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By Kåre Bergheim

September 11 2011


Contact 10 and 11


3. Humans carries a spirit which do not die and which also in the deepest sleep of the human never sleeps, which records all thoughts and impulses, which tells the humans if his thought are correct or false, when he has learned to pay attention to it.

4. This spirit in humans is a bearer of the creational realm, and it is in all human beings.


3.Der Mench ist Träger eines Geistes, der nicht stirbt und er auch in tiefstem Schlafe des Menschen nie schläft , der alle Gedanken und Regungen aufzeichnet, der dem Menschen sagt, ob seine gedanken richtig oder falsch sind, wenn er darauf zu achten gelernt hat.

4.Dieser Geist im Menschen ist Träger des schöpferischen Reiches, und er ist allen Menschen eigen.


This is the opening passage of contact 10, the first and the most important contact Semjase  delivered in regards to spiritual information.

It is delivered in a monolog form and goes over six A4 pages in length. It is printed in Block 1 of the German contact notes. It is also printed as KANON 46 in the book OM (Omfalon Murado 1987). When I visited Semjase Silverstar Centre in July 2006 I noticed it was also published on a noticeboard there behind a glass plate at the entrance to the property. This was the first sign greeting visitors walking on the road passing by the post office at Schmidruti towards the end destination Hinterschmidruti a few minutes walk towards the forest. But that was back then, in 2006.




Die Post


8495 Schmidrüti










Photos taken by Kåre Bergheim 5th of July 2006



Das Center

When the first contact with Semjase took place on the 28th of January 1975, Billy Meier was living in Wilhaldenstrasse 10 in Hinwil. His residence there served both as a postal address and meeting place for the group he had just formed. Meier were known to have unique abilities. He was able to use the power of the consciousness and became a well known healer in the district. One of the persons who came to him to be healed was a woman named Mrs Herzog from Root/LU. She told him that she and her husband owned a farm in Tösstal with the name Hinterscmidrüti. Billy then remembered the information he was given in his youth from Sfaath and Asket. They told him that he should buy this farm and make it a center for the mission.


Mrs Herzog then offered to sell the farm to Meier which he and his group bought. They moved to Hinterscmidrüti in 1977 and named the Center after Semjase and her beam ship. It got the name Semjase Silver Star Center.


Photo 171 taken by Eduard Albert Meier at Hasenböl-Langenberg in Fischenthal on the 29th of March 1976. Semjase is here doing a demonstration flight with a beam ship of a new type. The various visual changes from the old version are higher dome structure and a different rim design. But it is also equipped with more advanced technology. Which enable the ship to undertake time travel and to enter other universes and dimensions. For further details see Pleiadian Spaceships and Spacecraft technology


1. Fake vs Real. The American team lead by Wendelle Stevens brought over a beam ship model to Switzerland. They then asked Meier take photos of the model using same camera he used when taking the real beam ship photos. When the photos of the model were later developed and put side by side and compared to the real beam ship photos there were differences. Most importantly a lab analysis showed a clear difference between the photos of the model and the real photos. The comment from the lab technician was: “It is easy to tell a small model”


2. The triangulation method. By using size of known background objects as reference the beam ship was measured to be seven meters in diameter


3. Pixel analysis of the famous beam ship & mirage photo undertaken by a professional American laboratory. They compared the beam ship to a mirage from the Swiss air force flying close by. Meier claimed the jet made 22 passes around the beam ship. No strings found in the photo. The conclusion also from this test was that the beam ship was seven meters in diameter.


4. Meier had only one arm which would make it difficult to make, carry around, hide and let alone take a photo of a seven meter object in the air.


5. Meier took many of the photos in 1975 and 1976 several years before personal computers and programs such as photo shop became common.


References: Starts here: CONTACT (1982) The filmed investigation 


Below: CONTACT (1982). The filming of the investigation. The verdict given by a professional lab technician comparing photos of a model up against the real photos Meier took. “It’s easy to tell small models.” he says . The real photos Meier took are not that of small models. 


Start from time 00:48:30 



Semjase used the title Elo-Jschrisch. Elo means in their language half. We normally use the word semi in this connection. Jschrisch means Goddess or Queen of wisdom. It is a ranking which indicates that the person has reached a high evolutionary level. The Plejarans claim to also be a highly advanced technological race but they focus more on personal spiritual development than we do.  They claim telepathy is real and they know how to use it.  Semjase mastered spiritual telepathy, a higher form of telepathy. There are no photos of her.  Main reason for that is that she did not want to be recognized on the street. She told Meier she had normal clothes she used when she sometimes entered our cities or villages. In contact 289 held Monday the 11 of September 2000 her father Ptaah advised Billy that Semjase had passed all exams required and had now become a Jschrisch.


Semjase told Meier this was first and foremost reason why he was contacted. It was to deliver spiritual teachings. In contact 10 the nature and the importance of the spirit is explained. The spiritual realm is difficult to understand because this is where our science stops. They claim their advanced science continues and also goes into this world of fine matter. They claim at some point in the future also we will be able to scientifically prove that the spirit in humans do exist as well as the creational invisible forces. Something we today are unable to scientifically prove. This is what Semjase has to say about it:


249. With humans the severity of the material principle still prevail.

250. In a time not far away however will Earth science discover the creational principle in matter.

251. That is to say Creation is integrated in everything which is created ; in everything that bring itself to evolve and develop.


