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Billy Meier UFO case


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By Kåre Bergheim

February 3 2012



The Beginning


Billy Meier was first contacted by extra-terrestrials at the age of 5 according to his own account. First physical meeting took place in November 1942 at a place called Langenzinggen. A grassland area often used for sailplanes, located behind Höragenwald in Switzerland. On this November day looking towards the cloud covered sky he suddenly spotted a pear shaped metallic object descending towards the ground where it landed in front of him.


Out from this strange metallic vehicle came a very old man who invited him to come over. Without a word Billy so did. He followed the man and was brought on board his flight vehicle. Shortly after he saw on the monitor screens that they now had risen and were high above the earth. But it was not long before the pear-shaped object again sank towards the ground and landed. The old man offered him to leave which he did. And he had just barely stepped off when the strange object again took off vertical and disappeared up in the sky with enormous speed.


Two years went by before again something strange happened to him. On his 7th birthday, the 3rd of February 1944 he suddenly heard a weak voice in his consciousness. The voice requested him to rigorously learn and collect the information transmitted to him this way. Billy though he had turned crazy and feared to tell his parents. Instead he turned to a parish priest which he and his family knew and told him what had happened. As it turned out, according to Billy, the parish priest had also been contacted by the same extraterrestrial Sfath years earlier for the purpose of giving him support when his contact started.


It would here seem the extraterrestrials saw this as being necessary due to Billy's young age, only 7 at the time. The parish priest listened to his full story and told he had nothing to fear. He was well informed about these things. He told Billy he only could proceed in the way that he would teach Billy extensively in certain things but he had to keep full silence about as it did not conform to his work as a parish priest in Bülach. He then told Billy he had not turned crazy but that the voice he heard was called telepathy.


It was a thought induced voice from another human who lived far out in the universe, on another Planet. He further explained to Billy that he had been selected to carry out a special task. Billy writes this was something which also became conveyed to him telepathically. The telepathic voice told him that he already from birth had been singled out for this very important task and for this reason had been under observation and control by the extra-terrestrial since then. Through this telepathic voice he was given a lot of information, some of which he had to keep to himself.


Eduard <Billy> Meier  (Photo taken 1943 or 1944)


Here aged 7 and living in Bülach, Switzerland. He was 5 years of age when his first physical contact with the Plejaran extraterrestrials took place




Asket’s beam ship. Mahrauli New Dehli


Foto <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier 3. July 1964


In the 1990’s the UN diplomat Phobol Cheng came forward and stated that she eye witnessed Asket when Billy was there. She said she saw Billy accompanied by a young woman with long brown hair dressed in a space suit, walking over the grounds of the Ashrams. For the people at Ashoka Ashram this was said to have become a matter of fact taken for granted. " Phobol Cheng also spoke at the Laughlin UFO conference in 1999 Video recording  




In the summer of 1944 Billy was again at Langenzinggen behind Höragenwaldes close to Bülach when Sfath's telepathic voice appeared in his consciousness. It was a voice he now recognized and was getting used to. He was told him to wait there for a few minutes. It did not last long, only a few minutes later did the silver metallic pear shaped object again descended from the sky. It landed in front of him.


The diameter of the object was 5-6 meter. Out came an old man from an opening on the side. The man walked towards him in a similar way as two years earlier. His clothes looked like some sort of deep sea diving suit but without the helmet. It had a silvery color. The man looked very old, like being 90-95 years. His appearance was that of a dignified and wise person, like that of a venerable patriarch.


The man spoke to him in Swiss dialect. The same dialect used in Billy's own village. He told his name was Sfath and that he should follow him to the pear shaped object. Billy went over with him and was somehow lifted into the opening without knowing exactly how it happened. The opening closed behind them. Inside was another room they entered. In this room there were three strange seats. The Walls and the peculiar looking desks were full of apparatuses and equipment.


