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Planet Erra - The information the extra-terrestrials gave to Billy Meier about their home world.


Performancing Metrics


By Kåre Bergheim

27TH of May 2013


References: Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums….Kontakte mit den Plejadiern/Plejaren Eduard Meier (1997) Was mir die Ausserirdischen über ihre Heimat mitteilten. Pages: 207 Die Plejaden/Plejaren. 209 Die Namen 210 Einmalige plejadisch-plejarische Vornamen 210 Anredeform 211 Regierungsform 212 Die wohngebäude 213 Ernährung 215 Pflanzen 216 Haustiere 217 Sprache 217 Schrift 219 Das Zahlensystem 220 Fahrzeuge resp. Fluggeräte 221 Verkehrsunfälle 222 Arbeitsmethoden 225 Multiduplikatoren 227 Künstler 227 Kunst der Malerei 228 Musik 230 Eheschliessung 234 Sexualität und Nachkommenschaft 236 Totenbestattung 237 Strafvollzug 239 Krankheiten – Sport 

  • The Pleiades/Plejaren
  • The names
  • Unique Pleiadian/Plejaran first names
  • Form of address

  • Form of Government

  • Residential buildings

  • Food

  • Plants

  • Pets

  • Language

  • Number system

  • Vehicles or Aerial vehicles

  • Traffic accidents

  • Working methods

  • Multi-duplicators

  • Artists

  • Art of painting

  • Music

  • Marriage

  • Sexuality and offspring

  • Burial of the dead

  • Penal system

  • Diseases and Sport


The Pleiades/Plejaren


The Pleiades visible from Earth is an open star cluster in the in the constellation of Taurus. With the naked eye approx. seven out of the about 300 of the Pleiades stars, located in the centre area, can be seen from our planet during very good visibility. The overall diameter of the constellation is about seven light years, at a distance estimated to be approximately 420 light years from Earth.


The Pleiades stars have a relatively young age, which is 62 million years according to information from the Pleiadian/Plejarans. The stars are not being orbited by inhabitable planets; consequently no suitability exists for carrying any form of life, no matter in what form that could be. Thus there exists neither any type of plants or animals, nor humans or spirit forms etc. 


The few existing planet formations around some of the Pleiades stars are inhospitable, life-hostile and themselves still half suns like the parent star itself. The parent stars are hot, blue stars resp. suns, and as mentioned all are still very young and will not become very old because they will again vanish only after a short period.


Around the Pleiades stars are still remnants of the gas cloud recognizable, from which they emerged millions of years ago. The constellation of Taurus covers an immense area and was one of the first constellations in the night sky to be given a name by people on Earth. The constellation refers to one of the oldest domestic animals of humans, the bull.


Billy Meier has consistently from the very beginning, in contact 31 dated 17 July 1975, provided the distance to planet Erra as being 500 light years, or about 80 light years beyond the Pleiades stars visible from Earth.



Left Wide field image of the Pleiades star cluster (M45)    Credit: NASA, ESA and AURA/Caltech


For more than 5000 years has this star constellation had a quite special interpretations on Earth, namely due to the spring equinox which could be found there. The star constellation, as well as the bull as an animal, was revered and worshiped in almost every known advanced civilisation prior to the turning point to modern times.  The constellation probably contains the most well-known stars in general like the Pleiades stars, the Hyades and the Crab Nebula, whereby the constellation name probably has a very deserving highlighting in this specific region of heaven.


The main star in the constellation is Aldebaran, a giant in about 68 light years distance, referred to as a long period variable star. Its diameter is about 36 times our sun. The Crab Nebula exists as a remnant of a stellar explosion which could be observed on Earth in the year 1054 A.D., but which already took place 4442 years ago, counted back from the year 1996. The Hyades are around 500 million years old and they are also uninhabitable stars like the Pleiades.


The central core of the Pleiades star cluster moves with a speed of 144 000 kilometres per hour through space, which correspond to a speed of 40 kilometre per second.  The silverly-blue gas and matter nebulae surrounds practically all the Pleiades stars and receive its light from the stars behind, which then is being reflected. A reason why it is referred to as a reflection nebulae.


The home star and the home planet to the Pleiadians/Plejarans, as already explained, is not located in or next to the Pleiades stars which can be seen from Earth and are therefore located in our space-time structure, but lie another 80 light years further away, beyond these stars, hence the distance from Earth is about 500 light years. Moreover, the Pleiadian/Plejaran home star and home world exist in a dimension which is a fraction of a second space and time shifted in the future.


In this other space-time-level exist a star constellation with different inhabitable planets, namely 10 of them in number, of which four of them are inhabited by people in the sun system Tayget, who also call their star cluster Plejaren resp. Pleiades and Pleiadians, because they are not residing far from those Pleiades stars which are located in our space-time structure.


They keep this name description, like all other Henok line descendants do, for other constellations etc. and for certain planets in their different dimensioned living spaces. Thus, at least the stars resp. suns in Plejaren star cluster are named after the names of the suns of the Pleiades stars which apply in our dimension. 


In the Pleiades/Plejaren, the space-time shifted dimension to the Pleiadians/Plejarans, is the planet most similar to Earth called Erra. It is also the home of Semjase, Quetzal, Pleja and Ptaah as well as being the actual administrative planet of the Pleiadian federation where the allies can be found in a distance as far as 6 billion light years away.


A so called dimension door was created by their distant forefathers for around 52 000 years ago, which since that time enabled the Pleiadians/Plejarans to enter into our dimension at will. This dimension door is also used as a communication channel which makes it possible for the Pleiadian/Plejarans to maintain their communication between both dimensions at all times and in fact without time delay because their communication signal is transmitted on a plane where by artificial technological means it is possible to utilize a spiritual energy carrier, whereby there is practically no limit to the transmission speed and the signal reaches the destination billion of light years away the moment it is sent out.


The same communication system exists with all federation members, in other foreign dimensions as well with Askets people in the DAL-Universe, and some of the other people living there who are in alliance or are friends with the Pleiadians/Plejarans. For this purpose was a dimension door likewise created between the two sister universes. This also took place about 50 000 years ago.  


A comment:


The method of communication is explained in more details some years later in the contact notes.

The spiritual energy carrier Meier here talks about, which they use for the artificial and technical created communication signal is then called by another name, sub-neutrinos. Sub-Neutrinos are a type of element which exists on a level that is below Neutrinos. It is a level we have not yet discovered and it will take several thousands of years, according to their estimate before we do so. In the book Billy Meier wrote in 1978 called Existentes Leben im Universum (The existing life in the Universe) he writes that there are seven (7) levels from the atom level and down to the first, which is a level consisting of pure energy, defined as Spiritual / Creation Energy. So from the first pure spiritual energy level there are seven processes of change. Meier define the fourth level under the atom as the first spiritual level, since the elements contained in this level, and those beneath it, are no longer pure matter. Which suggest the spiritual energy carrier Meier here talks about, which also goes under the name sub-Neutrinos, and which they through artificial technological means utilize for communication purposes, is at level four or lower under the atom.


Below are the two relevant quotes in this regard:


The seven levels under the atom


Reference EXISTENTES LEBEN IM UNIVERSUM (1978/1993) by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier page 288

Excerpt – My translation:


“It will still take a very long time and many years before the terrestrial scientists discover the truth that the atom only represents the highest level in the seven processes and seven units of matter creation, and exactly that is still a long way to go.  


Today, the physicists know of, first the atom (once considered to be indivisible, but which then was divided and split and caused hundred-thousandfold deaths = Hiroshima and Nagasaki =  Nuclear tests in USA and USSR which brought thousands of deaths), then the elementary particle level, and the quark level, which first was discovered only few years ago and still retains just as many unsolved mysteries as the elementary particle level. 


However, the scientists have already gotten closer to the truth going backwards from the seventh level (atomic level), because they have found the sixth level (elementary particle level) and the fifth level (quark level) without having researched them so far. However, already they have also pushed forward down in the fourth level – and also here they face a mystery.


With the fourth levels under the atom (and therefore in the third level of the development value) they have come across an element which can no longer be described as pure matter and which gives the scientists their biggest problems and riddles, because it is unknown to them that from the atom down, the levels become more and more refined and ultimately the elements change into pure energy (spiritual energy / Creational energy), out from which the coarse-material matter develops after first going through seven processes of change, … ” Billy Meier (1978)


German original:

Unter Bezugnahme auf EXISTENTES LEBEN IM UNIVERSUM (1978/1993) von ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, Seite 288




 “Noch wird es sehr lange und viele Jahre dauern, ehe die irdischen Wissenschaftler die Wahrheit dessen entdecken, dass das Atom nur die höchste Stufe im Siebenprozess und in der Siebenheit der Materiewerdung darstellt, und genau das ist noch ein sehr langer und weiter Weg. Heute kennen die Physiker erst das Atom (das einst als unteilbar galt, das dann aber geteilt und gespalten wurde und hunderttausendfachen Tod brachte = Hiroshima und Nagasaki = Atomversuch in den USA und der UdSSR, die tausendfache Tode brachten), dann die Elementarteilchenebene, und die Quarkebene, die erst vor wenigen Jahren entdeckt wurde und noch ebensoviele ungelöste Rätsel aufgibt , wie die Elementarteilchenebene. Doch schon sind die Wissenschaftler von der siebenten Ebene (Atomebene) rückwärts laufend der Wahrheit näher gekommen, denn sie haben die sechste Ebene (Elementarteilchenebene) und die fünfte Ebene (Quarkebene) gefunden, ohne sie bisher erforscht zu haben. Bereits aber sind sie auch in die vierte Ebene hinab vorgestossen – und stehen auch hier vor einem Rätsel. Mit der vierten Ebenen unter dem Atom (und somit in der dritten Ebene des Entwicklungswertes) sind sie auf ein Element gestossen, das nicht mehr als reine Materie zu bezeichnen ist und das den Wissenschaftlern die grössten Probleme und Rätsel aufgibt, denn es ist ihnen ja unbekannt, dass sich vom Atom her abwärts, die Ebenen immer mehr verfeinern und die Elemente schlussendlich in reine Energie (Geistenergie/Scöpfungsenergie) übergehen, aus der heraus sich erst durch sieben Wandlungsprozesse hindurch die grobmaterielle Materie entwickelt,…” Billy Meier (1978)



The faster-than-light energy carrier called sub-neutrinos:


With reference to: Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8 (2005) Contact 316 dated Thursday, 19. July 2001, at time 16.23 Page 297:  My translation above the German original




Now I would like to ask what technology and energy carrier do you actually use for your intergalactic and planetary communication. I know that your technology is aligned in such a way that there is no time loss in your communication, and in fact not even when conducted across millions and billions of light years away. Can you explain to me something about it, or is it all a secret?



