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The spiritual teaching and the sources Billy Meier refers to. Semjase about the spirit, contact 10.


By Kåre Bergheim

26th of March 2015


·        Has Billy Meier provided reasonable amount of evidence for his case?

·        The Oven – Witness account of Billy Meier using spiritual powers

·        No hands on the wheel – Witness account of Billy Meier using spiritual powers

·        The sources of Billy Meier’s spiritual teaching: 

·        The memory bank

·        The spiritual planes

·        The extra-terrestrials

·        Definition of what the spirit is.

·        The spirit and the consciousness

·        Making mistakes is part of evolution. When the spirit enters the realm of the beyond.

·        Semjase about the spirit, contact 10, 26 March 1975  


Has Billy Meier provided reasonable amount of evidence for his case?


The case can be divided into two sections, UFO and spiritual.  The physical evidence lies in the UFO section and becomes the starting point to determine if the case is real or not. Meier has here covered the whole segment of evidence classes. Which is photographs (more than a thousand), 8mm films, sound recordings, metal samples, landing tracks, witness statements which even includes witnesses own photographs taken during contact etc. Some of this evidence can be found here:


Pleiadian Spaceships   and here:   Documentation 


He has also been able to produce evidence in categories where it is harder to produce evidence such as teleportation and knowledge of future events. Contact 113 Teleportation and predictions here  and here and contact 111 Teleportation here. 


The spiritual side of the case is where it becomes difficult in regards to evidence because it is hard or impossible to give physical evidence for something that is not physical, but spiritual in nature. So the spiritual material Meier has provided therefore becomes subject to critical judgments where questions comes up, like is it possible, is it logical, does it make sense. Etc.


In this respect the question come up does Billy Meier have like the unique abilities he claims. Like the ability to perform telekinesis and telepathy.   


Back in 1976, Billy wrote in Stimme der WASSERMANNZEIT Wissenwertes aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien Nr. 1 September 1976 about what happened during one of the contacts with Sfath. This was a contact which took place in the summer of 1944 when he was only seven years old. My English translation below of the German original text which can be found here 



"At that time the stay with Sfath lasted a little bit more than four hours during which he provided me with immense knowledge. By the end of the gathering he asked me to lie back in my armchair after which he then put a strange structure of countless wires and the smallest apparatuses etc. around my head. Speculating what now would follow I watched him calmly, how he was meddling with apparatuses, buttons and switches, and then suddenly I heard and saw tremendous things in me.


Everything was suddenly simply in me; an immense knowledge, insights and all sorts of other things. I felt as quite suddenly strange forces penetrated inside me, as I suddenly became capable of recognizing things and events of the future, wanted to cure people of illnesses by use of any force, and many other things. Then this influence again suddenly stopped, and Sfath removed the strange device from my head with the explanation that I would now possess all the abilities which has been inputted in me by the apparatus, but which however already was developed in me from earlier times.


Now I would never lose these abilities again, only I might never bring them egoistically or simply apply them for the purpose of profit or demonstration. This, he explained me then, also applied to scientific tests and to whatever forcible external influence, should attempts be made to penetrate into my knowledge and my abilities, for example by hypnosis. Thus the blockade would appear also in this respect and doom all attempts etc. to fail. Besides, the blockade is to such extent strong that under certain circumstances it would even endanger the life of those who would undertake forcible Intrusion attempts (That was also in fact the case, something I several times came to notice in the course of my life.) "


So at the age of seven Meier was told by Sfath that the unique abilities he had been given were not to be used for the purpose of demonstrations.  An advice he followed as a rule, but with exceptions. Because in the Zeugenbuch/witness book (2001) there are several statements written by core group members describing random incidents which took place and which goes towards supporting his statement that he possesses unique abilities.


The Oven


Witness account of Billy Meier’s spiritual powers a.k.a. consciousness related powers or telekinetic powers


Ref Zeugenbuch /The witness book (2001)  Page 148 - 151


April 1977


One such incident happened on the 30. April 1977. Around the kitchen table sat Billy and six other people. Billy, together with one of the persons sitting around the table named Adolf Berroth, had been working towards 20.45 in the evening that day at the shed where they had mounted a stair. All the people sitting around the table thought that the present day work had ended. Except, there was one thing left to do, the heavy cast-iron stove which was laying on the road in front of the shed had to be moved about 1 meter to the side.


So then after the meal, at about 21.10, Billy asked for volunteers among the people around the table to help move the oven. Since everybody knew that the art nouveau monster of an oven weighed about half a ton, nobody volunteered.  Instead they suggested to Billy to let the oven be until Monday and then use the tractor to drag it away. Billy reminded them that the oven could not be left there for two days but at the same time he admitted that it was a miserable job to move it.


The people around the table started talking and one jokingly mentioned that for such a things one needed to master telekinesis. As the discussion around the table continued one of them noted that two or three times Billy appeared to be fixated on a certain point on the table and was completely absent. Meanwhile, the discussion around the table continued until Billy suddenly said in Swiss German dialect ‘’ Er isch däne ‘’ which I think means “it is done” or something to that effect. Astounded and in disbelief one of the persons around the table asked: “Öppe de Ofe?” Which again is in Swiss German dialect but which I think world mean ‘’About the oven?’’ or something to that effect.


‘’Sure’’ was the answer from Billy. He had simply telekinetically overturned the oven twice.  Billy explained to them that he lacked the energy to fully lift it in order to move it in such a way as he was already very tired. All six of them, including Adolf Berroth, who shortly before had worked together with Billy at the shed, got hold of a flashlight and went over to the shed check out the facts.


And the half a ton oven had in fact been moved 1,40 meters (4,6 feet) to the side. The previous position of the oven was clearly marked as Adolf had earlier sawed up a piece of wood by the oven whereby the sawdust exactly marked its previous position.




Jakobus Bertschinger shows the distance from the original location of where the oven was placed and to where it was moved to, a distance of 1,40 meter (4,6 feet). Billy Meier used telekinetic powers to transport the oven weighing half a ton to the side of the road and out of the way. Six witnesses were present when this happened which was on the 30th of April 1977.

Image credit: Still from The Billy Meier case update 1999 video where Billy Meier’s son Metusalem Meier also mentioned this incident. His presentation about the oven starts here: The Billy Meier case update 1999 – Metusalem Meier 



Another incident  


No hands on the wheel


Witness account of Billy Meier’s spiritual powers a.k.a. consciousness related powers or telekinetic powers


Ref Zeugenbuch(2001)(The witness book) page 312


April 1983

“At first I thought I was dreaming” (Zuerst meinte ich zu träumen) by Freddy Kropf, Switzerland.


It was spring time 1983. When Freddy Kropf, Silvano Lehman and Thomas Keller were travelling in the tractor-trailer connected to the Kubota tractor. The tractor was driven by Billy Meier with the three sitting in the trailer behind. Their trip started from Semjase Silver Star Center at Hinterschimdtrüti and they were going to drive through the winding roads in the valley beneath, towards Tablat, Wila and Schalchen to the end destination Firma A. Meier, Baumschule in Ober-Rick, Pfäffikon Kanton Zürich. There, they were going to pick up various shrubs, small trees and plants so as to plant on the Center premises to beautify it.


Billy was at the wheel of the tractor and as is well known he lost his left arm in serious bus accident on the 3rd of August 1965 in Iskenderun Turkey. Freddy and the two others sitting in the tractor-trailer were vividly discussing various things whilst Freddy on and off looked ahead and observed Billy through the rear window of the tractor. Suddenly, shortly after Schmidrüti, he could not believe his own eyes because he saw something which he never before had seen. His eyes grew larger and larger and he was to such extent astonished that his jaw dropped. With open mouth he thought he was dreaming. Seconds passed by before he was able to ask Silvano and Thomas: “Do you see what I am seeing?” Both of them were equally wide-eyed in amazement and silently they nodded affirmatively to him.


In fact, they could not believe their eyes: Billy sat in front of them, in the cabin of the tractor, simply leaning his right arm, still remaining after the accident, on to the upper side of the right doorframe, while his head half-lying on the right upper arm all while he was singing one cheerful song after another, as if this was the most normal thing in the world.


Of course, singing is quite normal and perhaps also resting oneself with the head over the right arm on the window frame. What certainly was not normal and appeared quite outright spooky to Freddy was that the steering wheel was moving if by itself and the tractor seemingly was steering itself. Also the gas appeared to regulate itself in the curves and on open stretches, while also the clutch and the gearshift appeared as if it was operating by itself.


As Freddy saw the first narrow curve approach them, he thought that now, instead of taking the curve, they simply would drive straight ahead. But nothing like that happened. They took the curve as easy and precise as if the tractor had been steered by hand. This was however, as mentioned, not the case, because Billy did not think of straightening up from his half lying, comfortable position, in order to steer the tractor by hand.


It continued like this curve by curve and also on the straight sections and during all oncoming traffic. They marvelled almost flabbergasted, but as time went by they got used to that Billy was steering the tractor by spiritual (consciousness related) powers as well as also, in the same way, carrying out all necessary switching manipulation etc. – which again also was the case on the way home, in total over a distance of about 40 kilometres. At that, however, they were driving as safely as if a man was sitting in the cabin steering the tractor with two arms and hands on the wheel. 


As they reached their destination, Billy stepped out of the tractor and grinned disarmingly at them as if nothing unusual at all had happened. In fact, Freddy continues, he had already heard a lot about Billy’s spiritual (consciousness related) powers, like for example how he by applying spiritual (consciousness related) powers had removed an oven weighing 500 kg from the road. How he in the middle of the night shot through a postage stamp with the gun from a distance of 220 meters (722 feet). Or, when he made a two-franc piece glowing in his hand, etc.


But, Freddy writes, what he here experienced for himself, in his opinion, exceeded everything he had heard. This was his greatest experience of this kind, what surely also would have been the case for Silvano and Thomas as well.



On this winding road, without a road fence, only minutes down from Schmidrüti, on a road where most people would prefer to have both hands on the wheel, Billy Meier had none. It was here Freddy Kropf first noticed that Billy Meier was driving the tractor without his hand on the wheel and alerted the two other passengers sitting in the tractor trailer beside him and who saw the same. The tractor was seemingly steering itself. A Kubota tractor of a model made prior to 1983, which Billy Meier was driving that day, had no power steering thus considerable more force would be needed to turn the steering wheel around on tractor like that, as well as change the manual gear, etc., as compared to the force needed to steer a modern car with power steering and automatic gear.

Photo: Kåre Bergheim 




Road signs along the road to Schmidrüti

Photo: Kåre Bergheim



The three sources 


Billy Meier list three sources for his spiritual teaching:


·       His own memory bank (a.k.a. Akashic records)

·       The two spiritual planed called Arahat Athersata and Petale

·       The extra terrestrials


His own memory bank (Akashic records)


During each lifetime, all information the human generate such as thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. are memorized and stored in a fine matter plane which simply is called the memory bank, also known under the name the akashic records. The person also receives impulses from his or her own memory bank stored in past lives. But on our stage of evolution we only receive these impulses unconsciously. Where Billy Meier claim to be different, is that he is able to retrieve the information from his own memory bank in a conscious way by simply calling up the required information when he needs it. The reason why he is capable of doing so is because his spirit form is far older than the Earth average age human spirit form. And the information he has been able to recall this way is information which had been stored in his memory bank during numerous lifetimes in the past, when he performed similar tasks. 


In contact 380 held between Billy and Ptaah on the 24 of Feb 2005, it is referred to that Billy gained vast knowledge in the spiritual teachings through memory bank recordings during two lives as Nokodemion,  four lives under the name Henok and three lives under the name Henoch. Moreover, this was also the reason why Billy Meier he was chosen for the UFO contacts and the mission as he performed tasks of similar nature in previous incarnations. So it is not that he simply through a so called coincidence came into the contacts and the mission, but rather everything were predestined down to  the smallest detail and indeed a long time ago, thousands of years back in time when he was another  personality. He was already then carrying out a similar task as he was destined for in the present time.


The definition of the word prophet should also be mentioned. According to contact 31, 17 July 1975, Billy at first refused to call himself a prophet because he saw the title as grand and inappropriate and he did not see himself such. But he was told by the extra-terrestrials (Ptaah) that the justification for him using the title prophet was, on the one hand, found in his knowledge in regards to all creative-spiritual concerns and in his wisdom and love, and on the other hand, due to the other fact that he is a recipient for the dissemination of very important spiritual and ground-breaking messages from a very high spiritual plane. These messages are forward-looking and thus prophetic.


Which was also the reason why he had to define himself as being a prophet, because his announcements were not only prophetic, but rather direction giving and instructive in nature. He was moreover told that this description is as such very much entitled and does not lean towards an exercising or arrogant power factor in his character and life. Such an impression is absolutely wrong and unfortunately very common on Earth.


Humans on Earth consider a prophet as being a powerful being who is above all other life forms. This is not true, he was told, because a prophet is a life form like any other. The false doctrine, however, that a prophet is a power-exercising life form, was already created at earlier times by fanatics, charlatans, swindlers and religious leaders deliberately for the reason to consolidate their own power over the people.


Meier was furthermore told to not pay attention to these false teachings, because they are delusive and wrong and they convey the wrong images. He was also told to be aware that a prophet in modern times would have to work in completely different ways than back in  the old days, because they lived mostly lonely in wild and inaccessible mountains and regions and stepped only now and then amongst the people with powerful words of the truth.


Some of Meier’s spirit forms previous incarnation go very long back time. One lifetime, when he carried the name Henok, was about 12 billion years ago (Ref contact 251). In a more recent incarnation, he took the name Henoch, who lived between the years 9308 to 8942 BC (Ref. contact 229). His spirit form was also incarnated as the person Jmmanuel, who was a prophet in Palestine about 2000 years ago.


Because Jmmanuel is also known as Jesus Christ, by Christian definition Meier is the ‘second coming’. However, Meier strictly denies he is the ‘second coming’ for the reason he claims Jesus Christ is an invented figure based on the real person who did exist and who was named Jmmanuel . Moreover, Jmmanuel was crucified but survived the cross and afterwards he travelled to Srinagar where he died at the age 115. Jmmanuel was born 5 years BC according to contact 213 held in 1986. Below is the part in the German contact notes which details the time of his birth. My translation above the German original


With reference to Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 5 (2004) 213th contact Tuesday, 2. December 1986, 03.17 o’clock. Page 221. Part quote :



Thanks. That’s it, exactly. As you well know, I have compiled and calculated a lot in regards to the Christian calendar. To that you have also told me that you have calculated very accurately and that my calculations only contain very small mistakes. I have recently made an effort with regard to these calculations and have discovered the actual birth of Jmmanuel must have taken place, not four, six or seven years before the Christian calendar, but five years. That means that Jmmanuel effectively must have seen the light of day five years before the Christian calendar. By a look into the past, I also discovered that not only was an illuminating spaceship visible in the sky at the time of his birth, but also a very large comet, which could be seen all over the world and in fact over a period of several weeks.



160. Your statements are correct.

161. And since you now have found the true facts on your own, there is nothing any longer stopping me from telling you more details.

162. The exact year of Jmmanuel’s birth was five years before the Christian calendar known to us today.

163. At that time was in fact also a very large and unusually intensely bright comet observed from Earth, which we call <The fertile>, because already from very early times fertilization has proceeded from it for the Earth and for the planet Phaeton resp. Malona, whereby life could develop on both  of these solar satellites.

164. Nevertheless, <The Fertile> has an extremely long orbital period, on an orbit which leads out far into the Oort Cloud.

165. Accordingly, according to earthly time measure, it will take more than 11,000 years before a return of this comet into the Sol system takes place.

166. Its orbital period is 13 200 years.

167. Together with this event of the appearance of <The fertile> also followed the birth of Jmmanuel on the 3rd of February five years before the Christian calendar, whereby the 3rd of February of the today's calendar is converted to the time and the day of that time.

168. At the same time as Jmmanuel was born, a large Plejaren beam ship was stationed in the atmosphere over Bethlehem in order to control and monitor everything.

169. This shone very brightly, because it was one those aircrafts which extracts energies from the atmosphere, which lights up very brightly when these enter into the area of the processor system by which the anti-gravity is generated.



German Original:

Unter Bezugnahme auf Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 5 (2004) Zweihundertdreizehnter Kontakt Dienstag, 2. Dezember 1986, 03.17 Uhr. Teil Zitat



Danke. Ja das war’s – genau. Wie du ja weisst, habe ich in Bezug auf die christliche Zeitrechnung vieles zusammengetragen und ausgerechnet. Ihr habt mir dazu auch gesagt,dass ihr sehr genau gerechnet hätte und dass in meinen Rechnungen nur kleine Fehler enthalten seien. Hinsichtlich diesen Berechnungen habe ich mich neuerlich bemüht und bin darauf gestossen, dass die tatsächliche Geburt Jmmanuels nicht vier, sechs oder sieben Jahre vor der christlichen Zeitrechunung stattgefunden haben muss, sonder fünf Jahre. Das bedeutet also, dass Jmmanuel effektiv fünf Jahre vor der christlichen Zeitrechnung das Licht dieser Welt erblickt haben muss. Auch bin ich durch eine Vergangenheitsschau darauf gestossen, dass zu seiner Geburtszeit nicht nur ein strahlendes Raumschiff am Himmel zu sehen war, sondern tatsächlich auch ein sehr grosser Komet, der in aller Welt gesehen werden konnte, und zwar über mehrere Wochen hinweg.