249. Beim Menschen überwiegt noch immer die Schewere des mateteriellen Prinzips.

250. In nicht allzuferner Zeit wird die irdische Wissenschaft jedoch das Prinzip des Schöpferischen in der Materie entdecken.

251. Die Schöpfung ist nämlich in alles Erschaffene miteinbezogen; in alles, was sich zur Entfaltung bringt und fortentwickelt. 


The way forward in regards to spiritual improvement on this planet is probably a long shot away and likely not detectable seen over a short time span of say 10 years. Perhaps changes can be detected over a 100 year period. If history is a guide, spiritual development on this planet will take time. It seems to be a slow process.


159. The road to spiritual knowledge becomes accelerated through the expansion of the consciousness and the deliberate searching as well as the gathering of true knowledge, and this evolvement leads to true and all-embracing cosmic- broadened wisdom and love due to the recognition that the Creation is present in everything. 


159. Der Weg der Geisterfahrung wird beschleunigt durch die Entfaltung des Bewusstseins und des bewussten Suchens sowie des Wahrheitswissensammelns, und diese Entfaltung führt zur wahren und allumfassenden, kosmisch-weiten Weisheit und Liebe aufgrund der Erkenntnis, das die Schöpfung in allem gegenwärtig ist.


Since we possess no scientific knowledge in regards to if we have a spirit or not and in regards to what happens when we die, we tend to look at  spiritual issues as something which belongs to faith based religions originating in countries often given the definition holy; such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. This is an error according to Semjase. Spirituality is not religion. Religions do not advance the spiritual in humans.

163. Because humans do not know the creative and through false teachings, in particular through consciousness enslaving sects and religions, is misled,  he commits very many errors, search for the true values in the wrong place and violates thereby all natural and creative order and all provisions of the law.

163. Weil der Mensch das Schöpferische nicht kennt und durch irrlehren, namentlich durch bewusstseinsversklavende Sekten und Religionen, fehlgeleitet ist, begeht er sehr viele Fehler, sucht nach den wahren Schätzen am falschen Ort und verletzt dabei alle naturmässige und schöpferische Ordnung und alle Regeln der Gesetze.

The spirit is very unique,  states Semjase further:

15. The dimensions inside humans are endless.

16. The image of Creation, the spirit in him, the existence , which is dimensionless , it contains

all dimensions in itself and transcend at the same time all dimensions.

17. The spirit is the wonder of all wonders, from which all power originate


15. Die Dimensionen des Innern im Menschen sind endlos.

16. Das abbild der Schöpfung, der Geist in ihm, die Existenz, die dimensionslos ist, sie birgt alle Dimensionen in sich und transzendiert zugleich alle Dimensionen.

17. Der Geist ist das Wunder aller Wunder, aus dem alle Kraft hervorgeht.


The  existence of multipleuniverses or parallel universes are looked at seriously by quantum mechanics scientist and cosmologist. For example CERN in Switzerland is one such place where a large experiment is currently underway where the aim is to scientifically prove if parallel universes do exist. CERN's LHC: "Parallel Universes Could be Hidden Within the Four Dimensions"


Semjase also describes this topic in contact 10, the existence of multiple universes as follows:


85.  What is visible to the physical eyes of humans means only a small iota of the infinite.

86.  What is not visible to his eyes is immeasurable, inconceivable and unthinkable, for his unspiritual human intelligence and comprehension ability it is confusing and unimaginable.

87. All of the universe that he sees is only one room of many, which must be measured by the myriads, because there are universes in universes, universes beyond universes, universes under universes, universes above universes, universes outside of universes in this almighty, powerful and  all-creative spiritual intelligence of the existence Creation.


85. Was den physischen Augen des Menschen sichtbar ist, bedeutet nur ein kleines Jota in der Unendlichkeit. 

86. Was seinen Augen nicht sichtbar ist, ist unermesslich, unfassbar und undenkbar, für seine ungeistige menschliche Intelligenz und Fassungskraft verwirrend und unvorstellbar.

87. All  das Universum, das er sieht, ist nur ein einziger Raum von vielen , die mit Myriaden gemessen werden müssen, denn es gibt Universen in Universen, Universen jenseits von Universen, Universen unter Universen, Universen über Universen und Universen ausserhalb der Universen in dieser urmächtigen, gewaltigen und allschöpferischen geistigen Intelligenz der Existenz Schöpfung.


So this was a few excerpts from contact 10. Now going to contact 11. It goes over five A4 pages in length. In this contact  Semjase continues her monologue where she left off in contact 10. It continues with more information about the spirit and issues related to it.

The spirit has great power and latent potentials:


101. A humans is not only a purely biological phenomenon

102. Within him is also a small part of a fine matter based psychological organism in spiritual form, which has latent potentials and is charged with the power of all creational forces. 


101.  Der Mensch ist kein blosses biologisches Phänomen.

102. In ihm ist auch ein kleiner Teil eines feinstofflich bedingten psychischen Organismus in geistiger Form, der mit latenten Potentialitäten, mit der Macht aller schöpferischen Kräfte geladen ist.


