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Billy Meier’s first contact with Semjase


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By Kåre Bergheim

17th of August 2013


References: Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums….Kontakte mit den Plejadiern/Plejaren Eduard Meier (1997) Pages: 113 Wie es weiterging Die weiteren Kontakte.


After Asket returned to her home in the DAL Universe, Eduard Meier heard nothing more from her. But he often observed so called UFO’s, and generally by night, when they moved along, high in the sky or carried out flight manoeuvres of any kind, which indicated that it could not be terrestrial flying object. Only a very few times did he see them during daytime, but he was always aware that they were present. And he also knew that he stood under supervision of extra-terrestrials who belonged to the Pleiades/Plejaren, from where his next contact person would come. With not a single  <preannounce attempt> it was still not time for him to talk about his experiences with extra-terrestrials, because this should first happen when contact again was established with him which, according to Asket’s prediction,  would happen in the year 1975.


Thus he kept silence, went about his daily work, and readied himself mentally for the new contact. Then, after about eleven years, time had come. It was in Wihaldenstrasse 10 in Hinwil ZH/CH, on Tuesday the 28. January 1975, a few minutes after 13.00, when it happened.  As had been the case for many months, he was engaged in the phenomenon of recording voices on tape recorder in his free time. He could do that during day because he was employed as a night security guard in a large security firm. Up until then, however, did his efforts to record voices on tape remain just a try, which it would also continue to remain. Nevertheless, however, the luck was very much on his side this early afternoon, albeit in an entirely different way than what he actually had expected.


Left: Eduard Meier was employed as a night security guard in a large security firm in 1975 when the first contact with Semjase took place.  Here pictured with his wife and three children.


Something got through to him, into his consciousness, which certainly was not something new, but nevertheless was something different in a form he never had noticed it before until then, he writes. On the other hand, however, it was also something familiar which he for the moment could not imagine because he simply did not expect it at that time. Like out of nowhere suddenly something came over him; an impulse which made him listen inside. That was what was familiar, which he right then had not expected.


Everything became slowly clearer, and out from what at first was indistinct, it now clearly emerged:  Words, foreign thoughts, which got through to him from somewhere. It was these thoughts that were foreign; a personality which he did not recognize. These foreign thoughts whispered in him, and gradually they became understandable and made him listen attentively.  He slowly realised that the whispering came from a female being and that the words were peaceful and familiar even though they came to him in this way and he could not understand them.


But then suddenly he understood the meaning of the words which passed on a somewhat unique appearing message, namely that he should leave the house and take along a camera. Somewhat surprised, but without asking, he did what he had been instructed to do, whereby he however did not know why he did it. The commanding whisper manifested itself in his consciousness like an irresistible command, almost like a quiet force. It was completely different and much more intensive than he had experienced it with Asket and Sfath.


He thus left the house, got the moped from the shelter and drove off, without direction, it seemed to him, but constantly guided and directed by the low whispering in his consciousness. The journey went to a certain location, but through many detours. First he crossed the village in a westerly direction and arrived then into an open field and next into the forest behind Hinwiler Armeepark (The army compound of Hinwil). It then went criss-cross through the forest, although he was not able to use the roads.


He then finally came out of the forest, whereupon he drove criss-cross on dirt tracks through a meadow for then to again travel through different woods in a completely different direction, namely to an area called <das Goldenes Ei> (<The Golden Egg>). Then the whispering voice directed him back on to the road to the village of Hinwil, which he drove along for a few hundred meters, for then again to turn right into another road which passed by a march, which was very desolately located.


After about 300 meter he came across a large truck with a colourful box type truck body whose driver just disappeared in the nearby woods where he apparently had something to carry out. Interested in the beautiful air brush painting on the truck, he stopped and took a look at it from all sides, whereby he noticed from the plate number that it was a German vehicle.


Because he thought that he must have been on the road for at least an hour already, he looked at  his watch and found that the time was already 14.12 o’clock, and that he had in fact been driving around in the area for a whole hour already. At the very moment of this realization, in the air high above him, he heard a weak buzzing sound which was well known to him, because he had already heard it many times by Sfath and Asket, when they were hoovering high above the site location in their space ships.


Pleasantly surprised he looked up at the cloudy sky whereby he thought he was dreaming, because at that time, he simply did not expect any further contact with extra-terrestrials, because he believed this would first happen earliest on the 3.rd of February. For this reason he was already at home quite confused. And again for this reason he thought he was dreaming when a silvery object shot out from the low hanging clouds, rapidly decelerated  its speed and sank down above the forest about 350 meters away, flew a short left turn, and then flew slowly, close above the marshland, directly towards the place he was standing.


The buzzing sound fell abruptly silent as the space ship shot out of the clouds so it now was flying over completely silent, safely and smoothly.  Already from a distance he was able to recognize the exact form of the object; it was without doubt a discus shaped thing, with a semicircular like over and under body. The upper extension was larger than the one beneath and was provided with upright red rectangles, which probably were windows, if he was not mistaken.