83. We are using the technique of negative velocity, by which a signal already manifests itself at destination through appropriate communication equipment, before the actual broadcast, respectively transmission of the signal, has even started.

84. The signal therefore reaches the destination already by the input of the signal.

85. The transmission distance is unlimited and therefore reaches through the entire universe.

86. The energy carriers you ask about is the actual signal carriers by which everything in the entire universe is connected together and by which the cosmic communication of all things, all life and all existence takes place.

87. These energy carriers are not detectable, and certainly not usable, without suitable and high-precision technical apparatuses.

88. They are absolutely invisible to the human eye, and they have the property to penetrate any matter without restraint, and when I say any type of matter then I also mean it, because in the entire Universe there exist no matter or antimatter which cannot be penetrated with unabated speed by these energy carriers, classified as having a billion fold light speed.

89. These faster-than-light energy carriers are sub-neutrinos.

90. By our technology it is possible for us to fit them with signals which likewise happens with billions of times the speed of light and which has the effect that the signals spread out like lightning in the whole universe, in fact indefinitely in all directions.

91. Then, in order to pick up the signals, special and highly sensitive sensors are necessary through which then the signals are transferred to a separator and decoded.



But our science knows about the neutrinos.



92. That is correct, but I am not speaking about the neutrinos which are known to the terrestrial scientists, but of sub-neutrinos, of which the scientists on Earth do not know that they exist.

93. Also, they will not come across them for a long time.



What do you mean with not for a long time? Fifty years or a hundred years?



94. I am talking about several thousands of years.



German original: 

Unter Bezugnahme auf Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8 (2005) Dreihundertsechster Kontakt Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2001, 16.23 Uhr. Seite 297





Jetzt möchte ich einmal fragen, welche Technik und Energieträger ihr eigentlich für eure intergalaktische und planetare Kommunikation benutzt. Wie ich Weiss, ist eure Technik derart ausgerichtet, dass es keinen Zeitverlust bei der Kommunikation gibt, und zwar auch dann nicht, wenn diese über Millionen und Milliarden von Lichtjahren hinweg betrieben wird. Kannst du mir da etwas erklären, oder ist alles ein Geheimnis?



83. Wir benutzen die Technik der Negativgeschwindigkeit, durch die ein Signal bereits am Zielort sich durch entsprechende Kommunikationsgeräte manifestiert, ehe die eigentliche Sendung resp. Aussendung des Signals auch nur begonnen hat.

84. Das Signal erreicht also das Ziel bereits bei Eingabe des Signals.

85. Die Sendedistanz ist dabei unbegrenzt und reicht also durch das gesamte Universum.

86. Die Energieträger, nach denen du fragst, sind eigentliche Signalträger, durch die im gesamten Universum alles miteinander verbunden ist und durch die die kosmische Kommunikation aller Dinge, allen Lebens und alles Existenten stattfindet.

87. Diese Energieträger sind ohne geeignete und hochpräzise Hilfsapparaturen nicht feststellbar und schon gar nicht nutzbar.

88. Für das menschliche Auge sind sie absolut unsichtbar, und sie haben die Eigenschaft, unhemmbar jegliche Materie zu durchdringen, und wenn ich sage jegliche Materie, dann meine ich das auch, denn es existiert im gesamten Universum keine Materie oder Antimaterie, die von diesen Energieträgern, die einer milliardenfachen Lichtgeschwindigkeit eingeordnet sind, nicht mit ungebremster Geschwindigkeit durchdrungen werden könnte.

89. Diese überlichtschnellen Energieträger sind Sub-Neutrinos.

90. Durch unsere Technik ist es uns möglich, sie mit Signalen zu bestücken, was ebenfalls mit milliardenfacher Lichtgeschwindigkeit geschieht und den effekt hat, dass sich die Signale blitzartig im ganzen Universum ausbreiten, und zwar unbegrenzt in alle Richtungen.

91. Um die Signale dann aufzufangen, sind spezielle und hochsensible Sensoren erforderlich, durch die dann die Signale an einen Entzerrer übermittelt und entschlüsselt werden.



Die Neutrinos kennt unsere Wissenschaft aber.



92. Das ist richtig, doch ich spreche nicht von den Neutrinos, die den irdischen Wissenschaftlern bekannt sind, sondern von Sub-Neutrinos, von denen die Wissenschaftler der Erde nicht wissen, dass sie existieren.

93. Auch werden sie noch lange nicht darauf stossen.


Billy Was meinst du mit lange nicht? Funfzig Jahre oder hundert Jahre ?



94. Ich rede von mehreren tausend Jahren.


The elements existing between the 4th and the 7th level beneath the Atom are no longer pure material. This is where the energy carriers can be found which they call sub-neutrinos. Sub means below the neutrinos we have discovered. The sub-neutrinos move with billion times the speed of light and penetrate everything. With advanced technology they are able fit signals to the sub-neutrinos and utilize them as signal carriers. This way they achieve communication without time loss. The signal from Earth to their home planet travels to and from their dimension through an artificial made dimension door which is also used as communication channel.


Left: This is one out of 1476 photographs in total taken by <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier at Hasenböl-Langenberg above Fischenthal, Switzerland on the 29th of March 1976. It is photo number 157 and it shows the underside of a Pleiadian/Plejaran space craft 7 meter or 23 feet in diameter. The craft is being piloted by Semjase and she is doing a demonstration flight.


The names


Family names are not only common by people on Earth but also by the Pleiadians/Plejarans, Billy Meier was told by Ptaah, who also is the commander of one of their large mother ships. Their family names are however formed differently and taken from other origins than what is the case with people on Earth.


Billy writes that on a question to Ptaah, as to how the choice of name by a marriage is applied, he was told the following: This is by them regulated by law, namely in the way that the female spouse and the resulting offspring from the marriage will always, in every case, take the family name of the husband resp. the father. This is so arranged for the reason that only in this way can mix-up in relationship as well as in the family tree be avoided. Already for a very long time ago their forefather found that it came to incredible confusions when female spouses kept their pre-material family name and even transferred it to their offspring. From that originated a lot of trouble and confusion from which a lot of incest (inbreeding) resulted, which is what happened by the old Jews in Sodom and Gomorrah as both cities degenerated into mere incest-groups.


Unique Pleiadian/Plejaran first names


At the present time (1997) each of the first names Semjase, Pleja, Ptaah and Quetzal are only given once in the entire Pleiadian/Plejaran federation; and Billy adds that the holders of these names are persons who he are in contact with. The mentioned names are no longer common by the Pleiadians/Plejarans but are expected to again find increased use in the future.


Billy writes that the reason why these names are in individual cases still being used was given to him by Ptaah. Ptaah told him that the above mentioned first names have been handed down and preserved since ancient times both in Quetzal’s family as well as in his own family, namely because they have important historical meanings. All other families and people on their home planet Erra have other names from the modern era while people and families who are not Pleiadian/Plejaran but are members of the federation naturally have names which have nothing to do with the Pleiadians/Plejarans resp. the Lyrians.


Forms of address


Each human life is of equal value, no matter if rich or poor, if famous or not, or if they have a high ranking position or holding just a simple position, and regardless of if they carry an honourable title or not. Every person is a human being which is why everyone must be treated equally. The Pleiadians/Plejarans live according to this directive and as a result since a long time ago they have also been striving not to differentiate when addressing people face-to-face.


In this way, as a result, are all people by them being addressed as you (German <Du>) and with first name. This also applies for strangers who have never seen each other before. Therefore by greetings no differences come to light which also makes everything extremely simple and correspond to the standard of politeness.


Unfortunately this form of address has not got completely through to all the people of the federation  because certain sweeping changes and old deep-rooted habits often takes hundreds and thousands of years of time to move to something new just because the traditional are too strongly anchored in a human. For this reason have the you-greeting form, also by the Pleiadian/Plejaran not prevailed a hundred per cent, especially by ordinary people, when they for example meet an Ischwisch.


Therefore everything takes its time, also by the Pleiadians/Plejarans, before fundamental innovations on a broad scale can be implemented; considering that these extra-terrestrials can look forward to an average age of 1000 earth years, then it is probably understandable that old deep-rooted habits etc. often require hundreds of years to be changed, in particular by old people who for several centuries have stuck to certain old habits.


By the Pleiadians/Plejarans is by greetings not the hand reached out and shaken as is customary in the western world. As a greeting is the right hand raised and placed on the heart area stretched flat

whereby the person in front is showing his/her respect by bowing the head and the upper part of the body slightly forward.



Form of Government


By the Pleiadian/Plejarans, as well as by all the allies of their federation, only one single state entity and one single government exist, which act as its law enforcement and execution force of what is being given as advice by the High Council. The High Council is not located on a federation planet but exist as half spirit-we form in the Andromeda-region, ca. 2,2 million light years away. The half spirit forms of the High Council possess a huge amount of knowledge and corresponding wisdom, which is why they were selected as the supreme advisory form by the Pleiadians/Plejarans and their federation allies, which has a population of 127 billion people in total.


And as the name High Council already indicates, it only give extremely high quality advice and issue no commands, whereby the advice is communicated through the Ischwisches of the respective peoples government which then present everything to each individual citizen who are then free to follow the advice or not at their own discretion.


The rule in this process is, however, that the every individual and peoples follow the advice from the High Council in full, recognizing that these are high-quality guidelines. However, this requires that people are to the extent evolved they have learned and understood all creative-natural laws and commandments and also live in accordance with them. A fact which, for the time being, cannot be realized on Earth because here still, only through human laws and commands, decrees, rules and regulations etc., can it be ensured that order is maintained, consequently such a form of government, as by the Pleiadians/Plejarans and their allies, is still utopian and illusory for people on Earth.


There are no parties and politicians in Earth human terms, but only 2800 spiritual leaders per planet, who form the central government of the planet and who are also in contact with the High Council, and also maintain contact and carry out tasks with peoples and government of other worlds. They inform a further 28 000 spiritual leaders of all activities, as well as about the advice from the High Council, who in turn give their knowledge and information to a large number of additional spiritual leaders who then stay directly in contact with the people and instruct, inform and provide them with guidance.   


Consequently the spiritual leaders make the effort, with all resources to their disposal, to ensure the spiritual and consciousness related development of the people, which has resulted in that practically all of the population have reached approximately the same evolution level, by which no longer stark evolution differences exist, as is the case on Earth. This also ensures that the mentioned form of government, through advice from the High Council, can actually effectively be implemented without cross-fighting’s and the like appearing, because all normally accept the advice from the High Council as being high value advise and follow them by their own decision. 


Residential buildings


Although there are also are several larger cities, with multi-story apartment buildings on Erra, the central planet to the Pleiadians/Plejarans, there are however no tower blocks in form of high rises and sky scrapers where people have to live crammed together. Between the individual residential buildings, can extensive parks and gardens to be found, which are provided with neatly arranged footpaths.


