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The material consciousness and the spirit form. The rebirth and its confinement to a planet


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By Kåre Bergheim

December 12th 2013

  • The function of the brain
  • So called <great masters>
  • The brain quotient of Earth humans, Jmmanuel and the Pleiadians/Plejarans as well as evolutionary knowledge transfer
  • The rebirth and its confinement to a planet
  • From an old spirit form forms no new one.
  • The material consciousness potency
  • Change of gender by incarnation
  • Reminiscence – Remembrance of incarnations

Reference: Stimme der WASSERMANZEIT WISSENWERTES aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien Nr. 4 September 1978 Verantwortliche Readaktion: <Billy> Eduard A. Meier p.1 Die Funktion des Gehirns p.2 Sogenannte <Grosse Meister> p.3 Gehirnquotienten der Erdenmenschen, Jmmanuels und der Plejadier/Plejaren sowie Evolutionswissensübertragung p.9 Die Wiedergeburt und ihre Gebundenheit an einen Planeten p.11 Aus einer Alt-Geistform bildet sich keine neue p.12 Materielle Bewusstseinspotenz  p.13 Wechselform der Geschlechter durch incarnation p.18 Rückerinnerung – Inkarnationserinnerung


The function of the brain


The human material brain contains the material consciousness. The brain is the actual apparatus which brings together and processes everything, thus the ideas, which comes from the subconsciousness in the form of impulses, are being reviewed, processed and brought to the final stages by the brain to become actual material consciousness ideas. 


The brain is the factor of the material consciousness which seeks solutions, make reflections, finds results and then releases and relay these as actual material knowledge in material logical, part logical or illogical sense to the material subconsciousness, where it then is processed further and thus certain logics originate from it, extremely small amount of impulses is sent via the central consciousness to the spiritual domain where they then accumulate, set and expand with constantly new knowledge coming along. This signifies the actual evolution point, meaning the actual development spot, where the real spiritual knowledge is then formed.  


When a human find a solution to a problem through his brain, and thus through his material consciousness, then this solution does not go, to its full extent, into the spiritual realm, but only an extremely small amount of impulses goes across from the material subconsciousness, so namely only the impulses of absolutely logical good. Thus everything illogical stays behind in the material consciousness because passage into the spiritual realm is denied through forms of blocking of the spiritual and material central brain.


Only the very smallest percentage of what a human develops and creates through his brain and through his material consciousness is of the purest logical nature, and only this, by further processing through the material subconsciousness, is then able to get across, while everything else, the illogical, is not able to do so and have to stay behind in order to be processed further in the material subconsciousness and in the consciousness until one day the purest logic result from it.


Only the highest values, thus in the purest logical form, find its way out of the material realm in order to go  across to the spiritual realm; thus only the results and impulses which are of spiritual value are then further processed, formed and stored in the spiritual realm to become forever lasting knowledge.


The material brain of humans , and the material consciousness associated with it, thus form the actual processing and reworking factors, through which on the one hand, decisions in logical, part logical or illogical sense shape the entire life of humans but, on the other hand,  also the spiritual knowledge and spiritual truth and wisdom evolve from it, because after all, are impulse forces of the purest logic produced through these factors, in cooperation with the subconsciousness, which is then delivered to the spiritual realm.


So called <Great Masters>


Different assertions suggest that announcers, prophets and bringers of religions etc., deceased long ago, back in the old ages, (like for example Christ, Morya, Buddha etc.), have become <great masters> and have risen above the world where they now, as <Great Masters> so to speak in spiritual form, are directing the fate of the world and all life forms, humans in particular.


This represent and unreal and wrong statement in regards to the truth because, Billy continues, till this day have no so called <Great Masters> existed on Earth; there are none and there will never be any in all future. Teachings, which nevertheless make this claim, namely that humans evolve to <Great Masters> and afterwards sit above the Earth and the earth humans in a hierarchical position as pure spirit forms, only correspond to false teachings which are unrealistic and were created by uninformed people, who under all circumstances and conditions wished to have a hierarchical power above themselves, because otherwise they are not able to bear responsibility and survive.


The truth about these matters is as follows, Billy continues: As of from when humans have reached the evolutionary level at which he is considered being normal, thus fully capable of reasoning and understanding according to the human term, first then begins the actual path of the conscious evolvement. From this time onwards, the further course of evolution then last to the point where the spirit form no longer requires the human body, thus the physical body, which is around 70 to 80 billion years.


When the human reaches this level, where the physical body is discarded, then a transitional stage takes place, the so called boundary zone between the material and the pure spiritual. This condition can be described, according to human understanding, as a wobbling, translucent and penetrable form of matter, which still is well visible but no longer tangible.  


This condition last for a certain time which can be calculated in, and by, the number seven, whereby the spirit form then frees itself from the still half material body for then to become the purest spirit form. As the purest spirit form it next enters into a corresponding spirit form plane where it integrates and aligns itself into the we-form existing there.


These we-forms in the highly evolved spiritual plane are then in no way any longer planetary bound but are located in close proximity to the universe spiral where the greatest universe pure spirit energies accumulates and manifest itself. In no way are they then still connected in a communicative or an operative way with those coarse material life forms on their original home planets, still left behind and still in need of development, and in no way or manner do they still intervene in the matters of those life forms on those planets. Their further existence as pure spirit forms now last many billions of years during which time they greatly extend their knowledge and evolve further.


