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By Kåre Bergheim

July 4th 2012


References: Die Wahrheit über die Plejaden Billy Meier (1996) page 57 to 126 and

Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums….Kontakte mit den Plejadiern/Plejaren Eduard Meier (1997) Page 51 to 113

  • 1953 – Asket took over where Sfath left. Telepathic teaching. Use of unmanned space ship
  • 1956 -  First face to face meeting with Asket in Jordan
  • The Interior And Technology In Asket's Space Ship
  • The Background Of Asket
  • Flying From Jordan, in Asket’s Space Ship, To The Pyramids Of Giza.

  • Testing Out The Invisible Device.

  • The technology Used To Make Asket's Space Ship Invisible

  • Asket identifying who his future opponents would be
  • The Extra-Terrestrial Base Underneath The Great Pyramid
  • The Underground Extraterrestrial Base - How The Space Ships Transferred To The Outside And Returned Back
  • Asket’s explanations - Jebel Ithriyat, Jordan 3rd of February 1956 - Excerpt
  • Asket creating a security block 

  • The days with Asket in Jordan 

  • The encounter with Iljitsch Ustinow

  • How Asket’ remotedly controlled the space ships.

  • Ordinary  routines. Becoming familiar and adjusting

  • The return flight from Jordan to Switzerland in the small space ship

  • The second flight from Switzerland to Jordan on the  7th of February 1956  

  • Asket’s explanations - Jebel Ithriyat, Jordan 7th of February 1956 - Excerpt

  • The second encounter with Iljitsch Ustinow, also called Jitschi

  • Jitschi is taken onboard the space ship

  • The Time Travel to the Thirteenth Century

  • The following years with Asket, from 1956 to 1964

  • Ashoka Ashram Mehrauli India 1964 – Asket’s presence there

  • The years 1964 to 1975

1953 – Asket took over where Sfath left. Telepathic teaching. Use of unmanned space ship


Only a few hours after he heard Sfaths voice, and just as he was about to go to bed, a new soft whisper penetrated his consciousness. This soft voice was quite different compared to Sfath’s voice. In particular it was a voice, somehow young and fresh, as well as soft, but in the softness it had a quite different type of harmony.


The voice greeted him and explained that she was a female and that her name was Asket. From now on she would become his new telepathic companion, and at a later time they would also get to know each other face to face. For the time being, however, she would continue to teach him further in important things, by using telepathic communication following the system implemented by Sfath. The use of devices in the unmanned discus shaped craft would also continue to remain available to his disposal for this purpose. This was a craft being remotely controlled.

And so it then happened over the next three years, during which he learned new things, which specially related to perfecting the spirit telepathy, as well as to the utilization of the information from the terrestrial, galactic and cosmic memory banks (Akashic Records). In particular, by taking advantage of the knowledge in the memory banks, he gained knowledge which appeared phenomenal to him at the time. Likewise he fared with the knowledge in matters related to the teachings of the spirit with regard to the spirit-creational-natural relations and their laws and commandments.

And he found out that all the knowledge and competence, and all the findings he had acquired in the years gone by, with the venerable man and now also with Asket, already was inherent in all his earlier personalities and reincarnations, and already since time immemorial. He further found that all of this characterized his spirit form and his comprehensive-consciousness block. Consequently it meant that all were not of new knowledge and competence and new insights, rather his ancient and so to speak his very own, self-acquired consciousness type of property, which simply after each new reincarnation had to be developed anew to again become present.

In the beginning of 1954, in a similar way as with Sfath, in the unmanned discus shaped object, he received a new translation of the Satipatthäna-Meditation, which this time had been translated by Asket from Pali and Sanskrit documents. It was effectively an identical translation to the one from Sfath, however it had some explanations which lacked in the first translation. So he edited everything again, and in less than two months,  he issued his new meditations writing <Einführung in die Meditation> (< Introduction to the Meditation>).

After this was finalized, Asket asked him, if he with her assistance could bring it to India, to the monk Rahat Sanghanan, and in fact by the means of travel, using the discus shaped object. So towards the end of March 1954, he boarded the small space ship, as it came to pick him up to bring him to India. The disc landed in a valley, in front of a small cave, far outside of Darjeeling, in the far north of India. He was then telepathically asked by Asket to take his manuscript with him and enter the cave, where he met the old monk Rahat Sanghanan, who for two years had lived in solitary, far away from civilization.  


The monk spoke the German language very well, and so he was able to have a perfect conversation with him. From their first conversation a friendship very quickly developed, and the monk offered to teach him different things, which also was practical possible, as he many times let himself be brought over to him, through Asket’s assistance, in the small space ship. 

It was an offer he very happily accepted, and as a result, over the next years, he many times spent time with him as a being his guest and student. The monk found his new meditation manuscript to be very good; hence he took it to Darjeeling where he reproduced it in 500 copies, which he in turn gave to his peers.

As the previous years with Sfath went by, so did the time with Asket. The years with her also seemed to pass him extremely fast by. His thoughts and his life were always busy, also with lots of manual work, which he carried out at home or elsewhere, either voluntary or on order from his parents. 


Asket’s beam ship. Mahrauli New Dehli

Foto <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier 3. July 1964


1956 -  First face to face meeting with Asket in Jordan

 Time went quickly by and then came the 3rd of February 1956. The day he was going to see Asket for the first time. It was his birth day, which had a particular relevance in his life as Sfath already had confided to him. So the face-to-face acquaintance with Asket took place on the 3rd of February 1956.


It was early in the morning at 2 AM. It was icy cold as he was close to Gutenswil ZH/CH in Switzerland when he heard Asket’s voice inside him, asking him to proceed towards a certain place, where he would be picked up. That was all he heard and indeed nothing more was whispered.


He thought that perhaps had now the time finally arrived when he was going to meet Asket. Somehow these thoughts and a similar feelings was simply in him. For three years now, he had he made many thoughts of who Asket indeed was, and what she looked like. And these thoughts again occupied him very intensively.


With these thoughts and questions in his mind, he already reached his destination, before had become fully aware of it. Then everything happened very quickly.  Barley having arrived at the selected location, a place outside of the village, on a small hill, and a place where he often had sat over the years on a bench under a big linden tree and pondered, or learned telepathically with Asket,  a bright light shot out from the cloud covered sky.


The light slowly moved northwards, towards him. It was clearly a small discus shaped space ship, however different to the one which over the years repeatedly had picked up in, in order to learn. And this space ship, which he now was watching, was the 18th  had watched come within such proximity. And he had already seen a similar one 16 days prior at the same place, as at the same time it was telepathically announced to him that he soon would meet Asket.


But then the thought surfaced in him that perhaps he was mistaken and that this acquaintanceship would not take place this night, because the bright disc had again disappeared behind the clouds. Perhaps had the whispering voice only been an imagination of his wishes and he had deceived himself, he thought. Wherefore he again started to move, in order to get back home and crawl into the warm bed.


 It had become really cold for him so he ran down the hill.  Soon, as he was again back at the tavern at the entrance to the village, the telepathic voice once again came through in his consciousness and said: “You have not deceived yourself, my friend. I have in fact called you. Today we are going to meet each other in person”


As if electrified, he stopped. And he then ran back again the same way. Back to the top of the hill he had just been running down. Despite the freezing cold he was sweating and he was out of breath when he again stood at the agreed place. When he arrived there, he did not have to wait long for things to happen, which he now supposed would come.


Because from the top of the hill,  where he had now arrived , he saw once again a light shooting out of the clouds and plunging down. As he had had observed it about ten minutes  earlier,  when he saw it for the first time, it now also radiated a white light, which however soon changed to a bright, then dark blue colour, after which it the became brighter again and the colour now turned yellow.  All of a sudden, the object quite simply stood still in the air, only a few meters above the ground. It then slowly descended and touched down on the hard frozen ground, not far from him.


The clouds had meanwhile thinned out and the night had become somewhat brighter. And as the yellow light from the object faded out, he saw a matt silver discus shaped space ship, which somewhat majestic and silent stood on three landing spheres on the ground, seemingly only waiting for him. The landing spheres on this disc were totally unfamiliar to him. Because never before had he seen that type on such a space ship.


He watched the object for about two to three minutes before he heard Asket’s whispering voice, telepathically asking him to walk towards the ship and go under it. Like being under a weak coercion, he followed the request and walked towards the approximately five meter large space ship, with its underside being as far above the ground as the height of a man.


As he stepped under the centre of the ship, he suddenly entered a state of weightlessness, and as if by an invisible hand, he was lifted up and into an opening of the object. There was no lift or steps which made normal entry possible. Barely inside the ship, the floor closed under his feet, whereby only a flickering occurred and the material thickened. This was the same as he previously had experienced with Sfath, when he brought him inside his pear shaped space ship. But with the difference being then that the material then did not disintegrate through the flickering, but without any type of retaining, it instead simply moved aside.


Also the interior of this ship was entirely different to the interior in Sfaths space ship. There was only one seat available, and he saw no other in the circle round room. It became obvious to him that also this space ship was unmanned and remote controlled. Without being asked, he sat down on the only seat there. The seat was very comfortable and it instantly adjusted to the contours of his body and provided him with a certain comfort. Yet, already before he sat properly down in the seat, an enormous change took place, which in his life so far always had appeared as a dream and fantasy, also when he experienced it in Sfath’s space ship years ago.


The shine from the light, coming from all over,  abruptly faded,  and then it suddenly appeared to him as if he was sitting in the open. Simply nothing of the ship, or any of its interior could be seen any longer. Just as he had experienced it, in a similar way with Sfath. Only that in his space ship, he was still able to see all the apparatuses and devices surrounding him, as well as the seats and the floor. But here, however, suddenly everything simply disappeared.


Absolutely nothing could no longer be seen or recognized. As he in a reflex movement lifted his left hand in front of his eyes, he could not see his hand either. Likewise, same thing happened with his body and the seat where he sat. The whole ship and himself had simply all of a sudden become invisible.


No sooner had he realized this, before he started moving at an angle upwards, towards the night sky, whereby he noticed the clouds had broken further apart and the stars became visible.  Still in a low altitude, but rising, he was slowly moving towards the village. When he arrived at edge of the village, the altitude again dropped and he was gliding towards their house, which his parents had purchased there.


 Barley two meters above it, he remained hovering in the air, while suddenly Asket’s telepathic  voice again sounded in him and made an explanation lasting several minutes about the further course of his life, about the future of his relatives and also his own family, which he would have in later years. After these in depth explanations, the still invisible ship, with him in it, started to move again.


It now went from the village eastwards. And then suddenly, at breakneck speed, it shot high up in the night sky, without him feeling any type of discomfort. He felt as if he was unexpectedly fast moving up in a lift.  However, this appearance only arose in the very first moment, which perhaps stemmed from the surprise of it all.  He then again felt completely normal without the slightest G-force pressure.  Perhaps it also was just an imagination, he thought, because he could see, how he all of a sudden shot high up in the sky with an enormous speed.


This was the first time he was led out in the wide world in order to meet Asket. However, this was also the real beginning, where he for many long years, which for him would feel short, would travel the world. For the purpose to work a variety of jobs, to explore, to study, and in particular to learn about the Earth, the animal world and people with their manifold of cultures, mentalities and religions. Combined with this was further learning in all matters related to the spiritual and creational as well as meditation etc.  


In minutes, the ship with him inside shot upwards, towards the sky, increasingly higher and higher. Still everything around him, as well as himself, was invisible. Also by a second attempt, he could still not see his hand in front of his eyes. It appeared to him as if only his eyes and the other senses existed without being connected to the body.


He got a strange feeling in him, which gave him complete freedom. Something he had never until experienced. He shot further up, whereby he found himself thinking that he was dreaming and was flying through the air, just the way he quite often had experienced it in dreams, over the time he had been in contact with Sfath and Asket. And by these flights, in his dreams, he was just as free, comfortable, touched and unburdened as he now was, as he shot up in the sky with the invisible space ship. He pinched himself on the back of his left hand and felt the pain. So, he was not dreaming, in fact it was all reality.


Then, high above him, he saw countless stars appearing, in a way he never in his life had seen them before – large, beautiful, magnificent and wonderfully stronger and brighter than he had ever before seen them from Earth. Without doubt, he was now so high above Earth that he already was in space.


And, as he moved his head to the side, he saw the moon, which steadily was increasing in size, as he obviously was hurtling towards it. The sight did not last long however, because soon he speeded way past the earth satellite and to outer space. The moon became smaller just as quickly as the Earth did, which he saw now only as a blue white-greenish ball. In actual fact, it was no longer a ball, but rather only part of a ball, because he now saw it looking like the moon, when it was half full.


Speeding through the empty space, he saw a gigantic bright shining disk floating in space.  That had to be the sun, which, from Earth, rises in the east and already lit up a large part of the planet. Just as he observed this, he noticed that he no longer was shooting out in space; rather he was again heading for Earth which was rapidly becoming bigger, as was the moon. Then, as the Earth satellite already was behind him, the speed slowed and in a leisurely pace he was floating high above the Earth, and indeed over the side facing away from the sun.


Deep under him he saw large sea of lights, which had to be large cities. But he could not tell which ones they were. He then flew eastwards, towards the rising sun, which still appeared gigantic as did before, when he saw it in outer space. Flying from West to East,  high above the earth, he saw how it was divided by dim contours , which in the west got lost in the darkness, but in the east formed to mountains. In the West it was still deep night, while far in the east the new day had already awakened and now slowly pushed westwards. A truly fantastic sight. A view he felt which in a proper way  literally visualized the immense greatness and wonder of Creation.


Unfortunately, he was only able to enjoy this magnificent and gigantic sight for a few short minutes – a few short minutes, which felt like seconds to him, as suddenly everything around him started to flicker and started weakly to light up and the view became blurred as through fog. The flickering solidified and then the interior of the ship, with all its apparatuses and devices, as well as himself, once again became visible.


 Everything was simply again present and normally visible. There were no windows or similar, thus he could no longer see out. Nor did feel any type of movement but somehow he felt the ship, with him in it, was descending towards the ground. Then all of a sudden the floor flickered beside his seat and disintegrated into nothing, so that he unhindered could see outside through the entrance opening. Completely unnoticed to him, his flying object had landed. Intrigued, he got up from his seat and approached the entry hatch, when he suddenly gently was floating through the opening and to the ground. Then he stood on the hard, dry ground.


Despite the weak night light he was able to recognize that the earth was reddish and of sand, and that there were towering rocks both in the immediate and more distant surrounding area. He had to be somewhere far in the east or to the south, he thought. But he could not tell, although the nightly landscape undoubtedly appeared quite familiar to him. Once upon a time, he must already have been here, he thought, because that would be the only way to explain why everything appeared so familiar to him.


Wondering about this, he strolled across to the near-by rock, touched it and found it to be exceptionally warm, whereby he also at the same time flinched and something very strange happened in him: The touch hit him like an electric shock, and suddenly he knew where he was. “This is Jordan, the holy country” a thought run through his head. He was still wondering about this sudden knowledge, when something bright, high up in the sky caught his attention. It was falling like a rock down from the sky. At first it looked tiny, like an ordinary star, but then it very quickly grew larger and changed from bright white, into light blue and then dark blue colour.  Very quickly it grew as big as the full moon, and then even faster, became bigger and bigger.


Then, without first slowing, it suddenly simply stood still in about 80 to100 meters height – completely without any transition from the rapid downfall speed.  And now abruptly, it changed its colour to a matt yellow, exactly like he saw it when the small space ship dropped down. The one which had just brought him there.  


This new space ship which now appeared, which this without doubt was, now at first just seemed to remain hanging in the air, completely quiet and without moving. But when he looked more closely, he noticed that it wobbled in the air, just like it was hanging in a rope. This impression was further reinforced as it slowly descended to the ground, gently, firmly and completely silent like a huge fluffy feather floating towards the ground in completely still air.


The ship was somewhat larger than the one which had brought him there, and it felt to him like it took forever and forever before it finally, gently and silently, touched down on the ground. Whilst it was hovering down, three telescopic support legs had been pulled out from the underside of the ship, on which round disc plates were mounted, which the object then touched down on the ground. These legs, however, quite clearly did not belong to the ships outer walls, because on these it was not possible to notice any deepening.


As it was previously, when Sfath descended with his pear shaped space ship, so was also the landing and the entire approach procedure of this space ship indeed a very special experience for him. It was an experience that he never would forget, even when he later was going to witness many similar landings of space ships. This luminous and completely silent object, which already by descending illuminated the entire surrounding and now as brightly as if it was day, for then silently to remain on its landing place, was something very special to him. 


He waited for minutes, because now surely something more had to happen. Time went by and nothing happened. So he sat down on a piece of rock laying around and waited for the things, which certainly sooner or later still was to come. His patience however,  was severely tested, as more time passed without anything happening. It took half an hour and some minutes more before something finally happened: From behind the ship emerged a slim and youthful-looking figure, who came forward to about 3 meters away from him.


At the same time the strong shine from the ship weakened until it in the end faded out.  But already after a few fractions of a second the ship again started to glow, in a yellowish light, and dispersed a twilight in the surrounding area. In this weak twilight he was able to identify without doubt, that the figure which now approached was a woman.


 It had to be Asket, he guessed, unless his senses totally deceived him. And already the next actions and the first words, the about 35 year old woman spoke, confirmed his assumption.  He rose up from the rock. They went towards each other whereby he sensed in him a trusted but unexplainable sympathy, which somehow strangely, in a painful way, penetrated into him.


This feeling was so very familiar to him, that it had the ability to cause him pain, and he had to swallow hard two or three times. Somehow he had missed this intimacy and sympathy in his present earthly existence. That became immediately obvious to him. And now they met and touched each other’s outstretched hand – and then, like brother and sister, they put their arms around each other and stood for some time motionless like that. Several minutes passed before they again separated and for some time more they stood looking at each other.


For people who meet each other for the first time, this greeting ceremony may sound strange, but everything around this and in regards to Asket was strangely familiar and acquainted to him. On a later question in this regards she just smiled and only told him that he should consider the previous lives of his spirit form and personalities. This reply did not give him enough information to work it out at the time. Hence, he found the reply to be somewhat secretive and wanted to know more, but she did not want to go further into it. Also her clothing was strangely familiar to him, despite being entirely different to the somewhat cumbersome-like clothing wore by Sfath, which always reminded him about a diving suit.


 The way Asket was dressed, arouse in him, the impression of an angel, which naturally did not correspond with reality, rather just an impression he got, because he drew such a comparison. Asket was by all means a human of flesh and blood and quite clearly no supernatural figure, or anything like that.  She wore no space suit, but rather a long dress of a peculiar whitish-silvery colour, flowing down to the ground and girdled at the hip. Her face was thin, well-proportioned and very beautiful and of slightly brownish colour, just like as if it had been tanned in the sun, something he could notice in the dawning morning light of the new day.


Over her shoulders flowed loosely long blond hair. It was not held firm by using a clip, a ribbon or anything like that. He did not find her to be supernatural, but simply human, well-proportioned, and beautiful, and he could well imagine that if Asket, in this lonely region or somewhere else isolated, was to encounter any people, that she indeed could be held for being an Angel. He came to these thoughts because he compared her appearance with pictures which he often had seen in religious writings. 



VERZEICHNIS authentischer Farb – Fotos (1991) (List of authentic Colour photographs)

 Three colour photographs listed with the number 109,110 and 111 of Asket and Nera . Number 110 is the single photo of Asket. Text translated reads: ASKET and her friend NERA taken in the space ship of Asket in the DAL Universe, which we with Ptaah’s mothership visited (of unknown reasons did photos taken inside the space ships always become blurred.) 



Photo number 110 of Asket which Billy published in his 1997 book Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums…. Kontakte mit den Plejadiern/Plejaren Eduard Meier.  This is the colour photo which Billy got back from photograph Schmid in 1975. He thought it was authentic until 1998. When he became aware it was not, but instead had been forged during processing, he continued to publish it as the American look-alike of Asket due to the striking similarity with the real Asket. 



Video recording of Phobol Cheng, a retired UN diplomat. She was living at the Ashoka Ashram when Billy Meier was there. She eyewitnessed Asket and her space ship. Her presentation is from the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada 1999 under the segment titled Reopening of the Billy Meier UFO case



The Interior And Technology in Asket's Space Ship


After they greeted each other and exchanged a few words, Asket invited him to go to her ship and enter it with her. With this in mind, they walked to the object and around it, to the other side, in order to enter it from underneath. As Asket explained to him, they could not walk across, under the centre of the ship, because there certain energies were beamed out from the bottom, which they should not come in contact with. For this reason, a somewhat strange feeling moved in him when he stepped under the ship and came close to the centre, where the air was visibly flickering with a whitish-red colour. This was however something he was only able to detect just shortly before walking up close.


Straight ahead, bordering to the centre of the ship, in about the height of a person, was an opening in the bottom recognizable, under which he was told by Asket to step under. So he did, and in the same moment he was transported into the ship, and indeed in a way which until then was unfamiliar to him. In fact, the very moment he stepped under the opening, he was already inside the ship, without first floating up. He was simply first at the ground, under the hatch, and already within a fraction of a second, he was inside the ship.


It was a brightly lit room, which looked completely different, and also was completely differently equipped to all what he until then had seen in such ships. Beside the three very comfortable seats, were also all the apparatuses and devices etc entirely different and a lot more modern and futuristic. What’s more, the floor was not metallic like in the other ships he knew of, but instead it was somewhat soft to stand on, but without it bouncing or subsiding due to the body weight.  And as he observed this, Asket suddenly stood beside him, as appearing from nowhere.


Whereby, he found himself feeling that she and this ship, promised to solve many riddles in his life, for which he simply yet had not been able to find any plausible explanations.  But, for the moment nothing at all happened in this respect, because Asket, without a word began to occupy herself with various systems, which only consisted of varicoloured illuminating symbols, which again somehow appeared familiar to him.


 It was operated in the way that Asket laid her finger tips, or the palm of the hand etc. on it, or briefly touched the coloured illuminating areas and symbols. Then she took a device, about the size of a match-box, on which different coloured small dots started blinking, and placed it on her right temple, where it simply stayed.  Billy writes that he naturally could not refrain from asking her about the purpose of this small device, whereby he received the explanation that it was a highly sensitive device, which would capture and amplify her thought oscillations and transmit these as electromagnetic waves to the movement and control centre, without the need for a direct material connection, such as wires etc. 