There are also well-ordered landing places for aerial vehicles, for person or goods transport, to be found at central points, which as a whole are jointly owned, and can be used by everyone according to their needs. Streets of any types are completely unknown because the Pleiadians/Plejarans use no land vehicles at all. Therefore are all residential areas pure pedestrian zones where no noise, traffic chaos and pollution, through exhaust fumes, exist.


The majority of the Pleiadians/Plejarans prefers not to live in cities, but away from them, in green surroundings, resp. live in the country, namely in one family houses which have a hemispherical or spherical shape and a diameter of 21 meters. The construction materials consist mainly of very resistant metal alloys or from synthetic materials which is extracted from the ground and primarily from sand. This synthetic material is similar to our silicone.


Each one family house stands on its own, on a fertile land, which as a rule is a hectare (10 000 square meters = 100 x 100 meter) large. The common household resp. families on these land plots strive, according to possibility, to become self-sufficient, accordingly each dwelling having for example its own water and power supply which is not dependent on a public network. For own requirements each family, or other housing units on these plots of land, establish their own fruit-, vegetable-,herb- and flower garden, which always are being worked and nurtured with great pleasure.


More generally, is each piece of fertile land utilized for planting of natural food, making it arable and cultivated. A homestead is in such a way, and so large built, that it only offers space for a five-person family and no more because the advisory adopted maximum number of offspring amount to no more than three children per woman. It is an advice from the High Council, which like all other advises, is being followed.


For reasons of keeping peace etc., should parents-in-law not be living in the same household as their married children, a rule which is consistently and uniformly abided by. In-laws can however reside on an adjacent property, in their own one family house, but should under no circumstances interfere in matters of their children, when they are married or past their upbringing age. Also this is a rule, like many others, which is entirely complied with. After 14 to 16 years the children leave their parents’ house to be educated in smaller groups of the same age.


Since the man, in contrast to the monogamous disposed woman, is polygamous is this by the Pleiadians/Plejarans taken into account in the way that the man can marry up to four woman, which also prevent prostitution, which no longer exist by these extra-terrestrials since ancient times. When, pursuant to this rule, a man therefore has two, three or four wives then they often reside in a so called square, consisting of a proportionately large piece of land and of two three or four one family houses, consequently each wife has her own refuge and in this way her own residence and her own household. 


With regard to the buildings, one last thing to point out is that these are built absolutely earthquake-resistant against the most severe tremors. They are also absolutely secure against lightning and basic storms etc. All buildings, also when they are very large, are seamlessly made in one piece, normally have few storeys and have a suspension system of some kind of buoyancy chambers.




The Pleiadians/Plejarans live on mineral and vegetable, as well as animal products, whereby they are mindful of striking a balance. The main values of their nutrition are made up of fruit and vegetables, whereby they reject any form of pure vegetarian food because such a form of nutrition could have negative effects which could manifest itself in the way that the thought activity and the consciousness related ability to react exceed the normal healthy limit and lead to a positive degeneration.


In such an outcome is the healthy criticism ability lost whereby a person no longer is able to distinguish the real from unreal. Too little vegetable nourishment and too little fruit resp. an excess of animal products result in the exact opposite, namely an inertia in thoughts and in the reaction ability as well as a certain violent temper and an uncontrollable wildness, which often  degenerate into a pointless aggression in a way which is not exactly desired


The Pleiadians/Plejarans forego neither Fruit and vegetables nor any animal products like meat, butter and cheese. So these things are as essential for them as it is for people on Earth, therefore they also keep cows. These are however only used for milk production, but never to be slaughtered and eaten. If animals have to be killed for consumption, then this happens only in absolute necessity whereby only the smaller animals, like for example rabbits and chicken, are slaughtered .


Nevertheless, the Pleiadians/Pejarans do not have to forgo meat specialities because they have several different meat dishes on their menu. But this also raises the question how this can be reconciled with what is previously mentioned, that they do not slaughter animals. The answer to that is simple and is related to the fact they produce the meat, which is essential in their nutrition, in an artificial way, as they, one the one hand, cultivate it by the means of cell cultures,  piece by piece, through fast processes,  or on the other hand,  reproduce it through so called multi-duplicators.


Therefore, no one on Earth should be surprised to learn that the Pleiadians/Plejarans produce meat, like on an assembly line, to cover their meat demand without having to slaughter a single animal and deprive its life. Should it nevertheless happen, that that too little, or even no food from animal products are available, then this food can of course be replaced with equivalent substances from vegetable products, or products from the fauna, but not for endless time, because if the substitutes are not again balanced with meat products, little by little damages can occur over time.


Adults (also people on Earth) are able to put up with a one-sided and pure vegetarian diet for a relatively long time without damage,  at least as for physical effects, while this is different by children and youths, because by them growth disturbance and other negative consequences may emerge.




The direct ancestors to the current day Pleiadians/Plejarans, who in earlier times lived on Earth, brought all kinds of animals and plants from our world to their planets and in particular to Erra, the main planet, which they made arable and cultivated. This venture resulted in that all plants which are growing on Earth today also exist there, beside many others, which have been collected from foreign worlds and planted there.


For the daily nutrition of the population are fruits as well as types of grains, potatoes, berries and all sorts of vegetables grown. All this food can nevertheless not be compared with the similar types on Earth, because there exist a great difference between the Pleiadian/Plejaran and Earth products in that the field crops and berries etc., as well as the fruit and vegetables on Erra are a lot more nutritious, thirst-quenching and tasty than similar types on Earth. If one eats the fruit, the cereal products, the berries or the vegetables, then it not only satisfy ones hunger and thirst, but it really fills one up for a long time, Billy writes. If the nutrition is processed into a special form of dry food and durability food then it satisfies the hunger and thirst for up to 90 hours.


Not is just the aroma of the various fruit varieties, vegetables and berries more intense than what people on Earth are used to, but also all colours are a lot more intense, richer and stronger. Just to mention one example, while here on Earth the green in nature often appear dirty and greyish, an observer on Erra would see a clean rich green. That firstly has to do with the pure clean air which exists everywhere on Erra, which is not in the slightest filled with toxic pollutants of all kinds, which is the case on Earth. Secondly, it is owed to the very busy working androids and robots which in an exemplary way look after, correctly handle, nurture and maintain the trees plants and flowers.


On the main planet, Erra, is beside the normal horticulture, the fruit-growing and the ordinary agriculture, also another gigantic appearing farming practised, which people on Earth would hardly consider possible. It involves a farming which is also operated by androids and robots, whereby naturally humans are as always also engaged. It involves a very special plant- and tree cultivation.


This particular plant cultivation grows in enormous greenhouses, established specially for that purpose in which the plants thrive in a climate adjusted to them. The plants themselves must be described as giants’ plants because their sizes are enormous. Thus maize plants are farmed there which have 18 meters high stems on which cobs are hanging which are 2,20 meter long and 20 to 25 centimetres thick.


Billy writes that he saw peppermint plants reaching a height of 15 meters, beside other plants which, when seen in proportion to our plants on Earth, made ours look miserly. The largest of theses giant plants are probably the apple-, pear-, and cherry trees as well as other sorts of trees, which are stretching up to 120 meters high in the sky. There are also tropical fruits represented like for example oranges, grapefruits, dates, figs and bananas etc. whose fruits are gigantic.


Mammoth-apples, as Billy calls them, are the size of a large pumpkin, with a weight of 20 to 30 kilograms. He estimated a banana to be a good 50 centimetres long, and the oranges were just as big as the apples etc. Such gigantic fruits are however not used in a normal household but are, without exception, industrially processed, for then to be exported to other worlds, where shortages of food exist.


In order that this assistance can be provided, which takes place without any exchange in return, are these giant crops farmed, and that is the only reason it is being done. This also applies to vegetables, berries and potatoes etc. which are grown in this gigantic way, in special greenhouses, whereby for example a cabbage can easily become one meter in diameter and a raspberry-like fruit can be as large as a large pomegranate on Earth. And although, in this case, there effectively exist an overgrowing, or gigantic growing, through genetic manipulation, the fruits, berries and the vegetables etc. taste just as good, strong and aromatic like those of normal size.




Also the Pleiadians/Plejarans keep different pets; however these are being kept in a way completely compatible with their species and therefore never in human living spaces. Animals never belong in residential living spaces, where humans live, because they are invariably infectious- disease- and epidemic carriers. Of this reason are all pets of all species living in specially designed enclosures, outside of human living areas. Thereby are only those animal species, which by their nature are not affected in their way of living being in such an enclosure, kept this way.


Wild animals for example, which require a very large open space, which cannot be ensured in captivity, are therefore under no circumstances captured and kept in enclosure.  But there are always animals which as pets are accustomed to human beings and get along with them on the free space allotted to them without their way of life being affected. No pets are being pampered and considered or treated like family members; consequently it is also a taboo to caress and to kiss animals in human living spaces or even to bring them with into bed.


The Pleiadian/Plejarans explained that anyone who acts against this rule not really only endanger their own health, but also commits an animal cruelty because such a breach of the rules leads to a completely unnatural keeping of animals and degeneration. Therefore there are no violations on Erra in this regard, and if the Pleiadians/Plejarans touch an animal, they clean their hands before they again touch something else or another person.  




On the home planet to the Pleiadians/Plejarans is a unified language spoken called Sarat. Additional languages do naturally exist, as well as different dialects. In order to become understood in the entire federation, was a universal language resp. federation language created, the so called Samtee. This language is learned by every Pleiadian/Plejaran alrady from childhood as a second mother tongue. These two languages, beside the real mother tongue to the respective people are learned, whereby according to Ptaah’s information, the total number of languages spoken in the federation amount to 127 603.




The writing in use today by the Pleiadians/Plejarans leads back to ancient times and Semjase explained to Billy the following about the characters: The characters which they use today are only 11 000 years old and they adopted them at the time from their forefathers who lived on Earth. Their old writing systems are very complicated while the present one is very simple.  It was developed at the time by several of their scientists on Earth who used constellations, visible from Earth, as templates. They connected certain constellations and thus obtained certain forms. When, as a result, their writing consists of small circles and lines, then these circles represent stars and the small lines simple connections.


This writing was forgotten on Earth after it was passed on to literate Earth people by their forefathers and used for a few centuries, whereby it then however underwent multiple changes.Today, only a few writings belonging to people on Earth (such as the ancient Hebrews) have modified and unrecognizable made characters which trace back to their writing.

This explanation by Semjase took place at the 31st contact on the 17th of July 1975 on which occasion Billy asked her to draw it, something she willingly did. Consequently Billy was able to reproduce it.


