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Pleiadian Spaceships And Spacecraft Technology - What the investigation uncovered and Billy Meier revealed. Eyewitness accounts.


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By Kåre Bergheim

3rd of March 2013

  • The investigation of the case; An example of what the evidence revealed. 
  • The information provided by Billy Meier; Extraterrestrial technology and capabilities.
  • Travel through space and time
  • Spaceship Types
  • Transmission
  • Dematerialisation and re-materialisation
  • The so-called beaming
  • Hyperspace jump

    a)  Keeping a large safety distance

    b)  Keeping a short safety distance

    c)  The latest space flight technology to the Pleiadians/Plejarans

  • Universal-protective shield

  • Closing remark

  • Eywithness accounts

    Engelbert Wächter   - Teleportation event

    Freddy Kropf  - Night time photo of craft

    Eva Bieri  - Telemeter disc

    Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer  - Telemeter disc

    Atlantis Sokrates Meier  - Sound recording

    Jakobus Bertschinger   - Energy combustion

    Guido Mossbrugger   - Energy combustion

    Hans Schutzbach – Energy combustion

The investigation of the case; An example of what the evidence revealed.



“You know, people still ask me.. do you… they come up to me … even here today and say… Do you really believe in this Meier case?…. and I only have one … The first thing I think of is…oh is he uninformed! And then I think, If he only had all the information that I have, he wouldn’t be asking the question in the first place. So I decided I’d try to tell you why I believe the case and why I believe it could not be anything but a real case.”  


Wendelle Stevens in his opening paragraph of his speech at the segment titled “The Meier case update 2006” at the International UFO Conference in Laughlin Nevada.


Left: The chief investigator in the Meier case, Wendelle Stevens, as a Major at the Wright Air Development Center in Dayton, Ohio.


Lt. Colonel (USAF Ret.) Wendelle C. Stevens was one of the world’s best known UFO researchers. Born in 1923 in Round Prairie, Minnesota, he enlisted in the US Army in 1941 and was transferred to the Air Corps in1942. He graduated from Fighter Pilot Advanced Training in 1943 as a 2nd lieutenant. After that he attended the first Air Corps Flight Test Pilot School at Kelly Field where he learned to fly all the aircraft in the Air Corps inventory at that time, and a few U.S. Navy Aircraft. He served in the Pacific Theater during World War II and subsequently in a classified project in Alaska to photograph and map the Arctic land and sea area, where the data collecting equipment on board B-29s detected UFOs. Stevens also served as US Air Attaché in South America. He retired from the USAF in 1963 and worked for Hamilton Aircraft until 1972. He amassed one of the largest collections of UFO photos and investigated a number of contact cases, published in more than 22 books. His most famous one was the Billy Meier case in Switzerland which he investigated for five years.



This is one out of 1476 photographs in total. Part of photo number 248 taken by Eduard Albert Meier at Schmärbüel-Maiwinkel / Bettswil-Bäretswil 14 April 1976. According to Billy Meier this is an extraterrestrial craft piloted by a woman named Semjase, coming from a planet located beyond the Pleiades star cluster, 500 light years away. On this day she was doing a demonstration flight when she became harassed by a Mirage Jet fighther belonging to the Swiss air force. The jet made 22 passes around the beam ship according to Meier.





This is the bottom left part of the same photo as above, photo number 248. It indicates the distances, with the branch in the foreground being close and slightly out of focus, whilst the craft  can be seen, being in focus but at a distance away, clearly large in size. The third reference is the Mirage Jet fighter which can be seen further away from the craft.


Left Infrared measuring device used to measure distances. The precise measurements and photos are fed into a computer. The edges of known objects such as the trees and hills are translated into pixels. Since these measurements are known, the number of pixels on the edge of the unknown object, the craft, gives its distance. The beam ship is determined to be just where Meier said it was. Simple triangulation then gives its size. 7 meters, or 21 feet in diameter. Source CONTACT (1982)


Left The pixel tests undertaken by Jim Dilettoso

The Mirage jet fighter is enlarged for testing


Left The pixel test reveals the heat plume from the Mirage Jet fighter, which cannot be seen with the eye when looking at the photo.


Left The pixel tests undertaken by Jim Dilettoso

The unknown object, the craft is enlarged for testing


Left The pixel test also here reveals something which cannot be seen with the eye when looking at the photo. It is a startling discovery because it is a field of some kind. “ It is some kind of aura, wether its infrared, thermal energy, as yet I don’t know. I think the craft is putting out a force field" Jim Dilettoso in CONTACT (1982) Clip here source 


During the investigation in Switzerland, Wendelle Stevens, a former air force pilot himself, was able to find out more of what happened to the Mirage fighter jet in this photo. This is what he told the audience at the IUFOC conference during Reopening of the Billy Meier Case 1999 in Laughlin, Nevada. He briefly appear in the segment where Metusalem Meier holds a presentation


 The Mirage jet fighter made 22 passes on this object in something like half an hour. The object would either jump out of position and fall back. It would blink out and blink back on again, changing position while it was in another dimension. And after the 22nd pass, the Swiss radar ground control ordered the pilot to activate its fire control system to get pictures of it. That also activates the gun. And when he flipped the button to activate the system, the black boxes in the cockpit began to smoke and melted down and the aircraft broke off the contact and went back to base. They had to change all the boxes in the electrical system.” - Wendelle Stevens (56 minutes into the video below) –


Below:  Reopening of the Billy Meier Case 1999 Laughlin, Nevada



Left: UFO contact from the PLEIADES. A preliminary investigation report (1978). This is the back cover of the first out of 6 books Wendelle Stevens published about the Meier case


The information provided by Billy Meier; Their technology and capabilities.


Billy Meier delivered an enormous amount of evidence in all categories there is, ranging from photos of crafts, super 8 mm film, photos of extraterrestrials, metal samples, landing tracks, sound recordings, witness statements and more. Since the investigator team lead by Wendelle Stevens tested this evidence and found it to be genuine and real, it is worth looking at the further information provided by Billy Meier. Information which goes beyond the evidence possible to check out and which relates to their technology and capabilities. 


With reference to “Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums… Kontakte mit den Plejadiern/Plejaren” (1997) by Billy Meier. Reisen durch Raum und Zeit Page 241. Einführung p.241, Raumschiff-Darstellungen p.245. Transmission p.248. Hyper-Raum-Sprung p.250. Ent- und Rematerialisation p.251 Das sogenante Beamen p.253 Hyperraumsprung p.257 a)Einhaltung eines grossen Sicherheitsabstandes p.259 b) Einhaltung eines geringen Sicherheitsabstandes p.260 c) Die neueste Raumflugtechnik der Plejadier/Plejaren p.260 Universal-Schutzschirm p.261 Schlussbemerkung p.265


Travel through space and time


Since the Pleiadians/ Plejarens, just from a technical point of view, are many steps ahead of us, and in fact according to the latest information (1997) with no less than 8000 years, it should be obvious that they have been perfectly mastering space travel for a long time.  What does, in this case, perfect mean?


On the one hand have the Pleiadians got a whole range of different space crafts, respectively space ships, which for people on Earth appear with really fantastic capacities in normal space. On the other hand are most of these space crafts (apart from a few exceptions) in fact constructed and equipped in such a way, with all necessary apparatuses etc., that these in fact, and in the true sense of the word, are able to travel through space and time, and thus in the past or in the future, respectively arrive in other dimensions and universes. But before going further into that, should first some of the most important capabilities and characteristics of these technological wonder of extraterrestrial origin be listed:


Completely silent   

The pleiadian space craft fly completely silent and are able to perform all possible, or rather <impossible flight manoeuvrers> in Earth human terms.


Ability to become invisible

The space crafts have the ability to shield themselves optically and acoustically against any position finding by activating suitably protective shields. Not just radar, but also other tracking devices and instruments etc. then become useless. 


Automatic steering and remote control

The space crafts are manually as well as fully automatic controllable, whereby the auto control is independently able to perform every landing and take-off, as well as any evasive manoeuvre, only being remotely-programmed through thought-impulses from the person being the pilot, whereby the pilot neither have to have aeronautical skills nor anything similar to that, because after a thought-command-receipt, all flight equipment independently initiate and carry out all necessary flight manoeuvres. This also ensures that a planet or any type of destination can be independently approached without any special guidance by a pilot. Such a space ship can land or anchor punctually, point-in-time, on any arrival point of a planet’s surface or in deep water. In the same way can gas clouds or gas planets, as well as other dimensions also be approached.


100 per cent crash proof

The Pleiadian/Plejaren space ships, of any type and size, are 100 per cent fail-safe and crash-proof.

The ships own monitor equipment, continuously monitors all functions as well as all material and the overall structure of the flight device, so that possible weak points, material defects and other defects are known at an early stage and can be repaired. The propulsion-, navigation-, steering-, and the life-support systems are twice existing in every spacecraft of all sizes, one of which take over the operation from the other, if one of them should fail. Billy writes that he was repeatedly assured that such a scenario no longer has happened since many hounded years ago, because no defects any longer has occurred, not in the material as well as not in the various systems. Difficulties could at times arise when new metal alloys are created for space crafts intended for the atmosphere of foreign worlds. Then it could one day turn out that the material suddenly no longer was suitable because rapidly proceeding atmospheric changes could possibly affect the external material of the ship, which once, in the recent past, was the case on Earth by a new construction of space ships. This constitutes in no way a danger because such changes become known so early that no damages can arise as result thereof. Thanks to practical solutions by the Pleiadians/Plejarens, following the old saying <The wise man makes provision for the future>, they have had no accidents at all with their space ships. At the utmost can the extreme force of nature become an exceptional case, but which however according to uniform statement from Semjase, Quetzal and Ptaah has been calculated with a possibility of about 1 to 8 billion. Like the planetary vehicles to the Pleiadians/Plejaren, are also their actual space ships being serviced and have to undergo checks as well as follow-up controls, consequently maximum safety is provided in every aspect.


Weapons and armament.

The space ships and planetary crafts to the Pleiadians/Plejarnes are naturally also armed for all circumstances, because without this fact could also these extraterrestrials not exist, because it has to always be reckoned with that one day, anywhere and anytime, a defensive action needs to be taken. And since the Pleiadians/Plejaren act as the elected keepers of order for the entire federation, adequate armament of their space- and planetary crafts, as well as their crew, is of necessity, also when these weapons have not had to be used as such for millennia.  The weapons themselves, and in fact all of them, are at the same time also tools for different jobs and they are continually used in this function.

It is therefore vital for the Pleiadians/Plejarens to also have weapons, because they have to maintain peace and order in the entire region of their federation, as well as in other sectors in other dimensions, whereby this task nevertheless, is not carried out by the use of armed force, but exclusively in a peaceful manner at which weapons are only engaged in cases of emergency as an aid in a self-defence action, something which, as already mentioned, has not been the case for millennia, because all the members of the federation, who also have weapons themselves, live in peaceful co-existence and according the creational laws and commandments. A fact which unfortunately is not true of all extraterrestrials who live and exist in the almost endless width of the Universe, since they often are rather brutal and war like and thus aggressive. It is therefore, also for this reason, necessary for the Pleiadians/Plejaren and their allies to be armed, if they should encounter such aggressive and warlike beings or be attacked by them. The Pleiadians/Plejarens are themselves always only defensive, but never offensive; consequently they also never carry out any attack or enslave any human races and worlds.


Ability to enter other dimensions    

The space ships throughout, are capable of entering other dimensions (space-time-planes) and to completely reliably again leave them. This applies to all smaller, as well as to all larger and the very largest objects.  Only flying objects which are purely planetary bound, does not dispose of this technology, through which it also can be travelled into the future as well as into the past.  


Apparatuses for time manipulation.

The larger space ships, as well as the medium sized space-planetary ships, dispose of all necessary apparatuses etc., in order to be able to carry out time manipulation, in which a time shift is executed. This means for example that a certain time is lived through, but this time is then being manipulated backwards, whereby the same time, can once again be lived through. By way of example, Billy here mention the case which involved himself, when he was underway for five days in DERN- as well in Dal-Universe with Semjase in her father’s command-space ship, for then to return back again shortly after his departure from home, because the time had been manipulated backwards.   


Ability to travel over great distances

The astronomical distances in the Universe is for the time being still mastered by an whole armada of space ships, which manoeuvre through the entire stretch of the Universe and in different dimensions, and in fact practically without any time loss, when they fly from place to another 

by multiple light-speed. Travels across distances of hundreds and thousand’s, and even millions and billions of light years only last a just a few minutes. However, this technology is already out-dated, but is nevertheless not abandoned. The latest transport and travel technology through space, as well as in other dimensions, takes no time at all, because only artificial created doors to the destinations has to be passed through, or flown through, whereby the destination can be anywhere in space as well as directly on the surface of a planet.


Ability to perform time-travel

The most puzzling with the Pleiadian-Plejaren space ships is perhaps the fact that these can perform time travel at will, into the past as well as into the future, with the result that they on one hand become present, in a dimension shifted form, into the past or into the future, and on the other hand, adjust completely real and physical to the dimension travelled to, so that their physical bodies as well as their space ships etc. are at the present time. Such travels serve as a rule expeditions and other research to gain certainty about certain things, like for example to determine causes and background, or effects, from certain causes etc., because this is of vital importance for the Plieadians/Plejaren.  But it is naturally not common for them, for the sake of each small uncertainty or the like, to perform a time travel, because these are only undertaken when it is really necessary. Nevertheless, with the help of such time travels have the Pleiadians/Plejaren already solved very many puzzles and mysteries of the past, from which Billy remarks that he also has profited. Also information and research results from the future have often benefited the Pleiadian/Plejaren, as well as Billy himself, when they have let him see some of the things of the future.


Spaceship Types


Below are six of the beam ship types belonging to the Pleiadians/Plejaren which has been in use on Earth.  As of 1997 only type 2, 3 and 4 were in use.


Reconnaissance craft - Diameter 3,5 meter or 11,5 feet. Crew: 1 person

Beam ships                 - Diameter 7,0 meter or 23 feet.    Crew: 1-3 persons


Reconnaissance craft

Diameter 3,5 meter or 11,5 feet.

Crew: 1 person


Beamship type 1

Diameter 7,0 meter or 23 feet

Crew 1-3 Persons


Beamship type 2

Diameter 7,0 meter or 23 feet

Crew 1-3 Persons

In use on Earth as of 1997


Beamship type 3

Diameter 7,0 meter or 23 feet

Crew 1-3 Persons

In use on Earth as of 1997


Beamship type 4

Diameter 7,0 meter or 23 feet

Crew 1-3 Persons

In use on Earth as of 1997


Beamship type 5

Diameter 7,0 meter or 23 feet

Crew 1-3 Persons


Billy writes that time and again, like clockwork, he is being asked the question how his extraterrestrial friends are able to tackle the great distances from beyond the Pleiades to Earth, of about 500 light years, since Earth scientists claim the speed of light in principle cannot be exceeded. Billy writes that this is a stupid claim which at least the signal transmission in the year 1995 disproves according to the following article from <Bild der Wissenschaft 10/1995>


My translation of the article Billy here refers to. The German original is underneath.