In this way she was able to steer and operate the ship without having to perform any manual operations. Her thought commands to the operating and steering units of the ship would fully suffice in order for these to carry out steering etc. according to her wishes.  This was, nevertheless, already a somewhat obsolete technology.  The latest type is no longer based on the need to have any type of devices attached to the temple. This because with the newest technical achievement in terms of this, the thought oscillation-receiving device would be contained directly inside the central operating and steering units of the ship itself, which then would be able to capture thought oscillations from a human and implement them into specific functions.


 By this, is also the reception range of the thought oscillations very long, because through this newest technology, the distance becomes a light second, so around 300 000 kilometre. Involved with this is also a very high level of security, because each equipment is programmed to quite specific thought oscillations of certain persons, meaning the operation of a ship only can take place by the persons whose vibration pattern etc. has been programmed. This prevents that unauthorized persons can take possession of a flight device should any mishap etc. occur. Their work tools are secured in the same way, whereby a variety of these also can be utilized as weapons, if necessary.



Alena from the Lyra star constellation. Photo Billy Meier 6 July 1977. The witness statement by  Jakobus Bertschinger and the investigation undertaken by Lt Col (Ret.) Wendelle Stevens and his team both support Meier’s claim that a powerful ray weapon was test fired the same day as this photograph was taken. For details see Extraterrestrial races in Lyra and Vega



The Background Of Asket


With these explanations he felt it was a particular good opportunity to ask Asket some more questions. So he asked her questions such as where she came from, and another one related to who was going to follow up the contacts with him, when she had fulfilled her task towards the middle of the 1960’s, because Sfath had told him that the contact persons would be replaced every eleven years. 


He also wanted to know if the technology to those who were going to follow up the contact was as far developed as hers, which certainly was more advanced than that of Sfath space ship and the small flying disc which had been assigned to him for years. Asket explained that after her departure, an eleven year rest period would eventuate, during which no direct physical or telepathic contact would take place.


She, herself would end her task in 1964 and return home, which was not in this Universe, which by them is commonly named the DERN-Unvierse. Her home is the DAL-universe, which is a sister universe to ours. By the creation of Creation, a twin universe came into being. Thus, they lay next to each other, and they are also in an association with 10^49 different forms of Creations, in which countless numbers of other two parallel Universes exist. Through the use of specially designed, highly advanced technology, one can break through the universe barrier and travel from one Universe and arrive into the other.


Asket, descended from the people which belonged to the Henok line, from which also the old peoples of the Wega-Lyra Systems descended as well. As did the Plejadier/Plejaren, who in 1975 entered into contact with him, and who are living beyond the stars of the Pleiades visible from Earth, in another space-time-structure, which is a fraction of a second shifted to our space and to our time.


But their overall technology, however, is not yet to that extent developed as to what he there, in her ship, saw and experienced. The technology of the Plejadier/Plejaren is a bit more than 300 years less developed.  Nevertheless, this is yet to change over the next forty years, because for many years already there has been a cooperation taking place between the two people. Whereby, the Plejadier/Plejaren in their overall technological and medical etc. development have caught up. And which will result in, that in forty years time, amongst all their people, the same level of development will be prevalent.  


The Plejadier/Plejaren, so explained Asket, would in their own language call themselves Plejaren, which is synonymous with the designation Plejaden, as it is expressed in the German and Swiss German language. The designation, respective name,  Plejaden/Plejaren is being used because the stars beyond the Plejaden (Eng. Pleiades) visible from Earth, is only about 80 light years further away from our sun system than the actual Plejaden (Eng. Pleiades) stars in our space-time-structure, which are about 420 light years away. 



In contact 143 on the 22’nd of March 1981, Billy Meier gave Semjase a pen and paper by which she drew a schematic drawing of the Universe. She also explained the function of each belt. For details see Time Travel Billy Meier



Flying From Jordan, in Asket’s Space Ship, To The Pyramids Of Giza.  


In the meantime Asket had sat down on one of the three seats. She now gave him a long look, for then to ask him, if he had not occupied himself with these questions before. Something he had to deny to her, because Sfath had not briefed him about these things, nor had she, Asket either. She then wanted to explain something else to him, and in fact during their first meeting.


This was something she however was not going to do there, at that location, but in transit. Because now she was going to take him to a place where he should find out and experience new facts. With that she turned away from him, and appeared as if she was looking at something in the distance. Then the ship, with them inside, shot abruptly up and speeded towards the sky, which now had turned bright.   


This took place without him feeling any type of G-force pressure or discomfort, but then unexpectedly, as short flickering occurred and everything became invisible. Exactly in the same way as in the small ship, which brought him there. That ship was now, once again, also in an invisible state, left behind in the maze of rocks. Again he felt as if he was floating in the free air and only his senses existed, since he no longer could see his body, nor could he see Asket, who nonetheless still sat in the seat next to him.


She now asked him to look down. As he lowered his eyes, he saw in the early light of the approaching morning, an enormous sea, which in fact was the Dead Sea, according to what Askets told him. Then he saw far ahead a large ocean, which he assessed could only be the Mediterranean ocean, which also proved to be correct, as Asket explained to him.


He floated high in the sky and saw behind him, the sun rising, large and tremendous in the east. When he again looked ahead, he was there, gliding high above the Mediterranean ocean, whereby he could see the island of Cyprus and the Turkish mainland on the right hand side. Then Greece became visible as well as the Adriatic Sea. Then Italy and Sardinia as well as the volcano Stromboli and Sicily.  Further left was the Iceland of Malta to be seen.


And straight in this direction their course now changed. Soon, their invisible ship, with him and Asket inside, had crossed the ocean and flew rapidly inland, for then to drop towards the ground. Underneath them, he was now able to recognize enormous spiky constructions, which still stood shadowy in the morning sun, deep down in the desert - The Pyramids.  Suddenly the descent changed. It appeared they were descending towards Egypt. Straight towards the Pyramids of Giza. Just as sudden however, they again sank slowly down without that he could feel any vibration, discomfort or G-force pressure.


Then the descent became a gently hovering, down towards a large pyramid, which he knew very well from many pictures: The Great Pyramid of Giza. He recognized it from the gigantic <animal-humans>, the Sphinx, which stood as a stone monument not far from the large pyramid. And they were now hovering directly towards this structure. For the first time in his life he saw the Sphinx in its immense natural size, because he had never before, in this life been there. He was no longer left in any doubt of the location this flight was destined for. But why Asked had brought him there was something she still had not mentioned with a word. He also did not know, that this was going to be the place, where a part of the mission given to him, would actually begin.


The Sphinx in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza.





Testing out the invisible device


Only a few meters beside the gigantic monument of the Sphinx, the still invisible ship with them inside, landed on the ground – and only a few meters beside a Bedouin camp, where different Arabic dressed people, at this early time in the morning, already were busy with breaking up their camp. It should not have been erected there, something Asket knew.


They naturally did not take any notice of the landing of their ship, because it was after all not visible to them. First he was somewhat amazed about that, before it became clear to him that they could not see them. He was simply not able to quickly put himself into this situation, that the people were not able to see them. This was something he had to digest first.


He had already adjusted to the situation that the ship and himself, and also Asket as well, were invisible to him. However this was a completely new situation. Because here were quite a number of people, who were on the outside, not being able to see them. But gradually he accepted the new reality.


At first It just seemed absurd to him that they not could be seen, but he got accustomed to it rather quickly and he found it even interesting and amusing that their invisibility could not be detected. He then found it even extremely ingenious to be invisible because in this way he was able to observe everything quit and undisturbed, without feeling that himself was being watched, which for him would have been very awkward.


Since they speeded past Sicily, Asket did not speak a word. Now however her whispering voice sounded in him, explaining to him, that they now had to converse telepathically so that the Arabs could not hear them, which could otherwise cause serious problems. Although they at that moment were still inside the ship and therefore shielded from being heard, once the exist hatch opened however, they could certainly be heard from the outside. He then felt her arm nudging him, and then also her hand, which took his right hand.


He was not able to see her, because everything was still invisible, also Asket and himself. She now explained that she would attach a small device at his belt, which would ensure that he would remain invisible, also after leaving the ship. He then felt how she was tampering with his hip belt, and all of a sudden he saw Asket kneeling beside him. Startled he went around and stared over at the Bedouins, because now they had to be able to also see them as well. 


Something must be wrong, so he thought.  But he then again heard Aket’s whispering voice inside him, explaining that they now only could see each other, while they would remain invisible for all other eyes. This seemed quite simply crazy to him and could not believe it. Consequently Asket then asked him to test it out. He could certainly go over to the Arabs there, to establish that they could not see anything.  Should that not be sufficient, he could always nudge one of the girls.


They left the ship, which he now suddenly also could see. So then renewed doubt mounted in him with the thought that it could all be an error, because he was still not able to comprehend that solely through the tiny device on his belt, in fact everything was visible, but just to them. 


With this thought in his mind,  he looked at Asket’s belt and saw that she carried an identical device. Furthermore, and something he was unable to explain, did Asket now wear an overall like suit, which was close fitting and grey in colour. That was something he had not even previously noticed in the ship, which is why, he by thought, asked her when she had changed her clothes. Laughingly, she commented that she did it during their complete invisibility in the ship. Consequently he was unable to see it. This was a reply he had to accept whether he liked it or not, and it surely also corresponded to the truth.


Over the years, and during the contacts with Sfath and Asket, he had learned, and gotten into the habit of, to thoroughly investigate all matters, in order to find the truth; to the extent it was possible. In this respect he had also adopted certain boldness, perhaps also certain courage in a somewhat unconstrained and fearless way, when he approached matters, in order to disclose their secret. This is also what happened here:  Supported by Asket’s request, he then brazenly walked towards a small group of Bedouins discussing amongst each other. They conversed in their own language, which to him however was totally incomprehensible, but still sounded somewhat familiar, and one which he already must have heard somewhere.


 The men in their brown-white-black clothing did not take the slightest notice of him as he quietly and with caution approached to join them. But in doing so, he was careful not to come in contact with them. Standing close to the men, he was not noticed at all, hence he found he had to research further into this remarkable fact. So he then reached out for the cape, made of a brown fabric, belonging to one of the men. His thought by doing this, was that he surely would not be able to catch hold of it, since he was in fact was invisible. But to his surprise, he was able to grab hold of the material, which felt quite rough. He then pulled and twitched it hard once at the same time as he took a big step back, still pulling the cape.


Startled, the man looked behind him, and then shook his head, as he quite obviously was not able to she him. Thus it corresponded with the fact the he was invisible for everybody, except Asket. However while the man, still shaking his head, again turned to his conversation partners to continue his discussion, and as he moved his cape back in place again, the thought swirled in his head, that everything still perhaps was based on an illusion. A further test could be of value, and this one simply had to bring him the truth, consequently it also had to turn out accordingly.


So then, still somewhat carefree and brazen, he now walked over to a black-brown tent. He pulled the entrance curtain slowly and carefully aside, and stepped inside, while Asket followed closely behind him, also quiet and careful. It was a woman tent. Seven young, and two older women, were there, at that moment busy with their morning wash. While another young woman breast feed a baby. 


And again he wondered why these people took no notice of Asket and himself. It surely had to be simply outrageous for them, that a young man had invaded their tent. Yet, as with the men outside, they obviously did not see him, because none of them did in any way care about him. It just seemed as if he was air to them and did not exist. That gave him again new courage, and he now for once wanted to see how far he could go.


Straightaway he walked silently over the fine carpets, towards one of the young and beautiful Arabic woman, who was sitting on a bale beside a water bowl, with her upper body naked, combing her hair with her right hand. He then stood straight in front of her, but she simply looked straight through him and did not see him. Slowly he bent down to her and kissed her gently on the lips – and she quite obviously still did not see him. He quickly rose up again and pulled back a bit because he feared the young woman would now shoot up and shout out.


But nothing like that happened at all; just her eyes now became quite wide and she swiftly lifted her left hand up and placed the fore- and middle finger on her mouth. Quite soft and gently she passed them over the lips and it somehow seemed to him that her face became transfigured. Perhaps she though that she had been kissed by a bellowed spirit, a thought shot through his head. Then her hand again dropped down and a nice smile beatified her face and she appeared as if she was looking right into eternity.


That was reason enough for him to move up to the beautiful woman once more, bend down to her and once more kiss her gently on the mouth. In doing so he sensed her body started to vibrate and he then saw how she slowly closed her brown eyes, while a rather quiet moan escaped from her lips. Then her head fell forward and she leaned slowly to the side. He quickly caught her and laid her slowly down on the ground, where she remained lying for a few minutes with a transfigured face, obviously completely unnoticed by the other women.


After first becoming somewhat frightened, he quickly realized the woman simply had fainted, because she obviously did not cope with it. And no one came to help her, since she sank down to the ground in unconsciousness, while she was separated from the women behind a non-transparent drape in the tent. Somehow, he thought, she must therefore hold a special role amongst the women.


Inside him, sounded now suddenly Asket’s whispering laughing voice, which asked if he finally now was convinced. And in fact, he now was. Then they waited two to three minutes until the young woman again woke up from the fainting, which the other Arab women in fact had not noticed. Quite obviously still somewhat bewildered she rose up and sat again down on the bale. Then, after a further minute had gone by, she walked over to the other women, and still with a transfigured face, she hastily started to talk insistently to them, whereby she quite obviously told them what had happened to her.


The other women however, just shook their heads in disbelief and dropped a real torrent of words on the young woman, who nevertheless was acting happy and somewhat blissful. The other women stood in a half circle around the young Arab woman and now slowly became venomously towards her, something he could notice from their voices and mimic. He then thought that he had to step with assistance and he trod into the half circle, in front of the blusterous women.


 Somehow, he succeeded in being able to move close up to each of them individually, without anything getting in his way. He then kissed one by one on the cheek, indeed short and quickly, but noticeable and with a smack. One after the other, they became abruptly silent and froze, whilst he stepped quickly out the half circle and towards Asket, who waited at him at the tent entrance. It then lasted two or three minutes before it again came to any movement in the group of women.


Now all of them were suddenly changed and sat down by the first woman, who had been kissed, for excitingly to start chattering with her. Asket and he then quickly left the tent. As he came outside, he saw far in the east, the sun standing just above the horizon.


He could still - or once again? - hear Asket’s pleasant laugh in him and then her voice, telling him that she never before had experienced something like that before. Where, he until then had not been aware of the many possibilities of invisibility, it held equally true for her, because first now did she recognize the many further possibilities arising from it. She could not remember anybody ever to have done something what the just did.


She had to restrain herself hard from laughing out loud when he brought the women to fall silent and freeze by kissing them. He was not at all as amused as Asket because now, afterwards, he got concerned in regards to the women, that he perhaps had acted somewhat imprudent and too impulsive. Perhaps one or more of women would now go insane. 


To which Asket however, opined that his misgivings, in this respect were unfounded, because she had monitored the thoughts and the feelings of the women, and had noticed that all of them, in these few minutes, became very happy, because they had come to the conclusion that they had been kissed by an invisible angel. For this reason they were now all rather joyful, confident, proud and happy, and their life going forward would also now shape accordingly.


Actually, these women have had a very hard and often also unhappy life, and as a result, also their psyche had been burdened. Through his actions however, within just a few minutes, a process had taken place through which they have now had become joyful and happy, and which for certain would so remain and last for the rest of their life. She, Asket, understood among other languages, also Arabic, and understood everything the women said, which is why she was able to state this to him with certainty.  Billy naturally became relieved, and reckoned that he under these circumstances, so to speak, had done a good deed. To which Asket gave her serious opinion that this in fact also was correct, and that he, at least for the moment, still was not able to comprehend what a tremendous service he had done for the women.


This was also the reason why he should not worry any more about them. He hoped that Asket, with her explanation, indeed had got the facts correct, and that through his action, the lives of the women would turn into becoming a more pleasant existence. Something, which in fact also fulfilled itself in this way, as he years later was able to recognize and experience, when Asket, once again in an invisible state, brought him back to the same women, because he simply wanted to know how they fared.


The technology used to make Asket's space ship invisible


They again moved away from the tent, which some men now were approaching, obviously to dismantle it as well. Evading these, he noticed that their ship no longer was at the place where they had left it behind. It was simply no longer there; perhaps it was again invisible for him as well. Asket had without doubt arranged it in such a way again, wherefore he quietly asked her about it, something he now could dare, as they were outside of hearing range of the Bedouins.


In the same way, he received the answer from her; that it would be too dangerous, to simply leave the space ship standing on the ground. The invisibility in itself protect it indeed from visibility, but not however from a human or an animal running into it and getting hurt or being able to detect its presence. For this reason she had steered the ship up, above the pyramids, where it, for any people in the area, studying the pyramid or the sky, was hovering invisible in the air.


But, for his part, he could see it, when he was looking up. It was possible for him, due to the device attached to his belt. And in fact, as he looked up, he could see the space ship, hovering in the air, about midway up the pyramid. It naturally interested him, why he could see it, while it remained invisible for the Bedouins. It also interested him, why he could see the people, the sphinx, the pyramid and everything else without himself being visible.


But on these questions, he only received a brief response, saying that the phenomenon of invisibility is being triggered through small devises, which, for this purpose, he also carried one himself on his belt, whereby in these, the technological possibility is integrated to redirect light in such a way that everything becomes invisible, which is in the direct sphere of influence of the same. At that, it does not matter how big the object is, because the effect of the small device is to such an extent wide ranging that it is able to make space ships etc, which are several kilometres in diameter, invisible.


The technology in doing so,  is based on that from the device a fan-shaped radiation is emitted, which is no thicker than 1/7 millimetre, and which spreads out like a thin net-like film, over the entire outer surface of the object. Whereby this film, respective this radiation, redirects the light in such a way, that for observing eyes, or simple optics, everything existing behind the invisible object, becomes visible as normal. All invisible camouflaged objects can again only be seen when one are in possession of one of the small devices, which also feature a function, where through a certain setting, also something invisible can become visible, for those persons, which through the device, are themselves invisible at the same time. 


Furthermore, he still wanted to know how this would then behave, seen from inside the space ship itself, where not simply everything just became invisible, but where above him, he could see the open skies, and below him the ground. Asket explained to him, that in this respect is the technical procedure structured completely different, because when the ship and everything else inside it, becomes invisible in this way, it involves a harmless molecular alteration of the matter, in a way where a total transparency occurs, which is to such an extent perfect, that it makes matter appear invisible and whereby the initial molecular structure remains completely intact.


 More was unfortunately not possible to find out, because Asket wrapped herself in silence with the words that it would not be good for him to possess more detailed information about it. Therefore he did not ask her any further about it, and left it up to her to carry on with the conversation. Her speech, in the course of this came to be about his own person, as they moved away from the Great Pyramid, which they had approached. 



Part of Photo 248 taken by Eduard Albert Meier at Schmärbüel-Maiwinkel / Bettswil-Bäretswil 14 April 1976


This is a plejaran beam ship piloted by Semjase. On this day she was doing a demonstration flight when she became harassed by a Mirage jet fighter belonging to the Swiss Airforce. The Mirage can be seen in the background.


The beam ship was measured to be seven meter in diameter, by using the triangulation method -  A method where the size of known objects in the background are used as reference. Source


Large, full sized object, not a model, was also the conclusion from the pixel tests carried out by Jim Dilettoso Source 



Asket identifying who his future opponents would be 

For another time he heard many explanations, as they already had been given to him by Sfath. Then however Asket spoke about things which were still unknown to him, and which said that he in 1975 would lay the foundation-stone for a community, from which within a few years a so-called <free community of interests> would develop, which in just twenty years already would be known worldwide.


This community, as well as himself in particular, would however be treated with hostility and slandered by vicious opponents, and even by his own wife, as well as by organizations and persons who at present not yet were founded or not yet born. Also certain governments and their Secret Services would bring efforts to brand him as a liar, a trickster and fraudster because they as a whole did not like the truth, that his contacts with extra-terrestrial intelligences became known worldwide. In the entire World, there will be no other person who would soon have to suffer like him from evil accusations of lies, fraud and swindle in matters related to contacts with extra-terrestrials.


In particular, at the end of the seventies and the middle of the eighties, would big intrigues against him in this respect find their beginning, and indeed both from private as well as from organizational side, whereby also governments and a certain religion, with different sects belonging to it, would be involved. A particular bad treatment will in this respect would come from America, namely in regards to that abilities and tricks would be used, to in every respect deceive him, and also to rob him of his well-earned wages etc.


The Extra-Terrestrial Base Beneath The Great Pyramid


Suddenly Asket took his hand and lead him back to the Great Pyramid. On a question where they were now going, she only laughed and said that he should let himself be surprised. Then she led him to an entrance, on the opposite side, and approached a large square stone block, which suddenly, as if being moved by magic, pushed inwards in the pyramid.


Into this opening, which in this way originated, Asket led him into a narrow passageway, which appeared to the right of the square stone block, which had just glided away. Barely inside the corridor, the square stone block moved back again and closed the entrance. In the corridor, which was not wider than fifty or sixty centimetres, there was a twilight, of which he was unable to determine from where it came.


They moved through the Pyramid inside long and mouldy corridors. Than suddenly it became dark, and he could no longer recognize anything. But Asket nevertheless, continued to walk with him undeterred forward, at all times leading him by the hand. He was surprised that that he did not stumble into anything and that Asket, despite in a literal sense, the Egyptian darkness, found the way.  They walked like this for a long time, and he felt that they descended several times at certain places along the way, by simply walking, without steps, at an angle downwards. Then he felt a slight pressure in his ears, which was exactly like when encountering an elevation difference.


He did not know for how long he had been walking along in the darkness like that – it seemed like an eternity to him – as suddenly again, a very faint light was detectable, just like when the first light of dawn starts to appear. But he was not able to establish what the source of the dim light was.


Then they again stood in front of an enormous square stone block, in fact this time somewhere deep in the Pyramid. Here, it simply did not continue forwards any more. But, before he got around to ask Asket about it, something strange happened in front of his eyes and senses:


The enormous square block of stone, all of a sudden simply disintegrated into nothing – and soon Asket pulled him across the place, where the gigantic square stone block had been just two seconds earlier, inserted, without a gap, into other square blocks of stone, closing off the thoroughfare.