Thus, the pure spirit forms do not become <great masters> when they discard their physical material body. It therefore also become apparent that, as a result of the evolutionary state they have reached, they no longer are able to make an effort in the concerns of the material life forms related to their evolution, whereby it is thus obvious, Billy continues, that utter nonsense prevail there where the contrary is claimed, namely that the pure spirit forms ascend to become <great masters> and in an instructive manner concern themselves about the destiny of the still material life forms. 


The brain quotient of Earth humans, Jmmanuel and the Pleiadians/Plejarans as well as evolutionary knowledge transfer


The brain quotient percentage of Earth humans is around 14 per cent according to research done by Earth scientists, which means that by Earth humans, from their total brain quotient  volume of 100 per cent, only 14 percent is being used, while the remaining 86 percent still lies unused and idle.

If one look at the brain quotient of Jmmanuel, Billy continues, who lived as a Prophet 2000 years ago in the area of Palestine and North India, then the answer to this question is that his percentage rate was around 23.


This is according to the information provided by the Pleiadians/Plejarans. But this does not mean that Jmmanuel was a so called <great master> or had turned into one, as erroneously is being claimed by different cult religious sects (=Brücke zur Freiheit etc.), firstly because Jmmanuel was an ordinary Earth human,  like any other citizen of Earth, when apart from that he was able to build his overall knowledge with respect to the spiritual teachings and all other spiritual matters to great height through the assistance of the extra-terrestrials and by his own hard study, and secondly, no life form is able to work its way up to become a so called <great master> , who then with hierarchy power is able to decide on the fate of worlds and life forms (See previous explanation : So called <great masters>).


Jmmanuel was not incarnated as the one he later became, when this is viewed with respect to his knowledge, because this was something he had to acquire through hard work and hard training, just like any other human also had to do. Wisdom and knowledge is not simply something a human is born with, not even a prophet, like this is being described over and over again is in various false doctrines. Namely, only that part of knowledge, wisdom and love which has been deposited as knowledge in the spiritual realm and in the memory banks can be taken along to a future life. But everything worldly and material knowledge is lost through the death of the body because this knowledge is purely material in nature and can only exist in the acid agglomerations of the brain.



Thus only pure spiritual wealth can be carried over to a future life. All material knowledge, however, must be acquired anew or be retrieved from the memory banks by every new incarnation so that the natural path of evolution and the stored material knowledge is followed. That means that material knowledge well can be stored in the spiritual realm as well as in the memory banks, when a very specific way of storing, for this purpose, is followed and when man free himself from his stagnation, which will allow him to store pure spiritual values in the spiritual realm as well as material information in the memory banks, which is then carried over to the next incarnations.


If material knowledge is put into symbolic values through a quite deliberate and knowingly procedure and action, then these values will pass the censor points of the material and the spiritual realm and change over to the memory banks where they will then remain firmly anchored for all great times and all all-great-times. This knowledge from the material realm, whenever needed, when requested or desired by a reincarnated human, then pushes through into the material realm where it again can be further evaluated, processed or applied.


Such a storing of material knowledge in a conscious way is arguably a completely natural procedure, Billy continues, but it has to be effected and carried out meditatively. Such a conscious storing of material knowledge is not possible in abnormal ways, when people live in stagnation or in a non-mediative way. This possibility first opens up to people when they live their lives in mediative form. However, this does not mean that a reborn human simply get stuck in old knowledge of the last life,  or the previous lives, and no longer is able to learn any more.


In fact every rebirth requires that humans evolve, that they once again subject themselves to learning, in spiritual as well material-consciousness regard. In fact the time, which a human entering into the beyond spends there, does not simply stand still in the material world, but continues. That means that when the overall knowledge on a planet is expanding, then likewise will also material matters continue to progress and expand. A reincarnating human must then learn all this things anew in a continuous succession, whereby he progresses further in his evolution.


The aforementioned thus implies that at each rebirth of a human, his spiritual and material knowledge and capabilities must be developed up-to-date and to the latest competence, over and over again.  And this is certainly not simply standing still but continue  to develop with the turning of the planet and with the passage of time, because neither nature as a whole, nor humans, remain inactive but steadily continue to expand their knowledge and abilities in all its forms, thus a continuous education and evolvement. And that, exactly, must by everyone that is reborn also automatically become learned anew, to his old knowledge, if he wants to remain <up-to-date> and in fact also wants to develop further and not lapse into stagnation.


Now, the brain quotient of the Pleiadians/Plejarans, Billy continues, in contrast to that of Earth humans, is significantly higher; expressed in percentage at 27 %. This represent 13 per cent more compared with Earth Humans, among whom a so called genius is calculated as 18 percent in perfect form. But then Jmmanuel had in his day already a percentage level of 23 brain quotient percentage, what in today’s classification values correspond to a super-genius or a hyper-genius, if these terms may be used in the absence of another precise description. This percentage by Jmmanual has since naturally increased even further and according to the information from the Pleiadians/Plejarans should today amount to 25 %.