Then he again heard the fine voice whispering in his consciousness which now requested him to use his camera and take a few pictures. Quickly he went a bit away from the truck, in order to have this included in the picture, so that he could get a better foreground, while the ship moved a bit back and remained hovering at about the same height in a distance of about 150 meter away and it somewhat <bounced> and wobbled slightly in the air.


He then shot the first picture, an in fact exactly at 14.15 o’clock, which he observed by looking at his watch. He quickly noted the time on the note pad he had carried along, precisely in accordance with what the whispering voice had instructed him to do, that he from now on should record the exact recording time for each photograph, because this would be necessary for the later utilization of the photos, which also applied for the recording location.   


No sooner had he taken the first picture than the object reeved with breakneck speed to the west and then was suddenly the buzzing sound back in the air. The whole thing lasted just a few seconds, and then the space ship came incredibly rapidly back again, for almost promptly to stop in a height of only about 100 meters above the truck, while the buzzing sound also suddenly fell silent again.


He was exactly 44 meter away from the truck when he took the second photo, as he later measured it. That already happened about one or two seconds after the object shot back to about 50 meter behind the truck and again stopped in about 100 meters height. He was now able to see it very clearly: It was in fact a space ship resp. an UFO, a so called <flying saucer>, as people on Earth call these beam ships. It was thus clear that it did not involve a new and unknown to him flying device from Earth.  In fact, he already knew that long before, but now he had the absolute certainty.


The underside of the disc, which had an over- and under body, seemed to vibrate enormously almost as if it was alive. It appeared to him as if small waves slowly and continuously traversed the underside, whereby these were not periodically and not of firm shape. They appeared somehow odd to him and of energetic nature, but the metal of the space ship was clearly recognisable underneath, albeit somewhat hazy. 


It was just as if the air was flickering through intense heat from the sun and distorted everything somewhat. That was something he first noticed by a closer look. And this wave-like flicker suddenly mixed with a whirring sound and then suddenly the whole air seemed to shimmer. Also the truck and the whole area became seized by this shimmering, whereby everything appeared somewhat hazy.


Everything was suddenly simply unclear and blurry, whereby the truck was affected in such a way that it seemed it was further away than the beam ship, the UFO, although the latter in reality hang in the air, with a light swaying movement,  about fifty meter behind the truck. And as he looked at his watch to record time, before he took the second photo, it was already 14.18 o’clock.


After he had taken the second photo, the object shot directly out from its position with rapid speed to the sky, diagonally eastwards, and disappeared in the clouds after no more than three seconds, while the buzzing, which had resounded while he was taking photos, abruptly again fell silent. Then it was initially calm.  At this he reasoned that he must have been watched very closely, because the space ship only maintained its position for so long until he had taken a photo.


Following  shortly after this, the low whispering voice again emerged in his consciousness and now requested him to enter a bumpy dirt track with his moped and drive into the reedy march area, namely in the direction towards the forest located to the east. Thus he went on the field road, back to his moped,  started it and drove to the right of the truck through the grassland due to lack of sufficient space, and then about 100 meter along the road, until he came on to the track which had been instructed to him and which he drove along at a tearing speed.


Driving cross-country, he arrived at the reed grassland, which was in front of the forest and appeared as an isle in the forest. He stopped his moped on the field road about 250 meter before the forest and turned it off, for then to walk around observing. He was now about 500 meter from the truck and noticed somewhat uninterested how it drove off. Obviously the driver had meanwhile returned from the forest. No vehicle and also no people could be seen in the lonely area as the truck had disappeared.


At a farmhouse, in about 500 meters distance, where already for some time a dog had been yapping and now gradually calmed down again, there were no people to be seen either. And it first now occurred to him that the dog must have just started to bark at the very moment the silverly beam ship appeared for the first time. Moreover, first now he also noticed that the voices of nature around him had fallen silent, and birds could no longer be heard, but that they now slowly again raised their voices and became increasingly louder as more time passed by.


In about 200 meter distance, five deer out came slowly into the aisle of the forest and started grazing peacefully, while a bit to the right above the forest and high above the spruces, fir, beech, and birch trees quite a number of ravens were circling engaged in a battle with a raptor. Suddenly and unexpectedly it let off its victims and dived silently away. Flying away in a nosedive, they disappeared above the trees and out of sight, while also the griffin tumbled down and diapered in the branches of the trees.


However, also the five deer suddenly entered into a state of unrest, threw their heads high, scenting into the air and looking watchful around the area. Then they shot away with large wide jumps, away from the forest and onto the open field whereby they rushed past not far away, only a few meters away, from where he stood, towards a forest located in the southerly direction, in which they soon disappeared. They had quite obviously become scared and frightened by something, but not by him, since they had taken no notice of him, and besides they chased towards him.


Their escape appeared somewhat panicky to him. Also by the ravens and griffin birds it seemed to have been for the very same reason. Which he found strange, because ravens do normally not let off a victim delivered to them so quickly and without reason. Then it was again silence and also all the sounds of the birds had again fallen silent. The whole thing was unexplainable to him because until then he had not experienced anything similar.


Two or three minutes had passed by when he suddenly again heard the buzzing sound, already familiar to him. Out from the east, the beam ship again shot down from the clouds and appeared to come crashing down to the forest. But about 100 meters above the forest it abruptly reduced its speed and the buzzing fell silent. It then hovered slowly away above the last tree, on the forest aisle, and sank to the ground.