They had just barely passed through the opening, which emerged, when the square stone block again solidified, and closed off the entrance as before, and nothing indicated that here was a thoroughfare. In front of them appeared now a steep corridor, leading downwards. After about five meters, it led to a bare rock cave, in which two strangely dressed men stood. They were quite obviously guarding the corridor continuing further, and which was at least twice as wide as the last passage they advanced through. 


The men carried wavy brown coats, which reached down to the ground and were open in the front, where he underneath could recognize a silver coloury full suit, clinging close to their body, which looked like body fit armour.  As he quietly, and still being lead by Asket’s hand, stepped down through the short corridor to both the men, he looked once more back at the square stone block behind him and noted that it was firmly in its place. Both of the men had obviously not noticed that shortly before, it had disintegrated into nothing, and then solidified again.


They obviously also did not notice that Asket and he were present.  At that point in his thoughts, Asket’s voice again whispered in his consciousness and said the he should remain silent and not attempt to talk. Besides, he had to be very cautious not to make any sounds and also not to breathe loud.  This place was not without danger for them, and besides it was not built by their race. In addition, it would be of no benefit to them, if they were there recognized by the guards, because that would endanger the whole mission, and it could even cost them their lives.


The guards were members of, respective related to, an evil power-hungry extraterrestrial race who through many unfair methods and machinations, have forced large parts of Earth humanity under their control, in order to one day bring the whole world under their domination. That, however, must be avoided, something which also in later years in fact occurred, when the Plejadier/Plejaren in the eighties deported  this power hungry group, as they had discovered by a look into the future.


These Giza Intelligences, as they are called, are ancient and power hungry defectors belonging to past immigrated extraterrestrials from the Henok-line, who came to Earth many thousands of years ago from the space-time shifted region of Lyra-Wega. This explanation was naturally enough for him to keep silent and not cause any type of noise whatsoever. Thus, silently he followed his leader, slowly past the two guards, in order not to make any rustling with his clothes, or disclose their presence through a whiff. 


The guards took no offence at them, quite obviously because they were not able to see, nor hear, or somehow trace them. It just seemed to him as though they were non-existent to both the men. In fact it was a very comical situation for him, which he simply still not had not gotten fully used to, despite the preceding experience with the Arab women. Everything was just completely new and strange to him.


What he still wondered about in the course of this, was that both the men stood completely motionless on their spot and had no conversation with each other, and that seemingly for hours on end. Therefore, after they had walked some meters further down the corridor, he attempted to telepathically ask Asket to give him an answer on that, which she also willingly gave.


She explained that, the simple reason why both men stood there so silent, and not conversing, was that none of them were real humans, but androids. They were of artificial human mechanical-electronically-positronic-bioorganic nature. Thus, the androids were therefore no living beings, consequently they neither conducted any conversation with each other, nor did they move while they were standing.


As opposed to newer androids, this type of androids were however already hopelessly out-dated and not able to locate human oscillations, rather just sound and motion, which was being recorded through acoustics and optical sensors.  However, the devices which made them invisible also protected them against oscillation sensors, should the Giza intelligences, contrary to expectation, have developed and installed such ones. The filigree net-mesh-layer which covered the entire body also prevents electromagnetic waves from the brain from escaping. As well it prevents other waves from escaping, for example waves of emotional and subconsciousness type etc. Consequently there was no danger, whatsoever, that they somehow could be located in this way. Had that not been the case, they in no way would have been able to get past the two guards.


The continuation of the corridor, from the rock room, went steep down. Now, however there were also steps present, which led deeper and deeper down. The twilight remained constant all the time and it somehow seemed to come from the walls, the steps and the ceiling. A direct light source was simply not distinguishable. Then, they suddenly stood in a gigantic hall, which was so brightly illuminated that it nearly overflowed with light, which was coming from nowhere and everywhere. As in the corridors, also here was no light source distinguishable.  And as opposed to the cool corridors, it was here pleasantly warm. The hall itself, was really enormous, as it was at least 500 meter high and double this length in diameter. The walls were glassy and hard, which he noticed by touching them. And deep beneath them, on the floor, stood an enormous discus shaped space ship. As he later discovered, it rested on seven huge stilts, which at their bottom had disc plates mounted on them.


A space ship, deep beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza. In fact, he thought he was dreaming, hence he pinched himself in the ears - once, twice, three times. He could feel the pain and pressed his fingernail even further into the ears, and the pain became intensively stronger. Hence, it was all real and no dream. In fact, there, under the Great Pyramid of Giza, was an enormous hall, and in it rested a huge discus shaped space ship, similar to the ones he had seen flying around on several occasions earlier.  A ship he estimated to be approximately around three hundred meters in diameter. He immediately recalled his first observation experience, on the 2nd of June 1942, but that could not have been the same one, because this one surely must have rested there for hundreds, or even thousands of years, in this storage hall, which in his estimate surely had to be somewhere around 3000 or 4000 meter below ground.


As he was recovering from his first surprise, Asket again took his hand and led him further down, via the stairs, to the bottom of the hall. It took quite some time, because there were about 260 or 270 steps to deal with. Asket utilized this time answering his questions. He was mistaken in several things, she said. The hall was indeed 500 meter high and twice as long, but where they were, they were not located 3000 to 4000 meter below earth's surface, but rather little more than 1200 meter. Also, their current location were not directly under the Great Pyramid of Giza, rather little more than 2000 meter to the side, which was also why they already had been on the move, afoot, for about two hours and not twenty or thirty minutes which he assumed.


The hall was built by the power obsessed extraterrestrial race more than a one thousand years ago, namely in the way that through a massive underground nuclear explosion, the necessary hollow space was created, and indeed through a so called clean atomic bomb, which produced no radioactive radiation. The earth material vaporized through the enormous heat of the explosion and settled on the walls as a glassy crust in the cavity which came about as result. Whereupon then, and just after the matter had cooled down, the development and the utilization of the gigantic room could commence. The thickness of the glazing of the earth material was also the reason why no arch beams or arch support pillars etc. were necessary, thus the glazed material was strong enough to completely safely carry the gigantic dome. The only entrance to this hall-dome was only where the two of them had come from.


Nevertheless however, it was possible for the power obsessed Giza Intelligences to leave the hall with their space ships, because they possessed the capability of matter transfer, whereby they with their space ships, so to speak, in a molecular changed state, simply could fly through any type of matter and then immediately afterwards, again take the original solid state. Thus, they needed no opening in the arch shaped ceiling to get outside, or back into the gigantic hall. Furthermore the staircase consisted, not of 260 or 270 steps, rather 354, whereas the space ship however, in fact was precisely 300 meter in diameter and 114 meter high. This huge ship however, had for the past several millennia, not been frequently in use, because for repeated use, small ships were available ,which were only seven meter in diameter, something he could see for himself on the other side of the hall. He should however only take one close look.


First now, did he look further around and saw, at the other end of the hall, quite a number of smaller space ships, which were standing on landing legs. The space in between the small ships and the large one, which they were standing close to, was completely empty, so he moved, together with Asket, to walk across to the smaller space ships. This walk lasted several minutes, and then they stood in front of 17 smaller flight objects of different types, of which the landing legs also ended in disc plates. Several of the objects were triangular and completely black, without that any contours could be recognized. Their high was about three meters, as was the rest of the ships, which all of them were metallic, and with the exception of one, were all discus shaped. Just one were round like a ball, but likewise on this one, no window or similar type opening could be seen, as well as not on the discus – or triangular formed objects either. With that he had seen enough and he went with Asket back to the large flight disc, on which likewise no openings could be seen. As he was walking back, he observed the wider area of the hall and recognized that directly above the ground, there were various large openings in the walls, behind which, according to Asket’s statement, work shops, living rooms and control room etc. were located.


The Underground Extraterrestrial Base - How The Space Ships Transferred To The Outside And Returned Back


When he again arrived back to the large space ship, he walked under it, together with Asket, in order to observe it from below and from the other side. It was simply majestic and made an enormous impression on him. Then he heard a sound which appeared to him like the melody of a singing saw. And as he scouted for the origin of the sound, and therefore looked around, he became aware of 8 men in silvery jumpsuits who appeared to have come out of some openings in the sidewall and stepped on to a flat vehicle, which immediately began to move heading towards the small space ships.


When they arrived there, the men left the carriage and went to the small ships where they immediately just disappeared. Then sounded a loud, piercing buzzing noise and he then saw two of the triangular spaceships, how they hovered upwards and moved in the direction towards zenith of the hall, where he recognized high above, under the ceiling, a metallically working and about 400 to 500 meters in diameter and at least 10 meter thick bulge which immediately glowed brightly, as both ships were within it. Then an immense surface flash went out from the bulge around – and the two small spaceships started briefly to shimmer, became transparent and simply disappeared.


It all lasted no more as just one short moment. Now, he thought, this must probably have been a transfer of the ships to the outside something which Asket immediately confirmed. It further interested him if nothing could be noticed from the outside in this process, when the spaceships suddenly appeared like from nowhere, and whether up to now still nobody has found the secret entrance to the corridors. The second question she denied, and to the first the explanation was that the spaceships would again rematerialize only high above the ground, in about forty kilometres altitude, consequently they could not be observed from Earth.


When returning, they would then fly towards their target in an invisible state and dematerialize just above the ground, whereby the energy bulge he observed played an important role, whose forces reached from the hall to about 35 meters above the earth surface. Of course, he wanted in addition to know whether it then was dangerous for any people or animals to stay within the sphere of the bulge energy on earth. This was however not the case, Asket explained, and also the surface flash cannot be seen on the Earth’s surface, because there only the pure energy works, and in fact only for objects which dispose of the specific apparatuses needed in order for the transfer-energy to take effect


...Then sounded a loud, piercing buzzing noise and he then saw two of the triangular spaceships, how they hovered upwards and moved in the direction towards zenith of the hall, where he recognized high above, under the ceiling, a metallically working and about 400 to 500 meters in diameter and at least 10 meter thick bulge which immediately glowed brightly, as both ships were within it. Then an immense surface flash went out from the bulge around – and the two small spaceships started briefly to shimmer, became transparent and simply disappeared.


It all lasted no more as just one short moment. Now, he thought, this must probably have been a transfer of the ships to the outside something which Asket immediately confirmed. It further interested him if nothing could be noticed from the outside in this process, when the spaceships suddenly appeared like from nowhere, and whether up to now still nobody has found the secret entrance to the corridors. The second question she denied, and to the first the explanation was that the spaceships would again rematerialize only high above the ground, in about forty kilometres altitude, consequently they could not be observed from Earth.,....


Left:  Part of photo Nr 86 taken by Billy Meier at Berg / Rumlikon on the 14th of June 1975. This is a Plejaran beam ship, seven meter in diameter, piloted by Semjase. She is here doing a demonstration flight. The Plejaran extra-terrestrials informed Meier that they also had underground bases.   


Left: From the video CONTACT (1982), The filmed investigation

Demonstration flight recorded by Billy Meier on 8mm film :

A Plejaran beam ship first disappears and then reappears on the same spot 28 seconds later. In doing so, the ship generated an electrical power field, felt by Meier as an electrical hit or as an electrical shock.

01:17  The beam ship instantaneously disappears from the film.

01:45  The beam ship instantaneously reappears. Source

In another 8mm film clip the beam ship disappears and reappears in the same frame, which means that less than 1/18 th of a second has elapsed. Source


Left: Electronics consultant Nils Rognerud and Sound engineer Steve Ambrose, tested the sound Meier recorded. One of their findings:  “We have a steady pattern all throughout all of this random signal. It seems to be a level change very steadily in around 5 to 10 cycles per second which happens to be in the area of the natural magnetic resonance of Earth also called the Schumann resonance” Source


Left: Robert Shellman also undertook a sound analysis where he charted the sound Billy Meier recorded using a spectrum analyser, where each of these peaks is a discrete frequency.  He found the sound to be highly unusual. He did not really see any application for it, with the exception of generating a magnetic wave of some sort, or laboratory purposes, or maybe in this case propulsion. Source


In answer to the question; if not by any devices the gigantic hall can be located by earth humans, Asket replied that they, at the present time, possessed neither instruments nor equipment which would make such detection possible. Besides, the hall and the corridors under the Pyramid, and under the surface, are also protected in this respect, whereby also relevant equipment etc will be unsuccessful in detection. Thus, in this respect there exist in the near as well as in the distant future, no risk, once the terrestrial scientists, technicians and Electronic technicians etc. develop instruments and equipment which makes it possible to see or listen into the interior of the Earth.


With this reply, he was satisfied. Again he turned towards the large discus formed space ship and with astonishment he observed it. Ten or fifteen minutes had gone by; when Asket found that he had seen enough. She then again took his hand and led him further, over to a small plateau, which was about twenty meters away from the external wall of the space ship. Already from a distance he saw some undefinable things lying over there. What exactly it was, he could by no stretch of his imagination recognize, but it should not remain an unsolved secret for long. As he together with Asket arrived on the small plateau, he was not spared the amazement.


 He needed several minutes to become clear and aware of the full facts: On the plateau laid an ancient, large and very heavy wooden cross. Right next to it, were three rusty things, which probably must once have been hand-forged nails, made hundreds or thousands of years ago. He started thinking, that the brown black coating on the nails perhaps was not rust after all, but blood. Also, on the wooden cross, it was on the external end of the timber, and on the lower third of it, a brown-black stain, which probably also could be blood. That was probably what it was, because close beside the Y-shaped cross laid an ancient wreath of thorns, with multiple windings, something of the kind like a crown. Also this wreath, with abnormal large thorns, showed brown-black stains, which he defined as blood, long since congealed.


It was also an approximately two meter blackish wooden stick, as well as a purple coloured robe, beside a small leather bag from which glass stones or glass beads appeared to have bounced out, and in between them laid some old silver cons. It was without doubt; here he stood in front of the belongings and the crucifixion utensils to Jmmanuel, which by Christendom falsely was given the name Jesus Christ. It simply had to be just like that; he could not imagine another possibility – Deeply moved, he stood in front of all these things, silent and deep in thoughts, and thankful for that it was him, of all people, who was allowed to see all this.


Despite all the teaching given to him from his extra-terrestrial friends, he was at this time, somehow still not totally free from the Christian religion, which is why he probably was not to blame, when he became deeply moved at the sight of the utensils. (Billy here refers to also see Semjase-Kontakt-Berichte <Askets Erklärungen> vom 30.8.1964, <Askets Begegnung>). First at a later time was he able to free himself from this emotion, when Asket told him that the so called Giza intelligences (this is what the people living under the Pyramid was called by the Plejadiern/Plejaren) had falsified all the Jmmanuel- respective Christ-utensils, and they used them for dishonest Christian-religious manipulations. 


Asket must have realized his conflict of thoughts, because without a word, she took his arm and pulled him along with her, the same way back which they shortly before had come from. It was hard, to again climb up the many steps up the stairs, which was why they several times stopped to catch their breath. Then finally, they reached the room in the rock, where the guards still stood, as they did, when they first came across them. They had obviously not moved a millimetre. Without further ado, they scurried quietly past them, and again he wondered how they succeeded so easily. For this reason he also observed both figures somewhat more in details, than the first time, and noted that they both held in their right hand, something looking similar to a small spectacle case. As he telepathically wondered what that could be, he received Asket’s whispering reply that it involved a disintegrator. A weapon, which produces rays with such effect, that it can disintegrate everything of desire into its basic elements, in the fraction of a second.  


This explanation left him with a sense of unease and he was extremely happy that both the guards, from where they stood, could not see the large square stone block, through which they again left the small cove, and which again disintegrated into nothing as they came towards it. Quite obviously, they then went back again through the same mouldy and dim corridors, and arrived at the same square stone block, which blocked the entrance to the outside. Yet, just as when they entered, it also now moved back inwards, and let in the brightness of the day.  Slightly blinded, he stepped outside together with Asket, and then suddenly they stood in bright sunlight, which warmed them up from the coolness, which affected them in the mouldy corridors.


They walked slowly alongside the pyramid, and he then again saw the Sphinx, as well as their small space ship, which still was in the same place, hovering high above the ground. It now slowly dropped down to the ground, while they walked towards it. And before he knew what was happening, he was again inside the space ship and he sat down in his seat, beside Asket, who already was seated in her seat. He did not know how it happened, because just as he stepped under the underside of the ship, he was already again inside it. However, these sorts of things were something he repeatedly experienced, wherefore he no longer wondered about it. Everything simply slowly became a matter of course.  


The ship was floating slowly high in the sky, whereby he vaguely realized that the camp to the Bedouins had gone and that now many people was walking about, who obviously were tourists and wanted to see <everything>. With this thought in his mind he simply had to laugh out loud in amusement, and he thought “if they just knew!”. He saw that the sun already stood very high in the sky and already had passed zenith. First then was he prompted to take a look at his watch, to check the time. It was almost unbelievable to him. He could not have been with Asket, in the pyramid, or even in the gigantic hall deep and sideways under it, only for a short time, but rather for many hours, although the time appeared to him as minutes, or like one to two hours. They went into the secret entrance in the Great Pyramid shortly after sunrise, and now it was exactly 14.20. And just as he realized that, the ship shot skyward at breakneck speed.


With incredible speed the ship, with him and Asket, rushed towards the East. Already after a few seconds, the Dead Sea could be recognized, far below them. Abruptly, in the middle of this rushing flight, they simply stopped up in the air, without that he felt the slightest G-force pressure. Next they hovered slowly and gently down towards the mountainous desert of Jordan, where they touched down smoothly on to the ground, and in fact virtually at the same place where their ship hours before had been standing, and where the unmanned small ship, which had brought him there, still stood.


They were located far away from any human settlement, roads or paths, completely undisturbed by observers, in a place where he was going to learn many things, about which he possessed no or just halfway knowledge. And their stay there lasted more than two full days and night, during which time, both the space ships stood on the ground, albeit shielded and invisible. Asket emphasized that it was, a just in case, for the reasons of security, because one could never know ….  It was a time when Asket taught him a lot of things, which was also of great importance, and she also made various statements. Thus, the more than two days and nights, became a time of wonder, of joy, of recognizing and the final acceptance of a very important mission.


Asket’s explanations - Jebel Ithriyat, Jordan 3rd of February 1956


Quote of German original text with my translation. The German original text is further below.


Asket’s explanations


Written down on the 1.9.1964 in Mehrauli/India.   Word for word reproduced by Asket, through the use of her apparatuses, which made these verbatim reproductions from her subconsciousness possible.) the following explanation was delivered on the 3.2.1956 by Asket, while we stayed in her spaceship in the Jordanian desert mountains, more specifically on the Jebel Ithriyat.


“ Creation is the basic foundation of life and being (remark by the author: BEING written in capitals means: Creation existence. Written in upper and lower case – Being – means: Material existence, life). In the power of Creation we fulfil our mission, which not only has a mere cosmic, but all universal significance, because Creation is life, and Creation is BEING. And in order to fulfil our mission, we have to neutralize the space- and time structures of our and your universe, so that we can generate a harmonious passageway without damage to ships and universes; since our home world lies in the Dal universe, in the system AKON, in a system foreign to you, people on Earth, in a Universe equally foreign to you, from which several surround the universe known to you.


Many of these universes reside in other time levels and spaces totally unfamiliar to you. Our universe is a parallel sister universe to yours and it resides, when calculated by your time, in a same level. (Remark by the author (Billy): Our universe is called the DERN universe, and this as well as the Dal universe, are two twin universes, which means they have arisen as twins from one single ur-Creation idea). The difference between your and our time is only very minor. The reason of our arrival into this, your universe, lays in earlier times, which is to be calculated with some centuries, in the exploratory urge of our race which came from yours, the DERN universe, at earlier times. A universe barrier, made possible by technical developments, was opened between our and your universe, which allowed us to enter into your time, after again having acquired the knowledge about it, lost many thousands of years ago.


Since then, we have again been exploring the width of your universe, and discovered some centuries ago this solar system, and with it this world. To be precise, the number of centuries, according your calendar, adds up to 33 in total, during which we have been able to again travel around and explore in your universe. Through our relentless research we also found this world as well as again our original home and those who at that time were responsible for the human life on this world, because a part of the people on Earth were not born here.


Many are the descendants of those who came from the width of space, from the place in space which you call Ring Nebula. More specifically, in those areas, is the real original home of the later Earth human races located. Today, however, the real descendants of the Earth ancestors no longer populate the area, spaces and systems around the Ring Nebula and the stars of Vega and Lyra, but they live on planets far beyond the systems which you call the Seven Sisters or the Pleiades.


They are the distant descendants of yours and ours real great-ancestors. However, about all these things, calculated from today, should be explained to you in a little less than twenty earth years by the descendants of your forefathers themselves, when you are mature enough, to absorb new explanations and knowledge. Till then, however, a duty is placed on you, to still learn a great deal more and steer your knowledge and wisdom into very high levels, so that you thereby are able to fulfil your difficult mission.


You are chosen as a truth bringer by your own decision, as previously numerous other times by yourself, at much earlier times. However, to be able to fulfil your mission as such, you must become greater in spiritual knowledge than any other person of your time (Remarks by the author: spiritual knowledge = knowledge of the spiritual-creative matters, relationship as well as laws and commandments etc.) . Hence, you were already prior to your birth, placed under the controlling supervision of a certain life form (Sfath), who had to protect, to lead and supervise, and to teach you. This happened in the same way with all earlier truth bringers, who some of them were reincarnations of your spirit form and who were already selected before their birth and prepared for their mission after again becoming alive. This represents a law of Creation, that it also cannot be acted contrary to the will. It is wrong to assume that truth bringers and truth announcer first at a certain age were appointed to their missions, because their path is already determined before conception, by themselves, in prior lives.


Those are then only able to proclaim illogical and incorrect <truths>, through which the life forms fall into enslavement of all kinds and becomes dependent on unreal things. However, true truth bearers and prophets bring words and truths of freedom and knowledge, of love and wisdom in absolute logic.  False truth bringers and false prophets, etc. bring only illogical false doctrines which in conformity with the constantly progressing time and evolution, has to be reshaped and revised, while true truth bringers and prophets etc., only bring the teaching of the truth, which is of everlasting consistency and can never be modified. The eternal truth remains always the eternal truth, even though it is conditional upon language development and always time and again must be brought with new words and concepts.