<The fastest signal

A research group headed by the Cologne physicist professor Günter Nimtz has for some time caused dispute amongst experts about the world record. They have succeeded in transferring information by microwave with 4.7 times the speed of light. Some other teams also use of the tunnel effect, like the Cologne professor, in order to likewise achieve speed faster than light in similar experiments. (“The seven world mysteries of physics”, Bild der Wissenschaft 8/1994). In this way researchers, headed by Raymond Chiao of the University of California in Berkley, succeeded to tunnel individual photons with speed faster than light. The tunnel effect is one of the many phenomenon’s of the quantum physics which barely can be grasped using common concepts: Particles and waves can under certain conditions enter through an actual insurmountable barrier and suddenly again appear on the other side. The tunnelling itself, so it appears,  happen without any loss of time. Whether the measured speeds, faster than light, has any implications for the theory of relatively, is currently being vigorously debated by the physicists. Einstein claimed than no signal can spread faster than light.    


German original

<Schnellstes Signal

Für Expertenstreit sorgt seit einiger Zeit der Weltrekord einer Forschergruppe um den Kölner Physiker Prof. Günter Nimtz. Sie hat es geschafft, Informationen per Mikrowelle mit 4,7 facher Lichtgeschwindigkeit zu übertragen. Auch einige andere Teams nutzten, wie die Kölner Physiker, den Tunneleffekt, um in ähnlichen Experimenten ebenfalls Überlichtgeschwindigkeit zu erzielen (“Die sieben Welträtsel der Physik”, Bild der Wissenschaft 8/1994). So gelang es Forschern um Raymond Chiao von der University of California in Berkeley, einzelne Photonen mit Überlichtgeschwindigkeit tunneln zu lassen.

Der Tunneleffekt ist eines der vielen, mit alltäglicher vorstellung kaum erfassbaren Phänomene der Quantenphysik: Teilchen und Wellen können unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen durch eine eigentlich unüberwindbare Barriere treten und tauchen plötzlich auf der anderen Seite wieder auf. Das Tunneln an sich, so scheint es, geschieht ohne jeden Zeitverlust. Ob die gemessenen  Überlichtgeschwindigkeiten Auswirkungen auf die Relativitätstheorie haben, diskutieren die Physiker zur Zeit heftig, Einstein forderte, dass sich kein Sinal schneller als Licht ausbreiten darf.>


Billy give here gives a 3 point reply to the above article, the way he sees it as follows:


1.  Also in scientific circles are more and more people appearing, who raise their voice and proclaim that they consider speed faster than light to be entirely possible. And even from what can be read in the above article, recent experiments also show evidence that the speed of light in fact can be greatly exceeded. Although Albert Einstein, in his theory of relativity, denied the possibility of a space travel at the speed of light, that does in no way mean that he is right at that, because the Pleiadians/Plejarans have proven for a long time that light-speed travels actually are for real. Although one might say that Einstein, with his statement, only just meant that a space travel at the speed of light is impossible, which however is not the case with travels faster than the speed of light. But, was that what he really meant, and was he not gravely mistaken in this respect? Be that as it may, in any case science in the meantime has proofs, that at least a signal transmission at several times the speed of light is possible.


2.The Pleiadians/Plejarans, with their 8000 years technological further development, are enormously ahead of Earth humans and immensely superior, consequently it is no wonder that the term above light speed, is a term which by them is used in their everyday language. And by their horrendous further development, compared to Earth humans, it is not surprisingly that they dispose of a technical know-how and proficiency that not only appear incredible to humans on Earth, but rather fantastic and utopian, in particular when it comes to that these extra-terrestrials, with their space ships, achieve speed multiple times faster than light, making it possible for them, with their outlandish appearing propulsion systems, to criss-cross through the entire Universe, through other dimension as well as through time, as desired and needed.


3. Understandably, does practically every technical interested person want to learn more details about the beyond-light-speed propulsion systems as well as also find out and learn more about the normal propulsion and receive hints how it in kind functions. Such tasks, Billy here wrote, he could not attend to because on the one side, in respect to the kind of technical matter this is about, he is an absolute zero and on the other side, he only received very sparse information from the Pleiadians/Plejarans in this respect. At that, he also contributed himself throughout admittedly, because for security reasons, he wanted to have no such information, which potentially could be wrested from him by force. 


The opinion of the extraterrestrials, which also Billy agree with, is that that people on Earth, for a long time yet to come, will not be mature enough to possess such knowledge, and if they one day are able to, then they must acquire the knowledge themselves. Because the danger would be too great if people on Earth all of a sudden one day were to dispose over such knowledge, just as this is also the case with the extraterrestrials. In fact, it’s like adding fuel to fire if such knowledge was to be transferred to people on Earth because historically generally every invention been has demonstrably been converted and misused for negative, murderous and warlike as well as power-crazed purposes, what also today is still practised.


And if the extraterrestrials were to assist people on Earth in their technical development in the way the secrets simply were revealed, then it would amount to a betrayal towards life as well as a betrayal towards the guiding and life-protecting directives of the Pleiadians/Plejarans. Humans have already caused enough destruction on the entire Earth and to all its life forms. One only need to just think of the many atomic bomb tests and the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as the many atomic bomb explosions for commercial use through which giant lakes etc. are created.


And one only need to think of all the natural disasters, the hurricanes earthquakes and volcano eruptions as well as the overall radioactive contamination which has resulted over the entire Earth through all these atomic bomb tests and through the commercial utilisation of atomic bombs, something which however is still vehemently denied by absolute irresponsible statesmen and atomic physicians as well as other scientists.  Solely, from that perspective, writes Billy, he and the Pleiadians would commit a crime against humanity and the planet if they were to reveal any secrets of the extraterrestrial technology. Arguably, that is something every person on Earth has to accept, like it or not, because Billy writes that he has no intention in bringing up and betraying various things which he after all has been informed about, for the reason he cannot go into exact explanations and details – even though his knowledge in regards to the matter addressed is extremely limited.





Overall in the universe, there is only one possibility according to the explanations from the extra-terrestrials: To overcome the barrier of time and space, quickly and securely, through the use of a hyperspace, which is overriding the normal space. Through a highly technical procedure, in which formidable electromagnetic energies are necessary, which involves the energy capacity of several nuclear atomic plants in earthly measures, energies which however can even be produced by the small space ships, measuring only 7 meter in diameter, is between these two spaces, the normal space and the hyperspace, a dimension door created (or if into another Universe a universe door).


The required overall technology to create a dimension door (or a universe door) is simply called transmitter-technology, which deals with direct- or tele-transmitter-machines or as well as with time-transmitters. The space ship is then transmitted through such dimension doors (or Universe doors). A transmission is based on a hyper-fast transport of spaceships, persons as well as objects etc., for the most part through a dematerialization and re-materialization using technical and other means carried out by the use of artificial or natural energies. For space travel, is at that only a controlled transmission to be taken into consideration, which is deliberately evoked, initiated and carried out by humans. A large number of transmissions take place in, respectively through a hyperspace, but only a few in normal space. There exist several hyperspaces which all of them can be used for transmissions. It is not easy to get into a hyperspace from a technical point of view, because it has to virtually be broken into with an enormous run-up, with several times the speed of light through a so called hyperspace jump, which at the same time characterizes the crossing of the hyper space.


By several times crossing over the speed of light, space and time shrinks together in such a way that the transmission takes place in zero time, whereby the space ship again rematerializes and appears at destination, in the same split second as it just dematerialized and disappeared at the starting point. For the crew on the space ship this means that just as much time has elapsed for them, during the transmission, as on their home planet, or even in normal space. And in fact, contrary to the unrealistic assertion of the ignorant, that time practically stands still for a flying object at the speed of light, or beyond the speed of light, whilst on the home planet, or in normal space, centuries, millennia’s or even thousands of millennia’s would elapse. If this assertion was correct, writes Billy, then he would indeed exist as the only Earth human still alive, because through the many hyperspace travels he has carried out with his Pleiadian/Plejaran friends, many billions of years ought then to have passed on Earth and the Sun-system should no longer exist. Thus no dilatation takes place through this hyperspace-flight method. Billy here refer to an illustrated image of how travel time is shortened through an increase in speed made by Guido Moosbrugger, the author of the book <… und sie fliegen doch! (1991)> , which clear and neutrally relays the story about himself and his contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejarans.


By light speed, the travel time from Earth to Planet Erra, beyond the Pleiades star constellation, takes 500 years. By 10 times the speed of light, the flight times shortens to 50 years. But when a dematerialized space ship, rushes through hyperspace with billion-fold light speed, the flight time becomes only a fraction of a second.


Dematerialisation and re-materialisation


For the immense acceleration needed for transportation of humans and material, resp. of spaceships must the tangible coarse matter aggregate state of a body/object be transferred into a condition which is invisible and of fine-matter for a short period of time. This process, still unknown and mysterious appearing for people on Earth, is carried out in three steps:


Step 1:


As the first process is a dematerialisation initiated through which the tangible coarse matter body, resp. a spaceship with crew and everything inside, dematerializes at the point of departure, resp. starting point. That means that the ship and everything within it is disassembled in its atomic or subatomic components, which is to say, it becomes disintegrated. What differently explained means that everything in it is converted into subtle matter and therefore into pure energy.


Step 2:


This energy form of existence, resulting from the dematerialisation, is best suitable for this type of transport, because the fine material condition of the whole, form some kind of an energy packet, which in the fraction of a second, rushes from the point of origin to the final destination. By this process, the energy packet remains as an independent and compact unit without mixing with the energies of the surrounding space. Through this form of transportation occur no hindrances on the transit route, because hyperspace is free of any obstructing and dangerous things. In particular when crossing over from one very remote location to another, or from one dimension to another, is as a rule one of the spaces overriding the normal space, simply a so-called hyperspace, used as the way of transit.


Step 3:


By the re-materialisation, which takes place at the point of destination, is the original aggregate state lightning-fast rebuilt namely by the way that the energy packet, which has arrived at destination, again converts back to the physical shape it occupied before the dematerialisation. The entire process of a de- and re-materialisation passes by incredible fast, therefore practically no loss of time occur during the two processes. There are also no obstructions and dangers with this because the dematerialized  energies are such that they without restraint pass through any matter, both through concrete, steel or lead walls as well as through planets and suns.   


As such, when travelling by this mode of transportation, also stars comets meteorites and planets situated in the flight path of the energy packet in normal space form no obstacle or danger. Already when the matter breakdown process has been triggered passes everything automatically as planned which means that it is no longer possible to stop or correct the sequencing, simply because it is no longer manually or technically possible to manipulate the already started dematerialisation process. This therefore requires that any programming must be carried out extremely accurately so that no mishaps occur, which can bring about catastrophic consequences which cannot be undone.  


Among newcomers to space travel, who for the first time enter the field of hyper space travel, it can therefore happen that they, by not mastering or just partially mastering matter and programming, inevitably get hurled to any wrong destination and get lost somewhere in the universe wherefrom they never again find their home star and home world, and as a result they literally get lost in space and time.  Or it can also happen that they always and forever drift as an energy packet through the universe in a dematerialised condition.


By the disassembly and reassembly of a body/object through de- and re-materialisation everything must of course run synchronous otherwise very bad surprises can appear which can happen if for example just tiny parts of the human body, or an item/object etc., were to be reassembled resp. re-materialised too early or too late.  It is therefore also of the utmost importance that the energy packet, after dematerialisation, again rematerialises fully and in its entirety at the exact same split second and in fact very precisely to the last atomic detail of each body and item/object, so that really the perfect original condition of everything again is restored.


In addition to the above mentioned form of hyper space travel, writes Billy, there is also a second one which works similar to the first. But in contrast to the first, is by the second form, not an energy packet formed during dematerialisation, but an enormous number of impulse-signals which are transferred to the destination with a breakneck million-fold light speed for there to produce a re-materialisation a billion fold faster than lightning. Through this hyperspace means of travel, it is no longer necessary to send an energy packet full of signals through hyperspace or the normal space, but only the signals themselves, which move along in waveform with incredible speed and are absolutely unstoppable by any obstacles of any kind.


The so-called beaming


Beaming is a high-technological extension of a controlled transmission which is performed and controlled by tele-transmitter-machines. This is a form of transmission modelled after the consciousness-spiritual created teleportation of a body, in a similar way it is portrayed in science fiction films, whereby in truth the process of the de- and re-materialisation happen without the flickering energy effect, and tremendously faster than what is portrayed in the science-fiction-beaming-process in movies.


A de- and re-materialisation happen faster than lightening, consequently by beaming no process resp. no effect can be observed at all, not even if such a process was filmed and replayed with a trillion fold deceleration (slow motion). This form of transmission is however not only limited to humans, but also items or space ships etc. can be beamed by this technology. Humans, items, or spaceships etc. vanish into thin air without a trace so to speak, through beaming in normal space, only to turn up and reappear at destination at the same time, like out of nowhere, with a likewise incredible speed. This type of beaming is by the Pleiadians/Plejarans a common and daily applied method for the transport of people and materials etc.


It is the same with beaming as it is with the space ships themselves, there are two modes of managing, thus on the one hand through a fully-automatic function and on the other hand through a manual manipulation. By manual manipulation however, extreme caution is necessary because even over short distances serious consequences can occur by a small negligence or through lack of know-how when the automatic function is turned off, which also checks the functions of the manual manipulability. It is therefore absolutely conceivable that simply through manipulations owing to lack of knowledge etc., that a beamed human for example arrive in a deep gorge, in the middle of the water, on rugged cliffs or arrive somewhere else where it certainly will not turn out well. Although a human first re-materialises again when a solid or undulating ground is beneath his feet, it nevertheless can go wrong.


Billy adds that exactly such a scenario happened to him once because he ignorantly had manipulated the beaming equipment and then immediately stepped into the beam-shaft without knowing that due to his lack of knowledge he had switched off all safety factors. A thing which normally not should be possible because every space ship only reacts to the operating instructions from the pilot assigned to the ship. But because of his request, the security was turned off, just so that he could manually control the ship himself. And also personally could initiate the beaming process for himself, whereby he unnoticed made an error which resulted in that he did not materialise on the intended track on a large field, but on a wide spreading tree top of a fir tree standing in the field on which branches he could barely hang on to in order to save himself from falling, whereupon he then securely climbed down. However, such a mishap only happened to him once because in the further follow ups of such experiments he was more cautious and together with the respective pilot he always tried to monitor if the security system remained switched on.   


In any case should beaming not be envisaged as being some kind of explosion or implosion because none of them match the beaming process. And if an explosion or implosion was performed then a de- or re-materialisation would never occur. By a physical explosion is a body, an item etc. literally torn apart in thousands of pieces and thereby completely destroyed, whereby it no longer, in any way is possible to rebuild the original from the rubble of debris and dust particles etc. to its original form. Similar things occur by an implosion. Thus it involves a quite different process, which is similar to the consciousness-related-spiritual teleportation, but based on a purely technical basis. However, to be able to understand that, people on Earth are still lacking the necessary concept-set of tools required for a proper explanation of the entire beaming and beam technology phenomenon.