There were different windows. In one he could see strange moving figures. In another he saw the landscape outside displayed. Sfath told him to take a seat while he occupied himself with the instrumentation. Exactly what he did was something Billy did not understand, but Billy noticed that on one of the windows the landscape changed, he suddenly saw it in bird perspective.


Sfath explained to him that the windows were none such, but rather screens. These would also be invented on Earth in the future. Screens which enabled the transfer of pictures through certain energies. Sfath then advised that they now had risen very high above Earth. They were in an altitude of about 70 kilometers (229, 658 ft.), where they would remain for several hours whilst Sfath was going to covey and teach important facts, information and things. Here are Billy's own words what else happened inside the space ship, my translation:




"At that time the stay with Sfath lasted a little bit more than four hours during which he provided me with immense knowledge. By the end of the gathering he asked me to lie back in my armchair after which he then put a funny structure of countless wires and the smallest apparatuses etc. around my head. Speculating what now would follow I watched him calmly, how he was meddling with apparatuses, buttons and switches, and then suddenly I heard and saw tremendous things in me.


Everything was suddenly simply in me; an immense knowledge, insights and all sorts of other things. I felt as quite suddenly strange forces penetrated inside me, as I suddenly became capable of recognizing things and events of the future, wanted to cure people of illnesses by use of any force, and many other things. Then this influence again suddenly stopped, and Sfath removed the funny device from my head with the explanation that I would now possess all the abilities which has been inputted in me by the apparatus, but which however already was developed in me in from earlier times.


Now I would never lose these abilities again, only I might never bring them egoistically or simply apply them for the purpose of profit or demonstration. This, he explained me then, also applied to scientific tests and to whatever forcible external influence, should attempts be made to penetrate into my knowledge and my abilities, for example by hypnosis. Thus the blockade would appear also in this respect and doom all attempts etc. to fail. Besides, the blockade is to such extent strong that it under certain circumstances would even endanger the life of those who would undertake forcible Intrusion attempts (That was also in fact the case, something I several times came to notice in the course of my life.) "



German original


Billy :


"Der Aufenthalt dauerte damals bei Sfath etwas mehr als an die vier Stunden, während denen er mir ungeheure Kenntnisse vermittelte. Gegen Ende des Beisammenseins forderte er mich auf, mich an meinem Sessel zurückzulegen, wonach er mir dann ein komisches Gebilde aus unzähligen Drähten und kleinsten Apparaturen usw. um den Kopf legte. Wundernd, was nun folgen sollte, sah ich ihm ruhig zu, wie er sich an Apparaturen ,an Knöpfen und Schaltern zu schaffen machte, und plötzlich hörte und sah ich ungeheure Dinge in mir.


Alles war plötzlich einfach in mir; ein ungeheures Wissen, Erkenntnisse und vielerlei andere Dinge. Ich verspürte wie ganz plötzlich eigenartige Kräfte in mich drangen , wie ich plötzlich Dinge und Geschehen der Zukunft zu erkennen vermochte, Menschen durch irgendwelche Kräfte von Krankheiten heilen wollte, und viele andere Dinge mehr. Dann hörten diese Einflüsse abrupt wieder auf, und Sfath entfernte mir das komische Gerät vom Kopf mit der Erklärung, dass ich nun das alles an Fähigkeiten besitzen würde, was mir durch die Apparatur eingegeben worden sei, was jedoch bereits in mir aus früherer Zeit entwickelt gewesen sei.


Niemals nun würde ich diese Fähigkeiten wieder verlieren, nur dürfte ich sie niemals egoistisch oder einfach zum Zwecke des Profites oder zum Demonstration in Anwendung bringen. Das in mir wieder wachgerufene Wissen und Können dürfe nur meiner eigenen Evolution und dem Zwecke der Missionserfüllung usw. dienen. Würde ich aber doch einmal dem zuwiderhandeln, dann würde automatisch eine <miteingepflanzte Sicherung> alles blockieren, wobei der Block so lange aufrechterhalten und vollauf funktionieren würde, bis die Gefahr gebannt wäre. Dies, so erklärte er damals, gelte auch für wissenschaftliche Tests und für etwelche gewaltsame äusserliche Einflüsse, wenn versucht werden sollte , in mein Wissen und meine Fähigkeiten vorzudringen, wie z.B durch Hypnose. So würde also auch diesbezüglich die Blockade in Erscheinung treten und alle Versuche usw. zum Scheitern verurteilen. Es sei die Blockade ausserdem so sehr stark, dass sie unter gewissen Umständen sogar das Leben jener gefährden würde, die gewaltsame Eindringungsversuche unternehmen würden (Dem war dann auch tatsächlich so, wie ich im Laufe meines Lebens mehrfach feststellen konnte.)"