What is interesting to know, Billy continues, is that the increase of brain quotient percentage in normal cases has been increasing by about 1 % per millennium, since last time Earth humans came under the influence of extra-terrestrial intelligences for around 13 000 years ago, although it must be taken into consideration that 10 millenniums elapsed before the great stagnation in Earth humans was broken and the small stagnation set in, but from which many people were able to gradually free themselves from to resume their evolution. This implies that the earth humans first around 3000 years ago, more precisely 3500 years ago, again applied themselves to their evolution to a greater extent and thereby causing their brain quotient potential to increase, so that the percentage level of ordinary people in the meantime has now risen to 14, resp. to 14,5 %.


The exact calculation in regards to the brain quotient potential of Earth humans unfortunately reveal a rather dreadful result according to Pleiadian/plejaran analysis which looks like this for the year 1844, when the SOL-system entered into the age of Aquarius and Earth carried about 1,40 billion people: 


1,8 % of Earth humans had a brain quotient potency of below 10% = 25 200 000 people


60,0 % of Earth humans had a brain quotient potency of 10% to 11% = 840 000 000 people


24,08% of Earth humans had a brain quotient potency of 11-14,5% = 337 120 000 people


9,007% of Earth humans had a brain quotient potency of 14,5-16% = 126 098 000 people


5,1% of Earth humans had a brain quotient potency of 16-18% = 71 400 000 people


0,008 % of Earth humans had a brain quotient potency of 18-20% = 112 000 people


0,003% of Earth humans had a brain quotient potency of 20-24% = 42 000 people


0,002% of Earth humans had a brain quotient potency of above 24% = 28 000 people


100% represent the total Earth human population of the year 1844  =  1 400 000 000 people


Now, the reason why the Pleiadians/Plejarans themselves only have a brain quotient potency of 27%, Billy continues,  is because they themselves for thousands of years, and in truth really for about 22 million years, lived and fell into the deepest stagnation once they had achieved a potency of 25%. Only about 2000 years ago did they deal with their stagnation and started once again to make further progress on the true evolutionary path. As a result, also they have in the meantime gained two additional percentages in their brain quotient potency.


But what does the brain quotient potency actually represent:  It refers to two intertwining factors, thus namely about the use of the brain seen in percentages, and the other about the determination of the material intelligence percentage, which harmoniously correspond with the percentage use of the brain, what result in that in the normal case a 14,5 percent use of the brain also gives a 14,5 percent material intelligence, which only result in differences where the material consciousness disorders appears. Thus only where the material consciousness is damaged, through psychological destruction, confusion or through a material destruction or damage to the brain etc., resulting from any internal or external influences.


Now, the material brain quotient has in no way anything to do with the spiritual potency which must be regarded as the actual evolutionary state. Also, the percentage value of the spiritual evolutionary state is not identical and not equivalent to that of the brain quotient, which solely value the intellect in material form. Thus, it may occur that a human, who dispose of a material brain quotient of 15%, only has a spiritual form potency of for example 11%. This percentage then records the spiritual evolutionary state which a human dispose of. Now, in order to illustrate this more clearly, Billy continues, a corresponding spiritual evolutionary calculation, according to cosmic values, should here represent these data. 


At 25,7%           = 1 = 0,000 000 001 = 25,8%

At 25.01%         = 2= 0,000 000 002  = 24,06%

At 20,0-24,0%  =       0,000 000 014  = 17,6%

At 18,0-20,0%   =      0,000 001 246  = 16,04%    

At 16,0-18,0%   =      0,000 456 021  = 17,06%    

At 14,5-16,0%   =    30%                      = 13,8%    

At 11,0-14,5%   =    62,0%                      = 10,9%  

At 10,0-11,0%   =      4,0%                      =    9,6%

At under 10%    =      4,0%                      = 3-6,0%


From this overall mass of humanity it is only possible that (2) two, under-zero-percent, new spirit forms could enter into life.


Thus, from this overview a recalculation results for the year 1978. Consequently, Billy continues, among the present Earth humanity, comprising of somewhat more than 4 billion people (1978), the following evolutionary level prevails:


1 human with    25,7% brain quotient and 25,8% spiritual potency quotient

2 humans with  25,01% brain quotient and 24,06% spiritual potency quotient

14 humans with 20-24% brain quotient and 17,6% spiritual potency quotient

1246 humans with 18-20% brain quotient and 16,04% spiritual potency quotient

456 021 humans with 16-18% brain quotient and 15,06% spiritual potency quotient

30% of the remaining humanity have 14,5-16% brain quotient and 13,8% spiritual potency quotient

62% of the remaining humanity have 11-14,5% brain quotient and 10,9% spiritual potency quotient

4% of the remaining humanity have 10-11,0% brain quotient and 9,6% spiritual potency quotient

4% of the remaining humanity have below 10,0% brain quotient and 3-6% spiritual potency quotient


Now, it should also be noted in regard to the spiritual potency quotient (percentage value of the spiritual evolutionary level), that its value in normal cases, by a real and effective spiritual correct development, can exceed the percentage value of the brain quotient, which means that the spiritual evolution quotient/spiritual potency quotient in absolute normal cases thus lies higher in its value than the brain quotient, which is also deemed to be the material consciousness value (consciousness quotient for the material consciousness).