In less than twenty earth years, the time will come for you when you are going to write a major work of truth passed on to you by a very high spirit form. It will arrive to you from the same level which also Jmmanuel, the carpenter's son, whom you erroneously call Jesus Christ, has received his knowledge. It will be the final work of the modern era, the work of truth, of knowledge, of clarification, of wisdom and love, the work of the Aquarian age (Dekalog / Dodekalog – Arahat Athersata). It will be the work of the absolute truth in connection with many other things. It will be the work of the absolute truth written for all coming times. This work can never be substituted through further changes, because it will contain the last truth. And this eternal truth is never subject to changes. So should then life forms appear, wanting to bring additional changes and revisions to this work, then they are just deceitful and malicious liars. The truth is never subject to changes and revisions, because it remains constant in absolutely all of time and spaces.


It is the task of every highly developed life form to lend support to underdeveloped life forms to a degree that is responsible, in order to influence the evolution with the appropriate force. This duty is incumbent upon all life forms in all universes, because it is based on a Creational law. And thus we are here from a universe foreign to you and this duty is also here incumbent upon us, which is why we at a given time will enter into unofficial contact with a highly developed life form at home in this universe . This point in time will however first arrive in a few years, when I return to my universe whereupon then someone else will make contact with you (Remarks by the author (Billy): This other life form, respective person, unfortunately suffered a fatal accident only a few years after this conversation, consequently I committed myself to take over their tasks as well). 


As already highly developed life forms, we have in this, your own universe, recognized many things which are on a very dangerous course: The humanity on Earth has entered into the age of knowledge and development, but through different factors are knowledge and development being maliciously violated, in particular by crazy ideologies, which have an enslaving, mortifying and exploitative effect on humanity. Limitless greed for power is inherent in all Earth ideologies and the real goal, which embodies all of them, is the achievement of world domination. Ideology signifies the biggest and most dangerous power for obtaining world domination, which without exception is being aimed at by all creeds, in so far as they are religiously or clandestinely oriented.


There is no doubt that many Earth governments are being religiously led and controlled, or at least are subject to a certain religious influence. And, on the other hand, apart from that, are also independently by these governments steady efforts undertaken on a political basis in order to gain world domination on their part. These malicious efforts on both sides have time and time again led to war actions and other similar deadly excesses by which countless human lives have been lost. The knowledge of the modern times was developed by Earth humans solely for the purpose of the obtainment of world domination. He modified all his developments and inventions into fatal weapons. He forced the foundation-stones of life (atom) into dangerous explosive devices, in order to convert these foundation-stones of life itself into a deadly weapon.


And already within a very short time, will Earth humans bustle out from his atmosphere with manned missiles. Soon the time will also come when Earth humans enters the moon, and speak big deceitful words of peace and love. Nevertheless, these will only be words of deception, because the mind of those terrestrial humans, who let these words be carried out in space, only craves in the uncontrollable greed for power and world domination. Their words will be only a sinister lie and intrigue in order to deceive real peaceful life forms and to capture them under their servitude by pretending peace. Ideologies and politics on Earth work in these things together and do not shy away from using any type of intrigue-filled means to achieve their power hungry objectives.


The terrestrial mankind has reached a high evolutionally level, but only in technical and purely in the way of material- intellectual abilities. The spiritual and consciousness related evolution has nevertheless so far been maliciously put at a disadvantage and neglected, and through the worldly and material suppressed. This resulted in that all sorts of bad things could grow rampant and degenerate into fanaticism. The worst factors to be mentioned, in this respect, are the terrestrial ideologies, through which all reality and truth is denied and condemned. In this respect, as promoter of such unreal ideologies, the Earth must be described as unique in all the universes and worlds known to us. Nowhere else do such insane ideologies exist, which here on Earth are rife.


Earth ideologies in particular and Earth politics have become a danger, which is beginning to spread slowly and deadly.  As if it was not enough that space travelling races have already thrown three of their home worlds into turmoil, and had to again be brought under control by outside forces, owing to Earth’s ideological madness, are also the terrestrial humans pushing their world and the whole solar system dangerously close to destruction. Three human races from distant galaxies in this universe, capable of space travel, sent out their expedition ships less than 1130 Earth years ago and ventured to Earth. With small reconnaissance aircraft they explored this world and came also in contact with priestly Earth people, secretly and in privacy, in order not spread fear and panic.


From the terrestrial humans they heard and learned the insanity of their ideologies and they suddenly believed themselves, in their creation philosophy and consciousness evolution, to be misguided and disadvantaged. As consciously very underdeveloped life forms, the terrestrial humans were able to throw these foreign life forms into doubt and sow dispute among them. However, this was really a surprise, when one considers that highly developed life forms from foreign galaxies visits the Earth and are here suddenly being told that they, as a highly a developed race, should have been disadvantaged by Creation … ” This and a lot more explained Asket (see: Semjase-contact reports), whereby she also made predictions in relation to world political events.





Geman original


Askets Erklärungen


Niedergeschrieben am 1.9.1964 in Mehrauli/India. Wörtliche Wiedergabe durch Asket mit Hilfe ihrer Apparaturen, welche diese wörtlichen Wiedergaben aus ihrem Unterbewusstsein ermöglichen.) Folgende Erklärung wurde am 3.2.1956 von Asket abgegeben, während wir uns in ihrem Raumschiff im jordanischen Wüstengebirge aufhielten, und zwar auf dem Jebel Ithriyat.


“Die Schöpfung ist das Grundfundament des Lebens und des SEINs (Anm. D. Authors: SEIN mit grossen Buchstaben geschrieben bedeutet: Schöpfungs-Existenz. Gross und klein geschrieben – Sein – bedeutet: Materielles Dasein, Leben). In der Kraft der Schöpfung erfüllen wir unsere Mission, die nicht nur einkosmische, sondern alluniverselle Bedeutung hat, denn die Schöpfung ist das Leben, und die Schöpfung ist das SEIN. Und um unsere Mission zu erfüllen haben wir die Raum- und Zeitgefüge unseres und eures Universums zu neutralisieren, damit wir einen harmonischen Durchgang ohne Schaden an Schiffen und Universen zustandebringen können; denn unsere Heimatwelt liegt im Dal-Universum, im System AKON, in einem euch Erdenmenschen fremden System eines euch ebenso fremden Universums, von denen mehrere das euch bekannte Universum umschliessen.


Viele dieser Universen liegen in anderen Zeitebenen und in euch völlig fremdartigen Räumen. Unser Universum ist ein Parallel-Schwester-Universum zu dem euren und es liegt nach eurer Zeit berechnet in einer gleichen Ebenen (Anm. D, Autors: Unser Universum wird DERN-Universum genannt und dieses sowie das Dal-Universum sind zwei Zwillingsuniversen, was bedeutet, dass sie als Zwillinge aus einer einzigen Ur-Schöpfungs-Idee hervorgegangen sind). Die Differenz zwischen eurer und unserer Zeit ist nur sehr gering. Der Grund unseres Kommens in dieses euer Universum lag zu früheren Zeiten, die mit einigen Jahrhunderten zu berechnen sind, im Forschungsdrang unserer Rasse, die zu früheren Zeiten aus eurem, dem DERN-Universum kam. Durch technische Entwicklungen ermöglicht, wurde eine Universums-Barriere geöffnet zwischen unserem und eurem Universum, die uns den Einlass in eure Zeit gewährte, nachdem das vor Jahrzigtausenden verlorene Wissen darüber wieder erarbeitet war.

Seither erforschen wir wieder die Weiten eures Universums und entdeckten vor einigen Jahrhunderten dieses Sonnensystem und damit dies Welt. Um genau zu sein, reihten sich die Jahrhunderte nach eurer Zeitrechnung zu dreiunddreissig zusammen, während denen wir euer Universum wieder zu bereisen und zu erforschen vermögen. Durch unsere unaufhaltsamen Forschungen fanden wir auch diese Welt sowie auch unsere Urheimat wieder und die damaligen Verantwortlichen, die für das menschliche Leben auf dieser Welt zuständig waren, denn ein Teil der Menschen der Erde wurde nicht hier geboren.


Viele sind die Nachfahren jener, die aus den Weiten des Raumes kamen, aus jenem Raume, den ihr Ringnebel nennt. In jenen Gebieten nämlich liegt die wirkliche Urheimat der späteren irdischen Menschenrassen. Die eigentlichen Nachkommen der irdischen Vorfahren bevölkern heute allerdings nicht mehr die Gebiete und Räume und die Systeme um den Ringnebel und die Wega- und Lyragestirne, sondern sie leben auf Weltenkörpern weit jenseits der Systeme, die ihr Siebengestirn oder Plejaden nennt.


Sie sind die fernen nachkommen eurer und unserer eigentlichen Ur-Vorfahren. Doch über alle diese Dinge sollst du ab heute gerechnet in etwas weniger als zwanzig Erdenjahren von den Nachkommen eurer Vorfahren selbst aufgeklärt werden, wenn du gereift genug bist, um die neuen Erklärungen und Erkenntnisse zu verkraften. Bis dahin aber ist es dir auferlegt, noch sehr viel zu lernen und dein Wissen und deine Weisheit in sehr hohe Ebenen hineinzugeleiten, so du dadurch deine schwere Mission zu erfüllen vermagst.


Du bist durch Eigenbestimmung ausersehen als Wahrheitsbringer, wie schon unzählige andere zu sehr frühen Zeiten von dir. Doch um deiner Mission als solcher gerecht werden zu können, musst du im Geisteswissen grosser werden als jeder andere Mensch deiner Zeit (Anm. D. Autors: Geisteswissen = Wissen der geistig-schöpferischen Belange, Zusammenhänge sowie Gesetze und Gebote usw.). Daher wurdest du schon vor deiner Geburt unter die Kontrollaufsicht einer bestimmten Lebensform (Sfath) gestellt, die dich zu beschützen, zu leiten und führen und zu belehren hatte. Dies geschah so wie bei allen früheren Wahrheitsbringern, die teilweise Reinkarnationen deiner Geistform waren und die schon vor ihrer Geburt auserkoren und nach der Wiederlebendigwerdung auf ihre Mission vorbereitet wurden. Dies stellt ein Gesetz der Schöpfung dar, dem auch willens nicht zuwidergehandelt werden kann. Es ist irrig zu glauben, dass Wahrheitsbringer und Wahrheitskünder erst in gewissen Altersjahren in ihre Missionen berufen würden, denn ihr Weg ist schon vor der Zeugung durch sie selbst im früheren Leben bestimmt.


Diese vermögen dann auch nur unlogische und falsche <Wahrheiten> zu verkünden, durch welche die Lebensformen in Versklavung aller Art verfallen und von unwirklichen Dingen abhängig werden. Wahrliche Wahrheitsbringer und Propheten aber bringen Worte und Wahrheiten der Freiheit und des Wissens, der Liebe und der Weisheit in absoluter Logik. Falsche Wahrheitsbringer und falsche Propheten usw. bringen nur Irrlehren in Unlogik, die laufend der fortgeschrittenen Zeit und Entwicklung gemäss neu geformt und revidiert werden müssen, während wahrliche Wahrheitsbringer und Propheten usw. nur die Lehre der Wahrheit bringen, die von ewiger Beständigkeit ist und niemals abgeändert werden kann. Die ewige Wahrheit bleibt immer die ewige Wahrheit, auch wenn sie sprachentwicklungsbedingt immer wieder mit neuen Worten und Begriffen gebracht werden muss.


In weniger als zwanzig Erdenjahren wird die Zeit für dich kommen, da du ein grosses Werk der Wahrheit schreiben wirst, das dir von einer sehr hohen Geistform übermittelt wird. Es wird aus derselben Ebene zu dir gelangen, aus der auch Jmmanuel, der Zimmermannsohn, den ihr irrtümlich Jesus Christus nennt, sein Wissen erhalten hat. Es wird das endgültige Werk der Neuzeit sein, das Werk der Wahrheit, des Wissens, der Aufklärung, der Weisheit und der Liebe, das Werk der Wassermannzeit (Dekalog/Dodekalog – Arahat Athersata). Es wird das Werk der absoluten Wahrheit sein im Zusammenhang mit vielen anderen Dingen. Es wird das Werk der absoluten Wahrheit sein für alle kommenden Zeiten geschrieben werden. Niemals wird dieses Werk durch weitere Neuerungen ersetzt werden können, denn es wird die letzte Wahrheit enthalten. Und diese Wahrheit des Ewigen unterliegt niemals Änderungen. So dann aber Lebensformen in Erscheinung treten und über dieses Werk hinaus Änderungen und Neuerungen bringen wollen, dann sind  sie nur betrügerischer Form und bösartiger Lüge. Die Wahrheit unterliegt niemals Änderungen und Neuerungen, denn sie ist beständig im Absoluten aller Zeiten und Räume.


Es ist die Aufgabe jeder höherentwickelten Lebensform, unterentwickelten Formen helfend beizustehen in verantwordlichem Masse, um die Evolution in gegebener Kraft zu beeinflussen. Diese Pflicht obliegt allen Lebensformen aller Universen, denn sie beruht in einem schöpferischen Gesetz. Und so wir aus einem euch fremden Universum hier sind, obliegt auch uns diese Pflicht hier, weshalb wir zur gegebenen Zeit mit einer diesem Universum eigenen und hochentwickelten Lebensform in inoffiziellen Kontakt treten werden.Dies wird jedoch erst in einigen Jahren soweit sein, wenn ich in mein Universum zurückkehre, wonach dann anderweitig mit dir Kontakt aufgenommen wird (Anm. D.Authors: Diese andere Lebensfrom resp. Person verunglückte leider tödlich nur wenige Jahre nach diesem Gespräch, folglich ich auch deren Aufgaben zu übernehmen mich verpflichtete).


Als bereits hochentwickelte Lebensformen haben wir in diesem euch eigenen Universum sehr viele Dinge erkannt, die von sehr gefährlichem Gang sind: Die Menscheit der Erde ist in das Zeitalter des Wissens und Entwicklung eingetreten, doch aber werden Wissen und Entwicklung durch vielerlei Faktoren bösartig gestört, insbesondere durch irre Ideologien, die sich versklavend, demütigend und ausbeuterisch auf die Menschheit auswirken. Grenzenlose Machtgier ist allen irdischen Ideologien eigen und die eigentliche Zielverkörperung  aller besteht in der Erlangung einer Weltherrschaft. Ideologie bedeutet die grösste und gefährlichste Macht zur Erlangung der Weltherrschaft, die ausnahmslos von allen Glaubensrichtungen angestrebt wird, insofern sie religiös oder geheimbündlerisch ausgerichtet sind.


 Es ist unzweifelhaft, dass viele irdische Regierungen religiös gelenkt und geführt werden oder zumindest einem gewissen religiösen Einfluss unterliegen. Und durch diese Regierungen werden andererseits selbständig ebenfalls stetige Bemühungen auf politischer Basis unternommen, um ihrerseits die Weltherrschaft an sich zu reissen. Diese beidseitigen bösartigen Bemühungen haben immer und immer wieder zu Kriegshandlungen und anderweitigen todbringenden Ausschreitungen geführt, wodurch unzählige Menschenleben vernichtet wurden. Nur zum Zwecke der Erlangung der Weltherrschaft wurde das Wissen der Neuzeit ausgearbeitet vom Erdenmenschen. Alle seine Entwicklungen und Erfindungen arbeitete er in todbringende Waffen um. Die Grundsteine des Lebens (Atom) zwang er in gefährliche Sprengkörper, um diese Grundsteine des Lebens selbst in eine tödliche Waffe umzufunktionieren.


Und schon in allerkürzester Zeit wird der Erdenmensch hinauseilen aus seiner Atmosphähre mit bemannten Raketengeschossen. Bald auch wird die Zeit da sein, da der Erdenmensch der Erdtrabanten betritt und grosse betrügerische Worte von Frieden und Liebe spricht. Es werden jedoch nur Worte der Täuschung sein, denn der Sinn jener Erdenmenschen, die diese Worte in den Weltenraum hinaustragen lassen, lechzt nur in der unbezwingbaren Gier nach Macht und Weltherrschaft. Ihre Worte werden nur böse Lüge und Intrige sein, um friedenvortäuschend wirklich friedvolle Lebensformen zu betrügen und unter ihre Knechtschaft zu schlagen. Ideologien und Politik der Erde arbeiten in diesen Dingen gemeinsam und scheuen keinerlei intrigenvolle Mittel, um ihre machtgierigen Ziele zu erreichen.


Erdenmenschheit hat evolutionsmässig einen hohen Stand erreicht, jedoch nur in technischer und rein materiell-verstandesmässiger Hinsicht. Die geistige und bewusstseinsmässige Evolution wurde bisher jedoch bösartig benachteiligt und vernachlässigt und durch das Weltliche und Materielle verdrängt. Daraus ergab sich, dass vielerlei böse Dinge wuchern konnten und zum Fanatismus ausarteten. Als böseste Faktoren sind dabei die irdischen Ideologien zu nennen, durch die alle Wirklichkeit und Wahrheit geleugnet und verdammt wird. In dieser Beziehung muss die Erde als Träger solcher irrealer Ideologien als einmalig in allen uns bekannten universe und allen Welten bezeichnet werden. Nirgendwo anders existieren solche ideologien des Wahnsinns, wie hier auf dieser Erde grassieren.


Die irdischen Ideologien insbesondere und die irdische Politik sind zu einer Gefahr geworden, die sich langsam und tödlich auszubreiten beginnt. Nicht genug damit, dass weltraumfahrende Rassen durch den irdisch ideologischen Wahnsinn bereits drei ihrer Heimatwelten in Aufruhr versetzt haben und durch aussenstehende Kräfte  wieder unter Kontrolle gebracht werden musten, treibt der Erdenmensch auch seine Welt und das ganze Sonnensystem in die gefärliche Nähe des Verderbens. Drei der Raumfahrt fähige menschliche Rassen aus fernen Galaxien dieses Universums entsandten vor veniger als 1130 Erdenjahren ihre Expeditionsschiffe und stiessen zur Erde vor. Mit kleinen Aufklärern erkundeten sie diese Welt und traten auch in Kontakt mit priesterlichen Erdenmenschen, heimlich und unerkannt, um nicht Schrecken und Angst zu verbreiten.


Von den Erdenmenschen hörten und lernten sie den Wahnsinn ihrer Ideologien und glaubten sich plötzlich in ihrer Schöpfungphilosophie und Bewusstseinsevolution irregeleitet und benachteiligt. Als bewusstseinsmässig sehr weit unterentwickelte Lebensform vermochte der Erdenmensch diese fremden Lebensformen in Zweifel zu stürzen und Zwist unter sie zu sähen. Doch war denn das ein Wunder, wenn bedacht wird, dass sehr hoch entwickelte Lebensformen aus fremden Galaxien die Erde besuchen und hier plötzlich davon unterrichtet werden, dass sie als sehr weit entwickelte Rasse von der Schöpfung benachteiligt worden sein sollen…” Dieses und vieles weiter erklärte Asket (Siehe: Semjase-Kontaktberichte), wobei sie auch Voraussagen machte im Bezuge auf das politische Weltgeschehen.


Ende Zitat / Unquote


This and a lot more Asket explained to him, (Billy again refer to Semjase-Kontaktberichte / Semjase Contact reports for further explanations from Asket.), whereby she also gave predictions relating to political world events. Also concerning his person and his future life she revealed many things, whereby she also repeated facts which already had been revealed to him by Sfath.


Asket creating a security block 


Askets’s statements, predictions and explanations lasted very long. Many of the things revealed there, and also later, were such that he had to make a promise never to speak about it and therefore, either for the rest of his life, or for a certain time, maintain the strictest silence. Nevertheless, as a just in case, and according to his wish, did not Asket leave it at that. That he simply had to base this on his promise alone. He already knew from Sfath that their race disposed of a technology that made it possible to create a security block, which would prevent the secrets entrusted him to be disclosed. Because, despite his promise, through carelessness or the use of force, the possibility that he could talk had to be considered. So he then asked Asket to create a security block in him.


She looked at him for a while and replied that on one hand, it would be an intervention in his own decision-making ability, and on the other hand, she had witnessed that not only was his intention about his promise regarding this something he took very serious, but also that he gave careful consideration to many things. Apart from that, however, she would have expected exactly this request to come from him, writes Billy, thus she complied with his wish. He even did not mind if she could construct this security block for all future, thus not just for the parts containing secret mentioned and discussed etc. in the past, but also for everything still to come of future nature, namely for the rest of his life.


He was naturally fully agreeing to this, because he was totally aware that he, during his life, still would learn and experience many things, which he had to maintain total silence about. After his repeated consent, that Asket should create the security blockade in him, respective in his consciousness and subconsciousness, she asked him to lean back in his seat, whereupon she placed a strange appearing gadget on his head, which had two metal brackets, which pressed gently on his temples. Upon Askets request, he closed his eyes and relaxed. After a few seconds he felt a warm tingling flowing through him, which went out from the head and spread out over his entire body and all his limbs. Then the tingling stopped and only the pleasant heat still flowed through him. With closed eyelids he then suddenly saw multi-coloured light flashes, and then strange end even multi-coloured figures, which changed and rotated in quick succession. This lasted quite a while, and then suddenly there were no flashes and no figures anymore, just only the pleasant heat, which flowed through his entire body and all limbs.


Then also the heat disappeared, whereby he sensed that it retracted slowly from the limps and the body back into his head where it then dissolved. Then Asket removed the gadget again from his head, and he felt happy and not in any way different from before.  However, he did not know how the security block was created. He also did not want to ask about it, because it appeared better for him not to possess any knowledge about it – for whatever reason. However, he knew that much from Sfath, that this block was directly related to his consciousness and various other things and could only build under its utilization. More than that he did not know about it, and more than that he do not know about it today (1997), besides perhaps the fact that the whole process had nothing to do with hypnosis or any type of suggestive influence. 


