … oh he, Billy was protesting and Semjase said he, this pope, had discovered the Vatican losses, through the Vatican treasures, hundreds of millions of dollars, and he was going to announce the losses and appoint a commission to investigate it.


And she said the commission to investigate it, whatever it was, involved some of the perpetrators, some of those who were involved in the loss, and they could not have this come to light because it would cost them their careers and possibly their lives. So three or four co-conspirators, together, arranged to get the pope out of the picture, before he could make the announcement and make off with the announcement. Now, that was what happened. 


So Billy is telling me this and I am still protesting that we don’t murder popes. This is a modern time and this just doesn’t happen. He said: Well, I can tell you something else you can watch for; He said they showed me that the next pope, his successor, would be elected on the largest conclave in the history of the church; of course there are more cardinals. He would elected on the shortest ballot, and in my research I found there is only one other ballot that short. He would be elected on the third ballot. It will take 33 days to verify the ballot, if evidently they poll the cardinals that vote.


They verify the ballot and they said the new pope will take the name…They gave Billy the name that newly elected pope would be, his given name. And then they said, when he was crown pope he would take the name John Paul the first. And then, he added, that this Pope would discover the losses and begin the process all over again, and the co-conspirators act once more, and he will die by the same hands for the same reason and exactly 33 days. The same time, minutes it took for the poll, to vote.  Now, that is something I can check and there hasn’t even been a proper announcement about the pope who had just died, so I made notes of that.”

End of quote




Both versions, the one Wendelle Stevens gave in his speech, and also the version in Contact 113 in the German Contact notes states that both popes were murdered by poison.  On that point there is no difference. The difference lies in the reason for the murder of Pope John Paul 1. One version is presented by Wendelle Stevens (above) and the other version is printed in the German contact notes (below)


A logical explanation for two versions existing would be that Billy Meier knew he could safely state in the contact notes, the official version, that both popes were murdered by poison so long as he stated the wrong reason for the murders. If he wanted the true reason to come out, he would then need an outlet to do so. Meier’s choice would then logically fall on Wendelle Stevens, the chief Investigator in the case, who was there on that day, and who, in my opinion also was a very decent and honest person who Meier obviously trusted to do the right thing.


By giving the true reason verbally to Stevens, while at the same time printing the wrong reason for the murders in the contact notes, Meier was then able to create the necessary plausible denial cover he needed for his own protection. By a short remark, stating the time at the very moment of the pope’s death, he then created a timeline, from the start of the contact to the moment the pope died, which revealed the 6,5 minutes deleted segment at the very beginning of the contact. The segment told by Wendelle Stevens, above, of what Meier saw on the viewing screens on board the Pleiadian beam ship. A dangerous segment since it also identified the perpetrators.


This is yet another indication they knew the murder event beforehand and had already then planned to delete this segment from the contact notes and instead give it to Wendelle Stevens, for him to reveal it.


The next thing to look at is which version is likely real and why. There is usually only one good reason behind a murder, not three illogical reasons as is stated in the contact notes below. That is: his shocking behaviour, using the wrong crown in the crowning sermon and being far too people friendly . The version in the contact notes fit all the hallmark of being a decoy with the intent to deceive an adversary or divert his attention, since true facts have been used but none of them are logical reason for murder. Stevens’s version, on the other hand, makes logical sense and his version is also backed up by information which surfaced later, found in books such as “In Gods Name” by David Yallop, a book which also Stevens make reference to in his video presentation.


Below is the version in the German contact notes of why also Pope Johannes Paul 1 will be murdered by poison. It is the extra-terrestrial Quetzal speaking to Billy on August 6th about the new Pope to come, Pope Johannes Paul 1 :


Ref. Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 3 Contact 113 6August 1978 Quote page 204 (my own unofficial translation above the original)


109. His death, however, will not be a natural one, rather a violent one, which yet again will be caused by a type of poison that suspends the working of the heart, and gives the impression of a heart attack.

110. The new Pope will therefore be murdered for the reason he will shock the snobby leadership of the Vatican and horrify them through his behaviour and way of life.

111. He will therefore also create deadly enemies among the group of Cardinals and several others, because he breaks the tradition with a triple crown in the pope crowning sermon and instead allows for a sermon that to some degree is simpler.

112. However the new Pope becomes far too people friendly in the eyes and views of many influential in the Vatican hierarchy which is not good for the Vatican, because he would lose authority through this.

113. Thus only a few Hours after his appointment, a plot will be forged which has the goal to again have this Pope,  Johannes Paul 1, very quickly ousted from his tenure, namely through a murder the same.


German Original 

109. Sein Tod aber wird nicht ein natuerlicher sein, sondern ein gewaltsamer, der widerum hervorgerufen werden wird durch ein Gift, durch das die Herztätigkeit aussetzt, was dann den Eindruck eines Herzschlages erweckt.

110. Ermordet wird der neue Papst werden darum, weil er die vornehme Herrschaft des Vatikans schockieren wird und gar in Entsetzen versetzt durch sein Benehmen und seine Lebensweise.

111. So wird er sich aber auch tödliche Feinde unter der Kardinalschaft und vielen anderen schaffen, weil er die Tradition der Papstkroenung mit einer Papstkrone brechen und nur eine einigermassen einfache Zermonie zugestehen wird.

112. Doch der neue Papst wird in den Augen und Gedanken vieler massgebender Vatikanherrschaften viel zu volksfreundlich sein, was für den Vatikan nicht gut ist, weil er dadurch Macht verlieren würde.

113. So wird schon wenige Stunden nach seiner Ernennung ein Komplott geschmiedet werden, das zum Ziele hat, diesen Papst Johannes Paul 1. sehr schnell wieder aus seinem Amt zu entfernen, und zwar durch eine Ermordung desselben.



The future development on Earth on a political, social and geographical basis according to the predictions and prophecies from the Pleiadians/Plejarans  


With Reference to” Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums….Kontakte mit den Plejadiern/Plejaren Eduard Meier (1997) Page 291 – Die zukünftige Entwicklung der Erde auf politischer, gesellschaftlicher und geographischer Basis = gemäss Voraussagen und Prophezeungen der Plejadier/Plejaren. Page 293 Geschichts-Einführung. Page 308 Voraussagen und Prophezeiungen


The near, the distant, and the remote future developments of the terrestrial mankind is linked to its past and its prehistoric origin, which is why it is necessary, for the general understanding of things, to also mention the relevant facts of the early history of those times. The times before extra-terrestrials, from the line of the original peoples created by Henok 12 billion years ago, came to Earth.


On the one hand those extra-terrestrial humans settled here, and on the other hand they mingled with the earth created human beings, from which the early terrestrial mankind came into existence, who have come to stay until present day on this planet, and to such extent multiplied in enormous numbers resulting in that at the turn of the twentieth century, entering into the twenty first, it has become the biggest worldwide problem.


Various information in this article intersects with that of the article The human history on Earth – What Billy Meier was told by the extra-terrestrials . But this parallel run is however necessary for a better overview of all events since the prehistoric age.


The predictions and prophecies, following the prehistoric introduction, are entirely without information related to date and time period and are also not listed in chronological form for the reason not to create fear and scaremongering. Unfortunately, writes Billy, there are too many people who completely focus on prophecies and predictions and afterwards lead and form their entire lives in fear, without making use of their own decision-making-ability, whereby also the self-responsibility is completely ignored and all responsibility is shifted on to others, or to higher powers.


And there are unfortunately also many people who believe that prophecies must absolutely come to pass and are unalterable, which is why one simply have to surrender oneself to them. But this does not correspond with the fact, writes Billy, because prophecies must not come true, but they can come true depending on how people respond to the prophecies and what they make out of them.


Regarding prophecies and predictions, the following is to be stated, writes Billy:

By predictions it is about a form of future forecast which is created in the way that extremely extensive Kabbalistic calculations lead to very accurate results, or various ways of the future are explored by travels into the future. A process which can take place for example by technical means or by consciousness travels. Also certain forms of future visions are here included.


This makes it clearly understood that predictions arrive with absolute certainty and unavoidability, without the possibility that a change or avoidance still could be possible, because after all by looking into the future, it will happen what actually and irreversibly will occur in the coming time. Predictions are therefore based on logical consistency of already established facts, from which origin and development a very specific effect must result.


The situation is however different with prophecies, which as a rule only have a warning function and which have the objective that something results from particular facts when no correct change is brought about in due time. But if a change is not brought about, then the prophecy becomes a prediction which inevitably must be fulfilled.


It must therefore be kept in mind that prophetic statements and announcements are always changeable, depending on human behavioural values. It is therefore no certainty given that a prophesised event actually occurs in the future if the facts leading to the prophecy are changed for the better. This evolutionary process in thinking and action of humans normally has to occur according to the laws of life, through a normal development and course, without that a prior exact knowledge of the coming exists, which is why the prophetic pronouncement of an event only present a possibility of information and at the same time a warning.


Each life form has its own upward path to walk, evolve through perception, recognition, knowledge, learning and experience. Also by humans must therefore anything and everything first be worked out before it can bear fruits. That is also the reason why prophecies, or their fulfilment time, never should be offered in plain text, because on the one hand certain development stages otherwise simply would be skipped, whereby an incompleteness in the evolution would result, and on the other hand because precise prophetic information and time frames etc. could cause fear and panic.


Furthermore, prophesies should not be made in an extensively detailed form also because by knowing certain facts, enormous destruction and disasters can be triggered – from fear, hate and envy etc. Certain prophetic values must therefore inevitably be kept secret, consequently only isolated wise, who are capable of truly understanding and coping with everything, are able to completely decipher them.


History introduction


Out of Henok’s original people split two lines, after the great rectification act, and after the fights for peace by the peace fighting troops was over, and peace had been restored among all people and on all planets.  One line travelled great distances within the region of Lyra where they settled in another space-time-structure which is shifted a fraction of a second to our space-time-structure, where they continued to live, but only after they had inhabited different other areas for several billions of years, in other worlds and systems of foreign galaxies, following which acts of war then again broke out.


An emigration of people again took place In the aftermath of this, wide into space, which ultimately ended up in another space-time-structure, which is a fraction of a second shifted to our space-time-structure, whereas the area was located within in the parameters of the Lyra star constellation. This is the reason why one today still speaks about the Lyra region and of the old Lyrans, who at a later time, partly for reason of expedition and partly for reason of escape, then again returned back to our space-time-structure and subsequently they also came to Earth, for here to act in their usual manner.


This line also kept the complete knowledge about their original line of decent to the current day, whereby the Pleiadians resp. the Plejarans also emerged from this line who in their language call themselves the same as they call the star cluster beyond the Pleiades which too is a fraction of a second shifted relative to our space-time-structure and is in another space-time continuum.


The second line which separated from the original people of Henok, for about 12 billion years ago, went completely other ways than the Lyran group. This line admittedly also emigrated into other galaxies whereupon they then for already for about 7 billion years ago lost the knowledge about their actual origin, so today they are absolutely devoid of any knowledge of their actual origin, which is why a new background legend was created by their chronographers and historians etc., which had nothing or very little in common with the truth. 


This line also consisted of many different races, which was also the case with the Lyran line.  But unlike to the Lyrans however, who always remained ready for battle, but increasingly developed to become even balanced, from which then the inoffensive, well-balanced and highly developed Pleiadians/Plejarans originated, the other line achieved this objective very early on, whereby the people completely lost their fighting ability and the longer it then continued, the more defenceless they became against aggressors.


As a consequence of this, it again set of an emigration involving all the people and they settled in the region of the Sirius star constellation, where again this became a factor which resulted in that their past, or the knowledge of their origin, became lost. Once again a new prehistory of their origin was made up and inserted into the annals. This line spread far into the Sirius-region (into a space-time structure shifted relative to ours) and developed increasingly higher, by which they even became capable of creating new life themselves.


Having themselves become unfit for battle, they breed new gene manipulated human races who were able to fight and who could protect them from frequently appearing aggressors. These new human races were, through interfering genetic manipulation, made to life forms that carried barbaric traits to the point of being degenerated and mercilessness. Their life was however limited to around 100 years, also by genetic manipulation, namely out of justified fear and precaution that the genetically manipulated could rise up against their creators and rulers and annihilate them.