160. Deine Erklärungen sind von Richtigkeit.

161. Und da du nun die wahrheitlichen Fakten allein gefunden hast, steht für mich auch nichts mehr im Wege, dir Näheres zu sagen.

162. Das genaue Jahr von Jmmanuels Geburt war fünf Jahre vor der heute bekannten christlichen Zeitrechnung.

163. Zu jener Zeit war tatsächlich von der Erde aus auch ein sehr grosser und ungewöhnlich stark strahlender Komet zu beobachten, den wir den <Fruchtbaren> nennen, weil von ihm aus schon zu sehr frühen Zeiten Besamungen für die Erde und für den den Planeten Phaeton resp. Malona ausgegangen sind, wodurch auf diesen beiden SOL – Trabanten Leben entstehen konnte.

164. Der <Fruchtbare> jedoch hat eine äusserst lange Umlaufzeit auf einer Bahn, die weit in die Oortsche Wolke hinausführt.

165. Demgemäss wird es nach irdischen Zeitmass mehr als 11 000 Jahre dauern, ehe eine Rückkehr dieses Kometen ins Sol-System erfolgt.

166. Seine Umlaufzeit beträgt 13 200 Jahre.

167. Zusammen mit diesem Ereignis des Erscheinens des <Fruchtbaren> ergab sich auch die Geburt Jmmanuels am 3. Februar fünf Jahre vor der christlichen Zeitrechnung, wobei der 3. Februar der heutigen Zeitrechnung auf die Zeit und den Tag von damals umgerechnet ist.

168. Zur gleichen Zeit, als Jmmanuel geboren wurde, war, um alles zu kontrollieren und zu überwachen, ein grosses Plejaren- Strahlschiff hoch in der Atmosphäre über Bethlehem stationiert.

169. Dieses strahlte sehr hell, denn es war eines jener Fluggeräte, die aus der Atmosphäre Energien entnehmen, die sehr stark strahlend aufleuchten, wenn sie in den Bereich der Verwerteranlage eindringen, durch die die Antigravitation erzeugt wird.



Leuchtkräftigen Energieverbrennung. Eng. Luminous energy burn by Pleiadian beam ship piloted by Semjase near Hinwil Switzerland as photographed by Guido Moosbrugger on the 13th of June 1976 during an informal contact and flight demonstration preceding contact 55.


Billy Meier and Konrad Schutzbach took photographs at the same time according to the 3 page report written by Guido Mossbrugger. Billy Meier took photographs from a much closer location and his photographs showed intensive colours. Konrad Schutzbach’s photographs showed a clear disc shaped form throughout as did Guido Moosbrugger’s first photo. But the photographs taken by Billy and Konrad took did not turn out as good as those taken by Guido Moosbrugger since he used a camera with a telephoto lens standing on a tripod. Also present were Margaret Flammer, Amata Stetter and Olga Walder.   


Jakobus Bertschinger, Hans Schutzbach and Guido Moosbrugger all witnessed and wrote reports, on 3 separate occasions, about the light intensive demonstration where the space craft sucks inn electrons from the atmosphere and creates an energy concentration which it then ignites. The combustion process which follows brings about a very luminous night sky light display as here photographed by Guido Moosbrugger.




This is another photograph belonging to the same series as above. The so-called energy burn performance lasted about 10 minutes, from when the object first appeared, ascending up from a wooded hill side area in the direction Billy had gone for contact, until it vanished as a diminishing light point high in the night sky, as it started climbing after the performance had ended.


Regarding the altitude of the object:


Guido did not give an estimate of the objects altitude other that he wrote it was fairly high above the horizon (Germ. ziemlich hoch über dem Horisont) when the performance started.


Hans Schutzbach, who witnessed the same type demonstration on a separate occasion earlier that year, wrote that in his estimate the light had risen higher than 500 meters above the forest when a glistening white firework suddenly began which then ceased after about 10 seconds, for then only to properly go off a little higher. At the same time, during this process, the light was continuously rising.  He estimated that the long tail flowing toward the ground ending in drops below to be 170 meter in length. He described the light to be that of Magnesium-light, looking in a similar way bright and glary.


Jakobus Bertschinger, who also witnessed this type of demonstration on an separate occasion earlier same year, estimated the objects altitude to be between 2000 to 3000 meters (6500-10000 ft.) when the performance started and from underneath the light sphere he saw that a real shower of sparks suddenly starting to come down – in the same way as in a gigantic fireworks – probably 150 to 200 meter in length. This appearance was associated with extremely high noises, just as if two non-isolated electrical power cables were touching each other for a longer period.


Billy Meier was informed by the extra-terrestrials that the electrical energy elimination involved that an energy concentration was being brought about by drawing electricity inn from the atmosphere which then became eliminated through a combustion process. It should not be done below a height of 2500 meters (8200 ft) since the burning energy falling to earth is very hot. 


Conclusion: As the photo has been taken through a telephoto lens, and if the tale, the shower of sparks, is close to 200 meter long (650 ft) as has been estimated during previous demonstrations, it is fully possible that the object could have been at an altitude of between 2000 to 3000 meters (6500-10000 ft.) when this photograph was taken.


Photo: Guido Moosbrugger on the 13th of June 1976 during an informal contact and flight demonstration preceding contact 55.



The spiritual planes


Another source of Billy Meier’s spiritual teachings is two higher spiritual planes called Arahat Athersata and Petale. He received messages from these two planes by the means of spirit telepathy during the years 1975 to 1976. He wrote all messages from these two planes down by hand.


According to Billy Meier, these planes are higher spiritual planes which also each individual human spirit form will enter and join after an enormously long time, when a very high degree of evolution have been achieved.


In Stimme der WASSERMANZEIT WISSENWERTES aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien Nr. 4 September 1978, Billy Meier writes that from when humans have reached the evolutionary level at which he is considered being normal, thus fully capable of reasoning and understanding according to the human term, first then does the actual path of the conscious evolvement begin.


From this time onwards, the further course of evolution then last to the point where the spirit form no longer requires the human body, thus the physical body, which is around 70 to 80 billion years.

When the human reaches this level, where the physical body is discarded, then a transitional stage takes place, the so called boundary zone between the material and the pure spiritual. This condition can be described, according to human understanding, as a wobbling, translucent and penetrable form of matter, which still is well visible but no longer tangible. 


This condition last for a certain time which can be calculated in, and by, the number seven, whereby the spirit form then frees itself from the still half material body for then to become the purest spirit form. As the purest spirit form it next enters into a corresponding spirit form plane where it integrates and aligns itself into the WE-form existing there.


These WE-forms in the highly evolved spiritual plane are then in no way any longer planetary bound but are located in close proximity to the universe spiral where the greatest universe pure spirit energies accumulates and manifest itself. In no way are they then still connected in a communicative or an operative way with those coarse material life forms on their original home planets, still left behind and still in need of development, and in no way or manner do they still intervene in the matters of those life forms on those planets. Their further existence as pure spirit forms now last many billions of years during which time they greatly extend their knowledge and evolve further.


The messages from these planes can be found in several books such as DEKALOG  DODEKALOG (1976) DEKALOG (Die zehn Gebote) resp. DODEKALOG (Die zwölf Gebote)

Telepathisch empfangen aus der PETALE-GEISTEBENE durch ’Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier Vom 14. Oktober 1975 bis 17. November 1975


(Eng. DEKALOG  DODEKALOG (1976) DEKALOG (The ten commandments) resp. DODEKALOG (The twelve commandments) Received telepathically from the Petale spirit level by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meir from the 14th of October 1975 to the 17th of November 1975.


In the foreword in this book Billy Meier writes the following:  (My English translation above the German original)



This writing represent a spiritual and consciousness related value which has been communicated to me, Eduard Albert 'Billy' Meier, by telepathic inspiration word for word as presented from a higher spirit form, and which I have recorded by hand during the communication, always in the individual handwriting of the spirit form communicating the message or the message part. The communication took place in eleven parts between the 14th October and 17th November, 1975. 


There was no possibility of communication from my side to the Petale level. However, the text was dictated very slowly, if anything was unclear it was repeated until it was written properly to the letter and analogously. A detailed examination of the original transcript revealed that obviously none of the handwritings involved my own normal handwriting. It appears clearly and distinctly that different beings had participated in the transcript. The WE spirit form who communicated their higher knowledge to me, called themselves 'PETALE', explained that they represent an I-WE unity   who can manifest themselves in transmission as a unity or also as only members of this form as required. The text and style of the spirit communications correspond verbatim to the words reprinted here, without one single letter change. Also the text and style does not correspond to my own way of expression.


In this writing is not ‘God’ spoken of, but Creation:


 “Creation is the BEING and NON-BEING of life. It is the most immense mass of spiritual energy in the Universe. It is spirit in the purest form and unmeasurable in its wisdom, in its knowledge, in its love and in its harmony and truth. Creation is something spiritual dynamic, for a human unconceivable Pure spirit intelligence energy ruling everything, an at all times active, creative, constantly developing, an all cohere wisdom and love. ”







Die vorliegende Schrift stellt einen geistigen und bewusstseinmässigen Wert dar, der mir, Eduard Albert ‘Billy’ Meier, durch telepathische Eingebung wortwörtlich , wie vorliegend, von einer hohen Geistform übermittelt wurde, und die ich während den Übermittlungen handschriftlich festhielt, jeweils in der individuellen Handschrift der die Botschaft oder den Botschaftsteil übermittelnden Geistform. Die Durchgaben erfolgten zwischen dem 14. Oktober und dem 17. November 1975 in elf Teilen.


Es gab keinerlei Kommunikationsmöglichkeit meinerseits hin zur Petale-Ebene. Der Text aber wurde sehr langsam diktiert, bei Unklarheiten wiederholt, bis er richtig wort- und sinngemäss geschrieben war. Eine genaue Prüfung der Original-Niederschrift enthüllt, dass es sich offensichtlich bei keiner der Handschriften um meine normale, eigene Schrift handelt. Es erscheint klar und deutlich, dass verschiedene Wesen an der Niederschrift beteiligt gewesen waren. Die WIR-Geistform, die mir ihre hohen Erkenntnisse übermittelte, nennt sich ‘PETALE’, die erklärte dass sie eine Ich-Wir-Einheit darstelle, die je nach Bedarf sich als Einheit oder auch nur als Teile dieser Form in Übermittlung kund tue. Der Text und Stil der Geistesmitteilungen entsprechen wortgetreu den hier nachgedruckten Worten, ohne eine einzige Buchstabenveränderung. Ebenso entspricht der Text und Stil nicht meiner eigenen Ausdrucksweise.


In der vorliegende Schrift wird nicht von ‘Gott’, sondern von der Schöpfung gesprochen:


“Die Schöpfung ist das SEIN und das NICHTSEIN des Lebens. Sie ist die ungeheuerste Masse geistiger Energie im Universum. Sie ist Geist in reinster Form und unmessbar in ihrer Weisheit, in ihrem Wissen, in ihrer Liebe und in ihrer Harmonie und Wahrheit. Die Schöpfung ist etwas geistig Dynamisches, eine für Menschen unbegreifbare,  über allem waltende Rein-Geist-Intelligenz-Energie, eine allzeitlich active, kreative, unaufhaltsam in Entwicklung stehende, alles in sich schliessende Weisheit und Liebe.”



Dekalog (die 10, resp. 12 Gebote in ihrer Urform)

(Eng.the Decalogue (The 10, resp. 12 commandments in their original form)

Tuesday, 14. Ocotober 1975, 08.46 o’clock – Monday, 17. November 1975, 23.10 o’clock, this written work is the first of several texts which was transmitted from a higher spirit level, the plane of Petale, by means of spirit telepathy and was received and written down by Billy. (The plane of Petale is the highest and the last of the seven pure spirit planes, which the human spirit form passes through in its development on the way to become one with Creation). 


During the transmission of the Decalogue, Billy had to write everything down by hand, since often corrections were made in the middle of the sentence which made a greater flexibility necessary than what was possible with the old typewriter. Also the Dekalog was transmitted in individual sections, meaning transmitted as required, which meant that Billy not seldom was writing for 18 hours without pause.




The Dekalog, as a handwritten manuscript, has a very extraordinary uniqueness, because not in one single letter of the whole work is Billy’s own handwriting recognizable, but only a great number of strange handwritings (in total around 50 different writing characteristics), which often alternate sentence by sentence and also often in the middle of a single sentence. This characteristic happen as a result of that different spirit forms from the WE-plane of Petale work together in unity.

The below shows an example of a handwritten recording of communication from higher spiritual levels as it was received by Billy Meier.  Source: ... und sie fliegen doch! UFOs: Die größte Herausforderung des 20. Jahrhunderts (1991) by Guido Moosbrugger.




The extraterrestrials


The extraterrestrials are another source of Billy Meiers spiritual teachings. Billy was first spiritually taught at the age of 5 by Sfath, a Pleiadian/Plejaren extraterrestrial. Later, from 1953 to 1964, he was taught by Asket an extra-terrestrial from the DAL-Universe, a parallel universe to ours. Phobol Cheng, a former United Nations diplomat saw Asket and her space ship when Billy Meier visited Ashoka Ashram in 1964 where Phobol Cheng then lived as a child. She spoke about this in the Reopening of the Billy Meier case Laughlin 1999 . From 1975 Semjase took over, another extra-terrestrial from beyond the Pleiades star constellation. This also marked the beginning of the official contacts where Meier went public and began publishing the contact notes. The contact notes are transcripts of conversation between himself and the extra-terrestrials during each contact.



Face of an extra-terrestrial

Photo taken by Billy Meier on the 6th of July 1977 during contact 78



The above photo shows an extra-terrestrial woman named Alena coming from a planet in the Lyra star constellation. She wears a gold-metallic looking jacket and in her hand she holds a laser gun, which was also test fired during the contact, by shooting a hole through the trunk of a tree. Her hair is dark and her skin can here be seen as being light brown. Billy was only permitted to take picture of her so long as he deleted most of her face as she could not afford be recognized. This because she at times needed to mingle in our society, thus if a photo was published of her face, it would jeopardize her security.


The Lyran and Vegans are members of a federation called the Pleiadian/Plejaren federation. Their contact with Meier has been more sporadic when looking at the German contact notes, like filling in for Semjase when she at times was absent busy attending to other duties. So the Lyran and Vegans have been assisting the Pleiadians, but playing a secondary role in the contacts with Meier. The spiritual teaching has been delivered by the Pleiadian/Plejaren extra-terrestrials.


About the gold metallic looking jacket


In Messages of the Pleiades vol. 4 (1995), the investigator, Wendelle Stevens wrote (p.102):


“But just as intriguing was our search for a gold nylar jacket that might look like the one Alena is wearing in the picture with her arm holding the gun. We looked in all the clothing stores, all the sporting goods stores, and checked even the uniform supply stores for such a jacket, or even such gold material as might be necessary to make such a jacket, like the arm of the one worn by Alena as she holds the pistol for Meier’s photographs. We never found anything like it.”


About the laser gun on the photograph, Stevens wrote (p.102):


 “…we had already been to every toy supplier in Switzerland and failed to find any toy weapon anything like the laser pistol Meier photographed. A search of sporting goods stores was equally fruitless. To this day we have never found a match for that laser pistol”.


About the hole shot in the tree with the laser gun, Stevens wrote (p.102)


 “Jakobus (Bertschinger) came on the scene with Meier crouched at the tree examining the still smoking hole that had been burned cleanly through the centre of the big tree trunk. The charring was superficial but clear through the tree and out the other side. Then the hole in the tree, which a man could insert his thumb into, was not completely round inside, but somewhat oval in some places, like the hole made by pouring hot water into a snowbank. And the charring through light and penetrating into the wood no more ant ¼” of an inch or less, was uniform throughout, including the front entrance and the rear exit from the trunk. And the dark soil behind the tree, in line of-sight through the hole, was still smoking and fused. I am not taking anybody else’s word for this because I was there a short time later and personally examined all for myself.”



In the afternoon on the 6th of July 1977 Jakobus Bertschinger found Billy Meier at the smoking tree examining the still glowing coals there around the burned opening.  Jakobus had gone away to pick up cement that day but returned earlier than planned, without the cement, because the store was closed for summer holiday. According to the contact notes the extra-terrestrials created a protection umbrella radiating around the Center, which also acted as a mirror, alerting them if anybody was coming. When they saw Jacobus arriving, they immediately left. Thus, he arrived just shortly after the extra-terrestrials had test fired the ray gun towards the tree.

Image from Messages from the Pleiades vol.4 (p.95)




Billy Meier, ca.1980.