Experience and information from each lifetime becomes stored in a fine matter memory bank. When a new incarnation take place an automatic hook up to this memory bank will occur. A similar principle used today with computers. Named cloud computing. Where data files, instead of being stored in the computer itself, are stored and accessed directly by the computer from a memory bank stored somewhere in cyber space.

This is what Semjase has to say about it in contact 11:


103. A philosophical insight into the psychological nature of humans, leads to the realization and knowledge of the reality of the cosmic consciousness, the creational life energy as the basis and life of psychological beings. 104. Man must not only see man merely on the biological and mental plane, but rather he must also conceive him on the psychological and spiritual planes as well. 105. All that man inherited, everything that the he during billions of lives bring along with him from the past, everything that he, in this, or in a past life has enjoyed, known, read, learned, or experienced is not located in his sub consciousness, but rather is hidden in the memory bank.


103. Ein philosophischer Einblick in das psychische Wesen des Menschen zwingt zum Erkennen und Wissen der Wirklichkeit des kosmichen Bewusstseins, der schöpferischen Lebenskraft als Grundlage und Leben psychischer Wesenheiten. 104. Der Mensch darf den Menschen nicht bloss auf seiner biologischen und mentalen Ebenen sehen, sondern er muss ihn auch auf der psychischen und geistigen Ebene erfassen. 105. Alles was der Mensch ererbt, alles was er durch milliardenfache Existenzen aus der Vergangenheit mitbringt, alles was er in diesem oder in einem vergangenen Leben genossen, gekannt, gelesen, gelernt oder erlebt hat, liegt nicht in seinem Unterbewusstsein, sondern in den Speicherbanken verborgen.


Semjase further states that Earth humans in general are unable to retrieve the information from the sub-consciousness. To do so requires the right training, effort and a special technique.


106. So anyway he does not control the technique of concentration and therefore do not command his sub consciousness and do not make full use of all his knowledge and ability.


106. Darum beherrscht er also nicht die Technik der Konzentration und darum befiehlt er nicht seinem Unterbewusstsein und macht nicht vollen Gebrauch von all seinem Wissen und Können.


The concentration technique Semjase here speaks about goes under the name mediation. The information from the humans sub consciousness can also be retrieved by the means of technology according to them. They claim to have such technology inbuilt in their beams ships. On several occasions Meier was given demonstration of how it worked. One time he was taken onboard her beam ship. In this contact he describes the demonstration he was given in details.


This is from contact 36 on the 20th of October 1975 - Part quote:



113. Look now here: this apparatus is an area analyzer.

114. When I now activate it - so - , what do you now see?



Wow – Yes that is Herr Jacob all over.



115. Sure, as you can see he is very busy.

116. Now however, look here at this scale. Here are the thought-vibrations recorded.



Yes, that is a real barbed wire.



117. … our of which however all values can be extracted.

118. See, this figure here for example, originates from the sub consciousness of Herr Jakob.

119. when I now enlarge it – so - , what do you now detect ?



Girl, that is real pictures.



120. Sure, and what do you recognize from them?



That – Wait a minute, that – after all- , that is a day. Now how can I tell, I’m going crazy. 

How do I know that it is a day? Wow, Girl, that is next Wednesday and that – that is a time.



121. You are just fantastic; you know how to read the analyser, without me having to explain it to you first.
122. I had to learn it first.
123. You must be well educated in the deciphering of pictures.
124. That surprises me, because that was not known to me.



Is that really so?



125. Sure.


Should I go on?

126. Sure, what do you see further?



If I decipher it correctly, then the time shown is Wednesday the 22nd of October 1975, and indeed exactly at 11.03 clock. Is that true?

127. (laughing) Sure, and what comes after that?


Hans Jacob picks up the phone and calls a number .- man he is calling me ... he want to come to me in the afternoon, so around 14.00. This time, however, varies somewhat.


128. You decipher and recognize the facts very well, because exactly what you observed is what  was transferred through the analyser.

129. Mr. Jacob knows nothing yet about these coming events, because he is not yet become aware of them.
130. But his subconscious already knows what is coming and is now working in this direction.

131. And as you can see do we have the ability to undertake a recording of these facts by our analyser and to read them. 

132. That is how we monitor and carry out surveillance and how we obtain very accurate data over all things that are important to us.
133. In the same way I've also learned that our statements regarding your interference on certain events are being doubted by your own group.

134. I have therefore not done a future vision but I have rather, related to these things,  only operated our analysers and checked the subconscious of various persons in your group .



German original  

(Teil Zitat Kontakt 36, 20 Oktober 1975 Block 1 (2002) seite 476 )



113. Sieh einmal hier: diese Apparatur, das ist ein Flächenanalysator.

114. Wenn ich ihn jetzt einschalte – so - , was siehst du nun?



Mann, Mensch – das ist ja Herr Jacob wie er leibt und lebt.



115. Sicher, du siehst, dass er sehr beschäftigt ist.

116. Jetzt aber sieh hier auf dieser Skala, hier warden die Gedankenschwingungen aufgezeichnet.



Das ist ja ein richtiger Drahtverhau…



117. … aus dem wir aber alle Werte herauserkennen können.