A fear, which also was proven true, which is why new ways was sought to bring the genetic manipulated races under control again, even though it had to be done by an all-out extinction.  And since the creator-rulers were more powerful than the genetically manipulated, only escape remained, whereby they were able to flee with the help of sympathetic ones from the Sirius region, but whereas the sympathetic made a joint decision in secret to exploit them as well.


Thus two large groups of genetically manipulated peoples escaped from the Sirius-region and settled beyond the sun, which mean that they settled down and established themselves on a very far remote lying sun system resp. planetary system beyond the galaxy central sun, meaning the Milky way central sun, for there one day to become discovered by space travellers from the old Lyra line, after which they emigrated into the Lyra region and then in the end, first at the recent times of Earth’s history, came to this planet where they settled in China and Japan etc. and established the nations of China and Japan, from which several branches resp. so called races arose.


The remaining of the genetically manipulated peoples found their way from the Sirius-region into the SOL-system, where on Earth, a few thousand revolting genetically manipulated, for the reason of punishment, had been set out on different places, whereas the majority within the numerous different races of people found a new home on the planet Mars and Malona resp. Phaeton, where they built cities, pyramids and stations etc. and lived a good life, before Mars became uninhabitable through cosmic impacts.  


Consequently the genetically manipulated, the people, had to leave the planet, in fact as early as ancient times, after which they then settled on Earth, and thus in the course of time became Earth humans, whose actual and true ancient-origin was located on the planets in the region of Sirius.


On Mars pyramids still remained as well as enormous monuments. However also stations remained there, which was also kept in operation for quite some time after the dying of Mars, but was then abandoned as well. And all that will be found one day by people on Earth, the genetically manipulated, and will also in part be put back into operation again.


Whereas Malona resp. Phaeton was destroyed and brought to explode in a fratricidal war by its genetically manipulated and former Sirius-region inhabitants, as a river or sea was channelled into an underground, resp. undersea-underground, magna chamber of a gigantic volcano. The asteroid belt contains the remnants of the former planet, which at the time was not circling where the asteroid belt is today, but in the location where Mars today move around the sun, whereas Mars was where the asteroid belt today is located.  


This change of position came as a result of huge upheavals which also involved the Destroyer. The places resp. the planets and sun systems where the two yellow races beyond the galaxy, the milky way, settled, as well as Mars, Earth and Malona/Phaeton were as effective hiding places selected by the sympathetic, the helpers accompanying  the genetically manipulated refugees, and have over all the time gone by been kept secret from the creator-rulers. Because if they had come to know the whereabouts of the refugees, then they would have sent out punitive expeditions in order to eliminate the escapees.


However, this very danger exists even today (1997). For this reason it is very carelessly of the Americans to send probes provided with descriptions of terrestrial humans as well as with particulars into outer space which contain all the necessary positions of Earth and the solar system. Because should these things, through any kind of stupid circumstances, get in the hands of the Creator-rulers, and they thereby become aware that the genetically manipulated, the Earth humans, have survived over all the millions of years and have multiplied enormously, then it must be assumed that attacks from the Sirius-region on Earth and people on Earth could be launched, something which could result in a total elimination, whereby also the sympathetic ones , who already long since have withdrawn, would not rush to help. 


Remarks: Eight years later, in the new edition of the German contact notes published in 2005 there is a remark inserted in italic to the 1995 contact in which this information appear. The remark goes as follows: My translation / German original beneath

Reference: Zweihunderteinundfünfzigster Kontakt Freitag, 3 Februar 1995, 00.01 Uhr - Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte, Geespräche, Block 7 (2005) s. 325:


(Remarks by Ptaah 6th of January, 2005: This danger has in the meantime been proven to have been resolved, and it still only exist about 60 of the most distant descendants to the ones who created the genetically manipulated and pursued them when they fled. These represent the group of extra-terrestrials, which are called Black Men, but who are not identical with the terrestrial Black Men who are government-controlled. The populations in the present day Sirius region, which is located in a shifted space-time structure to Earth’s dimension, have settled the old feuds against the genetically manipulated, have become peaceful and have no longer any interest in pursuing the distant descendants of the genetically manipulated and to avenge themselves on them.)


 (Anmerkung Ptaah vom 6. Januar 2005: Diese Gefahr hat sich nachweislich in der Zwischenzeit behoben, und es existieren nur noch rund 60 fernste Nachfahren jener, welche die Genmanipulierten erzeugten und diese bei ihrer Flucht vorfolgen liessen. Bei diesen handelt es sich um jene Gruppe Ausserirdischer, Die Black Men genannt werden, die jedoch nicht identisch sind mit den irdischen Black Men, die staatlich gesteuert werden. Die Bevölkerungen der heutigen Sirius-Gebiete, die sich in einem versetzten Raum-Zeit-Gefüge zur irdischen Demension befinden, haben die alten Fehden gegen die Genmanipulierten beigelegt, sind friedlich geworden und haben kein interesse mehr daran, die fernen Nachfahren der Genmanipulierten zu verfolgen und sich an diesen zu rächen.)


Earth black men – definition: Elsewhere in the contact notes, in contact 264 1998,  Ptaah explains he uses the expression Black Men because this is the same expression used by us, in our UFO literature, but he specify that what he really means is people working on behalf of the governments who have at their disposal unimaginable options not accessible to the normal citizen and that they are ruthless and do not remain hidden when they get involved in a case, but appear in public (in short, it fits the description of people working in intelligence organisations under government control).


This because the sympathetic, after a short time of their work for the genetically manipulated also started to fear the Earth humans, like the creator-rulers already did previously. This resulted in that they began erasing the records of origin of the Earth humans through all kinds of manipulations in order to elevate themselves to gods, and in this way set themselves up as judges over the Earth humans. But this failed within as short time and they became devout to them.


In this way the sympathetic, which in reality soon changed to the contrary, on one hand hoped to again make the genetic manipulated become subservient and on the other hand they hoped that that through the god- and god worshipping cults, sects and as well as religions, feuds, fratricidal wars, as well as war between families and nations would result, and by that the Earth humans would decimate and eradicate themselves, whereby they, the gods, respectively the former sympathetic, could once and for all release themselves from the danger of the aggressive, combative and barbaric terrestrial Earth human life form.


A plan which failed miserably because Earth humans, who in the meantime had become increasingly stronger and more intelligent, and also had developed in becoming more devious and barbaric, increasingly enjoyed their role. They defended this role as well as their own lives, to their last breath with all conceivable and continuously newly invented means. Thus the genetically manipulated, and now current Earth humans, slipped completely out of control of the former sympathetic, respective gods, which is why they in the end withdrew from Earth, with the oath of revenge that they one day would return to hold the earth humans to account.


This withdrawal cleared the way for the old Lyrans/Vegans to come to Earth and to the Earth humans, since they came out from their space-time-structure into our dimension, partly on the basis of expedition and partly on the basis of escape. So they came into our solar system and hence to Earth, and as time went by they likewise played gods and wreaked havoc. That was something the former sympathetic to the genetic manipulated ones did not, and does not, know anything about, as well as they do not know anything about the existence of the Pleiadians resp. the Plejarans.

However, the Earth humans, the genetically manipulated, were also disobedient to the Lyran and the Pleiadian/Plejaran gods, even though some of these gods with all their might and main tried to force the Earth humans under their yoke and rule, like for example the Giza-Intelligences and Ashtar Sheran and the like. The former sympathetic ones also split into two groups, namely one which changed their mind and swore revenge, and the other which remained sympathetic to the Earth humans and which also one day will return.


 However, what follows from this, by either of these groups, in the future is something only the <gods> themselves know, Billy adds. Nevertheless, if they one day really come back, nothing good can be expected from them, as they have turned from being sympathetic to become malevolently disposed. Despite their turning to become bad, they could not return back to their original home in the Sirius region, because there, through their act of betrayal, they had become ostracized, and from that time on, they also had to guard themselves against letting the location of their existence become known, because they also became target of their revenge.


These former sympathetic, who now had become a target for revenge, despite their withdrawal from Earth and the sun system, still have a certain contact with Earth and they also occasionally come here  whereby they maliciously negative influence Earth people with false messages and visions, Billy further add, which also happened with the dark elements of the old Lyrans. However this is only intrigues which normally takes place only now and then in cult religious sectarian form and have no great significance, because they generally only happen in Christian cultic manner and not in all areas of Earths religions.


Both the groups, the former and the still today sympathetic, have had no contact with each other since they split, and it is most likely that such mutual contacts became strictly forbidden, whereby even the knowledge about the existence of both the groups among each other was erased, something Billy writes Quetzal once assured him related to secret investigations from the Pleiadians/Plejarans side.


If one take a closer look at the genetic manipulation, writes Billy, which was carried out on specific people by the creator-rulers in the Sirius region, to raise combat-capable peoples, then the rather extraordinary result appear:  The creator-rulers themselves had lost all ability of combat through their evolution, which was only oriented towards prosperity, knowledge and skills etc. while their battle power and combat ability was totally disregarded.


Any strength in this respect therefore got lost as well as the ability itself. When the aggressors then appeared, this threatened the highly developed peoples with destruction and consequently they had to find a solution to defend themselves against the aggressors. As a consequence of this, were people created, through genetic manipulation, who were implanted with all conceivable possibilities for combat ability as well as the aging process factor, as a precautionary measure,  so that these genetically manipulated ones would not become very old, but would die prematurely. This was done to prevent that they one day could gang up against the creator-rulers and engage against them. A preventive measure which soon proved justified, as mentioned, because the genetically manipulated ones gradually increased through own reproduction since their genetic manipulation was inheritable, and in fact for all future.


Due to the rising population of the genetically manipulated, on one hand, and on the other hand due to their rising aggression against the creator-rulers, their fighting ability became more and more a danger, which is why new ways were sought to eliminate them. But before the right way was found, a majority of the genetically manipulated managed to escape and get to safety, namely with the help of the sympathetic, as already mentioned.


The genetically manipulated have since then established themselves on Earth, to such extent, that they have become rulers and at the same time destroyers of this planet, because the majority are still strongly captured in the effects of the genetic manipulation, the militant, the vicious, the barbarous, the lust for blood, greed, addictions, emotional and inhumane etc., which, as evil inheritance, has predominated since time immemorial and which actually also can be referred to as the original sin, Billy adds, in the way it is being misleadingly explained by the Christian religion with the fable and false teaching of Adam and Eve and the devils snake in the Garden of Eden.


But this original sin, this genetic manipulation, which time and again, since time immemorial, makes the militant and evil in human break through and almost makes him to become evil himself, is really only an manipulation of a gene in the DNA chain, which can be reversed when it eventually becomes discovered by the gene scientists


This genetic manipulation, which is inherent in all humans currently living on Earth, because it inevitably is carried on through inheritance, can therefore be reversed, whereby humans at last again will lose the evil which has become inherent in him through manipulation. Although science has not yet advanced to such a degree in this regard, they are however on the right track for this purpose, something which in itself gives a justification to the increasingly advancing genetic research and genetic manipulation of present time, against which the ignorant etc., so vehemently oppose and preach idiotic religious nonsense, against something which they cannot prevent and stop, Billy adds.


Only the genetic manipulation must be reversed in Earth humans which make him degenerate into murder and manslaughter, lust for blood, hate, greed, addiction and all what is inhumane. The genetic engineering for the combative and the fitness to fight, in the sense of the creation given laws and rules, must however not be reversed, because this ability to fight is necessary to continue to exist and for the evolution.


Thus the same must not happen as with the creator-rulers who deprived themselves of their ability to fight through a genetic manipulation, by which they lost all their fighting capability and no longer were able to defend themselves against aggressors when they were attacked, from which then the monstrosity resulted where humans in effect became manipulated to become fighting machines, through gene changes, from which then in turn new problems arose.


If one look at the people who were genetically manipulated to become fighting machines, then these were people who were created by the creator-rulers especially for this purpose, indeed they were literally bred; thus quite normal, but already highly evolved humans. Albeit physically they were rudimentarily changed by the genetic manipulation, through which old physical characteristics would re-appear so that they became extremely resistant against environmental influences etc. and they displayed certain wildness. However, by all of the genetically manipulated s, it was refrained from manipulating the gene responsible for the factor recognition, remembering, understanding and following the creational-natural laws and commandments and thus also the balanced and good.


This omission deliberately occurred because of their research, which showed that leaving these factors intact, would offer a certain security against a total degeneration of those being genetically manipulated, whereby on one hand, it would still give a bit of human influence on feelings for life and actions etc., and on the other hand, also give a certain guarantee that the genetically manipulated ones would not viciously turn against their creator-rulers.