Their alphabet, drawn by Semjase:



Number system


Since time immemorial the Pleiadians/Plejarans have been using the decimal system with numbers 0 to 9, as is in use today everywhere on Earth. The Pleiadian-Plejaran numbers are differently shaped than those used today by the majority on Earth, and which originally arose from Indian numerals. The numerals commonly used today correspond to the 10 Arabic numerals of the decimal system, whereby it was the Arabs who adopted the numerals from the Indians, whereupon the numerals then originated from the  Western Arab Gobar numerals, or dust numerals,  in the 10th century in Catalonia and was introduced by monk Gerbert (later pope Silvester II.) to the calculation stone in occident, or Western world, whereby at that time the numerals were still used without the zero.


These Western Arab numerals are closer to the Indian type than the current East-Arabian numerals which are still in use. The numerals or digits of the Pleiadian/Plejaran decimal system are given as follows:



Our numerals, or number and decimal system, ultimately leads back to Pleiadian/Plejaran origin, because it was the Pleiadians/Plejarans who at early times, by the means of impulse-telepathic transfer, instructed mathematic talented people in India in this regard, whereupon later the Arabs benefitted from this, as this then took over the number system and decimal system. The Indians themselves created their own numerical symbols; consequently the Pleiadians/Plejaran numbers did not come into effect.  


Vehicles or Aerial vehicles


There are no land vehicle in use by the Pleiadians/Plejarans on Erra, only aerial vehicles exist throughout, which are of different types and for different purposes. There are therefore no streets, as already mentioned in the section residential buildings. Between the homes and the landing places for aerial vehicles, as well as in the countryside, there are only walkways which are solely used by pedestrians to cover shorter or longer distances or going for long walks.


These walkways are not only used by people, but also androids, which by lay persons are indistinguishable from humans. Through the countryside leads long trails through which neither the fauna nor the wildlife are affected. For all person and goods transport, within the area of the planet, serve exclusively only aerial vehicles or hovering flying objects, which have a variety of different purposes, but which only have two different variations in their external construction, thus there are spherical aerial vehicles or discus shaped objects, whereby the discus aerial vehicles are comparable to the smaller space crafts, which are available in all sizes for space travel.   


For the transportation of people, the hovering vehicles are constructed for one to five persons, whereby each dwelling, each residence or every family dispose over at least one transportation vehicle of this kind.  As for vehicle need for a family, that is a purely an individual matter, thus an adult individual, according to need or request, can claim their own hovering flying device. Naturally, it might also be that two or three persons share a flying device, but the number of five persons in a vehicle must never be exceeded.


Should it therefore happen that a larger group want to head for a destination, then neither travel- nor charter aircrafts are available, therefore many of the small crafts must subsequently be used instead, of which each provide space for five persons. However, such mass travels practically no longer appear by the Pleiadians/Plejarans because the people frequently are on the move around the entire planet and therefore have no need to undertake special trips outside of those that are part of their daily routine.


At the same time, that all these aircrafts do not produce any pollution should not need to be especially emphasised, because the Pleiadians/Plejarans have no means of transport, work machines or any type of devices etc., at all which produce and release substances harmful to the environment. Fossil fuels of all kinds have never been used, let alone considered, by the Pleiadian/Plejarans since the settlement of the planet. As a result, the planet is also in this respect unspoiled and not in any way exploited.


As a rule, all aircraft and other machines, devices and robots etc., fly and work almost or completely silent, consequently people do not have their health affected through noise from machinery. All crafts fly as a rule at high speed, which can be increased according to needs and desires, where nevertheless optimal safety is ensured through control equipment.


As vehicles here is the subject matter, Billy adds, it should not be left out to make reference to a unique attraction on the main planet Erra. It refers to an <Earth automobile museum> which is operated by a friend of Ischwisch Questzal. In a huge area of several hectares, on barren land, is a gigantic, free hanging hall built, in which all wheeled vehicles and tracked vehicles, ever built on Earth, are parked and can be admired.


They include also duplicates from unique prototypes which never created a sensation on Earth and often were built by amateur craftsmen, but which were studied and recreated by Quetzals friend. Whereas models, which were manufactured in several units or mass-produced, found their way from Earth to Erra, as the owner of the museum always dealt with it in person on Earth.


As the museum initiator, he also cherish a rather special hobby, namely in his free time, alone or together with friends, he venture on trips into the wilderness with a vehicle of terrestrial origin which he has reconstructed and equipped with a drive based on the common Pleiadian/Plejaran drive systems, so that no poisonous gasoline, or diesel exhaust fumes, are released into the environment. This is a vehicle he is especially proud of – an Earth Land Rover from the year 1978.


A comment:

Billy does not go into further details exactly how this museum owner on Erra got hold of the cars on Earth, but to their advantage they look like us and he could simply go into a dealership and buy a car and bring it back home. Cash for purchase he could for example obtain through the sale of precious metals. Billy was not allowed to take photographs of Semjase for the reason that she at times needed to venture into our populated areas, wherefore a photo of her would jeopardize her security. She told Billy that she also carried a set of normal of clothes for this purpose.



Traffic accidents


Traffic accidents due to technical malfunction no longer exists since ancient times, which also applies to space travel. In order to avoid accidents resulting from technical defects and the like, a rule exists that all vehicles, in the air and on water (underwater vehicles) as well as in space, after each use, undergo an extremely accurate control, even if they have been used for only one or two hours. This meticulous inspection is carried out twice, namely in the first way through an in-vehicle and never-failing inspection equipment, which each split second during the flight, monitors and controls every function, every manoeuvre as well as the stability etc. of the flying craft.


The second way take place, after every use of each flying craft, through a very thorough inspection by an in-flight vehicle android, which is always present in the flight craft and also steers it towards the destinations that has been programmed by the user, whereby the programming take place in verbal form by giving the android the necessary information. The android is also connected to a traffic guidance system, which automatically monitors the various trajectories for all vehicles and coordinate it in such a way that no flying craft can collide with each other.


As a result of these regulations, Billy was told by Quetzal, there have been no traffic accidents for a long time. These had only taken place in limited numbers because all safety measures had been ignored and overridden through influences which not were due to human errors and could not be controlled, or through external influences, which could not be mastered because they were of unexpected cosmic or elementary form. In this form, according to the Pleiadian-Plejaran data, during the last 2000 years only 16 traffic accidents were recorded, which however in each case only caused material damages to the flying object, but never any injuries etc. to the humans which sat inside them, because this was prevented by the protective shields.



Working methods


Among  the Pleiadians/Plejarans on Erra are everybody – adults as well as youths – obligated  to work two hours daily for the community, and in fact for free. The work place and the work as well as the working period are not fixed, but can be changed from day to day according to wish. There is therefore no contract, which would make it a provision which everybody would have to comply with. But for every human it is appropriate and a self-commitment that the necessary workload is carried out daily according to need, with regard to exactly which activity is best suitable for the person in concern to fulfil.


Among the Pleiadians/Plejarans there is also an exceptional high consensus of community wellbeing as well as community spirit, therefore nobody shirks away from the two hour daily work. This allows them, according to wish, to carry out garden and agricultural work or perform activities in any production sites etc., whereby these are, however, generally of controlling nature, which naturally does not mean that also manual and research work also have to be carried out, which are off limits for robots and androids and fall exclusively in the in domain of human competence and intelligence. The actual work is carried out by robots, androids and multi-duplicators, but as mentioned creational-creative activities of technical and consciousness related nature are done by humans.


Since each person is free to choose the daily work, the work period and the work location, the Pleiadians/Plejarans on Erra often fly a long way overland in order to land somewhere they prefer and work in an industrial premise or in a garden- resp. agriculture building in order to fulfil their two hours allotted work. In this way the Errans travel around their entire planet, because this working arrangement applies to their whole world.


This principle serves to promote the coexistence of larger communities as well as the planetary community, whereby many planet-wide friendships are established, neighbourly love is achieved, and harmony is being fostered among the entire population. After completing the two hour work obligation, everyone is totally free to organize and use their free time as they wish. In that respect it is not like that they simply become lazy, so to speak, but they utilize the time for the most diverse meaningful activities, which often also consist of voluntary further work.


Among the Pleiadians/Plejarans it is not uncommon for someone to have studied, resp. learned up to thirty different fields of knowledge, which also normally are often put into practise during their average life of 1000 years. Besides, it should also me mentioned, Billy adds, that the Pleiadians/Plejarans consider every type of manual activity as absolutely necessary to advance their spiritual and consciousness related evolution.


For this reason are also manual-physical activities of all types carried out, for at least two hours daily, as counterbalance, or compensation so to speak, to consciousness related form of activities. As comparison in this regard, Quetzal once explained to Billy that the majority of Earth’s population, with regard to their spiritual-consciousness related development, needed on average 11 hours with manual work, while among the Pleiadians/Plejarans  only just two hours is needed. People on Earth, with regard to their consciousness related development, have not yet advanced to such an extent that they can cope with more leisure time, standing in stark contrast to that on Earth,  the working hours are more and more shortened.


According to Quetzal’s explanation, also typewriting and medical work and so forth and so on, belong to manual work, which nevertheless also involves consciousness related work. If learning, then the quantity and the degree of difficulty of the learning material are the determining factors for the need of manual-physical work. Because the larger the quantity and the degree of difficulty of the learning material is, the greater the need for physical activity becomes. If this is taken into account and complied with in full, then the learning ability also increases, because the manual activity creates a calming and a certain balance in the consciousness, as well as in the psyche and in the body.


The private gardening of vegetables, berries and fruit etc. is highly valued among the Pleiadians/Plejarans. And even though they have enough land cultivation machinery, as well as robots and androids, through which the major work is done, they do not use them in their own gardens. Instead of deploying machines, robots and androids, the Pleiadians/Plejaren work in their own gardens by laborious manual work, hence more or less all of their people have hands which are accustomed to work, whereby some also show calluses.


In contrast is the soil cultivation in the public use- resp. state owned operations carried out by machines and robots which are in many cases operated by androids, and in some cases by humans. By the cultivation of the soil and the plants, are all efforts put into avoiding that the equipment and robots, as well as the androids, humans and work machines, come into direct contact with the very fertile soil. Thus with all work machines and robots, it is solely about equipment which are hovering above the ground with long limberly metal arms, which at greater or lesser length, work the soil and are tending to the plants.


Other machines have long suction arms, similar to a vacuum cleaner, on which the suction funnel is mounted in the front. Through these is the soil lifted up from the earth, transported into the machine and saturated with oxygen and then spat out again through a second discharge hose accompanying the suction hose, whereby the earth is virtually dug up, loosened and enriched with oxygen and nutrients.


Similar equipment also exist to insert seed and young plants into the soil or to gather in the harvest. For the removal of weed there is a another separate work flying machine with a special flexible metal arm which is lowered from the work machinery and which suck the weed out from the always loose soil and bring it inside the work machine where it in a quick process is converted into humus, which then immediately is again returned back into the soil.