After this, Billy was brought back to Earth to the same location they started from. Sfath then disappeared in his pear shaped space ship and Billy never saw him again. He contacted Billy several time telepathically afterwards. Through the telepathic contacts he was given more information. The telepathic contacts with Sfath ended in 1953.



Stimme der WASSERMANNZEIT Wissenwertes aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien Nr. 1 September 1976.


Why Billy Meier was chosen for the UFO contacts and the mission


The reason why Billy Meier was chosen for the UFO contacts and the mission can be found in Billy Meier’s earlier incarnations when he already then performed tasks of similar nature. So it is not like he simply through a so called coincidence came into the contacts and the mission, but rather everything were predestined down to  the smallest detail and indeed a long time ago, thousands of years back in time when he was another  personality. He was already then carrying out a similar task as he was destined for in the present time.



The Pleiades is an open star cluster in Taurus.The nine brightest stars of the Pleiades are named for the Seven Sisters of Greek mythology: Sterope, Merope, Electra, Maia, Taygeta, Celaeno, and Alcyone, along with their parents Atlas and Pleione. Billy writes that the Plejarans have always been the ones who since ancient times have been the teaching elements for people on Earth. Their planet is named Erra and is located beyond the Pleiades star system.


Semjase is here doing a demonstration flight at Berg / Rumlikon. ( Photo Billy Meier 14th of June 1975.)


For furter details see Plieiadian Spaceships and Spacecraft technology


When many people ask why no one else, but Billy entered into physical contact with the Plejaran intelligences then this question answers itself from the information above. The Plejarans are the direct descendants from our own ancient forefathers. So the current Plejarans as well as their own forefather have been the ones who since ancient times have been the teaching elements for people on Earth. They keep strictly to their rule of only staying in physical contact with their contact person, the one to carry out the mission.


Billy writes that this is how it was also in ancient times. Back then, thousands of years ago, their forefather also kept to the rule that they would only stand in direct contact with the person who was going to carry out the mission. Those fulfilling the mission in the olden days were called prophets. A description the Plejarans still use today. Each of these prophets had to absolve long and hard training, for on one hand being able to keep on persisting teaching people, often with an unwilling to learn attitude, living under harsh conditions. And on the other hand guarantee the fulfilment of the mission handed down to them.


These teachings however, are not only material, but to a large extent spiritual. They are of immense intensity, are voluminous and taking a long time to learn. They go far beyond and above the type of knowledge found on Earth. Billy writes there are no parallels to them on Earth, a reason why the Plejarans have denied request from other people who tried using Billy as a middle man to get themselves into the contact. Because many people are of the opinion, that they themselves are being suitable and good enough to enter into and maintain contact with this extra-terrestrial race.


That is however not the case, because the Plejarans expect quite different and higher values in regards to spiritual issues. Values which lays far above the average Earth benchmark. Billy further writes that if people shows a bit of understanding they will recognize the immense value which is contained in the spiritual teaching, delivered by the extraterrestrials, and come to understand that a contact with them at present time is one hand still impossible, and on the other hand of total irrelevance, because people on Earth have not yet achieved the spiritual development to the extent necessary for a contact with them to take place.




Stimme der WASSERMANNZEIT Wissenwertes aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien Nr. 1 September 1976.