Billy further writes that he basically knows of three forms of applications for beaming:


1)  Some times, he writes, he was the one who was teleported resp. beamed, namely from a x-desired location off directly into the interior of a beam ship/spaceship belonging to the Pleiadians/Plejarans, or vice versa out from inside the space ship to an x-desired place, like for example into his office, on a meadow or a road, to a remote clearing in the forest or simply anywhere on the premises of Semjase-Silver-Star-Center.


2)  He is transmitted resp. beamed from an x-desired location on Earth to another x-desired location on Earth.


3) The Pleiadians/Plejarans exit their beam ships/spaceships, which are in a shielded, invisible and non-locatable condition like a balloon floats in the atmosphere, via transmission resp. beaming in order to, for example to proceed to himself or elsewhere on Earth. Their return again takes place from the x-desired spot on Earth per Tele-transmitter, thus by beaming/transmission.


Fortunately, the Pleiadians/Plejarans and their federation allies performed such transmissions several times, through which in part were specially intended for demonstration purposes and which could be observed by selected, honest, and realistic thinking witnesses. Billy here refers to one such example, taken from the book <… und sie fliegen doch!> by Guido Moosbrugger:


Nächtlicher Einsatz im Schönenberger Gebiet (CH-ZH) bei Regen und Schlamm (Erlebnisbericht vom 20. Februar 1977 von Engelbert Wächter - gekürzt)


Nightly operation in the Schönenberger area (Switzerland) in rain and mud (Experience report from the 20th of February 1977 by Engelbert Wächter – shortened)




Engelbert Wächter


Late in the evening of the 20th of February 1977 Engelbert Wächter, Jacobus Bertschinger as well as his 75 year old father, Bernadette Brand and Billy drove with two cars in pouring rain towards Horgen/Hirzel in order to bring Billy to an arranged location…


My translation of the direct quote of Engelbert’s statement. German original beneath

“We finally reached our destination, after a swamp- and nightmarish journey over a distance of ca. 80 meters (after having driven about 70 kilometres). A final check of the radio sets, and Billy Meier disappeared from our sight as he walked between the tree trunks without light through the pitch dark forest.

As Billy had just disappeared, we developed a lively activity. Initially, both cars must have been wheeled into a muddy swamp, which in the torrential rain and the soaked and slippery soil was not a trivial matter. Our Jacobus is here in retrospect assured of our honest recognition for his performance concerning this matter.

After turning the cars around, we had to mount snow chains, for at all to be able to leave from the swamp area. We now positioned ourselves at the edge of the forest, under the protective treetops, waiting for Billy to return. The flood of rain clapped down in harmonic unison and the heavy drops which dripped from the trees on to our necks hit the tact with it and gradually transformed our clothes into wet bags.  Now and then the wind played with the treetops, which every time released real cascades of water and which not exactly served to improve our drive track, because a small lake slowly formed around both cars.

While Jacobus was still trying to better tighten the tensioning chains, the excited cry of a tawny owl penetrated the relatively quiet, dark wood and another two animals joined in. Seconds later a strange noise filled the air which shortly after changed into the singing (buzzing) familiar to us.

Now we knew: The beam ship of our common friend and mediator of ancient truths – Semjase – with our friend Billy on board, was slowly moving over our heads in low altitude. But the buzzing had barely faded away over the fir tree tops, when all of a sudden Mr. Meier stood in our midst – for us completely surprisingly - radiant with happiness with completely dry clothes in spite of the rain still pelting down.

Only little by little did his dry raincoat become wet and started to shine in the beam of the headlights of our cars.  But how could it have been different: In Semjase’s beam ship he was of course protected from the rain and as we know, nobody becomes wet through transmission with the help of tele-transmitters.  After Billy had returned, both the vehicles were in all haste connected with a tow rope to make it possible for the smaller car to get away from the deep mud without chains. About 1’clock in the morning, we said a warm goodbye in Wädenswil and in spite of the mud bath and rain adventure we all travelled home in high spirits.

Does it surprise you, dear reader that to me a small Earth worm our common friend Semjase performed another superb acrobatic flight with her beam ship to the best of my dreams?”.


German Original

“Nach einer Sumpf- und Höllenfahrt über eine Strecke von ca. 80 Metern (und nach etwa 70 Kilometer Fahrt) hatten wir dann endlich unserer Ziel erreicht. Noch eine letzte Kontrolle der Funkgeräte, und Billy Meier entschwand unseren Blicken, denn er tappte ohne Licht zwischen den Baumstämmen des stockdunklen Waldes hindurch.

Kaum war Billy verschwunden, entwickelten wir eine rege Tätigkeit. Zunächst mussten die Beiden Autos in morastigen Sumpf gewendet werden, was bei dem sturzflutartigen Regen und dem aufgeweichten, glitschigen Boden wahrlich keine Kleinigkeit war. Unser Jacobus sei hier nachträglich für seine diesbezügliche Leistung unserer ehrlichen Anerkennung versichert.

Nach dem Wagenwenden mussten wir Schneeketten montieren, um überhaupt aus dem Sumpfgelände wieder wegfahren zu können. Nun stellten wir uns auf Billys Rückkehr wartend am Waldrand unter die schützenden Baumkronen. In harmonischem Gleichklang klatschte die Regenflut nieder, und die schweren Tropfen, die von den Bäumen in unsere Genicke tropften und unsere Kleider allmählich in nasse Säcke  verwandelten, schlugen den Takt dazu. Hin und wieder trieb der Wind sein Spiel mit den Baumwipfeln, was jedesmal wahre Wasserkaskaden auslöste und nicht gerade dazu beitrug, unseren Fahrweg zu verbessern, denn langsam bildete sich um die beiden Autos ein kleiner See.

Noch während Jacobus im Lichte einer langsam absterbenden Taschenlampe versuchte, die Spannketten noch besser anzuziehen, durchdrang plötzlich der aufgeregte Schrei eines Waldkauzes den relativ ruhigen, finsteren Wald, und noch zwei weitere Tiere stimmten mit ein. Sekunden später erfüllte ein eigenartiges Rauschen die luft, das gleich darauf in ein uns bekanntes Singen (Sirren)   überging.

Nun wussten wir Bescheid: Das Strahlschiff unserer gemeinsamen Freundin und Vermittlerin uralter Wahrheiten – Semjase – mit unserem Freund Billy an Bord zog langsam in niedriger Höhe über unsere Köpfe hinweg. Aber kaum war das Sirren über den Tannenwipfeln verklungen, da stand urplötzlich Herr Meier mitten unter uns – für uns völlig überraschend -, glückstrahlend mit absolut trockener Kleidung, trotz des immer noch niederprasselnden Regens. Nur nach und nach wurde sein trockener Regenmantel nass und begann im Scheinwerferlicht unserer Autos zu glänzen. Doch wie hätte es auch anders sein können: In Semjases Strahlschiff war er natürlich vor dem Regen geschützt, und bei einer Transmission mit Hilfe des Teletransmitters wird bekanntlich niemand nass.

Nach Billys Rückkehr wurden in aller Eile beide Fahrzeuge mit dem Abschleppseil verbunden, um dem kleineren Wagen ohne Ketten das Wegkommen aus dem tiefen Schlamm zu ermöglichen. Gegen ein Uhr morgens verabschiedeten wir uns herzlich in Wädenswil, und trotz des Schlammbades und Regenabenteuers fuhren wir alle in gehobener Stimmung nach Hause.

Verwundert es Sie, liebe Leser, dass mir kleinem Erdenwurm unsere gemeinsame Freundin Semjase im Traum noch eine grandiose Kunstflugeinlage mit ihrem Strahlschiff zum besten gab?”



Of course every possible item etc. can also be beamed by tele-transmitter machines as already mentioned. Thus for example Quetzal, the commander of the Pleiadian-Plejaran station in the high mountain region of Switzerland once beamed a full sack of Erranian seed potatoes into Billy’s office, which they planted on a field at the Center and which gave them an abundant harvest. Peach stones from the Plejaran peach fruits were likewise beamed by Quetezal to Billy’s office desk which he then planted, and from which two peach trees has grown up. Which today (as of 1997) have grown tall in front of the walls of the buildings and yearly bear a lot of fruit, which in the beginning were as large as the size of the fist of a full grown man, but since then have become a lot smaller.


Hyperspace jump


Astronomical distances is still (as of 1997), by the Pleiadians/Plejarans managed through the practised method of combined hyperspace jumps. This combined method starts with a conventional flight run-up in material form in normal space, namely until the so-called transmission point, where the transmission into hyperspace then takes place and <beyond> this ends, resp. the conventional flight again continues. A flying object practising this hyperspace jump method, needs two entirely different drives, a normal drive for normal space and a hyper drive for hyperspace.


The normal drive serves as propulsion during the beginning- and end phase, thus only outside of the hyperspace, while the hyper drive serves for the jump into hyper space and the crossing of it. It should be quite obvious. The acceleration of a space ship is to begin made by the normal drive in normal space, namely until the speed of light, known to be 299 792 458 m/s resp. 299 792,458 kilometre per second. First then, when this speed is almost reached, can the hyper drive be activated. As for the normal drive, Billy writes, in the beginning and over the first years of his contact with the Pleiadians/Plejarans, they used the so-called antigravity drive as well as a photon drive for the normal drive, whereby these in the meantime were developmentally overhauled and he adds that he has got no knowledge of which type and form they are presently based on, as of 1997.   


For hyper drive, during the same time period, served a so called tachyon- as well as an antimatter drive. Also these drives in the meantime underwent enormous developmental changes, which Billy adds he don’t know what these are. His knowledge in this respect only goes as far as to being able to explain that the newest propulsion technologies are based on the use of electrons which are inexhaustibly present in the entire Universe. When the hyper drive is activated in a space ship, then it practically promptly speeds up to numerous times the speed of light for, with this unimaginable momentum, to break into hyperspace, by practically bursting into it, what is referred to as a jump, resp. a hyperspace jump, whereby the speed still increases and exceeds the light constant million fold = 300 x 10^6 km/sec. to the trillion fold = 300 x 10^12 km/sec.   


At of present day (1997), this is still totally incomprehensible for people on Earth, in particular how such incredible speeds can be produced from an idle state, or simply from the speed of light and up.

As a very weak comparison hereto serves a bullet, which likewise accelerates from an idle state and usually only reaches the speed of sound, which corresponds to 330 meter per second on an average, when the bullet leaves the gun barrel – thus only a small fraction of the speed of light. Analogous to this, one has to visualize that the Pleiadian-Plejaran space ships, in lightening like succession, develop gigantic acceleration forces from a standing position.


In the course of this, if one view the way large or small space ships abruptly shoot forward through these enormous forces, one cannot help but make a comparison between a catapult, from which any type of object can be brought to great and very great speed, from a standing start when shoot off, only that the reality with the space ships is a lot more impressive and powerful. In order to achieve this tremendous acceleration, the Pleiadian/Plejaran, among other things, also use a so called matter accelerator, which presumably works on an electrons basis, but which is not responsible for the acceleration of the space ships themselves, but only to produce faster-than-light energies.


The transport- and travel method by hyperspace jumps occur in the following manner:


1.  At first, the space ship accelerates up to the speed of light, whereby during the entire flight an universal-protective shield is activated, through which all unpleasant and dangerous external influences is kept away, resp. neutralized. (See the coming chapter all universal-protective screens)


2. When the speed of light almost has been reached, then the hyper drive is activated, which makes the ship jump at million- and billion fold light speed and allows the entry into the hyper space. On the one hand, due to this enormous acceleration, and on the other hand, due to the further necessary procedures for this purpose which is triggered by machines, equipment, apparatuses and electronics etc. is the universal-protective shield automatically removed. Thereby can an infinite expansion of the mass of the space ship and everything in it take place, which means that a complete dematerialisation of the spaces ship and crew etc. occurs.


In a millionth- or a billionth fraction of a second is the coarse-material matter converted into pure energy, into an energy packet, which is trans-missioned to the place of destination, without any time loss, in the hyperspace overriding normal space. By the automatic re-materialisation taking place at destination, which practically already happens in the very moment after the dematerialisation begins, is the energy packet again converted into the bodily condition, and in fact a billion times faster than lightning travels from the sky, as already explained earlier.


By the de- and re-materialisation in this seemingly staggering hyper-blitz operation is nothing noticed by the crew of the space ship and of course no crew members are affected by any inconvenience, let alone injuries.


3. After a hyperspace transmission, after re-materialising, the space ship of course again goes, the further or remaining distance to the final destination, in normal space and in coarse material form.   


a)  Keeping a large safety distance


When a space ship, with multiple light speed, by the jump enter into hyperspace, then not only does an enormous space-structure shock and vibration impact take place, which can be registered over large distances of light years away, but it can also under certain circumstances result in such an immense pull effect that it can pull along neighbouring celestial bodies into hyperspace out from which they then again emerge as dangerous and deadly projectiles, moving through space as comets, wandering planets or gigantic meteorites.  This can happen when for example novices in space travel create such risks due to ignorance and lack of care. 


By the Pleiadians/Plejarans the rule therefore applies to strictly adhere to a safety distance in order to counteract and avert the above mentioned danger, a rule which at least was in force by the hyperspace techniques during his first years of contact, Billy adds, whereby in the meantime this has changed for the latest hyper space flight techniques due to entirely other conditions were created, through catch up of technology of about 4500 years, with the help of friendly and higher developed races from the DAL universe. The said safety distance amounted to, and still today (in 1997) for the old hyper space flight technique amounts to 150million kilometre, what roughly corresponds to an astronomical unit (= astronomical unit, symbol 1 AE,  is an astronomical unit of length; 1 AE  = 149 597 870 km. This corresponds to the average distance Earth-Sun).


During the first years of contact with the extra-terrestrials, Billy adds, from their home world, in their dimension beyond the Pleiades to anywhere outside of their solar-system, they still required 3,5 hours to the transmission point, from which they again simply rematerialized in our solar system through a hyperspace jump in the relevant safety distance to the planets, after which again then 3,5 hours flight time in normal space would be necessary to reach Earth. Thus at the time, the travel time from the Pleiadians/Plejarans home planet to Earth, or the return travel back to their home-star system always took seven (7) hours.   


b) Keeping a short safety distance


By the help of friendly and higher developed races, within the space of a few years after Billy’s first contact, the Pleiadians/Plejarans were able to evolve their space travel technology to such an extent that the total travel time, resp. effective flight time for the 500 light years long distance shrank to as little as approx. seven (7) minutes. From this time on, by this new technique, a transmission could take place 150 kilometres outside the atmosphere of a planet, a moon or other celestial bodies because only this minimum safety distance was required. From this transmission point, close up to a planet, it then only took a few minutes to reach the planed nearby, by normal drive, or to return back to the transmission point from the planet. 


That meant that since then the the Pleiadians/Plejarans were able to visit Earth direct from their home star system several times daily when they deemed it necessary for whatever reasons. But they nevertheless retained their stations on Earth, just one in Switzerland, one in Asia and on the American continent, but in which the crew on all these stations as well as by the Pleiadians/Plejarans living on their home planet exclusively only kept in physical and telepathic contact with Billy and thus no one else apart from the impulse telepathic information contacts, which the impulse receiver never have, or ever will, have no idea of.


c) The latest space flight technology to the Pleiadians/Plejarans


The latest space flight technology to the Plieiadians/Plejarans is to such extent advanced that their space ships etc. no longer have to fly through, resp. transmission through, time and space in the aforementioned forms, instead small to enormous time gates are generated for persons, items or space ships. These time gates are highly energetic generated passageways from one location to another, no matter how far apart these are from each other, and whereby even travels in parallel directed neighbouring universes can take place.