The possibility for the value of the evolution quotient/spiritual consciousness quotient of exceeding the material consciousness value/brain quotient is not unlimited, because the difference to the higher value of the spiritual potency quotient vis-à-vis the brain quotient can maximum amount to 1%. This one percent, Billy adds, represent an absolute safety block which guarantees that no spiritual over dimensioning can take place in a life form, whereby a life form automatically would become unfit for life, because it would only develop further in pure spiritual form and neglect all material development whereby it would deprive itself of its own life and the need for self-preservation of the body would be neglected.


The rebirth and its confinement to a planet


The rebirth of any life form created on a planet is bound to this for so long until it becomes a pure spirit form. First then will it be able to remove itself from the planet and to also float away from the planet and dive into new realms that are purely energetic, in higher spiritual planes, which are of similar nature and value to itself.


What it means is that when an earthly life from is created on Earth, when it dies, it will then also inevitably again incarnate on Earth. This procedure is repeated for so long as the indwelling spirit form in the life form still requires a physical body, for what 70-80 billion years is necessary as a general rule. First after this period is it then possible for the spirit form to live without a physical body, whereby it also becomes clear that false doctrines, as such, immediately becomes recognizable, those which claim that certain <Great Masters> (like Jesus, Buddha, Micha, Morya etc.) would take hierarchical positions over Earth humans because, according to the highest teaching and findings, Earth humans were created out of Earth itself only around 5-6 million years ago, which means that the earliest spiritualization to pure spirit form of an Earth human can therefore first take place in 60-70 billion years – calculated from the time of creation.


The spirit form of a life form is therefore planet bound, and can not leave the planetary area, for so long as it is still tied to a physical body. Thus, it is absolutely impossible, Billy continues, that a deceased Earth human, resp. his spirit, can again incarnate somewhere on another planet, like it is also absolutely impossible that an intelligence from another planet can incarnate on Earth. Such a possibility, a rebirth on another planet, fist exist when a physical life form is able to travel through space by any technical aids etc. (space ships, rockets etc., or by teleportation), in order to leave one planet to seek out another.


When a foreign planet is reached in this way, and the life forms in question dies there, first then does an incarnation on a foreign planet become possible, but always provided that the spiritual evolutionary state of the life forms in question is approximately, or equal, to the evolutionary state to those life forms on that planet gone there and diseased there. If that is not the case, then for the life forms diseased there, resp. for their spirit forms, only two possibilities for rebirth exists, thus namely that the spirit form, removed from the physical body, stays for so long in the realm of the beyond there, and do not again incarnate, until the spiritual evolutionary state of the life forms there has advanced to the point where it is approximately equal to the spiritual evolutionary state of the diseased life forms.


Thus, this is then in those cases where the evolutionary state of the life forms on that planet is lower than the evolutionary state of the intelligences who migrated there. However, if now the evolutionary state of the planetary intelligences is a lot higher than the evolutionary state of the  newly arrived and diseased life forms over there, then this means for them, resp. their spirit forms, that they have to <emigrate> ; thus they have to remove themselves from the realm of that planet and float through universal space, for so long until they find a planet somewhere on which its inhabitants are at an evolutionary stage which is equal to the evolutionary stage of the spirit forms migrating there.  


There, at that planet, are then the spirit forms able to reinsert themselves into the Spirit form-We-Structure (German Geistform-Wir-Gefüge) existing there in order to again incarnate on that planet in the future and further apply themselves to their evolution. The same case also appears if a life form dies out in deep space (in space ships etc.) The through-the-space-floating of a spirit form, constantly searching for the home planet, or a similar one suitable for rebirth, can under certain circumstances take million of years depending on the given possibility to again find a Spirit form-We-structure it can fit into, in order to then again have a reincarnation possibility. 


A floating-wandering through the open space of the Universe lasting millions of years is of absolute insignificance, Billy adds, because within the framework of the great-times there is definitively sufficient time for any spirit form, that already has commenced life in knowledge, to be able to work itself up to the most advanced level, even so if it were to float through space for billion of years even, before finding a suitable planet for incarnation.


A rebirth can also occur out in space, if a suitable place is available there (space ship etc.). So when a spirit form, wandering in space, meets a space ship where a procreation of offspring has been carried out, then it is naturally able to incarnate there. The possibility by the way, for descendants to be born in space ships, is as great as on a planet, Billy continues, because countless spirit forms, of uneducated as well as of more educated nature, are floating through space, always looking for suitable planets for incarnation, because they, these spirit forms, through any circumstances in space, set out on a wandering from where they lost their physical bodies, or were hurled out there by any catastrophic occurrence etc. After that, they are floating there, in the endlessness of space, for hundreds, thousands or millions of years in order to find an opportunity to incarnate.   


From an old spirit form forms no new one.


From an old spirit form, thus from one which already has enlivened a physical body and therefore also has evolved to a certain degree, is not a new spirit form being formed, but it is the same one, which already has enlivened a diseased physical body, which again later incarnates into a physical body and resumes its course of evolution exactly there, where it left the body, when the body died, or at the physical loss of consciousness. The only thing that is being newly created by a rebirth is the material/physical body, simply the physical human.