What happened when Billy Meier tried to take other persons with him to the contact location


Billy writes that when he took other persons with him to the contact location, the automatic telepathic guidance signal would be broken after a certain time, when coming closer to the destination. The signal he here is referring to is an apparatus generated telepathic signal sent from the extraterrestrials for the purpose of piloting him on the path he needed to follow in order to arrive at the rendezvous point selected by them. A location which, for the reason of security, would be selected different each time to keep unwanted persons out. The telepathic signal would be broken off if an unregistered brainwave pattern was detected by the telepathic guidance transmitter, and if the apparatus detected that the unregistered brainwave pattern came from a person constantly following Billy in close distance to him.


This was an automatic fuse inbuilt in the guidance transmitter and it would cause the signal to be broken off. The extraterrestrials would then take over and check if the persons Billy brought with him were suitable to come close to the rendezvous point. If that was the case, meaning if the extraterrestrials perceived the persons to be good, with noble intentions the guidance signal would continue. But only up to a certain point, where the person or persons would have to stop. They would then need to wait there whilst Billy continued alone the last few hounded or thousand meters to the actual meeting place. There, the extraterrestrials would wait and a face to face meeting would take place once he arrived.


Reference: Stimme der WASSERMANZEIT

WISSENWERTES aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien

Nr. 1 September 1976


Supporting evidence:


Guido Moosbrugger – Energy burn

Many people followed Billy to a certain distance from where the contact took place and witnessed the objects. At some nights the extra-terrestrials performed a special demonstration they called energy burn. Witnessed by people such as Jakobus Bertschinger , on the 14 th of March 1976 and Guido Moosbrugger on the 13th of June 1976 and others. Energy burn is defined in the German contact notes as electric energy elimination. By the use of their beam ship technology the extra-terrestrials first accumulate a highly compressed energy ball by sucking inn electricity from the atmosphere around. Then they eliminate  this  compressed energy through a special burn off process.


The minimum altitude had to be 2500 meter (8200 ft)  because the burning energy falling to Earth would be very hot. To an observer it would look like glowing rain falling down from the beam ship.  Guido Moosbrugger, a school principal from Austria, followed Billy for the second time around and took several photos of it. He detailed his experience in an three A4 page statement. He wrote that he and others were waiting at a certain location whilst Billy proceeded for contact  when they observed a total of 5 lid up objects, the 5th object was of a red colour.


This was the one which performed the energy burn. He wrote that the glowing rain defiantly came from the object and the object ascended gradually after the performance up in the night sky where it disappeared so it definitely was not common firework at play.  It started at 0215 AM and lasted for about 10 minutes. Five minutes later at 0230 AM Billy came back on his moped after an unofficial contact with Semjase. Guido also wrote in this statement that at this night Billy tried to get Amanda Stetter into the contact but Semjase refused.  



Statement made by  Guido Moosbrugger page 207  and definition of energy burn contact 48  page 103 both in block 2 Plejadish Plejarishe Kontaktberichte Published 2003 Augsburg



A Plejaran beamship performing an energyburn. Photo equipment used according to statement : Tripod, telephoto lens and light sensitive dias film

Photo taken by Guido Moosbrugger 13 June 1976.




Below (video)

CONTACT (1982) The filmed investigation. Guido Moosbrugger, who took the above photograph, appears at the 16:18 mark



Eva Bieri – Light and sound observation

On the 1st of June 1981 Eva Bieri followed Billy to Sadelegg. This was a location where Billy had several previous contacts with the extraterrestrials over the years. They went by car and it was in the evening. The car stopped at Sadelegg and they stepped outside. Billy told Eva to look towards the edge of the forest. She did and saw at the forest edge in about 300 meters distance, a bright shimmering strong light.  The light was not shining constant but ebbing, at times stronger, at times weaker. Billy told her to sit down and he then started walking towards the light at the edge of the forest. After about two minutes Eva suddenly heard the typical high pitch oscillating UFO sound she had heard before. A sound which also was taped during another demonstrations.  Billy, after a while came back and he told he had a meeting with Quetzal and it was his beam ship which lid up the forest edge. The sound she suddenly heard was because Qetzal opened up the protective shield surrounding the beam ship as Billy was walking towards it. He opened up the shield a bit sooner than normal.