The days with Asket in Jordan


He admits that Asket’s explanations and statements etc. at the time seemed enormous and that he thought he had to be dreaming. He constantly expected, or strove, to wake up from his dream and again be pulled back into reality. Nevertheless, nothing like that happened, and the longer Asket’s explanations and statements lasted, the more he came to realize that he did not dream and that everything was conscious reality. This was not at least because he occasionally pinched his earlobes until they bled, or because he burned himself deep in his left hand with a glowing cigarette and sensed the sudden and persistent pain.


Several times he clutched Asket’s hand and squeezed forcefully. She made a painful sound and he felt her warmth and her opposite pressure while she understandingly laughed and said that he had to get used to the fact that all of this is reality. However, he had also been in contact with Sfath, long enough that he reasonably should have known that he was very well able to recognize dream from reality. But nevertheless, over the time to follow he came to do many other things which tested his senses and awareness, but every time he realized that he in fact he was wide awake and with his full senses. Several more hours passed by during which Asket explained and taught him many things, whereby they alternated between sitting inside the ship and spending time walking around in the open outside.


The night had already passed by and the new day was already nearing noon. He did not feel tired despite not having slept for a long time. Nor was he especially thirsty despite the intense heat. Asket explained, this was because the food they had been eating contained enough liquid to quench their thirst. The food, which they during the entire time, just once in the evening before, had been eating, was about similar to the food he already knew from Sfath. As the sun stood high in zenith, he felt for the first time a fatigue rising in him, something Asket obviously noticed because she said that she also was tired and that they probably should get some hours sleep. Therefore they laid down in their chairs, which Asket manipulated by thought, hence they moved to a sleeping position. Then he soon fell asleep.


When he woke up it was already night, but not dark. Strong starlight brightened the skies and perhaps the moon was also somewhere involved, but he was not able to see it; perhaps because it was not yet risen, or it had already disappeared, or it was simply hidden behind the clouds, which covered all of the sky in the west and appeared not to move. As he rose up from the comfortable chair he saw that Asket had also woken up, thus he asked her if she wanted to come with him out in the open, to roam through the mountains a bit.  She agreed right away and commented that would surely be good for them.


They then let themselves be brought out of the ship, and this time by a small platform, with enough room for both of them, which without any type of mounting bracket hovered down through an opening in the floor. When they arrived on the ground Asket took his hand and they then strolled through the mountains, which seemed rugged to him and casting strange shapes through the matt darkness. He was somehow exited, why, he did not know and as a consequence he felt an intense heat rise up in his head . But that quickly went away after they had walked a short distance because the night was rather chilly wherefore the profuse heat feeling soon subsided and disappeared.


The encounter with Iljitsch Ustinow


They spoke no word, but instead they simply roamed in silence and hand in hand through the dimly lit night, whereby they moved quite far away from both their space ships. He estimated that a little more than two hours must have gone by while they were walking along in silence. Just as they walked around a huge rock, Asket suddenly stopped and held him back. In the same moment he also stopped and got the same impulse to hold back as his companion, because barely three meter in front of them smouldered a piece of wood, and about half a meter away from it burned a weak fire. Then already a man jumped towards them brandishing a rifle in front of them.


He spoke to them uttering swift words. He was quite clearly extremely agitated and he assumed a threatening posture. Billy failed to understand a word from what he said as he spoke in English, a language Billy at the time had not yet learned. The man was undoubtedly not a local, rather an European or similar, that proved his articulation on one hand, as well as his clothes on the other, which were distinctly Western and consisting of a checked shirt as well as blue jeans and blue denim jacket. On his feet, however, he wore no cowboy boots, but a type of parachutist’s boots or combat boots which were high laced. Asket commanded the English language and she was able to calm the man down, who then suddenly started to speak in the German language, whereas it became distinguishable that this could not be his mother language.


Billy could now, of course , understand everything, as well as Asket, who consistently, all the time throughout, always had been communicating with him in the High German language, because just like Sfath, she did not speak Swiss-German. He now found out that the man was a Russian national, who for many years had been travelling all alone around the world. He estimated his age to be about 55 years. They were quickly able to clarify the situation, and he told them that he already had visited several countries and that he now was camping there, in the mountainous desert of Jordan,  relatively close to the Dead Sea, because he wanted to dig for certain things. Since they appeared suddenly, and in addition, late into the night, he became frightened, and thought that he was being traced and endangered by some dark elements.


For this reason, he came at them with the rifle. He was certainly not to know that they were just harmless night wanderers, or where the hell they came from. At this moment, Asket explained that they in a certain way also were outsiders, in some distance away from their <camp> , and that they had simply gone for a walk, which also corresponded with the truth. With that, the man, who at a later time, when he unexpectedly visited their <camping place> ,presented himself as Iljitsch Ustinow, was content. He was now, however, satisfied with Asket’s reply, and he then invited them around to his camp fire. He offered them tea in metal cups, and suddenly Billy realized that he again was hungry. Already hours had gone by since they last ate. And it was as if the man noticed his thoughts and he offered them something to eat, namely some dry bread and dried fruits. Billy happily accepted and hungrily he devoured it all. Also Asket seemed to suffer from hunger, because she also accepted the gifts from the man with thanks, and with apparent appetite she ate it all. 


They may well have spent an hour with the man, and after a conversation about Creation and the World, they wanted to head back.  But as they were about to say goodbye, he held them back and explained that he for many years now had been wandering around on his own and had never been able to join up with any other people. He had experienced quite a lot of unpleasant things, and had often been ill-treated, humiliated and cheated, wherefore he did not trust, and if possible avoided people. This was also the reason why he had had set up his camp, in this lonely place, completely alone, and also wanted to dig for those things on his own, through which he hoped to make some money.  Now, however, during the short time they had spent with him, something strange happened to him, because through the socializing with them, a special feeling began to stir in him.


In fact, he could not explain it all, but these feelings felt extremely pleasant to him. And this, the way he found Asket and Billy extraordinary profound, was something which had never happened to him prior in his life. Already in his early youth, bad things had happened to him, whereby he had learned to hate people, even his mother, his father, his siblings and all his relatives etc. Through machinations by so called friends, he was even put in prison for six years, where he was abused, beaten, and maltreated. Now, however, during their socializing a change happened in him, which made him doubt his hatred towards people, and made him think that not everybody can be measured with the same yardstick. Somehow he found, that Billy and Asket, were entirely different people to those he until then had experienced. This was the reason for him to ask them to stay some more time with him, or at least to visit him a few days later, if they still planned to stay around in the area. For his part, he intended to stay there for about three weeks, in order to carry out what he had firmly planned.    


How Asket’ remotedly controlled the space ships.


Asket was already again holding his hand when he felt her handgrip strengthening by the words from the man. She then spoke softly and gently to him and made him a promise from them both, that already in a few days, at the same place and at the same time, they would again meet, namely on the night of the 7th of February. With that promise they said goodbye to him, and headed back to the two space ships, as the ship which picked him up from his home area and brought him there, still stood there as well. They then again marched off. Right then, the time was already just after 23.00, something he observed by looking at the luminous numerals on his wristwatch.


They had been walking for about forty five minutes when Asket said that she was getting tired of walking and did not want to continue any further. Not thinking ahead, he opined that they could not just simply stay there, where they were, but had to get back to the ships. She then just laughed quietly and explained that this was not a problem; he just needed to be a bit patient. Wherefore he waited for what would happen next. Not even a minute had gone by, when a white pulsating light appeared just over the horizon; quickly growing bigger as it was speeding towards them. It was quite obvious that it was one of the two small space ships, which Asket, on telepathic basis, had commanded to come over, as she laughingly told him. And soon after, the ship also hovered head-high above the ground,  and Asket pulled him with her under it.


He had barely arrived under it, when he already stood inside the object, together with her. The object rose up in the air with a lightning speed and landed only seconds later at the place where the other ship was, where it had been standing when they, only hours earlier, had left the place. By landing he noticed that the other space ship no longer was invisible. Next, the matter in their aircraft also transformed and became visible. When he asked Asket why this was being done, she replied that it was no longer required to remain shielded, because apart from the man, who they had just come across, there were no other human beings in the wider area, kilometres afield in this mountainous region. And this was something which had been unequivocally detected through the relevant sensors in the ship.


And the life form, which had been detected when they first arrived there, by the monitoring equipment in the space ship, which had been left behind in an invisible state, was not dangerous, something he then also was able to assess for himself, when he was talking with the lonely man. It was, namely, one of those factors which had been registered by the warning and observation equipment. And since they now had gotten to know and adjudged the man, that he was harmless to them, she gave the ship the instruction to suspend the camouflage and again become visible, for the reason that she felt more secure when the matter round her were visible and a seclusion outwards was created.  Now, however, she was tired and had to sleep for a few hours. Already very late at night, he was now also really tired and without objection he laid down on the couch converted seat, which Asket offered him to sleep on. Just as he saw that she also laid down on her couch, then he already fell asleep. He sank into a deep sleep filled with dreams, which related to things of the day.  


Ordinary  routines. Becoming familiar and adjusting


It was already bright daylight, when he again woke and saw that Asket, from somewhere, had <conjured up> drinkable and edible things. The inside of the space ship was bright as daylight by the light falling inn through the all-round window formation in the ceiling. They sat up rightly in a comfortable position in their chairs, in front of which a table-top looking object was hovering without being mounted anywhere, or having any type of buttress or legs. It simply floated in the air, was very stable, and did not move when he bumped against it. It was a solid plate which Asket had pulled out from a carcass in the ships wall and it was metallic. They had an invigorating breakfast feast, whereby he nevertheless was unable to define what he ate and drank. Everything was however very tasty and totally foreign to him, because it was nothing of the kind that he already previously had eaten with Asket or Sfath.


Also the beverage was completely new to him, light and yellow-whitish and somewhat viscous. It had a consistency similar to edible oil and gave him the impression, as if it was a juice from some fruit unknown to him. Also the meal seemed to him as if it was made of fruit and presumably also from some type of vegetables. It was clear to him that the taste of it all, on one hand was very foreign, but on the other hand also kind of familiar. It all tasted very delicious to him. It was simply the originality which appeared like a paradox to him, namely on the one hand everything was foreign, and yet on the other hand it was vaguely familiar.  


After the breakfast he let himself be transported out in the open through the hovering platform. The sun stood already high above the horizon and warmed everything up, that the night had cooled down. He walked a few steps around, and then Asket also came out of the ship, holding a large bowl-shaped container in her hands which was filled with cool and clear water, which she had got from somewhere in the ship. He rushed to her and helped her carry the rather large bowl.  Stepping out from under the ship, they placed it on the ground not far from it. Unembarrassed Asket uncovered the upper part of her body and started to wash it with her bare hands. He found it so naturally that he made no further thoughts about it, but rather also he took off his upper clothes, dipped his hands into the cool water, and also started washing himself. Then they were splashing around like small kids in the delightful water, and so it all became a very funny morning toilet.


As all the water had been squirted, Asket caught hold of his hand and said she wanted to walk until the heat from the sun had dried her bare top body and her long blond hair. So he then strode around with her, also with bare upper body and wet hair. He estimated that they probably must have been walking around like that for about half an hour, during which time they became completely dry. They then went back to the ship; put the clothes back on their upper bodies, picked up the empty bowl from the ground, and went back into the ship, where they spent time until the evening, while Asket again taught him a whole lot of things.


Despite all the explanations and statements etc. again were completely new to him, they no longer seemed as strange as the days before. And when he thought everything through, he really only found it surprising that he got used to everything so quickly, and within a short time, everything became a matter of course. Asket herself appeared in the meantime to have become to such an extent familiar to him, as it was like as if he had known her for thousands of years. And in the meantime he was getting so used to everything that he no longer cared about the ship and its details. He expressed it in the way that the ship already had become to such extent uninteresting that now regarded it as being somewhat boring.


The return flight from Jordan to Switzerland in the small space ship


After Asket’s long explanations, statements and lectures the time had come for them to again part company because she had another important task to carry out somewhere else, which was not connected to him. So when it became late at night, they said goodbye to each other like two people who had grown to love each other and become the best of friends. Asket gave him the promise that she would again pick him up from his home district on the 7th of February, early in the evening, and fly him back to Jordan.


He felt somehow glum as he parted from her and walked towards the small space ship which two days earlier had brought him there, and still stood at the same place where it landed with him inside.  It was simply like that, that he suddenly missed Asket as he walked away from her. It seemed to him as if she had become a part of him. As he was walking towards the ship with this though in his mind, suddenly Asket whispering voice sounded in his consciousness asking him not to be sad and glum as they would, after all, meet again shortly.  She however, sensed and felt equally to him wherefore she also had her problems and was to some extent afflicted.


In the meantime, he arrived at his ship, went under it and soon he was also inside, where he sat down in his seat. He had barely sat down, when everything around him flickered, for the fraction of a second, and then he and the entire ship became invisible.  Everything repeated itself the way he had already experienced it two days earlier. He hovered slowly up and then suddenly, with an incredible speed, rushed upwards into the night sky, where countless of stars glittered, and where also the moon came into his field of vision. And again he shot far out, into space and towards the sun, which rapidly grew into a gigantic disc. And he knew the reason for this from Asket’s explanations, where she mentioned that that, during his first flight, he flew about 72 million kilometres out in space, before it went back to Earth and towards the desert area of Jordan. Asket wanted to give him a moment of joy, since this long distance flight, far out in space, would normally not have been necessary.


And since he in fact was very delighted over the fantastic picture of the gigantic sun, he asked her if she again could fly him, to that extent far out in space, on the way home, because he wanted to enjoy the fantastic spectacle once again. Thus she complied with his request and let him see everything once more. The still fully transparent space ship, with him inside, then rushed back towards Earth, whereupon it was gliding smoothly and securely along, high above the Earth and then it hovered down, in order to again drop him off, exactly where it two days, respective two nights earlier had picked him up. The ship had barely landed when it again became fully visible. He raised from his seat and let himself be taken out in the open. He moved away from the ship, which then suddenly started to shine with a yellow-whitish light and then slowly rose up in the air, turned bluish and then shot at lightning speed up in the night sky and disappeared into the clouds, high above.


Left Phobol Cheng during her presentation at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada 1999 under the segment titled The Meier Case Reopened. She was living at the Ashoka Ashram. She eyewitnessed Asket and her space ship. She was 10 years old when Billy Meier was there in 1964


Below One of India’s leading newspaper, The Statesman, wrote an article about Billy Meier’s extraterrestrial contact. The article is dated 30 September 1964



The second flight from Switzerland to Jordan on the  7th of February 1956 


The few days went by quickly and in the early evening on the 7th of February he was already, well in advance, at the agreed place, where he was again to be picked up by the flying disc to meet Asket. It was cold and a light cover of new snow blanketed the area. He slowly started becoming cold through the waiting, so he ran around a bit to warm up.  He felt the time going very slow, after he had been waiting there for half an hour, without anything happening. Again and again he looked at the watch.  But the watch hand did not seem to want moving forward. But that however, was due to his fault and impatience, as he was there, on the agreed place, more than forty minutes before the time agreed upon. In the village below the lights came on some time ago, and it again began to snow while the last daylight of the evening disappeared and it well and truly became night.


And it had already become really dark when he became aware of a faint buzzing far away, which sounded just like the vibration coming from a helicopter rotor blade. A sound he was well familiar with and which quickly became louder. Through the light drifting snow, he then saw a dark object descending and landing on a field track. Spontaneously, he went towards it and noted that it was not the small disc which took him away from the same place a few days earlier. He saw in the darkness, and through the light drifting snow, that it looked like the flight object belonging to Asket.  That was something he had not expected and he therefore stopped surprised up in front of the dark object, which this time radiated no light. Then a dark figure came out from under the space ship, who he quickly recognized to be Asket. In a low voice she asked him to come over to her. Quickly he walked towards her, two, three steps and then they embraced each other and walked together towards the space ship and under it, where they, through the small platform let themselves be taken inside. Once inside they immediately sat down in their seats. 


It was as usual: He did not feel the slightest motion as the space ship slowly lifted up from the ground and then shot at breakneck speed, through the snow flurry and through the thick cloud cover, towards the night sky. He first noticed that they were already high above the Earth, when he looked out and saw the bright stars through the dome shaped window encircling all round. He was only able to follow the take-off manoeuvre itself and the subsequent flight on various monitor screens for a short time. But nothing more happened, because the monitor screens suddenly went dark. He thought that perhaps it could just have been a recording, which he already knew from Sfath were fully possible, as in a film. It was first when he could observe the starry sky above, that it became clear to him that there was a better reason. Asket’s explanation completed it all, as she said they were now in an altitude of around 40 000 meters, and they were again flying towards Jordan. The one sided conversation then again ended.


The ship was gliding quickly through the night, high above the Earth, whereby it was solid, tangible and stable and thus it did not become transparent.  He was also not able to notice that it shone on the outside. However, all of a sudden the floor became transparent and he saw large oceans of light deep below them, which probably had to be large cities and villages, but which one they were was kept hidden to him, and he did not ask Asket about it. Then it suddenly seemed as if they were crashing, because they were racing towards the ground at high speed. Nevertheless, he had already gotten used to such flight manoeuvres, which is why it did not frighten him. Somehow, he thought, would the steep dive definitely again come to a safe end.  And indeed, it did not last long before the ship went from plunging at a breakneck speed to simply standing still and it became “hanging” in the air for several minutes, whereby he could see some shadowy mountain ranges deep below them appear on the screens.


Then their flight object again started to move and hovered, light as a feather, down on the ground. And as on previous occasions, he felt no discomfort and also endured no G-force pressure during any of the manoeuvres. He then saw in the dim night, less than two meter under them, a rocky surface and then, from one moment to another, the ships floor became non-transparent. Almost at the same time Asket and he rose from their seat and together they stepped on to the platform, which then hovered down under the ship and brought them out in the open. When he looked around, everything seemed very familiar to him, and he got the feeling that they again were at the same place as a few days earlier. So he asked Asket about it, who confirmed that this was indeed the case.


As opposed to Europe, respective his home place in Switzerland, where it was just now snowing and cold, here they found a warm climate and a quite mild night, even though they were in the mountains. To that his companion reckoned that it would change in just an hour, because at the moment the stone and the red ground still radiated the heat from the day star, because the sun had warmed up everything.  However, the heat accumulated in the soil and the rocks was nevertheless quickly getting lost and it would then become quite cold something he already had experienced a few days earlier.


Asket’s explanations - Jebel Ithriyat, Jordan 7th of February 1956


High in the sky glimmered thousands of stars, and even some sounds of the night could be heard. And as already at the first time, a few days earlier, he also this time felt well and happy. It was in fact a great joy for him to be there. For ten minutes, Asket and he wandered slowly hand in hand through the maze of rocks, before they sat down on a huge flat rock. First then, after a few minutes, did Asket again start to speak, whereby they talked about things which at later time, through Asket’s apparatus based recordings, were word-for-word telepathically transmitted for transcript. (Billy again refers to see: Semjase-Kontaktberichte).   


My translation / German original further below


Excerpt from Asket’s explanations

“The time has now arrived when you are going to experience many things, which will be of assistance to you and many others, who at a later time will be in search for the truth. You will play a key role in this, because you are going to deliver the facts. I have already explained to you the possibility of time travel into the past or the future. With the technology available to us, we are able to undertake such travels, and now also, to implement them for the benefit of your upcoming mission.


It has been decided that you are going to travel back with me, to different time epochs, in order to verify the truth of what took place there and then, and to recognize that the records and assertions from your archaeologist are false and unreal, and only very rarely correspond with the real event.  However, we still have time, and I can explain the most important to you. Also, I still await visit from the man we recently met near this place. Otherwise, we will visit him in the morning and talk with him. First after that, we will together go on the first journey into the past. But now, I still have many explanation I first need to deliver to you:


You journey through life, which will be strenuous and troublesome, has several times been emphasised to you. You have already learned and experienced that this corresponds with the truth. Your time in learning has still not ended, as it will further last for about twenty years more, during which you will experience very difficult times and an enormously tough destiny. If it already has been very hard and difficult until now, then it will get a lot worse in the future. But, be aware that it is essential for you to complete this apprentice, if you are to accomplish your task.


The coming years will bring you in prison and military service outside of your home land. You will have to go through all stages of a fighting person, in order to thoroughly familiarize you with everything.  Because, you can only understand things the way you should, when you have your own experience, after experiencing everything for yourself. Like that it will also be with different vices, which you still will indulge in for the purpose of learning.


Just as unavoidable for you will also be severe physical pain, as well as psychological pain. In the Earth human term of meaning, you are going to live in hell, whereby you will learn to understand heaven.  Already now I will tell you the same as Sfath told you, that in less than ten years, you have to pass the hardest test of your life. However, also this test in your destiny will be necessary in order to acquire a great deal of knowledge.


I know your future to a large extent because I have entered into it, and I know that bad things will happen to you. A major change will take hold of your body, thus you will all of a sudden live a completely different life. Right now it will sound very hard for you, yet it really has to be like that – we are not able to change your destiny, because that is something which is beyond our influence. Our competence does not extend to this type of events, thus we cannot influence it.


It would be good for you to prepare yourself for the coming event and deal with the facts with a clear mind. However, as you can do that, I will explain to you what is coming. For a long time I have been thinking about it, and I have also been seeking advice from others if I should do this, because we know very well that Earth humans are unable to cope with previous knowledge of this kind. They want to appear very tough and viable, but this aim nevertheless is only superficial.


In themselves they are weak and unwilling and do not want to carry their own burdens. Therefore, they may also never come to know things about the future, because they are unable to process the knowledge of the things to come. In your case, however, we have unanimously recognized that you are elevated above these things and are big enough, in yourself, to cope with everything in a rational way.


I still cannot mention the exact dates to you, when the event will approach you, in which your left arm will be lost. It will however happen to you in the days between the 1st and the 5th of August in the year 1965. This is in this way destined for you through your life and through all circumstances.


I will later explain to you the precise and deplorable conditions. What will further happen is that shortly before the loss of your arm in Persia, you will get a new name, in fact the name Billy.

This chosen name bear a great importance and will be very weighty. You will carry this name through all the years thereafter and it will bring you grief and pain, as well as defamation, murder attempts and falsity from outsiders, from fellow men, critics, envious people, know-it-all’s, authorities, ideologies and false prophets etc.