In the process, he was able to observe how three small disc plates came out, lowered by telescoping stages, which evidently amounted to form landing pads, on which the about seven meter large space ship became standing on the somewhat soft reed ground. Now he also knew the answer to the mystery of why the animals and birds had fled in wild panic and why all voices from the birds had fallen silent. They had obviously noted the reappearance of the beam ship with their fine senses.


And before it had pulled out its landing pads he took the next photo at 14.31 o’clock and one minute later another one, from a distance of about 180 meter. After that he observed how the ship sank further and finally sat down softly on reed ground, completely silent in aisle of the forest. As the ship had landed, it stood just 110 meter away from him. No sound could be heard and no movement could be seen.


He looked both in the nearby and more distant surroundings. But there was nothing to be seen – no animals and no people.  Quite some time passed and still nothing happened, not in his consciousness either, where he somewhat had expected to again hear the whispering voice. And he still did not know why this beam ship had come here and led him to this lonely place. Perhaps everything was just a mistake he thought as his expectation went towards that a further contact would first be established days later.


Therefore he naturally wondered what the point of it all was: and since he had adopted certain brazenness in regards to investigating mysterious things and had no longer any shyness for such objects and even had no fear in this regard. He approached the UFO, which it was, in the literal sense of the word, in these minutes. He wanted to observe the object from a close distance and also as far as possible take photos of it close up.


In its shape it was indeed familiar to him; nevertheless its entire look was foreign to him because it was quite different to the discus shaped space ship which knew from Asket’s ship and from childhood.  Those were really shaped like a discus like two on top of another half round disc’s or round plates. This object here had extensions on the upper and the underside, of such type lacking on all the earlier ships.


He quickly started walking towards the beam ship, but only came a few steps further. He estimated he was still about 100 meter away from the object as an enormous force slowed him down to a complete halt, which manifested itself as a completely silent wind of storm force, or as the power from a negatively polarized magnet, which he unsuccessfully was running up against.


At the same time, observing the ship, he saw that in the same moment as he came into the range of this repelling force, on the outmost narrow edge of the object, an about 50 centimetre wide and obviously circular multi-coloured light band lit up which appeared as an pulsating rainbow. That would probably be related to the force field, which he had walked into.


He therefore wanted to see if that was the case and thus he walked a few steps backwards, whereupon the pulsating light band in fact went out. Once more going forward and again entering into the force field, the light, in which the colours seamlessly flowed into one another, immediately switched on again. With all his strength he now attempted to fight against the pressure pushing away to get ahead, whereby he noticed that the band of light began to illuminate and pulsate a lot more intensive.


He also in fact managed to penetrate further into the force field, but only a few meters. Then, the counterforce simply became too strong for him to advance any further. Therefore, he simply sat down on the ground, looked over at the space ship and waited for the things which certainly were yet to come. And he was not mistaken in fact, because soon, less than one minute after, something happened.


Left: It was on this clearing in front of the forest, where the two persons are standing, that the beam ship landed and first contact with Semjase took place 28 January 1975. The location is Frecht Nature Preserve southwest of the village of Hinwil, Switzerland. Still photo from the film “Ausserirdische Besuchen Die Erde” by Eduard Meier  



Photo number 1113 28 January 1975 16.00 h

Place: Frecht/Hinwil

Taken by “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier

Semjase’s beam ship: Distance to space craft about 200 meter. The object flies about 10 to 15 meter above the tree tops, and is already some 50 meter behind them. Only seconds after this photograph was taken, the ship shot with rapid speed, vertically up in the sky, and disappeared in the clouds.



He had already again observed the closer and farther surroundings; as he simply always feared that unwanted visitors would suddenly show up, when a slender figure moved out from the rear side of the beam ship. It was without doubt a human, as it was no way it could be anything else. It was a female being with long reddish blond hair, which open and long fell over her shoulders, something he noted as she came closer.


She was dressed in a peculiar, but still somehow familiar suit, even though he had never seen one of such form and type before, neither by Sfarth nor by Asket. Undoubtedly it involved a space suit, which would be used in a similar form by terrestrial astronauts in the distant future,  when these one day would be capable of inter galactic s space travel, as Asket had told him and had also had made a drawing for him of such a futuristic suit.


However the suit, which this female being wore, was a lot less bulky and heavy than on Asket’s drawing, rather it was extremely flexible, soft and light, which he already soon were to find out by touching. The dress actually resembled more a skin-tight fitting overall, which had a strange grey colour and from up close looked just like if it was manufactured of elephant skin.


In any case, this material strongly reminded him of the skin of an elephant which he once touched in a Zoo. The peculiar suit was to such an extent tightly fit on the woman, that one could see all proportions. And one could notice with the naked eye that the outfit was extremely durable. In shoulder height, a shiny metallic ring of about two centimetres in diameter run around the neck, and he was in no doubt that this served for mounting a helmet.