118. Sieh, diese Figur hier z.B. entspringt dem Unterbewusstsein von Herrn Jacob.

119. Wenn ich sie jetzt vergrössere – so -, was erkennst du jetzt?



Mädchen, das sind ja richtige Bilder.



120. Sicher, und was erkennst du darauf?



Das – warte mal, das – doch - , das ist ein Tag. Wie kann ich das nur erkennen, ich werde verrückt. Wieso weiss ich denn, dass das ein Tag ist? – Mensch, Mädchen, das ist ja der nächste Mittwoch und das – das ist eine Zeit.



121. Du bist einfach phantastisch, du verstehst den Analysator zu lesen,ohne dass ich dir das erst erklären muss.

122. Ich musste es erst erlernen.

123. Du musst in der Bildentzifferung sehr gebildet sein.

124. Das  erstaunt mich, denn das war mir nicht bekannt.



Ist das wirklich so?



125. Sicher.



Soll ich weiterlesen?



126. Sicher, was siehst due weiter ?



Wenn ich es richtig entziffere, dann ergibt die zu sehende Zeit Mittwoch, den 22. Oktober 1975 und zwar genau 11.03 Uhr. Stimmt das ?



127. (lachend) Sicher , und was weiter ?



Hans Jacob greift zum Telefon und stellt eine Nummer ein.- Mensch, er telfoniert ja mit mir…, er will zu mir kommen am Nachmittag, so gegen 14.00 Uhr. Diese Zeit variiert allerdings etwas.



128. Du entzifferst und erkennst die Fakten sehr genau, denn genau deine Feststellungen werden durch den Analysator übermittelt. 

129. Herr Jacob weiss noch nichts über diese kommenden Geschehen, denn er ist sich dieser noch nicht bewusst geworden.

130. Sein Unterbewusstes aber weiss das Kommende schon und arbeitet nun in dieser Richtung.


131. Und wie du siehst sind wir in der Lage, diese Fakten durch unsere Analysatoren aufzeichnen zu lassen und sie zu lessen.

132. Das ist die Art, wie wir überwachen und kontrollieren und so sehr genaue Daten erhalten über alle Dinge, die uns wichtig sind.

133. Auf dieselbe Art habe ich auch in Erfahrung gebracht, dass unsere Angaben bezüglich deiner Beeinflussungen auf gewisse Geschehen aus deiner eigenen Gruppe bezweifelt werden.


134. Ich habe also keine Zukunftsschau gehalten, sondern habe mich bezüglich dieser Dinge nur unserer Analysatoren bedient und das Unterbwusste verschiedener Personen deiner Gruppe kontrolliert.


The very clear photos and super 8 films strongly suggests the extraterrestrials undertook demonstration flights for Meier as claimed in order for him to collect  the evidence he needed to present a valid case. At the same time these arranged demonstration flights also suggest he had physical face to face contacts with the pilots of the crafts. It would further seem logical that he was invited aboard their crafts to be given technical demonstration such as the one he described above. After all they were the ones who singled him out to be their contact person.


Semjase also demonstrated other technical devises to Meier. One of those devices was demonstrated to Meier in contact 82 and 113. It was a device that enabled them to look inside buildings on the ground from their beam ship above. See the article ET Contact taking a closer look on an unusual demonstration  for more details. They also used a very advanced form of communication technology.


The chief investigator Wendelle Stevens also told about several incidents which indicated that Semjase and the other Plejarans were in possession of extremely advanced surveillance equipment. These incidents further support Meier’s claim. Here are two of these incidents which Stevens mentioned in his speeches.  


The first incident happened one of the times Stevens was at the Center in Hinterschmidrüti and Meier came back from a contact with Semjase. Meier then handed Stevens a note. The note was about a meeting Semjase had detected was underway in Zurich related to the START 2 negotiations. In this meeting USA and USSR was about to make an agreement that they would keep their respective populaces in the dark in regards to the truth behind the UFO phenomena.  


The note Stevens was handed from Meier contained the name of the hotel downtown Zurich. It had the name of the only waiter allowed to enter the room. And it had the name tag to the four delegates from USA and USSR attending. Stevens and his team immediately drove to downtown Zurich to check it out. They found the hotel. They found the only waiter who was allowed to enter the room where the meeting took place.  


The waiter agreed to report back to Stevens next time he entered the room. He did get a chance to take a look and told Stevens that at least two of the delegates bore name on their nametags which looked very similar to two of the names Stevens had on the list on the note from Meier. Stevens furthermore said in his speech that this was one of several incidents which convinced him the case was real and worth persuading further.


Another incident took place when Stevens and Lee Elders were taken in for a surprise visit to the CIA case officer for the London District. He had two telephones on his desk, one white phone with normal outside line and one red phone with a secure operator controlled line for classified calls. Just as Stevens sat down the white phone rang 10 short rings.