It is going to be extremely difficult years for you, in which you will live and learn in further hells. In your own family animosity and folly will surface against you, through which you will learn the last secrets of people and their psyche when all yours betray you. First after a long time will finally peace slowly come to you, namely a long time after you have fulfilled your real mission; first then will slowly the times of peace begin for you. However, it is a long time until then and a lot of hard and rough events will roll over you.


The name planned for you, Billy, will be of worldwide importance, and you will be in danger of drowning in sorrow as well as in hardship and pain. However, continue by following your common sense and your intellect, because only this will ensure your life. Your will then marry eight months after your accident, under very difficult circumstances, after you have met your future wife at Christmas time in 1965.


The circumstances from getting to know until marriage in Korinthos in Greece will be exceptionally marked by intrigues and bad trouble whereby you are forced to kidnap your bride, who furthermore will be only 17 years old. Nevertheless, do not think that after the wedding you will have gotten all your problems behind you, because the actual difficulties will first begin after that and will continue during all the coming years


In the time of your marriage, during the first ten years, you will have three children resulting from it, who you will give very old names. You will name a girl Gilgamesha and two boys Atlantis Sokrates and Methusalem. More children will not come from you marriage because three offspring is the number of the earthly norm.


Also the births of your children will bring you no peace, and your path of learning will then not come to an end. First in 1995 will your path very slowly start to become released from the thorns. Till then, however, you will be completely on your own during all the years; and during this time you will also receive some further instructions or teachings from us or other intelligences.


This is then the last and most difficult training, which you must master on your own. You must under all circumstances survive all these difficult periods, even when you often are not in the mood for it.


In 1975, at the beginning of the year, if the great danger of a universal catastrophe has been averted, another extraterrestrial life form will make contact with you, after which you should start to fulfil your mission.


Work then, nevertheless, with all possible means of truth and justice available to you in order to fulfil your task and to do justice to it. At that time you will once more contact the largest European organization which makes an effort in disseminating our material. From that place you will be invited to a congress, but this will very much be a heavy put down to you.


The organizers will not want to accept the truth because they are very strictly ideologically biased. They do not want you to spread the real truth, and thus they will suddenly obstruct your way, so that you cannot appear at the congress. It will be in the way that they do not want to recognize you as a new prophet because they, in their ideology, are unable to recognize the truth.


But regardless of this, you will walk your path, and shortly before this time, you will start up your own publication organ in order to spread the truth. This way, with the lovely help of your best friends, you will become independent, as well as your community, which you still in 1975 will establish. But the fight for the truth will become very hard, because you will have to run up against the ignorance and irrationality of ufological groups, which are firmly rooted in ideologies and in pseudoscience.


At that, take special notice of the coming center for UFO-logical activity (…), because they will become your biggest opponent. You will be hated worldwide, and also your life no longer be safe. However, you will not need to worry about that, because by then you will have learned to just amuse yourself over such threats. However, work nevertheless fast and precise in order to fulfil your mission, because the time quickly goes by, and the death of your body on … cannot be delayed.


At the beginning of the second half of 1975 will the German ufological … aim the first blow at you. This is planned in such a way, and thus you will get make contact with this institute early on. You will do this under the name Billy which will be given you in Tehran in 1965. This is also then the time when the great turning point in your life appear. Then, be nevertheless aware of the intrigues directed against you, which will be launched at you like venomous arrows.


Be then also very careful that your second future name in Persia (Phantom) becomes erased, because up until then it would have done its part. Then let yourself again be named after your real name which already meaningful was given to you at birth: Eduard. This name conveys the meaning <keeper of the treasure>.


And in the truest sense of the word you have, until the year 1975, become the keeper of an enormous, and for people a very important treasure; namely the keeper of the treasure truth, knowledge, wisdom, love and peace - the keeper of the true spiritual teaching, because it represent the greatest treasure of the terrestrial human beings.


Therefore, towards the end of 1975, seek to eradicate your name Phantom, valid up until then, and let yourself only be named according to the name given you at birth, Eduard or Billy.

At that time, different things will loom throughout the world which will be of very great importance. An American man of peace called … etc. ” (see Semjase-Kontaktberichte) (Semjase-contact report).



German original is below marked: Auszug aus Askets Erklärungen


The second encounter with Iljitsch Ustinow, also called Jitschi


During the conversation it had become cold, just like Asket had previously mentioned it would be. Also she had become tired therefore she asked him to go with her to the space ship to get some rest. His head was filled to capacity by all her explanations, so without a word he followed her to the ship where they together let themselves be taken inside the ship by the invisible transportation force, thus they all of a sudden simply stood inside the space ship. He estimated that he probably laid awake two hours on his very comfortable reclining chair and pondered over all he had heard. Everything again seemed enormous, and in the end he had to forcibly snap out of his racing thoughts in order to be able to get some sleep.


Still a bit tired he awoke early in the morning because a loud banging sound came into his ears. It was for him as if he heard a shot somewhere, and as he looked on his watch he noticed it was shortly after seven o’clock. He arose and went to over to the instrument console on the wall in front of him, to place his right index finger on a small illuminated surface in order to make the wall transparent, whereby a small side window should be formed. Nothing like that happened, although he had seen it with Asket, that in fact a side window of about eighty centimetres in width and similar in height formed as she placed her right hand index finger on this particular illuminated area.


But then he also already heard Asket say that his attempt could not succeed because all operating options was exclusively tuned to her consciousness vibrational pattern, as she earlier had explained to him. She then also rose from her reclining chair, stepped quickly towards him and placed her right index finger on the illuminated area. A short, instantaneous flickering appeared on the wall and then the side window became present; respectively the wall simply became see-through like a window. As he looked out the window, he became aware of a man, about twenty meters away, who was standing there, resting on his rifle and grinned towards them.


There was no doubt that he had fired the shot, whereby the reason for that quite obviously also was to call their attention to him. And also equally without doubt, it was the man they had met far away from the ship, after their two hours walk at night a few days earlier. Without a word, Asket and him, together, let themselves be taken out of the space ship by the hovering platform and walked towards the man, who still grinning, came slowly towards them. Spontaneously he stretched out his hand and laughed out loud and said   


My translation / German original further below marked (1)


(Remarks by Billy: word-for-word transcription of the conversation through Askets telepathic recordings)  “This was a real surprise  – Darn it. Come and let me greet you – this was a real surprise. Nevertheless, this is what I immediately imagined, because how would it otherwise have been possible to find you so likeable when you visited me in my camp. – this was a real surprise. – I am Iljitsch Ustinow, but just call me Jitschi. – This was a surprise. ” With that he took Askets hand and shook it hard for then immediately after to also take my hand and shake it. Then the actual conversation ensued (exact reproduction see Semjase-contact reports):


Asket: However, this surprise was not foreseen.


Jitschi: “I believe that – this was really a surprise. I had actually not intended to come here. But something drove me to stumble around in the area and then I saw this thing there. I first thought that it was all just a hallucination. Thus I got closer and found that in no way had I gone crazy. I have already seen and experienced a lot of things, but not yet this. But I do not let myself go crazy, because I have already heard of such things from over in America and also other places. Where do you come from then, possibly from the Venus or from Mars? Man alive!, this was however a surprise. ”


Eduard:”I am neither from Venus nor from Mars – I am a human of this world, just like you”.


Jitschi: ”But that is impossible, the box over there is a space ship.”


Asket “With the ship, that is quite correct, including me as well. But my friend here is really from this world.”


Jitschi: “Aha - Then you are one of those contactees, like they say?”


Eduard: “Is that what they say?”


Jitschi: “Yes, that is already widely known.”


Eduard: “Unfortunately, I am not familiar with these stories”.


Asket (somewhat thoughtful): “This meeting was really not planned. What should happen now? ”


Eduard: “ I don’t know either -  what do you think, Jitschi?”


Jitschi: “Do you want to include me in something happening?”


Asket: “Nobody has said anything about that. However, your sudden appearance makes the whole thing a small problem. ”


Jitschi: “ I am sorry for that, I really did not want to meddle in the affairs of God's angel.


Asket: “ What kind of  crazy statement is that? ”


Jitschi: “It - ??? – it is well known that you are something of the kind like an angel, and come here on behalf of God. ”


Asket: “Says who?”


Jitschi: "I have heard that on several occasions, and I am happy that I have met you. Believe me, I am a good Christian and very devout, even though I am a roughneck and walk around armed. Here - - - I even always carry a bible with me."


Asket: “ Unfortunately, I must disappoint you . I am neither an angel nor do I come here on behalf of God. These stories around us are deliberate deceptions by bad elements, who … want to conjure up evil things …. If you … ”


Jitschi: “You certainly blasphemes …, that’s outrageous. ”


Asket: “This is really not the case, because you are the one who is … misled”


Jitschi: “ That, I don’t understand.”


Asket: “You will understand it, when I explain everything to you. On the other hand, I have reached a decision: If you want, you can come with my friend and me, then you will soon understand everything. ”


Jitschi: “ I – I should - - - should in this - - - climb into this ship?


Asket: “Are you afraid?”


Jitschi: “If I shall be honest – yes.”


Asket: “Of what then?”


Jitschi: “ It is so strange to me, and in spite of everything I love my life. ”


Eduard: “ But you said you are a good Christian. Do Christians then have fear of death? ”


Jitschi: “ You ask strange questions – after all, every person is afraid of death. In addition, I think that I am not yet mature enough to really enter Heaven. After all, Jesus did say …”


Asket: “That exactly, he has not even said; it is all just a deliberately falsified legend. In addition, has … His name was plainly and simply Jmmanuel. ”


Eduard: “I also find your behaviour not exactly correct and courageous, and I furthermore believe I know that you are fundamentally wrong oriented in regards to heaven. “


Jitschi: “ You find ? – You have somewhat unique views. I trust in God and Jesus Christ. ”


Eduard: “If you trust in them, then you do not need to be afraid of the spaceship. – Is it not rather the case that  … makes you doubt?


Jitschi: “I am a believer and doubt not.”


Eduard: “This appears to me to be just the case when I look at everything in the mirror. Here, however, you must come to your own decision, since the dear God and Jesus Christ are not here, to whom you can simply blame and offload your responsibility. Unfortunately, this is also the case among believers, that they always shift their own responsibility on to a saint or to the dear God because they are not able to carry their own responsibility. For this reason, they also cannot make their own decisions and conclusions, in what really is important for them. Do you want to suggest otherwise, and do you also belong to this kind of believers? ”


Asket: “That is a true word.”


Jitschi: “ It is very odd, you speak damn hard to me, and yet I feel sympathy for you. Just what is it? ”


Asket: “It is his honesty and the truth of his words, which you unconsciously realize as the truth.


Jitschi: “ Yes – it may well have been like that, because somehow in spite of all belief, I am always in doubts. “


Eduard: “ Asket – she is my friend here, and I am, by the way, Eduard – have made you a proposal. Just let your doubts be doubts and your belief be just a belief. Come with us to the ship and let yourself be surprised. Or do you believe that we would sit down in a box, and in it zoom around all over the place, if the thing would break apart at any moment? ”


Jitschi: Certainly not - - but I am afraid nevertheless. ”


Eduard: “ If one take that tone. Now, the guy is certainly already sixty years old and tremble like an aspen leaf – only because he now for once has to stand his own ground. ”


Jitschi: “ I am 59, but I can’t help it,  when I simply am afraid.”


Eduard (furiously): “ Then you are just a damned coward – come, Asket, let him just simply stagnate here and go of our ways. ” (Having become angry, I took Asket by the hand and simply pulled her away with me to the beam ship, as she called her aircraft on occasions. Nevertheless, we came only a few meters away, then Jitschi’s voice called back to us .)


Jitschi: “So please wait then.”


Eduard: “ What do you want to do next? We still have all kinds of things planned and cannot allow ourselves to worry about your fear. ”


Jitschi: “ Please, don’t be so bitter – after all, consider that I have never before seen such a ship. Not to mention that one wanted to take me along in such an apparatus. ”


Eduard: “Also with me, it was once the first time, and I have not acted so damn stupid.”


Jitschi: “ You are really hard-nosed, and for your age you are obviously quite damn characterized. ”


Eduard: “Listen to this mouth; there is the guy, a gullible Christian son and Bible dude and suddenly he can swear like carter's boy. Wonders will never cease, even though they do not come from the dear God. ”


Asket (whispering quietly): “ You have truly a remarkable way by which you interact with people  , but this way is obviously very effective. I also want to learn this.


Jitschi: “ Hey, What are you whispering? ”


Eduard: “ We have just discussed whether we should shoot you up to the moon.


Jitschi: “You are lying you bloody fellow.”


Eduard: “Exactly – however, it seems you have changed your attitude.


Jitschi: “ I have thought about your words, maybe you really are right. Thus I will come along with you – even if I perhaps will wet my pants. ”


Eduard: “ Then I will throw you out of the box – but it will surely not become that bad, or? ”


Asket: “ Leave him alone now, please. Your teaching was effective enough. ”


Jitschi: “ That is also my opinion – you really have a very pleasant way of  convincing someone of something better. ”


Eduard: “ Do I have that? ”


Asket: “ Now come please, and leave the skirmish. ”





Jitschi is taken onboard the space ship


Together they walked to the ship, whereby Billy however had to take Jitschi by the arm along, something Jitschi slightly resisted against, but to no avail to him. They were determined to bring him into the space ship at all cost. Therefore, as Jitschi suddenly pressed himself against ground, Asket then also grabbed him and pushed him forcefully from behind. Once they arrived under the ship, they simply pushed him on to hovering platform, already idle on the ground, where he was seized, held and lifted up by the levitating force, thus he glided slowly upwards and inwards into the object


As he hovered into the opening overhead, Billy was just able to catch sight of how all of a sudden his eyes opened unnaturally wide and a yell tore the silence. Startled Asket asked Billy what could have happened to Jitschi, whereby Billy opined that his shout probably was a fear reaction. The hovering platform came soon down again, and together, Billy and Asket quickly stepped on to it, and standing on it, they also hovered upwards. As they together came into the ship, he saw Jitschi, white as a ghost and trembling, sitting in one of the three seats, where he was staring in disbelief on the manhole, pointing his right finger at it while continually opening and closing his mouth. He quite obviously wanted to speak, but could not utter a sound.


Several minutes went by before he finally again calmed down, while Asket with great patience dealt with him, and explained to him what the hovering platform was about and that it was not magic, but rather a highly developed technology behind it. It lasted none the less several minutes before he appeared to understand Asket’s explanations and finally also lowered his downward pointing hand, for then to stroke it over his forehead, whereby he time and again muttered: “unbelievable – simply unbelievable – crazy – unbelievable, simply unbelievable.”


Slowly he started to get worried about Jitschis sanity, and also Asket seemed to hold the same thoughts in her mind, as he noticed her looking at him helplessly and wringing her hands. Then she in fact asked him if he also thought it could be all too much for the poor man; that perhaps his consciousness could now become confused and damaged, in which case it then would be their fault,  caused by them through their inattentiveness etc., due to the fact that the aircraft had not been shielded and thus not made invisible. Fortunately their thoughts did not prove true, then after about half an hour Jitschi finally settled down and reckoned that he was experiencing the highlight of his life. He had in fact wrestled with himself to stay sane. An explanation which Asket and he accepted, since they after all had bserved him during the entire time.


Another half-hour went by before Jitschi had finally again calmed down enough to make it possible to hold a rational discussion with him. He then remembered that he had all his luggage at his camping place, which he had had relocated a lot closer towards their site, during the time they had been away. Thus he suggested to Asket to go and get his belongings and bring them over, so that they afterwards could commence on to their first venture. Somewhat clumsy he rose up from his seat and looked at Asket with a look in his face seeking her help, whereby she simply took his arm and in spite of his reluctance, pushed him on to the hovering platform. Thus he then let himself glide out of the ship and walked away in order to fetch his things.


Billy started thinking about what might have happened with the poor man if he had not got into the ship and come out from it through the hovering platform, but rather by the technology through which one simply are beamed from one place to another without one noticing anything of it. He asked Asket about her opinion in this respect, and afterwards, what Jitschi had meant with that he had heard about such aircraft, such as hers, in America and elsewhere. To that she explained that her,  and also other space ships on Earth, in military and also in other circles, were called UFOs, what is short for <Unidentified Flying Objects>, because people on Earth are unable to explain their origin as well as type etc. because they simply are not able to identify them.


UFO is from now on the description, which in the future will be commonly used worldwide. And in regards to Jitschi she reckoned that it was indeed very good that he only utilized the hovering platform and not the beam transport, because his consciousness would surely not have been able to cope with that. Incidentally, the beam transport technology, is on Earth referred to the English term <beam>, because this expression is already defined. Furthermore, very many people on Earth would respond similarly to Jitschi, if they came in the same situation as him. It was even very remarkable that he did not react confused already by the sight of the space ship.


The Time Travel To The Thirteenth Century


According to his watch it took one hour and forty minutes before Jitschi finally returned.  Beside his luggage he also had a small electric fence device with him, something Billy wondered about. In a reply to a question in this regard, he answered that the purpose of the apparatus was to protect him from uninvited visitors at night, when he was sleeping, whereby he meant not only animals but also people. Hence for the night he always stretched a thin wire with insulators around his camp, which he then set under current with a small, but strong battery. Somewhat surprised Billy then asked him why that was not also the case when he and Asket a few days earlier were at his place, whereupon he commented that he was right at the stretched wire as they had disrupted him. Consequently they had also not been able to notice the wire.  And he added that with this cattle guarding device, he felt reasonably secure when he spent the night in the wilderness.


His entire luggage was actually only a medium-sized rucksack, on which a sleeping roll, another water bottle and various other things were attached on the outside. Asket told him that he now should step on the hovering platform with his luggage, which he also this time did without the push  from a helping hand. He then hovered inside the ship, whereupon Asked and Billy followed after him. Jitschi was already sitting in his seat and held his rucksack on his knees, which he forcefully clutched and pressed together, when Asket delivered him an explanation (Billy: Word-for-word reproduction of the conversation through Asket’s telepathy transfer)


My translation / German original below marked Zitat [2]


Asket: “ First, we will now jump back to the thirteenth century. ”


Jitschi: “Now, what was that again? ”


Asket: “Of course – we have not yet sought to explain our undertakings in more details to you: We will, during the next months, do some trips into the past and into the future to experience or to observe certain events there and then.”


Jitschi: ” Under no circumstances will I participate in that, that is madness and also impossible. ”


Eduard: “Damn coward.”


Jitschi: “ Hey? ”


Eduard: “Dirty, damned coward!”


Jitschi: “ Hey – No, I said, I will join. OK then, – God help me. ”


Eduard: “God help those who help themselves. ”


Jitschi: “Perhaps you are right. Both of you talk so convincingly of all these things that I really am slowly starting to doubt the correctness of my belief."


Asket: “ Let’s leave this for now. – As the most important factor, I now have another thing for you, Jitschi, and that is: As you now come with us, and experience different events of the past which is not possible to reconcile with your known records, then I must oblige you to keep silent about it. In fact, you must remain silent about all this, also the fact that you have ever seen us. A great deal depends on your silence, because it is about the continued existence of humanity and the whole universe. ” (According to Asket’s understanding, the universe is not meant in our sense, but there are two other concepts associated with it: namely, on the one hand the solar-system, and on the other hand, the nearest arranged parallel universe. [According to a contact conversation on the 14.2.1995 the spaceship commander and Jschwisch Ptaah of Erra, Plejaden/Plejaren stated that Jitschi passed away on the 6th of August 1992 in Kazakhstan and in fact remained silent until the end of his life, at the age of 92 years, and he took his secret with him into the grave.])


Jitschi: “You’re not serious, are you? Why should I keep silent? Nevertheless, I can sell the story to newspapers and finally live a life of ease, without worries, and far away from all the crazy people. ”


Eduard: “Is that really your Christian way of thinking? ”


Jitschi: “Why should it not be, because I have to live from something. And exactly such a story offers nonetheless many earning opportunities.”


Ascetic: “Then you cannot remain with us, because you may only speak about it when you know that your life will end in a very short time.”


Jitschi: “Is my silence really so important? ”


Asket: “ More than just that – the existence of earth humanity depends on it and the continued existence of the universe. ” (The solar system and the nearest parallel universe. [Danger of earth humanity being located and destruction of the whole solar system by ancient enemies from the space–time-shifted region of Sirius.])


Jitschi: ”I could not bear this burden. - I will remain silent about everything and be as silent as a fish. That is a holy promise. ”


Asket: “ Will you keep your word? ”


Jitschi: “By my own life.”


Asket: “Then we can start. First we fly up in high altitude, for then to transmission into the past from there."




The space ship lifted unnoticeable up from the ground and then shot at rapid pace into the sky and out of earth's atmosphere. And higher and higher it went, into space, where suddenly numerous stars were blinking and the moon became visible. Within a few minutes they were over the night side of the earth and speeded around it, for soon again to dive into the day side. The entire top of the space ship was transparent, so he was able to observe everything perfectly. Jitschi however, did not seem to catch up with everything, because already soon after the start, he noticed how he became white-faced, and hastily removed a bowl from his rucksack, which he threw up in. By a closer look he recognized that the bowl was a small cooking pot, like the ones used by the scouts. Obviously, everything was not well with him, or he simply suffered from an anxiety, which forced him to vomit. It could not have been an altitude- respective airsickness because in the interior of the ship, the pressure and climate was exactly like on earth and therefore in no way altered. At that moment Asket’s voice sounded:


Quote / Zitat [3]


Asket: “ We are now ready, the transmission only takes a split second. ”




She fiddled around with her apparatuses and all of a sudden, for just a fraction of a second, it seemed for him as if he ceased to exist. It appeared to him as if he was physically  <dead> and now only existed as consciousness, through which he observed as bright multi coloured flash, and then he again heard Asket’s voice:


Quote / Zitat [4]


Asket: “We are here in the present time of the past of the thirteenth century. Here, Eduard, now take this device and strap it on to your belt. ”


Eduard: "What is this?"


Asket: “A language-converter.”