Reference: Statement made by Eva Bieri page 194 block 4 Plejadish Plejarishe Kontaktberichte Published 2004 Augsburg


These are only two out of several other similar written witness statements. 


Safety measures during Contacts, landed craft.


Outer screen – radius 500 meter

When landed, the beam ships (UFO's) belonging to the extraterrestrials would, as a rule is shielded behind two protective screens. The outer protective screen would be located in a radius of 500 m from the ship. This screen is constructed with a steering function, acting as an invisible detour sign. This means if an uninvited life form, either deliberately or accidentally, tries to come close, then this invisible and non-noticeable protective screen will act in such a way that it will lead the life form astray, in a circle around and away from the beam ship.

Inner screen – radius 100 meter

The second protective screen is further in, located closer to the ship, only 100 m from it. This screen is constructed to have a repelling function. It works according to the principle that two magnetic fields of same polarity repel each other. But this protective screen is built  to such a strength that even the most powerful attempt to use force,  in order to break through it,  will not succeed. Firing at it with antitank weapons like a RPG-7 or stronger will be ineffective. It will not get through. All types of missiles or projectiles are incapable. Billy writes that if a shell was fired at it from a tank, the projectile would only go as far as the maximum penetration range would allow it. That would be a maximum of 30 meters into the screen before being repelled. It would then simply be hurled back.

Reference: Stimme der WASSERMANZEIT. WISSENWERTES aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien Nr. 1 September 1976



What were people, who followed Billy close to the contact location,  able to see?


As a rule, people who escorted Billy could potentially see no more than a landed beam ship or a beam ship taking off, but only in quite some distance away. The distance would always be more than 500 meter away. But in practical terms nobody would be able to see the ships when they were landed because they always and without exception landed and remained hidden within openings of the forest or at the forest edge. Which meant they would not be visible from a large distance away. At day contacts another circumstance came into play. The ships then used a light and ray breaking technology having the effect that it made their ships invisible to bystanders. Not even from an airplane could it then be spotted when it is flew away. The landing places were always chosen in hidden and remote areas with no people around.


Reference: Stimme der WASSERMANZEIT. WISSENWERTES aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien Nr. 1 September 1976



When did as a rule the contacts take place?


In the beginning, when the contacts with Semjase started (28 Januar 1975), the contacts were for the most part at day. However that changed and became more at night time as time went by. And then mostly they were held very early in the morning hours. For one, this was done out of family reasons and two, for the reason that from various sides it was tried with quite primitive tracking devices to hunt Billy down and follow him to the contact location. Various groups did not shun away from mounting revolving parabolic antennas on their car roofs, as well as putting other technical means into use. Whereby they however achieved no success and never will writes Billy because the contacts now (as of September 1976) are taking place on other locations making it no longer necessary to drive around.  


Reference: Stimme der WASSERMANZEIT. WISSENWERTES aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien Nr. 1 September 1976

Who pilots the beam ships and the space ships?

Beam ships and space ships as a rule goes under the definition UFO’s. This is due to general lack of knowledge and because people are not able to indentify them for what they are. Which is also in part because people lack interest for the issue. A vast majority of them are piloted and operated by females. Only in few cases are they piloted by males. Out of 100 cases, in 98 of them there may be women or girls appearing as the ones piloting and operating the crafts and only about 2 per cent men. At least this is the percentage level of male and female pilots amongst the Plejarans and their federation members as well as the people from the DAL-Universe. A parallel universe aligned and attached to ours. It should be noted that this was Billy’s observation as per September 1976. Up to that time the majority of the contacts he had were with female pilots.

Reference: Stimme der WASSERMANZEIT. WISSENWERTES aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien Nr. 1 September 1976



In charge for 11 years during the preparation period

1953 until 1964

From the DAL universe. An parallel universe, attached to ours.