Although this wish was not exactly fulfilled, it was however fulfilled in the sense that the genetically manipulated did not become totally dehumanized and therefore did not overall degenerate entirely. The balanced resp. the good, continually reached through to the consciousness of the genetically manipulated ones, through the remaining factor, whereby the evil, over millions of years, lost more and more of its significance, but it nevertheless is still today easily distinct recognizable, what in particular comes to expression by certain rulers, criminals and despots.


Unfortunately, it was not considered that through the genetic manipulation and through the natural consisting factor, the balanced and the good in people, a condition of conflict or at least a condition of being torn in-between would result, as also could be observed since time immemorial and which time and again became evident, as well as it also is the case with many people today. Thus, through this genetic manipulation many people struggle within themselves between good and evil, whereby often the evil simply wins.


But nevertheless, Billy adds, ever more people strive for the good by defeating the damage caused by the genetic manipulation hence the bad genetic make-up, the evil or the original sin. Unfortunately that often again takes place in a degeneration as well, which is based on false humanism and effeminacy, because the right path has not been found, leading to an indulgence in false ideals, which frequently occurs through religious-sectarian idiocy.


When one now wants to explain in detail the various skin-colours of the different people here on Earth, then there is really not a lot more that needs to be explained, writes Billy, because after what so far has been explained, it should be sufficiently clear, that different people and their skin colour have come into being in the most different planetary systems in our galaxy, the Milky Way, whereby the Sirius region plays a special role.


That at least, as to what relates to the original-origin, before the old-Lyrans came to Earth and mingled with the Earth humans, of whom many distant descendants at that time lived here on this planet. And what still can be said about the actual genetic manipulators can be explained as follows: These actually were the well-meaning towards the genetically manipulated and were therefore themselves part of the creator-rulers, however, they split into two factions when it came to what to do, in regards to, if the genetically manipulated should ultimately be killed, or simply banished.


One faction then battled the other in harsh word exchanges and accusations until other intelligent beings in the Sirius system interfered, who sided with the faction of those who were for the killing of the genetically manipulated. However, the real sympathetic, those who were against the killing , succeeded in saving large parts of the genetically manipulated s, in several groups, by escape, despite many countermeasures from those willing to kill, whereby as already explained, two peoples were settled beyond the galaxy central sun, on the other side of the galaxy. Whereas the remaining people each found a new home world on Mars and Malona in our SOL-system, while several thousand, degenerated genetically manipulated, were set out on Earth.


Already at that time did the sympathetic know that the people brought here could not remain forever in this sun system, but one day had to again migrate, because the sun, in this remote system, already was a dying star, and had been chosen precisely for that reason, because the Sirius-intelligences and the creator-rulers, who had become willing to kill, would not assume that the region of a dying sun would be chosen for resettlement  for the <degenerated> and <Gods workers> , as they were called by the creator-rulers.   


So between the home planet of the genetically manipulated in the Sirius region and the SOL-system as well as the distant system beyond the galaxy central sun, enormous distances were crossed in order to protect themselves from those who were threatening them with death and elimination.  It was for this reason that the selected hiding-places had been selected to such an extent far beyond, at the edge of the Galaxy.


A deciding factor here was also the fact that in addition to the dying sun, the living conditions on the SOL-planets, and on the planets in the system beyond the central sun of the galaxy, were also very bad because the breathable air on any of the newly colonized planets matched the breathable air composition on the home planet. A fact which also today is still the case on Earth, Billy adds, since the air does not meet the standard of human breathing requirement.


Thus the facts regarding the dying sun, as well as the poor living conditions, and also the bad breathable air, were enough reasons to seek hiding from the pursuers, here in the SOL-system, and beyond the galaxy central sun. And here in the SOL-system, far away from Sirius and the planets and intelligences there have, since then, the genetically manipulated been spending their existence, producing offspring’s and evolving unstoppably, now as Earth humans, who will soon be capable themselves to take off, in order to advance into the width of the universe, from where they originally once came from, quite contrary to the inadequate assertions by Earth scientists that the Earth humans in present day form is the very own product of Earth, and even descended from the apes, according to Charles Darwin’s stupid primitive false doctrine, Billy adds.


Although the pure Earth created humans live on Earth, Billy continues, they have however on one hand, their own evolutionary line, independent from the apes, while on the other hand, the apes descended from the first, or early humans. However these pure Earth-born are also today afflicted with the gene inheritance, with the so called original sin, if we are to use that turn of phrase, which also applies for all those people originating  from the old-Lyrans who died on Earth in the early times and from whom also from the Pleiadian/Plejarnen originated.


All, and in fact well and truly all extra-terrestrials who stayed on Earth and died here, never returned back to their home worlds again. Their spirit forms, Billy adds, moved into to area of the beyond on Earth, and have since been reincarnating time and again in newborn bodies of people who were born on Earth, and consequently also with the damage of the former genetically manipulated through the ruler-creators from Sirius, because the genetically manipulated were busy creating offspring’s, both among themselves, and also together with the pure earthlings, whereby the degenerated genetic inheritance unstoppably spread to the entire human race on planet Earth.


The genetic manipulation did not mean that Earth humans would be born as a murder machine, but only as a fighting life forms, which also would be capable of killing, when this appeared necessary or when any circumstances such as going berserk and losing control etc. become present, whereby degenerations then also becomes visible, which however normally only occurs when the factors consciousness and psyche, and therefore also the world of thinking and emotions, becomes sick or short-term overloaded, whereby in the latter an emotional act then results.  


The evil promoted or caused through the genetic manipulation is not in any form natured in such a way that it would take effect as an instinctive lust for murder in a compulsory way. In truth, namely, this genetic manipulation was only created as a controllable factor, whereby humans are very well able to become master over the evil planted in him, and also to make it more and more disappear in the natural way of evolution, which however requires enormously long time, which is why a reversal of the genetic manipulation is absolutely appropriate writes Billy.


What once more needs to be stated clearly to that, he adds, is that there are in fact no naturally born murderers, who from scratch up would have had such a creation- caused disposition, because in truth these kind of dispositions, degenerations in individuals, in singular acts, and in a crowd, in the acts of a mob, occur either due to any damages of gene impaired nature or due to psychic-mentally- emotional- feeling type form, such as disorders of the consciousness and acts of emotion.


By psyche and consciousness disorders etc. it can also be the case that brain organic damages plays a role to that effect. However, it needs to be mentioned, Billy continues, that all this is only possible by degeneration of the corresponding manipulated gene, because that is why the evil resp. the pure negative, continuously presses to the fore. This is also the reason for that for example by acts of revolutions and wars a human become subject to brutalization and bloodthirstiness, once he has discovered the ease of killing, if he overcomes the inhibition to kill. The inhibition to kill is normally always present in humans, despite the genetic manipulation, unless prevented by an illness or by an emotion.


That also implies that there is no born evil in humans, in the sense that a human could only be evil from birth, which so readily is being claimed by those who only want to see the bad and everything negative in humans. Man is in fact from the very beginning of his existence provided with negative and positive, but not in a way in which he would be degenerated in one form or another. Because in reality there is a balance given in this respect, through which humans, in the first place, becomes viable and life resistant towards every danger impacting on him from the outside and all types of external influences.


Joined together and used in the correct way, the factors negative and positive both give a total value which makes the human life form to an extremely resistant living being, which possesses a fighting nature aligned with the creational-natural laws and commandments and which has the required capabilities  for this, without getting out of control. The creator-rulers however, who originally also were humans of this type, committed the madness to eliminate the gene relating to this within themselves, whereby they lost all ability of combat and resistance and also their entire thinking and acting, aligned accordingly, with the result that they became totally effeminate. When they then were attacked by aggressors, they failed and became subjugated.  


In secret they then created the combat-capable and carried out the genetic manipulation on them, from which in the underground the new races with various skin colours came into being. These were then deployed against the aggressors and they emerged victorious against them. Therefore, the creator-rulers were themselves to blame for their degeneration and created new humans from the misery suffered as a result, who actually again possessed all natural conditions and were therefore fit for action and viable.


But that did not satisfy the creator-rulers, which is why they carried out the genetic manipulation in order to make the new people more aggressive than they were by nature. In a sense, they therefore, simply enhanced certain factors through the genetic manipulation, whereby those manipulated became real fighting machines, but were still provided with the possibility that they through evolution again would return to normal, what however would require time periods of millions of years and thus today still continues, which is evident in the terrestrial human being.


The negative, or the evil, which the terrestrial human generally understand, writes Billy, was especially powerful and unnaturally aggressively shaped through the genetic manipulation, which is why also today it has not greatly degraded in the terrestrials humans, to the extent that they cannot degenerate again, and in fact in every respect, and thus in the excessive procreation of offspring, what has led to overpopulation and all sorts of evil resulting from it, as well as to religious-sectarian insanity and idiocy, often in a fanatic way, which overall not only threatens the planet with destruction, but also the destruction of the whole environment and life in general, in all forms.


This way of thinking and acting by people on Earth represents a phase of relapse to the original state of the genetic manipulation whereby, like then in the early period, everything degenerates and all the ills get the upper hand, which is why, at the time, the creator-rulers saw in it a further reason to eliminate the genetically manipulated. Particularly in military and revolutionary concerns, as well as in religious-sectarian machinations, is today the relapse phase especially strongly expressed, writes Billy. Through the military drills, as well as through the political smear campaigns and religious-sectarian fanaticism and criminality of all kinds, is the control over the positive lost, swallowed up and suppressed by the negative, out of which in turn a state of negative-evil frenzy arise, which is given way to and lived in an uncontrolled way.


In earlier times, Billy continues, people, both in the female and male gender, were in regard to viability, fitness to fight, and fighting strength, etc. equally disposed. Thus there were no differences between man and women, nor in respect tho the working area or the work to be done, even though it was in the way that the physically strength-wise weaker women was replaced by men when heavy labour was performed. Thus women and men were in every respect equal without any differences apart from biological differences and the special situations resulting from it, which naturally already in primeval times had to be taken into consideration. 


Thus mothering and household duties were incumbent upon women as their main tasks, already at that time, if they were married and got kids. However, if this was not the case, then the women carried out the same activities as the men. Thus they were also active in governmental positions, whereat male forces, however, were included in such way that always men and women governed and held responsibilities in equal numbers, so that not a man or a woman alone occupied government power, whereby also the people themselves disposed over a say and a right of co-decision in all matters, decisions and provisions, as well as laws etc.


As already explained, two planets in the SOL-system were suitable for the escapees, the genetic manipulated: Mars and Malona/Phaeton. The Earth was still very inhospitable, and besides, the atmosphere was such that it was very detrimental for the human life forms from the Sirius region, as they were then, which is why only the fallible genetic manipulated were set out on this planet, those who became aggressive and ill-natured against their own. 


From the Sirius region to Mars fled five races at the time resp. what remained of them, meaning those who still remained from the pursuit, while two more races settled beyond the Galaxy central sun, on the other side of the Galaxy, as already explained. In addition to the five races, who escaped to Mars and Malona/Phaeton came another two, different races, from the creator-rulers, who naturally were not genetically manipulated and thus had no changes in their genetic information. Both these races were of those who were sympathetic and well-disposed towards the genetically manipulated and who helped them flee.


These two different races, from the creator-rulers, originated from two different planets in the Sirius system, which were completely overpopulated, wherefore a ban on procreation existed, with the consequences that all children who were born, despite the ban, were killed, while the parents who violated the ban, were sterilized and sent into exile.


The escape from the Sirius region took a long time and dragged on for many thousands of years before the escapees, constantly hunted by their pursuers, could finally settle, out of their range and view, and find the suitable hiding-places in the SOL-system. The same thing happened to both the peoples who settled on the other side of the Galaxy. However, in both the escapee groups, it was typical for power struggles and revolts to break out during the many escape years away, mostly spent in space ships criss-crossing through the Galaxy.


As a consequence, was not only all knowledge and all references to the origin of the genetic manipulation lost, but also horrible dramas emerged, which gave cause for cannibalism to break out, which spread to all space ships. Thus all references related to the origin of the genetically manipulated, and with that the later earth humans, was lost, as well as the knowledge about the skills and abilities of these people.  Also included among this lost knowledge was the knowledge around the creational natural laws and commandments etc. A great confusion arose, which again led to new problems, whereby however, the danger of a persecution was always known, because this threat was passed on from generation to generation.