According to Lee Elders who worked  securing phone lines for companies and as such was an expert on phones, it was a technically impossible that a phone could ring ten short ring  in this way. And when the CIA case officer picked up the phone there was no one there. The same thing happened again, but this time the red phone rang. It also rang ten short rings and again there was no one answering when the case officer picked up the phone a second time to answer. This was the phone on the secure operator monitored line. Stevens told that he had heard those 10 short rings before, at Meier’s house in Switzerland.


It was the extraterrestrials way of reconfirming to him that the telepathic message he had received was for a contact meeting. Stevens said that the phone started ringing just as he sat down which suggests that the extraterrestrials were visually monitoring the office in real time. And they also possessed technology which could break in on both the phone lines. The 10 rings on the red phone may also here be seen as a symbolic message. They extraterrestrials knew the CIA would be their main, but not their only enemy and this was perhaps a way to tell them that they would closely monitor their secure lines and as such would know at all times what they were up to and design their strategy with Meier accordingly.  


Among the evidence seldom or never brought up is a letter Semjase wrote to the group whilst in space with Meier. Stand-alone a letter offer little or no evidence but in the light of the enormous amount of evidence Meier produced in all categories, which was proven to be genuine by the investigators, I think also the letter deserved to be looked at.


Semjase was onboard a Pleiadian mothership which was under command of her father Jschwisch Ptaah when she wrote a letter to the group in Switzerland. She wrote the letter the same day as she brought Meier onboard her seven meter beam ship out to a Plejaran mothership which was positioned in our solar system. This was a trip where Meier was taken to various destinations in our Universe and it lasted five days.  


Some destinations were billions of light years away while others closer. According to Wendelle Stevens, Meier took a total of five 36 picture films on this journey, out of which four were lost when he handed them inn for processing. He only got one film back. It had 36 photos on it out of which many are good. These are printed in the first block of the contact notes, Block 1.   


It is of course not easy to confirm whether or not the letter is written by an extraterrestrial woman.  However I think it is real for the reason that other evidence which Meier delivered around the same time were proven to be genuine by the investigator team lead by Wendelle Stevens. Evidence such as super 8 millimeter film, photos, metal sample and sound recordings of the beam ship. They found no falsification in this material which they took to well-known professional laboratories for analysis. For example the analysis of the metal sample showed it was made of an unknown structure. And It was made through such a complicated process that it would be impossible with our production processes to duplicate it.


According to the dialogue which was recorded in contact number 31 on the 17th of July 1975, it was Meier who expressed the wish to Semjase if she could write a few lines to the group. Semjase then asked for which purpose that should serve she did not see it as being necessary. She further said they used others letters in their writing and she did not feel confident handwriting German. Meier replied that the members in the group would appreciate to read a few lines from her. He further said that he would help her if she got stuck. Semjase then agreed to write a few lines.  


She was given a piece of paper and a pen by Billy. She had to juggle between the Plejaran alphabet and the German alphabet. The letter can be viewed in Block 1 page 262 and 263 and it is a photocopy of the original. The handwriting is feminine and one detail which stand out is the letter F which she seems to struggle with as in all the words in which the letter F is written it looks more like a capital F instead of a lower case f which it should be. In fact this capital F is a bit bent over and dips lower than the other letters on the line and this makes the F stand out with a distinct runic look. In other words, it looks as if it has been extracted from some sort of old type runic alphabet.


Semjase, although looking young, is a whole lot older than any Earth humans alive, and it would therefore be logical that she learned German a long time ago. This also seems reflected upon her writing style and choice of German words and phrases. It is written in a rather old fashioned conservative style



The letter goes as follows:



17. July 1975


Dear friends in the group,


With your writing rather unfamiliar I am trying, in accordance with the wish of your friend to write a few words and to say: Trust in our words and teachings, because when it may seem foreign to you, they nevertheless, contain in them the deepest truth, which unfortunately in all your scriptures since time immemorial were falsified and at the present time with big effort must be taught anew.


However, through the existing false teachings the truth appears new and unfamiliar and with it trigger hard resistance. However the truth must break through and you all should help it to victory. Therefore, shy not away from neither work nor trouble in order to lay the foundation-stones to the victory. Fulfil your mission, trust in us and our common great and wise friend who, out of all of us, has the heaviest mission to fulfil See to him at all times and give him the best possible help, by his own, the burden would be too heavy.  


In the name of us all I pronounce you great thanks, in particular, however, I thank you for your endeavours  so far, even if everything is not always obeyed exactly after our regulations. Trouble yourselves, nevertheless, in the future to obey everything according to precise order and darken not yourselves in thoughts thereon, that we, from our side, only can keep in contact with our common friend.


In love I give you my greetings





This is a small excerpt of the copy of the letter Semjase wrote to the group in Switzerland upon request from Meier. The letter bears the impression that she is not used to our handwriting and find some of our letters hard to write.



17 Juli 1975,


Liebe Gruppenfreunde,


Mit Eurer Schrift recht unvertraut bemühe ich mich, Euch nach dem Wünsche Eures Freundes einige Worte zu schreiben und zu sagen: Vertraut auf unsere Worte und Lehren, denn wenn Sie Euch auch fremd erscheinen mögen, so Bergen sie in sich doch die tiefste Wahrheit, die leider in allem Euren Schriften seit altesher verfälscht wurden und zur heutigen Zeit unter grossen Mühen neu gekundet werden muss.