But the helmet was presently missing, so as she now moved up to him he was able to notice without doubt that he was not mistaken and that it was in fact a woman. A female being of an age he estimated to be 35 years, whereby he was being hugely deceived. The facial expression was free and open and nothing suggested an above humanness, arrogance or spiritualization.


The young woman simply gave him the impression of being an absolute normal person, without super characteristics and without super beauty, or a beauty above this world, as has been continuously claimed by certain people on Earth over the bygone two decades (to 1997), by allegedly contact persons, in regards to extra-terrestrials who allegedly were supposed to be divine angels and messengers of gods. To which Billy writes that since his childhood, all he could do was to laugh about this, as he was better oriented about the real truth.


The extra-terrestrial woman now stepped towards him and walked like any normal being of female gender, only firmer, more confident and not deliberately graceful as is typical of many terrestrial women, who wish to assert their exaggerated femininity. She walked normal, firmly and securely and exactly as a female being. There was nothing at all suggesting a silly feminine-exaggeration and female show off of the female characteristics, quite the opposite; everything was of natural confidence, assurance, and grace in such a way that it was attractive.


As the woman had walked to about halfway between him and the space ship, he saw how she reached with her left hand to the area of her hip belt, whereupon suddenly the strong pressure, which still was pressing against him, disappeared. Just as lightning-fast disappeared also the rainbow-coloured pulsating ring of light around the object.    


He nearly fell over from his sitting position as the pressure let up, towards which he had to put up a resistance against, also when he was seated. The female being was slowly approaching. She then stepped up close to him and by her left hand she griped his arm and pulled him up. The grip was firm and confident, but very pleasant and vouching certitude.


The young woman and he then stood face to face and looked at each other. He noticed that she was of the same height as him and had somewhat darker blue eyes than he had. Half a minute may well have gone by while they were looking at each other. Then they wordlessly put their arms around each other and held each other for a while like that, without a word being spoken and without that he could explain why the embracement occurred.


It was simply as if they had known each other for a very long time and had not seen each other for a while. Suddenly, as if by command, they both began laughing together, somehow relieved and happy,  and first then did they again remove themselves from each other.  Then, they took each other’s hand and walked in slow steps together, towards a stand of spruce trees nearby, about twenty meter away, where the woman simply sat down in the the dry grass and asked him to do the same.


He therefore also sat down, whereby he however leaned against a spruce trunk. Like this they sat, barely one meter apart, as the woman started to speak, but not in his native tongue, however still in a perfect German, but with a very special accent, which he had not heard before. The introduction conversation arising from this dialogue was not very long, whereupon however the monologue statement lasted considerably longer, whereby he however noticed, by all the statements and declarations, that the visitor of extra-terrestrial origin, was not to the scale oriented like Sfath and Asket were, in regards to his person and the entire past of his spirit form, and also concerning his mission.


Nevertheless, however, from the conversation and from the explanations it emerged that she had some knowledge about him and that she without a shadow of doubt was his next extra-terrestrial contact person, who in fact originated from the region of the Pleiades/Plejaren, as had already been announced by Asket earlier. And, that the new contact to him had been established already on this day, had in and of itself, no special meaning.


The introduction conversation revealed that the women bore the name Semjase and that this first introduction conversation was not intended to be reported. However, he nevertheless made an effort to immediately write down the conversation, word for word, after the space ship pilot had flown away, at least to the extent as he still could remember it.


However, the explanatory conversations after that, as well as all further conversation throughout all of the following years, were word-for-word recorded by the extra-terrestrial visitors and always communicated to him in telepathic form at a later time, whereby he was able to take everything down word-for-word in writing.


The procedure of this telepathic contact conversation communication, since the beginning of the contacts, happened the following way:


The contact conversation was, and is still today (1997), transferred directly, at the time of conversation, via the consciousness of the Pleiadian/Plejaran contact person to a high-tech technological apparatus located in their beam ship/space craft and converted into symbolic images of spirit telepathic standard, for then immediately to be forwarded to a stationary control capsule high above the Earth, where it is being stored. Consequently no word or expressions of a conversation, which has taken place, is being lost.


At a later time, often days or weeks after the conversation took place, when it was convenient for him, he was then able to activate the storage device in the control capsule by a spirit telepathic code word, whereby the stored conversation was transmitted in spirit telepathic symbols, which were received in his spirit-consciousness and transported into in the material-consciousness where he converted the spirit telepathic symbols to words and sentences he was familiar with.


Wording and construction of the sentences were thus inevitably no longer exactly the same to those used during the conversation, but, Billy continues, it is with a one hundred per cent guarantee ensured that the precise meaning, value and phrase of each word and sentence is maintained, also when what was worded by him no longer corresponded to the exact wording of everything being said. Because when he, yet again, converts the symbolic images into words and sentences, the effect also occurs that practically everything is recorded according to his speaking and writing style, although no new meaning occur of what was said and transmitted.


The process can be regarded in the same way as a translation from one language to another, whereby the speaking and writing style of the person doing the translation comes into play. It is for this reason that by transfer of conversation of this kind, including those of similar nature, his language and writing style appears, Billy adds. From his part, Billy writes, he can retrieve a conversation stored in the control capsule only once, after which it becomes inaccessible because it is becoming deposited somewhere else where he no longer has access.