The genetically manipulated and those sympathetic to them, the <traitor-creator-rulers>, who in the end settled on Mars and Malona, developed a technically advanced culture over time, which they however were not able to retain before they one day had to hastily leave the planet. It happened as a result of that the scientists one day established that the SOL-system, seen purely from a cosmic point of view, was more unsteady than it was originally assumed to be, since many comets and drifting planets as well as meteors etc. time and again endangered both of the newly colonized planets Mars and Malona/Phaeton. Whereby several times, such objects rushing through space, also fell down on the planets and caused enormous damages as well as claiming countless lives.


In further consequence was a large drifting planet discovered, which had an unusually large orbital period and moved along a path far beyond the outermost planet of the sun system. This large celestial body, the scientists calculated, threatened to collide with the planet Mars, or at least to destroy the planet to such an extent, through a near collision, that all life on the planet wold be completely wiped out and destroyed, that is: all flora, fauna and wildlife as well as all human life.


The genetically manipulated, resp. their distant descendants, on Mars therefore took a joint decision to give up their place of exile, which also these distant descendants still considered it to be as such, because they still were well aware of the danger of being pursued, however already in vague form, out of which they no longer were able to define the origin of the danger.


But the threatening drifting planet had already had a destructive effect in the SOL-system for a long time, and had already caused a lot of calamity. According to the information given earlier on by Sfath, Billy writes, by this celestial body it involved the Destroyer, which already at very early times had caused the worst of calamities in the home worlds, before it then shot off through space from its incalculable trajectory, for then to establish itself in the SOL-system, where it since also have caused a lot of disaster.


Its orbital period, of several thousands of years, decreased over time to an average of 575 years, which in the meantime, through the interference by Pleiadians/Plejarans, again has increased, whereby it can be expected to be approximately at the SOL-system again in about 1180 years. Thus the Pleiadians/Plejarans were not able to bring it completely out of course, as was originally planned, but at least the orbital path and the orbital period could be changed in the way that at least for the time being (1997) no danger any longer exist, because normally it would have returned in the year 2255 with a devastating trail of destruction. 


The Pleiadians ought not to bring the drifting planet on to a different external course, and they could not destroy it because the High Council requested them to refrain from doing so, because by destroying it, or by setting it on to another course, it would have caused even greater devastation, from which also, under circumstances, Earth would have been affected.


Remarks: Eight years later, in the new edition of the German contact notes published in 2005 there is a remark inserted in italic to the 1995 contact in which this information appear. The remark goes as follows: My translation / German original beneath

Reference: Zweihunderteinundfünfzigster Kontakt Freitag, 3 Februar 1995, 00.01 Uhr - Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 7 (2005) page 331:


(Remarks by Ptaah 5th of January, 2005: The destroyer was brought out of course in the end of the 90s of the 20-th century and is now on the way towards the outermost ring belt of the Sol system where it will remain for good and will no longer return to the inner solar system)


 (Anmerkung Ptaah vom 5. Januar 2005: Der Zerstörer wurde Ende der 90er Jahre des 20.Jahrhundert ausser Kurs gebracht und befindet sich nun auf dem Weg in den äussersten Ringgürtel des Sol-Systems wo er für alle Zeiten verbleiben wird und keine Wiederkehr mehr findet in das innere Sonnen-System)   


During the preparation of the new emigration options, it again came to dispute among the distant descendants of the genetically manipulated, whom the genetic manipulation had been transferred to by inheritance.  Decisive for the erupting row, in no insignificant degree, was a new teaching which became created by the sympathetic, which said that the sympathetic was the creator of the genetically manipulated resp. their distant descendants, to whom one must pay absolute obedience and worship, because they were the highest existing, put simply the Creation and the Creator.


This was, however, not the opinion and demand of all the sympathetic, whereby two different camps came into being. In one camp were those who were the alleged creators and in the other camp were those who in every respect remained well-meaning and distanced themselves from anything to do with being creators. Thus on the one hand it came to dispute between these two camps and on the other hand also dispute between the followers resp. believers of the two parties.


Finally, the disputants agreed that simply all on the planet Mars, willing to do so, should leave in the direction of Earth and Malona. In the end it so it happened that many people from both camps grouped together for to jointly emigrate, some to the planet Malona/Phaeton and the others to Earth. The leaders of the emigration to Malona were a certain Zenteka supported by his wife Amalaka.


Equally, there were also two leaders of the emigration to Earth, namely a certain Semos and his brother Passas. Whereas the atmosphere on Malona was breathable and healthy for the emigrants and for the people already living there, and was more or less similar to the one on Mars, which again was similar to the one the descendants of the genetically manipulated were accustomed to during the many thousands of years in their space ships, then this was not the case on Earth.


Therefore, appropriate changes had to be managed if the emigrants wanted to live on Earth in the future. Thus the same occurrence took place as was of importance already when the degenerated were set out on Earth. At that time, namely, did those who were set out first undergo an acclimatisation to Earth’s atmosphere, as  well as their bone structure were more strongly stabilized before they were relocated to Earth. This now took place as an equal measure for all willing to emigrate from Mars, before they could establish themselves on Earth.


Everything then happened just like the scientists had predicted: The Destroyer came into the orbit of Mars and carried it into another orbit around the sun, whereby it from now on was in the same path as the planet Malona, which then later moved, likewise through the powerful forces of the Destroyer, to seek its existence there, where it then many thousands of years later was destroyed by its inhabitants, for then to turn into an asteroid belt.


The inhabitants on Malona were decimated through the migration cataclysm, from around 470 million people, at the time, to around 14 million. After that they then again recovered and had a population of about 52 million people when they destroyed their planet.


Those who emigrated to Earth, not only lost contact with Malona and Mars, which was made completely desolate, and on which all those who stayed behind had perished. Those under the sympathetic, but who under the new teaching let themselves be glorified and worshipped as Creator, vehemently disseminated their false teaching further and they no longer gave a chance to the still good-natured sympathetic.


Thus, the creator-rulers, who from now on were playing the role as creators of the Earth humans, seized all power and disseminated their crazy doctrine, which also contained an absolutely new but false human-origin-history and history of faith, whereby the real the real origin was secretly burned, permanently destroyed and lost. That was naturally something the real sympathetic did not tolerate and rejected it in the way that they also invented doctrines which they disseminated among the present Earth humans in the hope that they through the new beliefs the would be able to figure out the real truth and to understand the real creative and natural and to comprehend the understanding , whereby also the hope included in that that through this everything again would make a turn for the better which is also why, Billy continues,  at the time the word was coined by the real sympathetic <The teaching should be made to be suited to the nature of the humans on Earth, due to their desecrated bodies, in order to destroy the impure and degenerated in them>.


Therein, in this teaching , as well as in the teaching of the Creator-originator-ruler, laid also the hidden purpose  that the different persuasions and doctrines would form a huge obstacle, whereby the distant descendants of the genetically manipulated, on the one hand would keep their numbers within an tolerable and responsible mass, for on one side not to fight against the Creator-originator-rulers and not to fight the still sympathetic to become master over them etc., and on the other hand for them not to prematurely develop in such a way that they through a too rapid and too highly developed technology could again fly out in space to find their former home worlds again, like Mars and the planets in the Sirius region etc.


On the part of the <Creators> was also the hope held that the Earth humans, through the different doctrines, would let themselves be beaten in chaos and wars, and in this way wipe themselves out. But at least the hope anchored in it was that the earth humans would technically biologically and scientifically again be able to conquer space, only when they through a sufficiently long time of evolution had implemented the necessary changes in their thinking and acting.


Therefore, through them, the persuasions and doctrines of different types, it should also make Earth humans see reason for thereby to solve their problems of the genetically manipulated degeneracy and to correct this degeneracy, whereby last but not least was the factor that earth humans one day, in the very distant future, would themselves find the genetically manipulated damages in order to form them back to normal again through a corresponding gene revertive change. First then, was the view and hope, should the distant descendants of the genetically manipulated, the earth humans, seek contact to their actual past and origins as well as to the Universe, to other worlds and other humans in the widths of the Milky Way and in foreign galaxies.    


Predictions and Prophecies


It all means, Billy continues, that Earth humans will themselves evolve very quickly because for a long time more and more people are born who are devoted to evolution, in every sense of the word. Thus what the sympathetic once hoped for will also be fulfilled, that innocent and peaceful races will come to Earth from the width of the universe and stay in contact with Earth humans. But this will only happen when the unfortunate chain of the genetic manipulation again has been reversed and normalised in a logical form, and the human DNS again, in a creational-natural way, relates to the standard which corresponds to the creational.


It is therefore already programmed that the unfortunate genetic manipulation in the DNA chain will be discovered and found by earth humans, although this will only happen at a certain time in the future. And thus, it is also already determined that these compulsory <defects> attached to humans also can be undone by they them, which to this day has many times prevented them from being true humans and from fulfilling the creational-natural laws and commandments, so that only a few so far, though painstaking work, have been able to find the right way and to conquer the genetic manipulation caused degeneration on their natural path of evolution.


Thus everything on Earth is oriented towards that the genetic manipulation becomes rectified, after which humans then can also again leave the sun system, and in fact before the sun dies and the entire system becomes doomed, which will happen much sooner than the present day scientists claim (as of 1997), because the sun is in truth already a dying star. And when people once again emigrate from Earth and settle down on new home planets, remote and far away from the SOL-system, then they will have to adapt to the new atmospheric conditions, just like their great-ancient ancestors once had to acclimatize to the new atmospheric conditions, which again will be similar as it was in primeval times when the genetic manipulated were breathing the air, still conducive to them. And already today it can be said, Billy continues, that these one day distant descendants to the earth humans will have a tremendous and good future ahead of them.


It will still take a number of years before terrestrial mankind find evidence that their original ancestors in the past arrived to our Sol-system from foreign sun and planetary systems, and in doing so first populated Mars, before they emigrated to Earth. Therefore, It is also likely that the first evidence will be found that the former ancestor from the most ancient times, the genetically manipulated resp. those who already were descendants of refugees and exiles who originally came from the Sirius region. This evidence will not only shock the scientific world, but above all the religious world, whereby a great deal then needs to be changed. This will in particular happen when artefacts from an early mankind are found, from which pyramids and sculptures, like for example the so called Faces on Mars will only be a part of the total discovery.


The findings, and the messages involved in these, from Mars to the people on Earth will one day become the factors which will lead to that assembled fable image by the early ancestors of Earth humans, about their origin, will crumble and many truth deniers will suddenly shockingly clear come to realize that people on Earth, on the one hand did not originally come from Earth, and on the other hand, is not the only human life form in the universe.


One prophecy says that on the 5th Of June 1995, was going to be the day on which extra-terrestrials ,in an official form, would land on Earth, as well as also a second prophecy forecasted this to happen in 1998. But that should probably not be expected, Billy adds, because people on Earth, for the time being (1997), are still not in a position to cope with such contacts and all the knowledge resulting from it, as well as the associated realizations.


If this in fact this was to happen, then the Pleiadians would retreat from Earth and keep away from Earth and its inhabitants in the future, something Billy writes was explained to him by Sfath already in the 1940’s and in recent times also by Quetzal. But in regards to this it only involves a prophecy and really only a prophecy and not a prediction, which means that everything can change and the prophecy must therefore not become fulfilled when the required conditions for it to happen are not in place.


And that is exactly also the case because the requirement is in fact that if everything comes to correctly pass first when the earth human have repaired the damage resp. the degeneration of his genetic manipulation and come to think completely different and simply become of creational –natural mind, thinking and acting, before he gain open contact with races and people foreign to Earth and, hence, with extra-terrestrials.


That however means that quite a number of years will still have to pass before the requirement is fulfilled. But until then, all kinds of events and changes etc. will still take place on this planet and in humans of this planet, which on one hand simply is an evolutionary necessity, and on the other hand, are unavoidable due to the thinking and acting of the earth human life form, from which necessary things result, which many times are very dangerous as well as evolutionary obstructive, but nevertheless still also promotes evolution and are therefore absolutely necessary.