Such a time gate can be generated in any size as required and looks like an open doorway behind which one can clearly recognize the destination on the others side, just as if one looked through a window or through a doorway out in the open. If one for example throws an item through, then where the item flies through the opening, a similar energetic flickering originate which the time gates also have at their edges. Then, the item is already at destination on the other side where one can see it fall to the ground and remain there. In just the same way can also humans step through these time gates, or space ships fly through, and are therefore already at destination at the moment of crossing, even when this is trillions of light years away, or is located in another dimension, or in a neighbouring twin universe. In fact this technology is not yet fully developed, Billy adds, but they assured him from Ptaahs side, that this would be the case by the middle of 1997 at the latest. 


Universal-protective shield


For space travel in normal space, in the conventional way, there are naturally certain dangers that will need to be considered. And such dangers occur at below light speed as well as at above light speed, whereby these dangers can be many and varied, ranging from dust clouds to meteorites, to energy storms or many million degrees hot gas structures etc. These are naturally extremely unwanted and often lethal factors and effects, against which a one hundred per cent functioning protective device must be available which, on the one hand automatically detects and analyse the hazards, and on the other hand independently trigger and implement the necessary defence- and protective measures before damage can occur, what can have disastrous consequences for space flights, if one just consider that already a small dust particle can act like a bullet when it rushes through space and hits a space ship. In order to counteract such threatening dangers, are all space ships equipped with an energy protective shield or even with several shields when this is necessary for the relevant spacecraft. 


With the pleiadian-plejaran space crafts of all types and sizes it is an absolute rule without exception that they are equipped with an universal-protective shield, which without any potential of failure is able to independently fulfil all necessary protection and defence measures in the most excellent way, consequently leaving nothing to be desired in this respect. A universal-protective shield can be compared with an invisible energy cover which spherically envelops the entire spacecraft as a protective skin. When a space craft is accelerated to high speeds, this protective shield then changes in the flight direction in such a way that it stretches out several dozen kilometres, but at still higher speed it emits up to several hundred kilometres in front of the craft, depending on how large the spacecraft is.


The maximum expansion by smaller crafts amounts to ca. 100 times the length of the craft, which by a seven meter ship therefore amounts to 700 meters, while by the largest ships know to Billy, Ptah’s gigantic space ship, the distance of the protective shield expansion amounts to 3500 kilometres. The expansion shape of such a protective shield affects forward in a conical-shape, whereby a narrow long-stretched sharp cone is formed. Such a universal-protective shield normally simply directs every obstacle to the side and out of the flight path of the space ship, whereby it acts as a kind of a hard buffer which under certain circumstances could split a meteorite. In special cases is also the universal-protective shield able to destroy an obstacle, like for example a meteorite.


Left:  Shape of the universal protective shield surrounding a beam ship in flight.


In flight, the expansion shape of the universal protective shield affects forward in a conical-shape, whereby a narrow long-stretched sharp cone is formed. The length of the cone increases with the speed of the craft to an upper expansion limit of maximum 100 times the length of the craft, which for a 7 meter beam ship amounts to 700 meter.

Illustration:  Kåre Bergheim


1) A universal-protective screen therefore normally diverts away all obstacles already far in the field ahead of the space craft, whereby it does not matter of what form and type these are. It can therefore never come to a collision with interstellar matter, or with meteorites and comets, or with other spacecraft etc. Therefore, gases, energies, cosmic dust, space junk etc. does not constitute any problem at all, nor does the air resistance in any type of atmosphere.


Nor can frictional heat, when flying through an atmosphere happen, because the universal–protective screen also prevents that. The determining factor in all these processes is that no friction must occur, but merely everything is diverted, unless the regulating protective screen control system in certain cases deems it unnecessary, without causing friction. Hence, also no destruction or deterioration of materials and substances etc. takes place. Also, nor does a displacement take place, neither of gases nor of energies or air, but only diverting, for the very reason that even just a minimal and the slightest pushing away resp. displacing would cause resistance and lead to friction, whereby also the speed of a space ship, or other flying objects, would be considerably decimated through the resulting braking effect.



2) With the help of the divert-technology, the universal- protective screen, with the protection cone radiating out from the space ship, fulfils another extremely vital task, in that it neutralizes or diverts all foreign gravitational fields surrounding the flying object. Also these are not being displaced or destroyed, but merely diverted or neutralized. This makes it possible for the space ships to also move in the area directly above planets without being affected by their gravity, whereby also flight manoeuvres can be carried out which defy any gravitational forces.


And since all the space crafts of the Pleiadians/Plejarans, without exceptions, create their own gravitational forces and moreover neutralize the external gravitational forces, they can also fly with high speed without any pressure-problems, or start from a standstill position with an incredible speed. The self-created gravitational field in the space ship is always controllable in any form and can be precisely tuned to fit the need of each crew member, which by the Pleiadians/Plejarans is of particular importance because many of their federation allies require different gravitational strength.


In the same way, crew members of the space ship carry with them small gravity devices, and through these create their own small worlds, which allows them to also walk around on any foreign planet they might desire, same applies to all space ships, of all sizes and types, which generate small miniature worlds so to speak through this gravitational principle. It is therefore not surprising that as a result, any desired atmosphere of a desired planet can be flown through with a crazy acceleration, without any risk and without, for example having to fear that the aircraft could burn up and vaporize due to frictional heat, or be ripped apart by the gravitational forces of the planet.  


Through the artificial created gravitational field, in and around the space ship, is for example the inertia-resistance, which occurs by our earth type planes, completely eliminated and rendered inapplicable. As a consequence of this, can a space ship be accelerated at any desired force and alternation without any, not even the slightest, negative effects on the crew. In practical terms it means that for the occupants of the space ship, no acceleration pressure is felt, even if the acceleration taking place during the flight is tremendous and sudden. By a sudden acceleration the space travellers feel nothing at all; consequently they also suffer no pains, weight changes or any other types of discomfort.   


As opposed to high speed terrestrial planes as well as terrestrial rocket type space crafts which, because of the localized thrust effect, only accelerate individual body parts indirectly, the acceleration of the pleiadian-plejaran spacecraft affect all atoms of the space ship including its crew members. In short, the crewmembers of such a spacecraft feel in every respect really carefree, even by the highest accelerations and by the most impossible flight manoeuvres, consequently they also feel extremely comfortable, as if they were sitting anywhere on their home planet in an comfortable chair.


If the pleiadian-plejaran space travellers stay on foreign planets, on which the environmental conditions for them are unfamiliar or even dangerous, like for example a poisonous atmosphere , dangerous pressure conditions or unfamiliar gravitational conditions etc., then on the one hand they protect themselves, need be, with spacesuits, and on the other hand with small portable gravitational adjustment devices as well as with protective devices, which likewise offer optimum safety in the same way as this is ensured in the cockpit of a space ship.      


3) The universal-protective shield also provides a completely reliable protection against all form of radiation and energies, which inevitably appear in many variations, and which can not only  be absolutely dangerous for humans, but also for the spaceships and their highly sensitive equipment, apparatuses, machines and androids etc.


4) Every universal-protective screen also ultimately prevents the effects of the special theory of relativity to become realized, like for example the relativistic increase of mass and the time ­dilatation (time stretching upon approaching the speed of light) as well as many other dangers and effects, still completely unknown for people on Earth, which can appear when flying at speeds approaching or exceeding the speed of light.


Relating to what has been stated it is surely not wrong and not irrelevant, Billy adds, for him also to comment on some of the other protective devices of the Pleiadian-Plejaran space ships: As already explained, according to their will can a space ship belonging to the extra-terrestrials neither be located optically nor by radar or any other method, when the appropriate protective shields have been activated.


If for example a space ship, belonging to the Pleiadians/Plejarans, lands on Earth then normally two different protective shields are activated. The external protective shield, which is constructed 500 meters around the landed object, ensure that any uninvited life form, whether human or animal, gently and unnoticeably are misdirected resp. diverted away from the ship when a conscious or unconscious attempt is made to come close.  This protective shield acts like an invisible and impalpable barrier which unnoticeably leads away any approaching life form in a circle around. By this protective shield there is no forcing away taking place in which a pressure is generated which can be felt. 


The second and inner protective shield is of a quite different type than the external. This is located in a radius of 100 meters around the space ship and is considerably more effective than the first. Should for any reason, due to any occurrences, a life form, be it human or animal, succeed in penetrating the external protective shield then this will surely will not be possible at the inner shield, because this shield, which is also invisible like the external, possess the effect designed to serve as an impenetrable wall, which cannot be broken through even with the greatest force, although with the greatest excretion of force it can be slightly pushed inn. 


Even physical projectiles of any type fired on it, or any energy beams, like for example laser etc. ,  would either be diverted at the edge of the protective shield, or be thrown back again by a deep penetration of maximum 30 meter penetration depth. This inner shield can be reinforced by an additional shield whereby it can even withstand an attack with nuclear-, hydrogen- or neutron weapons.


In addition every  space ship, including those in use on planets, dispose over a protective shield which prevents penetration of negative oscillations, whereto the still relative low thought and consciousness vibrations of Earth humans belong. By contrast, positive vibrations are normally let through unblocked.


Closing remark


In the closing remark Billy writes that the space travel technology to the Pleiadians/Plejarans all in all is vastly superior to the existing technology people on Earth have created up until now (as of 1997), and it will remain that way for many thousands of years to come.  To some people on Earth this may indeed sound utopian and to some it may perhaps even provoke feelings of fear, anger or envy, but with all that cannot the fact of this truth be changed – and nobody needs to fear of the extra-terrestrials, at least not the Pleiadian/Plejaran, whom nobody needs to fear, unless our terrestrial scientists, governments and military instigates senseless things which draw the attention to our civilisation from evil minded extra-terrestrials.


Billy further adds that for the time being are still time travel, hyperspace jumps and simple space travel, which simply approaches the speed of light, by most Earth scientists viewed as nothing more than ludicrous, crazy assertions and a load of fantasies from some weirdos, like for example himself, for which they at best only have a pitying smirk to spare. None the less, that does not change the circumstances and the facts about that the Pleiadian/Plejaran extra-terrestrials master space technology to perfection, visit our Earth and maintain contact with him, as the only Earth human, whereby he exclusively in this respect only speak about the Pleiadians/Plejarans. He continues that it is up to each person to accept or reject this and thus take it into account or refuse to believe it. Regardless: Although the facts and the truth are today ignored and ridiculed, Billy continues, the future will prove the truth of his words, explanations and statements.  



Eyewitness accounts


In the summer of 2006 I travelled to Switzerland and stayed at Freihof, a guest house at Schmitrüti, only a few hundred meters from Semjase Silver Star Center. I spent 3 days there from July 5th  to the July 7th  2006 . This became the only trip I made there during the time I was a member of the group. My main aim was to meet some of the people there which I did. I met Billy Meier and also some of the witnesses below. These witness accounts are familiar to those of you who have studied the case.


Alfred Kropf, known as Freddy Kropf

On Thursday evening the 6th of July 2006  I had an hour long conversation in German with Freddy Kropf, a core group member, over a cup of coffee in the kitchen at Semjase Silver Star Center. This conversation reinforced my impression of him as being a credible witness. He is a well-known witness in the Billy Meier UFO case. Freddy lived at the Center when I was there, same place as Billy Meier, which also gave him the advantage that he was able to take photographs of the crafts when they came over.


Freddy took photographs of the objects at day time, at sunset and at night time. Some of them are printed in the coffee table sized Photo book. Furthermore, the photos and the circumstances surrounding them can also be found as statements in the Zeugenbuch (2001) (The witness book), where he has several entries, the first one in 1983, as well as in the German contact notes.


Freddy became member of the Core group in 1982. In the Zeugenbuch (2001) (The witness book) he has seven entries, the first being April 1983 followed by 20th October 1988, 25th October 1988, September 1991. 14 May 2000, 5 August 2001 and 26th of August 2001. On four of the occasions he took photographs of the objects. I found the series of photographs Freddy took on the 25th of October 1988 especially interesting


With reference to Zeugenbuch (2001) (The witness book) page 325 and 326 

Late in the evening of the 25th of October 1988 Freddy Kropf was walking outside of Semjase Silver Star Center at about 11.40 PM. Since it was a full moon and not a single cloud could be seen, he thought it was a good time to take some photos of the full moon, so he went and got his camera. But because he had no tripod, he instead pressed the camera on to the rear window of his car and aimed the lens towards the full moon. He was not able to look through the viewfinder eyepiece, but had to pay attention to the camera and hold it steady and firm with both hands so that he would not get a shaky picture. He then pressed the shutter-release button and took four photographs in the space of about 18 seconds. Since the camera had automatic exposure, it was automatically set to four seconds at aperture f/4. It was first after the images had been developed that he saw a bright luminous UFO was visible on all four photographs of the full moon, same as what happened with a   photograph he took five days earlier, on the 20th of October, when also an object showed up after the image was developed.  On one photo, the UFO was above the moon, on two of them just under the moon and on the fourth it was to the lower left of the moon. In terms of size, the full moon could be placed about five times within the object, which looks like a sun.




Freddy Kropf 


Left. Semjase Silver Star Center

Freddy lived at the Center when I was there in 2006, same place as Billy Meier, which also gave him the advantage that he was able to take photographs of the crafts when they came over.

Photo: Kåre Bergheim July 5 2006


Below: A Pleiadian/Plejaran space ship illuminating in the sky above Semjase Silver Star Centre, Schmitrüti Switzerland. This is one in a series of four images captured by Freddy Kropf as he was taking photographs of the full moon. The full moon can be seen above the craft.



Information from the German contact notes referring to Freddy’s photograph


The circumstances surrounding Freddy’s photos of the 25 October 1988 are discussed in a contact Billy had with the extra-terrestrial Ptaah. The discussion here is related to the circumstances around each of the photos to be printed in the Photo book.


Below is only the part of the contact where Freddy’s photos are being discussed. It goes as follows, my translation above the original in German.


With reference to : Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8 (2005) Contact 282 dated Thursday, 13. April 2000 at 23.10 Page 139 to 142:



Good.-Then I have something else that we should look through together and for which assessment is needed. It concerns the photo book which Piero has in progress and of which he has done a provisional printout for your inspection.



11. Then let us examine the work.

12. I however think that we must not discuss my or your comments officially, consequently these should not appear in the conversation report.



That’s clear. Let’s now start the work.



13. Then make continuous notes after I have delivered a comment, if this should be necessary.



I will do that. – Wait, I’m just going to get a pen and paper. - OK, we can now begin....



14... Something is missing here, which I would like to state officially.

15. The report from Freddy is missing in regard to his photographic recordings of the 20th and 25th of October, 1988.

16. Equally, the same applies for Eva concerning the 19th August 1989 when she took a photo of one of our controlling discs.



What Freddy at that time photographed, was it one of your beam ships?



17. Indeed

18. Just as it was one of our aircrafts, it was also one of our controlling discs.



And who at the time piloted the ship?