Left: Semjase

The first pencil drawing made by Eugen Eichenberger (1982), after the description given to him by Eduard Meier 


However, a conversation remains stored for so long until it has been retrieved and written down by him, whereby the speed of transmission is being adjusted to the speed of his writing. The first conversation, which actually served as a personal greeting and getting to know each other, and thus was not telepathically recorded, originates from a reproduction based on his memory:


(My translation above the German original)



Semjase: You are a fearless human.


Billy: I have forgotten fear and I have become objective

Semjase:  I know, because we have studied you for years


Billy:  Very nice, and why?


Semjase: Because we wished to clarify some things about you.


Billy:  Are there not somebody else suitable for this purpose then?


Semjase: Certainly, however, we have considered you because you have already dealt with these issues for many thousands of years and you think and act real and honestly and because you have carried out such a mission quite frequently in your earlier lives, even though for us great mysteries surrounds it.


Billy: Thanks for the complements.


Semjase: No reason, because they are your own merit.


Billy: Well, but who are you really?


Semjase: Just call me "du" (informal German "you"), just as I will do.


Billy: Thank you – but who are you?


Semjase I am called “Semjase”, and I originate from the Pleiades Pleiades/Plejaren


Billy: The seven sisters?


Semjase: Sure


Billy:  A nice trip I would like to say. How do you manage that – perhaps through hyper-space?


Semjase You know more than we would have liked.


Billy:  Why? I am nevertheless discreet and no chatterbox.


Semjase: That I know, and for this reason is your knowledge in the right place. I and the others have therefore no worries.


Billy:  Why have you blocked the way to your ship for me? Was it because of the film in my camera; would it have been destroyed?


Semjase: Certainly, because you ought at least to have photographic proof.


Billy:  I see, so I am supposed to go public, but how shall I arrange that?


Semjase: You shall, and I will explain the way to you later.


Billy: Well then, but is it not a bit dangerous to leave your ship landed so openly when perhaps other people can pass by?


Semjase: Don’t worry, because it is ensured that no person can come closer than 500 meters in radius around it. In addition is the beam ship shielded against sight from afar by the forest and the hill.


Billy: Then I am supposed to be the only person included this meeting?


Semjase: Yes, and you know why.


Billy: I understand – unfortunately.


Semjase:  Even if you regret it, there is nothing which can be changed by that - not in the future either.


Billy: I get it – My dear fellow human beings …


Semjase: Their spiritual cognitions (consciousness related) follow the wrong path. But you have taken the trouble and have learned. You found the truth already many thousands and even millions of years ago and you have acquired the knowledge. Because of this, you stand out from the great mass of human beings on Earth, and it is for this reason that we have decided on you.


Billy: You always say “we”. Does this mean that …


Semjase: Sure. I have already said that you often know more than we would have liked. Please remain silent about this, because the truth is already difficult enough for people.


Billy: I have never possessed this knowledge, and consequently I cannot say anything either.


Semjase: You could put it like that, and I know that you will remain silent. I know that you would even contest all and the whole event, and explain it as fantasy if anyone should want to force you to speak.


Billy:  You really know me very well.


Semjase: For that and many other reasons is why we indeed have chosen you. But enough of the questions and answer: now listen closely to me, of what I have to tell you. Write everything down and then with that go public, differently however to how you did it when you carried out your mission in earlier lives.


Billy:  How can I, as I have nothing here to write with. Nor do I have a recorder or anything similar.


Semjase: Don’t worry, because you can write it down later. I will first explain it all to you so that you have an overview. On the other hand it is then easier for me later to contact you, and enter the thoughts into you, whereupon you then can write down everything very precisely, word for word.


Billy:  With that, do you have in mind by the same manner in which you also brought me here?


Semjase: You are sure enough very knowledgeable, and you are a tribute to us.


Billy: Thank you.


Semjase: All right then. Now listen and only interrupt me when there is something you really do not understand. (Statements by Semjase followed – see Semjase Contact Notes)



German Original


Semjase: Du bist ein furchtloser Mensch.


Billy: Ich habe die Angst verlernt und bin objektiv geworden.


Semjase: Ich weiss, denn wir haben dich über Jahre hinweg studiert.


Billy: Sehr schön, und warum?


Semjase: Weil wir durch dich einiges klarstellen möchten.


Billy: Taugt jemand anders denn nicht dazu?


Semjase: Sicher, doch wir haben dich ins Auge gefasst, weil du dich schon seit sehr vielen Jahrtausenden mit diesen Problemen beschäftigst und real und ehrlich denkst und handelst und weil du eine solche Mission schon oft in deinen früheren Leben ausgeübt hast, auch wenn sich für uns grosse Geheimnisse darum ranken.


Billy: Danke für die Blumen.


Semjase: Keine Ursache, denn sie sind dein eigenes Verdienst.


Billy: Gut, doch wer sind Sie eigentlich?


Semjase: Nenne mich ruhig beim Du, so wie ich es auch tue.


Billy: Danke – doch wer bist du?


Semjase: Man nennt mich Semjase und ich stamme von den Plejaden/Plejaren.