Drawing by Core Group member Christian Krukowski 1998/2000

For details about Asket see: Asket - From the book: Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums….Kontakte mit den Plejadiern/Plejaren Eduard Meier (1997)


Eyewitnessing Asket:


"Furthermore  Phobol Cheng also confirmed <Billys> claim, that during his stay in India several people in Ashoka Ashram had come to witnesses the encounters of his contacts with the extra-terrestrial Asket and her space ship. The witness P. Cheng had with her own eyes seen, how he accompanied by a young woman with long brown hair dressed in a space suit, was walking over the grounds of the Ashrams. For the people at Ashoka Ashram this was said to have become a matter of fact taken for granted. "


German original: 

"Im weiteren bestätigte Phobol Cheng auch <Billys> Aussagen, dass während seines Aufenhaltes in Indien viele Menschen im Ashoka Ashram Zeugen der Begegnungen seiner Kontakte mit der Ausserirdischen Asket und ihrem Raumschiff geworden waren. Die Zeugin P. Cheng hatte mit eigenen Augen gesehen, wie er in Begleitung einer jungen Frau mit langen braunen Haaren, die in einen Raumanzug gekleidet war, über das Gelände des Ashrams spazierte. Für die Menschen im Ashoka Ashram soll dies eine Selbstverständlichkeit gewesen sein."


From the book: Teaching and Announcer of Truth / Lehre und Künder der Wahrheit  (2006) by Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer . The former UN diplomat Phobol Cheng is here speaking about Asket at the Laughlin UFO Conference 1999 Video recording



In charge for 11 years.  1975 until 1986

Initiated the official contact

From beyond the Pleiades star system.

This is the first pencil drawing of Semjase made by Eugen Eichenberger (1982) after the description given him by Billy.  






Semjase originate from the Planet Erra in the Plejaden/Plejaran star constellation. It is not the Pleiades stars we can see on the night sky. It lays about 80 light years beyond. Total distance from Earth about 500 light years.  She looks like a young woman. The first contact with Billy took place 28 January 1975. The contacts were both telepathic and physical, meaning face to face contacts. Her real age was around 350 years measured in Earth years.


The average life span of the Plejaran extraterrestrial race is about 1000 years. So her 350 years of age would equal to about 24 years compared to an European, based on the European life expectancy of 72 years. And if a person on Earth was to live until 100, then the age comparison would be 35 years and that person would only have lived 1/3 of the life span, with 2/3 yet to go. Beside Semjase there are several others Plejarans, such as Ptaah and Quetzal who also established contact with Billy. 


Reference: Stimme der WASSERMANZEIT. WISSENWERTES aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien Nr. 1 September 1976 and Die Wahrheit über die Plejaden (1996)



Real photo. Taken by Billy Meier July 6 1977.

Alena holding a ray gun which was also test fired

Her skin color is ligh brown.

She comes from the Lyra star system.


This is what Wendelle Stevens and his investigating team wrote about Alena’s laser pistol:


“…we had already been to every toy supplier in Switzerland and failed to find any toy weapon anything like the laser pistol Meier photographed. A search of sporting goods stores was equally fruitless. To this day we have never found a match for that laser pistol." Ref “Message from the Pleiades vol 4” (1995) Page 102


Meiers dilemma: When the extaterrestrials are humans like us, how then can people tell from photos that they are extraterrestrial?.  On this photo only the space suit and laser gun will tell her apart.



The number of human races existing in our Universe


Billy writes that according to information originating and passed on to him from the highest spiritual level, published in his book Genesis, a total of 40 353 607 (40 million 353 thousand and  607) human races were originally created into existence by Creation. Meaning in our Universe as a whole, in the Galaxies, Sun systems and Planets through out, through the law and commandments and the Ur-idea of Creation 40 453 607 races was created with 343 different skin colors. This number has further increased over time due to many races have mingled and created new ones. Wherefore the total number of races in our Universe today can be counted in vigintillions, a number with 63 zeros. 