19. It was Gaudon who performed his control task.

Billy You mean on the 25th of October, 1988?



20. Yes.

21. Equally, the same applies to the 20th of October, 1988 when Freddy took photos of the sunset.



And how did it come about that he let himself be captured on the film by Freddy?



22. It was as such intended and arranged for by Gaudon that only a wedge-shaped channel to the camera stayed open.

23. Gaudon had my permission to do this.



That is indeed news. However what does Gaudon actually mean?



24. <The one who rides with enjoyment >

25. He was actually really glad about the fact that Freddy succeeded with the photographic recordings.



Freddy was of the opinion at the time, as I remember it, that the picture which he took on the 20th of October only was a light reflex in the lens.



That is not the case, because he has in fact photographed Gaudons aircraft.



And what was the case in regards to Eva on the 19.8.1989?



27. There were at that time four controlling discs in use around the Center, remotely controlled from Gaudons aircraft, who was in charge of this task.



And for which purpose was all of this? And why has he not so far come to visit me?



28. Gaudon was only on duty in the region of Earth up to the 16th of November 1989 and was given the order not to make any personal contact with you, but nevertheless make his presence noticed precisely the way through which the photographic recordings by Eva and Freddy has happened.



But for which purpose then if I may ask?



29. Indeed, because the why is not a secret:

30. It should indicate to you and the member of the group that we are willing to let us become visible every now and then, also to the members of the group, for on one hand give them joy and, on the other hand, to indicate to them that we are still constantly present.



The thanks of all group members for that to you in return is a certainty. Let’s however now continue with the Photo book.



German original


With reference to : Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8 (2005) Kontaktberichte. Zweihundertzweiundachtzigster Kontakt Donnerstag, 13. April 2000, 23.10 Uhr Seite 139 biz 142



Gut.- Dann habe ich hier noch etwas, das wir gemeinsam durchsehen sollten und dessen Beurteilung gefragt ist. Es handelt sich dabei um das Photobuch, das Piero in Arbeit hat und von dem er zu deiner Einsichtnahme einen provisorischen Ausdruck gemacht hat.



11. Dann lass uns das Werk begutachten.

12. Ich denke jedoch, dass wir meine oder deine Kommentare dazu nicht offiziell erörtern müssen, folglich diese nicht im Gesprächsbericht erscheinen sollen.



Klarer Fall. Machen wir uns also an die Arbeit.



13. Dann notiere fortlaufend, wenn ich einen Kommentar abzugeben habe, falls dies erforderlich sein sollte.



Werde ich tun. – Moment, ich nehme mir nur Papier und Kugelschreiber.- Ok, dann können wir jetzt beginnen....



14. ... Hier fehlt etwas, das ich offiziell genannt haben möchte.

15. Es fehlt der Bericht von Freddy bezüglich seiner photographischen Aufnahmen vom 20. Und 25. Oktober 1988.

16. Gleichermassen gilt das für Eva in bezug auf den 19. August 1989, als sie eine unserer Kontrollscheiben photographiert hat.



Was Freddy damals photographiert hat, war eines eurer Strahlschiffe ?



17. Gewiss

18. Es war ebenso eines unserer Fluggeräte wie auch die Kontrollscheibe.



Und – wer pilotierte denn damals das Schiff ?



19. Es war Gaudon, der seine Kontrollaufgaben wahrnahm.

Billy Du meinst am 25. Oktober 1988?



20. Ja.

21. Gleichermassen gilt dies für den 20. Oktober 1988, als Freddy Aufnahmen des Sonnenuntergangs machte.



Und wie kam es, dass er sich von Freddy auf den Film Bannen liess?



22. Es war so vorgesehen von Gaudon und derart arrangiert, dass nur ein keilförmiger Kanal zur Kamera offen blieb.

23. Gaudon hatte dazu meine Erlaubnis.



Das sind ja Neugkeiten. Was bedeutet aber eigentlich Gaudon?



24. <Der sich freuende Reiter>

25. Er hat sich auch tatsächlich darüber gefreut, dass Freddy die photographischen Aufnahmen gelungen sind.



Freddy meinte damals, wie ich mich erinnere, dass das Bild, das er am 20. Oktober aufgenommen habe, nur ein Lichtreflex im Objektiv gewesen sei.

Ptaah Das trifft nicht zu, denn er hat tatsächlich Gaudons Fluggerät photographiert.



Und wie war das bei Eva am 19.8.1989?



27. Es waren zu jenem Zeitpunkt vier Kontrollscheiben rund um das Center im Einsatz, ferngesteuert aus Gaudons Fluggerät, der für diese Aufgabe zuständig war.



Und zu welchem Zweck das Ganze? Und warum ist es bisher noch nie mich besuchen gekommen?



28. Gaudon war nur bis zum 16. Novermber 1989 im irdischen Raum im Einsatz und hatte die Order, keine persönlichen Kontakte mit dir aufzunehmen, wohl jedoch in der Form sich bemerkbar zu machen, wie das eben durch die photographischen Aufnahmen von Eva und Freddy geschehen ist.



Aber zu welchem Zweck denn, wenn ich fragen darf?



29. Gewiss, denn das Warum ist kein Geheimnis:

30. Es sollte dir und den Gruppenmitgliedern aufzeigen, dass wir gewillt sind, uns von Zeit zu Zeit auch Gruppenmitglidern sichtbar werden zu lassen, um ihnen einerseits eine Freude zu bereiten und andererseits um ihnen aufzuzeigen, dass wir noch ständig gegenwärtig sind.



Der Dank aller Gruppenmitglieder ist euch dafür gewiss. Machen wir jetzt aber weiter mit dem Photobuch.



A few comments:

According to the contact notes above, only a wedge or V-shaped channel remained open to the camera. Only through this channel was the craft visible. It explains why Freddy did not see the craft, but the camera did, as he was positioned outside of the channel. This lend support to Billy Meier’s information that the Pleiadian crafts can be totally invisible, by applying the shield all around, or open it up to become visible in a sector only. Moreover, Billy also stated above that In flight, the expansion shape of the universal protective shield affects forward in a conical-shape, whereby a narrow long-stretched sharp cone is formed. The length of the cone increases with the speed of the craft to an upper expansion limit of maximum 100 times the length of the craft, which for a 7 meter beam ship amounts to 700 meter. The same v-shaped channel also appears here, and one must assume it was formed in a similar way, by stretching it forward in a V-shape form ending at the camera lens. The walls of this channel would consist of some type of energy, acting as a skin blocking sound and light from getting out, which is why the definition energy shields is also being used in the contact notes.


Below:  Refer to Freddy Kropf’s photograph above.  A simple illustration of the V-shaped channel towards the camera. Only through this channel was the craft visible. Moreover, this channel has a similar shape to the expansion shape of the universal protective shield in flight, which also affects forward in a conical-shape and where also a narrow long-stretched sharp cone is formed.

Illustration: Kåre Bergheim



Eva Bieri


Eva Bieri writes in the Zeugenbuch (2001) that she met Billy Meier first time 2nd of September 1978.  She can also be seen on the DVD Contact (1982) the filmed investigation. I met her in the kitchen during work meal breaks and I spoke to her briefly in German.  In July 2006, when I was there, she was Billy Meiers wife, a core group member and the group’s secretary.


Eva Bieri has four entries in the Zeugenbuch (2001) (The witness book) - the 1st of June 1981, 6 Oct 1983 and 19 Aug 1989 and 7 March 1990 . On the 1st of June 1981 Billy Meier took her to Sädelegg where he went for contact with Quatzal, a Plejaran extraterrestrial. Eva then saw a strong light shining intensively in the forest, about 300 meter in the distance and shortly after, when Billy started walking towards it, she also heard the buzzing, the high pitched sound from the craft as it opened up its shield. She is also the only one to have taken photos of the Pleidian/Plejaran telemeter discs which she did on the 19th of August 1989


With reference to Zeugenbuch (2001) page 328 and 329 


Telemeter discs


Eva Bieri wrote that on the 19th of August 1989 Freddy Kropf was busy finishing the floor to what was to become a wagon shed behind the house. Towards the evening, as she knew he was there, she walked to the corner of the house, with her camera in her hand in order to take a picture of Freddy when he was working. Bernadette Brand was already there, busy doing the same thing. Aroona Wächter and Yolanda Bolzern played together in the immediate vicinity. Billy stood in the dark shed entrance. So she pulled out her camera at 17.50 hours and simply snapped what was in front of her lens. She just took one photo and then continued on her path. She was all the more surprised when the photo was developed. What a bright thing was there, on the picture, to the right of the open car shed door?, she thought. She then showed the photo to Billy who was very pleased that she unintentionally had been able to photograph something he for a long time had tried to do but nevertheless not succeeded with. Without noticing she had photographed a 28 centimetre large telemeter disc. This type telemeter disc lit up brightly like a small sun for ca. one to two seconds when it starts film-type recording. None of those present there saw the small object illuminating like a flash, but instead a short flash from the corners of their eyes which could not come from the setting sun since it was hidden behind the thick leafy trees.


On the photo, below the telemeter disc one can see the glow of a wire on the ground, as well as the reflection in the gutter and on the ground in the background, caused by the bright light and the energy of the telemeter disc. On the photo in the background, somewhat covered by the rooftop below the gutter, a second similar type object can be seen.

Additional witnesses: Bernadette Brand, <Billy> Eduard A. Meier, Yolanda Bolzern, Aroona Wächter and Freddy Kropf. 





Eva Bieri


Left: This is the part of photo where the telemeter discs can be seen taken by Eva Bieri. On the full photo Aroona Wächter and Yolanda Bolzern can be seen playing together to the left, Freddy Kropf can be seen working in the middle to the left and to the right Bernadette Brand stands with a camera in her hand. The telemeter discs photographed by Eva Bieri lit up brightly, like a small sun, for ca. 1- 2 seconds when they started recording. The persons photographed only observed a short flash out of the corner of their eyes. The wire on the ground, behind the barrel, and the gutter as well as the nail heads in the barn door glowed through the energy and the light from the telemeter discs. The second telemeter disc is visible below the gutter, somewhat hidden by the rooftop. (Part of photo taken by Eva Bieri on the 19th of August 1989)


Left: The 28 centimetre telemeter disc above enlarged. It lit up brightly, like a small sun, for ca. one to two seconds when it starts recording.


Left: On the photo above a wire can be seen glowing on the ground, behind the barrel, caused by the bright light and energy from the telemeter disc.


The information in the Contact notes with regard to Eva’s photo of the telemeter discs 


Can be found in the German contact notes, contact 282 , same contact in which the information related to Freddy Kropf’s photographs on the 25th of October 1988 can also be found and already translated as above and where it says that in regards to Eva’s photograph on the 19.8.1989 there were at that time four controlling discs in use around the Center, remotely controlled from a Pleiadian/Plejaran space ship piloted by a man named Gaudon, who was in charge of this task. Gaudon was only on duty in the region of Earth up to the 16th of November 1989 and was given the order not to make any personal contact with Billy, but nevertheless make his presence noticed precisely the way through which the photographic recordings by Eva and Freddy has happened.


The purpose of this was to indicate to Billy and the member of the group that they are willing to let themselves become visible every now and then for on one hand to give them joy and, on the other hand, to indicate to them that they were still constantly present.

So the four telemeter discs, of which Eva photographed two, were controlled by the same extra-terrestrial craft which Freddy Kropf took picture of on the 25 Oct 1988 as above. And what is so far explained is why Gaudon, the pilot of the craft decided to make the craft and the telemeter discs visible so they could be photographed. But what task the telemeter discs are there for comes up as the dialogue in contact 282 continues, as follows (My translation):


With reference to : Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8 (2005) Contact 282 dated Thursday, 13. April 2000 at 23.10 Page 142 (part - continuation of contact)



31. There is still something else which I officially have to say about that:

32. In my opinion it would be appropriate that the witness reports, which can be confirmed with photographs, also include portraits of the picture originator and the concerning witnesses.

33. But now we should again devote ourselves to the photo book.


Billy Clear…

…Then that’s also it. But now, I have one more question with regard to the control discs which on the 19th of August circled around the centre. What was the reason for that, if one may get to know?



34. Also that is no secret.

35. Everything of what was going on all around the centre as well as in its buildings, were in fact visually and acoustically recorded by the devices.


Billy Ah – Why was that done?



36. Also that is no secret.

37. The recordings served demonstration and information purposes for all our federation members.


Billy Then I am gobsmacked.  With all federation members, do you actually mean all humanities or only the spiritual guides? Indeed, the latter would not be logical because you speak of all federation members.



38. You understand it perfectly correct:

39. The meaning of my words refers to all federation members.


Billy Then I am really calmed down when only just 120 billion people of foreign solar systems and planets now know what is going on in the Center, how the group members here behave,  what they do and what they are working with, and which interests etc. they have. How many hours have the controlling discs or telemeter discs, as we call them, been recording and registering everything?



40. The whole process lasted from 18.00 hours on the evening of the 3rd of August 1989 until the 3rd of September, 1989: the last recordings were completed at midnight that day.


Billy And none of us have heard, seen or in any way noticed anything, until Eva caught our attention with her photo and thereby made it clear to us that you are present. We have at least suspected that you have let the telemeter discs fly around of which Eva was able to photograph two.



41. Now you have certainty.



German original

Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8 (2005) Kontaktberichte. Zweihundertzweiundachtzigster Kontakt Donnerstag, 13. April 2000, 23.10 Uhr Seite 142 (Teil zitat -fortsetzung der Gespräche Kontakt 282)



31. Es ergibt sich noch etwas, das ich offiziell dazu zu sagen habe:

32. Meines Erachtens dürfte es angebracht sein, dass zu den Zeugenberichten, die mit Bildern bekräftigt  werden können, auch die Konterfeis der Bildurheber und der betreffenden Zeugen gehören.

33. Jetzt aber sollten wir uns wieder dem Photobuch widmen.


Billy Klar…

…Dann hätten wir auch das. Jetzt habe ich aber noch eine Frage bezüglich der kontrollscheiben, die am 19. August 1989 um das Center kurvten. Was war der Grund dafür, wenn man den erfahren darf?



34. Auch das ist kein Geheimnis.

35. Tatsächlich wurde von den Geräten alles bildlich und akustisch festgehalten, was sich rund um das Center und auch in dessen Gebäulichkeiten tat.


Billy Ah – warum denn das?



36. Auch das ist kein Geheimnis.

37. Das Festgehaltene diente zu Vorführ- und informationszwecken für alle unsere Föderationsangehörigen .


Billy Da bin ich platt. Mit allen Föderationsangehörigen, meinst du da tatsächlich alle Menschheiten oder nur die Geistführer? Letzteres wäre zwar nicht logisch, weil du ja von allen Föderationsangehörigen sprichst.



38. Du verstehst es schon richtig:

39. Der sinn meiner Worte bezieht sich auf alle Föderationsangehörigen.


Billy Dann bin ich ja beruhigt, wenn nur gerademal 120 Milliarden Menschen fremder Sonnensysteme und Planeten nun wissen, was im Center los ist, wie sich hier die Gruppemitglieder benehmen, was sie tun und arbeiten und welche Interessen usw. sie haben. Wie viele Stunden haben die Kontrollscheiben oder eben Telemeterscheiben, wie wir sie nennen, alles registriert und aufgezeichnet?