Thus basically all work machines and robots hover above the ground, whereby also the androids and people always remain inside the aircrafts and do not touch the ground. In this way is the soil not weighed down, neither by heavy machinery, nor by footprints from humans or androids. In this regard it may also be of interest to mention, Billy adds, that by the private gardens, on very rare occasions, this type of equipment is also employed if it becomes necessary to regenerate the soil.


For the daily two hours of compulsory labour, each citizen receives everything they need and are entitled to. Partly they may do so at distribution stations and they can also partly do it directly to their home through a distribution- reps. Purchase device. Means of payment is not required for this, then such has not been in existence by the Pleiadians/Plejarans since time immemorial.


All necessities etc. can be obtained for free because everybody simply only receives what they need for living and for their wellbeing. This is also a reason why there exists no need to steal and it is why theft and the like are absolutely unknown. The personal commitment of each individual is simply that the daily work load of two hours is completed, something which is also strictly complied with by each and every citizen.


Such practises are naturally then also only possible when all inhabitants of a planet have reached an evolutionary level in which materialism is no longer important. For this reason would such a system would be completely impossible on Earth today and also in the distant future. To such an evolutionary level, belong naturally also the relevant attitudes with regard to that all meaningful work is not considered to be bad and a burden, and a restriction of the personal freedom in the way this unfortunately still today is the case, and even increasingly so. Also manual, as well as consciousness related work, belongs to life, and represent an essential tool to sustain and promote one’s own evolution.




As the first and perhaps the most important point to mention is that all production plants, factories and industrial facilities to the Pleiadians/Plejarans is located underground and in infertile regions, whereby no kind of air polluting waste gases and smoke etc. arise. There are no smoking and steaming chimneys etc. polluting the air. All building materials, of any kind, as well as tools, machines, medication, vehicles and in parts food as well, is replicated by multi-duplicators.


That this partly is also done with food products, even though this is also produced in a completely natural ways through garden-, fruit- and farm production, is due to that certain things simply only can be produced in this way, like for example even meat products, because the cultivation of cell-cultures is a long process. By Pleiadians/Plejarans are also robots and androids manufactured by multi-duplicators.


Multi-duplicators are as a rule gigantic apparatuses, colossal copying- and duplicating machines so to speak, through which even small space crafts can be manufactured, resp. duplicated, beside countless other products, in which there are no limits to the amount of variations, and which down to a hair, faithfully replicate everything – not just on the outside, but inside, down to the last atom and molecular structure.


In order to be able to replicate any product, it is necessary to possess an atomic blueprint-template, through which a multi-duplicator is being programmed, which take place in the way the object to be duplicated etc. is <read-in> through a multi-duplicator scanner whereby the duplication then can take place, and in fact in any desired number.


Each multi-duplicator works on an electron-energy basis, whereas electrons are virtually inexhaustible. The duplicator taps the inexhaustible seas of electrons which are present everywhere in the entire universe, whereupon the captured resp. gained electrons are transformed into the required working material, from which the desired products are developed and can be multiplied according to preference.


In addition, the electrons also supply the required propulsion and work energy to these wonder apparatuses. This full automatic production process is operating wise, residing under the responsibility of robots and androids, which also maintain these apparatuses. Consequently in this process, there is really nothing more left over to do for humans than to exercise control functions.


Naturally, Billy adds, there exist not only the enormous multi duplication facilities which is constructed for large scale and mass production, but also smaller apparatuses in this respect, which can be found in every  household as well as in every flying craft designed to carry people, even the smallest ones. Of course multi duplicators can also be found in every space craft both in the smallest and, of course also in the largest.


But nevertheless, not all food is simply duplicated through such apparatuses, as already mentioned, but the majority of the food are naturally produced and consumed fresh. However those kinds of natural food are also being preserved in different ways, and are also being processed into dry products.




There exist of course also artists of all kind among the Pleiadians/Plejarans, like for example musicians, singers, painters and sculptors etc. These have a high standing amongst the people and are highly valued, although they are not hyped up and adored or glorified etc., which is the case here on Earth. Even though they are highly appreciated, they are not regarded and treated as somebody special; consequently no personality cult is established around them.


Their talent is simply accepted and honoured as such – but nothing more, because also such a profession is nothing special, because their giftedness is just a talent like any other, without the respective person, for that reason, is being more honoured or is met with more interest etc. , even though their status and prestige are high.  


The artists themselves are modest and do not consider themselves to be somebody special, and besides they work their daily  two hours daily, like all other people for the common good and the community of the entire planet. And since no financial resources exist among the Pleiadian/Plejarans, also no profiteering occurs. 


All artists carry out their work out of pure idealism and from an inner desire, exclusively in their free time. Their artworks of all kind, even music and singing, and so on and so forth, are projected via huge screens in every household, or exhibitions and concerts take place in buildings specially built for this purpose.


Art of painting


There only exist one true art of painting among the Pleiadians/Plejarans , namely the natural. Billy mention that according to the explanations and interpreting given to him by the Pleiadians/Plejarans known to him, the true art of painting lies in the ability to completely lifelike reproduce by hand all kinds of things existing, like this was practised by for example Albrecht Dürer, Michelangelo and Anker etc. This also includes futuristic and fantasy type drawings and paintings, when these show the objects etc. naturally.


But each people have their own painting technique which we to some extent know of, just like oil painting and water colour paintings etc. By the the Pleiadians/Plejarans can moreover a painting technique be found which create the most amazing depth effect. Through a very special colour mixing and painting technique, the painting appears in such a way three-dimensional as nature itself.  


Only what with has been natural created with their own hands count as art of painting among the Pleiadian/Plejarans and everything which is not natural (also all other things outside the art of painting), is not considered as art. Abstract paintings (and sculptures etc.), which not naturally reproduce various objects, are seen as confused products of mentally disoriented people who are not sufficiently connected to even being able to recognize reality and live with it. 


Photography does also not belong to art because it is not created with one’s own hands, but with the help of a device or an apparatus etc. True art is therefore something which not every person possesses. Paining a few smudges on the wall or squirt blobs on paper is something even apes can do and that in fact no longer has anything to do with art; by contrast, technical and suchlike paintings or certain graffiti works etc., which also is valued as art. The completely unnatural terrestrial paintings are therefore frowned upon by the Pleiadians/Plejarans, unless it concerns truly valuable, natural artwork.




The artistic genre music is for the Pleiadians/Plejarans extremely valuable for the build-up and balance of the psyche, but only when it sounds really harmonious. The physical laws of acoustics are overall applicable in the entire universe, naturally of course are the instruments with which harmonic tones and sounds are created as fundamentally different and diverse as the different tones and tone sequences themselves.


The music to the extra-terrestrials is also very diverse and foreign for people on Earth. The music to the Pleiadians/Plejarans, in particular, is very highly evolved, beautiful harmonious and electrifying, thus people on Earth are not at all able to stand it long term, because the state of the complete harmony grow without bounds and would become an insatiable urge which could cause a kind of addiction.


Billy writes that this is also the reason for that he, during his visit on planet Erra as well on board the space ships, was not allowed to bring along, resp. record on tape, any music and bring it back to Earth. Three earthly musical pieces resp. certain sequences from them, which he had in his presence in 1997 when he wrote this, have a certain similarity with the harmony of the Pleiadian-Plejaran music, and they are <Bolero> by Maurice Ravel, "The Ride of the Valkyries" of the opera <The Valkyrie>  (2nd part from the complete work < Ring of the Nibelung> by Richard Wagner and the  <prisoners’ chorus> from the opera <Nabucco> by Giuseppe Verdi.


The Pleiadians/Plejarans have conservatories (like naturally other universities as well, namely also for other types of arts etc., just that these schools are called something different). These schools are however only attended by really interested people, who then, after their study work for the benefit for the whole of their humankind. Therefore, it never occurs, Billy adds, as is the case here on Earth unfortunately, that untalented performers, with their variety of disharmonic performances, appear in public and are becoming cheered by those who are disharmony corrupted, even though the performers themselves neither understand anything of music instruments nor of singing, but only crackling and producing noise in an absolute disharmonious way.


As Ptaah explained, the humans of the Pleiadian/Plejaran people and races always compose and produce their music according to their evolution, knowledge and understanding, as well as according to the feelings and thoughts, the ethic and the awareness, and hence according to the characteristic features of their personality resulting from this.


And since a great balance and tranquillity dominate in these relations, also the music is structured in such a way. But precisely in this respect, in contrast to that, it can only be realized among Earth humans with dismay, that they frequently create so called music, which truly no longer has any relevance to music, but organised noise and music defined disharmony, which affect the psyche and the consciousness, acting destructive on it, whereby it then begins to react disharmonic and people go crazy in an uncontrolled manner.


This so called music is therefore nothing different from being a back image of those who create it or are listening to it, and whose psyche and mindset as well as healthy attitude to life is crippled or destroyed and their evolution has worryingly stagnated with regard to that these people are life-hostile and life-incapable and walk on the path of great destruction, like Quetzal and Ptaah as well as other Pleiadians/Plejarans have explained in uniform statements.


This so called music of terrestrial character, which has nothing to do with really good music made by Earth people is, according to Pleiadian/Plejaran statements, nothing more than a screaming disharmony with the worst destructive vibes, with malicious contempt for human beings, contempt for Creation, desire for destruction and disregard for human rights and life itself. This quite contrary to music which are really good, harmonic and constructive for the psyche and consciousness and which also have an evolution building effect, have a positive approach to life and enhances the respect for humans and other life forms and foster compliance with the life forming creational-natural laws and commandments.




The maturity for marriage is first reached at the age of 70 among the Pleiadians/Plejarans. That does not mean that they are not physically able to lead a marriage already at the age of 20, because they become sexually mature already at the age of 12, on average. Nevertheless, as a matter of principle, no marriages take place before the age of 70, namely on the one hand to become maturely developed, and on the other hand, because up to this age a great deal of different activities needs to be learned, whereby forming a family would only get in the way.


The training is extremely important, as well as the life experience gathered and learned, which after getting married guarantee that the marriage stays in place, so that divorces no longer have to be taken into consideration. Until the age of 70, the Pleiadians/Plejarans practice sexual abstinence with other partners, in order to carefree being able to focus all their attention towards their spiritual-consciousness, occupational and life-experience related development, whereby also the factor of controlling the sex drive plays an important role.


If two persons meet and come to assume that they have developed, or are able to develop, deep feelings and emotions for each other, then they are committed to two full years to seek clarity if their feelings and emotions are existent and genuine or not. Of course this time can become extended with several years according to wish. If both of them, after this time period, agree that the feelings and emotions they assumed for each other is truly genuinely based, then they are tested if they really belong together, by various experts on the matter. 