Billy: Vom Siebengestirn?


Semjase: Sicher.


Billy: Ein netter Ausflug, möchte ich sagen. Wie schafft ihr das? Vielleicht durch den Hyperraum?


Semjase: Du weisst mehr, als uns lieb sein könnte,


Billy: Warum? Ich bin doch verschwiegen und keine Plaudertasche.


Semjase: Das weiss ich, und darum ist dein Wissen am rechten Ort. Ich und alle andern machen uns daher keine Sorgen.


Billy: Warum hast du mir den Weg zu deinen Schiff versperrt? War es wegen des Films in meiner Kamera; wäre der zerstört worden?


Semjase: Sicher, denn du solltest doch wenigstens Photobeweise haben.


Billy: Aha, ich soll also an die  Öffentlichkeit treten. Doch wie soll ich das arrangieren?


Semjase: Du sollst, und ich werde dir später den Weg erklären.


Billy: Gut denn; ist es aber nicht etwas gefärlich, dein Schiff so offen gelandet zu lassen, wenn vielleicht andere Menschen vorbeikommen?


Semjase: Habe keine sorge, denn es ist dafür gesorgt, dass kein Mensch näher als 500 Meter im Umkreis herankommt. Ausserdem ist das Strahlschiff durch den Wald und die Hügel gegen Weitsicht geschützt.


Billy: Dann soll ich als Mensch in dieses Treffen also allein einbezogen sein?


Semjase: Ja, und du weisst warum.


Billy: Ich verstehe – leider.


Semjase: Auch wenn du es bedauerst, es ist daran nichts zu ändern – auch in Zukunft nicht.


Billy: Ich verstehe schon – meine lieben Mitmenschen …


Semjase: Ihre geistigen (bewusstseinmässigen) Erkenntnisse ruhen in falschen Bahnen. Du aber hast dir die Mühe genommen und gelernt. Du hast die Wahrheit schon vor vielen Jahrtausenden und gar vor Jahrmillionen gefunden und hast dir das Wissen angeeignet. Darum stichst du aus der grossen Masse der Menschen auf der Erde heraus, und darum sind wir auf dich verfallen.


Billy: Du sagst immer wir, bedeutet das, dass …


Semjase: Sicher, ich sagte schon, dass du oft mehr weisst, als uns lieb sein könnte. Schweige bitte darüber , denn die Wahrheit ist für die Menschen schon so hart genug.


Billy: Ich habe dieses Wissen nie besessen, und folglich kann ich auch nichts sagen.


Semjase: Du kannst es auch so sagen, und ich Weiss, dass du schweigen wirst. Ich weiss, dass du sogar alles und das ganze Geschehen bestreiten und als Phantasie darlegen würdest, wenn man dich zum Sprechen zwingen wollte.


Billy: Du kennst mich wirklich sehr genau.


Semjase: Darum und aus vielen andern Gründen und aus Bestimmung haben wir ja dich gewählt. Doch nun genug der Fragen und Antworten; höre mir nun genau zu, was ich dir zu sagen habe. Schreibe alles auf und trete dann damit an die Öffentlichkeit, jedoch anders, als du dies in Ausübung deiner Mission in früheren Leben getan hast.


Billy: Wie soll ich das, denn ich habe nichts zum Schreiben hier. Auch habe ich kein Tonband oder etwas Ähnliches.


Semjase: Keine Sorge, denn schreiben kannst du später. Erst erkläre ich dir alles, damit du eine Übersicht hast. Andererseits ist es dann später leichter für mich, mich mit dir in Verbindung zu setzen und dir die Gedanken einzugeben, wonach du dann Wort für Wort alles ganz genau neiderschreiben kannst.


Billy: Denkst du dabei an dieselbe Form, mit der du mich auch hierhergebracht hast?


Semjase: Du bist wirklich sehr wissend und machst uns alle Ehre


Billy: Danke.


Semjase: Schon gut. So höre denn nun und unterbrich mich nur, wenn du wirklich etwas nicht verstehst. (Es folgten Semjases Erklärungen – siehe Semjase-Kontaktberichte.) 


(From this point on all sentences spoken by any of the Pleiadians/Plejarans in any contact are numbered sequentially, by contact.)


As Semjase had finished her explanations, they were chatting for still quite a while about personal matters as well as about things which should not appear in the contact notes. This type of private conversations should be maintained in this way for the future, and in fact until the present day, since the contacts still continue (1997), but only very sporadically, whereby over time the contact partners also changed (Billy refer to see Semjase-Kontaktberichte).


Up until the month of December 1995, 252 official and 49 unofficial contacts  took place with members belonging the Pleiadian/Plejaran federation, whereas with Asked it was 116, over a period of more than eleven years. With the Pleiadians practically all conversations were recorded in writing, but with Asket this was limited to only a few conversations.


It had become 15.51 o’clock when their conversation ended and they rose up. They said goodbye to each other on site and while Semjase walked to her space ship, he made his way back to the moped which stood on the dirt road only 30 meters away. With his photo camera again prepared, he observed Semjase just as she stepped under her beam ship and simply, all of a sudden, disappeared.