Between 1979 and 2007, Billy Meier published about 5000 pages of spiritual teaching in the form of spiritual teaching letters. And many of the 40 books he has published also contain spiritual teaching as does the contact notes. The contact notes became reprinted between 2002 and 2007 in an A4 hardcover format and contain more than 4500 pages of conversation between him and the extra-terrestrials. Many of these contacts contain spiritual information as well. See for example contact 10 held 26 March 1975, between Billy Meier and Semjase, which I have translated to English further below:



The spirit – definition


Reference: Dekalog Dodekalog 1975/1993 by Billy Meier p.81 Geist – was ist zu verstehen darunter? (The spirit – what is to be understood by it?)


Spirit is the substance of the entity Creation, its being and existence. But spirit is also the substance of creative creation which enlivens every life form. But spirit is also that tiny part creational power which as a tiny part creation spirit enlivens humans and makes them capable of leading their life in the first place. 



The spirit and the consciousness


Reference: Geisteslehre von Billy. Lehrbriefe 1-4 p.42 Der Geist (Eng. Spiritual teaching by Billy. Spiritual teachings letter 1-4 p.42. The spirit.)


In humans there are not only one type of consciousness in regards to his perception of space and time and all material and spiritual things. Each consciousness form is also connected to the spirit, which forms the decisive value for everything.


In each and every one where a consciousness is noticeable there is a spirit present, which controls as well as notices everything. Hence, each consciousness is also controlled by the spirit. Also the humans own thinking receives the driving force from the spirit. People on Earth, in particular people in science, are familiar with that the organic matter in cells, observed under a microscope, possesses a consciousness. Discovered and recognized through study and experiments in the way that organic matter was bombarded with coloured light which led it to be influenced in its movement. 


It was discovered that this organic matter, the cells, have got no brain, so therefore no central organ for sensing like animals and humans have. It is also known that where an alive and functioning brain is present, a form of thinking happens, which is not always objective and conscious as is the case with humans. Also various animal species have a conscious and objective thinking, although the fundamental rule for the fauna is that its thinking is less conscious and objective.


However, it is the case in humans that a conscious and unconscious thinking take place, whereby both forms are not just organic but are also spiritually controlled. By humans, it also appears that they, on the one hand, are able to think conscious and objective, but on the other hand, also unconscious and objective.  When for example a human is in a state of deep unconsciousness or under anaesthetic, then the human still has a living and functioning brain.  But in this state the human lacks any type of the still functioning material consciousness, or awake consciousness, which represents the external and transient consciousness or else, also referred to as the material consciousness.


In a state of anaesthesia or unconsciousness, the consciousness is not aware of the material things and the reality of its surroundings. Thus in this condition the human is then detached from consciousness, which is why it is said he is unconscious and thus without consciousness. But despite this fact, a specific consciousness works in the anaesthetic or unconscious body which remain fully operational and thus fully functioning, namely the subconsciousness.


Despite the disconnection of the external consciousness, the material consciousness, the organs of the body do not cease their functions but continue to remain as integral and fulfilling parts of the body. This continued functioning of the subconsciousness results from the fact that it stays continuously impulse connected to the spirit, which acts as life engine. If this were not so, then no reaction to stimuli would appear being performed on an anesthetized or unconscious body.


These certain reaction to stimuli also proves that the subconsciousness in fact exists and also still remains functional and controls the body when the material consciousness /awake consciousness is switched off. Should even the brain, as being the organ of the material consciousness, be partly removed, destroyed or injured, the subconsciousness still continues to work in connection with the spirit, independently of the material consciousness and cerebrum. This results in that heart, lungs, and other organs in the human body remain fully functional and continue to work without ceasing their function.


Under the direction of the subconsciousness, each cell continues to work fully under the consciousness prevailing in them in order to keep the body alive. This clearly shows that the human type consciousness reveal itself in two ways: Thus, an external, the material type, which is transitory and destructible, and secondly, the subconscious type, which stays in contact with, and is connected to the spirit, which keeps the human body alive and functioning properly.


Summary points:



Work through the material consciousness through the material subconsciousness. A consciousness only exists where a spirit is noticeable.


Also in an unconscious and anaesthetic state does the spirit in the human continue to exist and work, although the human has a loss of material consciousness.


Human possesses a dual consciousness, the material consciousness/awake consciousness and the subconscious consciousness. The subconsciousness consciousness is also called the inner consciousness. The external consciousness, the material consciousness, comes mainly to expression through the thinking, whereas the inner consciousness/subconsciousness is expressed through the human’s subconscious functions.


The human material consciousness/awake consciousness/external consciousness lapses with the termination of the humans awake state, thus when an anaesthesia or loss of consciousness takes place.



Making mistakes is part of evolution. When the spirit enters the realm of the beyond.


Reference: LEBEN UND TOD (1979/1994) by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier (Eng. The book ‘LIFE AND DEATH (1979/1994) by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier p.98-106


For a mistake committed, through Creation and its laws and commandments, every life form is allocated the appropriate damage depending on the size of the mistake, whereby the one who has committed the mistake recognizes, and is able to rectify, the aforesaid mistake etc., if he is willing to do so. 


But when this is done, then with that is also the sin already cancelled out and the incident is completed once and for all and no law or commandment of Creation ever allows a fall back in negative form after that. Thus a damage cannot once again occur for the suffered damage and the already thoroughly atoned for mistake, not to mention be for it damages on top of damages wold follow.


A once committed mistake with damage occurred and the mistake rectified represents essentially nothing less than a training course, like for example when a child have to write an essay in school and makes x amount of errors in it and then have these errors stated, explained and corrected, through the corrections from the teacher.


In this way the child learns the right and proper writing of the words and will no longer make the errors. But would appear as unsurpassable nonsense, even to the most stupid people, that the child would still have to be penalized for the damages, caused by the errors, (correcting mistakes and to reflect upon them etc.) and in fact would have to pay for these errors for the rest of his life.


Just as what is happening to the child in school, as such is also the case with respect to human learning in the sense of life related aspects, relating to the evolution in the material and spiritual area. This means that a human called back to death from the material life has paid all and absolutely every ‘guilt’ with regard to the committed mistakes (for the purpose of learning and self-evolvement) and do not enter the beyond with such damages which he or she has to be remedy there, or in the next life.


That is to say, the already corrected mistakes and damages in the past material life no longer carry any weight in any form whatsoever in the area in the beyond and in the next life because they have become absolutely irrelevant. The life in the beyond area, in the pure spirit state, takes place in the way that truly everything material (the coarse material of the physical life) already vanish at the point of change (life-death) and stay behind in the worldly domain. Only the spirit, with all its powers and accumulated evolution values crosses the threshold between life and death.


When the spirit-body enters the area in the beyond, then it feels free and peaceful, full of love and released from all earthly material concerns. In the exact same living space as the physical life at the time, simply differently dimensioned, is space and time of the beyond located. This therefore means that the area of the beyond can be found precisely where the material world is also located, only in a different dimensioned form – in fine matter, and consequently no longer in a detectable form for people with all their coarse material senses.


Also, In this beyond area is time no longer an issue, because time becomes there a non-factor and merge into the all great times whereby the spirit forms living there are no longer subject to sensing time in the way it is particular to material life forms in the coarse matter world. One could therefore practically speak of a timelessness, which does not correspond to the exact correctness because time also exists there, only in a different dimensioned form, whereby just one second there last an eternity in earthly terms.


When the spirit form crosses over from the material sphere of life to the spiritual area of the beyond, it then forms into the light structure of the spirit-we-form existing there. This light structure of the spirit-we-form is a grouping together and interaction of all existing human spirit forms in the beyond. In their joining together and conglomeration, It can be seen, in human proportion, as an enormous bright light-radiating milky pulsating cloud which appears as a nebula structure, but self-radiating in the brightest light. But which normally is invisible to the physical human eye. 


This spirit-WE form consists of innumerable human spirit forms which have joined and merged together. They therefore form an absolute unit, but one in which each spirit form individually also embodies a unit for themselves. In this spirit WE form, living as for-all-time real BEING, each individual spirit form unit pull out and work through all registered values recorded in the memory banks during the physical life, in order to convert these values to effective knowledge, effective wisdom and true love.


However, these are exclusively and without exception only those values which have been registered in the physical life and which are of spiritual evolution value and which can again be further pursued in the realm of evolution, after the incarnation in the future life. However, in the spirit area of the memory banks are also all impulses from the physical realm of life memorized, as well as all knowledge, emotions, feelings, perceptions, etc. which necessarily again becomes transferred to the next physical life, for there again to be released in the form of impulses to the material sub consciousness and into the material consciousness whereby once again everything can be put into practise.


These impulses are only being memorized in the memory banks area but not processed, because for this purpose is a physical life with physical experiences and possibilities necessary. Therefore, in the beyond, only those values memorized in the physical life, which are pure spiritual structural values are processed by the spirit form until they reach their real maximum value presently possible to achieve. 


Then, by these maximum levels is also the next physical life again determined by the spirit form. And once all spiritual structural values, brought along from the past physical life, have been processed till the last iota and transformed to the current maximum value possible to achieve, then the spirit form once again becomes able to incarnate, after which it again becomes born in a physical body in order to collect further values through the new physical life and remain on its evolutionary path. This is in the normal case and the normal sequence of the fulfilment of the laws and commandments of life, incarnation and reincarnation.


When a person dies in a natural way (even if it was to happen in a forced way through injury to the body etc.) then very specific symptoms appear which are uniform for all human life forms. Some time before death eventuates, often hours before – as the case may be) the human become aware (whether the person is lying in coma or is fully conscious makes here no difference, if the coma is not artificially created) that his biological clock starts counting down, in other words that he is going to die. But often the person do not want to acknowledge this, which is why he revolt against this fact, or alternatively is pleased about it, depending on how his way of life has been and how he was able to adjust to everything. This can lead to fear and fright appearing, or a very joyful ease etc., depending on the preceding way of life and the attitude of the person concerned towards life and death etc.


When the last minutes of life for the dying person draws near, then the actual transition phase or changeover phase appears which is different as well, depending on the preceding way of life and attitude etc.. A person who has lived in a negative way can have horrible images appearing which can create a true hell for him and all the horrors visualize a damnation, which can lead to screaming fits and anxiety rants. This as opposed to those people who have lived fulfilling the truth or simply believing firmly that they have lived the proper way etc., who in this moment find true rest and becomes conscious of the peace which awaits in the beyond area.


In this condition, which normally lasts minutes, but which also can last longer depending on the difference of people in their overall nature, the person is usually no longer responsive to the surroundings (when the dying person let himself slide into this state). Nevertheless the fact is that in this condition, with all his heightened and highly sensitive senses functioning, he is picking up and registering everything that is happening around him, thus not only spoken or whispered words but also thoughts, which in certain circumstances, are being thought thousands of kilometres away from where he is dying.


But, at the same time, his highly sensitive senses in this state also sensitize his consciousness powers, by which he is able to order his spirt powers to be set free, if he so wishes, whereby he suddenly becomes capable of doing things he was not able to do during his lifetime and in full possession of his physical or psychological powers. Thus, in his highly sensitive state, depending on his will and desire, it suddenly becomes possible for the dying person to make himself become noticed through his spirit powers, suddenly usable to him in his highly sensitive state.


Thus it happens that if a dying person wishes to make his presence felt to any persons very close to him, that person very suddenly, and seemingly out from nowhere, hears a voice calling him; or that he is being affected by a strange feeling which tells him that such-and-such person is now dying; or that in his home, suddenly and for reasons unexplainable to him, a mirror breaks, or a vase or similar breaks free from a stable location, fells to the floor and breaks, and so on and so forth. 


All this is due to the simple fact that the dying person, through his suddenly highly sensitised senses and highly sensitised powers of the physical consciousness, uses his spirit powers in a telepathic or telekinetic way and in this way, through these powers of the physical consciousness, makes his presence felt to a person, as previously described, by letting his voice sound to certain persons close to him, or move objects by telekinetic powers, etc.


If the change from life to death has taken place, then the spirit form leaves the body with lightning like speed. That means the moment when the body ceases its life function the spirit leaves it, whereby the body becomes lifeless. This process is the conformity of the spirit with the body where both can only function and live together if and for as long as both are actively alive. 


If the spirit leaves the physical body, then it is already in its natural element, namely in the different dimensioned  area of the beyond  whereby this changeover takes place with such speed that it cannot be recorded with human made time measuring equipment. When the spirit escapes from the body, it does not immediately unify with the existing WE form in the area of the beyond, but only seconds later.

After the disengagement of the spirit from the body and its lightning fast entry into the beyond area, it is floating above the deceased body. Through its feelings it is still able to see and recognize it as well as the surroundings and all those surviving dependants etc. that the dying person still was involved with in a physical consensus way during the last seconds prior to his death.


But from the spirit there no longer exist the slightest relation to them as well as not to its own physical body either, which it left a fraction of a second earlier. The links between them have been broken and already when leaving the body does no longer any connection or relationship between the spirit and the body exist, whereby the spirit already seconds later can integrate in the we-form in its true element, the beyond, without still being the slightest tied to any earthly and material concerns.


After the death, in the beyond area, neither fear nor anguish and terror is experienced neither for those people who have lived with a correct attitude to life nor for those who lived a totally wrong way of life. They beyond area is completely neutral-positive balanced and is not subject to the negative and the positive in the sense which people have themselves defined it is and are aware of through their own thinking, conduct and behaviour. 


However, this does not mean that people therefore simply can just live as they may choose without respecting the creational laws and commandments, because, if they do not follow these, then they suffer damage. However, these damages are far greater and much worse for people than all the lies the cult religions are able to describe with their alleged purgatory fairy-tales and other torments and horrors of darkness.


This is because through the wrong way of way of life practised by a person, and the entire complex of the false enshrined therein, forms his inner state of mind accordingly and on the one hand subjects him to heaven and hell, but on the other hand also his outward life forms accordingly so that he also there live in heaven or hell in some form. But how these forms proceed is difficult to explain because it is individually different from person to person.


But one thing is certain and that is that each person will one day inevitably be caught up by his own way of living and then continue to live accordingly, because through his way of life he has himself shaped his entire future. Whether be it in this life, or first in the next, or the one after the next, is not important because the determination of the way of living presents such a reliable programming that it must be fulfilled with the precision of the absolute perfection.   


205. All unreal suggestions and human imaginations are thereby corrected when man discovers:

206. “I am a part of Creation which as a part enlivens me as a a spirit. ”

207. But the knowledge that all are imaginations and illusions except the creative-spiritual power, truth and reality will be the zeal which develops man in life, by no means lower, on the contrary bringing him to unprecedented heights.





Illustration of the dying Abraham Lincoln on his Death Bed. Credit:


After the spirit disengages from the body, it enter lightning fast into the beyond area. For a few seconds it is floating above the deceased body and is still able to see and recognize it through its feelings as well as the surroundings and all those surviving dependants etc., who the dying person was still involved with in a physical consensus way during the last seconds prior to his death.





Broken mirror. Credit:


It happens that if a dying person wishes to make his presence felt to any persons very close to him, the person very suddenly and seemingly out from nowhere hears a voice calling him; or that he is being affected by a strange feeling which tells him that such-and-such person is now dying; or that in his home, suddenly and for reasons unexplainable to him, a mirror breaks, or a vase or similar breaks free from a stable location, fells to the floor and breaks, and so on and so forth. 


This is because the dying person, through his sudden highly sensitised senses and highly sensitised powers of the physical consciousness, uses his spirit powers in a telepathic or telekinetic way and in this way, through these powers of the physical consciousness, makes his presence felt to a person by letting his voice sound to certain persons close to him, or move objects by telekinetic powers, etc.





Earth taken from Apollo 8 Credit: NASA


When the spirit-body enters the beyond area it feels free and peaceful, full of love and released from all earthly material concerns. In the exact same living space as the physical life at the time is space and time of the beyond located, simply differently dimensioned. Which means the area of the beyond can be found precisely where the material world is also located, only in a different dimensioned form – in fine matter, and consequently no longer in a detectable form for people with all their coarse material senses.





Planetary Nebula NGC 6210. Credit: ESA/Hubble and NASA 


When the spirit form crosses over from the material sphere of life to the spiritual beyond area, it forms into the light structure of the spirit-we-form existing there. This light structure of the spirit-we-form is a grouping together and interaction of all existing human spirit forms in the beyond. In their joining together and conglomeration, It can be seen, in human proportion, as an enormous bright light-radiating milky pulsating cloud which appears as a nebula structure, but self-radiating in the brightest light and normally invisible to the physical human eye.






In charge for 11 years from 1975 until 1986

She initiated the official contact and comes from beyond the Pleiades star cluster which we see on the night sky. This is the first pencil drawing of Semjase made by Eugen Eichenberger (1982) after the description given him by Billy.  Main reason why a photo does not exist of Semjase is the same as for the Lyran woman Alena above. If a photo was to become published of her face, it would jeopardize her security when she at times needed to mingle in our society.