If one take everything into consideration, then official contacts with extra-terrestrials are presently really not yet to be recommended, because people on Earth would still not be able to cope with this in the correct way, and both in fact on the religious-sectarian, worldly sectarian, military, economic and political level . Therefore, Billy continues, presently (1997), and also in the more distant future, it would be completely out of place if official contact with extra-terrestrials was to take place. This is presently only possible on an individual basis or in certain small groups whereby in this way also secret contacts in military or official form cannot be excluded.


However the result of this is that the longer it continues, the more contact swindlers and observation fraudsters appear, who already produce perfect falsified alleged photo evidence with computers and are equally credited as well as all the swindlers, fraudsters, charlatans and delusional sick people etc., who in matters of extra-terrestrials, God, Jesus Christ, Maria and Josef, Moses and with various saints and masters etc. are able to captivate many stupid believers, because, Billy continues, humans in search of the truth are simply too easily and gullibly being led around the nose by lies and deception.


Now, before it has come so far that contact with extra-terrestrials in official form can take place, if all follows the correct path, then this will only happen when people on Earth are mature enough for it, and exactly that is something which is still some time away, during which a lot will happen, namely in respect to that first certain evidence will be found, for that on one hand, humans on Earth did not come from this world originally, and the other hand, that he does not exist alone in the universe, and are therefore also not alone in this galaxy, the Milky Way.


In the course of this, if one wants to look at the things which are yet to happen until the time when the first contact with extra-terrestrials will take place, then one have to establish a certain chronology of the upcoming history. But in doing so, it would not be advisable to mention exact information, because out from that would follow things which again could just as unfavourably change the future events, such as it can cause consciousness disturbances in many people, because by knowing the future, it would be attempted to change a lot which in no way can be changed, precisely because it concerns predictions and not changeable prophecies .


It is for this reason, Billy continues, that he is not mentioning any dates, even though they are known to him, which is why he is simply listing the most important events resp. occurrences etc. in the future in chronological order, starting from the year 1995, during the course of which it will turn out that the natural disasters continue to wreak havoc and will not come to an end. In fact the occurrences in this regard will move up and down, thus once somewhat more and once somewhat less, but on the whole it all increases. Also, there will unfortunately be no change for the better in regards to the overpopulation, quite the opposite.


In addition is a strike to be expected from the USA and from its presidency which will affront the  whole world, as well as, Islamic fundamentalism will become much and increasingly more a talking point and will transfix the whole world. Riots, revolutions, wars and other disturbances of various forms will strongly increase, whereby especially the Islamic fundamentalism will play a very tragic part in the course of this. [1]


Also people’s health is highly endangered, because beside the rapid spread of AIDS will also the consequences of the mad cow disease appear more frequently in humans, whereby in this respect the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease in various forms will not be the only consequence.  The mad cow disease will also occur more frequently in animals. But, with all that, it will not be enough, as another terrible epidemic and disease will break out among humans. Already practised for a long time, the again and again threating danger of the use of chemical weapons will again increase despite other efforts, as is also the case with regard to nuclear and biological weapons.


Also, the risk of nuclear reactor accidents will increase, in fact around the world. Over the next few years should in particular France take all possible precautions in this regard, because a prophecy warns of a GAU (Größter Anzunehmender Unfall "maximum credible accident", German term used for nuclear accidents at approximately level 4 on the International Nuclear Event Scale, accidents that reactors are planned to withstands) near Lyon, which can be prevented when those responsible take the correct steps, since a prophecy is changeable. 


The first steps are already taken for a new movement which will advocate total nonviolence, while another group form in which a woman will gain a big and powerful world power status. The mass tourism grows increasingly large, and slowly but surely will the last the last paradises, still left on Earth, be confiscated and destroyed and the first steps for a flight to Mars will be undertaken, which however will not exactly stand under a lucky star, while shortly after that more success will follow, although unexpected problems will occur though certain problems of technical nature.


All this follows shortly after the time when the worldwide misery of unemployment, and all the bad things related to it, has been remedied and tackled, whereby then however, also a new increase in the weapon arsenal has taken place, when the weapon production has again been boosted worldwide. These are again the first signs of a threatening third world war which has been announced by a prophecy, if people on Earth do not seek to avert this danger by reason, hence by the right way of thinking and acting.


However, if humans do not act in a way which will counteract the fulfilment of the prophecy, then a new and very destructive type of weapon will be completed to perfection, which in the next world war will cause devastating consequences. Then, the reason why this may also occur will be because the monitoring of Earth from space will be recklessly neglected.


And again will new weapons become a talking point, as well as the death of four heads of state, who will meet their death within seven days. This will then be the last danger sign that the long feared world war will break out after all, within only about two years, if humans on Earth do not finally become capable of reason and put a stop to all the evils. I this does not happen, then it is no longer of any use if people try to protest against the new deadly weapon in order to outlaw it, since the weapons arsenal in many countries will then already be filled to capacity. Thus it will no longer then be of any use if laws afterwards are created prohibiting the use of these weapons.


If humans do not finally become sensible, then the third world war is in fact unavoidable, which first will begin with conventional weapons, then however escalate atomically as well as chemically and biologically. The world war will then break out in a certain year in the month of November after about 5 years has been worked toward it in intensive form, and where this period will be preceded by additional four years in undetermined preparatory form. 


If the war in fact breaks out, then it will last for about three years and 11 months, thus it will end in the October on the fourth year after the Northern Hemisphere of Earth has been substantially destroyed by nuclear fire and radioactive radiation, by which the animal world as well as the  entire flora is destroyed, should humans not see to it that the Prophesy turns out to be only such and does not come to fulfilment.


But, if that does not happen, then after the four years of wars follow another 11 bitter years of poverty, misery, famine and many other ills. Offspring will become crippled and mutated as a result of the radioactive radiation and many of those who survive the war will become radioactively contaminated and burnt, as well as terrible and horrific skin diseases will appear caused by chemical weapons. This will also be the case by biological weapons, as through these also ulcers and other ills, and even evil human monstrosities etc., will be caused.


But before all that happens, should the prophecy fulfil itself as a result of human fault, is yet to come that that the scientists find the gene responsible for the rapid ageing process, which at the earliest of time was manipulated in the DNA chain. This should probably still happen this year (1996), Billy continues, because the preliminary work was already carried out in 1994 and 1995. Though whether the scientists evaluate and make their discovery public, in the way it actually deserves, is questionable, because the way it seems, first much later will it be spoken about in a real open way, thus it will therefore last quite a long time before the public is fully informed about it.


As a result, it will then also take a long time before the genetic manipulation is reversed, as the corresponding gene is reverse manipulated, but without that the scientists for the present are aware of that, by the gene, they have come across a factor which already was manipulated millions of years ago. If the prophecy about another world war is fulfilled, if people on Earth do not rethink very soon and steer everything in the right direction, then the consequences of a third world war will also become very devastating, as well a huge retaliation campaign against the war trigger, which is triggered and conducted by a blood lusty man, who, and how could it be otherwise, Billy adds, than once again it will be a <God’s representative>, a pope. But this is also conditionally upon that the prophecy is fulfilled through the fault of humans on Earth.


In the not too distant future, the Earth will be in peril from melting of the polar ice caps, as well as another, more severe, economic crisis, which in turn will spread to the entire world. And once again will a world war threaten the Earth and the whole of humanity through their irrationality - the fourth world war. However, a few reasonable may be able to neutralize the threat, which last but not least once more is promoted through the invention of a new and more powerful weapon; a realisation of the weapons from the science fiction novels, namely in the field of deadly light projectors, ray cannons, ray rifles and ray guns etc. All that is in this context linked to three scientists, who will create an exceptional cheap energy source. However, this will not be the only new energy source, because another one is also yet to be found, which will be based on sound vibrations. But also out of it will once more deadly weapons be made.


The scientific community utilizes everything it is able to obtain. Thus it is inevitable that the greenhouse effect can be stopped by humans and be applied in a reverse form, in which case a further melting of the polar ice caps will be prevented and also the very rapidly rising sea level of all oceans will again fall. During this period will people on Earth again increasingly devote themselves to space travel, which they over certain years have neglected. During this period will the planet Venus become of special interest for people on Earth, which is why it also will be considered to send a manned space capsule to the volcano planet.


In the same order of events, a new energy source again becomes accessible for people, by harnessing the inner forces of the Earth. And, in the further development, yet another weapon comes into existence, resp. two of them, whereby one of them, will have an absolutely destructive effect on all matter, while it will have a deadly effect on all kinds of life forms, solely due to its high sonic, which is inaudible for humans, thus an ultrasound weapon. The second weapon will be based on high frequency energies, which also will be able to destroy and kill in the same way.


And the discoveries and inventions will continue, and in fact within the area of gene technology resp.  genetic manipulation, because the inevitable will finally happen and in fact quite contrary to those hostile to genetic manipulation, who already today are railing against it. The future is in fact no longer far away in which it will succeed to cross plants and animals by genetic manipulation and create completely new life forms. Thus, Billy continues, will the stupid and hostile screams be crying out in vain and who in truth actually should be happy that science has finally made so much progress that genetic manipulation becomes possible, because only through this will it one day be guaranteed that the genetic manipulative degeneration in the Earth human one day again will be corrected so that he can again enter into the normal development of negative and positive.


Thereby, will naturally not the secrets of Creation be fathomed, because for the time being, these will still remain sealed for the Earth humans, although diligent research into it will be carried out, in space stations outside of Earth. But this does not mean science lies idle, quite to the contrary; because it will uncover the secret of gravity, the force of gravity, and thereby begin to master space and mass in certain forms. Only shortly before this time, it will also be possible for earth humans to <regrow>, so to speak, human organs for organ transplantation, and in fact matched for the respective body that needs the organ, and as a result the danger of rejection is averted.


Also at that time, new initiatives in space again take place, whereby a certain large and very important space project will be prepared. This will also be the time when Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity will undergo various additional renewals. A religion will at that time carry out large-scale acts of war, and as a result of this, will a new and dangerous weapon again be developed and used, which is able to change the climate, thus a climate weapon so to speak. However these times will not be to the degree uncertain as 1995 will be. A year in which new discoveries on Mars can be made, and a year in which a new ideology is starting to develop which deviates from the traditional religions.


1995 will also be the year in which a new mightier will slowly begin to emerge who will sweet-talk the world and attract followers, like once the pied piper (The Ratcatcher) of Hamelin, which is also why he in one prophecy is called the Rat-catcher. All this is accompanied with many discoveries and innovations in science and technology, because the year 1995, and the following years, will bring a tremendous amount of breakthroughs and changes to civilization. To that, in the coming time, will also the factor contribute, that the error in the calculation of the number Pi, will finally be discovered and corrected.


The entire Earth will fall into a very problematic climate change, caused by the new climate weapon, change because the overall temperature falls enormously and so it will decrease. Not only the land, but also the oceans will freeze through the insanity of humans. As a consequence is a new invention made, which will run on the cheapest possible form of energy and  which artificially will  warms-up Earth’s atmosphere. This in turn is the time when it will be discovered in Japan/China that the physics which has existed up until then does not represent the wisdom of the last knowledge, but that a still higher physics exists, which goes into the areas of fine matter.


Science will become discredited for some time after this finding. Space exploration nevertheless continues whereby in the course of this a new world is found, a new Earth, which is suitable for settlement by Earth humans. But the actual time at which the space travel begins, and the many discoveries connected with it, is already set to occur very early.


The space explorations will by and large achieve notable success, like for example also the discovery, or finding, of past human traces and remains on Mars. This also becomes reason enough for people on Earth to build and equip new, and further-reaching, space crafts, and with that fly into the widths of the universe in order to make still larger, more interesting, and above all, even more important discoveries, even though these space ships, during the early times, still will be underway for a relatively long time, until finally alternative propulsion are found which allow for space travel with the highest speed, and without time delay, until one day faster-than-light space craft’s which reaches a speed of a million times the speed of light become everyday occurrences.


But until this time, several hundred, or even thousands of years will pass by; but nevertheless the above mentioned predictions will transpire already in the coming near and far future, so all of this will not be long in the coming. Anyway, older people alive today (1997), will still be able to experience the beginnings of the predictions. Admittedly, Billy continues, it will be our more distant descendants, who in the foreseeable future will find, restore and again use earlier extra-terrestrial artefacts and stations of early mankind both on Mars, and much later also elsewhere.