First after having successfully completed the test, may both of them unite in a marriage, if in fact everything is okay from both sides for a marriage and the necessary preconditions have been fulfilled, like for example really profound feelings and emotions, affection and love as well as their   parenting skills in raising offspring, and so on. A marriage normally last for the entire life, but it can also afterwards be dissolved if it turns out that the assessment, or part of it, gave a false impression. But this has not happened as long as anybody can remember, so it is safe to say that such a case no longer occurs.


The two-year (or extended years) period before the marriage, is divided up in such a way that those concerned during a time of 7 days may only meet once for several hours, in order to not to compromise the necessary distance to each other. In doing so they are however free in how to organize their rendezvous, whereby sexual activities, however, are taboo and in no way permitted. A rule, which also everyone in fact comply with, something Billy writes he was assured of time and again. Such acts and relationships are first allowed when the aspired marriage, on the basis of the passed tests, has become a virtual unavoidable and done matter.


If the two persons carry out an activity during their trial period, which makes it necessary for them to come together more than once during the week, then there is no objection against that, because it is only a purely personal gathering which is against the rule. This ruling aims at ensuring that the marriage candidates, after being together, each time have a week long time to thoroughly think over what they together experienced and talked about etc. If factors appearing during this trial time which gives reason to consider against a marriage, then the concerned are wise enough themselves to break everything off and give up, if they not beforehand have been alerted by those testing and giving advice that a such a marriage would only bring harm.


I everything goes well, and if the two-year trial time is mastered in a positive way, then follow a last test which consist of a one year separation, during which both are not allowed to see each other at all and which serves that both once and for all clarify their feelings etc. If these remain constant in unvarying form, during the year, then there is no longer any objection against  the two getting married.


For this last test, many voluntarily let themselves be transferred to other foreign planets, or on to space ships which carry out various missions far from home etc. This takes place for the reason that sufficient distance is gained and without influence from the partner everything can again be thoroughly reconsidered, also in regard to the feelings. After that, follow the definite and final assessment by the advisory and those being tested.


As already mentioned earlier, divorces among the Pleiadians/Plejarans have not occurred for as long as anyone can remember, although they can in fact be pronounced and carried out. But this only happened when the cases were extreme, thus when a gross violation took place against the creational laws and commandments of marriage. Under this aspect, includes of all things the adultery in particular, which by the Pleiadians/Plejarans constitute a <breach of covenant> and is very seriously assessed, consequently those found guilty are exiled for life.


But as mentioned, the evolution level of the Pleiadians/Plejarans is very high, hence such offences, for this reason alone, no longer occur, which is also why that polygamy prevail, which creational-naturally apply to the man, Billy adds, while the woman is monogamous and carry extensive reckoning and is given attention as well as abidance – unlike many people on Earth who pay no attention to this creational-natural based fact. 


Naturally, Billy adds, the question also interested him what happens when a Pleiadian-Plejaran person fall in love with a human of foreign origin, resp. from another planet or another race, upon which Semjase gave him the following answer (My translation):


“Should a person of our race fall in love with another worldly and spiritually (consciousness related) inferior race to ours, in the sense that they both want to unite, then this possibility is clarified according to our laws. If the facts prove that all the necessary conditions are fulfilled, then the marriage may take place. At that, it really does not matter whether the life form from the other world live beneath our spiritual (consciousness related) level, because in such circumstances they are developed to our spiritual (consciousness related) level, by our scientists. However, these incidents are rather rare.”


German original

“Sollte sich ein Mensch unserer Rasse in eine andere weltliche und uns geistig (bewusstseinmässig) unterlegene Rasse verlieben in dem Sinn, dass sich die beiden vereinen möchten, dann wird diese Möglichkeit nach unseren Gesetzen abgeklärt. Ergeben die Fakten, dass die notwendigen Voraussetzungen aller Art erfüllt werden, dann darf die Eheschliessung erfolgen.  Dabei spielt es wirklich keine Rolle, ob die andersweltliche Lebensform unter unserem geistigen (bewusstseinsmässigen) Stand lebt, denn in solchem Fällen wird sie durch unsere Wissenschaftler unserem geistigen (bewusstseinsmässigen) Stand gamäss höher entwickelt. Diese Vorkommnisse sind aber recht selten.”



With regards to jealousy, no problems at all predominate among the Pleiadians/Plejarans. At earlier times, they nevertheless also had to go through the evolutionary related learning processes in this respect and learn to free themselves from jealousy, something they succeeded in first at a higher evolutionary level, whereby Semjase explained the following (My translation):


“A completely anti-material thinking person is no longer able to create any jealousy in himself because his thinking has become all-embracing which in jealousy consider all possession as unworthy of honour, and in love and happiness elevates it to common property, however, always in terms of that his dignified solidarity is in compliance with the given laws and rules, namely by each side. When two people by us unite in a marital union, it does not mean taking possession of the partner, but quite simply a union in fellowship. Hence, with that come no possession rights into the picture, but only love, understanding, and joy in pleasing the other. Every partner remains absolutely free in what they do and pleases, like in cases of decisions etc., are all matters dealt with in a mutual agreement. In regards to fulfilment of laws and order in an evolutionary sense, and in every respect, are mutual clarifications and understandings necessary, which are given by certain rules of the arrangement. ”


German original

 “Ein völlig antimateriell denkender Mensch vermag in sich keine Eifersucht mehr zu erzeugen, weil sein Denken zum Allumfassenden geworden ist, das in Eifersucht alles Besitztum als ehrunwürdig erachtet und in Liebe und Freude zum Allgemeingut erhebt, jedoch immer im Sinne dessen, das seine ehrwürdige Verbundenheit in Befolgung der Gesetze und Gebote gegeben ist, und zwar von jeder Seite. Wenn sich bei uns zwei Menschen zum Ehebund zusammenschliessen, dann bedeutet dies nicht ein Besitzergreifen des Partners, sondern ganz einfach ein Zusammenschluss in Verbundenheit. Also treten dabei nicht irgendwelche Besitzrechte in Erscheinung, sondern allein Liebe, Verständnis, und Freude am Erfreuen des andern. Jeder Partner bleibt völlig frei in seinem Tun und Lassen, wie bei Entscheidungen usw. in gegenseitigem Einverständnis aller Belange gehandelt wird. In Erfüllung von Gesetz und Gebot in evolutionärem Sinne und in jeder Beziehung. Diesbezüglich sind gegenseitige Abklärungen und Einverständnisse erforderlich, was gegeben ist durch gewisse Regeln der Ordnung.”



A marital union among the Pleiadians/Plejarans does not take place in a similar way as here on Earth. In order to enter into a marital union, only the necessary tests are called for, as previously described; but then no marital status ministerially, ideological, or official procedures exist, which have to be observed and implemented. The sole obligation among the Pleiadians/Plejarans is the registration of each person, resulting naturally in that also the descendants become recorded. Whereby also the civilian status and all additional necessary information are recorded, like place of residence, date of birth, special or professional skills etc., whereby all this information however only serve for population control etc., without that it becomes evaluated or used in a negative way, therefore also no data protection is needed, like this occurs out of necessity on Earth.


Also, there exists no danger of a totalitarian control through the registration of information among the Pleiadians/Plejarans as this unfortunately happen more and more on Earth. By the Pleiadians/Plejarans is the personal freedom of the individual of the highest priority and very highly valued, therefore no one has to suffer under the thumb of freedom limitations, and precisely this freedom also applies to the marital union. In this regard Billy asked Ptaah once, officially, whereupon he received the following answer (Semjase-Kontaktberichte) (My translation): 


“ … The process of a marital union with us is that such a union first preceded by a two year assessment period, during which both the future partners live far separated from each other in order to examine the feelings etc. for each other. Then they undergo different voluntary tests and clarifications related to their marriage ability in all areas, which also of course include the offspring factor and parenting skills.


These verifications, which include practically all areas of a marriage, are carried out by authoritative wise people resp. spiritual leaders and voluntarily accepted by those being tested. If as result the conditions for marriage are found being met, then the two, who loves each other, enter into a marriage in free form. This means that they join together in a free marriage, without the existence or need of any official provision or union.


Nor would such a form of marriage be a good thing and besides would be fraught with a great deal of problems because an official union amount to an inevitable constraint which is made up of certain official regulations etc. This corresponds to the experience which already our forefather made, which is why the way out from many ills which originated in the official marriage was sought in the free marriage, as we practise them today and which serves us well.


The numerous old mistakes, which often led to very evil assaults, and even killings in the official marriages, are since that time rectified and do not take place at all anymore, which nevertheless has nothing to do with the fact that not differences of opinion can arise, which however no longer gets out of control, like they did at much earlier times, when the official marriages still applied by rule.


The free marriage and thus the free alliance of marriage offers a lot of advantages, including, among other things, that the two partners do not feel chained together through official constraints in the way this really is the case in an official marriage because there is an official-law based obligation. As a result the marriage partners also do not feel free, in the way this actually is the case in a free marriage.


However, not being free creates many, and very often unsolvable problems, because the freedom of taking one’s own decisions and actions is lacking as a result of the fact that the partners are tied together by an official regulation in the way that they cannot necessarily separate from each other simply of own free will when their marriage does not harmonize etc., but that this is only possible by following official regulations and a corresponding action. In a free marriage the partners themselves join together, out of their very own decision, in order for themselves to decide about everything and anything in their marriage in an absolutely free form.


This also guarantees that the feeling of belonging together becomes very strongly pronounced, as well as the sense of responsibility concerning all matters of the marriages and towards the partner. That should actually suffice as an explanation. ”


German original

“…Der Vorgang einer Eheschliessung bei uns ist der, dass einem solchen Zusammenschluss zuerst eine zweijährige Prüfungszeit vorausgeht, während der die beiden zukünftigen Partner weit voneinander getrennt leben, um ihre Gefühle usw. Füreinander zu prüfen. Danach unterziehen sie sich verschiedene freiwilligen Prüfungen und Abklärungen in bezug auf die Ehefähigkeit in allen Bereichen, wozu natürlich auch der Faktor Nachkommenschaft und die Erziehungsfähigkeit gehören.


Diese Prüfungen, die praktisch alle Bereiche einer Ehe in sich einschliessen, werden durch massgebende Weise resp. Geistführer durchgeführt und von den zu Prüfenden freiwillig auf sich genommen. Wird dabei eine wirkliche Ehefähigkeit befunden, dann bünden sich die zwei einander Liebenden zu einer Ehe in freier Form. Das bedeutet, dass sie sich in einer freien Ehe zusammentun, ohne dass eine amtliche Vorschrift oder Zusammenfügung besteht oder erforderlich wäre.