Among the things she told Meier was that her people, a long time back in their history, faced the same problems, and had to make and carry out the same decisions, which presently earth humanity are now faced with. But today, they are tremendously far ahead of Earth people, in regards to knowledge, wisdom, social structure and science. Whereby in this respect they also have received help from more evolved beings, beings even more evolved than themselves.


Contact 10 between Billy Meier and Semjase represents the first spiritual teaching contact in the contact notes. It is a rather lengthy contact which I have translated in full below.




Semjase about the spirit - Contact 10.


Contact held: 26 March 1975

Place: Not stated but near Hinwil, Switzerland


With reference to: Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 1 (2002). Page 100 to 111 Contact 10 Wednesday, 26. March 1975, 15.20 o’clock.


My English translation above the German original beneath



1. Time has now come to speak about things which are very important for the purpose of the consciousness- and the spiritual development of the human beings on Earth.

2. In this respect I do not wish to address any question in the near future if they do not relate to these statements themselves, which you please must understand.

3. The human being is bearer of a spirit which do not die and also which in the deepest human sleep never sleeps, which records all thoughts and emotions, which tell people whether their thoughts are true or false if he has learned to pay attention to it.


4. This spirit in humans is bearer of the creative realm, and it is part of every human being.

5. It is incomprehensible that man speaks of a heaven and a Kingdom of heaven in himself and is not simply content just to say: Creation, truth, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, consciousness and existence.

6. The human longings lie in the joy, which remains, for the everlasting life, the lasting peace, the spiritual and consciousness related wealth, which never passes and lasts forever.


7. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but truth, knowledge, wisdom and spirit will never change or pass away.

8. The spirit and the consciousness search for the perfect, for harmony, for peace, understanding and recognition, for knowledge, wisdom, truth and beauty, for love and for the true existence which overall are of absolute duration.

9. They all together account for what form the spiritual kingdom; they are all existing in the Creative.


10. They are all there in the existence, as a genius of all ingenuity, as a melody of all melodies, as a skill of all skills, as the highest creative principle, as a miracle above all miracles.

11. A human is able to create miracle worlds in a dream, like Creation consciously creates the worlds.

12. The human achieve this ability from his consciousness which is present in the existence in him like all miracles are present in him.


13. He himself is the kingdom of heaven, the creative realm.

14. That’s why the old earth philosophers spoke of humans as the microcosm in the macrocosm because everything present in the universe is also found in humans.

15. The dimensions of the inside in humans are endless.


16. The image of Creation, the spirit in him, the existence, which is non-dimensional, holds in itself all dimensions and transcends at the same time all dimensions.

17. The spirit is the miracle of all miracles, from which all power comes from.

18. But a miracle means using spiritual power to perfection.


19. However, man places a miracle into something which lacks all possibilities of a logical explanation to him.

20. If a person is happy, then his happiness comes from within, because happiness is a self-created state, but never is happiness a place.

21. Joy emerges from within humans, created from spiritual and consciousness balance.


22. So everything comes from within.

23. The things and people which seemingly are the cause of happiness are only the external reasons for that happiness expresses itself in man if he has consciously worked towards it.

24. However, happiness is something which also belongs to the innermost, to the spiritual being, and it is an inseparable characteristic of the existence of Creation.


25. Endless happiness and unlimited power are present in this existence.

26. A human may be outwardly old but that is only a temporary matter.

27. Fifty years ago he was not yet here and in fifty years he will be no more if his body is dead, because only it is able to become old and frail.


28. The spirit, however, remains forever young and is never subject to the ageing process.

29. Age is something like the youth or the childhood, like worries, grief or problems, something which passes, like all external conditions and experiences of the world pass.

30. What is permanent is the existence of the spirit, the truth, the knowledge, the wisdom, the reality.


31. They are the ones important to recognize and to develop, because only they make people free.

32. If man recognizes the existence of his spirit, then age can no longer harm him.

33. No concerns, no grief, no problems, no changes and no ups and downs in life and the surroundings, the environment and the world are any longer able to throw him into sadness.


34. Wisdom is a primordial, enormous power.

35. Wisdom is light.

36. And wherever light lights up, darkness and ignorance disappear.


37. However, ignorance is the real darkness, and this is overcome by the light of the wisdom.

38. Wisdom is a sign of the existence of the spirit and the consciousness and carries with it the qualities of happiness, truth, knowledge, balance, beauty, harmony and peace.

39. Wisdom is light.


40. However, wisdom is also the characteristic of a person who has recognized the existence of his spirit and the material consciousness and therefore acts within the creational laws.

41. Wisdom is consciousness development as well as the use of consciousness power and the use of spirit power.

42. Wisdom and spirit as well as consciousness and truth are each two things which form a whole, just like the sunlight and the sun are two things.


43. The sunlight first results from the heat of the sun which it first has to produce through its processes.

44. But in the same way there is also an all creating existence in the Universe, in which the force of its forces creates forces, which follows certain creative laws as truth, knowledge and wisdom which endless eons consistently and unswerving follows and enlivens a given uniform guideline.

45. However, this powerful existence is Creation.


46. And, therefore, there is only one existence, which governs throughout the universe – only one creation, only one truth, one knowledge and one wisdom, which are aligned and remain constant for eternal times.

47. The eternal truth is not subject to variations and changes, and its laws never have to be revised and therefore never have to be adjusted to a new era.

48. The power of the spirit is as vital and dynamic as the power of the consciousness, in fact so much so in the way that these embody the wisdom in themselves.

49. It is a sign of human weakness when religions and sects and their false doctrines are represented as an instrument of the creative and as a result the wisdom becomes unreal.

50. Humans then search elsewhere for strength, freedom, joy and light, just not where they really are.

51. Wisdom is a distinctive characteristic of Creation, which lives, as a part of it, as spirit in humans.


52. That is why, if man through his consciousness increase his knowing wisdom he will recognize Creation.

53. He increases his search for truth, and he is aware of the power of wisdom.

54. Knowledge of the truth brings release from all limitations.


55. It brings unlimited knowledge and wisdom.

56. Wisdom is a powerful tool to recognize the laws of Creation.

57. A human who is filled with love is also rich in wisdom, and a person who is rich in wisdom is also full of love.


58. But the earth human deceives himself because he does not know love.

59. He interprets possessive feelings and other emotions as love whereas real love, however, remains foreign to him and not understood.

60. A human is a real human only when he has recognized and acquired the truth, the knowledge and the wisdom, even if he does not use the word Creation, because wisdom is also love at its best.


61. Thus he always finds that enlightenment and recognition are knowledge as well as wisdom and love, and where love prevails, wisdom also prevails.

62. Love and wisdom belong together, because Creation and its laws are love and wisdom at the same time.

63. Where wisdom and knowledge are, there are love and knowledge, and where knowledge and love are, there Creation is.


64. Growth in love and wisdom teaches people to recognize Creation.

65. But first people learn the truth and thereby achieve freedom and peace, a peace which is everlasting, a power without end.

66. Wisdom and love are the two vitalizing vibrations of the creative nature and character.


67. With wisdom and love man is master over all of creation.

68. Wisdom and love increase his devotion to the fulfilment of the given creative-natural laws because spirit and creation are one.

69. The terrestrial human speaks of love which he does not know.


70. He thinks he knows that his emotions are love and thereby deceives himself.

71. One cannot describe love in words, because it is like happiness, a state and not a place.

72. True love is everlasting, and cannot ever be transformed into something else.


73. The path of the consciousness power and the spiritual power goes beyond the realization of the truth, knowledge, wisdom and love.

74. The purpose and the task of the spiritual teaching therefore lie in spreading truth, knowledge, wisdom and love.

75. If the teaching fails from misuse or from wrong interpretation, then it is of no help any longer, rather it becomes an evil cult which enslaves the material consciousness by false teachings and creates unawareness as is the case with the false teachings of sects and religions.


76. But if it fulfils the function of consciousness development and spiritual knowledge development, then it is a powerful instrument of the creative order.

77. In the spiritual teaching it is about the spread of the awareness, truth, knowledge, wisdom and love, the eternal, the immortal, the everlasting, which overcomes death and spreads light, which in itself embodies the balance of the wisdom and love, the peace, which exceeds all understanding.

78. Every person believes to know what is meant by peace as it is known to him according to human experience.


79. But to understand the wise peace of the infinite existence, the spirit, the immortal creation, that quite simply goes beyond his human understanding.

80. This is because he is caught up in religious false doctrines and human-material things which deprive him of an understanding according to inner experience.

81. The experience, which is the real key to the true knowledge and wisdom.


82. Miracles over miracle are present in the kingdom of the spirit.

83. The visible universe with which people occupy themselves with is only a small location in this wonderful, endless, spiritual intelligence of Creation.

84. Universes like this one are present in the countless billions in the infinite spiritual intelligence of creation.


85. What is visible before the physical human eyes only signifies a small iota in the infinity.

86. What is not visible to his eyes is immeasurable, unfathomable and inconceivable, for his unspiritual human intelligence and mental capacity, confusing and inconceivable.

87. All of the Universe, which he sees, is only one single space of many which have to be measured with myriads, because there are universes in universes, universes beyond universes, universes under universes, universes above universes and universes outside of the universes in this ur-powerful, huge and all creative spiritual intelligence of the existence Creation.


88. And with this mighty spirit, with these elemental powers of the existence, Creation, the spiritual intelligence, is the human being connected because a part of this spirit intelligence Creation lives in the human being as a spirit and animates him.

89. His powers, his happiness, his peace, his freedom, his wisdom, his knowledge and his skills are unimaginable for those ingnorant in consciousness, illogical, critics, know-it-alls, dependent on religion, degenerated and other misguided.

90. And only a person who knows this truth and creates knowledge and wisdom and love from it is a blessed person.


91. He knows the answer to the recent issues of science, philosophy and also to people’s questions.

92. But to become such a blessed person, it is necessary to seek and find the truth, and from it acquire knowledge, wisdom and love; because man is only able to grow spiritually and in consciousness in truth, knowledge, wisdom and love, whereby he is freed from all human weaknesses.

93. Only then is he enlightened and completely freed, if he consistently and continuously stays in thought in the infinite creative spiritual reality.


94. The spiritual intelligence is enlightened by rule-governed spiritual principles and is orinted towards the creative being, the perfection and the power of the creative self.

95. This in contrast to human intelligence, because the human material consciousness in general occupy itself only with single things of the material world.


96. But this has the consequence that man is restricted and hindered in every direction, infact even captured, weighed down, plagued and tortured by all possible forms of misfortune, weaknesses and all sorts of enslavements.


97. Therefore, a human's individual self-analysis is one of the most important methods to find the truth and to walk the path of the consciousness and spiritual evolution.

98. It is therefore necessary that man continuously review his thoughts and sees what kind they really are.

99. He must ensure that creative-philosophical principles and realities, creative-natural laws ultimately always lead, control and govern him.


100. The constant feeling should prevail in man that he belongs to the creative, with his real spiritual breath, his real spiritual being.

101. In consciousness it should be clear to him that his real spiritual being is inseparably one with the creative in order to overcome the material external world with this awareness.

102. This creative-philosophical truth and knowledge should always first and foremeost control the human thinking, feeling and action.


103. Because only he who is one with the spirit can recognize and also do good in the long run, because he has the possibilities of Creation in himself.

104. Nothing negative in the infinite universe can affect and enslave him anymore.

105. To this creative-philosophical consciousness come in addition the practical, dynamic, creative; this means the mystical consciousness which exists from the perception of one reality in all things.


106. Man is therefore a practical philosopher and a mystic and perceives the reality in the changeable and temporary forms.

107. Because what is a human?

108. He is only a figure and a name.


109. If one takes away the name and figure, what then still remain of him?

110. The fundamental essence remains, the existence – the spirit and the comprehensive consciousness block.

111. The person who overlooks this is gone by the faintest wind gust – and swept along, adrift, hopeless and always still seeking to find a firm hold somewhere, but which will never be provided to him, if he does not seek and find the fundamental truth.


112. Billions of people on Earth or on other worlds look up to the stars in the sky, but without any results or realization.

113. But astronomers, when they look up to the sky, discover new worlds and write books about it.

114. But what they see and recognize, others are not able to see and recognize, even if they are able to look up.


115. Despite their seeing eyes they are blind.

116. The same is true with the normal and just clueless in consciousness, the consciously unconscious people.

117. The human being who lives truly according to the spiritual laws of creation sees and recognizes the creative around him, in every life form, in everything, in every thinking and action, in every human, in all nature’s work and also in all conceivable circumstances and events.


118. But the normal consciously clueless and affected through religions or other unreal doctrines person is unable to neither see nor to hear or to recognize even an iota of the truth.

119. His life is unconscious, but all the more pressed into human-material paths.

120. As a result he is blind, deaf and unknowing.


121. The person who follows the laws of creation becomes the most blessed and fearless being.

122. His will is unconquerable, his devotion is immense and continuous, and his wisdom and love constant and perfect, not changeable and not full of doubt, such as those addicted to religion and other misled ones in general.

123. His mind resembles the wide, endless sea and remains calm.


124. He does not tremble with fear.

125. Hence, he develops his spiritual mind which is no longer reached by any degenerated negative force anymore.

126. The mind, which no longer give shelter to any negative degenerated thoughts and also repress all positive degenerated thoughts and actions.


127. Only a balanced mind which is rooted in the creative, in the creative service, in the creative wisdom, its knowledge, its love and joy, which are more real than all material walls around and the human environment, are valuable and serving  the development of consciousness and spirit.

128. The human being is always great and constructive in consciousness.

129. The spirit, the source all infinite creative structure, is itself the innermost being of humans.


130.However, the human external being is of full limitations, because it is not itself, rather only its shell, its material body, a limitation, a misleading issue, the source of hardship and pain, limited in knowledge and will, in willingness to make sacrifices, in freedom, love and happiness.

131. If man only views his fellow humans externally, physically, then he sees nothing but just the form and shape, the physical of that particular person.

132. But If he sees him with the consciousness and spiritual eyes of recognition and knows that this all witnessing consciousness in him is also in all others, even though unrecognized by them, then the way he sees his fellow humans fundamentally change.


133. He then no longer simply sees a man, a woman, a girl or a child, but he sees the fellow human being as a bearer of a creative spirit, which is aware about itself, about its existence, and may reveal itself if only opportunity was provided to it for that purpose.

134. The one who knows the truth sees the person out of this knowledge and realization, because he sees the creative in him.

135. At least he already knows more than he knew before, before he recognized the truth.


136. Thereby it is proved that ignorance is not irreversible for all times.

137. Man can get rid of all ignorance if he is willing to accept the truth.

138. Man can free himself from everything; one can take everything away from him, just not the creative consciousness, the spirit, the existence in his very inside, this pure spiritual, creative realm in him.


139. He can be robbed for all his possessions and belongings and be expelled from his home, but nobody can expel him from his spiritual kingdom in his very inside.

140. Thus man should constantly be aware of this creative, without which he would not be able  to take a single breath, would not be able to conceive any conscious thoughts, without which he would not be able to neither recognize, see, hear or experience.


141. For this reason, the great wise men of all times say:

142. " The creative spirit is closer to man than his own breath. "

143. Man is not able to escape from this highest consciousness, because sooner or later he surrenders to this creative reality because it is the life is his life, the spirit of his spirt, the consciousness of his consciousness, the light of his light, the central thinking power of all life, the existence, which exceeds all human thinking by far, against which all power of human material-intellectual thinking sinks into absolute insignificance. 


144. It, the spirit, is able to live without the light of the physical eyes, in the same way it is also able to live without hearing, arms, legs and even without the external mind of the outer physical consciousness.

145. But yet something else still remain which empower him to live on, namely his own creative power.

146. This separate consciousness, this all observing and all registering spiritual consciousness in man which looks at his thoughts and emotions and is behind all his thinking,  which tells him whether he is knowing or ignorant, that is the creative, the spiritual consciousness.


147. Time and again thinking about that the spirit is all-powerful, all-present, all-knowing and, beyond that, infinite happiness, infinite beauty, infinite value, the value of all things which at all exists, allows the word creation to become of absolute importance for man and bring forth evolutionary changes in him.

148. Whenever the words spirit and Creation are imprinted, psychological changes of the greatest physical-consciousness importance takes place in him.

149. His feelings and all his senses change.


150. The clearer in this way his consciousness intelligence becomes, the more his personality thereby gains in power, and all the more blessed thereby his life becomes.

151. A wise man with full consciousness sees what will happen one day in the distant future, perhaps only billions of years later, and he has the entire past of the life forms and of the humankind before his eyes.

152. The greatest knowledge is thus granted him.


153. But how is this possible?

154. Such a person has inside him, in the spirit, the necessary preconditions for this.

155. Just as light can be detected through closed eyes, that way is indeed the creative presence located in every person, the entire spiritual kingdom, but visible only for those who are actually  able able to look inward through their inner eye.   