All that is however associated with great dangers, because through the space travel will also dangerous diseases and epidemics be introduced on Earth, as well as the extremely malignant <wolf>, as this horror is called in a prediction, by which it can involve both a dreadful animal as well as a deadly epidemic, which unfortunately is not clearly defined and an explanation therefore remain open, Billy adds. This deadly factor, so says the prediction, should be introduced, or be brought to Earth, by law breaking space travellers.


But in addition, at those distant times, is also the discovery announced of a new and very important substance, through which humans will gain many advantages, when he is able to make use out of it. This will take place in about the time, when a new order comes into force on Earth, by which all needs of humans can be satisfied in a cheaper way. In connection with that, will also an overall type suit be invented and produced, which makes it possible for people to fly through the air without the use of any other aid.


But before that happens, almost three decades before, will a third information code in the human body be discovered, while then also the first major steps will be undertaken at resolving the problems of diseases of ageing, heart diseases and degenerative diseases, which after about 25 years will lead to success. At about the same time, when the first steps in this regard are undertaken, will also possibilities of a classless society arise, as well as the technical-biological requirements to clean the worldwide polluted rivers, lakes and oceans.


But set against this laudable progress, will again an extremely negative invention be constructed, which, being a biological weapon, will cause a lot of disaster and enable ageing in humans as well as in animals within a matter of seconds. Then, shortly after, comes the time at which the <night twilight> takes effect, which another prediction declares. It refers to a new technological achievement, through which, out from a space station, the night side of planet Earth is always illuminated by an artificial sun, but in which no daylight, only a bright twilight condition is achieved.


The artificial sun in the sky practically ushers in a new era, namely that of space exploration on a large scale. Space travel becomes once and for all commercial and an important and powerful institution, through which also the secrets of Creation, and thus also the origin of life and all existence will be chased after, now through science, whereby this again becomes very powerful, naturally in relationship with the space exploration institution, which will be controlled by scientists.


That can naturally not go well, Billy continues, thus it will then simply come what inevitably is bound to happen, namely, that the governments on Earth become more and more ignored and disadvantaged by the space-establishment and the scientists. Whereby again, more arguments take place, which provide the best possible conditions for a new war, and namely only about 15 years after the ageing gene has become isolated and neutralized.  As a result can the biological age of humans to a great extent become conquered, whereby in this respect, the earlier evil genetic manipulation by the creator-rulers finally becomes rectified. 


Then new war looming will break out and last for about 40 years, whereby first however, about six years prior, humans will become re-engineered to machines resp. robots, as their nerve pathways is connected to the finest electronic-biological apparatuses and machines and thus become controlled, something which lead to great problems about 85 years later when, as previously happened already at the earliest of times, the scientists, who have become powerful, starts to play <God> again and create genetically new breeds between humans and animals, who then, as <half-humans> , declare their solidarity with the robot humans. 


But until then, more than eight decades will go by after the creation of the robot humans, as already mentioned. With the creation of the robot-humans, will also intelligent robots of biological-electronic- mechanical type be constructed, as well as a very large space station, which will have its own orbit around the sun, and in which very many people will live.


As is inherent in humans through his degeneracy, it is inevitable that also on Mars acts of war and rebel activity will take place. This will happen at a time, when through an extra-terrestrial advise, people on Earth construct stations to live in at the bottom of the oceans, which however causes dangerous ecological disturbances of equilibrium, namely both in the oceans as well as on land and in the air. And once again comes the time when a new, dangerous and deadly, weapon is invented, which makes bones in life forms disintegrate.


Also, in the same period, will the artificial sun, created about fifty years earlier, drift away from its orbit and within only 72 hours fall down on Earth. At this time does also Earth’s orbit around the sun change, as well as Earths own rotation around its axis, whereby the years and days, and also the nights, become shorter. Unfortunately, it will also not fail to appear that the first space conflict, resp. space war, will take place in this period, namely between people on Earth and those who have emigrated to Mars, whereby also the large space station will be affected, which will be located behind the sun in an orbit around it. This will be the time when a new calendar will be considered, because Earth’s new time of day and seasons are no longer compatible with the old. 


Is Earth humanity already under the spell of religions and sects today, then it will remain like this for several hundred of years. As a consequence, after the creation of the new Earth calendar, will also a new religious founder appear who will suspend the Christian Sunday as well as the Islamic Friday and the Jewish Sabbath in order to create a new public holiday. At that time will also money be abolished, something which however will not last long and for the time being will only remain an experiment, because the trading with valuables, like earth metals and diamonds etc., will continue in hidden form.


This will also be the time when people on Earth commit the madness of changing Earth’s atmosphere in a horrible way. And again follow a war on Earth, because people on Earth have still not become more peaceful and cleverer. Also with regards to the scientists, cannot anything good in this respect be predicted to come from them, because at this time they will carry out the first human-animal genetic manipulations and create beings, who as so called <half humans>, originate from crossings between humans and swine, who are then trained as fighting machines in order to wage wars and conduct all type of work in space.


However, In the long run, this will not go well as they will begin to oppose their creators, just like the robot-humans, whose arms and legs become amputated in order to connect the nerve pathways with fine electronic-biological apparatuses, whereby these humans become living control mechanism for space ships and weapons of all kinds, as well as for machines and all types of ground vehicles etc. 


At this time will a new man appear with the universal teaching in order to present it to the entire Earth humankind, something which will also turn out remarkably well for him, even though counteractions will take place from the existing religions and sects all around the world, as has been common practice for them to do since time immemorial. The teaching of the spirit will be included in the teaching, and about forty years later, will the teaching of reincarnation be disseminated worldwide and will also find acceptance by the existing religions.


Before that, though, unpleasant encounters with extra-terrestrials will take place, however, from which a positive contact can result if people on Earth go along the right path; otherwise will the unpleasant and under certain circumstances also dangerous perspective remain. At that time will humans also slowly learn to prevent natural disasters through technical intervention. In particular active volcanos can be calmed down and their activity contained, as well as weather conditions can be brought under control.  


At the same time, however, will acts of war again develop on Earth, which will be triggered by the invention resp. discovery of a new and very valuable energy, whereby it will involve its property rights. Problems also occur with the humans themselves because of their relative immortality, resp. their longevity, which at that time will already amount to a life span of around 250 – 350 years. This is something which naturally will result in more and more problems with overpopulation and all other problems resulting from it, also including migrations of people, from which new mixed people come into being, like for example one which will call themselves Eurasians and who also will lay claim on the Eurasian area as their home.


This will happen at that time when the <half humans>, the human-animal-genetic manipulated and the robot humans, will cause tremendous problems which will lead to a bad decline in all space programs and almost bring them to a halt, because the robot-humans and the <half-humans> will refuse to continue to work for the normal humans and lead a miserable existence in inferiority and exploitation, as living controls for space ships, vehicles and machines, and as fighting machines etc. This in turn happens at that time when a climate change becomes a reality, when the sun becomes noticeably weaker in its capacity, because its nuclear fusion will decrease.


The terrestrial human’s desire to research knows no boundaries, consequently they penetrate further and further into space, something which however unfortunately also will bring about undesired effects. It is therefore not unlikely that unexpected horrors make an appearance, because the destiny says that Earth humans, at this time, one day in the not so far away future, will encounter something very terrible on their space expedition, which will then pose big and difficult problems.


An event, which will take place about twenty years after the frightening and destined discovery is made that the sun is in fact is a dying star.

And then again about 35 years later will the Earth humans encounter a new horror, when through a space-research-ship to the earthlings, a deadly epidemic is brought to Earth from a distant planet which the medical science will be powerless to restrain.


At that time, for about 35 years already, will also the knowledge about the purpose of Creation be known as well as the truth that negative and positive each form an independent unit, as well as they are also a perfect unit joined together. Then, only shortly after this realization, will the mentioned space-research-ship start, which will encounter the great horror. Equipped with completely new propulsion for the purpose of expedition, the ship should be able to venture so deep into space that the original home planets of the first genetically manipulated in the Sirius system will be reached. An undertaking which at this point in time is still completely irresponsible for people on Earth, because on the one hand they are still caught in the genetically manipulative degeneration, and on the other hand, in their delusion of grandeur, they dangerously underestimate the dangers of space and foreign worlds.


Which also soon will be proven, when the expedition encounters horrible extra-terrestrial life at about the half-way point towards the original home planet and planet of origin of the genetically manipulated. This space expedition will become possible first then, because the technical apparatuses and machines and all electronic instruments etc., at that time no longer have to be operated and steered by humans,  but will be equipped with an independent biological intelligence, which will carry out all control and operation almost without errors.


But against that will one day the robot humans rebel, who at this time must still carry out some functions. At that time the Earth human space travel reaches its first peak in their development, for the time being, whereby however the research do not stand still, through which soon, once again, further secrets of the matter is fathomed and solved. Running along in this process is the emerging rule of the robot humans under the leadership of one of their own who draw attention to himself as an enemy of all other human life forms but which however soon will meet his death.


At that time the megalomaniac scientists once again stage an enormous spectacle by creating a second enormous sun. It will only be a small group of scientists in fact, but these will, through a dangerous experiment, ignite another planet in the SOL system, which will burn for seven days and shine as a second sun in the SOL system before it goes out and becomes dark. For such an experiment are both Jupiter as well as Saturn suitable, as they are two unfinished small suns. Thus the question, of which planets will be selected for this madness to take place in the future, should be superfluous, Billy adds. 


At the same time will also brain research make great progress and micro-modules, through which all control functions of the brain can be taken over and carried out, will be implanted in the human and animal scalp. But this will also be the time when a man-made world, in a foreign sun system very far away from Earth, will be colonized by a large emigration wave, because the continuous growing population on planet Earth increases irrationally.


At the same time will the robot humans become a dangerous problem for the normal humans, because from now on, they also start to multiply and create many offspring, who, since they are genetically manipulated, are being born without arms and legs, however, with nerve endings already exposed, so that they can be connected to machines and apparatuses without surgical intervention.


The robot humans become a real danger for the normal humans, since they will dispose of unexpected conscious related powers, which they over time develop as a result of the higher-than-normal use of consciousness, whereby the brain for its function, is supplied from the outside with a special energy, through a uniquely sophisticated energy generator, whereby the consciousness power can be brought to the utmost performance.


The time is coming when tremendous changes will take place in the Sol system through the weakening nuclear fusion of the sun. Not only will the entire gravitational force go wild and will therefore be changing, but also climate changes on a large scale will be commonplace. This will spur on the scientists to maximum performance, because they want to counteract the negative impact of the sun, which contrary to erroneous scientific assumptions, appear thousands of years earlier than what even up to this time is being expected. Only now will it be correctly identified that the sun is a dying star and with that is the destruction of the Sol system already determined, even though the sun will continue to exist for around 10 billion years more, but then as an already dead star, which after this time will be swallowed up and destroyed by a black hole.


The scientists therefore start to perform at their absolute best – and while doing so, they will find the miscalculation which underlies the Pi number. The scientists, through the rectification and the now correct calculation of the of the Pi number, and being capable of tremendously advanced technology, will be able to harness unimaginable energies for use on Earth, as it becomes possible for them to derive energies from black holes, in the vast area of the Milky Way, and make these available for use on Earth.


But the scientists will still at that time be prevented from venturing into the centre of our Galaxy, for also to tap into the black hole there.  Nor will this be necessary, for the time being, because the surrounding objects are fully sufficient for energy production to suit Earth. This new energy production, as well as the nature of the energy itself, from now on makes it possible for people on Earth to develop new forms of space travel, which as a result will expand to where even the travel and transport factor become a reality, which in the year 1995 and all the time before, as well as for still a long time to come into the future, is labelled as fantasy and impossibility, namely the time travel.


This invention in turn makes it possible for people to travel into the past and the future as well as into the depth of the universe, which had been impossible until now.  As a result, it can naturally also happen that new human life forms are discovered; Extra-terrestrials from whom the Earth humans will learn a lot and undreamt-of and who are exceedingly more intelligent than humans on Earth.


As a consequence, the development in turn proceed rapidly ahead in all areas, whereby biological intelligences of artificial design are created and used for control and operation of all apparatuses, devices, electronics and machines, as well as in all air crafts and vehicles for travel etc.  And used in a way where there is no need to fear that the biological intelligences can become independent and represent a danger for the Earth humans, as the case will be by the robot humans, who for this reason, from now on, no longer are used and are therefore, in short, being exterminated.   