A spirit form leaving the physical body, experiences after the death of the body, during the stay in the otherworldly area, only a change in so far that the spirit form does not remain inactive, but develops and evolves further in the otherworldly area according to the data to be processed from the physical life, from which further love, wisdom and further knowledge will be developed, after which, after a rebirth, the respective human therefore becomes more spiritual evolved.    


The material consciousness potency


The material consciousness potency consists of all the property which has been stored by the material consciousness and the material sub consciousness. This accumulated property, such as data, experiences, results, and so on and so forth, forms a power source of its own, independent from the spirit, which by humans can be used in very many ways in a conscious or unconscious form.


The utilization of the material consciousness potency depends solely on the actual waking state of the person concerned, which means: The more awake a human is in his material consciousness, the greater is his possibility to handle the powers of the material consciousness. Whether this power utilization take place in conscious or unconscious form, that depends in turn only on whether the person concerned is sufficiently evolved enough to become aware of his powers, consequently also for then in order to consciously utilize them. If this is not the case, Billy adds, he will only be using his material consciousness powers in a purely unconscious or in a half and half form.


If a human therefore, in his material form of consciousness, becomes more awake, he will then automatically better harness his material consciousness potency, with the consequence that greater results will be achieved and therefore also more knowledge can be given off into the pure spiritual realm, which then there, in the spiritual consciousness, after thorough examination, in turn becomes automatically stored.


Thus, Billy goes on to explain, this is simply related to the fact that humans sleeps less, seen merely symbolic, because in the common form of sleep condition, or half asleep condition (lack of interest, lethargy etc.), a human is always half way or totally paralysed, whereby he do not realize what he is really doing. In this way, clearly also no evolution will be performed and no processing of the appearing matters, which only very superficially reaches the consciousness, will takes place, and from this only an extremely small amount, or nothing at all, will be registered. This in turn also results in that the spiritual consciousness realm receives only very scant, or no property at all, which it can store.


When it now stated that the average, in regards to the material consciousness potency, lies at 13-15%, then this is correct, Billy continues, but which does not rule out that there are people on Earth with material consciousness potency of 18 to 25%, but who no longer can be classified to be within ordinary normality, since those people have to such an extent worked their way into a specific field of knowledge from which this high consciousness potency arise from.


But these people possess no further normal and valuable knowledge and reside far below the average norm in the actual consciousness potency calculation. Their knowledge is equal to zero in all other skills, because their consciousness potency only depends on one direction of knowledge, whereby they distinguish themselves as nonviable. Such people, Billy continues, are then also, by people on Earth, correctly being called what they truly are: nerds (German: Fachidioten.)


But, Billy adds, this explanation does not mean that Earth scientists as a rule must be considered to be nerds, because they truly do not fall within the degenerated limits. Interestingly, Earth scientists show a quite constant and worldwide spread material consciousness potency of 16-17%. Only few Earth scientists show higher values, which exceed a percentage number of 17, or even exceed 18%, but only when they, in any conscious or unconscious ways, are able to fetch values from their spiritual consciousness realm and process these values with the material consciousness values.


Namely, when the spiritual potency in normal cases, without and outside the <nerd-ism>, become involved and participates in the material consciousness realm, only then increases the percentage value to a higher level. From this it becomes clearly recognizable that higher values (In the case of Earth above 18,5%), in a healthy form, can only be achieved by spiritual knowledgeable, which means that the spiritual realm and the material realm, thus meaning their consciousness forms, only in unity has the ability to achieve higher percentages in consciousness potency value.   


Change of gender by incarnation


The gender form of humans can change through their incarnations, a known fact for a long time, Billy adds, which can no longer be dismissed. But from this follows the question; why and how this form of change comes about.  Why does a human live on Earth as a man or a woman, but for then in the next life again to become of the opposite-sex?  And how does it turn out that this change of gender takes place at all?


The question why this change takes place, cannot, or can only be answered very vaguely, Billy continues, because the WHY lies in the absolute individual area of each person themselves, and consequently, for each individual human a very personal WHY is the decisive factor for a change of gender. Since this WHY therefore represent a purely individual matter of every person, is it impossible to construct a pattern which has an overall validity for the majority of humans.


The interpretation to the question WHY must therefore be brought down to a denominator which leads to a pattern: Why, for example, a woman in one life lead a life as being such and in the next incarnation has the gender of a man, is grounded in the will of humans themselves, which integrates into the law of incarnation. 


The laws of Creation and the entire being, Billy continues, states very clearly and explicitly that a human life form, in every respect is self-determined, through their own developed will. This creational law extends through its own regulation IN EVERY RESPECT, thus it also applies to the laws of incarnation, which in fact are ranged in the main block of the laws of seven fold (German Siebenheitsgesetze). From this it is clear, Billy continues, that the human life form is in every respect self-determined also relating to incarnation, and to the gender determination by incarnation.


The determination of humans, thus their self-determination, whether they will have a female or a male gender form in their next incarnation lies in everything they do, thinks, and in all actions they take. Thus, a human will influence his gender determination for his next incarnation depending on his thinking and behaviour. But this is something he as a rule determines unconsciously, because he does not have the necessary knowledge for this gender determination.