Eine solche Form einer Eheschliessung wäre auch nicht gut und zudem mit sehr vielen Problemen verbunden, weil eine amtliche Zusammenfügung einem unausweichlichen Zwang gleichkommt, der aus bestimmten amtlichen Vorschriften usw. besteht. Dies entspricht einer Erfahrung, die schon unseren Vorfahren eigen wurde, weshalb der Ausweg aus vielen Übeln, die durch die amtliche Ehe entstanden sind, in der freien Ehe gesucht wurde, wie wir sie heute praktizieren und sehr gut fahren damit.


Die vielfältigen alten Übel, die in den amtlichen Ehen oft zu sehr bösartigen Übergriffen und gar zu Tötungen führten, sind seither behoben und treten überhaupt nicht mehr in Erscheinung, was jedoch nichts damit zu tun hat, dass nicht Meinungsverschiedenheiten auftreten könnten, die jedoch nicht mehr ausarten wie zu sehr viel früheren Zeiten, als eben noch die amtlichen Ehen vorschriftig galten.


Die freie Ehe und also das freie Ehebündnis bietet sehr viele Vorteile, so unter anderem auch den, dass sich zwei Partner nicht durch einen amtlichen Zwang aneinander gekettet fühlen, wie dies bei einer amtlichen Ehe ja tatsächlich der Fall ist, weil eine amtlich-gesetzmässige Verpflichtung besteht. Dadurch fühlen sich die Ehepartner auch nicht frei, wie dies eben bei einer freien Ehe tatsächlich der Fall ist.


Das Unfreisein aber schafft viele und sehr oft unlösbare Probleme, weil die Freiheit der eigenen Entscheidung und Handlung fehlt infolge der Tatsache, dass die Partner durch eine amtliche Vorschrift aneinandergebunden sind in der Art und Weise, dass sie sich nötigerweise nicht einfach aus eigenem Willen voneinander trennen können, wenn ihre Ehe nicht harmoniert usw., sondern dass dies nur durch die Befolgung amtlicher Vorschriften und einer dementsprechenden Handlung möglich ist. In einer freien Ehe tun sich die Partner in freiem Willen selbst zusammen in ureigener Entscheidung, um über alles und jedes in ihrem Ehebündnis selbst zu bestimmen in absolut freier Form.


 Dies gewährleistet auch, dass das Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl ausserst stark ausgeprägt wird wie auch das Verantwortungsbewusstsein in bezug auf alle Belange des Ehebündnisse  und gegenüber den Partnern. Das sollte eigentlich als Erklärung genügen.”


Sexuality and offspring


When one look at the sexuality and the matters of offspring to the Pleiadians/Plejarans, Billy continues, then it is very regrettable having to notice that in this respect creational-unnatural opinions, practices and ideas prevail in many cases among people on earth, which in many cases can only be termed primitive. Due to false, and often traditional conditional educative methods, many people on Earth have a completely false conception and even an absolutely distorted relationship to this matter, which is why it may be of particular interest to briefly touch on how the Pleiadians/Plejarans conduct themselves in relation to sexuality and offspring.


In doing so, the first point which should be stated is that they, in this respect, remain on a creational-true-to-nature level, which applies all over the universe. Although they reach physical maturity when they are 11,5 years old, while the sexual maturity and fertility is reached at about 12, it does nevertheless still takes around 60 years after that, before they assert their reproductive ability. That is to say, first at the age of 70, at the earliest, do they get married. A rule they consistently abide with.


In order to best possible facilitate the lengthy development process up to this age, is sexual abstinence practiced, whereby this is gone through in useful discussions together with other persons. This abstinence however only relate to a sexual union with the opposite sex, which does not, however, mean that homosexuality among men would occur, because this has no longer existed among the Pleiadians/Plejarans since ancient times.


Since homosexuality is a gene-related matter, Billy adds, it was banished from human life through an appropriate genetic manipulation, but only because it involved a naturally occurring anomaly, not because it would be reprehensible, as unfortunately many people on Earth assume and as a result hassle, insults and cause grief to those affected, which is a particularly condemnable characteristic of people on Earth.


Thus, two-gender abstinence predominates among the Pleiadians/Plejarans until the age of 70. Two-gender abstinence means, in the course of this, sexual abstinence, which therefore only equate to sexual intercourse between man and woman. No other abstinence is however required, therefore self-satisfaction (onanism/masturbation) is permitted, performed and is certainly not reprehensible, sinful or creational-unnatural, like Christian circles vehemently claim and propagate.


If one look at the circumstances of sexuality and offspring among the Pleiadians/Plejarans, Billy adds, one cannot fail to notice that by them everything takes place very naturally, something also Semjase explained with the following statement (My translation):


“We produce our offspring in the same natural way as is also common by humans on Earth and all other physical life forms in all other universes (dimensions). Another form of procreation does not exist, apart from exceptional cases, as under certain circumstances is a spiritual procreation carried out, which however constitute an extremely rare event. As well as an insemination in artificial form which for the most part is only applied in extreme cases for the survival of species.


But, on the whole, is procreation of offspring oriented towards on the normal act of sexual intercourse, because only this form corresponds to the naturalness and the given creational law and requirements. And only the observance of this form, in clearly defined ways, ensure the continued existence and the spiritual (consciousness related) evolution of a life form, because both spiritual as well as artificial procreation holds many dangers because the offspring procreated in this way, with absolute certainty, degenerate due to hardly noticeable mutations, which over time, little by little, makes entire races of life forms into becoming physical and spiritual (consciousness related) monstrosities.


They also lose their power of resistance and the normal way of thinking. Therefore spiritual as well as artificial insemination without fail, inevitably over time, leads to degeneration – mentally as well as physically.”


German original

“Wir zeugen unsere Nachkommen auf dem ebenso natürlichen Wege, wie es auch den Erdenmenschen und allen andern materiellen Lebensformen in allen Universen (Dimensionen) eigen ist. Eine weitere Zeugungsform existiert nicht, wenn von Ausnahmen abgesehen wird, da unter Umständen eine geistige Zeugung vorgenommen wird, was jedoch als sehr seltenes Vorkommnis zu bezeichnen ist. So auch eine Befruchtung in künstlicher form, die meistens nur in extremen Fällen zur Arterhaltung Anwendung findet.


Im grossen und ganzen ist aber die Zeugung der Nachkommenschaft auf den normalen Beischlafakt ausgerichtet, denn allein diese Form entspricht der Natürlichkeit und der schöpferisches Gesetz- und Gebotsgebung. Und allein die Befolgung dieser Form in genau bestimmten Bahnen gewährleistet den Fortbestand und die geistige (bewusstseinsmässige) Evolution einer Lebensform, denn sowohl geistige als auch künstliche Zeugung bergen Gefahren in sich, weil die so erzeugte Nachkommenschaft mit absoluter Sicherheit kaum erkennbaren Mutationen verfällt, die im Laufe der Zeit nach und nach ganze Lebensformrassen zu körperlichen und geistigen (bewusstseinsmässigen) Ausgeburten machen.


Sie verlieren auch ihre Widerstandskraft und die normale Denkform. Somit führen geistige wie künstliche Befruchtung im Laufe der Zeit unweigerlich zur Degeneration – bewusstseinsmässig wie körperlich.”


Unfortunately, Billy adds, people on Earth are often misguided in regards to the sexual issues and have in particular become misinformed through ideological false doctrines; nevertheless people are able to free themselves from these kind of confusions and what is not true or not when they are just willing  to teach themselves what is true and recognize that the sexual union, the sexual intercourse between man and women, in no way just serve the procreation of offspring, but goes far beyond that in that it also serve to maintain the psychic balance and the psychological well-being.


To this end is sexual intercourse not only allowed, but even very necessary, which however doesn’t mean that adultery and prostitution therefore can be practised. Thus this truth should not be falsely understood or be deliberately misinterpreted and should never degenerate into an unrestricted self-indulgence, because needless to say there are also here rules and order which needs to be observed so that no degeneracy take place.


According to the Pleiadian/Plejaran requirements, is on Erra a maximum number of just three children per couple pre-existing (always according to the population possible on a planet) (a number which also is true on Earth). In this way is the overall planetary population is kept within the sustainable and food providing capacity of the planet. Thus, the three children marriages form the step to nip a possible emerging overpopulation in the bud. 


Every birth of a child by the Pleiadians/Plejarans take place in a natural way, which means that every birth take place without pain-relieving medication as this give the greatest benefit to both child and mother, which Billy writes that this is what he was told by them. Such a natural birth has great advantages physically as well as consciousness wise.


Burial of the dead


Because death plays an important role in the life of humans, Billy writes that he naturally also asked the Pleiadians/Plejarans about in which manner they buried their dead. He readily received for example the following information from Semjase:


(My translation above the German original)


 “The burial is just as known and common to us as it is on Earth. For this purpose we have special storage place facilities outside of inhabited areas. Since ancient times we have still maintained the cremation for very rare cases, if such is wished for.


In addition to burial, is the elimination of the body, from which life has escaped, common. These are matters of individual wishes, so that either form of burial can be used. But the burial is being done the natural way because that is how it has been done since the earliest era.


However, there is nothing preventing elimination when the fluidal forces, still lingering for a certain time in the lifeless body, has been lost and no longer needs to be considered, which of course becomes transitory through elimination or cremation. The fluidal forces can linger for centuries, however, at the maximum so long as until the skeleton is destroyed.”


German original:

 “Es ist uns die Erdbestattung ebenso bekannt und gebräuchlich wie auf der Erde. Hierzu verfügen wir über spezielle Ablageanlagen abseits der bewohnten Gebiete. Von alten Zeiten her haben wir auch noch die Feuerbestattung beibehalten für sehr seltene Fälle, wenn eine solche gewünscht wird.


Nebst der Erdbestattung ist die Eliminierung der lebenentwichenen Körper üblich. Dies sind Dinge individueller Wünsche, so die eine oder andere Bestattungsform Anwendung finden kann. Die Erdbestattung aber findet die natürliche Form, denn so ist es gegeben seit Urbeginn.


Einer Eliminierung steht aber nichts im Wege, wenn das Verlustiggehen gewisser noch einige Zeit im leblosen Körper anhaltender Fluidalkräfte ausser acht gelassen wird, die natürlich durch die Eliminierung oder Verbrennung flüchtig werden. Die fluidalkräfte können Jahrhunderte anhalten, längstens aber so lange, bis das Skelett zerstört ist”


Penal system


It is unfortunately always argued or assumed that the extra-terrestrials are some kind of supernatural beings, who no longer have any faults in their character and consequently no longer need any laws, commandments, rules, regulations and provisions as well as code of conduct and guidelines etc. This assertion corresponds to a grave error or simply an absurd claim of ideological making etc. The truth namely is that everywhere, where the creational order and laws as well as commandments have become an absolute matter of course, there also exist laws and commandments. 