40. Der ganze Prozess dauerte vom Abend des 3. August 1989, ab 18 Uhr bis zum 3. September 1989: die letzten Aufzeichnungen wurden um Mitternacht dieses Tages beendet.


Billy  Und Niemand von uns hat etwas gehört, gesehen oder sonstwie bemerkt davon, bis Eva mit ihrem Photo unsere Aufmerksamkeit erweckte und uns dadurch klar machte, dass ihr gegenwärtig seid. Zumindest haben wir vermutet, dass ihr die Telemeterscheiben habt umherschwirren lassen, von denen Eva zwei photographieren konnte.



41. Nun habt ihr Gewissheit.



A few comments:


The first question here is why do the extra-terrestrials use telemeter discs in the first place when their space ships are equipped with advanced surveillance technology? I think it’s due to practical reasons. For instance an image can be taken from high up in the air with high resolution, but can be distorted if the air space in-between is not clear, for example if there is any kind of pollution fog, rain snow etc. A telemeter disc can be steered as close up to the person or object to be imaged as is necessary. This also has advantages when recording in audio format, like a conversations between persons. Being near the persons holding the conversation ensures high recording quality.


Manoeuvring flexibility is another advantage in that a telemeter disc can fly 360 degrees with ease around the object to be imaged. In this case four telemeter discs were deployed which give another advantage in that images can be recorded from different angles simultaneously, which Eva’s photo also indicate since both discs lit up at exactly the same time, indicating both were synchronized to start recording simultaneously. It is to assume that the two other of the four discs were not far away which would make it possible to record a person or an object from all sides simultaneously. An advantage when it comes to 3D or holographic recording.


Moreover, according to the contact notes, the Pleiadian/Plejaran also have technology which allow them to record and register impulses of feelings, emotions and unspoken thoughts from a person. Since a telemeter disc can to move close up to any person they wish to study, it would also be well suited for this task since this would ensure best possible reception of fine vibrations and oscillations that a person sends out.


It also appears to be a special type of energy surrounding the telemeter discs which makes metal wires, etc close in the vicinity glow. This was also reported by Hans Georg Lanzendorfer, another core group member, when the force field of a larger, 3 meter telemeter disc, which was following him in 2001, briefly bumped into his car whereby he saw the metal contours of his car literally surrounded by light. He for instance clearly saw how the contours of his side mirror lit up in a bright light.


The contact notes mentions that the recordings served demonstration and information purposes for all their federation members, but do not go into further details how this practically is carried out as these planets are light years apart. There could be several ways this could be done. For example one way would be to bring the recordings in a physical recorded format onboard a space ship from one planet to another. But a more efficient, and perhaps more likely way, would be by faster than light communication.


Their form of communication is revealed in contact 306 in 2001 between Billy and Ptaah Billy is then told that for communications they use a principle called negative velocity. In short what it means is that the signal is already at the receiving destination at the same moment it is initiated at the point of transmission For energy carrier to transport the communication information they use an particle they call sub-Neutrinos. It can not be seen with the human eye and special equipment is needed to detect it. The speed of sub-Neutrinos is many billions of times the speed of light wherefore the transmission is instantly to anywhere in the universe. It penetrates everything. Nothing stops it be it matter or antimatter. With their advanced technology they have been able to add communication information to the sub-Neutrinos. Only with highly advanced equipment, which includes special sensors etc, can the transmission, reception and decoding process of the communication information be done. When this information was conveyed to Meier in 2001 he was told back then that we had discovered the Neutrinos but not the Sub-Neutrinos they are talking about here. 



Hans Georg Lanzendorfer


When I was there in 2006, Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer was a core group member and also the Swiss media representative, representing the group and Billy Meier to the media. He entered the Core group in 1986. I did not meet him but I regularly followed his website which he had up at the time and which he frequently updated as he often met up with Billy and he also placed articles there, some which he wrote for the internal magazine called “Stimme der Wassermannzeit”. In 2006 he published his second book called Lehre und Künder der Wahrheit (The Teaching and the Announcer of Truth). It is a 522 page book which has the foreword written by the extra-terrestrials from planet Erra.


Hans Georg Lanzendorfer also had an encounter with a telemeter disc, but one which was larger in size than the two Eva photographed.




Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer


Left: The guesthouse Freihof at Schmidrüti. This is the road Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer was driving when a large telemeter disc followed his car.

Photo Kåre Bergheim 5 July 2006


Left: Top of the hill, a few minutes above Schmidrüti, on the road going to Dussnang.

Photo Kåre Bergheim 5 July 2006


With reference to Zeugenbuch (2001) page 427 to 430


An encounter of a special (disc-) kind.


Hans Georg Lanzendorfer writes that it was early Sunday morning of the 4th of February 2001 that he yet again had an encounter of the very “special” kind. The members of the Core group of 49 sat this week end together for the monthly general meeting which as usual starts on the Saturday evening and normally lasts well into the night. After the meeting ended, he made his way home in his vehicle.


So very early on Sunday morning, towards 00.40 hours on the 4th of February 2001, he left Semjase-Silver-Star-Center together with the other core group members. He drove on the road along Schmidrüti and turned left in front of the guest house <Freihof>,  in order to get down to the freeway at Dussnang, driving via Sitzberg and Schurten. But already as he passed the guest house  <Freihof>  he noticed that his vehicle of ten years, which he had grown accustomed to always being absolutely reliable, simply did not produce its full power output. The engine stuttered and almost threatened to stop completely. For this reason he was overtaken by both the vehicles behind, driven by Wolfgang and Philia Stauber and by Christian Krukowski and Karin Wallén.


Only with great difficulty did he nonetheless manage to drive up the hill. A he arrived on top of the hill the vehicle nevertheless still stuttered and rattled, this even though he already a had travelled a certain distance and the motor in the meantime should have been warm enough for normal operation. In his thoughts he already saw himself calling TCS (Touring Club Schweiz) with the mobile phone requesting roadside assistance – and this in the middle of the night.


Shortly after the turn of to Sädelegg-Allenwinden the road leads left towards Dussnang passing by grassland to the left and forest to the right. Both the vehicles in front of him had reduced their speed due to the poor road conditions. They had however gained a considerable distance to him and were located just before a sharp left curve. However, their backlights were still well visible to him. 


It was a dark night and the sky was clouded. Only his low beam head lights projected a few meters wide light cone on to the road. As he reached the hill of the forest edge, situated on his right hand side of the vehicle, which still was moving jerky and uneven, it suddenly became captured in a bright illuminating clear orange-coloured light flash. All the armatures became blazingly lit up as if somebody directly beside him had triggered camera flash.  It was however nowhere around, any type of light source to be seen in the form of a point, like for example a <radar flash> belonging to the police.


To his astonishment however, did the contours of his car literally become surrounded by light so he even could see the spraying nozzles of the windscreen wiper system, even the wiper blades, as well as the contours of the side mirror clearly and distinctly as bright light.  For a brief moment it appeared as if the clear orange coloured light in the form of microscopically small light were swirling along the contours, bulges, corners and edges of his vehicle just as if the car was under high voltage. The whole event however lasted about as long as a flash of a thunderstorm whizzes across the sky. The light was however of such a brightness and clarity that for a fraction of a second he was blinded. In the course of this was the image of the illuminated contours and armatures created like burned on to his retina as if he had looked at a bright lamp and immediately closed his eyes. 


Strangely enough he writes, he immediately got the impulse in his head that what just happened had to do with an encounter with a telemeter disc. The impulse was so clear and precise that he joked about how just a millimetre large object probably had been running flat out. Namely, years before Eva Bieri in Semjase-Silver-Star-Center photographed a person at work behind the house. At the very moment she pressed the shutter release button, the telemeter disc was activated, accompanied by an orange coloured light flash. In this way had a brightly illuminating orange coloured object been captured on the photo. Afterwards it was explained that the telemeter disc by an activation or deactivation light up briefly and radiate an orange coloured light. He therefore assumed that he probably had just witnessed one of those moments. The photo by Eva took place during the day. His event took place in the pitch-dark night. So he thought that the light of the telemeter disc had probably become visible in a much brighter flash. 


Without stopping he continued somewhat perplexed remaining in deep thoughts. Shortly before Dussnang, to his surprise, he noticed that the stuttering and the dropout of the engine had already disappeared and it was again whirring perfectly. Since the members already met on Sunday at midday he was naturally curious if any of the cars in front of him were affected by any unusual phenomenon. To that Karin Wallén told him that shortly after the place he described, she had detected a short flash behind her. She was however of the opinion that he probably had blinked with the headlight flasher, with the intention of overtaking her and Christian as well as the others.


This night-time experience gave him no rest. Even though he indeed considered this kind of events as exiting and interesting he did not fall into an exuberant euphoria over it. But he nevertheless still wanted to have clarity over this impressive event, if he simply had expired some kind of hallucination or other type of illusion, or if in fact some type of extraordinary physical phenomenon had taken place.


So he told the story to Billy on Sunday morning. He laughed and explained to him that he knew this phenomenon very well from his own experience. With high degree of certainty it dealt with a touching of the visibility-protective screen of a larger Pleiadian object – probably a manned craft or an unmanned telemeter disc.  It was known to him that Florena still stayed in the region, which he already had been told the night before as he was visited by Ptaah. He would use this fact in order to find out more details about the incident. 


Already on Sunday evening, the 4th of February, a conversation took place between Billy and Florena where it turned out that he in fact had gotten into the protective shield of a telemeter disc with his vehicle, measuring three meters. It had been monitoring Semjase-Silver-Star-Center and for certain reasons, which should not be officially mentioned, it followed him when he left from Hinterschmidrüti after the meeting. In doing so it must have come too close to him resulting in that the energy shield came in contact with his car and its impact produced the abovementioned light phenomenon.


The presence and the radiation of the telemeter disc, According to Florena’s and Billy’s information, could also be the reason for the engine problems of his vehicle which naturally went away when the disc went away. Thus in this unusual way, to his surprise, he got the <pleasure> of an encounter of the very <special> kind, he writes and continues that perhaps it was a nice intention to give him a small pleasure – and perhaps are also the Plejarans not immune to <minor mishaps>.



Atlantis Sokrates Meier


When I was there in 2006, Atlantis Sokrates Meier was a member of the core group, which he had been member of since 2002. On the presentation DVD called Die Mitglieder der Kerngruppe der 49 stellen sich vor (The members of the core group presents themselves) recorded same year, in 2006, he can be seen working in the printery of the Center. I did not meet him when I was there, but I met his sister Gilgamesha Meier who handled my purchase of publications. Atlantis has a brother named Methusalem Meier who spoke at the IUFOC conference in Laughlin in 1999 under the segment titled “The reopening of the Meier Case” where he also spoke in favour of the case and told about his own extra-terrestrial experiences. What is worth noticing here is that all three of Meiers children sided with the father after he got divorced from his first wife, Kalliope, in the mid 90’s.  And all three of them contributed their own time and effort in helping him with his mission. Which to me indicate they not only realized their father was speaking the truth, but more importantly they all had their own very credible extra-terrestrial experiences to rely on when forming their own judgement about the case, such as the event entered into the witness book below, experienced by Atantis Sokrates Meier 


Recording of beamship-sound  (Aufnahme vom Strahlschiff-Sirren)


16. April 1976


Reference Zeugenbuch (2001) page 68 to 70

Atlantis Sokrates Meier state in the witness book that he was six years old in 1976  and the Good Friday on the 16th of April 1976 was to become a very special day for him, which he remember very well to this day he writes. Weatherwise the sky was lightly overcast but no rain. This is something he remembers very precise because the rather dismal weather conditions were associated to a very special memory of an experience which greatly impressed him. Witnesses of the experience were also his sister Gilgamesha and his brother Metusalem as wells as his mother, Hans Schutzbach and Amalie (Amata) Stetter.


This event is about an experience where also the cantonal police appeared to inquire about what was occurring – The circumstances were as follows: While living in Wihaldenstrasse 10, in 8340 Hinwil, his father <Billy> Eduard A.Meier told his mother as well as Hans Schutzbach and Amata Stetter that he would proceed to an area called Frecht, outside of Hinwil, with a tape recorder, because he was  going to make recordings of the buzzing-sound of Semjase’s beam ship there, as he had just been informed telepathically by the beam ship pilot.


He therefore prepared his tape recorder whereby Atlantis saw how he ripped open the packaging of a new audio cassette and inserted the tape into the recorder which Hans Schutzbach took and asked if all of them could come along to the recording location. On the answer in the affirmative from his father, he and the two other children, his mother and Amanda Stetter stepped into Hans Schutzbach’s car in which they drove behind their father, who travelled in front with his moped.


When they arrived in the Frecht area, about two kilometre outside of Hinwil, they got out of the car and walked together with his father about 150 meter into the somewhat swampy area where they were instructed to wait whilst his father received the tape recorder from Hans Shutzbach and walked towards a pile of wood about 50 to 60 meters away, which towered about one meter above the ground. Atlantis then saw, as did the others, that he placed the recorder on a thick pole and pressed a button.


For three or four minutes nothing happened, which is why Atlantis run after him and asked why he had placed the tape recorder on the massive pole. He explained to him that he wanted to record the buzzing sound from Semjases’s beam ship this way. Atlantis at the time did not yet understand his words as he did not know what he was to understand from the word <buzzing> sound. But his explanation satisfied him wherefore he went back to mother, his sister and brother, Hans Schutzbach and Amata Stetter.


Then it happened: With a deafening volume, from high above his father sounded a powerful sound – the buzzing sound from the beam ship, as it had been previously announced. Immediately after the sound started resonating painfully in his ears, from a farm about 200 meters away sounded a painful and very loud howling of a dog, which shortly after changed into a tormented barking, just like when an animal is scared to death. That, he was able to in particular remember because the dog not only barked, but it howled and yelped real depressingly. He therefore somehow felt a painful fear inside which is why he turned to his mother and said that hopefully the dog would not break loose, run over to where they were and attack them. 


The whole thing lasted about 15 to 20 minutes even though everything appeared to him to last longer. Shortly before the tape recording ended, a police car appeared on the meadow road from which two canton policemen climbed out and came over to them with fast steps in order to examine the cause of the buzzing noise. They shouted harshly at them what was going on there, what type of sound the buzzing was etc.


Almost simultaneously swooped two jet fighter planes, belonging to the Swiss air force, from under the clouds, for repeatedly to fly crisscross over the area, quite obviously to inspect the area and to determine if there was anything contemptuous they could catch sight of or photograph. But then

the tremendous buzzing noise also fell silent, as abruptly as it started. He was still able to remember with that how the sudden silence ached in his head, as obviously was the case with the others, in any case Hans Schutzback slapped his flat hands on to his ears, as did his mother.


After a short sparring match with Hans Schutzbach and his mother the two police men left again. After that the jet planes also disappeared. His father then came with the tape recorder in his hand which he gave to Hans Schutzbach and went to his moped, while he and the others again went to the car and drove behind their father home. As Atlantis learned years later, this incident – the appearance of both the police men as well as the jet planes chasing aground and the loud noise of the buzzing – was denied by the respective authorities in charge. 