Already a continuous wish for a gender change can therefore develop in humans to such an extent, that an unconscious will can result from it, which in the form of corresponding impulses, can set a determination that the gender form of the human concerned changes through the development of the following incarnation, simply from a woman to man or vice versa. 


Now, the WHY a human bring about such a gender form change , lies, as already explained in the will of the human himself, through which he determines a change of gender. Staying with the WHY, namely WHY a human bring about this gender form change, is unfathomable for the entire mass of humans Billy continues. The factors leading to it are so numerous and different, that they never can be monitored by a human or a computer. 


The reasons which are influential for a change of gender by incarnation vary from hate to love and from a complexity through to fear etc. This makes it clear it is impossible to poster a formula which can be valid for a greater number of people. If one therefore wants to find out the WHY of a gender form change of a human, a man, a woman, then all of that persons impulses, sensations, thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions needs to be thoroughly analysed and determined, from which then the determination can be filtered out, which ultimately leads to a gender form determination through the incarnation process. 


The change of gender form, or simply the determination of gender form by humans themselves, through their very own will, bring in its strength forth special features which man should, and really have to, take into consideration if he wants to live the right way in accordance with the natural laws. This, in particular, for the reason because the strength of the will to determine is a decisive factor for just how pronounced the female or male life form then, as a such, becomes. 


The willpower and the determinative power, namely, do not form the spirit of the future human, but only the physical body. That means, Billy goes on, that the strength of the will by way of determination-power determines the degree of how distinct the physical body and its entire organism becomes. This in turn therefore means that also the hormonal processes in humans, so thus the total function of his entire hormone balance is being determined. Billy mentions as an example of this, the degree of distinctness or non-distinctness of the man.


Billy mentions, if for example a woman is determined to become a man in the next incarnation, she will then subsequently become a pronounced male life form, in one form or another, exactly and according to the preceding determination of becoming a man. Thus, as an explanatory example this means: Is the determinative power, through the will power, very strong in masculine and manful form for the male life form due to come into being through incarnation, then a male life form will come into being, through the incarnation, which in male strength and distinctiveness will personify a real man in all aspects.


His physical strength will be that of a healthy and strong man.  As such will also his entire body and entire organism have an all-out masculine form. His hormone balance becomes so balanced and pronounced that everything is showing purely male tendencies. Accordingly, the entire hair growth of the man, on all hair-bearing places on the whole body, becomes correspondingly pronounced (for example chest and facial hair growth etc.) But everything becomes very pronouncedly noticeable also relating to sexuality, since only a pronounced mono sexuality appears by a man such as this, which means, Billy continues, that such a man, sexually, exclusively only turn towards females and is not bisexual in any form, because through the degree of pronouncement of the masculine, a primal strong aversion for the same sex on sexual basis is existent. 


As a comparison case only, concerning this, serves another example by those whom the determinative power, by the use of the willpower, is less strong, as described in the previous case: The function of the hormonal balance does not apply in full, but wavering markedly, whereby a weaker hear growth appear and thus also female characteristics etc. Nor does, in relation to sexuality, a markedly distinct mono sexuality any longer appear towards just female partners, rather a bisexuality appears, which is wavering depending on the determinative power.


The norm proves, Billy continues, that that a very large and predominant percentage of men have changed into this type and have bisexual tendencies. This lately became confirmed through science and can no longer be denied. The decisive factor for the variation of the strength in the tendency towards bisexuality lies in the strength of the determination will and in the power of imagination whereby the variety of possibilities and their strength practically are immeasurable and unlimited.


In the so-called man-nearest cases, considered to be the normal case, is the bisexuality able to appear only in a very shallow measure, which means, Billy continues, that it is not pronounced and only exists in unconscious form.  However, as soon as it is sufficiently encouraged, this unconscious form of appearance immediately undergoes a breakthrough turn into a conscious form. This then means that in this way, the controlling feminine impulses, still present in this man, makes its breakthrough and become adhered to, whereupon the man concerned therefore carry out homosexual acts.


Is the hormonal balance to a greater extent disturbed, through the will power and determinative power as well as through the power of imagination, resp. through the inability to fully develop this power, then a very pronounced homosexuality appears, but which also again is ranged in variations as to strength. Or else the inability in the achievement of the controlling will power, determinative power and power of imagination, when these powers are very low, results in that a human changes by the next incarnation to a hermaphrodite, thus to a transvestite, to a being that is half man and half woman.


Through the truth of these real procedures of self-determination in the material consciousness realm of humans, in regards to his gender form determination in the next life, demonstrates how in every respect and how much humans themselves influence, controls and determines their entire existence, Billy continues.  It does not matter whether it is a man or woman, because both genders come under the same laws, which can never be bypassed or even be subjected to undergo only one single iota of change.


To expand on this complex of the gender form determination, the following should also be explained, Billy continues:  The human will power, self-determination power and imaginative power are not only influential for the respective gender and the degree it is pronounced in a human, but is also influential for his looks, in the way of his physiognomy.


Among other external influences, which are numerous, the wishes of humans , his will power, determination power and power of imagination creates physiognomy changes for the next incarnation (but also throughout the course of a lifetime), which in terms of look, concern the  field of zoology. The most pronounced forms regarding this, familiar on Earth, which very often come about, appear in bird faces (weak chin), bulldog faces and lion faces etc.