Now comes the time at which all space stations and satellites around the Earth and around Mars as well as around Venus will crash, because the state of the sun, as a result of the steadily diminishing activity, alters to such an extent that enormous changes of the gravity fields of all planets and the sun itself occur.  And once more do the scientists again begin to work tirelessly in order to find a solution, something they do not succeed in, but which however results in that another and tremendously more important factor of the creation formula is discovered.


However, new dangers from space soon again threatens Earth; this time from the depths of the central universe itself. But this danger will as such first a lot later become recognizable. The Earth humans will yet again place artificial suns in Earth’s orbit, but far outside the regular distance. But also with that will not the humans have much luck, because one of the artificial suns will light up and burn large areas of Earth, through a serious damage.


As a result, also the atmosphere becomes dangerously affected whereby the oxygen is running low, from which armed conflicts on a worldwide scale result. From this disaster, a second then develops because the burned land and the oxygen deficiency do not remain without consequences, purely on the basis of nature, thus all of this also damages the economy and the entire food industry, from which a famine will arise like the world never before have seen and never experienced in all the times gone-by for thousands of years.


This will then be the beginning of the end of the traditional space travel, because only a decade later will only the most advanced technologies of time travel be common practise, through which millions of light years, without any time loss, can be bridged, resp. rushed through, whereby humans no longer have any limits in covering distances.


With that is also the time reached when the Gerontology research becomes able to free humans from the curse of quick ageing through genetic reverse manipulation which at earliest of times was carried out by the genetic manipulators, the creator rulers, through a special genetic manipulation of the early fighting humans at the time. Through this reverse manipulation will humans achieve a much higher age than what already will be achieved, through earlier interventions, by terrestrial gene scientists. Whereby, the average life span of Earth humans increases to about 400 years.


However, what will now in a new way become achieved, will then move towards a human life span which will be set at an extremely high level and must be calculated in thousands of years. In the next few years following after that, it then reaches the point where intelligent marine dwellers start to communicate with humans and initiate contact with them, out of which a new race of Earth inhabitants becomes established.


It will also be the time when conflict with the Mars inhabitants will be looming, from which in fact attacks on the colony will break out. After that follows 15 years of relative calm, whereby the humans on Earth will then finally become successful in their search for their actual origin, because a space expedition of the Earth humans penetrates into the Sirius region and there discover resp. find the proof for the primordial  ancient origin of the Earth humans, who from the very beginnings were genetically manipulated, created by the creator rulers in the Sirius region, and then escaped, whereupon, after traveling long distances for thousands of years, then found the SOL system where they settled.


So the Earth humans will therefore ultimately find their way back to their origin, something which certainly not, however, will quickly solve their problems.  Associated with this discovery, contacts will naturally also follow with the very distant descendants  of the former creator rulers, as well as with other Sirius intelligences, which then no longer leads to persecution and slaughter of the descendants of the genetically manipulated, the Earth humans, but to cooperation. This cooperation will also result in that the past genetic manipulation will permanently become reversed, whereby the descendants who then will be born, are again normal and thus no longer degenerated, whereby the circle is then completed, and the humans really become humans, in a balance of the negative and positive.


The undoing of the past degenerative genetic manipulation as well as the still increasing overpopulation, which more than ever will be triggered by the by the extremely high human life expectancy, would have the effect that those not yet genetically manipulated on Earth,  and in all the colonies on planets inhabited by Earth humans and in spaces stations, etc., are to be brought to die out, in fact in a way, Billy adds, as has already been proclaimed and required by responsibly minded since ancient times in the past, namely through a worldwide birth stop in seven years cycles. 


In the course of this, each descendant are then to be procreated only by parents in whom the degeneration already has been remedied by a genetic revertive manipulation.  Thus only such people will still be entitled to procreate in order to produce the offspring’s permitted by law. Associated with the strictest measures, will each unauthorized procreation be punished by death of the guilty, since such procreation will from now on be classified as the worst crime of all. This will only be about five years before the time when the unavoidable legislation is laid down by law, prior to the overall control of Earth is taken under administration of the Sirius federation and will be carried out from there.


However, Earth will nevertheless, at that distant time, have ambitious scientists who will enable new findings and make new discoveries, also in the areas of chemistry, where they will snatch the last secrets. This because despite the vast knowledge which will be granted Earth humans through extra-terrestrial intelligences, are still not all secrets fathomed and solved, which is why further research will be diligently made, also with regard to Astronomy, whereby it will be penetrated into the centre of the Milky Way, in order to fathom the secret of its black hole. 


The functioning of the sun will become more and more a matter of concern for the inhabitants on Earth, because it will become noticeably weaker and weaker and will no longer able to produce sufficient energy to give off light and heat for Earth and Mars. It will therefore, already for a long time, be commonplace at this distant coming time, for artificial sun’s to be orbiting around Earth in a faraway distance and give it light and heat. However, this will also not be without risk, which will be recognized from the event when two of the artificial suns collide in a destructive way and cause major damage, about 70 years after the law of the death penalty for unauthorized procreation of offspring comes into effect.


These are by and large the predictions for a large number of centuries to come, Billy writes, whereby just only the most important forthcoming events are mentioned, besides are those, still many other things, running in parallel, like for example in terms of political, military, religious, scientific, evolutionary and cosmic etc. Like among other things the prediction that the still remaining social arrangement of Earth governments, as of 1995, will be abolished and to such extent replaced that people no longer have to make provisions for old age, by own means and through own finances, because society, resp. the general government will pay of it, and in fact for the reason because through inexpensive energy, the food production can be lifted to such an extent that everything can be distributed free of charge.


It will be produced much more inexpensive energy than what people on Earth are able to consume. As a result, the cost of sustaining life practically falls to almost zero, whereby also the old-age pension etc., as well as other financial support becomes null and void, not least because financial resources are no longer required for the livelihood, which also result in that money loses its value completely and, only just, still retain a certain importance for the fulfilment of special wishes, like for example for leisure activities and hobbies, etc.


Nevertheless, however, this will not provide the solution for the money problem, to the extent that money, as form of payment, finally becomes abolished once and for all, because people on Earth will also in the near and far future still be caught up in their thinking of money, thus quite a number of centuries to come will still be influenced by it, Billy adds, even though two attempts will be made to totally abolish money, but which are doomed to fail simply because humans will not separate from money and wealth that quick.


For this reason, will all related attempts be undermined as simply gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other valuable, and still to be discovered, metals, as well as gemstones and jewellery etc. are traded underground which result in that the attempts will collapse. But that does not mean that money, in the much more distant future, will not be prohibited by law, once and for all, as this development is just as pre-programmed as, that already in the near future, breeding of animals can be given up, because through the gene technology, a way will ultimately be found which makes it possible for plants to produce animal protein, which humans need.


At last, it will be recognized by scientists that this in fact is possible through a genetic manipulation, whereby the time of this recognition will already come very soon, although the implementation will follow later, where first and foremost those raging against genetic manipulation are to blame, Billy adds, those who in an imbecile and incomprehensible manner are against the gene technology and the genetic manipulation. These contra bawlers are therefore to blame, that for a long time to come through animal factory breeding, large scale livestock transportation and intensive animal farming cruelty, animals are having their lives strained, in the number of billions, because the solution of the vegetable-animal protein production and a fully-fledged meat replacement product could in truth have been created for a long time already through gene-technology and be available as foodstuff on the market, had it not been for that the cries of fear have prevented this for decades, Billy writes.


Due to their fault will many billions of animals still have to suffer exceedingly until the bawlers finally are being shut up through enforcement and brought to silence. First then, will the evil of large scale intensive animal breeding and all the torments of all kinds to the animals, appearing with it, come to an end.


Nor has it been mentioned in the predictions, Billy continues, that the scientists will soon recognize that Earth’s atmosphere do not really meet the standard for Earth humans, which is actually required for a longer life. Although the need to adjust for the genetically manipulated descendants to Earth’s atmosphere was mentioned in the predictions, it was not spoken about that the scientists will discover that the terrestrial air for breathing is not suitable for humans and that this also contributes a great deal to speed up the ageing process in humans.


Nor has anything been mentioned about that the scientific findings will lead to that in the near future, production are to commence of a more healthy and, for the human body, more suitable air, after which this new and better air composition can be bought in bottles for private use for a <small extension>  of life. Not only is the oxygen-nitrogen mixture in Earth’s atmosphere not correct, but also different gasses, which humans breathe inn with the air, are dangerous, as well as the far too low oxygen content. 


Also, it has not been mentioned in the predictions so far anything about the Earth itself, like for example the fact, which has remained hidden to all scientists so far (1997), that the planet has been increasing for thousands of years already, not simply through star dust and meteors falling down, but it is expanding unnoticeably from the inside. This means that for thousands of years, a barely noticeable flatulence process has been taking place, through which the inner treasures of Earth, slowly but surely, make it to the surface.  This swelling up process will become faster and faster over time in accordance with the decrease of the nuclear fusion of the sun, whereby the entire gravity field of the sun-system in general, and of all of its planets in particular, changes. 


In the predictions made so far, Billy continues, it has been mentioned that people on Earth will discover and invent time travel and break into the dimensions of the future and the past. But it was not mentioned that still different other dimension will be discovered and found which will give humans undreamt of possibilities. Although with that will again also many dangers be involved, namely of physical kind as well as caused by intelligences of foreign dimensions. There will be new conflicts brought about in this regard, but many things will also come true, which at earlier times were laughed at as just being science fiction stories.


Many power struggles and overthrows will still take place on Earth, and in fact also when those governing Earth no longer have their residence on the planet, but on space stations around Earth. However, even there they will not be safe for very long because certain predictions speak of that also those, governing from there above, will be ousted. Then an evil period will follow, which once again will be influenced through the faults of the scientists, in the way that humans make an animal become subservient which however becomes a source of much negative, evil and degenerate. But this will first becomes triggered when it is made to become subservient to humans and it breaks through as a consequence of that the animal (or animals) starts attacking humans which will get out of control to such an extent that they will practically start hunting Earth humans and kill them on a large scale.


Whether the animal is imported to Earth from the width of the universe, or originates from Earth, is something this prediction unfortunately does not mention. In any case, however, will humans all over the world be forced to defend themselves against this animal (or animals) which will not have much real effect, thus ultimately the only possibility left is an escape for all people to a single continent  which will becomes built to become a gigantic fortress. 


300 years later will the scientists once more make a noise in the world because their pride and arrogance will once again go as far they start appearing as <God> and in a megalomaniac way start thinking they are equal to Creation and irreplaceable in any way. Then, about hundred years later will a very evil act of aggression occur on the neighbour planet Mars, which then will be attacked by many space ships and become totally destroyed to the point of complete matter elimination.


At that time will also the Destroyer again appear, but because of the completely changed gravity fields of the entire solar system, through the rapid decrease of the solar functions, the ancient old travelling planet, which for millions of years has caused disaster, time and again, and in fact in the old Lyra region, again penetrate into the inner solar system, with exact course towards Earth.


Remarks: Eight years later, in the new edition of the German contact notes published in 2005 there is a remark inserted in italic to the 1995 contact in which this information appear. The remark goes as follows: My translation / German original beneath

Reference: Zweihunderteinundfünfzigster Kontakt Freitag, 3 Februar 1995, 00.01 Uhr - Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte, Geespräche, Block 7 (2005) s. 343:


(Remarks by Ptaah 13.1.2005: This danger was resolved, because the traveling planet was brought on a course beyond the inner solar system in the outer ring belt of the SOL system through the efforts of the Plejaren, consequently the whole prophesied events will not occur.)


German Original

Anm. Ptaah vom 13.1.2005: Diese Gefahr wurde behoben, denn der Wanderplanet wurde durch die Bemühungen der Plejaren auf einen Kurs ausserhalb des inneren Sonnensystems in den äussersten Ringgürtel des SOL-Systems gebracht, folglich sich das gesamte prophezeite Geschehen nicht ereignen wird.)


Only sparsely populated, total extinction threatens Earth through the destructive traveller, something which people on Earth are unable to stop. Nor are they able to steer the destroyer into another orbit as a consequence of that the gravity fields of the entire solar systems have suddenly gone completely out of control. But they are still able to destroy it, which on the other hand no longer would be of any benefit, because Earth will now become uninhabitable through the enormous changes of the sun.


Due to this reason, the last few million people on Earth escape, and leave the planet, in order to search for a new planet elsewhere where they can settle, whereby assistance will be provided to them by the descendants of the past Earth humans from the Sirius region.