When it comes to our Galaxy, the Milky Way, Billy  writes that, according to the information passed on to him from the extraterrestrials, there are about 7,5 million different human civilisations in it. But this number from Wassermanzeit 1976 was later in the contact notes 1989 revised to instead read about 7 million different sun systems where life exist. This due to Billy misinterpreted the word life as given by Semjase back then. She meant all kinds of life, whilst Billy thought she meant human life, as in civilisation. This is the 1989 revised update from Quetzal :


Our Milky Way Galaxy:

-  About 570 billion suns have planets around them

-  About 7 Million of these sun systems have planets where life exist, both human and non human, meaning insects, fish animals etc.

-  And within these, about 7 million sun systems, which have planets where any form of life exist, there are about 3.67 million human civilizations with the split 2,63 million highly developed and 1,04 million lower developed.


Reference: Stimme der WASSERMANZEIT. WISSENWERTES aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien Nr. 1 September 1976 and page 474,475 block 5 Plejadish Plejarishe Kontaktberichte Published 2004 Augsburg




The Andromea Galaxy, the nearest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way


In our Milky Way galaxy there are about 3.67 million different human civilizations according to Billy Meier. The information was provided to him by his extra-terrestrial contact person.  




The crafts belonging to the Plejarans


Telemeter discs – German: Telemeterscheiben


Telemeter discs are unmanned and remote controlled flight crafts ranging from 1 centimeter to 5 meter in diameter. These types of flight crafts are only built for the purpose of surveillance and investigation.



Reconnaissance ships - German: Aufklärer


The Reconnaissance ships are smaller beam ships of 3,50 meter in diameter, with space for only one person, who also pilots the craft. This craft type is purpose built for reconnaissance and investigation, mapping terrain and a number of other tasks related to reconnaissance and investigation. Their flight range is limited to within the atmosphere of a planet only. Consequently that is the only place they operate. With their antigravity propulsion system they can stay an unlimited time in the air. Which is also the case with all the others types of crafts.



Beamships –German: Strahlschiffe


The beamships are crafts which can accommodate more than one person. They are minimum five meter in diameter. They built to fly both in Earth’s atmosphere as well as in the interplanetary space. They are in effect miniature space ships since they also have an enormous interplanetary range. Those belonging to the Plejaran extraterrestrials operating in Earths atmosphere have normally a diameter of seven meter, with space for three persons.


They have inbuilt technology which enable them to enter and travel in other dimensions as well as in hyperspace. By utilizing hyperspace, the beam ships can travel distances light years away in the fraction of a second. This ship is purpose built for person and material transport as well as carrying out special tasks. Only one person is needed to pilot it. It is easier, less tiring and less complicated to pilot a beam ship than it is to drive a car writes Billy.


They are totally crash proof. An automatic safeguarding device with inbuilt probability factor calculation detects errors days before things go wrong. An error or breakdown about to happen is therefore fixed before it actually does happen. In this way the accident is avoided. The same security safeguarding device also corrects lightening fast any piloting errors etc. This type of automatic safeguarding device, operated through an artificial organic brain, are inbuilt in all type of crafts transporting people. They are not inbuilt in the telemeter disc’s



Space ships – German: Raumschiffe


Space ships are crafts capable of space travel. They are built in sizes ranging from a few hundred meters to several kilometers in diameter. Their accommodation facilities are equally large. They can accommodate unto several hounded thousand people. These gigantic ships travel only in space. They are small, self sufficient worlds and are able to travel throughout all of the Universe as well as into other universes.


In practical terms there are no limits for where these ships can travel because they are totally independent and need no supply to come forth from planets. Onboard these gigantic ships there are numerous mechanical robots at work. They are work machines for all kind of tasks and work which needs to be done. Beside these robots there are also androids present, also in great numbers.


These androids are made as true copies of humans and it is hard to tell them apart. Inside they are half mechanical and half organic. The androids fulfill higher tasks such as monitoring work etc. They can think and act independent but in a controlled manner. In this type of space ship the androids are an important part.