156. It can only be useful to those who have all the necessary preconditions.

157. Every human carries the whole kingdom of the spirit inside himself, but due to the unused physical consciousness, it is covered and knocked by ignorance, mistakes, imperfection, evil, errors and limitations of all kinds, which must be converted into the opposite by the recognition and acceptance of the truth.

158. All this evil must be resolved and cleared out by man consciously developing abilities which are opposing all negatively degenerated and lead to a neutral balance.


159. The path of the spiritual experience is accelerated by the development of the consciousness and the deliberate searching as well as the gathering of truth knowledge, and this development leads to the true and all-encompassing cosmic-wide wisdom and love due to the realization that Creation is present in everything.

160. Man is one with everything in Creation, in truth, wisdom and love, in the kingdom of the spirit.

161. The truth and wisdom that man is separated from by space and time and the body, will however be overcome by the internal experience.


162. Wisdom and love united, knowledge and truth united, the wisdom and love of the consciousness and the spirit leads through experience to unity and to Creation itself, to universal joy, power and perfection.

163. Because man does not know the creative and is misguided by erroneous teaching, in particular by consciousness enslaving sects and religions, he commits a lot of mistakes, searches for the real treasures at the wrong place and violates thereby all nature-related and creative order and all rules of the law.

164. As precisely as he may respect the human laws of the human society, he will nevertheless constantly offend against all laws and rules and against the order of the creative in the Universe and allow himself to be caught up in human-material miseries, worries and problems, in fright, false teachings, deceptions and weaknesses, in misfortune, spiritual and consciousness enslavement and limitations.


165. Preceisely that what is the most valuable render unreal sects, religions and human ignorance out of reach.

166. This ignorance and the misleading religions and sects as well as other false teachings cover humans from what is the source of all valuable things, the life of his life and the light of all intelligence – the spirt and Creation.

167. Man embraces all areas of the everyday life and his experiences as creative.


168. He sees himself everywhere in space and in the times and in all things.

169. He himself is everything and evokes the creative in everything and in this way brings it to recognition and experience.

170. Because Creation is everything and everything is enlivened through its spirit whereby everything is one in everything.


171. The only question is how man should identify himself with everything if he does not know the path of the spirit.

172. In general he tends to identify himself with his body.

173. But what happens if he tries to get involved in the truth and orients himself inwardly towards the creative BEING and the spiritual reality?


174. The whole world involuntarily dissolves in this real reality- truth of the spiritual.

175. The one, the only principle of the creative-spiritual rules everywhere. 

176. But how should man identify himself with everything?


177. He ultimately sees himself just for what he really is.

178. In general he identifies himself with his body.

179. He take care of it like a jewel, feeds it and worry about it until self-sacrifice.


180. He surrounds it with pride, frippery and a senseless mania, yet while he lets his consciousness waste away.

181.But because of a bit of pain he already becomes madly grouchy and uncomfortable against others, or he even starts to cry and complain, has self-pity or deprives himself of his life.

182. He surrounds his body with an undefinable blaze of glory and with vanity, fear, worries, pride and problems.


183. Everything always revolves around his body.

184. Often he even expands his body identity towards his material possessions or he gets upset if a person unintentionally touches him.

185. Yet, what is a human with recognized consciousness and spiritual truth going to do about it?


186. He will identify himself with all things and all life forms in the world and in the universes.

187. A person full of creative-spiritual wisdom, full of knowledge, truth, love and realization, who knows that from the truth everything originated, originates and will originate for all eternity

188. Therefore, he identifies himself with everyone and everything.


189. In his consciousness being he deep within at all times becomes one his with all and everybody.

190. Deep within he will identify himself with his spiritual consciousness and with all in the universe in the way the other, the material minded, identifies himself with his body, with his money, with his possessions, with his mistaken speeches and false doctrines and with the sound of his voice.

191. But if the human has identified himself with everything in the universe, then no hatred and no greed can any longer dwell in him because he makes no selfish distinctions any more.


192. He has become one with the being in all.

193. Others may claim something as their exclusive property, but which concerning the one who thinks spiritual; he identifies it with the truth in it and thus has to own everything internally.

194. All fear has disappeared from him as he identifies himself with the truth.


195. This truth of the Creation and the spirit, with which it is one, even guides the hand of the enemy who wants to rise against him, so that it falls back on them themselves.

196. With regard to the one who thinks spiritual, he is protected and sheltered, and the whole nature is friendly to him and even his enemies must serve him in the end.

197. With their attacks they cause that the forces of consciousness reason develop in him to even greater power and strength and overcome everything bad, mean and degenerated.


198. In the end, the enemies only contribute to growth of those think conscious and creatively and to recognize the truth.

199. They wish bad, evil and troubles for those who thinks truly; they think that they can destroy him, by criticism, know-it-all attitude, lies and slander, by complaints, insane allegations and false doctrines, by ridicule and condemning; but, they only harm themselves, because their actions is indicative of stupidity and ignorance, and from it those who think creatively learn even more and become even greater and more powerful in spirit and in consciousness.


200. Are such truths by any chance suggestions?

201. It would be an illusion to suggest that, because it is absolutely wrong.

202. It involves absolute truths.


203. By those who are thinking falsely, by those are misled and those reliant on religion, life in general is full of bad suggestions, full of imaginary expectations, false doctrines and delusionary assumptions.


204. The only possibility and the only way to repair these damages are to fundamentally recognize all human fantasy overriding truths, to comply with it and let the highest creative-spiritual and of course physical-consciousness powers rule.


208. As truth can only be considered what is true and what remains as truth; something which one can rely on for eternity and which never and under no circumstances ever needs to be revised.

209. Truth does never have to be adjusted to another and a new era because it is constant for all times.

210. It is forever unchanging and it always sounds the same, even if it is expressed in other words


211. It is the rock on which one can build in the eternal times and in all spaces.

212. The truth was before life, and the truth is also after it.

213. What has only short-term existence is a danger, a bad illusion, a false doctrine.


214. Creation and truth are always the same, both today and tomorrow, they are always constant and have forever the same value.

215. They do not change, neither by name nor by form, because Creation and truth are nameless and formless.

216. Thus the human being is clinging to the creative, because only this is the truth.


217. It is the everlasting, like Creation itself, it is the time-eternal, the relatively perfect which is worth all energies and the entire will effort of the human being, because with it the human being does not fall prey to deception.

218. Therefore, he clings on to the truth and becomes steadfast in always constant calmness, joy, knowledge, love, strength and wisdom in all things.

219. The creative alone is infinite wisdom and truth with which an iota of error is not possible.


220. Therefore, man draws strength from the creative wisdom and searches his light in his own spirit as well as in his consciousness.

221. The true human knows well that  that he is not able to move his hand in space without touching the creative a myriad times, because it is omnipresent in all times and spaces.

222. The true and real human is completely filled with happiness when he knows about the truth, that the infinite and indescribably powerful creative is omnipresent and surrounds him wherever he goes.


223. The creative is fully infinite peace, fully infinite knowledge and relatively the most complete perfection.

224. It is the source of all wonders of the highest spiritual consciousness which is present all around – inside as well as outside.

225. Its joy is as infinite as the spiritual life itself.


226. In order to make rapid spiritual and consciousness related progress, the creatively thinking person regards anything and everything as creative.

227. As soon as he sees something, he sees the creative.

228. Behind everything and also in all of its manifestation forms themselves stands always the creative before him.


229. That is why the creation thinking human does not run here and there to gain the highest experience, but rather right there where he is, he always find the best place to gain experience and knowledge.

230. His spirit to be formed and his consciousness are in him and not at some other place.

231. He must form spirit and consciousness through his own thinking and action.


232. From this realization, his attitude becomes a sanctuary as well as all things along with him become sacred – even the earth under his feet.

233. The creation-thinking person does not consider the future as the time to learn about creation and his spirit dwelling in him, but the immediate present whereby, however, to the normal person poor in consciousness, he already lives in the distant future – often completely misunderstood.

234. For the true creation-thinking person, the time is not some day but always in the immediate present.


235. For him it is not necessary to physically see in order to see the truth.

236. He starts to search in himself and the truth becomes more and more real to him, because after all, to his material consciousness, his spirit is the all-seeing present.

237. Not a single word, which is expressed somewhere, remains unheard to him.


238. In order to make quicker progress, the person living in compliance with this direction listens to every sound, as he detects the sound of truth, so that to him every sound penetrates into the material consciousness and takes hold.

239. Likewise, all things remind him of the creative and of the immediate truth.

240. Every circumstance is a creative circumstance, every opportunity a creative opportunity.


241. The person conscious of creation lives and works in such recognition and thereby he is making inner progress.

242. The great, the spiritual, is present in him, in his innermost, since in the knowledge of the truth the infinite dwells in the finite.

243. And the infinite has its residence in every human being which, however, only a very few are able to recognize.


244. Then, to awaken the infinite requires reasonable logic and being free of unreal teachings.

245. But to awaken the infinite and to let it become effective is the goal of life – the relative highest possible consciousness and spiritual perfection.

246. The rich in consciousness become an instrument by which Creation expresses the spiritual kingdom.


247. It is this superiority of Creation which lets heaven come into existence.

248. The rich in consciousness are free from any borders of restriction and material egoistic I-consciousness, and therefore in constant touch with Creation itself.

249. By humans the weight of the material principle still predominates.


250. However, earth science will discover the principle of the creative in matter in the not too distant future. 

251. The fact is that Creation is included in everything created; in everything that brings itself to become developed and evolves.

252. Only the unlimited spirit and Creation itself stand for true freedom, true relative highest possible perfection, true understanding, power, love, knowledge, truth and wisdom.


253. They are all in their realistic absoluteness the creative themselves.

254. To therefore gain something truly excellent in life, the human being needs to adhere to the spiritual, the unlimited and illimitable.

255. Everything limited and limitable brings forth the unreal and problems.


256. How compelling it may appear, it will nevertheless after all become a source of problems and unrealities.

257. The finite things of all forms are unnatural to the innermost being, the spirit, and still foreign to man, and thus he can neither recognize them as truth and nor love them without inflicting the most severe suffering to himself

258. Always and at all times have the finite things been afflicted with whatever flaws because everything that is finite brings with it problems and difficulties.


259. If man loves or owns something which is finite, it at least has the fault that it with absolute certainty is transient.

260. He can still passionately love it according to the human meaning of love, but when its time has come, it passes, and he mourns it.

261. But the finite still has shortcomings in other respects.


262. Even though it does not perish immediately, it is after all subjected to change at least.

263. If it for a moment is fulfilled by human love, it can the next moment become replaced or filled by human hatred.

264. Whether it is a thing which changes or perishes, or a human who negatively changes his attitude towards his neighbour, the end is always grief and suffering, while the illimitable never changes and is not subject to any changes because it is of unlimited loyalty and absolute stable value.


265. When wisdom and truth dawn on man and his consciousness as well as spiritual knowledge increases, when universal love guides him and his life becomes a blessing for him and others, then the knowledge of truth has matured in him.

266. Then he will become aware of the creation part in him, of the spirit, – of the spiritual kingdom.

267. In spiritual love and wisdom is Creation present.


268. He who struggles to find spiritual light and spiritual love, to him the door to Creation opens.

269. If man loves the truth, then he loves what is relatively perfect and wonderful and what embodies the spiritual kingdom in itself, because it is also the way to the kingdom of wisdom.

270. Man becomes aware of the creative presence and lets the spiritual intelligence shine forth from everything.


271. He recognizes that even in the wide, infinite and open spaces the eyes of the creative are directed on him, and that the true intelligence is Creation, and sees him with the eyes which preserve everything and is endowed with senses which are able to answer everything.

272. He therefore lives consciously spiritually under the eyes of the creative; lives with the consciousness of the spiritual, which is infinite power of which he always must be aware of.

273. Then he can never be weak.



That’s wonderful, Semjase, and I feel really happy after your explanations.



274. This comes from the fact that you thereby have a confirmation of your own way of thinking and your spiritual and consciousness knowledge, because you know the teaching of the truth for a long time – only that nobody have been able to confirm it to you because the truth has become very rare through the heresy of the religions, sects and other false teachings on Earth.



Unfortunately, you are right, because the truth is frowned upon.



276. Don’t be in a gloomy state of mind because of that, because the consciousness evolution of the earth humans progresses without stop.

277. And you yourself are supposed to help in this process and spread the truth, because you are the prophet of the modern times.



How can I, and how did I come to that. That’s a little bit too much of a good thing.



278. It is so destined for you.

279. You can read about it in the Talmud.

280. Don’t act so uninformed.



I should do that? That’s crazy.



281. Nothing is able to escape from its destiny; you know that better than I do.



I will first have to digest that, and I do not know whether I can cope with it.



282. That you will, because I have already said that it is destined for you.



I will think about it. – If you permit, I have one more question which has occupied me for some time.



283. Just ask.



It is about my calculations which I have made concerning the life data and date of birth of Jmmanuel. You once said to me that I have only erred about 200 years in my calculations. Insofar I can manage. However, the problem lies in the fact that I probably have calculated Jmmanuels birthday incorrectly.



284. Your 200 years miscalculation only refer to some things of the history before Jmmanuel’s time, but not to the data of Jmmanuel himself which you have properly calculated despite some errors.

285. Quite intuitively you have put together the right data, although you have disregarded certain calendrical facts by which displacements have occurred.

286. But through your extreme way of thinking you have come across things through which you recognized the overall picture of the truth.


287. Thereby you have in turn intuitively recognized that you could quite simply again take up on today’s known calendar and were able to exactly determine the date of Jmmanuel’s birth to a particular day; The 3rd of February, calculated according to your Christian calendar.

288. An earth year has always exactly the same number of days, thus no shift can result.

289. Thereby a specific date remains the same date as long as the concerning division of time remains valid.


290. But now I also have one more question to you:

291. The photo negatives and the first film recording which you made of our beam ships would be of great importance to us.

292. Admittedly they are your property, but if you can give them to us, it would be very useful for us.



If you need them, I will give them to you with pleasure, because if necessary I can reproduce additional copies from the photos themselves. But can you explain to me why the negatives and the film are so important for you?



293. They are not only importantly for me, but for us, meaning for our researchers.

294. On the photos which you have handed over to me we have noticed a few things which were unknown to us until now, but which are visible on the pictures.

295. In particular it involves the antenna beam through which energies are being drawn towards.



Please tell me more about that, because these sorts of things interest me.



296. I can only do that if it intended for you only, because it involves secrets which you must not let be known.

297. But I can explain to you openly that it involves an entirely new phenomenon related to the change in Earth’s atmosphere which has made the, until now, invisible energies to suddenly become visible.



Your explanation is sufficient for me, thanks. 



298. You are able to continually surprise me.

299. It affects me very strangely every time when you suddenly disassociate yourself from your interests in order not to bring me in difficulties

300. To me that is an entirely unfamiliar phenomenon which I have not been able to notice by any other life form.



Every being has after all certain characteristics.



301. Sure, but these are completely unfamiliar to me; in addition, however, I feel that it is associated with great selflessness which banishes all egoism.



Do not make me better than what I am because I too am selfish.



302. Do not be self-denying, because I know you very well in these things.

303. I know that your egoism is only a game to deceive others because you otherwise would be exploited.



Please, Semjase, let us not talk about me all the time.



304. Of course, it is awkward to you, I know; but from time to time one also needs to discuss these things.

305. However, let’s leave it for today, because it is again time for me to go.

306. At our next meeting I will continue with the teaching of spiritual knowledge, for it is the most important major task of our contacts.




German Original:

Unter Bezugnahme auf Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 1 (2002) Seite 100 bis 111 Zehnter Kontakt Mittwoch, 26. März 1975, 15.20 h.:



1.Es ist nun an der Zeit, von Dingen zu sprechen, die im Sinne der Bewusstseins- und der Geistesentwicklung des Erdenmenschen sehr wichtig sind.

2. Diesbezüglich wünsche ich in nächster Zeit nicht auf irgendwelche Fragen einzugehen, wenn sie nicht im Bezuge zu diesen Ausführungen selbst stehen, was du bitte verstehen willst.

3. Der Mensch ist Träger eines Geistes, der nicht stirbt und der auch in tiefstem Schlafe des Menschen nie schläft, der alle Gedanken und Regungen aufzeichnet, der dem Menschen sagt, ob seine Gedanken richtig oder falsch sind, wenn er darauf zu achten gelernt hat.


4. Dieser Geist im Menschen ist Träger des schöpferischen Reiches, und er ist allen Menschen eigen.

5. Es ist unverständlich, dass der Mensch von einem Himmel und von einem Himmelreich in sich spricht und sich nicht einfach damit begnügt , nur zu sagen: Schöpfung, Wahrheit, Wissen Weisheit, Geist, Bewusstsein und Existenz.

6. Das menschliche Sehnen liegt in der Freude, die bleibt, nach dem unvergänglichen Leben, dem bleibenden Frieden, dem geistigen und bewusstseinsmässigen Reichtum, der niemals vergeht und ewig währt.