(Remark by Ptaah from the 13.1.2005: The prophecy of the escape of people from Earth still remains, however, in connection with the consequences of the dying of the sun.)


German Original

(Anm. Ptaah vom 13.1.2005: Die Prophetie der Flucht der Menschen von der Erde besteht weiterhin, jedoch im Zusammenhang mit den Folgen des Vergehens der Sonne.)


The inevitable will happen: After the failure, which Earths scientists will suffer, in their attempt to destroy the travelling planet, their arrogance and pride plummet to the absolute low level, thus they join together with the people in order to flee from the threatened planet Earth. Only three years after that, the Destroyer penetrate into the former Mars orbit and hit both moons, Phobos and Deimos, which remained unscathed during the destruction of the planet.


The moons break to pieces and follow the large travelling planet in tow which, from now on, is speeding directly towards Earth’s orbit and also reaches the planet, but without hitting it. Nevertheless, however, it triggers an enormous disaster in the way it hits Earth’s moon whereby this and the Destroyer itself shatters into uncountable pieces, which will encircle Earth as a massive rotating belt, whereby the oceans lakes and rivers are torn out of their beds and evaporate into the atmosphere as a consequence of the tremendous heat arising.


The water vapour and a vast amount of the atmosphere will be pulled out in space where it evaporates,  while the thousands of years old, and unnoticeable, swelling up process of Earth also becomes visible,  and it heats up from the inside, whereby the surface of Earth ultimately becomes uninhabitable.


(Remark by Ptaah from the 13.1.2005: The Prophecy regarding the swelling up of Earth will remain while the prophesied event with regard to the travelling planet,  <The Destroyer>,  will cease to apply , as previously already stated.)


German Original 

(Anm. Ptaah vom 13.1.2005: Die Prophetie in bezug auf die Aufblähung der Erde bleibt bestehen, während die prophezeiten Geschehen bezüglich des Wanderplaneten <Zerstörer> hinfällig sind, wie vorgehend bereits gesagt wurde.)


During the time that follows, Mercury will be set on a collision course with the sun and will to fall into it, which will trigger an enormous disaster, and whereby the last harmony of the sun system will become destroyed. The sun will still produce enormous eruptions, nuclear fusion as well as protuberances for about a century more, which will reach far out in space, while the planetary orbits will become destroyed to such an extent that they no longer will rotate around the sun. 


The sun does not swell up and does not become a super nova, but after all these events, it will go on to glow and glimmer weakly with occasional gas explosions and nuclear fusions, which in the course of time, die down more and more, to finally completely end, after which the sun then moves as a dead dark star through space, surrounded by planets, just as dead. 


The end will then be completed in the way that the dead sun and the satellites, still accompanying her, and which simply are floating around her, will be drawn-in and ravished by a black hole, for then to be compressed with an immense force. It will remain in there for so long until an enormous explosion of the black hole takes place, in which it ejects its entire matter, whereby new gases and fine particle etc. come into being, from which then new galaxies , stars, planets and moons etc. form.


This, however, last many billions of years, because it will take around 10 billion years alone, according to calculations,  during which time the sun and its planets are dying and then continue to exist as dead, before they are being engulfed by the mentioned black hole and ultimately destroyed.


What is of importance, still to be mentioned, Billy continues, is women and their position among men in future times, because they will in the more distant future again regain their former and original standing in the male world in full equality and equal rights in all duties, tasks, and jobs in a shared world of men and women, as this was how it was at the very early times, as men and women had full equal rights, worked together and cooperated.


As it was at the earliest of times, it will again become, however, in the distant future, that the women become accessible to their children in that they first and foremost must dedicate themselves to them in a caring and nurturing way, whereto also the maintenance of the household belong, while men, as it has been since time immortal, will have to take care of, and seek to do things and matters, which likewise since time immortal are assigned to them because of their masculine physical constitution etc.


That also implies that in the new ages the growing women’s liberation and the upsurge of women into high and important positions single-handedly in alone command etc. in distant future again ultimately will be phased out to give way for equality and equal rights between woman and men, through which then, as it was in the earliest of times, women and men are to manage everything again jointly and with an equal share through which nor a man or a woman can distinguish themselves in a ruling way in position and in power in establishments, administrations, and governments etc., as is still customary and possible today.


Of more considerable importance still to list, is also the fact that in regards to diseases and epidemics very much negative will be done, which is why every single person should concern themselves with maintaining a careful hygiene and to avoid direct body contacts with people whom one cannot be absolutely sure of, that they have not got any diseases. Otherwise totally harmless diseases or infections could lead to much more severe, and even untreatable, diseases in the future, which is why a very special care should be exercised also in this regard.


The same goes for all kind of touching and body contacts with animals, whereby in this regard the danger of humans communicable diseases and epidemics is further given in the way that through consumption of animal food as well as through receiving germs and viruses etc. of animal deposits, like for example of faeces, saliva, blood and hair etc., deadly diseases and epidemics can be caused. Just for this reason alone should no animals of any kind be kept in human residential premises or even just temporarily tolerated. 


To return once more to explain the facts surrounding the Pleiadians/Plejarans and the old Lyrans the following can be said:  The Pleiaidians/Plejarans,  as distant descendants of the old Lyrans, maintain no type of contact with the Sirius intelligences or with the present day descendants of the former creator-rulers , and in fact neither with the positive nor with the negative natured. Also, such contacts are not scheduled for the time being, neither for the present nor for the near period of the future.


Nevertheless, one day shall the circle of both the lines be closed again, which however will first, resp. at the earliest, be when the genetic manipulation has been reversed, because first at that time will also the descendants of the former creator rulers become to such an extent highly developed, that also the Pleiadians can enter into contact with them. This also applies to the Sirius Intelligences outside of the Henok line of origin, who are of entirely different human races and are in no way related at any degree at all.


The present-day Pleiadians resp. Plejarans as well as the present-day Lyrans and the present-day people from the DAL-Universe of the Henok-Nokodemion-Line resp. Nokodemion-Henok-line,  rank among those human life forms who are to such degree highly developed, in terms of consciousness and spirit, that they no longer can enter into contact with lesser-developed human life forms, like people on Earth and the inhabitants of the Sirius region and many other human races on other worlds are, without having their lives endangered by the lower vibrations of the less developed . 


On the other hand, their laws also prohibit them from making contact with such less developed and interfering in their matters, because in this way would the self-evolution of the less developed become dangerously disturbed. Each human life form namely, as well as any other, must evolve by their own efforts, whereas superior life forms may only pass on to them certain knowledge and information etc. in the form of impulses, which on the one hand are not recognized as such, and on the other hand, do not provide an opportunity to gain greater and more comprehensive knowledge and capabilities beyond what is permitted for the lower evolutionary level.


Therein lies also the justification for the non-maintenance of contact by the Pleiadians with the descendants of the former creator-rulers in the Sirius region, as well as in other places where those live, as well as with the actual Sirius intelligences themselves.


When the old Lyrans came to Earth long ago, and started to interact among Earth humans, whose real origin in fact is elsewhere, as already explained several times, then they chose the times at which the positive as well as the negative creator-rulers, or their distant descendants, were not present, meaning they had moved away again from the SOL-system and therefore also from Earth.


The old Lyrans, and also later the Pleiadians/Plejarans, always took great care not to meet with the creator-rulers or their descendants, because on the one hand they wanted to go their own ways and on the other hand because they had unavoidably become embroiled in actions of war with the other Henok line as result of their differentiated world view, which after all had led to the breeding of the genetically manipulated by the creator-rulers, which was equally most profoundly condemned by the old Lyrans, as well as by their descendants, the Pleiadians/Plejarans .


Since then, any form of contact with the inhabitants in the Sirius region of the Henok line, was therefore avoided, as was any contacts with the real original Sirius intelligences, who was not any better than the others living in the region. On the other hand, the old Lyrans were also already more advanced in their evolution than the inhabitants of the Henok line the Sirius region, and the real Sirius intelligences. So for that reason alone, was any contact out of the question, because such contacts had already become too dangerous, as it would put their lives at risk.


Although the old Lyrans were still quite warlike and intrigue-like etc., they were still at the same time not deprived of consciousness and spiritual evolution, aside from those who with violence did not want to become part of the evolution and therefore also then were forced to leave the Lyra-Wega region etc. and came to the SOL-system, whereas however, amongst them were also those who were sympathetic and evolved, who made the sacrifice upon themselves to go with those fleeing in order to further teach them and bring then on to the right path of humanity and evolution, something which they over time also succeeded in, although time and again a lot went wrong.


And these old Lyrans then likewise mixed with the Earth humans in the same way the descendants of the creator-rulers from the Sirius region had done earlier and for that reason were also the descendants of the old Lyran and Vegans confronted and affected by the genetic manipulation in the way of inheritance, like also the other humans on Earth as a whole. This took place in relative short time, because already after about three thousand years, could no longer a human life form be found on Earth not affected by the genetic manipulation in the way of inheritance. 


This also applied, Billy adds, to the 144 210 leaders, subordinate leaders and the very positive spiritual leaders who voluntarily took upon themselves to teach the people, who had fled, in the teaching of the spirit etc., as well as, for the several million of normal people. In this way It then became possible that since from this time on, not a single human life form no longer exist on Earth who do not carry the inherited degeneration of the negative and positive, designed depending as to how the inner balance is achieved in each individual human, but often manifest itself as a degeneration, in fact both in negative as well as in positive form.


Even though the old Lyrans and Vegans were to some extent already far evolved, they still lacked in following the creational-natural laws, as a result they very frequently violated them and wrecked a lot of havoc , which however, only refers to those few millions who had to escape from their home worlds. They then also acted in an similar way on Earth which led to that they also adopted the invented religions from the descendants of the creator rulers and elevated themselves as creator gods, for in this way to captivate the Earth humans.


Therefore, the old Lyrans were not the real inventors and founders of the archetypal religions with their God-Creator and Creator-Gods, but they were only the unscrupulous beneficiaries of the equally unscrupulous creator-rulers descendants, through whom the religious legends and religious fables as well as the gods fables and world origination fables etc. were created, for on one hand to cover up the real origin of the Sol-system humans, from Mars, from Malona and from Earth and let it be forgotten so that they one day would not find the way back to the Sirius region, and therefore, on the other hand, so that wrangling and wars would arise among the genetically manipulated, simply through the religions,  by which they should to wipe themselves out and with that never again manage to get back on their feet to be able to make the journey back to their original home.


The old Lyrans-Vegans became more well-meaning over time and thus they started to abide with the teaching of the spirit, and with that they started to follow the creational- natural laws and rules, by which their evolution as a whole went quickly forward and they raised it high upwards. This now caused them to take a careful approach for not in any way at all come into contact with the creator-rulers descendants, or to come into contact with the Sirius intelligences.  Therefore, after making peace with the inhabitants on their home planets, they retreated back to these, while another group settled in another dimension beyond the constellation of the Pleiades. Thus they remained just as remote in this dimension as the old Lyrans-Vegans and those who found a new home beyond the star constellation Hyades, in a distance of about 150 light years from Earth.


 A third group left our Universe, i.e. the DERN universe and entered into the twin universe, into the DAL universe,  where the people multiplied and jointed together with many other peoples into an enormous federation, as equally also happened with the Pleiadians/Plejarans, whose federation exists shifted about a fraction of a second to our space-time structure, and covers an area which has a diameter of around 70 million light years, whereby also a few federation members, resp. federation planets, are located in our space-time structure.  





In addition is a strike to be expected from the USA and from its presidency which will affront the  whole world, as well as, Islamic fundamentalism will become much and increasingly more a talking point and will transfix the whole world. Riots, revolutions, wars and other disturbances of various forms will strongly increase, whereby especially the Islamic fundamentalism will play a very tragic part in the course of this.”


German Original

Im weiteren ist von den USA und von dessen Präsidentschaft ein Schlag zu erwarten, der die gesamte Welt vor den Kopf stossen wird, wie auch der islamische Fundamentalismus viel und immer mehr von sich reden machen und die ganze Welt in seinen Bann schlagen wird. Aufstände, Revolutionen, Kriege und sonstige Unruhen vielfältiger Art werden sich stark steigern, wobei besonders der islamische Fundamentalismus dabei eine sehr traurige Rolle spielen wird.