This is therefore always the case everywhere where human life forms are still tied to material bodies. Even the overall highest developed human life forms, who still require a human body, cannot avoid having certain laws, commandments, rules, regulations and guidelines of their own. And even after a human one day loses his physical body and becomes a pure spirit form, even then he will still come under laws and commandments, only that these no longer then are of human, but of creational nature.


That in particular means that all life forms, still possessing a body, have many faults, which is why evolution adjusted law and commandment legislation is absolutely necessary and unavoidable; and this is also then still required when the course-material body have long since become a thing of the past.


Therefore do not the already very highly evolved Pleiadians/Plejarans  get by without laws and commandments etc. either, even though no longer any criminal offences occur by them. But also they are nevertheless not free from errors, thus it suddenly could be the case one day that an offence could occur, for whatever reason. And precisely for this reason there are certain disciplinary laws in place, even though they are only preventive.


If it so happens, that a person is guilty of an offence, it is then dealt with according to the scale of the offence or felony. A mistake committed is therefore always called by its name and never covered up, which means that also a fallible human stand by his act, because according to the clear logic of the Pleiadian/Plejarans, it simply makes no sense to cover up any wrongdoing in the way this is a common practise by people on Earth.


First of all making mistakes is a necessary process for the development, and in fact it is an imperative factor, because it is something which can be learned from, whilst mistakes are being recognized and eliminated. In this way do mistakes and sources of error become evolutionary factors, which in the course of time become eradicated and which lead to the correct behaviour, whereby the same mistakes are never again being committed in the same exact form.


Since the legislation to the Pleiadians/Plejarans correspond to their spiritual (consciousness related) level, they are consequently also humane. A fact which very many of Earth’s legislations cannot boast of, if one only thinks of torture and the death penalty, Billy adds. Therefore, by the Pleiadians/Plejarans  it never happens that offenders are caused physical or psychological harm through any torture, or even that anybody are being robbed of their life as a punishment  .


Depending on the degree of an offence or a crime, a guilty person would either be banished to a lonely, far remote island or to a specific selected planet for this purpose – by serious criminal offences up to for life. But the law requires at that on the places such measures are being performed, can never both sexes be banished, therefore special and segregated places for men or women are provided for. 


However, the same laws prevail everywhere, that is, the offenders find themselves, on the places where such measures are performed, completely on their own and in the sweat of their faces have to earn their daily bread. They must create their own tools themselves, because machines and equipment are not provided to them – just simply the very minimum of what they need in order to enable them to start a new life by themselves.


They are also permitted to make small machines and the like, but so that this does not create an opportunity to escape, periodic controls are made whereupon possible secretly made work facilitating equipment or escape aiding apparatuses are eliminated without mercy. Besides, it is made sure that the offenders cannot initiate contact with other non-criminal persons but remain among their fellows.


According to a statement from the Pleiadians/Plejarans, which Billy here quotes as follows: (My translation above the German original beneath) “This form of punishment ensures the greatest possible guarantee that order is being complied with, and on the other hand the offenders do not become a burden to the people. Moreover, this form of punishment is very humane and useful, because during the life long (or also shorter) exile time the offenders are not hindered in their development (because all necessary material for studies and learning in all respects are being brought to them by the policing forces). ”


German original

“gewährleistet dise Strafform die grösstmögliche Sicherheit für die einzuhaltende Ordnung, und anderseits fallen die Fehlbaren nicht der Volksmasse zur Last. Ferner ist diese Form der Bestrafung sehr human und zweckdienlich, denn während der lebenslänglichen (oder auch kürzeren) Verbannungszeit sind die Fehlbaren in ihrer Entwicklung nicht gehemmt (weil diesen von den kontrollierenden Kräften alles erforderliche Material für Studien und das Lernen in jeder Hinsicht gebracht wird).”


Diseases – Sport


Diseases occur in the whole universe on virtually all material planets in a smaller or larger numbers, consequently no life form is immune against them. Diseases are largely also an inevitable occurrence, in order to ensure mutations and with that the evolutionary change of life forms to a more viable and more vulnerability resistant life. Therefore, in a sense, diseases and mutations close ranks in the way that from certain diseases, a mutative resistance develops against them, whereby the life quality becomes improved and a physical organic development follows.


In this way are diseases and mutations closely connected because from certain disease follow, by mutation, a certain resistance, whereby the life forms become more viable. This does certainly not, however, apply to all diseases because other diseases are created through the wrong way of living by the life forms themselves and appear with destructive and annihilating consequences. These types of diseases, it can be said, are the regulators correcting the false ways of living; thus an inevitable appearance and result of something which is wrongly practised.


Then there are those diseases to consider, Billy continues, which occur as a result when different life forms mingle among each other in the way that they simply live together, like for example what people do with animals, where they on hand cramp them together in stables and enclosures in different genre-related ways, and on the other hand in the way that people live together with animals in their residential buildings and in addition treat them as equals.


Billy further writes that out of these factors develop an unusually large number of diseases and epidemics, which are not mutative evolutionary caused, but which can be attributed to pure irrationality and disregard for the creational-natural laws and commandments. And especially in this regard are people on Earth acting irrational and even criminal because they, by living together with animals in own residential living quarters and by equal treatment of animals in how they are handled, contribute to numerous diseases and epidemics which develop by mutation when bacteria and viruses from animals and humans combine with one another and in this way develop into deadly pathogenic germs.


It becomes in particular bad, in this regard, when people treat animals like humans, kiss them or let themselves be licked by the animals, sleep in the same bed as animals and allow them to eat from the same plate as also being used by humans etc. – or when sodomy or sexual practises is practised with animals (Billy here refer to for example AIDS, an epidemic which originated through sodomy with vervet monkeys, which is what the Pleiadians/Plejarans explained to him).


From what has been explained, it clearly can be recognized that very many diseases and epidemics develop solely through the irrationality, a wrong lifestyle, and a know-it-all attitude of humans. From the above mentioned reasons, it is by the Pleiadians/Plejarans an unalterable rule that no animals at all to be held in human residential areas or to consider them as companions;  any form of caressing of animals is equally taboo in the same way as a humanization is.


This also results in that no diseases or epidemics appear by humans at all which can be traced back to animals, which naturally also is the case the other way around and whereby it is avoided that new diseases and epidemics etc. can came into being in the first place. This fact also contributes to that the Pleiadian-Plejaran races and people as well as all of the federation allies have been able to keep themselves free from diseases and epidemics, to what end naturally also the medical science has contributed significantly.


This in turn makes it clear that foreign planets therefore do not have to bear the huge number of diseases and epidemics, as well as physical deformations etc., as is the case on Earth.  Therefore, depending on rationality of the human life form, these ills can be controlled and contained, like this simply is the case by the Pleiadians/Plejarans, who have practically tackled all diseases and epidemics and only suffer from very mild things, which are physically caused, such as for example headaches or vision difficulties etc., which however are firmly in control and no longer pose any kind of problems.


Health difficulties may however occur on planets foreign to them, if there are diseases there which their bodies are not immune against resp. which their immune system have not developed any antibodies etc. against, something which for example was the case for some years, as the Pleiadians/Plejarans could be affected by cold; however a problem which now (1997) also has been solved.


Naturally, Billy continues, is also sport practised by the Pleiadian/Plejarans and therefore are also sports competitions being organized. Sport however, means something different for the Pleiadians/Plejarans than what it does here on Earth. Professional sports are considered as unacceptable as any type of extreme sports.  What is regarded as athletic performance all remains within the limits of the natural performance which is practised in addition to the normal daily activities, consequently,  for example by a sport competition have all participants equal chances to win.


Types of sport which are just practised for self-affirmation or to satisfy a thrill are throughout considered unacceptable, which also apply to things which can be dangerous to life, in the way practised here on Earth by people who Billy sees as being psychological sick and consciousness disturbed show-off, image and risk addicts who are unable to meet life with the necessary respect and reverence.


This is quite different by the Pleiadians/Plejarans who value any life form extremely highly and preciously, which is why they neither endanger their own nor a stranger’s life, neither by extreme and sick form of sport nor through any criminal acts or criminal acts of war etc. Life means the most valuable of all properties, and that cannot be changed with the meanest, most devious, most degenerate and feeble-minded attitudes and opinions towards life; and that is not only the view of the Pleiadians/Plejarans and all their federation allies, but is also his own view, Billy writes, and with certainty is it also the view and opinion of all those who are able to reflect on life in a normal and sensible way.



Left: This is photo 49 out of 1476 photographs in total taken by <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier at Berg / Rumlikon, Switzerland on the 14 June 1976. It is a Pleiadian/Plejaran space craft 7 meter or 23 feet in diameter. The craft is being piloted by Semjase and she is doing a demonstration flight.

Photo: <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier



<Billy> Eduard Albert Meier (right), in 1976 surveying landing tracks made by a spaceship from the region of Vega in the Lyra star constellation. The space ship was piloted by one of his extra-terrestrial contacts, a woman named Menara.

This is photo number 311 taken at Ambitzgi / Wetzikon in Switzerland on the 29th of September 1976

Photo: Hans Schutzbach




An international team of astronomers has used the technique of gravitational microlensing to measure how common planets are in the Milky Way. After a six-year search that surveyed millions of stars, the team concludes that planets around stars are the rule rather than the exception. The result appeared in the journal Nature on the 12th of January 2012.

Pdf: One or more bound planets per Milky Way star from microlensing observations


Left The Milky Way over the 1.54-metre Danish Telescope at La Silla Credit:  ESO/Z. Bardon


Below: Alena holding a ray gun belonging to Menara. The ray gun was test fired the same day. Alena comes from the planet SATER which is about 33 pct smaller than Earth. The planet is 157,3 million kilometres away from its central sun in the Lyra star constellation, but in another space-time configuration. She is 148 centimetres tall and her people are members of the Pleiadian/Plejaran federation.

Photo: <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier 6 July 1977



Light brown - Alena's sking color can here be seen as being light brown. She looks similar to people living in countries surrounding the Mediterranean ocean. This was as much as Billy was allowed to publish of her face. Only enough to tell what her skin colour is, but not enough to jeopardize her security should she need to carry out tasks which would involve her having to mingle in our society.

Photo: <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier 6 July 1977


Left: Alena in in Billy Meier’s office holding the ray gun belonging to Menara

Alena comes from the planet SATER which is about 33 pct smaller than Earth. The planet is 157,3 million kilometres away from its central sun in the Lyra star constellation, but in another space-time configuration. She is 148 centimetres tall.

Photo: <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier 6 July 1977


Semjase gave a lot of information about her home planet to Billy Meier


Left: This is the first pencil drawing of Semjase made by Eugen Eichenberger (1982) after the description given to him by Billy Meier.