7. Himmel und Erde werden vergehn, aber Wahrheit, Wissen, Weisheit und Geist werden niemals änderlich sein oder vergehn.

8. Der Geist und das Bewusstsein halten Ausschau nach dem Vollkommenen, nach Harmonie, nach Frieden, Erkenntnis und Erkennung, nach Wissen, Weisheit, Wahrheit und Schönheit, nach Liebe  und nach dem wahren SEIN, die gesamthaft von absoluter Dauer sind.

9. Sie alle zusammen ergeben das, was das geistige Königtum bildet; sie alle sind im Schöpferischen vorhanden.


10. Sie alle sind da in der Existenz, als Genius aller Genialität, als Melodie aller Melodien, als Können allen Könnens, als höchstes schöpferisches Prinzip, als Wunder über alle Wunder.

11. Im Traum vermag der Mensch Wunderwelten zu erschaffen, wie die Schöpfung die Welten bewusst kreiert.

12. Dem Menschen erwächst diese Fähigkeit aus seinem Bewusstsein, das in der Existenz in ihm vorhanden ist, wie alle Wunder in ihm vorhanden sind.


13. Er selbst ist das Himmelreich, das Reich des Schöpferischen.

14. Darum sprachen die alten Erdenphilosophen vom Menschen als dem Mikrokosmos im Makrokosmos, weil alles, was im Universum enthalten ist, sich auch im Menschen befindet.

15. Die Dimensionen des Innern im Menschen sind endlos.


16. Das Abbild der Schöpfung, der Geist in ihm, die Existenz, die dimensionslos ist, sie birgt alle Dimensionen in sich und transzendiert zugleich alle Dimensionen.

17. Der Geist ist das Wunder aller Wunder, aus dem alle Kraft Hervorgeht.

18. Ein Wunder aber bedeutet Nutzung der Geisteskraft in Vollendung.


19. Der Mensch aber legt ein Wunder in etwas, zu dem ihm alle Möglichkeiten einer logischen Erklärung fehlen.

20. Ist ein Mensch glücklich, dann kommt sein Glück von innen heraus, denn Glück ist ein selbstgeschaffener Zustand, niemals aber ist Glück ein Ort.

21. Freude kommt aus dem Innern des Menschen hervor, geschaffen aus geistiger und bewusstseinsmässiger Ausgeglichenheit.


22. Alles kommt also von innen.

23. Die Dinge und Menschen, die scheinbar die Ursache des Glücks bilden, sind nur der äussere Anlass dazu, dass das Glück im Menschen sich zum Ausdruck bringt, wenn er sich bewusstseinmässig darauf hingearbeitet hat.

24. Glück ist aber etwas, das auch zum innersten, zum geistigen Wesen gehört, und es ist ein untrennbares Merkmal der Existenz der Schöpfung.


25. Unendliches Glück und unendliche Kraft sind in dieser Existenz enthalten.

26. Der Mensch mag äusserlich alt sein, doch das ist nur eine vorübergehende Angelegenheit.

27. Vor fünfzig Jahren war er es noch nicht und wird es auch in fünfzig Jahren nicht mehr sein, wenn sein Körper tot ist, denn nur er vermag alt und gebrechlich zu werden.


28. Der Geist aber bleibt ewig jung und unterliegt niemals Alterserscheinungen.

29. Das Alter ist etwas wie die Jugend oder die Kindheit, wie Sorgen, Kummer oder Probleme, etwas, das vorübergeht, wie alle äusseren Bedingungen und Erfahrungen der Welt vorübergehen.

30. Was bleibend ist, das ist die Existenz des Geistes, die Wahrheit, das Wissen, die Weisheit, die Wirklichkeit.


31. Sie gilt es zu erkennen und aufzubauen, denn nur sie machen den Menschen frei.

32. Erkennt der Mensch die Existenz seines Geistes, dann kann ihm das Alter nichts mehr antun.

33. Keine Sorgen, kein Kummer, kein Problem, keine Veränderungen und keine Wechselfälle des Lebens und der Umgebung, der Umwelt und der Welt vermögen ihn noch in Trauer zu werfen.


34. Weisheit ist eine urige, gewaltige Macht.

35. Weisheit ist Licht.

36. Und wo immer Licht aufleuchtet, verschwinden Dunkelheit und Unwissenheit.


37. Unwissenheit aber ist die eigentliche Dunkelheit, und diese wird vom Licht der Weisheit überwunden.

38. Weisheit ist ein Kennzeichen der Existenz des Geistes und des Bewusstseins und trägt in sich die Qualitäten des Glücks, der Wahrheit, des Wissens, der Ausgeglichenheit, der Schönheit, der Harmonie und des Friedens.

39. Weisheit ist Licht.


40. Weisheit ist aber auch das Kennzeichen eines Menschen, der die Existenz seines Geistes und des materiellen Bewusstseins erkannt hat und schöpfungsgesetzmässig damit arbeitet.

41. Weisheit ist Bewusstseinsentfaltung sowie Bewusstseinskraftnutzung und Geistkraftnutzung.

42. Weisheit und Geist sowie Bewusstsein und Wahrheit sind je zwei Dinge, die eins ergeben, wie das Sonnenlicht und die Sonne zwei Dinge sind.


43. Das Sonnenlicht resultiert erst aus der Wärme der Sonne, die sie durch ihre Prozesse erst erzeugen muss.

44. So ist aber auch eine allschöpfende Existenz in Universum, die Kraft ihrer Kräfte Kräfte erzeugt, die bestimmten schöpferischen Gesetzen folgend als Wahrheit, Wissen und Weisheit die endlosen Aeonen gleichmässig und unbeirrbar nach einer gegebenen einheitlichen Richtlinie befolgen und beleben.

45. Diese kraftvolle Existenz aber ist die Schöpfung.


46. Und es gibt daher nur eine Existenz, die überall im Universum herrscht – nur eine Schöpfung, nur eine Wahrheit, ein wissen und eine Weisheit, die für ewige Zeiten gleichgerichtet und gleichbleibend sind.

47. Die ewige Wahrheit unterliegt keinen Schwankungen und keine Veränderungen, und ihre Gesetze müssen niemals revidiert und daher niemals einer neuen Zeit angepasst werden.

48. Die Geisteskraft ist so vital und dynamisch wie die Bewusstseinskraft, und zwar in dem Masse, wie diese die Weisheit in sich verkörpern.


49. Es ist ein Zeichen menschlicher Schwäche, wenn Religionen und Sekten und deren Irrlehren als Instrument des Schöpferischen dargestellt werden und die Weisheit dadurch irreal wird.

50. Der Mensch sucht dann anderswo nach Kraft, Freiheit, Freude und Licht, nur nicht dort, wo sie wirklich sind.

51. Weisheit ist ein kennzeichnendes Merkmal der Schöpfung, die als ein Teilstück von ihr, als Geist im Menschen wohnt.


52. Daher mehre der Mensch seine wissende Weisheit durch sein Bewusstsein, und er wird die Schöpfung erkennen.

53. Er mehre seine Suche nach Wahrheit, und er weiss um die Kraft der Weisheit.

54. Erkenntnis der Wahrheit bringt Befreiung von allen Begrenzungen.


55. Sie bringt grenzenloses Wissen und Weisheit.

56. Weisheit ist ein machtvolles Mittel, um die Gesetze der Schöpfung zu erkennen.

57. Ein Mensch, der von Liebe erfüllt ist, ist auch reich an Weisheit, und ein Mensch, der reich an Weisheit ist, ist auch voller Liebe.


58. Doch der Erdenmensch betrügt sich selbst, weil er die Liebe nicht kennt.

59. Besitzgierige Gefühle und andere Regungen deutet er als Liebe, während ihm wirkliche Liebe aber fremd und unverstanden bleibt.

60. Ein Mensch ist erst dann ein wirklicher Mensch, wenn er die Wahrheit, das Wissen und die Weisheit erkannt und erarbeitet hat, auch wenn er das Wort Schöpfung nicht gebraucht, denn Weisheit ist auch Liebe in bester Form.


61. So findet er immer, dass Erleuchtung und Erkennung Wissen und auch Weisheit und Liebe sind, und wo Liebe herrscht, da herrscht auch Weisheit.

62. Liebe und Weisheit gehören zusammen, denn die Schöpfung und ihre Gesetze sind Liebe und Weisheit zugleich.

63. Wo Weisheit und Wissen sind, da sind Liebe und Erkenntnis, und wo Erkenntnis und Liebe sind, da ist die Schöpfung.


64. Wachstum in der Liebe und Weisheit lehren den Menschen, die Schöpfung zu erkennen.

65. Erst aber lernt der Mensch die Wahrheit und wird dadurch Freiheit und Frieden Erlangen, einen Frieden, der unvergänglich ist, eine Kraft ohne Ende.

66. Weisheit und Liebe sind die beiden belebenden Schwingen des schöpferischen Wesens und Charakters.


67. Mit Weisheit und Liebe ist der Mensch Herr über alle Schöpfung.

68. Weisheit und Liebe vermehren seine Hingabe an die Erfüllung der gegebenen schöpferisch-natürlichen Gesetze, weil Geist und Schöpfung eins sind.

69. Der Erdenmensch spricht von Liebe, die er nicht kennt.


70. Er glaubt zu wissen, dass seine Regungen Liebe seien und betrügt sich dadurch selbst.

71. Liebe kann man nicht in Worte kleiden, denn sie ist genau wie das Glück, ein Zustand und kein Ort.

72. Wahre Liebe ist unvergänglich, und nicht vermag sie jemals in etwas anderes zu verwandeln.


73. Der Pfad der Bewusstseinskraft und der Geisteskraft geht über die Erkenntnis der Wahrheit, des Wissens, der Weisheit und der Liebe hinaus.

74. Sinn und Aufgabe der Geisteslehre liegen daher darin, Wahrheit, Wissen, Weisheit und Liebe zu verbreiten.

75. Versagt die Lehre aus Missbrauch oder Falschinterpretation darin, dann ist sie keine Hilfe mehr, sondern sie wird zu einem bösen Kult, der durch Irrlehren das materielle Bewusstsein versklavt und Unwissenheit schafft, wie dies bei den Irrlehren der Sekten und Religionen der Fall ist.


76. Übt sie aber die Funktion der Bewusstseinserweiterung und der Geistwissenserweiterung aus, dann ist sie ein machtvolles Instrument der schöpferischen Ordnung.

77. In der Geisteslehre geht es um die Ausbreitung der Erkenntnis, der Wahrheit, des Wissens, der Weisheit und der Liebe, des Ewigen, des Unsterblichen, des Unvergänglichen, das den Tod überwindet und Licht verbreitet, das die Ausgeglichenheit der Weisheit und der Liebe in sich verkörpert, den Frieden, der alles Verstehen  übersteigt.

78. Jeder Mensch glaubt zu wissen, was mit Frieden gemeint ist, wie er ihn nach menschlicher Erfahrung kennt.


79. Doch den weisen Frieden der unendlichen Existenz, des Geistes, der unsterblichen Schöpfung zu verstehen, das geht ganz einfach über sein menschliches Verstehen hinaus.

80. Darum, weil er in religiösen Irrlehren und in menschlich-materiellen Dingen gefangen ist, die ihm ein Verstehen nach innerer Erfahrung vorenthalten.

81. Die Erfahrung, die den wahren Schlüssel zur wahren Erkenntnis und Weisheit bildet.


82. Wunder über Wunder sind im Königreich des Geistes enthalten.

83. Das sichtbare Universum, mit dem sich der Mensch befasst, ist nur ein kleiner Fleck in dieser wunderbaren, unendlichen, geistigen Intelligenz der Schöpfung.

84. Universen wie dieses sind zu unzähligen Milliarden in der unendlichen geistigen Intelligenz der Schöpfung enthalten.


85. Was den physischen Augen des Menschen sichtbar ist, bedeutet nur ein kleines Jota in der Unendlichkeit.

86. Was seinen Augen nicht sichtbar ist, ist unermesslich, unfassbar und undenkbar, für seine ungeistige menschliche Intelligenz und Fassungskraft verwirrend und unvorstellbar.

87. All das Universum, das er sieht, ist nur ein einziger Raum von vielen, die mit Myriaden gemessen werden müssen, denn es gibt Universen in Universen, Universen jenseits von Universen. Universen unter Universen, Universen über Universen und Universen ausserhalb der Universen in dieser urmächtigen, gewaltigen und allschöpferischen geistigen Intelligenz der Existenz Schöpfung.


88. Und mit diesem gewaltigen Geist, mit diesen urigen Kräften der Existenz, der Schöpfung, der geistigen Intelligenz, ist der Mensch konnexioniert, weil ein Teilstück dieser Geistintelligenz Schöpfung als Geist im Menschen wohnt und ihn belebt.

89. Seine Kräfte, seine Freude, sein Frieden, seine Freiheit, seine Weisheit, sein Wissen und sein Können sind unvorstellbar für bewusstseinsmässig Unwissende, Unlogische, Kritiker, Besserwisser, Religionsabhängige, Ausgeartete und sonstige Irregeführte.

90. Und nur ein Mensch, der diese Wahrheit kennt und aus ihr Wissen und Weisheit und Liebe schafft, ist ein gesegneter Mensch.


91. Er kennt die Antwort auf die letzten Fragen der Wissenschaft, der Philosophie und auch des fragenden Menschen.

92. Doch um zu einem solchen gesegneten Menschen zu werden, gilt es die Wahrheit zu suchen und zu finden, daraus Wissen zu schaffen, Weisheit und Liebe; denn der Mensch vermag nur in Wahrheit, Wissen, Weisheit und Liebe geistig und bewusstseinsmässig zu wachsen, wodurch er von allen menschlichen Schwächen befreit wird.

93. Er ist erst dann erleuchtet und völlig befreit, wenn er beständig und fortgesetzt in Gedanken in der unendlichen schöpferisch-geistigen Wirklichkeit verweilt.


94. Die geistige Intelligenz ist durch gesetzmässige geistige Prinzipien erleuchtet und auf das schöpferische Wesen, die Vollkommenheit und die Kraft des Schöpferischen selbst ausgerichtet.

95. Dies im Gegensatz zur menschlichen Intelligenz, da sich das menschliche materielle Bewusstsein im allgemeinen nur mit Einzeldingen der materiellen Welt befasst.

96. Das hat aber zur Folge, dass der Mensch in jeder Richtung eingeengt und behindert, ja gar von allen möglichen Formen von Unglück, Schwächen und Versklavungen aller Art eingefangen, niedergedrückt, geplagt und gefoltert wird.


97. Daher ist eine Selbstanalyse des Menschen im einzelnen eine der wesentlichsten Methoden, um die Wahrheit zu finden und den Weg der bewusstseinsmässigen und geistigen Evolution zu gehen.

98. Daher ist es erforderlich, dass der Mensch ununterbrochen seine Gedanken überprüft und sieht, welcher Art sie wirklich sind.

99. Er hat darauf zu achten, dass ihn letztlich immer schöpferisch-philosophische Grundsätze und Wirklichkeiten, schöpferisch-natürliche Gesetze führen, leiten und bestimmen.


100. Im Menschen sollte das ständige bewusste Gefühl herrschen, dass er dem Schöpferischen angehört, mit seinem eigentlichen geistigen Atem, seinem eigentlichen geistigen SEIN.

101. Es soll ihm bewusstseinsmässig klar sein, dass sein eigentliches geistiges SEIN untrennbar eins ist mit dem Schöpferischen, um so in diesem Bewusstsein die materielle äussere Welt zu überwinden.

102. Diese schöpferisch-philosophische Wahrheit und Erkenntnis sollte stets in erster Linie das menschliche Denken, Fühlen und Handeln beherrschen.


103. Denn nur wer eins mit dem Geist ist, kann auf die Dauer erkennen und auch Gutes verrichten, denn er hat die Möglichkeiten der Schöpfung in sich.

104. Nichts Negatives im unendlichen Universum kann ihn mehr berühren und versklaven.

105. Zu diesem schöpferisch-philosophischen Bewusstsein hinzu kommt noch das praktische, dynamische, schöpferische; das heisst, das mystische Bewusstsein, das aus der Wahrnehmung der einen Wirklichkeit in allen Dingen besteht.


106. Der Mensch sei daher praktischer Philosoph und Mystiker und nehme die Wirklichkeit in den wandelbaren und vergänglichen Formen wahr.

107. Denn was ist ein Mensch?

108. Er ist nur eine Gestalt und ein Name.


109. Nimmt man den Namen und die Gestalt hinweg, was bleibt dann noch übrig von ihm?

110. Es bleibt die fundamentale Essenz, die Existenz – der Geist und der Gesamtbewusstseinsblock.

111. Jener Mensch, der dies übersieht, der wird vom leisesten Windhauch weg – und umhergetrieben, haltlos, rettungslos und immer darum bemüht, doch noch irgendwo einen festen Halt zu finden, der sich ihm aber nie bieten wird, wenn er nicht die fundamentale Wahrheit sucht und findet.