A comment:


The fact that the Swiss air force also in this instance scrambled jet fighters to the area where the demonstration took place indicates that each time the space ship open up its shield, to become visible or auditable, it also get picked up on radar. The same thing happened on the 14th of April 1976 when a Mirage jet fighter chased around Semjases’s beam ship as she was performing a demonstration flight for Meier, at which time the shield making it invisible obviously was deactivated for photographic purposes.


Atlantis Sokrates Meier



Left: Billy Meier re-enact how he recorded the sound from the beam ship in front of Wendelle Stevens, the chief investigator of the case. Source CONTACT (1982) 


Left: Electronics consultant Nils Rognerud and Sound engineer Steve Ambrose, tested the sound Meier recorded. One of their findings:  “We have a steady pattern all throughout all of this random signal. It seems to be a level change very steadily in around 5 to 10 cycles per second which happens to be in the area of the natural magnetic resonance of Earth also called the Schumann resonance”Source  


Left: Robert Shellman also undertook a sound analysis where he charted the sound Billy Meier recorded using a spectrum analyser, where each of these peaks is a discrete frequency.  He found the sound to be highly unusual. He did not really see any application for it, with the exception of generating a magnetic wave of some sort, or laboratory purposes, or maybe in this case propulsion. Source


Energy combustion


There are several well-known demonstrations of the phenomenon known as energy combustion. The first was witnessed by Jakobus Bertschinger on the 14th of March 1976. The second demonstration was witnessed by Hans Schutzbach on the 29 March 1976 and a third demonstration was withnessed by Guido Moosbrugger and several other witnesses on the 12th of June 1976. He also took photos of the event.


Energy combustion is defined in the contact notes by the extraterrestrial Quetzal in contact 48 held 14 March 1976. Electrical energy elimination is undertaken by first bringing about an energy concentration by drawing electricity inn from the atmosphere. The accumulated energy is then totally eliminated through a combustion process. It should not be done below an altitude of 2500 meters since the burning energy falling to earth is very hot.




Left Photo 171 taken by Eduard Albert Meier at Hasenböl-Langenberg in Fischenthal on the 29th of March 1976. Semjase is here doing a demonstration flight with a beam ship of a new type.



Jakobus Bertschinger


Night time demonstration

Reference Zeugenbuch (2001) page 45 to 51


Jackobus Bertschinger writes that he and Eduard Meier (Billy), in the night from the 13th to the 14th of March 1976 stayed in the sitting room of Eduard Meier (Billy ) in CH-8349 Hinwil/ZH, Wilhaldenstrasse 10. It was just 20.00 hours, as E.Meier said that they should be prepared around midnight as he had just received a telepathic call from the beam ship pilot Semjase, who originate from the Pleiades (The Seven Sisters 500 light years from Earth) that they would meet somewhere at midnight or shortly after. Until then they still had about two hours’ time wherefore they watched another western movie.


It was at 23.50 hours that he and his friend arrived in his Volkswagen Beetle close to the contact location which was located in the Zurich Oberland region, more precisely above Bäretswil close to the childrens home <Sunnemätteli>. At the behest of his friend he stopped the car. He stepped out and told him he should wait at this place, something which was normal, since he was not permitted to take another persons along to the actual contact with the extra-terrestrials.  He left him there, walking away in north-east direction, where in about 200 meters distance he was able to recognize the shadow contour of a forest-covered hill-range.


The night was still quite cold, something which did not make the waiting exactly pleasant, since he stood in the open observing the closer and farther away surroundings. Time did not stand still and it became 00.40 hours: then he suddenly saw, in northerly direction, appearing like out of nowhere, a dark yellow coloured light which was stationary above the fir tree tops. His first thought was that it might be a house in which the light simply had been switched on. This however suddenly appeared somewhat strange to him because above the fir tree tops, and at that in the middle of the forest, there could however not be any houses located. This prompted him to watch the light more closely.  It was still just stationary and unmoveable, but then it started to move imperceptibly slowly and roamed away above the fir tree tops. It then started moving faster and faster and rose higher.


Seen from his viewing position and according to his estimate he observed it until it had risen to a height of about 200 to 300 meter whereby the light slowly changed from a dark yellow colour into a deep dark red. As it arrived at the aforementioned height, it stood still for a few moments, but after that it immediately continued moving with a precise course towards him. That happened with a sudden enormous speed whereby as it approached it became visibly larger and while doing so it again changed its colour, this time to a milky white. Then the light-ball again suddenly stood still, while he was awaiting the things to come, which now likely was bound to happen. In the course of this, Jakobus here adds, it should also be mentioned that the light-object during its flight was constantly rising and it was now located at a height of about 2000 to 3000 meter.


Underneath the light-ball now suddenly started a shower of sparks falling down – like by a gigantic firework -, probably 150 to 200 meter long. This phenomenon was connected to an extremely high noise, exactly as if two uninsulated electrical power cables were touching each other for a longer period of time. Connected to this a clear bang could also be heard. After that everything started to develop in reverse, in the same way it had just started. The light-ball again moved away, rose higher and soared quietly northwest from there, for soon thereafter to immerse into the high hanging clouds and disappear.


Jakobus assures that was amazed over the events he had experienced. Because of the prevailing cold he sat down in his car after his experience and thought that his friend soon would now appear; but in vain, as twenty minutes later he was still not back which is why he began to think that something might not be right. His concern in this respect was directed at the Giza- intelligences that they could be involved, which exactly would not be any advantage even though they always were armed when they travelled to the contact location as this had been recommended to them by Semjase. 


Worried he therefore again stepped out of his car after twenty minutes and looked and listened into the night, but there was nothing to be seen or heard. Having become unsettled, he therefore again stared across the forested hill from which less than 30 minutes before the light-ball had risen, and there in fact, once again a light-ball rose upwards, just that this time he could clearly see that the light, far away above the hill chain, came up from between the trees, stood still like searchingly above the fir tree tops and then it turned flying away eastwards. As a red light-ball he was able to follow it until it vanished out of sight, high above in the clouds and already far in the east.


In the hope that his fears in regards to the Giza-Intelligences were not justified he again sat down in his car and waited. After about 10 minutes he then suddenly saw a yellow-white small light on the road in about 200 meters distance which moved back and forth in a half circle; that certainly had to be his friend which gave him a sign with his torch. As a result he started his car and drove towards the light; and he immediately recognized his friend who walked along the road in the darkness. Together they drove back home and they told each other what they had to report.


To his reassurance he told him he needed not to worry in respect to the balls of light which were two beam ships because Semjase arrived that night accompanied by Quetzal, the station master. He made the effort to give him a small joy with a small demonstration namely by an energy combustion (electrical), this as thanks for that he drove his friend in his car to the contact location. He had to tell his friend (Billy) of what had happened in all details because he had not noticed any of it because when Quetzal presented the spectacle to him, he was still together with Semjase in her craft, in a forest clearing, and could therefore not see anything.


Jakobus goes on to declare that the information he has provided correspond to the truth and that he has not succumbed to any type of hallucinations or dreams. There is furthermore, on page 49 in Zeugenbuch (2001), a photocopy of his typewritten statement which he has signed and dated Pfäffikon, 20.April 1976.




Jakobus Bertschinger


Below is part of the conversation from the contact notes between Billy, Semjase and Quetzal relating to the energy combustion:


Ref. Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 2 (2003) page 102-103  48th contact Sunday, 14. March 1976 , 00.04 h (excerpt) My translation above the German original


Billy: I am glad that you visit me in twos. Do you have something special?


Semjase: Certainly, Quetzal has something to discuss with you.


Quetzal: It is of importance that you remain silent about these matters.


Billy: If that is what your wish, then that’s all right. But you have really rushed me up the mountain. 


Quetzal: It is a good place here. Semjase will in the future localize the landing place each time. Everything has become very unsafe because different elements are interested in our matters in a negative way as you already have noticed for yourself.


Billy: Unfortunately, besides I also had to be brought here by a car today, because yesterday the gas cable was torn in my vehicle. My colleague has brought me here and now he is waiting all alone about two kilometres from here.


Quetzal: That is very kind of him, he is rather helpful. Recommend my thanks to him. He should not have done the trouble for nothing. When I depart, I will express my gratitude to him in the way that he can see my ship. Apart from that I will give him a small demonstration in the way that I will undertake an electrical energy elimination which he can observe very well. It involves that I bring about an energy concentration by drawing electricity inn from the atmosphere which I then eliminate through a combustion process. He must however be a bit patient because I should not do it below a height of 2500 meters since the burning energy falling to earth is very hot. I will rise very slowly so that he can observe everything closely. 


Semjase: He should also be able to see my ship when I fly away.


First published in the first edition of the Semjase-contact notes 1976



German Original


Ref. Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 2 (2003) seite 102-103  Achtundvierzigster Kontakt Sonntag, 14. März 1976 , 00.04 h


48. Kontakt (Auszug)

Sonntag, 14. März 1976, 00.04 h


Billy: Ich freue mich, dass ihr mich zu zweit besucht. Habt ihr etwas Besonderes?


Semjase: Sicher, Quetzal hat einiges mit dir zu besprechen.


Quetzal: Es ist von Wichtigkeit, das du über diese Belange schweigst.


Billy: Wenn ihr das wünscht, geht es klar. Ihr habt mich aber ganz schön den Berg hinaufgehetzt.


Quetzal: Es ist ein guter Ort hier. Künftighin wird Semjase den Landeort von Mal zu Mal lokalisieren. Es ist alles sehr unsicher geworden, weil sich verschiedene Elemente in negativer Form um unsere Belange interessieren, wie du selbst bereits feststellen konntest.


Billy: Leider, ausserdem musste ich heute auch mit einem Auto hierher gebracht werden, denn gestern ist an meinem Vehikel das Gaskabel gerissen. Mein Kollege hat mich hergebracht, und jetzt wartet er mutterseelenallein auf weiter Flur etwa zwei Kilometer von hier.


Quetzal: Das ist sehr freundlich von ihm, er ist recht hilfsbereit. Empfehle ihm meinem Dank. Er soll sich die Mühe nicht umsonst gemacht haben. Wenn ich weggehe, werde ich ihm meinem Dank erweisen dadurch, dass er mein Schiff sehen kann. Ausserdem werde ich ihm eine kleine demonstration gegeben dadurch, dass ich eine elektrische Energie-Eliminierung vornehme, die er sehr gut beobachten kann. Es handelt sich dabei darum, dass ich eine Energieballung zustande bringe mit aus der Atmosphäre anzusaugender Elektrizität, die ich dann durch einen Verbrennungsprozess eliminiere. Er muss sich allerdings etwas gedulden, denn unter einer Höhe von 2500 Metern darf ich dies nicht tun, weil die verbrennende Energie zur Erde fällt und sehr heiss ist. Damit er alles genau beobachten kann, werde ich sehr langsam hochsteigen.


Semjase: Er soll auch mein Schiff sehen dürfen wenn ich wegfliege.


Erstveröffentlichung in der Erstausgabe der Semjase-Blocks von 1976.



Below : A simple illustration the flight path of the craft, illuminating in the dark like a ball of light, as witnessed by Jakobus Bertschinger on the 14th of March 1976. He estimated it had climbed to a height of between 2000 and 3000 meters when the energy combustion started. Underneath it started a shower of sparks falling down – like by a gigantic firework -, probably 150 to 200 meter long. Illustration Kåre Bergheim



Below: Photo of energy combustion performed by a Pleiadian/Plejaran space craft near Hinwil Switzerland taken by Guido Moosbrugger on the 12th of June 1976. Guido writes that quite high above the horizon appeared a silvery disc which was dropping a glittering drizzle vertical downwards. In his statement He explicitly emphasised that the so called energy combustion was indeed created out from the space ship, but was in no way identical with the same shape.  



Guido Moosbrugger


Guido Moosbrugger was working as school principal, at a school in Austria, when he in June 1976, together with a group of other people, was invited for the second time to follow Meier out to the area, just outside of Hinwil in Switzerland, where a contact with the extra-terrestrials was to take place. There he witnessed and photographed the energy combustion phenomenon performed by a Pleiadian space craft piloted by Semjase.



Guido Moosbrugger


Reference Zeugenbuch (2001) page 93 to 99

Zweites UFO-Erlebnis  am Samstag, den 12. Juni 1976

Von Guido Moosbrugger


Second UFO-experience on Saturday the 12th of June 1976 – Guido Moosbrugger


Guido Moosbrugger writes that this experience took place somewhat different than on the 16th of May 1976, his first experience, because this performance was planned and announced in advance.

That is to say, Guido explains, when three days prior he conducted a long-distance call with Mr.Meier he received the good news from him that for the coming week-end a demonstration by the space ship pilot Semjase was planned, namely specifically for the purpose  of obtaining new evidence. A few persons had already earlier been given the opportunity to enjoy different UFO-demonstrations, but no permission had been given for taking photos or taking film up to that date.


Due to the promising announcement and his inadequate photographic knowledge he took advice from his colleague Hubert Rieser, because as a casual photographer he had never before worked with a telephoto lens, let alone at night. He got hold of light-sensitive slide colour film which by the way was sent to Mr Rieser in Stuttgart for development and was also returned by him. Anyway, on Saturday the 12th of June he drove to the Meier family at Hinwil with somewhat mixed feelings because he doubted that his images wold bring the desired outcome.


In Hinwil, some friends and acquaintances had already gathered in the afternoon in a comfortable atmosphere. In order to simplify the intended undertaking, should only those individuals attend the demonstration who already on a previous occasion had been analysed, the way as Guido described it being done in his first report. Over the course of the evening he heard that they should be on standby and ready between 2400 and 0100 hours. While the women, Ms Flammer, Ms Stetter and Ms Walder probably had slightly hit the pillow, Mr. Meier, Konrad Schutzbach and himself conversed, mainly about photo technical problems.


Since Mr. Meier had still not received a telepathic call from Semjase at half past twelve o’clock he went outside for a breath of fresh air. He was naturally also interested in the weather conditions because no demonstrations would be carried out in bad weather something Mr Meier had assured. At this night it was fortunately clear visibility. As he again returned back into the house the others prepared to exit out.


During his absence Mr Meier had been informed that his contact with Semjase and the demonstration afterwards would take place in the nearby surroundings of Hinwil.  Finally, after a short briefing, they started at one o’clock. Mr Meier drove alone on his moped to the landing place of the space ship, whereby as usual he was guided by an on-board computer.


Due to certain reasons had only Mr. Meier been selected to maintain personal contact with the extra-terrestrials from planet Erra.  As agreed on the briefing they drove to the arranged observation point which had been precisely described. After arriving there they immediately erected the tripod and aimed their camera on a forest edge 1,8 kilometre away in northeast direction.


To their regret, despite the late hour, there were still many vehicles on the roads because a pop festival was taking place on the local mountain of Hinwil.  They harboured the fear that Semjase could call off her demonstration for that reason, as she might not like too many spectators due to the luminous energy combustion of such a demonstration could be observed by anyone.