He made quick effort to attach the small device, about the size of a cigarette packet, on to his waist belt, while the ship as well as Asket, Jitschi and also he suddenly became invisible. That obviously again became too much for Jitschi because he shouted shrilly, for then just as quickly to fall silent. Then he heard Asket saying with regret that the poor guy had passed out, but he would surely immediately again wake up. Then it was just silence, while the earth below him, quickly came closer, as they obviously were plummeting. Then Asket said that for the reason of security, she had shielded, respective made the space ship invisible, so that they could not be sighted by any potential observers and make them panic.


Next they were already hovering over a large forest and towards a large meadow. After they had just passed the last trees, Asket, Jitschi,he and the entire ship again became visible. He saw that Jitschi, still passed out, was laying down in his chair while Asket started to care for him. She held something unknown to him under his nose, which looked like a metal rod, and soon Jitschi began to move. Obviously somewhat dazed, he blinked several times with his eyes, before he finally opened them. He then started to mumble something which sounded like a reproach, that one had not prepared him for such frightening things etc. But, he got surprisingly quickly mobile again, as he immediately followed Asket, when she without a word, moved away from him and stepped towards the exit shaft.


As this opened up, and she glided out on the hovering platform, he followed hard on her heals, whereby he took his bowl with him. And in doing so, he was still white-faced and seemed to have not yet properly stabilized. Billy, was one hand still occupied, having some difficulty attaching the small language converter device on to his belt, as he also glided out of the shaft. As he arrived  on to the ground, and stepped forward from under the ship, he saw how Jitschi dropped his bowl in a bush at the forest, about fifty meters away, and then sat down on the grass. He still looked miserable and somewhat shocked, and he quite obviously had huge problems in coping with what he had experienced.


The world which he now saw was no different from the one he until now had known. The grass was green and the fir trees were just as familiar as always. However, the trees and shrubs were bare and there were no flowers, as it was not yet spring. He therefore wondered why the grass already stood so tall, and was lush and green, because for kilometres, only forests, hills and meadows could be seen which were green. No village could be seen far and wide, no city and no house. It was here really desolate and beautiful, like in paradise itself. In a somewhat more distant forest across, a whole herd of deer grazed peacefully, which took no notice of their presence. These deer were obviously not as shy as in 1956, the year they came from.  But then he saw some flowers in the grass, which were not unfamiliar to him: Snowdrops, Galanthus nivalis, and in another patch, which was stretching over several square meters, flourished spring snowflake, Leucojum vernum, also called Loddon Lily.


What particularly struck him was the horrendous chirping of the birds. They had to be shoals of them present, completely undisturbed and quite obviously not yet affected by poison etc. as in his real present time of the year 1956. When he inhaled the fresh spicy air, he noticed it was a lot purer than the air he until now had known. The oxygen content, so it seemed to him, was higher, which certainly had its reason in that here, it was still no air pollution.  And the sky was simply fantastic. As he still knew it, in the 1940’s from his home, to be velvety deep azure blue, then here the azure blue was much more intensive, like he had never seen it before. He became somewhat thoughtful and felt glum about it, because he continuously made comparisons with the things of his real present time, as well as with the enormous destruction of the environment, which in the following decades would be caused by people on earth, as Sfath already had explained to him and which also Asket, several times already, had explicated to him.  


Quote / Zitat [5] 


Asket: “ You observe a great deal and very accurately. ”


Eduard: “It is simply beautiful here, Asket.”


Asket: “That is a true word. The past is in many ways better than your present time. But come now, behind that forest there, is a lodge as you would say, or a weekend cottage. I know it from earlier on, because I have already been there twice. It belongs to a rabbi called Jechieli, who now and then is having a feast in the open countryside there.”


Eduard: “Where exactly are we? ”


Asket: “ You mean the time and the place? ”


Eduard: "Yes".


Asket: “ We are here in the thirteenth century in France. It is the present time of the reign of Saint Louis. ” (Remark.: Louis IX, the saint, French. Saint Louis; king since 1226. Born in Poissy on 25.4.1214, died before Tunis on 25.8.1270. He was the son of Louis VIII, the lion. His mother was Blanka [from Castile]. Saint Louis died on the 7th crusade against Tunis and was canonized on 25.8.1297.)


Eduard: “That is totally unknown to me, because in the history of this period, I am still as bad as it is  possible to be. ”


Asket: “ After all, that is not of great importance; come, let’s go now. ”




With this, their conversation again ended and they walked together, across to the nearby forest, where Jitschi still sat in the grass. His face had again got some colour, and when they stood just in front of him, he rose up and again joined them with the words:


Quote / Zitat [6]


Jitschi: “I am past being surprised, and I have also gotten rid of the fear now. I was actually rather stupid. Where are we now then? ”




Quite obviously had Jitschi again recovered and the last paleness quickly disappeared from his face. Asket explained to him the circumstances, with a few short words, and he resigned himself to it remarkably quickly. He then opined:


Quote / Zitat [7]


Jitschi: “ It is simply fantastic; there I am only 59 springs old, and all of a sudden I am about 600 years younger. ”


Asket: “Your calculation is not exactly quite right, but you could also state it like that. ”




In silence, they now walked into the forest, where they followed a trail which in less than fifteen minutes led them to a log cabin on the other side of the forest. This had to be the aforementioned house which Asket had spoken about, something she also immediately confirmed:


Quote / Zitat [8]


Asket: “ This is the recreational cottage to the rabbi Jechieli. One calls him in general a scientist, wizard and magician; the latter, however, is wrongly. ”



He wondered why Asket had landed her space ship behind the forest and not right next to the house. Since, according to her statement, she knew the owner of the house, then it surely could not have caused any inconvenience. But she explained that it was for security reasons, since it was possible, that despite the remoteness, someone unexpected could appear and become bewildered, because it was known to many that Jechieli had his hunting lodge there. Even shielded and invisible, she could not have left her aircraft in the surroundings there, because, if in fact someone appeared, then there would be the risk, that this, or those, somebody would run against the invisible ship and injure themselves, whereby possibly even greater damage could be caused than if the ship had been visible. But that, he then opined, could also happen beyond the forest, not on the way to the hunting lodge, if somebody saw the ship there. Asket laughed and opined that that would probably not be the case, because firstly, on the way, she had enacted the order to the ship to make itself invisible and thus shield from view, and secondly, the field beyond the forest, was not on the way to the hunting lodge, so the risk that someone there should run against the ship did not exist.


Observing the hunting lodge, he saw a paddock behind it. Inside the paddock was a beautiful black stallion, which now were looking at them and then threw his head up and whinnied loud. Quite obviously, the horse was the rabbi’s means of transport, who according to that, also had to be there. With the whinnying of the stallion, began a dog inside the house to bark and then a slender, bearded man stepped out of the front door looking out, while a small dachshund dog squeezed between his legs out the door and ran yapping behind the house towards the horse. After a few moments, the man spotted them, held the hand over his eyes and then he came with quick steps towards them, whereby he already from a distance shouted:


Quote / Zitat [9]


Jechieli: “There you are again – it has been years since you was here the last time. But who are these two men? ”




Asket gave the man, who did not at all look like a rabbi, and who also was not dressed like one, an answer. And then followed an exited conversation between him, Asket, Jitschi and himself, whereby he used his language converter, respectively language translation device, which provided him with an excellent service, since he did not master the French language, as opposed to Jitschi, who beside Russian and English also spoke French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Turkish, Dutch and Japanese. But nevertheless, now he complained that he could hardly understand Jechieli, because he spoke in an unknown French. Jitschi therefore told Asket that he should stay directly by Billy, so in this way he could use Billy’s language converter and thus co-understand everything, since its range was limited.


They stayed nearly five hours with Jechieli, whereby a lot was discussed, told and explained, which however later by Asket’s telepathic transfer could not be quoted, for whatever reasons. Thus later on, only the first short conversation could be recorded.


The following years with Asket, from 1956 to 1964


As they again left Jechieli, they had once more learned a lot and got an insight into things in the past, which until then were mystery, and which behaved completely different to what was being reported in the records of his real present time. That was the start of the first travel into the past. After this one, several other followed, one of them also into the past, whereas others into the future.


Further travels were undertaken to India, to the Buddhist monk Rahat Sanghanan respective Maha Chohan, with whom he over an extended period repeatedly learned and was also taught by him. Three travels were undertaken to the moon and several others lead him, in his real present time, to various places on Earth. And on all these travels, he experienced perhaps the most incredible things any person on Earth has ever experienced or ever will (Billy again refer to see to Semjase Kontaktberichte), when he excluded Jitschi, who took part in two of the travels into the past, before they again dropped him off at his old camping place in the Jordanian desert mountains. There he pursued his old idea and started digging for those things, through which he hoped would give him some financial resources. After that he never heard from him anymore, aside from when Ptaah told him about his death.


The contact with Asket still continued a number of years more, during which time he lived in his parents house and than also during the time when he left home and visited 42 countries in Europe, Africa as well as the Near- and Middle East. He also worked in all these countries and added that, above all, he learned and improved his knowledge and competence further. In doing so he was often visited by Asket, or picked up for subsequent flights in her space ship.


Ashoka Ashram Mehrauli India 1964 – Asket’s presence there


During the last eight months of the contact with Asket, he stayed in a room at the youth hostel in the Buddhist Ashoka Ashram in Mehrauli, India near the Buddhist monk V.B. Dharmawara, by whom he in turn learned a lot. Simultaneously he was taught by the monk Ramana Sarma, who was called Ananda Mahatma (<happy great soul>). He was the former student of Maha Chohan, and on whose behalf, was one of his further teachers.


In Ashoka Ashram, for those who were resident there, it was naturalness that Asket’s space ship, from time to time became visible, when it flew away over the grounds. And likewise, it was a matter of course for the residents, being able to observe, that he often was walking with Asket on the premises. But never had any of the residents, in doing so, dared to harass them or even just approach them, because they kept to their own and distinct manners and accepted it as taken for granted, that he often had extraterrestrial visit.    


He here adds, that to this matter-of-factness contributed perhaps also the fact that the monk Swami Dharmawara likewise maintained contact with beings, who simply suddenly appeared out of nowhere, namely two strangely dressed men, who often for hours were with him in his temple, or walked around in the open talking, before they again, without a trace, simply vanished into thin air and disappeared. However, both these mysterious strangers were not of extra-terrestrial origin like Asket, but members of the Agartha beings; a people of bluish skin colour, who lives in an enormous cave area under the Himalayan Mountains. A people, from which the ancient legend arose, that leading personalities of the high Agartha (Agarthi) -civilization, the great wise men, were the sons of extra-terrestrials and were called the sons of spirits of other worlds, after the Gobi catastrophe, settled in an enormous cave area under the Himalaya Mountains, whereby a split of two groups took place within this area. One group took the path to the right, and the other, the path to the left. The centre of the path was Agartha (Agarthi), a subterranean city impossible to locate. A place of contemplation (concentrated-attentive contemplative thinking and spiritual-consciousness type immersing through inner concentration). Agartha was considered <Temple of the non-partakers> of this, the material world.


He then left India towards the end of September 1964 and returned back to Europe for two months, after Asket had said good bye to him and returned back to her home in the DAL-Universe.


The years 1964 to 1975


After two months stay in Switzerland, he went via Austria, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey and Syria to Jordan, where he for a period of four months, undertook all kinds of work. Then he travelled through Iraq to Persia, respective Iran, and then via Kurdistan to Ankara, Üsküdar and Istanbul in Turkey and then returning to Thessaloniki in Greece, where he stayed one month. On the 21st of July 1965 he continued via Turkey in order to get to Syria. He then writes it was on the 4th of August in Iskenderun, Turkey, that the prediction fulfilled itself, that he through an accident would lose his left arm. That did not mean, by a long stretch, that his travel was over, because only eight days after the severe accident, despite great blood loss and half in delirium, he was already again on the road towards Aleppo and Damascus in Syria, whereupon he again travelled to Bagdad, Iraq and then to Kuwait.


From there he travelled back through Basra, Iraq and then and through the mountains towards Teheran in Persia. From there he continued back to Turkey, to Greece, Yugoslavia and Austria to Switzerland. He left Switzerland, after only three weeks on the 23rd December, in order to go to Greece. Because it was there the prediction about his marriage to a Greek woman was to fulfil itself, something which also in fact, in every detail took place, as it had been predicted to him by Sfath and Asket, he writes. In April 1966 he left Greece again over the border to Yugoslavia, but this time accompanied by his newly married wife.


After five days hitchhiking they reached Switzerland, where they then were living until 7.Februar 1967, before they together went via Austria, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Persia and West-Pakistan to India, where they stayed several months with monk Dharmawara in Ashoka Ashram in Mehrauli, whereby they then moved to Quetta in West Pakistan, where they several weeks lived in a neighbouring building to the Ahmaddi mosque, while during this time, his wife gave birth to their daughter Gilgamesha, as this had been predicted by Sfath and Asket, he writes.


For two months he worked at this place, as the private chauffeur for an Indian Maharja, with whom he also travelled to south Pakistan for a fortnight. Again back in Quetta, they soon left the city and the country and travelled to Zahedan, Isfahan, Teheran and Täbris in Persia, for then, via Turkey to Greece, where they arrived Christmas eve in Thessaloniki, and where they for the time being lodged in the residence to the uncle of his wife, as it already was known to him through Sfath’s and Asket’s predictions. After some time they moved into their own residence.


After staying several months working in Thessaloniki, they again went back to Turkey at the end of May 1968 due to his daughter Gilgamesha got a serious case of dysentery, and was cured at the children hospital in Üsküdar. Until October 1969 he then worked in Istanbul as interpreter, tour guide, German teacher, print worker and as an undercover agent for the Mali-police, who were combating financial crime and drug trade.


End of October they left Turkey again and returned via Greece, Yugoslavia, and Austria back to Switzerland for good, where everything in accordance with the predictions began to fulfil itself, as it already had in the decades prior. He further writes that it was not a single prediction, given to him, which did not fulfil itself in exact details, and indeed to the present day (1997).


Over the years, after Asket’s return to her home in the DAL-Universe, he heard nothing more from her. But, he often observed so called UFO’s, and generally by night, when they moved along, high in the sky or carried out flight manoeuvres of any kind, which indicated that it could not be terrestrial flying object. Only a very few times did he see them during daytime, but he was always aware that they were present. And he also knew that he stood under supervision of extra-terrestrials who belonged to the Plejaren/Pleiades, from where his next contact person would come. With not a single  <preannounce attempt> it was still not time for him to talk about his experiences with extra-terrestrials, because this should first be done when again contact was established with him, which according to Asket’s prediction would happen in the year 1975. Thus he kept silence, went about his daily work – and readied himself of the new contact. Then, after about eleven years, time had come.

It was in Wihaldenstrasse 10 in Hinwil ZH/CH, one Tuesday, the 28. January 1975, a few minutes after 13.00, when it happened…..


German original


Auszug aus Askets Erklärungen

“Die Zeit ist nun gekommen, da Du viele dinge erfahren sollst, die dir und vielen andern zu späterer Zeit auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit behilflich sein sollen. Du selbst wirst dabei eine grosse Rolle spielen, weil du ein Überlieferungsfakt werden wirst. Ich erklärte dir schon die Möglichkeit der Zeitreise in die Vergangenheit oder Zukunft. Unserer Technik entsprechend sind wir in der Lage, solche Reisen zu unternehmen und nun auch zum Nutzen deiner kommenden Mission in Anwendung zu bringen.


Wie es beschlossen ist, wirst du mit mir zurückreisen in verschiedene Zeitepochen, um die Wahrheit der Geschehen an Ort und Stelle überprüfen zu können und zu erkennen, dass eure Überlieferungen und die Behauptungen eurer Altertumsforscher falsch und irreal sind und nur in sehr seltenen Fällen den wirklichen Begebenheiten entsprechen. Noch aber haben wir Zeit, und ich kann dir das Wichtigste erklären. Auch erwarte ich noch Besuch von dem Manne, den wir kürzlich getroffen haben hier in der Nähe. Wir werden ihn sonst am Morgen aufsuchen und uns mit ihm unterhalten. Danach erst werden wir zusammen die erste Reise in die Vergangenheit tun. Nun aber habe ich dir erst noch viele Erklärungen abzugeben:


Verschiedentlich wurdest du auf deinen Lebensweg hingewiesen, der sehr strapaziös und beschwerlich sein wird. Dass dies der Wahrheit entspricht, hast du schon bis anhin erfahren und erlebt. Noch ist die Zeit deiner Lehre aber nicht beended, denn sie wird nochmals rund zwanzig Jahre dauern, während denen du sehr schwere Zeiten und ein enorm hartes Geschick erleben wirst. War es schon bisher sehr hart und beschwerlich, wird es zukünftig noch sehr viel schlimmer sein. Doch sei dir bewusst, dass du diese Lehre unbedingt absolvieren musst, wenn du deiner Aufgabe gerecht werden willst.


Die nächsten Jahre werden dich in den Kerker bringen und in Kriegsdienste ausserhalb deiner Heimat. Du wirst alle Stationen eines kämpfenden Menschen durchlaufen müssen, um alles sehr genau kennenlernen zu können. Denn so du die Dinge verstehen sollst, kannst du dies nur dann, wenn du in eigener Erfahrung alles selbst erlebst. So wird es auch sein mit verschiedenen Lastern, denen du lernmässig noch frönen wirst.


Auch schwerer körperlicher Schmerz wird dir ebensowenig fernbleiben wie auch nicht psychischer Schmerz. Nach erdenmenschlichem Sinn wirst du in der hölle leben, wodurch du dann aber den Himmel zu verstehen lernst. Schon jetzt will ich dir sagen, wie das schon Sfath tat, dass du in weniger als zehn Jahren die bis dahin härteste Prüfung deines Lebens abzulegen hast. Doch auch diese Prüfung in deinem Geschick wird notwendig sein, um viele Erkenntnisse zu sammeln.


Ich kenne weitgehend deine Zukunft, weil ich in sie eingedrungen bin, und ich Weiss, dass dir Übles wiederfahren wird. Eine grosse Veränderung wird von deinem Körper Besitz ergreifen, so du plötzlich ein völlig neues Leben leben wirst. Im Augenblick wird es sehr hart für dich klingen, doch dem muss wirklich so sein – und zu ändern vermögen wir dein Schicksal nicht, denn das liegt nicht in unserer Hand. Diese Art Geschehen reichen nicht in unsere Kompetenz, so wir sie auch nicht beeinflussen können.


Es wird dir aber gut sein, dich auf das kommende Geschehen vorzubereiten und den Fakten mit klarem Verstand zu begegnen. So du dies aber kannst, will ich dir das Kommende erklären. Lange habe ich darüber nachgedacht und mich auch mit anderen beraten, ob ich dies tun soll, denn wir wissen sehr genau, dass die Erdenmenschen derartige Vorkenntnisse nicht zu verkraften vermögen. Sie wollen sehr hart und lebensfähig sein, doch aber liegt dieses Wollen nur in einer Scheinbarkeit.


In sich selbst sind sie weich und unwilling und wollen ihre eigene Last nicht tragen. Daher dürfen sie auch niemals Dinge der Zunkunft erfahren, denn sie vermögen die Kenntnisse kommender Dinge nicht zu verarbeiten. In deinem Falle aber haben wir einstimmig erkannt, dass du über diese Dinge hinausgeschritten und in dir selbst gross genug bist, verstandesmässig alles zu verkraften.


Ich kann dir noch nicht das genaue Datum nennen, da das Geschehen an dich herantreten wird, wodurch dir dein linker Arm verlustig geht. Es wird dies aber geschehen in den Tagen zwischen dem 1. Und 5. August im Jahr 1965. Dies ist dir so durch dein Leben und durch alle Umstände bestimmt, und es gibt keine Möglichkeit , diesen Geschehen auszuweichen. Bis dahin aber hast du knapp ein Jahrzehnt Zeit, um dich verstandesmässig darauf vorzubereiten.


Die genauen und erbärmlichen Umstände werde ich dir später erklären. Weitere Geschehen werden die sein, dass du kurz vor deinem Armverlust in Persien eine neue Benennung finden wirst, und zwar den Namen Billy. Diese Namensnennung birgt eine grosse Bedeutung in sich und wird sehr schwerwiegend sein. Während all den weiteren Jahren wirst du diesen Namen tragen, und es werden an dich Leid und Schmerz sowie Verleumdung, Mordanschlag und Irrtum herangetragen von Aussenstehenden, von Mitmenschen, Kritikern, Neidern, Besserwissern, Behörden, Ideologien und falschen Propheten usw.


Es werden äusserst schwere Jahre für dich sein, währen denen du in weiteren Höllen leben und lernen wirst. In deiner eigenen Familie wird Hass und Unverstand gegen dich hochkommen, wodurch du die letzten Geheimnisse der Menschen und ihrer Psyche kennenlernen wirst, wenn dich alle die Deinen verraten. Erst nach langer Zeit wird endlich langsam der Frieden für dich einkehren, nämlich dann, wenn du deine eigentliche Mission schon lange erfüllst; dann erst beginnen sehr langsam für dich die Zeiten des Friedens. Bis dahin aber ist die Zeit noch lange, und sehr viele harte und wilde Geschehen werden über dich hinwegrollen.


Dein für dich vorgesehener Name Billy wird von weltweiter Bedeutung werden, und du wirst im Leid sowie in Not und Schmerz zu ertrinken drohen. Walte aber nach deiner Vernunft und nach deinem Verstande, denn allein dies gewährleistet dir dein Leben. So wirst du acht Monate nach deinem Unfall unter sehr schwierigen umständen heiraten, nachdem du zur Weihnachtszeit 1965 deine zukünftige Frau kennenlernen wirst.


Die Umstände von Kennenlernen bis zur Heirat in Korinthos in Griechenland werden ausserordentlich von Intrigen und bösen Wirren gezeichnet sein, wodurch du gezwungen wirst, deine Braut zu entführen, die zudem erst 17 Jahre alt sein wird. Denke jedoch nicht, nach der Hochzeit hättest du alle Probleme hinder dich gebracht, denn die eigentlichen Schwierigkeiten beginnen erst danach und werden während all den kommenden Jahren andauern.


In der Zeit während deiner Ehe werden euch in den ersten zehn Jahren drei Kinder entspriessen, die du nach sehr alten Namen benennen wirst. Ein Mädchen wirst du Gilgamesha nennen und zwei Knaben Atlantis Sokrates und Methusalem. Mehr Kinder werden deiner Ehe nicht entstammen, denn drei Nachkommen sind die Zahl der irdischen Norm.