The main reason for this kind of  pronounced  facial shape types, concerning the field of zoology, can normally be found in that those people it concerns, through their own wishes in the previous life, made their will power, self-determination power and imaginative power pronounced in the form that they would have liked to be a bird, a bulldog or even a lion – for whatever reasons; the only thing important with this is, Billy continues, that their wishful thinking to such an extent marked their determination for the next incarnation that these animal facial shapes (occasionally also body shapes etc.) also then in fact become visible.


(Concerning this, Billy adds, it should be stated that these forms of appearance in fact, and in no way, have anything to do with those external influences, where so called freaks and monster etc. emerge through sexual relations with different life forms, which as a rule only appear with a percentage figure of 1 : 25 000 000).


Reminiscence – Remembrance of incarnations


A reminiscence /incarnation recollection is within the realms of possibility for every human Billy explains. This possibility is even rooted in the laws of becoming and passing away and therefore in the evolution itself. Time and again there have been, there currently are, and there increasingly will be more people, as time goes by, who in the way of clues already have come across previous existences in their life or are constantly experiencing it.


Thus, it could be that they go for a walk somewhere, only to suddenly notice: “I have never before in my life been in this region, but nonetheless I know precisely my way around here. The hills, the old buildings or ruins, or even the trees, are familiar to me, etc.” Or it could happen, Billy continues, that someone meets a person, who he with absolute certainty in this, his present life, never have seen before, but then of whom he have to say that he trust in him as his own mother and that he perhaps feels even more for this person than he feels for his own parents etc. etc.


Also, it often happens that people meet each other in such a way, and appear in such a way, as if they have known each other for thousands of years, that they even love each other like brothers and sisters, like old good friends, like uncles, aunts and acquaintances, although they know full well, that they with absolute certainty never before have seen these persons in this their present life and also never before have even heard about them.


Or it could be that a person goes to a country far away, comes to a hill or a mountain and all of a sudden knows what is located behind them; for example a building, which however already has disintegrated to become a ruin, but which in fact attest to the existence of an earlier building located there and proves the correctness of the persons intuition.


But perhaps stands a very old tree behind a hill, something the suspecting person suddenly becomes aware of without ever having seen this tree before in his present life.  Or it may well be described how a river most certainly proceeds behind a mountain without the descriptive person ever having been there before, although it notion-wise can be described. And that precisely, Billy writes, are the notion-like and appearing reminiscences of former lives, which can even be so very pronounced that the smallest details can be stated with absolute certainty.


To such reminiscences are yet also to be mentioned those which appears through dreams, whereby those are also released by the unconscious into the realm of the material consciousness, like the previously described form. By memories arriving into the material consciousness, through dreams, comes the trigger difference to light. This rest in that these memories appear through unconscious work processes, whereas when awake, they emerge through observation and through registering sounds and tones.


Applying great caution In these matters concerning reminiscences/incarnation memories is appropriate, Billy adds, because only too easily is humans subject to illusion in this form, or else he manoeuvres himself into obsessions, which makes a <seeing> and <recognising> of objects, landscapes, structures and people for him possible, whereupon he is then able to describe many things he never before have seen.


This is a risk normally only people run who unfortunately indulge in religious, delusional faith, mystical and occult things, through which they lose all reality concerning this matter, Billy adds. The religions and parapsychology are on a large scale guilty of such distortions, because through them, everything becomes mystified and pressed into becoming faith, supernatural and unreal.


Due to these reasons are unfortunately also very many people already shaped in this form who make reminiscence statements which never stand up to a close scrutiny, Billy continues. Extreme caution is therefore necessary concerning this matter, and nobody should be believed regarding this, if he/she speaks of a reminiscence <experienced>, when this person has a religious or parapsychological leaning.


To believe, if one are to use this word with it, can really only be given in this context where, and relating to reminiscences, if the person revealing such memories or notions is completely free from religious or parapsychological and similar influences. 


A further fact of caution is this:  Illusions can appear in the form that someone one day, perhaps quite unconsciously, sees an image or a photo of a region, a person, or of a landscape or a building or that he walked past a person at some point or otherwise once saw him somewhere without even to consciously register the slightest, while the subconscious, however, made a full or part registry.


Through a more close meeting, it then eventually happens that suddenly the subconsciousness releases its knowledge into the material consciousness realm, which then also erroneously interpret it to be a reminiscence of a previous life, even though it relates solely to a normal memory of the subconsciousness from the present life, which goes back perhaps 20 or 30, or even perhaps 50 or 70 years.


Thus suddenly, something once seen years or decades earlier, comes in front of the eyes as reality, which give rise to a notion in the person that he/she already must have once seen this or that, which then in fact also was the case, but what for the person is no longer currently present, or never was, because it had crept away in the subconsciousness, from which he/she then, and without actual recollection, shadowy again releases it through corresponding impulses.  


But there still exists the so called law-governed reminiscence in the waking state, Billy continues, which is based upon that through certain trains of thoughts in evolutionary and coherent form, results can be achieved which releases reminiscences. These then appear without that any audible or visible effects come to light. The pure evolutionary thought processes, and the results which comes from them, results in that the subconscious releases reminiscences and transfer these into the material consciousness.      