112. Milliarden Menschen der Erde oder anderer Welten schauen zu den Sternen am Himmel empor, jedoch ohne irgendwelche Folgen oder Erkenntnisse.

113. Sternkundige jedoch, indem sie zum Himmel aufblicken, entdecken neue Welten und schreiben Bücher darüber.

114. Was sie aber sehen und erkennen, das vermögen andere nicht zu sehen und zu erkennen, auch wenn sie emporblicken können.


115. Trotz ihrer sehenden Augen sind sie blind.

116. Ähnlich verhält es sich mit dem normalen und eben bewusstseinsmässig unbedarften, mit dem bewusstseinsmässig unbewussten Menschen:

117. Der Mensch, der wahrhaftig nach den geistigen Schöpfungsgesetzen lebt, sieht und erkennt ringsumher in jeder Lebensform, in jedem Ding, in jedem Denken und Handeln, in jedem Menschen, in allem Wirken der Natur und auch in allen erdenklichen Umständen und Geschehen das Schöpferische.


118. Der normale bewusstseinsmässig unbedarfte und durch Religionen oder andere irreale Lehren beeinträchtige Mensch aber vermag weder zu sehen noch zu hören oder auch nur ein Jota der Wahrheit zu erkennen.

119. Sein Leben ist unbewusst, um so mehr aber in menschlich-materielle Bahnen gepresst.

120. Dadurch ist er blind, taub und unwissend.


121. Der Mensch, der die Schöpfungsgesetze befolgt, wird zum gesegnetesten und furchtlosesten Wesen.

122. Sein Wille ist unüberwindlich, seine Hingabe unermesslich und endlos, und seine Weisheit und seine Liebe beständig und vollkommen, nicht wetterwendisch und nicht voller Zweifel, wie die der Religionsabhängigen und der sonstig irregeleiteten in allgemeinen.

123. Sein Sinn gleicht dem weiten, unendlichen Meer und lässt sich nicht aus der Ruhe bringen.


124. Er zittert nicht vor Angst.

125. Daher entfalte er seinen geistigen Sinn, der von keiner ausgearteten negative Kraft mehr erreicht wird.

126. Der sinn, der keinem negative ausgearteten Gedanken mehr Obdach gewährt und auch alle positive ausgearteten Gedanken und Handlungen verdrängt.


127. Nur ein ausgeglichener Sinn, der verwurzelt ist im Schöpferischen, im schöpferischen Dienst, in der schöpferischen Weisheit, seinem Wissen, seiner Liebe und Freude, die wirklicher sind als alle materiellen Wände ringsum und die menschliche Umwelt, sind wertvoll und bewusstseins- und geistentwicklungsdienend.

128. Der Mensch sei bewusstseinsmässig immer gross und konstruktiv.

129. Der Geist, die Quelle allen unendlichen schöpferischen Aufbaus, ist des Menschen innerstes Wesen selbst.


130. Das menschliche äussere Wesen jedoch ist voller Begrenzungen, denn es ist nicht es selbst, sondern nur seine Hülle, sein materieller Leib, eine Begrenzung, eine irreführende Angelegenheit, die Quelle von Mühsal und Pein, begrenzt an Erkenntnis und Willen, an Opferbereitschaft, an Freiheit, Liebe und Glück.

131. Betrachtet der Mensch seinen Nebenmenschen nur äusserlich, materiell, dann sieht er nichts als eben die Form und Gestalt, das Materielle dieses bestimmten Menschen.

132. Sieht er ihn jedoch mit den bewusstseinsmässigen und geistigen Augen der Erkenntnis und weiss, dass dieses allbezeugende Bewusstsein ihn auch in allen andern ist, wenn von ihnen auch unerkannt, dann ändert sich die Art und Weise, wie er seinen Mitmenschen sieht, grundlegend.


133. Er sieht dann nicht mehr einfach einen Mann, eine Frau, ein Mädchen oder ein Kind, sondern er sieht den Nebenmenschen als Träger eines schöpferisches Geistes, der um sich selbst, um seine Existenz weiss und sich durch jeden offenbaren möchte, wenn ihm nur Gelegenheit dazu geboten würde.

134. Der die Wahrheit Kennende sieht den Mitmenschen aus diesem Wissen und Erkennen heraus, denn er sieht das Schöpferische in ihm.

135. Zumindest weiss er jetzt schon mehr als er zuvor wusste, ehe er die Wahrheit erkannte.


136. Dadurch ist bewiesen, dass die Unwissenheit nichts Unabänderliches für alle Zeiten ist.

137. Von allem Unwissen kann der Mensch sich befreien, wenn er gewillt ist, die Wahrheit zu akzeptieren.

138. Von allem kann der Mensch sich befreien, alles kann man ihm nehmen, nur nicht das schöpferische Bewusstsein, den Geist, die Existenz in seinen innersten, diesen reingeistigen, schöpferischen Bereich in ihm.


139. Er kann all seiner Güter und Habe beraubt und aus seinen Heim vertrieben werden, doch aus seinem geistigen Reiche in seinem Innersten vermag ihn niemand zu vertrieben.

140. So sollte sich der Mensch ständig dieses Schöpferisches bewusst sein, ohne das er keinen Atemzug zu tun vermag, keinen bewusstseinsmässigen Gedanken fassen könnte, ohne das er weder erkennen, sehen, hören oder erleben könnte.


141. Darum sagen die grossen Weisen aller Zeiten:

142. ‘’Der schöpferische Geist ist dem Menschen näher als der eigene Atem.’’

143. Der Mensch vermag diesem höchsten Bewusstsein nicht zu entrinnen, denn früher oder später verfällt er dieser schöpferischen Wirklichkeit, weil sie das Leben seines Leben ist, der Geist seines Geistes, das Bewusstsein seines Bewusstseins, das Licht seines Lichts, die zentrale Denkkraft allen Lebens, die Existenz, die alles menschliche Denken bei weitem überragt, der gegenüber alle Kraft menschlich materiell-intellektuellen Denkens in absolute Bedeutungslosigkeit versinkt.


144. Er, der Geist, vermag ohne das Licht der physischen Augen zu leben, wie er auch ohne Gehör, Arme, Beine und gar ohne äusseren Verstand des äusseren materiellen Bewusstseins zu leben vermag.

145. Immer ist aber noch etwas da, das ihn befähigt weiterzuleben, nämlich seine eigene schöpferische Kraft.

146. Dieses Eigenbewusstsein, dieses allbeobachtende und allregistrierende geistige Bewusstsein im Menschen, das seine Gedanken und Regungen betrachtet und hinter all seinen Denken steht, das ihm sagt, ob er wissend oder unwissend ist, das ist das Schöpferische, das geistige Bewusstsein.


147. Immer wieder darüber nachzudenken, dass der Geist allmächtig, allgegenwärtig allwissend und darüber hinaus unendliches Glück, unendliche Schönheit, unendlicher Wert, der Wert aller Dinge   überhaupt ist, lässt das Wort Schöpfung  für den Menschen zur absoluten Bedeutung werden und bringt evolutionsmässige Wandlungen in ihm hervor.

148. So oft sich ihm die Worte Geist und Schöpfung einprägen, finden in ihm psychologische Veränderungen von grösster materiell-bewusstseinsmässiger Bedeutung statt.

149. Seine Gefühle und seine ganzen Sinne verändern sich.


150. Je geklärter dadurch seine bewusstseinsmässige Intelligenz wird, desto mehr gewinnt dadurch seine Persönlichkeit an Kraft, und umso gesegneter wird dadurch sein Leben.

151. Ein Weiser voller Bewusstsein sieht, was in fernster Zukunft, vielleicht erst Milliarden Jahre später, einmal geschehen wird, und er hat die ganze Vergangenheit der Lebensformen und der Menschheit vor Augen.

152. Grösstes Wissen ist ihm so zugegeben.


153. Doch wie ist das möglich?

154. Ein solcher Mensch bietet in seinem Innern, im Geiste, die nötigen Voraussetzungen dafür.

155. So wie Licht durch die geschlossenen Augenlider wahrgenommen werden kann, so befindet sich in jedem Menschen zwar schöpferische Gegenwart, das ganze geistige Reich, doch sichtbar nur für jene, welche durch ihr inneres Auge auch tatsächlich nach innen zu blicken vermögen.


156. Es kann nur jenen nützlich sein, welche alle nötigen Voraussetzungen bieten.

157. Jeder Mensch trägt das ganze Königreich des Geistes in sich, doch aber ist es durch das nicht genutzte materielle Bewusstsein überdeckt und geschlagen von Unwissenheit, irrtümern, Unvollkommenheit, Übeln, Fehlern und Begrenzungen aller Art, die durch die Erkennung und Akzeptierung der Wahrheit ins Gegenteil umgewandelt werden müssen.

158. Alle diese Übel müssen aufgelöst und aufgelichtet werden, indem der Mensch bewusst Fähigkeiten entwickelt, die allem negativ Ausgearteten entgegengesetzt sind und zu einem neutralen Ausgleich führen.


159. Der Weg der Geisterfahrung wird beschleunigt durch der Entfaltung des Bewusstseins und des bewussten Suchens sowie des Wahrheitswissensammelns, und diese Entfaltung führt zur wahren und allumfassenden, kosmisch-weiten Weisheit und Liebe aufgrund der Erkenntnis, dass die Schöpfung in allem gegenwärtig ist.

160. Der Mensch ist eins mit allem in der Schöpfung, in der Wahrheit, Weisheit und Liebe, im Königreich des Geistes.

161. Jene Wahrheit und Weisheit, dass der Mensch durch Raum und Zeit und den Körper voneinander getrennt ist, was aber durch die innere Erfahrung überwunden wird.


162. Weisheit und Liebe vereinigt, Wissen und Wahrheit vereinigt, die Weisheit und Liebe des Bewusstseins und des Geistes führen durch Erfahrung zur Einheit und zur Schöpfung selbst, zur universellen Freude, Macht und Vollkommenheit.

163. Weil der Mensch das Schöpferische nicht kennt und durch Irrlehren, namentlich durch bewusstseinsversklavende Sekten und Religionen, fehlgeleitet ist, begeht er sehr viele Fehler, sucht nach den wahren Schätzen am falschen Ort und verletzt dabei alle naturmässige und schöpferische Ordnung und alle Regeln der Gesetze.

164. Wie genau er auch die menschlichen Gesetze der menschlichen Gesellschaft achten mag, so wird er trotzdem dauernd gegen alle Gesetze und Regeln und gegen die Ordnung des Schöpferischen im Universum verstossen und sich einfangen lassen in menschlich-materiellen Nöten, Sorgen und Problemen, in Schrecken, Irrlehren, Irreführungen und Schwächen, in Unglück,  geistigem und bewusstseinsmässigem Unwissen und bewusstseinsmässigen Versklavungen und Begrenzungen.


165. Gerade das, was am allerwertvollsten ist, machen irreale Sekten, Religionen und menschliche Unwissenheit unerreichbar.

166. Dieser Unwissenheit und die irreführenden Religionen und Sekten sowie sonstigen Irrlehren verhüllen dem Menschen das, was die Quelle aller wertvollen Dinge, das Leben seines Lebens und das Licht aller Intelligenz ist – der Geist und die Schöpfung.

167. Der Mensch nehme den ganzen Bereich des täglichen Leben und seiner Erfahrungen als schöpferisch an.


168. Er sehe sich selbst überall im Raume und in den Zeiten und in allen Dingen.

169. Er sei selbst alles und rufe das Schöpferische in allem wach und bringe es so in Erkennung und Erfahrung.

170. Denn in allem ist die Schöpfung und alles ist belebt durch ihren Geist, wodurch alles eins in allem ist.


171. Die Frage ist nur, wie der Mensch sich mit allem identifizieren soll, wenn er den Weg des Geistes nicht kennt.

172. Im allgemeinen pflegt er sich mit seinem Körper zu identifizieren.

173. Was geschieht aber, wenn er sich in die Wahrheit einzulassen versucht und sich innerlich auf das schöpferische SEIN und die geistige Wirklichkeit ausrichtet?


174. Unwillkürlich löst sich die ganze Welt in dieser realen Wirklichkeit-Wahrheit des Geistigen auf.

175. Überall herrscht das eine, einzige Prinzip des Schöpferisch-Geistigen.

176. Wie aber soll der Mensch sich mit allem identifizieren?


177. Er sehe sich doch einmal so, wie er wirklich ist.

178. Im allgemeinen identifiziert er sich mit seinem Körper.

179. Wie ein Kleinod pflegt er ihn, nährt ihn und plagt sich bis zur Selbstaufopferung um ihn.


180. Er umgibt ihn mit Stolz, Firlefanz und einem unsinnigen Wahn, während er sein Bewusstsein jedoch verkümmern lässt.

181. Wegen ein bisschen Schmerzen wird er aber schon böse griesgrämig und ungemütlich gegen andere, oder er fängt gar zu klagen und zu weinen an, hat Selbstmitleid oder beraubt sich selbst seines Lebens.

182. Er umgibt seinen Körper mit einem undefinierbaren Glorienschein und mit Eitelkeit, Angst, Sorgen, Stolz und Problemen.


183. Immer dreht sich alles nur um seinen Körper.

184. Oft dehnt er seine Körperidentität sogar noch auf seine materiellen Besitztümer aus oder er regt sich auf, wenn ein Mitmensch ungewollt ihn berührt.

185. Was wird aber dagegen ein Mensch mit erkannter bewusstseinsmässiger und geistiger Wahrheit tun?


186. Er wird sich mit allen Dingen und allen Lebensformen der Welt und der Universen identifizieren.

187. Ein Mensch voll schöpferisch-geistiger Weisheit, voll Wissen, Wahrheit, Liebe und Erkenntnis, der weiss, dass alles aus der Wahrheit hervorging, hervorgeht und für ewigen Zeiten hervorgehen wird.

188. Daher identifiziert er sich mit allem und jedem.


189. In seinem bewusstseinsmässigen Sein wird er zuinnerst stets eins sein mit allem und jedem.

190. Er wird sich zuinnerst, mit seinem geistigen Bewusstsein und mit allem im Universum identifizieren, so wie der andere, der Materielldenkende, sich mit seinem Körper identifiziert, mit seinem Geld, mit seinem Hab und Gut, mit seinen irren Reden und Irrlehren und mit dem Klang seiner Stimme.

191. Hat der Mensch aber sich mit allem im Universum identifiziert, dann können kein Hass und keine Gier mehr in ihm ihn wohnen, denn er macht keine selbstsüchtigen Unterschiede mehr.


192. Er ist ja eins geworden mit dem Wesen in allem.

193. Andere mögen etwas als ihr ausschliessliches Eigentum beanspruchen, der im Bezug auf das Geistige Denkende aber identifiziert es mit der Wahrheit darin und hat daher alles innerlich zu eigen.

194. Alle Furcht ist von ihm gewichen, indem er sich mit der Wahrheit identifiziert.


195. Diese Wahrheit der Schöpfung und des Geistes, mit der er eins ist, lenkt sogar die Hand des Feindes, die sich gegen ihn erheben will, so dass sie auf diesen selbst zurückfällt.

196. Der bezüglich des Geistigen Denkende ist geschützt und beschützt, und die ganze Natur ist ihm freundlich gesinnt, ja selbst seine Feinde müssen ihm letztendlich dienen.

197. Mit ihren Attacken veranlassen sie, das die Kräfte der bewusstseinsmässigen Vernunft sich in ihm zu noch grösserer Kraft und Macht entfalten und alles Böse, Niederträchtige und Ausgeartete überwinden.


198. Die Feinde tragen letztlich nur zum Wachstum des bewusst und schöpferisch Denkenden und zur Erkennung der Wahrheit bei.

199. Sie wollen dem wahrlich Denkenden das Böse, Üble und Schlechte; sie meinen, durch Kritik, Besserwisserei, Lügen und Verleumdungen, durch Beanstandungen, irre Behauptungen und Irrlehren, durch Lächerlichmachen und Verdammen könnten sie ihn vernichten; doch schaden sie sich nur selbst, denn ihr Tun zeugt von Dummheit und Unwissenheit, und daraus lernt der schöpferisch Denkende noch mehr und wird noch grosser und mächtiger im Geiste und im Bewusstsein.


200. Sind solche Wahrheiten etwa Suggestionen?

201. Es wäre ein Wahn, das zu behaupten, denn es ist völlig falsch.

202. Es handelt sich um absolute Wahrheiten.


203. Beim Falschdenkenden, beim Irregeführten und Religionsabhängigen ist das Leben im allgemeinen voller böser Suggestionen, voll eingebildeter Vorstellungen, Irrlehren und Wahnannahmen.

204. Der einzige Möglichkeit und das einzige Mittel, diese Schäden zu beheben sind die, alle menschlichen Hirngespinste ausser Kraft setzenden Wahrheiten grundlegend zu erkennen, sie zu befolgen und die höchsten schöpferisch-geistigen und natürlich die materiell-bewusstseinsmässigen Kräfte walten zu lassen.