Auch die Geburten deiner Kinder werden dir keinen Frieden bringen, und so wird der Weg deiner Lehre nicht zu Ende sein. Erst im Jahre 1995 werden sich deine Wege äusserst langsam von den Dornen zu befreien beginnen. Bis dahin aber wirst du während allen Jahren völlig auf dich allein gestellt sein; und während dieser Zeit wirst du auch einige weitere Anweisungen oder Lehren von uns oder anderen Intelligenzen erhalten.


Dies ist dann der letzte und beschwerlichste Lehrgang, den du allein bewältigen musst. Du musst unter allen Umständen all diese beschwerlichen Zeiten überstehen, auch wenn dir oftmals nicht danach zumute sein wird.


Im Jahre 1975, zu Beginn des Jahres, wenn auch die grosse Gefahr einer universellen Katastrophe gebannt ist, wird eine andere ausserirdische Lebensform mit dir in Kontakt treten, wonach du dann deine Mission zu erfüllen beginnen sollst.


Arbeite dann jedoch mit allen dir möglichen Mitteln der Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit, um deine Aufgabe zu erfüllen und ihr gerecht zu werden. In dieser Zeit wirst du auch mit der grössten europäischen Organisation abermals in Verbindung treten, die sich mit der Verbreitung unserer Dinge bemüht. Man wird dich von jener Stelle zu einem Kongress laden, doch wird dies ein sehr tiefer Niederschlag für dich sein.


Die Organisatoren werden sich nicht mit der Wahrheit abfinden wollen, weil sie sehr streng ideologisch befangen sind. Sie wollen nicht, dass du die wirklich Wahrheit verbreitest, und so werden sie plötzlich deinen Weg hemmen, damit du nicht am Kongress in Erscheinung treten kannst. Es wird so sein, dass sie dich nicht als neuen Propheten anerkennen wollen, weil sie in ihrer Ideologie die Wahrheit nicht zu erkennen vermögen.


Ungeachtet dessen wirst du aber deinen Weg gehen und noch vor diesem Zeitpunkt kurz zuvor ein eigenes Publikationsorgan ins Leben rufen, um die Wahrheit zu verbreiten. Dadurch wirst du durch die liebe Hilfe deines besten Freundes unabhängig, ebenso aber auch deine Gemeinschaft, die du noch im Jahre 1975 ins Leben rufen wirst. Der Kampf um die Wahrheit wird aber sehr hart werden, denn ihr werdet anlaufen müssen gegen die Unverständigkeit und Unvernunft ufologischer Gruppen, die streng in Ideologien und in Pseudowissenschaft verankert sind.


Insbesondere merke dir dabei die kommende Zentrale für ufologische Arbeiten (…), denn sie wird dein grösster Widersacher werden. Du wirst weltweit gehasst werden und auch deines Lebens nicht mehr sicher sein. Darum wirst du dich jedoch nicht kümmern, denn bis dahin wirst du gelernt haben, dich über derartige Drohungen nur zu amüsieren. Doch arbeite trotzdem schnell und präzise, um deine Mission zu erfüllen, denn die Zeit eilt sehr schnell dahin, und das Ableben deine Körpers am … lässt sich nicht hinauszögern.


Zu Beginn der zweiten Jahreshälfte 1975 wird die deutsche ufologische … den ersten Schlag gegen dich führen. Das ist so vorgesehen, und so wirst du frühzeitig mit dieser Stelle Kontakt aufnehmen. Dies wirst du unter dem Namen Billy tun, der im Jahre 1965 in Tehran gegeben wird. Dies ist dann auch die Zeit, zu der die grosse Wende in deinem Leben in Erscheinung tritt. Hüte dich dann jedoch vor den gegen dich gerichteten Intrigen, die wie giftige pfeile auf dich abgeschossen werden.

Sei dann auch sehr darum besorgt, dass dir dein zweiter in Persien zu kommender Name (Phatom) wieder ausradiert wird, denn bis dahin wird er seine Schuldigkeit getan haben. Lasse dich dann wieder nach deinem wirklichen Namen benennen, der dir schon bedeutungsvoll bei deiner Geburt gegeben wurde: Eduard. Dieser Name beinhaltet die Bedeutung <Hüter des Schatzes>.


Und im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes wirst du bis zum Jahre 1975 der Hüter eines enormen und für die Menschen sehr wichtigen Schatzes geworden sein; nämlich der Hüter des Schatzes Wahrheit, Wissen, Weisheit, Liebe und Friede – der Hüter der wahrlichen Geistes lehre, denn sie stellt den grössten Schatz des Erdenmenschen dar.


Sei daher gegen das Ende des Jahres 1975 darum bemüht, deine bis dahin gültige Benennung Phantom auszumerzen und dich nur noch nach deinem geburtsmässig gegebenen Namen Eduard oder Billy nennen zu lassen. Zu jener Zeit werden sich auch auf der Welt selbst verschiedene Dinge anbahnen, die von sehr grosser Bedeutung sein werden. Ein amerikanischer Friedensmann namens … usw” (siehe Semjase-Kontaktberichte).

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Zitat [1]


(Billy: wörtliche Wiedergabe des Gespräches durch Askets telepathische Aufzeichnungen):

“Das ist wirklich eine Überraschung – zum Kuckuck. Kommt und last euch begrüssen – das ist wirklich eine Überraschung. Das hätte ich mir doch gleich denken können, denn wie wäre es sonst möglich gewesen, euch so sympathisch zu finden, als ihr mich an meinem Lager besucht habt. – Das ist wirklich eine Überraschung. – Ich bin Iljitsch Ustinow, nennt mich aber einfach Jitschi. – Das ist eine Überraschung.” Damit ergriff er Askets hand und schüttelte diese kräftig, um gleich darauf auch meine Hand zu ergreifen und zu shütteln. Dann ergab sich das eigentliche Gespräch (genaue Wiedergabe siehe Semjase-Kontaktberichte):


Asket: Diese Überraschung war aber nicht vorgesehen.”


Jitschi: “Das glaube ich – das ist wirklich eine Überraschung. Ich wollte ja eigentlich nicht hierherkommen. Durch irgend etwas trieb es mich aber dazu, in der Gegend herumzustolpern, und da sah ich dieses Ding dort. Ich glaubte erst, dass alles nur eine Halluzination sei. So kam ich näher und fand, dass ich in keiner Weise verrückt geworden war. Ich habe ja schon sehr viele Dinge gesehen und erlebt, doch das hier bisher noch nicht. Aber ich lasse mich deshalb nicht verrückt machen, denn ich habe in Amerika drüben und auch an andern Orten  schon von solchen Dingern gehört. Woher kommt ihr denn, etwa von der Venus oder vom Mars? Menschenskinder, das ist aber eine Überraschung.”


Eduard:”Ich bin weder von der Venus noch vom Mars – Ich bin ein Mensch dieser Welt wie du.”


Jitschi: “ Das gibt es doch nicht, der Kasten dort ist doch ein Weltraumschiff.”


Asket: “Mit dem Schiff hat es seine Richtigkeit und mit mir auch. Mein Freund hier ist aber wirklich von dieser Welt.”


Jitschi: “Aha – dann bist du so ein Kontaktler, wie man so sagt?”


Eduard: “Sagt man das?”


Jitschi: “ Ja, das ist schon weitherum bekannt.”


Eduard: “Ich kenne mich in diesen Geschichten leider nicht aus.”


Asket (Etwas nachdenklich): “Dieses Zusammentreffen war wirklich nicht vorgesehen. Was soll nun geschehen?”


Eduard: “ Ich Weiss auch nicht – was meinst du, Jitschi?”


Jitschi: “ Wollt ihr mich etwa los sein?”


Asket: “Davon hat niemand gesprochen. Dein plötzliches Erscheinen aber macht das Ganze zu einem kleinen problem.”


Jitschi: “Das ist mir leid, ich wollte wirklich nicht Gottes Engeln ins Handwerk pfuschen.”


Asket: “Was soll denn diese irre  Äusserung?”


Jitschi: “Es - ? ? ? – es ist doch bekannt, dass ihr so etwas wie Engel seid und im Auftrage Gottes herkommt.”


Asket: “Wer sagt das?”


Jitschi: “Das habe ich verschiedentlich so gehört, und ich bin glücklich, dass ich euch getroffen habe. Glaubt mir, ich bin ein guter Christ und sehr gläubig, auch wenn ich ein Rauhbein bin und bewaffnet umherlaufe. Hier - - - ich trage sogar immer eine Bibel bei mit.”


Asket: “Leider muss ich dich entäuschen. Ich bin weder ein Engel noch komme ich im Auftrage Gottes. Diese Geschichten um uns sind bewusste Irreführungen böser elemente, die … bösartige Dinge heraufbeschwören wollen. Wenn du …”


Jitschi: “Du lästerst ja …, das ist doch ungeheuerlich.”


Asket: “Dem ist wirklich nicht so, denn du bist derjenige, der … irregeleitet ist.”


Jitschi: “Das verstehe ich nicht.”


Asket: “Du wirst es verstehen, wenn ich dir alles erkläre. Andererseits bin ich zu einem Entschluss gelangt: Wenn du willst, kannst du mit meinem Freund und mit mir kommen, dann wirst du bald alles verstehen.”


Jitschi: “Ich – ich soll - - - soll in diesen - - - dieses Schiff steigen?

Asket: “Fürchtest du dich?”


Jitschi: “Wenn ich ehrlich sein soll – ja.”


Asket: “Wovor denn?”


Jitschi: “Es ist mir so fremdartig, und ich liebe trotz allem mein leben.”


Eduard: “Du sagtest doch, du wärst ein guter Christ. Haben denn Christen Angst vor dem Tode?”


Jitschi: “Du stellst komische Fragen – jeder Mensch fürchtet sich doch vor dem Tode. Ausserdem finde ich, dass ich noch nicht reif genug bin, um wirklich in den Himmel zu kommen. Jesus hat doch gesagt …”


Asket: “Genau das hat er eben nicht gesagt; alles ist nur eine bewusst gefälschte Überlieferung. Ausserdem hat … Er hiess schlicht und einfach Jmmanuel.”


Eduard: “Ich finde dein Benehmen auch nicht gerade richtig und mutig, und ausserdem glaube ich zu wissen, dass du bezüglich des Himmels grundlegend falsch orientiert bist.”


Jitschi: “Findest du? – Ihr habt etwas eigenartige Ansichten. Ich vertraue auf Gott und Jesus Christus.”


Eduard: “Wenn du in sie vertraust, dann brauchst du dich doch nicht zu fürchten vor dem Raumschiff. – Ist es nicht eher so, dass … dich zweifeln lässt?


Jitschi: “Ich bin gläubig und nicht zweifelnd.”


Eduard: “Das scheint mir gerade der Fall zu sein, wenn ich alles im Spiegel betrachte. Hier aber musst du deine eigene Entscheidung fällen, weil der liebe Gott und Jesus Christus nicht hier sind, denen du deine Verantwortung einfach anlasten und aufladen kannst. Dies ist leider bei den Gläubigen so, dass sie ihre eigene Verantwortung immer auf einen Heiligen oder auf den lieben Gott abwälzen, weil sie die Verantwortung selbst nicht zu tragen vermögen. Daher können sie auch keine eigenen Entscheidungen und Entschlüsse fassen, die wirklich für sie wichtig sind. Willst du etwas anderes behaupten, und gehörst du auch zu dieser Sorte Gläubigen?”


Asket: “Das ist ein wahres Wort.”


Jitschi: “Es ist wirklich komisch, du sprichst verflucht hart zu mir, und trotzdem empfinde ich für dich Sympathie. Was ist das nur?”


Asket: “Es ist seine Ehrlichkeit und die Wahrheit seiner Worte, die dir unbewusst als Wahrheit klar sind.”


Jitschi: “Ja – es könnte wohl so sein, denn irgendwie bin ich trotz allem Glauben immer in Zweifeln.”


Eduard: “Asket – das ist meine Freundin hier, und ich bin übrigens Eduard – hat dir einen Vorschlag gemacht. Lasse nun einmal deine Zweifel Zweifel sein und deinen Glauben einfach einen Glauben. Komm mit uns ins Schiff und lass dich  überraschen. Oder glaubst du, dass wir uns selbst in einen Kasten setzen und mit ihm durch die Gegend sausen, wenn das Ding jeden Augenblick auseinanderfliegen würde?”


Jitschi: Sicherlich nicht - - aber ich fürchte mich trotzdem.”


Eduard: “Hat man den Töne. Jetzt ist der Kerl sicher schon sechzig Jahre alt und bibbert wie Espenlaub – nur weil er nun mal seinen Mann stellen soll.”


Jitschi: “59 bin ich, aber ich kann doch nichts dafür, wenn ich einfach Angst habe.”


Eduard (wütend): “Dann bist du eben ein verdammter Feigling – komm, Asket, lassen wir ihn hier einfach versauern und gehen unserer Wege.” (Zornig geworden fasste ich Asket an der hand und zog sie einfach mit mir fort zum Strahlschiff hin, wie sie ihr Fluggerät öfters nannte. Wir kamen jedoch nur wenige Meter weit, dann rief uns die Stimme Jitschis zurück.)


Jitschi: “So wartet doch, bitte.”


Eduard: “Was willst du denn noch? Wir haben noch allerhand vor und können uns nicht um deine Angst kümmern.”


Jitschi: “Bitte, sei nicht so bitter – bedenke doch, dass ich bisher noch niemals so ein Schiff gesehen habe. Ganz zu schweigen davon, dass man mich in einem solchen Apparat mitnehmen wollte.”


Eduard: “Auch bei mir war es einmal das erste Mal, und ich habe nicht so saublöde getan.”


Jitschi: “Du bist ganz schön hartgesotten, und für dein Alter bist du offenbar ganz verdammt geprägt .”


Eduard: “Hörte sich einer doch mal diese Schnauze an; da ist der Kerl ein gutgläubiger Christensohn und Bibelheini, und plötzlich kann er fluchen wie ein Fuhrknecht. Es geschehen tatsächlich noch Zeichen und Wunder, auch wenn sie nicht vom lieben Gott kommen.”


Asket (leise flüsternd): “Du hast wirklich eine bemerkenswerte Art, mit den Menschen umzugehen, aber offenbar ist diese Art sehr wirksam. Das will ich auch lernen.”


Jitschi: “Was flüstert ihr denn, he?”


Eduard: “Wir haben gerade beraten, ob wir dich zum Mond hinauffeuern sollen.”


Jitschi: “Du lügst, du verdammter Kerl.”


Eduard: “Genau – doch anscheinend hast du deine Gesinnung geändert?”


Jitschi: “Ich habe über deine Worte nachgedacht, vielleicht hast du ja wirklich recht damit. Ich komme also mit euch – auch wenn ich mir vielleicht die Hosen vollmache.”


Eduard: “Dann schmeiss ich dich aus dem Kasten – doch so schlimm wird es sicher nicht werden, oder?”


Asket: “Lass ihn nun bitte. Deine Lehre war wirksam genug.”


Jitschi: “Das glaube ich auch – du hast wirklich eine sehr liebenswürdige Art, einem von etwas Besserem zu überzeugen.”


Eduard: “Habe ich das?”


Asket: “Kommt nun bitte, und lasst das Geplänkel.”



Zitat [2]


(Billy: wörtliche Wiedergabe des Gesprächs durch Askets Telepathieübermittlung):


Asket: “Als erstes werden wir nun in das dreizehnte Jahrhundert zurückspringen.”


Jitschi: “Was soll denn das nun wieder?”


Asket: “Natürlich – wir haben uns ja noch nicht bemüht, dir unserer Vorhaben näher zu erläutern: Wir willen während den nächsten Monaten einige Reisen in die Vergangenheit und in die Zukunft tun, um gewisse Geschehen an Ort und Stelle mitzuerleben oder zu beobachten.”


Jitschi:”Da mache ich in keinem Fall mit, das ist doch Wahnsinn und zudem auch unmöglich.”


Eduard: “Feigling, verdammter.”


Jitschi: “He?”


Eduard: “Schmutziger, verdammter Feigling!”


Jitschi: “He – Nein, ich sagte, ich mache mit. Dann OK – möge mir Gott helfen.”


Eduard: “Hilf dir selbst, dann hilft dir Gott.”


Jitschi: “Vielleicht hast du recht. Ihr beide redet so überzeugt von all diesen Dingen, dass ich wirklich langsam an der Richtigkeit meines Glaubens zu zweifeln beginne.”


Asket: “Lassen wir das jetzt. – Als wichtigster Faktor habe ich nun noch eine Sache an dich, Jitschi, und zwar die: Wenn du nun mit uns kommst und verschiedene Geschehen der Vergangenheit erlebst, die sich mit den euch bekannten überlieferungen nicht vereinbaren lassen, dann muss ich dich dazu verpflichten zu schweigen. Und zwar musst du über alles schweigen, auch über die Tatsache, dass du uns jemals gesehen hast. Von deinem Schweigen hängt ausserordentlich viel ab, denn es geht um das Weiterbestehen der Menschheit und das ganzen Universums.” (Nach dem Verstehen Askets ist das Universum nicht in unserem Sinne gemeint, sondern es sind zwei andere Begriffe damit verbunden: einerseits nämlich das SOL-System, und andererseits das nächstangeordnete Parallel-Universum. [Gemäss einem Kontaktgespräch am 14.2.1995 erklärte der Raumschiffkommandant und Jschwisch Ptaah von Erra, Plejaden/Plejaren, dass Jitschi am 6. August 1992 in Kasachstan verstarb und tatsächlich bis an sein Lebensende mit 92 Jahren schwieg und sein Geheimnis mit ins Grab nahm.])


Jitschi: “Das kann doch nicht dein Ernst sein? Wieso soll ich denn schweigen? Ich kann doch die Story an Zeitungen verkaufen und endlich in Freuden leben, ohne Sorgen und weitab von allen verrückten Menschen.”


Eduard: “Ist das wirklich deine christliche Denkweise?”


Jitschi: “Warum sollte sie es nicht sein, denn von irgend etwas muss ich doch leben. Und gerade eine solche Story birgt doch viele Verdienstmöglichkeiten in sich.”


Asket: “ Dann kannst du nicht bei uns bleiben, denn du dürftest erst dann darüber sprechen, wenn du weisst, dass du in sehr kurzer Zeit dein Leben beenden musst.”


Jitschi: “Ist mein Schweigen denn so wichtig?”


Asket: “Mehr als nur das – die Existenz der Erdenmenscheit hängt davon ab und das Weiterbestehen des Universums.” (SOL-System und das nächste Parallel-Universum. [Gefahr des Auffindens der Erdenmenscheit und Zerstörung des gesamten SOL-Systems durch jahrmillionenalte Feinde aus raum-zeit-verschobenen Gebieten des Sirius.])


Jitschi:”Diese Last könnte ich nicht auf mich laden.- Ich werde schweigen über alles und so stumm sein wie ein Fisch. Das ist ein heiliges Versprechen.”


Asket: “Dein Wort gilt?”


Jitschi: “Bei meinem eigenen Leben.”


Asket: “Dann können wir starten. Wir fliegen erst in grosse Höhe hinauf, um dann dort in die Vergangenheit zu transmissionieren.”


Zitat [3]


Asket: “Wir sind gleich soweit, die Transmission dauert nur einen Sekundenbruchteil.”


Zitat [4]


Asket: “Wir sind hier in der Gegenwart der Vergangenheit des dreizehnten Jahrhunderts. Hier, Eduard, nimm nun dieses Gerät und schnalle es dir and den Gürtel.”


Eduard: “Was ist das?”


Asket: “Ein Sprachen-Umwandler.”


Zitat [5]   


Asket: “Du beobachtest sehr viel und sehr genau.”


Eduard: “Es ist einfach herrlich hier, Asket.”


Asket: “Das ist ein wahres Wort. Die vergangenheit ist in vielen Belangen besser als eure Gegenwart. Doch nun komm, hinter jenem Wald dort ist ein Jagdhaus, wie du sagen würdest, oder ein Wochenendhaus. Ich kenne es von früher her, denn ich war schon zweimal dort. Es gehört einem Rabbiner namens Jechieli, der sich hie und da dort in der freien Natur gütlich tut.”


Eduard: “Wo sind wir denn hier eigentlich?”


Asket: “Du meinst die Zeit und den Ort?”


Eduard: ”Ja.”


Asket: “ Wir sind hier im dreizehnten Jahrhundert in Frankreich. Es ist die Gegenwart der Regierungszeit von Ludwig dem Heiligen.” (Anm.: Ludwig IX., der Heilige, franz. Saint Louis; König seit 1226. Geb. in Poissy am 25.4.1214, gest. vor Tunis am 25.8.1270. Er war der Sohn von Ludwig VIII., der Löwe. Seine Mutter war Blanka [von Kastilien]. Ludwig der Heilige starb auf dem 7. Kreuzzug gegen Tunis und wurde am 25.8.1297 heiliggesprochen.)


Eduard: “Das ist für mich ein <Böhmischer Wald>, denn in der Geschichte dieser Zeit bin ich noch so schlecht wie möglich.”


Asket: “Das ist ja auch nicht von grosser Bedeutung; komm, gehen wir jetzt.”


Zitat [6] 


Jitschi: “Ich wunderte mich über nicht mehr, und die Angst bin ich nun auch los. Ich war eigentlich recht blöde. Wo sind wir denn jetzt?”


Zitat [7] 


Jitschi: “Es ist einfach phantastisch; da bin ich erst 59 Lenze schwer, und plötzlich bin ich um 600 Jahre jünger.”


Asket: “Deine Rechnung stimmt zwar nicht genau, doch so könntest du es auch nennen.”


Zitat [8] 


Asket: “Das ist das Erholungshäuschen des Rabbiners Jechieli. Man nennt ihn allgemein einen Wissenschaftler, Zauberer und Magier; letzteres allerdings zu unrecht.”


Zitat [9]


Jechieli: “Da bist du ja wieder – es sind Jahre her, seit du das letzte Mal hier warst. Doch wer sind  diese beiden Männer?”