Durch die bestehenden Irrlehren aber erscheint die Wahrheit neu und fremdartig und stösst auf harten Wiederstand mit sich. Doch die Wahrheit muss durchbrechen und Ihr alle sollst ihr zum Siege verhelfen. Scheuet daher weder Arbeit noch Muehe, um die Grundsteine zum Sieg zu legen. Erfullet Eure Mission, vertrauet auf uns und unseren gemeinsamen grossen und weisen Freund der von uns allem die Schwerste Mission zu erfullen hat. Steht ihm allzeit bei und leistet ihm bestmöglich Hilfe, demallein würden ihm die lasten zu gross. 


 In namen von us allen spreche ich Euch grossen Dank aus, insbesondere aber bedanke ich mich für Eure bisherigen Bemühen, auch wenn nicht immer alles genau nach unseren Bestimmungen befolgt werde. Bemüht Euch jedoch zunkunfting, alles nach genauer ordnung zu befolgen und trübt Euch nicht in Gedanken daran, dass wir von unserer Seite aus allein mit unserem gemeinsamen Freund Kontakt halten können.


In liebe gebe ich Euch meinen Gruss








Semjase uses the word mission in this letter.


In the book Die Wahreit über die Plejaden (The truth about the Plejarans) published in 1996, Billy Meier give a seven point definition of this mission as follows (my unofficial English translation over the German original) :


The message from the Plejarans to people on Earth contains the following:


1) The deliverance  of a series of facts from the history and past of Earth humans and his descent , in order to reveal to the misleads, how all evil could come into existence and how humans elevated themselves to Gods over races and people, in order to capture these in an  ideological-religious spell. Out of that were God- and holy cults also formed as well as a variety of religions.


2) Inform people on Earth that there exist no heaven and no hell in the form religions believe in, but rather heaven and hell are internal, psychological and mind related conditions in humans.


3) Inform people on Earth  that in the whole of Universe there is only one single Creation and not a creator god, and that this Creation in itself is the creational force for all its creations /creatures etc. whereby there is no further power beside it and that it has a life span of 83 trillion years before it evolves into becoming a Ur-Creation.


4) Inform people on Earth about the Spiritual Teaching, which contains many creational-natural laws and commandments as well as directives and a lot of information for the evolution of the consciousness.


5) Inform people on Earth that he is subjected to a 60 to 80 billion years continuous reincarnation cycle, which means he becomes born again and again in order to further develop and one day enter into Creation and become one with it.


6) Inform people on Earth that every human life form is enlivened by a tiny fraction of creational spirit which evolves and together with the physical consciousness is the driving force of life.


7) Inform people on Earth in regards to the correct population for the planet (no overpopulation, and many other facts which stands connected to human way of life as well as the fauna and flora, the environment and the attitude and moral of people, wherein also the human life and humans inherently are included as well as his real external freedom, the love and harmony, love of neighbor, the knowledge and wisdom, the truth and all forms of responsibility).



German original: (s.206)


Die Botschaft der Plejadier an die Erdenmenscheit beinhaltet also folgendes:


1) Übermittlung einer Reihe von Fakten aus der Geschichte und Vergangenheit des Erdenmenschen und seiner Herkunft, um den Irregefürten zu zeigen, wie alles  Übel entstehen konnte und wie sich Menschen zu Göttern über Rassen und Völker erhoben, um diese ideologisch-religiös in ihren Bann zu schlagen. Daraus entstanden auch Götzen- und Heiligenkult sowie vielfältige Religionen. 


2) Aufklärung des Erdenmenschen darüber, daß kein Himmel und keine Hölle in der Form existieren, wie Religionen dies behaupten, sondern daß Himmel und  Hölle innere, psychisch-bewußtseinmäßige Zustände  des Menschen  sind. 


3) Aufklärung des Erdenmenschen darüber, daß es im ganzen Universum nur eine einzige Schöpfung gibt und keine Schöpfergötter, und daß diese Schöpfung selbst die kreierende Kraft für all ihre Schöpfungen/Kreaturen usw. ist, wobei es keine weitere kraft neben ihr gibt und sie selbst von 83 trillionenjähriger Lebensdauer ist, ehe sie zur Urschöpfung evolutioniert.


4) Aufklärung des Erdenmenschen in bezug auf die Geisteslehre, die viele schöpferisch-naturliche Gesetze und Geobote sowie Richtlinien und viel Wissenwertes für die Evolution des Bewußtsein enthält.


5) Aufklärung des Erdenmenschen darüber, daß er einem 60 bis 80 Milliarden Jahre dauernen Reinkarnationszyklus unterliegt, so daß er immer wieder geboren wird, um sich weiter zu entwickeln und dereinst in die Schöpfung einzugehen und mit dieser eins zu werden.


6) Aufklärung des Erdenmenschen darüber, daß jede menschlische Lebensform von einem winzigen Stück Schöpfungsgeist belebt ist, das evolutioniert und zusammen mit dem materiellen Bewußtsein die treibende Kraft des Lebens ist.