Reference: Stimme der WASSERMANZEIT. WISSENWERTES aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien Nr. 1 September 1976



Beamship. Photo 171 taken by Eduard Albert Meier at Hasenböl-Langenberg in Fischenthal on the 29th of March 1976. Semjase is here doing a demonstration flight with a beam ship of a new type. The various visual changes from the old version are higher dome structure and a different rim design. It is equipped with advanced technology which enables it to travel in hyper space and enter other dimensions.



Freihof at Schmidrüti, only a few hundred meters from the Center. A popular place to stay when visiting Billy. It was on this road, and about here that Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer started driving early Sunday morning the 4th of February 2001, direction Dussnang, when a large telemeter disc followed his car. It followed so close that the force field around it impacted the car and caused the motor to run with reduced power. The Plejaran extraterrestrials claim to have technology which works in the brain wave spectrum. A telemeter disc, according to the contact notes, is a recording device so technical advanced that it even can record the feelings, thoughts and emotions of a person.(Photo Kåre Bergheim July 5th 2006)


Telemeter disc


Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer, a core group member, has had several UFO and paranormal experiences. Some of which he has officially recorded in written statement, both the witness book and also the contact notes. One such encounter of his took place 4th of February 2001 when he drove off from Semjase Silver Star Center in Switzerland after a special monthly meeting there with Billy and the group. As he drove off he noticed right from the beginning that the motor was stuttering and the car had problems to climb the hills.   


This is a classic indicator of electromagnetic interference often seen in other UFO cases. He continued driving and the stuttering did not stop even after the motor warmed up. He writes further that he considered the option to stop and call road service when suddenly bright flash lit up the whole car. It was like a photo flash but it did not originate from a single point source, rather it seemed to come from everywhere.  


The orange flash was so strong it almost blended his eyes. He describes in details the special effect the flash had on how he visually observed the car. All edges, metallic edges it would seem, became clearly visible. Such as the side mirror frame. The frame became clearly visible almost as if it was glowing.  He did not stop as this happened but in a somewhat confused state continued driving.  


But shortly after, and just prior to Dussnang, his car suddenly went fine. He started thinking of what this could be and his thoughts went towards the picture taken at the Center by Eva Bieri the year before. She took a picture of Bernadette Brand and at the very moment she pushed the button a tiny telemeter disc lit up within the photo frame. The Plejaran telemeter discs, according to this material, lit up for a split second at the very moment, they by remote, are activated or deactivated.


So it was a fluke that Eva pushed the button simultaneous to the tiny type telemeter disc, within her camera frame, radiated the orange bright shining light. It was the very moment the tiny telemeter disc was either being activated or deactivated.  However it was not a tiny object following HGL it turned out. Later, Billy had a contact with the extra-terrestrial Plejaran woman named Florena.  


She was doing surveillance in the area at the time and confirmed to Billy that it was their telemeter disc. It was a large, 3 meter in diameter variant. It was positioned over the Center for the purpose of monitoring the activity there. When HGL left the Center, it followed him.  It was the energy field surrounding the telemeter disc that bumped into his car and not the metal of the disc itself.


It just happened to come too close. It should here be mentioned that a photo of Florenas beam ship was taken on another occasion by another core group member some years prior to the incident HGL described above. Her name was Edith Beldi. She took a photo of friends in front of Lago Maggiore close to Luino in Italy in April 1998. When the film was later developed a Plejaran beam ship could clearly be seen in the background of the photo hovering over the lake.  


During one of his contacts shortly after the photo was taken, Billy was informed that the ship in the photo was piloted by Florena and that she was observing the group, and furthermore she also knew that her ship was being photographed. According to the contact notes she got special permission from Ptaah to make an exception to their general rule not to make their beam ships visible in public. After getting this permission granted, she moved her ship in a position over the lake where she knew it would be captured on Edith’s film the moment she pushed the button.