After that it did not last long before her aircraft slowly took off from the ground and soared up, above tree height, and hovered quickly eastwards. He now snapped the fifth photo from about 185 meter distance, which he afterwards measured. Then the ship came flying back and continued, passing over the trees, whereby the buzzing sound well known to him for a long time, again rung out.


At the same time he observed how a strange heat haze spread out more and more, which already originated from start and which now blurred the whole area and the contours of plants and trees, just like he had observed it during the first sighting near the truck. Also the distances became distorted so that he was not able to estimate them correctly and everything seemed to somehow change. Everything was here more noticeable and intensive than the first time.


Now he could even clearly notice a radiation with a purple-tinged colouring, which was coming out from the space ship and with that immersed the entire surroundings in a strange light, which later also cold be seen clearly on the fifth photo. After he had taken the fifth photo, the beam ship suddenly shot higher up above the treetops, whereby the buzzing sound again abruptly stopped.


Then the ship slowly hovered towards him and remained in about forty meter height above him whee it stood still for a short time. It then suddenly jumped which immediately brought it over the trees, under which they had been holding the conversation. It then hovered slowly behind the trees northwards from there, and he then took photo number six and in fact exactly at 16.00 o’clock (see photo above, this became the best photo out of all of them).


And with that was also his film used up. It only took a short moment, and then the beam ship shot to the north from the standing position with a crazy speed, for then suddenly to shoot vertically upwards into the cloudy sky and disappear from his sight


For several minutes he stood there, looking up in the sky, but the ship did not return again so he drove home. When he arrived home, he recapitulated everything in his working room and wrote down the greeting conversation, which at the time gave him no difficulties because he disposed of a memory which were such that he could quote small conversations word-for-word still after days or weeks.


Through the contact with Semjase as well as with her sister Pleja and their father Ptaah, and also with several others, he was able to undertake long journeys through the Universe and even into other dimensions, and in fact even as far as into a plane where endless duration prevailed. This happened on the longest trip which practically led through all of the universe belts accessible for travel, of which there are seven in total.


In the course of this, was a changeable and open able universe door created in the outermost belt which allowed them to enter into the DAL Universe from our DERN Universe with the 35 kilometre large mother space ship. The DAL Universe is a sister or twin universe to ours, which they call DERN. There he again met again with Asket, after not seeing her for many years and also got to know her sister Nera.


Already at the beginning of the contacts with Semjase, Billy writes that he began working intensively with his mission by first going to the large German UFO-organisations, which he had been instructed to do, first by Asket and then by Semjase. But with that also happened what had been predicted, namely that he first would be invited to a congress, for then afterwards to become uninvited because he insisted on telling the truth and nothing but the truth and to keep away from all type of ideology.


But this was to become the beginning for when the official media would learn about it and begin frequently asking him for interviews. The first of the outlets was the German journal <Quick> and the Swiss tabloid <Blick> after which quickly, almost abruptly, journalists from newspapers, journals, radio stations and TV-stations as well as film companies from every corner of the Earth would approach him. And UFO-articles on a mass scale would be written about him, all around the world. 


Japanese TV produced two films about him, which were broadcasted in Japan and Formosa, while the Young-Film-Company from Hollywood, within a three week period, produced a documentary (CONTACT) about him and his contacts with extra-terrestrials and about his mission (1982), which in part also was broadcasted by TV stations in Switzerland, America, England, Holland, Italy and many other countries.


With that was the first task fulfilled, assigned to him, namely that the official media worldwide would finally pick up on the UFO-phenomenon and report about it. However, with that was also his second part of his task fulfilled, which consisted of taking photos of the extra-terrestrial beam ships and present these, via the media, to the public and to the different UFO groups around the world, through which a worldwide UFO controversy was to be triggered. And which would create waves to governments, military, the authorities and secret services as well as other secret organisations, for then to persuade them to finally admit that they occupy themselves in secret with the UFO-phenomenon and maintain their own reconnaissance programs, etc. A directly related purpose was also that these places, through UFO researchers, should be forced to release secret records of UFO sightings and movements etc. 


This desired controversy appeared in fact very quickly, whereby activities from officials, governments and intelligence services resulted in that he and his entire UFO-evidence was attacked and he became accused of fraud. From these institutions, Billy continues, private individuals were bought to accuse him of lies, swindle and fraud and to pin onto him falsified photo and film material whereby his original film and photo material was used for this purpose, whereby it was retouched, falsified and slanderously presented as fraud, which is what happened in his case, Billy writes, through MUFON and through the defamatory would-be UFO researcher, the American Kal K. Korff and continues to happen (as of 1997), and in Switzerland has found would-be specialist on his case, Luc Bürgin from Basel.


Luc Bürgin, Billy continues, is likewise a self-proclaimed would-be ufologist, a worthy likeminded and copyist of the Korff books who also in more amateurish ways and in poor written language denote his contacts with the Pleiadians / Plejaren and his film and photo materials as lies and fraud as well as swindle and charlatanry, as is also characteristic among the existing would-be ufologist in Germany by CENAP, GWUP, GEP, RUFON and MUFON etc.: Slanderers who not only act as boastful know-it-all but also as self-styled all-knowing Creation in a self-glorification and arrogance which cannot be surpassed. Until now (1997) it is still the case that the more time is passed, the more and more frequent does the defamatory attacks become, whereby also electronic means of communication,  without hesitation, is being used for this purpose, like for example the internet.