7) Aufklärung des Erdenmenschen hinsichtlich einer planetengerechten Bevölkerung (keine Übervölkerung sowie viele weitere fakten, die im zusammenhang stehen mit dem menschlishen Leben und dem der Fauna und Flora sowie mit der Umwelt und der Einstellung und Moral des Menschen, worin auch das menschlische Leben und der Mensch an sich einbezogen sind sowie seine wirkliche und außere Freiheit, die Liebe und Harmonie , die Nächstenliebe, das Wissen und die Weisheit, die Wahrheit und alle Formen der Verantwortung) 



Details about Semjase.


Her title was Elo-Jschrisch  in 1975.  Elo means in their language half. On September 11, 2000 her father Ptaah advised Billy she had passed the tests required to bear the title Jschrisch / JHWH in full. Jschrisch means Goddess or Queen of wisdom. It is a ranking which indicates that the person has reached a high evolutionary level. That means advanced level in all areas. It means extensive education and it means lots of different skills must be learned.


The Plejarans, have done scientific research on Earth for the last 13500 years. They were in the past involved in what we today refer to as biblical events. Meier estimated her age to be about 35 years of age when he met her first time. But her real age was 10 times more, about 350 years of age. Her sister is named Pleja. Semjase was married. But that was more than 200 years ago.  She had no children to her husband.


They did plan children after he was due to come back from an expedition lasting several years to a newly discovered galaxy.  He was one of a crew of seven who went on that expedition. The expedition consisted of two small mother ships (Kleinraumschiffen is here used in the German text as opposed to Grossraumshiffen which is defined as being large type mother ship). Only one of the expedition ships returned after 11 years. The ship with Semjases’ husband on-board got their steering damaged and crashed into a sun. She had only been married to him for seven years when he died.


 Semjase used several types of beam ship, which had different propulsion, construction and technical abilities during her contacts with Meier. In contact 55 held on the 14th of June 1976 she said that her latest beam ship, the one in photo 171 above, was equipped with an antimatter propulsion system for use in deep space. Although that beam ship was of a new type, the propulsion system was not. The antimatter propulsion system for use in deep space was developed by them for more than 50 000 years ago she stated in this contact. She also advised that the ships weight was 1,5 tons.


On 22 January 2004 the Plejaran woman Florena gave an update about Semjase to Billy with a time line starting from 1965. (3). This is a short recap of that update


February 1965 to June 1973 – Semjase stayed with Asket’s people in the DAL universe without any contact to our universe at all.


June 1973 - Arrived back to Erra from DAL


July 1974 - Stationed back on Earth to continue her tasks here


28 January 1975 to 28 January 1986 – The 11 year official pre planned contact period between Semjase and Billy ended. However the contacts still continued also after this pre planned period. But more sporadic, more with other persons from their federation and more unofficial contacts took place after this date.


Semjase only learned the German language because her work area was defined as being Europe only. They two other Plejaran groups in Asia and America took care of matters there.


15 December 1977 – Semjase had a near fatal accident in the Center. She was brought over to Erra for medical treatment. Returned back to Earth to continue her tasks. First contact after returning back and resuming her tasks was contact 107 on the 20th of May 1978. The contacts with Billy then continued until contact 144 on the 26th of March 1981.


End of March 1981 until January 1984 she left Earth to attend other tasks elsewhere.


3. February 1984, contact 191, was her last contact with Meier for that period.


In the beginning of November 1984, Semjase suffered a brain collapse which came about as a result of the after effects from the accident of the 15th of December 1977. She was then immediately brought to Askets people in the DAL universe for more treatment. Why she went there was because their friends, the Sona/Sonaer are more advanced in medicine. Counting from 1984, she will stay 70 years in the DAL universe.


A couple of weeks after Florena delivered above update, then on the 3rd of  February 2004 Semjase and Asket travelled from the DAL universe to Earth, and they together made a visit to Billy on that day, which was also his birthday. As far as I know that was the final visit Semjase made to Billy.



Messier 45 The Pleiades is an open star cluster in Taurus.

The nine brightest stars of the Pleiades are named for the Seven Sisters of Greek mythology:

Sterope, Merope, Electra, Maia, Taygeta, Celaeno, and Alcyone, along with their parents Atlas and Pleione.



Where Semjase comes from


From book Die Wahreit über die Plejaden (The truth about the Plejarans) published in 1996 by Billy Meier (Page 162)


The home star and home planet of the Plejarans, as already stated, are not located in or near the stars of the Pleiades, which can be seen from Earth and as such are present in our space-time configuration, but are instead located beyond these stars a further 80 light away whereby the distance from Earth amounts to about 500 light years. In addition, the stars and planets in the Plejades exists in a dimension that lies a fraction of a second space-and time-shifted in the future to our plane of existence. In this other space-time plane, a star cluster exists with ten different habitable planets. So are at least the stars, respective suns in the star cluster of the Plejades named after the name of the suns in the Pleiades in our dimension. In the Plejades, the space-time shifted dimension of the Plejarans, the most Earth like planet is called Erra, which is also the administrative planet of the Plejaran federation, whose allies are found in a distance of up to  6 billion light years away.