205. Alle irrealen Suggestionen und menschlichen Einbildungen werden dadurch korrigiert, indem der Mensch feststellt:

206. “Ich bin ein Teil der Schöpfung, die als Teilstück, als Geist mich belebt.”

207. Doch das Wissen, dass alles Einbildungen und Illusionen sind, ausser der schöpferisch-geistigen Kraft, Wahrheit und Wirklichkeit, wird den Eifer, den der Mensch im Leben entfaltet, keineswegs mindern, sondern ihn in ungeahnte Höhen treiben.


208. Als Wahrheit kann nur gelten, was wahr ist und was Wahrheit bleibt; etwas, worauf man sich in ewigen Zeiten verlassen kann und das nie und unter keinen Umständen jemals revisionsbedürftig ist.

209. Wahrheit muss nie einer anderen und einer neuen Zeit angepasst werden, denn sie ist beständig für alle Zeiten.

210. Sie ist ewig gleichbleibend und klingt immer gleich, auch wenn sie mit andern Worten ausgesprochen wird.


211. Sie ist der Fels, auf den man im Ewigen Zeiten und in allen Räumen bauen kann.

212. Die Wahrheit war vor dem Leben, und die Wahrheit ist auch danach.

213. Was nur kurzfristigen Bestand hat, ist eine Gefahr, eine arge Täuschung, eine Irrlehre.


214. Schöpfung und Wahrheit sind immer dieselben, heute wie morgen, sie sind immer gleichbleibend und von ewig gleichem Wert.

215. Sie wandeln sich nicht, weder nach Name noch nach Form, denn die Schöpfung und die Wahrheit sind namen- und formlos.

216. So klammere sich der Mensch an das Schöpferische, denn allein dieses ist die Wahrheit.


217. Sie ist das Unvergängliche, wie die Schöpfung selbst, sie ist das Zeitewige, das relativ Vollkommene, das alle Energien und den ganzen Willenseinsatz des Menschen wert ist, denn bei ihr verfällt der Mensch keiner Täuschung.

218. Daher klammere er sich an die Wahrheit und werde unerschütterlich in immer gleichwährende Ruhe, Freude, Wissen, Liebe, Stärke und Weisheit in allen Dingen.

219. Das Schöpferische allein ist unendliche Weisheit und Wahrheit, bei dem nicht ein Jota eines Irrtums möglich ist.


220. Daher hole der Mensch Kraft aus der schöpferischen Weisheit und suche sein Licht in seinem eigenen Geiste sowie in seinem Bewusstsein.

221. Der wahrheitliche Mensch Weiss wohl, dass er seine Hand nicht im Raume zu bewegen vermag, ohne das Schöpferische myriadenfach zu berühren, da es ja allgegenwärtig ist in allen Zeiten und Räumen.

222. Der wahre und wirkliche Mensch ist ganz von Freude erfüllt, wenn er um die Wahrheit weiss, dass das unendlich und unbeschreiblich machtvolle Schöpferische allgegenwärtig ist und ihn umgibt, wo immer er auch geht.


223. Das Schöpferische ist voll endlosen Friedens, voll endloser Erkenntnis und relativer vollkommenster Vollkommenheit.

224. Er ist die Quelle aller Wunder des höchsten geistigen Bewusstseins, das ringsum zugegen ist – innen wie aussen.

225. Seine Freude ist so endlos wie das geistige Leben selbst.


226. Um rasche geistige und bewusstseinsmässige Fortschritte zu Machen, betrachtet der schöpferisch denkende Mensch alles und jedes als schöpferisch.

227. Sobald er etwas sieht, sieht er das Schöpferische.

228. Hinter allem und auch in ihren Erscheinungsformen selbst steht immer das Schöpferische vor ihm.


229. Daher läuft der schöpfungsdenkende Mensch nicht hierhin und nicht dorthin, um höchste Erfahrung zu Erlangen, sondern gerade da wo er ist, findet er immer den besten Ort, um Erkennung und Erfahrung zu sammeln.

230. Sein zu bildender Geist und sein Bewusstsein sind in ihm und nicht an irgendwelchen andern Orten.

231. Durch sein eigenes Denken und Handeln muss er Geist und Bewusstsein bilden.


232. Aus dieser Erkenntnis heraus wird seine Einstellung zu einem Heiligtum, und auch alle Dinge mit ihm werden heilig – auch die Erde unter seinen Füssen.

233. Der schöpfungsdenkende Mensch betrachtet nicht die Zukunft als die Zeit, um die Schöpfung und seinen in ihm wohnenden Geist zu erfahren, sondern die unmittelbare Gegenwart, wodurch er für den bewusstseinsarmen Normalmenschen aber bereits in fernster Zukunft lebt – oft völlig unverstanden.

234. Für den wahren schöpfungsdenkenden Menschen ist die Zeit nicht irgendwann, sondern immer in der unmittelbaren Gegenwart.


235. Für ihn ist es nicht nötig physisch zu sehen, um die Wahrheit zu sehen,

236. Er fängt in sich selbst an zu suchen, und die Wahrheit wird ihm wirklicher und wirklicher, denn sein Geist ist für sein materielles Bewusstsein ja die allsehende Gegenwart.

237. Kein Wort, das irgendwo ausgesprochen wird, bleibt ihm ungehört.


238. Um schnelleren Fortschritt zu Machen, hört der gemäss dieser Richtung lebende Mensch aus jedem Ton, den er hört den Ton der Wahrheit heraus, so dass ihm jederTon ins materielle Bewusstsein dringt und sich festsetzt.

239. Desgleichen erinnert ihn jedes Ding an das Schöpferische und an die unmittelbare Wahrheit.

240. Jeder Umstand ist ein schöpferischer Umstand, jede Gelegenheit eine schöpferische Gelegenheit.


241. In solcher Erkenntnis lebt und arbeitet der schöpfungsbewusste Mensch, und dadurch schreitet er innerlich voran.

242. Das Grosse, das Geistige, ist ihm in seinen innersten zugegen, denn in der Erkenntnis der Wahrheit wohnt das Unendliche im Endlichen.

243. Und in jedem Menschen hat das Unendliche seinen Sitz, was jedoch nur sehr wenige zu erkennen vermögen.


244. Denn um das Unendliche wachzurufen erfordert es vernünftige Logik und ein Freisein von irrealen Lehren.

245. Das Unendliche aber wachzurufen und wirksam werden zu lassen, ist das ziel des Lebens – die relative höchstmögliche bewusstseinsmässige und geistige Vervollkommnung.

246. Die Reichen im Bewusstsein werden zum Instrument, durch das die Schöpfung das geistige Reich zum Ausdruck bringt.


247. Diese Vorzüglichkeit der Schöpfung ist es, die den Himmel erstehen lässt.

248. Die Reichen im Bewusstsein sind frei von allen Grenzen einer Beschränkung und des materiellen selbstsüchtigen ichbewusstseins, und darum in ständiger Berührung mit der Schöpfung selbst.

249. Beim Menschen überwiegt noch immer die Schwere des materiellen Prinzips.


250. In nicht allzuferner Zeit wird die irdische Wissenschaft jedoch das Prinzip des Schöpferischen in der Materie entdecken.

251. Die Schöpfung ist nämlich in alles Erschaffene miteinbezogen; in alles, was sich zur Entfaltung bringt und fortentwickelt.

252. Nur der unbegrenzte Geist und die Schöpfung selbst bedeuten wahre Freiheit, wahre relativ höchstmögliche Vollkommenheit, wahre Erkenntnis, Macht, Liebe, Wissen, Wahrheit und Weisheit.


253. Sie alle sind in ihrer realistischen Absolutheit das Schöpferische selbst.

254. Um daher irgend etwas wahrhaftig Vorzügliches im Leben zu erlangen, muss der Mensch sich an das Geistige, das Unbegrenzte und Unbegrenzbare halten.

255. Alles was begrenzt und begrenzbar ist, bringt Irreales und Probleme hervor.


256. Wie anziehend es auch immer scheinen mag, wird es doch einmal zur Quelle von Problemen und Irrealitäten werden.

257. Die endlichen Dinge aller Formen sind dem innersten Wesen, dem Geist, unnatürlich und dem Menschen noch fremd, und so kann er sie auch nicht als Wahrheit erkennen und nicht lieben, ohne sich selbst schwerstes Leid zuzufügen.

258. Immer und allezeit sind die endlichen Dinge mit irgendwelchen Mängeln behaftet, denn alles, was endlich ist, bringt Probleme und Schwierigkeiten mit sich.


259. Wenn der Mensch etwas Endliches liebt oder besitzt, hat es zumindest den Mangel, dass es mit absoluter Bestimmtheit vergänglich ist.

260. Er kann es noch so sehr lieben nach menschlichem Liebessinn, wenn aber seine Zeit gekommen ist, dann vergeht es, und er trauert ihm nach.

261. Das Begrenzte hat aber noch in anderer Hinsicht Schwächen.


262. Auch wenn es nicht unmittelbar zugrunde geht, so ist es doch zumindest dem Wandel unterworfen.

263. Ist es einen Augenblick lang von menschlicher Liebe erfüllt, kann es im nächsten Augenblick von menschlichem Hass verdrängt oder erfüllt werden.

264. Ob es nun ein Ding ist, das  sich verändert oder zugrunde geht, oder ein Mensch, der seine Einstellung zu seinem Nächsten negativ ändert, das Ende ist immer Kummer und Leiden, während sich das Unbegrenzbare niemals wandelt und keinen Änderungen anheimfällt, weil es von unbegrenzbarer Treue und absoluter Wertbeständigkeit ist.


265. Wenn Weisheit und Wahrheit im Menschen dämmern und sein bewusstseinsmässiges sowie geistiges Wissen zunimmt, wenn universelle Liebe ihn leitet und sein Leben für ihn und andere zum Segen wird, dann ist die Erkenntnis der Wahrheit in ihm gereift.

266. Dann wird er sich des Schöpfungsteiles in ihm, des Geistes, bewusst werden – des geistigen Reiches.

267. In geistiger Liebe und Weisheit ist die Schöpfung zugegen.


268. Wer um geistiges Licht und geistige Liebe ringt, dem öffnet sich das Tor zur Schöpfung.

269. Liebt der Mensch die Wahrheit, dann liebt er das, was relativ vollkommen und wunderbar ist und das geistige Reich in sich verkörpert, denn es ist auch der Weg zum Weisheitsreich.

270. Der Mensch werde sich der schöpferischen Gegenwart bewusst und lasse die geistige Intelligenz aus allem hervorleuchten.


271. Er erkenne, dass selbst im weiten, unendlichen und offenen Raume die Augen des Schöpferisches auf ihn gerichtet sind und dass die wahre Intelligenz die Schöpfung ist und ihn sieht mit den Augen, die alles bewahren und die mit Sinnen ausgestattet sind, die auf alles Antwort zu geben vermögen.

272. Er lebe daher bewusst geistig unter den Augen des Schöpferischen; lebe mit dem Bewusstsein des Geistigen, das unendliche Kraft ist, deren er sich stets bewusst sein muss.

273. Dann kann er nie kraftlos sein.



Das ist ja wunderbar, Semjase, und ich fühle mich nach deinen Erklärungen richtig froh.



274. Das kommt Davon, dass du dadurch eine Bestätigung deiner eigenen Denkweise und deines geistigen und bewusstseinsmässigen Wissens hast, denn du kennst die Lehre der Wahrheit schon lange – nur, dass sie dir niemand zu bestätigen vermochte, weil die Wahrheit sehr rar geworden ist durch die Irrlehren der Religionen, Sekten und sonstigen Irrlehren auf der Erde.



Leider hast du recht, denn die Wahrheit ist verpönt.



276. Sei nicht trüben Sinnes deswegen, denn die bewusstseinsmässige Evolution des Erdenmenschen schreitet unaufhaltsam voran.

277. Du aber sollst dabei mithelfen und die Wahrheit verbreiten, denn du bist der Prophet der Neuzeit.



Wie könnte ich, und wie käme ich dazu. Das ist doch etwas zuviel des Guten.



278. Es ist dir so bestimmt.

279. Du kannst es im Talmud nachlesen.

280. Gib dich nicht so unwissend.



Das soll ich sein? Das ist doch verrückt.



281. Nichts vermag seiner Bestimmung zu entrinnen, das weisst du besser als ich.



Das muss ich erst einmal verdauen, und ich weiss nicht, ob ich damit klarkomme.



282. Das wirst du, denn ich sagte schon, dass es dir bestimmt ist.



Ich denke darüber nach. – Wenn du erlaubst, habe ich aber noch eine Frage, die mich seit einiger Zeit beschäftigt.



283. Frage nur.



Es handelt sich um meine Berechnungen, die ich über die Lebens- und Geburtsdaten Jmmanuels angestellt habe. Du sagtest mir einmal, dass ich mich nur um runde 200 Jahre in meinen Berechnungen geirrt haben soll. Soweit komme ich klar. Das Problem liegt aber darin, dass ich den Geburtstag Jmmanuels wahrscheinlich falsch errechnet habe.



284. Deine 200 Jahre Fehlberechnungen beziehen sich nur auf einige Dinge der Geschichte vor Jmmanuels Zeit, nicht aber auf die Daten Jmmanuels selbst, die du trotz einigen Fehlern richtig errechnet hast.

285. Ganz intuitiv hast du die richtigen Daten zusammengefügt, obwohl du gewisse kalendarische Tatsachen ausser acht gelassen hast, wodurch Verschiebungen aufgetreten sind.

286. Durch deine extreme Denkweise aber bist du auf Dinge gestossen, durch die du das Gesamtbild der Wahrheit erkanntest.


287. Dadurch hast du intuitiv wiederum erkannt, dass du ganz einfach auf die euch heute bekannte kalendarische Zeitrechnung greifen konntest und das Geburtsdatum Jmmanuels auf den Tag genau festzulegen vermochtest; der 3. Februar, nach eurer christlichen Zeitrechnung berechnet.

288. Ein Erdenjahr hat immer genau gleich viele Tage, so sich keine Verschiebungen ergeben.

289. Dadurch bleibt ein bestimmtes Datum so lange das gleiche Datum, wie die betreffende Zeiteinteilung Gültigkeit hat.


290. Nun aber habe auch ich noch eine Frage an dich:

291. Die Photonegative und die erste Filmaufnahme, die du von unseren Strahlschiffen gemacht hast, wären für uns sehr von Bedeutung.

292. Sie sind zwar dein Eigentum, doch wenn du sie uns überlassen könntest, wäre das für uns sehr nützlich.



Wenn du sie benötigst, dann gebe ich sie dir gerne, denn nötigenfalls kann ich von den Photos selbst weitere Kopien nachmachen lassen. Aber kannst du mir erklären, warum die Negative und der Film so wichtig sind für dich?



293. Sie sind nicht nur wichtig für mich, sondern für uns, das heisst für unsere Wissenschaftler.

294. Auf den Photos, die du mir übergeben hast, haben wir einige Dinge festgestellt, die uns bisher unbekannt waren, die aber auf den Bildern sichtbar sind.

295. Insbesondere handelt es sich um den Antennenleitstrahl, durch den Energien angezogen werden.



Erzähle mir bitte mehr darüber, denn derartige Dinge interessieren mich.



296. Das darf ich nur, wenn es für dich allein bestimmt ist, denn es handelt sich um Geheimnisse, die du nicht verlauten lassen darfst.

297. Ich darf dir aber offen erklären dass es sich um ein völlig neuartiges Phänomen handelt im Zusammenhang mit der Veränderung der irdischen Atmosphäre, die bisher unsichtbare Energien plötzlich sichtbar werden lässt.



Diese Erklärung genügt mir, danke.



298. Du vermagst mich immer wieder zu erstaunen.

299. Es berührt mich jedesmal sehr eigenartig, wenn du dich plötzlich von deinen Interessen lossagst, um mich nicht in Bedrängnis zu bringen.

300. Das ist mir ein völlig fremdes Phänomen, das ich noch bei keiner Lebensform festzustellen vermochte.



Jedes Leben hat doch gewisse Eigenheiten.



301. Sicher, doch diese ist mir völlig fremd, ausserdem fühle ich aber, dass es mit einer grossen Selbstlosigkeit verbunden ist, die allen Egoismus verbannt.



Macht mich nicht besser als ich bin, denn auch ich bin egoistisch.



302. Verleugne dich nicht selbst, denn ich kenne dich sehr genau in diesen Dingen.

303. Ich weiss, dass dein Egoismus nur ein Spiel ist, um andere zu täuschen, weil du sonst ausgebeutet würdest.



Bitte, Semjase, reden wir doch nicht ständig von mir.



304. Natürlich, es ist dir unangenehm, ich weiss; doch von Zeit zu Zeit muss man auch solche Dinge erörtern.

305. Aber lassen wir das für heute, denn es ist wieder Zeit für mich zu gehen.

306. Bei unserem nächsten Zusammentreffen werde ich in der Lehre des Geisteswissen fortfahren, denn sie ist die wichtigste Hauptaufgabe unserer Kontakte.