However, Billy continues,  not only the liar and slanderer Kal K. Korff from USA, who have written and distributed books with false allegations about him, but also MUFON in America and Germany, and many others tried to discredit him from the very beginning, accusing him of lies and fraud and even falsely accused him of profiteering etc. Also DUIST (Deutsche ufologische Studiengemeinschaft / Eng. The German society for the study of UFO’s), at that time under the leadership of Karl and Anni Veit, developed into becoming a hostile group against him, because on an UFO-congress he did not speak what they wanted to hear, that the Pleiadians/Plejaren would come to Earth as angels on behalf of God. Because he wished to remain honest, that the Pleiadian-Plejaren extra-terrestrials reject all religions and deities in the sense of a creator, the DUIST and its leadership became enemies, which they have remained as until present day (1997).


Also in other ways did rotten machinations soon become daily occurrences against him and his mission, as well as against his contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejarens. Equally the attempts and undertakings of those who wanted to make profit out of his material also increased.  Photos, sound and film material was regularly stolen and as far as possible falsified and exploited for profit, namely by private individuals as well as by journalists from all types of newspapers, journals and TV-stations etc.


And many appeared, who simply wanted to buy his material, or obtain it to a third party who then at their effort exploited it to write books with the untrue claim that they had contact with the Pleiadians/Plejaren , whereby the latter however vehemently denied this and stated that only he himself, with regard to their human race and federation, is the only human on Earth who are in conscious as well as telepathic and also in physical contact with them.


Pilferage of material has been, and still is (1997), carried out increasingly more from around the entire world as well as also the false allegations about alleged contact with the Pleiadian/Plejarens , against which the extra-terrestrials, especially Semjase, Ptaah, Menara, Talida, Pleja, Asket, Quetzal and the High Council as well as the spiritual plane Arahat Athersata and Petale reject, which naturally all the others of the Pleiadians/Plejaren and their federation members also totally reject.


Persons in particular to be mentioned with regards to such fake relationship  related to alleged contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejaren,  are Roberta Brooks, Fred Bell, Adrain in connection with Randy Winters, Penny McLean, Barbara Marciniak, Barbara Clow, Amorha Quan Yin and Jani King, whereby these however only represent the main ones besides different others, and in fact also besides such who allege to be in contact with extra-terrestrials other than the Pleiadians/Plejarans or even that they themselves are extra-terrestrials, and who by the Pleiadians/Plejarans likewise are being classified as liars, crazy or schizophrenic like all those who claim to be able to practise channelling. Thus under this category, writes Billy, fall names like Omnec Onec alias Sheila Gibson, Gorge Adamski (dead) Villa, Diaz, Wanderka, Menger, Villanueva and Dick Miller as well as many other old and new contactees.


The task to trigger a worldwide UFO controversy was something he succeeded in straightaway as well as the task that certain government etc. had to admit that they conducted UFO research programs. And in fact it also happened that for example UFO reports had to be released by the highest American authorities which were in the interest of the Pleiadians/Plejarens. This therefore revealed a full success, in every respect, by him and his material which today (1997) has succeeded to the point where practically no Government on Earth any longer can claim that they are not dealing with the UFO problem, or are even chasing UFO’s.


Nevertheless, Billy continues, there still exist records belonging to different governments and intelligence organisations which prove that even crashed UFOs and their dead crew members were secured and that also already for many years now extra-terrestrial technology is analysed and created on Earth on the basis of discovered  UFOs. Especially America, and the US-Air force in particular, as well as the CIA, plays in this respect an very inglorious role, Billy adds, and are making efforts to accuse him of lying, fraud and of swindle via so-called private individuals because with all his UFO-material concerning the Pleiadians/Plejarens, he probably is the most dangerous man on Earth as to proving the existence of extra-terrestrials. 


In March 1978 the investigator team travelled to Switzerland to meet Billy Meier. Wendelle Stevens Brit Elders and Lee Elders travelled via London where they were unexpectedly picked up and taken for an unscheduled meeting at Grosvenor House. There they were met by CIA officer Mark Nathan who acted in a supervisory role.  He asked Stevens if he was willing to become a CIA informant since they had been unsuccessful in infiltrating their people into the FIGU core group, the group Billy Meier established in 1975 to help him with the mission and to distribute the information given to him by the extra-terrestrials.



Left: The investigator team Welsh, Stevens and the Elders guided by Billy Meier inspecting contact sites in Switzerland 

Photo from the book Light Years (1987)




It was here at the Grosvenor House, Hyde Park in London that the investigator team Stevens and Elders was taken for an unscheduled meeting with the CIA officer Mark Nathan in March 1978


Stevens presentation regarding this meeting starts at the 06:30 minutes mark in the video below




Left: Grosvenor House, Hyde Park London credit: WIkimapia/jamesluckard