Finally still, is now the so called hypnotic reminiscence to be mentioned, but which only is of conditional accuracy, Billy adds. The reason for this is, because under hypnosis in the traditional sense, no reminiscence of a person’s previous lives can be elicited, namely because for this to happen, other hypnotic procedures are required than those practised as of today (1978).


Humans have safety measures integrated in their material, as well as in their spiritual realm, which prevent that knowledge and reminiscences etc. do not enter into the material consciousness until such time that man also in fact becomes able to absorb and handle this knowledge. Among other things is a censor in the material realm to be mentioned, the safety catch between the great consciousness and the small consciousness (the conscious and the subconscious), which prevents arbitrary acts to take place.


And this censor can also not be disabled through a simple hypnosis, because to put it out of function something more is required. This sensor, this safety catch, immediately short-circuits when knowledge wants to become retrieved from the subconsciousness which is not yet beneficial to process for the material consciousness.


It short circuits just the same, however, if a transfer is to be made of still unprocessed, dangerous material, from the material consciousness into material subconsciousness. This is why, when a hypnotist now comes and brings a person under hypnosis, wanting to retrieve reminiscences, then this safeguarding factor short-circuits and deny any passage of personal data from the subconsciousness.


For that reason, however, a very interesting phenomenon appears, Billy continues, that is that the subconscious taps the subconscious of another person; it establishes connection with it and releases its reminiscences.  Thus, these are then not the reminiscences of the person being hypnotized, but those of someone else.


This means that the safeguarding factor switches the way that when the person is placed under hypnosis, his material subconsciousness creates a link and enters into connection with some other subconsciousness from his family circle, acquaintance circle or circle of friends etc., or even with the hypnotist or somebody else, in order to release these data from the previous incarnations of those persons, which it in fact receives, being passed on through their subconsciousness.


But the subconscious never releases its own data through hypnosis, unless a very special fact is considered and neutralized, which should not be stated here, Billy writes, in order to prevent very serious cases of mischief etc.


The reason why the subconscious do not release its reminiscence data through a normal hypnosis is due to the following fact, Billy writes:  If a human truly would come to know his own previous lives, just as he spent and lived through them at earlier times, then he would inevitably expire a material consciousness disturbance, which means that he would go daft or go crazy. This is because, through his low evolutionary state, he is simply still incapable of fully comprehending, coping with and processing such data.


As already explained, the possibility in fact exists that under hypnosis, reminiscences can be retrieved if the security block is skilfully deactivated. But, that is precisely what the hypnotists of this world and time do not yet understand how to do – luckily – because otherwise even greater disaster would be caused than what already is being caused by these incompetent hypnotists. And such harm is already being caused in abundance by incompetent hypnotists, like for example, Billy mentions, through Detlefsen in Munich.


In these hypnotic reminiscences through incompetent and only partially truly proficient hypnotists lurk great dangers for those people put under hypnosis. Normally ignorant of their inner wishes and repression etc., the hypnotists put their victims under hypnosis without any consideration that they normally are very vulnerable and unstable, which means a destructive danger for them.


And through the incompetent hypnotists, only partially proficient in the truth of hypnotists, who are active today (1978), only people allow themselves to be brought under hypnosis who are very vulnerable and unstable regarding this, which means, Billy continues, that these people are not psychologically 100% right. Namely, a human who is psychologically fully balanced do let himself be brought under hypnosis by charlatans and other incompetent hypnotists. For them, this is something that can only occur if real hypnosis is applied, but which fundamentally differs from the acts of charlatanism and incompetency of the present day hypnotists (1978).


But those people now, who in their instability are addicted to the incompetent hypnotists, release data from reminiscences of other people, but which they then readout as being their own, and what is worse still: They form an illusion which makes them convinced that their borrowed reminiscences are in fact their own and personal memories, and that they thereby now have to identify themselves with these.


Accordingly, many of those who have been in the state of hypnosis also begin to live in their delusion. Thus it happens as a rule that such people who, specifically to form reminiscences, have been put under hypnosis by incompetent hypnotists, start to live very rigorously in the delusion emerging and  will quickly acquire things and abilities which were characteristic in those earlier lives and existences, of whose existence they through the false form of hypnosis disclosed and released.


Thus, Billy continues, as in the case of Detlefsen in Munich, it unfortunately occurs that a woman, who was hypnotised by him, completely fell under his spell and entered into a type of trance-like state, even when she only went near him. And then, what also unfortunately happens, as in this case, was that the woman, with her allegedly own reminiscences, identified them in a delusional way and suddenly became artistic-creative because, in her reminiscence delusion, she started to believe that she had been Michelangelo in one of her previous existences, - only because, through the madness and the irresponsible act from Detlefsen, she retrieved the data from the earlier existence from any subconsciousness of a human and then released these as being her own.


Thus, the reminiscence knowledge of a stranger, Billy continues, who self really had been this Michelangelo in a previous life, had from now on, as a reborn, become a very suitable object for the hypnotised, for her subconsciousness connection (whereby such hypnosis procedure also creates those subconscious connections and linkages in a similar way as is the case with mediums, who, in their state of trance, are tapping into other living peoples subconsciousness).