Left: Hinwil, Switzerland




But she obviously did not want to disappoint them and at 02.15 hours sharp began the night show in the open air. As expected, in front of a wooded hilltop in north-easterly direction appeared first a reddish disc, which after a few seconds again faded out. Strangely enough, Guido adds, he did not have to adjust the camera at all because the mentioned disc was simply right away inside the correct line-of-sight alignment. After a slight pause shone a silvery disc, a bit higher up than the previous one, but in the same vertical plane and of approximately the same size. Soon after in a higher position shone a third disc towards them.  It was, according to the statements from the women, three-coloured which he did not quite recognize because at that moment he was busy with the height adjustment of the camera.


Shortly after that quite high above the horizon appeared a silvery disc which was dropping a glittering drizzle vertical downwards. For better understanding, he adds, he would like to explicitly emphasise that that the so called energy combustion indeed was created out from the space ship, but was in no way identical with the same shape. In the end, after the demonstration,  they could follow the slow departure of the space ship in form of a red point which  rose in the sky and at that became smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared from their sight. The entire performance lasted no longer than 10 minutes.


About half past two o’clock rattled a moped towards them on a narrow dirt road from the mentioned direction. It was Mr. Meier who after the contact also had observed and photographed the demonstration. He informed them that Semjase was flying over Austria and on her return flight she would land once more time, but at a different place. Together they immediately drove off for change of location. Next they were again told to stop and wait, and soon Mr Meier drove to the nearby woodland to the new contact location.


To their great surprise, for the first time he let a member of the group go with him on the luggage rack of his vehicle, in the hope that Mrs. Stetter perhaps would be permitted to the personal contact. That is to say, for some time she in fact also received telepathic messages, but in another way and of another kind than Mr Meier.  The well-intended attempt was unfortunately unsuccessful. Guido writes that they gladly would have seen her being allowed a face to face encounter with Semjase, but it was not to happen, which was a pity.


Instead Mrs Stetter had to step off near the landing site, and there wait by herself for Billy to return. Guido was glad that he had at least had given her his jacket to wear as otherwise she could have been frostbitten waiting in the forest. In this respect Guido and the others were better off as they could retreat to their parked vehicles as they wished. Besides, the two other women catered for their physical well-being as usual. They treated them with cakes while Koni (Konrad Schutzbach) served hot coffee. Mrs Flammer and Guido held night-watch.


They neither saw nor heard the slightest, neither from the landing nor of the departure of the space ship. On the other hand they found the behaviour of some animals strange. The silence of the night was suddenly interrupted by a loud neighing horse. At the same time they heard a strange barking, which they presumed came from a fox. And last but not least, a raven sized bird flapped its wings as it flew away over them. As is well known animals become very unsettled when extra-terrestrial spacecraft are nearby. At four o’clock in the morning Mr Meier together with Mrs Stetter returned the place where they were waiting. This was, by the way, the 55th contact since end of January 1975.


Guido then makes some remarks in regards to the footages. As already mentioned they only observed four disc-shaped luminous objects and the reddish point. But the obtained footages brought varied results.


1. The footages by Konrad Schutzbach consistently show discs.


2. Whereas a clear disc shape is only recognizable on the first photo on the black-white slides by Konrad and on the colour slides by Guido.


3. In turn, the colour slides by Mr. Meier which are taken from a lot closer position and snapped from a look-in-the-air perspective, but without telephoto lens, show other shapes. The intensive colours are admirable but only come to validity when the projected images are viewed from close up. Quite surprisingly was a photo, which shows a snow-white razor sharp number – the number one. Guido adds in the end that those who saw the illuminating figures must admit that they did not originate from an earth firework artist – but those really clever – as one put it – will certainly come up with yet another good explanation.

Further Witnesses: Margaret Flammer, Amata Stetter, Olga Walder and Konrad Schutzbach.



A few comments:


Jakobus Bertschinger wrote in his statement that underneath the light-ball suddenly started a shower of sparks falling down – like by a gigantic firework -, probably 150 to 200 meter long. This phenomenon was connected to an extremely high noise, exactly as if two uninsulated electrical power cables were touching each other for a longer period of time. Connected to this a clear bang could also be heard. After that everything started to develop in reverse, in the same way it had just started. The light-ball again moved away, rose higher and soared quietly northwest from there, for soon thereafter to immerse into the high hanging clouds and disappear.


So could this effect have been created by firework, flares or similar? I think not, and Jakobus do not suggest this in is statement either and it is easy to see why. The light- ball he observed did not move as firework, light flares or anything similar would. It was at times stationary, it then accelerated, it changed colour and it climbed to a height of about 2000-3000 meter according to his estimate, far higher than firework and it flew up after performing the energy combustion.


Had this been any type of pyrotechnics, any remnants after exploding would have fallen to the ground rather than ascending for then to immerse and disappear in the high hanging clouds. I think the extra-terrestrials deliberately chose this kind of flight pattern to make it easier for the eyewitness to exclude alternative explanations and to make it clear that this was an intelligent controlled space craft.


And Guido Moosbrugger managed to photograph the phenomenon where the shower of sparks is clearly visible which also give strong support to Jakobus Bertschinger’s and Hans Schutzbach's detailed statements,  Guido Moosbrugger also stated that the object, which performed the energy combustion, afterwards rose higher and higher up until it finally disappeared from their sight. Nor did Guido or any of the four other witnesses in his group suggest that this could have been anything explainable.


Which point to that this was indeed performed by the Pleiadian/Plejaran extra-terrestrial craft. There are no further technical explanations for how the energy combustion phenomenon works more in details, but it is clear that advanced technology has been applied to create an artificial display which we are unable to explain.


Just like we really don’t understand the unique field their telemeter disc’s are surrounding themselves with, which creates an unexplainable light effects on surrounding metal, such as the coil on the ground in Eva Bieri’s photo of the two telemeter disc’s. and a similar report by Hans Georg Lanzendorfer, when his car hit the energy shield of a large Pleiadian/Plejaran telemeter disc, which caused the metallic frames in his car to lit up.


In a similar way does the seven meter Pleiadian/Plejaran space craft’s surround themselves with a special kind of energy. Jim Dilettosso in his Phoenix lab also noticed a mysterious field around the craft on the pixel tests which he carried out on behalf of the investigator team. Another effect this field appear to have is that it makes the space ships glow at dark as it reacts with the atmosphere around, and if unshielded can be seen or captured by camera such as the four photographs Freddy Kropf took on the 25 October 1988, out of which one is above.


Ref. Zeugenbuch (2001) page 51

28.März 1976

Erlebnisbericht von Hans Schutzbach, Schweiz


Experience report by Hans Schutzbach, Switzerland involving energy combustion


Hans Schutzbach writes that the afternoon of Saturday the 27th of March 1976 he spent in the house of Mr. Meier in Hinwil. Later, when also Mr Bertschinger came by they sat down in front of the TV and watched a western. In the middle of the film, it was 23.50 o’clock, their host calmly said: “ The telephone has now rung”. With that he kept silent the whole evening. On his question regarding this, the only answer he got was that Semjase had approached him by thoughts.


In half an hour he had to leave the house in order to meet her. This occurrence seemed to have become a routine. It was only disputed whether the moped or the car should be used for travel. Mr. Meier incurred two rib fractures by a crash the week before and therefore it would in principle be better if he drop the motorcycling for the time being.


They soon had to make themselves ready. Mr Meier would use the moped. Mr Bertschinger and he, at his suggestion, would drive after him in the VW. Thus, they drove off and headed in the direction of Wetzikon. Halfway, Eduard Meier suddenly braked, turned around, and after about 50 meters turned off into a dirt track. Their destination had been reached, close to a pistol stand.


He got out and started waiting for things to come, thinking what would happen now. Then Mr. Meier shook his head. Strange as it may seem, but the contact with Semjase had now been broken off, something which has not happened before. Hans somehow sensed that this could have something to do with his presence there. For 10 minutes maybe, they stood in the biting wind, but then Mr. Meier told them to stay behind at that place and wait for him. Thus once more took the contact place, which for them was inaudible.


Without light,   E.M. (Eduard Meier) rattled out in the dark night, in the direction towards the forest. Sitting in the car, they spent the time by talking and watching the area. Probably some clouds appeared, but other than that the entire splendour of the stars was shining above them.


01.25 o’clock; E.M. (Eduard Meier) has been gone for a good half an hour. Above the wooded hill north-east from them a large whitish light goes on. They naturally jump out of the car to get a better view. The light rises slowly higher, until about 500 meter above the forest. At this point suddenly starts a glistering white firework in a distance of about 1,5 kilometres away, which stops after about 10 seconds, for then really start somewhat higher up. At the same time, during this process, did the light keep rising continuously.


A long tail, certainly 170 meters long, flowed toward the ground ending in drops below. In his description of what this looked like he writes that magnesium-light looks in a similar way blending and radiant. About one minute lasted the phenomenon. Next the light ended. First when the eyes again got used to the darkness, did he notice how a dark red pulsating object continued to rise: The source of the phenomenon, just still visible. It was bright red, forming a kind of a fringe. The core became rhythmically lighter and darker.


Without interruption the light rose higher and higher and at the same time it was travelling in a wide arc towards the right. Soon it was located above the clouds having changed the colour unnoticeably to a milky white and would now definitely be located far beyond 20 kilometres height. It then became more diffuse but the pulsating was nevertheless still visible.


A noise could then be heard: it was Mr. Meier. But he did not let that stop him from observing. First when he stood beside him, and he had given him the pointer towards the object he was following, did the light disappear without transition. Nothing more could be seen beside the stars. He looked at his watch and saw that exactly 10 minutes of time had elapsed since the light went on in the forrest.


The explanation of why the contact earlier on was broken off was now given by E.M. (Eduard Meier) himself. There is a type of guide beam automatic system located in the space ship which responds to certain brain wave pattern. It did not react as they were initially driving on the main road, and it was   purely coincidental that he went along. First after the turn off, did it become apparent that he somehow belonged to E.M.


In response, the automatic system automatically broke of the contact in order to let Semjase take over the further steps. And at the face to face contact her questions were also addressing him, and he now assumed that he also has been memorized in the automatic system. Incidentally, a greeting from him had been acknowledged with a thank you.  


Semjase sent E.M. home ahead of time for the sake of his ill health which is why the contact lasted such a short time, something which did not suit E.M. at all writes Hans further. They therefore turned back. They rehashed their minds over coffee and talked through what they had experienced. By drawing a sketch Mr Meier described what the ship looked like, since Semjase had arrived in a ship of a new type.


The topics of conversations continued into the small hours of the morning. Following this he went home and sat at his table in order to record everything in word and images. He memorized the place very well. The next day he searched for the place on the map. In the course of this he discovered that there were neither houses nor roads located in the area.


Hans further writes that it could not have been an ordinary firework display, the light was far too large and long lasting for that. Also a military flare was out of the question. Because a military flare would not be able to go up to that height and looks very different too.


Further witnesses: Jacobus Bertschinger


First published  In the first edition of Semjase-contact notes  1976.


A photocopy of the original typewritten statement signed by Hans Schutzbach dated Volketswil, 29. März 1976 is printed in Zeugenbuch (2001) page 53 and 54


Below is an extract of the contact, in which the energy combustion and the altitude are discussed, related to Hans Schutzbach’s statement above. It goes as follows, my translation above the original in German.


With reference to: Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 2 (2003) Contact 50 dated Sunday, 6. April 1976 01.37 Uhr Page 116:





21. We must consider the best possible caution.



What a shame, but that was also to be expected after the two-time lights work. The night has always eyes open and ears alert. However, last Tuesday you conveyed to me that the energy fire was about 170 meter long, is that really correct?  As a matter of fact, it must then have been visible from a great distance.



22. That is certainly correct.



Okay, Mr. Schutzbach and Mr. Bertschinger are still interested in how high in the sky you actually was when I again arrived back to them at the pistol stand and you had suddenly disappeared in the sky.



23. According to your measurements I was at a height of 22,000 meters.



You know this exactly?



24. Certainly, I controlled your return journey as far as to your friends.




German original (Auszug Kontakt 50)



21. Wir müssen die bestmögliche Vorsicht in Betracht ziehen.



Schade, aber das war ja nach dem zweimaligen Lichterwerk zu erwarten. Die Nacht hat immer offene Augen und Ohren. Du hast mir doch am letzten Dienstag übermittelt dass das Energiefeuer etwa 170 Meter lang gewesen sei, stimmt das wirklich? Dann muss es tatsächlich weithin sichtbar gewesen sein.



22. Sicher, das ist so.



Gut, Herr Schutzbach und Herr Bertschinger interessieren sich noch dafür, wie hoch am Himmel du eigentlich gewesen bist, als ich wieder bei ihnen am Pistolenstand eingetroffen war und du plötzlich am Himmel verschwunden bist.



23. Nach euren Massen war ich 22 000 Meter hoch.



Das weisst du genau?



24. Sicher, ich kontrollierte deine Rückfahrt bis zu deinen Freunden.


A few comments:


The safe altitude for energy combustion is 2500 meter according to the earlier information in the contact notes. But according to Hans Schutzbach’s observation, it is here done in a lower altitude. Temperature and ground conditions could perhaps play a role and lower the safe altitude. For instance snow on the ground could be one factor, since this occurred on a cold winter’s day.


But it also appears certain precautions was taken at the 500 meter altitude, as only limited energy combustion was carried out at that height. First when the craft rose somewhat higher, was the energy combustion carried out in full force while the craft was continually rising. That is another important observation as it indicates that the three steps happened simultaneously.


1. Bringing about an energy concentration by drawing electricity inn from the atmosphere.

2. A total elimination of the accumulated energy through a combustion process.

3. The craft is continually rising.


That is the craft brought about an energy concentration by drawing electricity inn from the atmosphere simultaneously as it eliminated the accumulated energy through a combustion process simultaneously as it was continuously climbing.


So there appear to be no time lag in-between these three steps which suggest the energy concentration is not beforehand stored, but the combustion process is immediately carried out once the accumulated energy has been brought together. It further suggest the propulsion of the space craft itself work in a similar way, and would explain the relative low weight of this new type craft Semjase here arrived in, given in contact 55 as being 1,5 tonne with fittings included. 


Likely there is no need to weigh down the craft with storage facilities for energy, like heavy battery type installations etc. as the propulsion of the craft is likely being produced in the same instance as it is drawn inn and generated without having first to store it. Unlike our aircrafts which takes on a considerate load of jet fuel before take-off, which weight down the plane and which then is being gradually burned off to provide propulsion for the plane during the flight.



“Overall in the universe, there is only one possibility according to the explanations from the extra-terrestrials: To overcome the barrier of time and space, quickly and securely, through the use of a hyperspace, which is overriding the normal space. Through a highly technical procedure, in which formidable electromagnetic energies are necessary, which involves the energy capacity of several nuclear atomic plants in earthly measures, energies which however can even be produced by the small space ships, measuring only 7 meter in diameter, is between these two spaces, the normal space and the hyperspace, a dimension door created (or if into another Universe a universe door).”

Billy Meier“Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums… Kontakte mit den Plejadiern/Plejaren” (1997)


 Left:  Part of photo Nr 86 taken by Billy Meier at Berg / Rumlikon on the 14th of June 1975. This is a Plejaran beam ship, seven meter in diameter, piloted by Semjase. She is here doing a demonstration flight.