In order for the Plejarans to find their way into our dimension a so called dimension door was created in the area of the Pleiades in our dimension for about 52 000 year ago. Since then it has been possible for them to transfer between the dimensions whenever they wanted.This dimension door is also used as a news transmitting channel, which makes it possible for the Plejarans to at all times maintain their communication between the two dimensions, and in fact without loss of time, because their communication signals becomes transmitted by using an artificial-technical utilizable ​​plane spiritual energy carrier. In this way the transmission speed are set at virtually no limits; a signal reaches a destination one billion light years away in the same moment it is being sent. The same communications system is in existence as well amongst all federation members in other foreign dimensions as well as also amongst Askets’s people in the DAL universe and a few other people living over there, who are allied or in friendship with the Plejarans. For the same purpose a dimension door was also created between the two sister universes around 50 000 years ago. 


German original

Teil Zitat aus dem Buch Die Wahreit über die Plejaden (1996) von Billy Meier s.162


Die Hematgestirne und Hematplaneden der Plejadier, das wurde bereits erklärt, liegen nicht in oder bei den Plejadengestirnen, die von der Erde aus gesehen werden können und sich also in unserem Raum-Zeit-Gefüge befinden, sondern jenseits dieser Gestirne noch weitere 80 lichtjahre entfernt, so daß die Distanz zur Erde rund 500 Lichtjahre beträgt . Zudem existieren die plejadischen Heimatgestirne und Heimatwelten in einer Deimension, die zu unserer Existenzebene um einer Sekundenbruchteil raum- und zeitverschoben in der Zukunft liegt. In dieser anderen Raum Zeit- Ebene existiert ein Sternhaufen mit zehn verschiedenen bewohnbaren Planeten. So sind zumindest die Sterne beziehungsweise Sonnen im Sternhaufen der Plejaren nach den Namen der Sonnen in unserer Dimension benannt, den Plejaden. Auf den Plejaden der raum-zeitverschobenen Dimension der Plejadier wird der erdähnlichste Planet Erra genannt, der auch Verwaltungsplanet der plejadischen Födertation ist, deren Verbündeten bis in 6 Milliarden Lichtjahren Entfernung zu finden sind.


Damit die Plejadier in unsere Dimension hineinfinden können, wurde von ihren fernen Vorfahren vor rund 52 000 Jahren in den Plejadengebieten unserer Dimension ein sogenanntes Dimensionentor geschaffen, das es ihnen seither ermöglicht, nach Belieben die Dimensionen zu wechseln. Dieses Dimensionentor wird aber auch  als Nachrichten übermittlungskanal benutzt, wodurch es den Plejadiern jederzeit möglich ist, ihre Kommunikation zwischen den beiden Deimensionen aufrechtzuerhalten, und zwar ohne Zeitverlust, weil ihre Kommunikationssignale auf einer künstlisch-technisch nutzbar gemachten Ebenee geistiger Energiträger übermittelt werden. Dadurch sind der Übermittlungsgeschwindigkeit praktisch keine Grenzen gesetzt; ein Signal erreicht ein Milliarden Lichtjahre entferntes Ziel in dem Augenblick, in dem er ausgesandt wird. Das gleiche Kommunikationssystem besteht auch zu allen Föderationsangehöringen in anderen fremden Dimensioenen sowie auch zu Askets Volk im DAL Universum und einigen anderen dort  lebenden Völkern, die mit den Plejadiern verbündet oder befreundet sind. Zu diesem Zweck wurde auch swischen den beiden Schwesteruniversen ein Dimensionentor geschaffen ebenfalls vor rund 50 000 Jahren.



Billy Meier with his family in Hinwil in 1975, the year the contacts with Semjase started.



Billy Meier in 1980


My trip to the Center in 2006


In the five years I was a so called PASSIV-GRUPPE und GEISTESLEHRE- STUDIUM member, I only travelled to the Center once and that was in 2006 when I spent three days from Wednesday 5th of July to Friday the 7th of July . The other years I paid the CHF 210 cash as it was too far for me to travel to do the 3 days work duty at the Center as was required by this type of membership. Main reason why I decided to go in 2006 was to get a feel for the people and environment there.


After all, this was also how the investigator Wendelle Stevens spent his time when he investigated the case, by blending in. Now three days is not a lot of time, but at least I met Billy Meier. It was handshake and a few words. He was very busy and spent little time in the kitchen except for the Wednesday evening when he and Bernadette Brand sat there proof reading material.  The people I met were absolutely normal. In fact they were just normal workers like myself.


Eva Bieri was very busy. Besides being Meier’s wife, she was also his secretary and she also looked after the accounts. She was also the one who posted out the spiritual lessons every four month to members like myself.  She also had a daughter with Meier named Selina.  She belonged to the gründer fraction and got first hand evidence of the validity of the case and she also detailed her experiences in several written statements. I also purchased all the latest material issued in order to be updated. And it was Meier’s daughter Gilgamesha Meier who expedited my purchase.


Part of the material I got was Semjase Berichte Block 20 which Meier had just finished and which was later incorporated to become part of Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte block 9. Gilgamesha was happy that I purchased the material and thanked me for supporting the mission. When I looked around the kitchen It was very old fashioned, exactly as it was on the You tube video extraterrestrial experiences of Billy Meier part 1. It was clear to me that Meier recycled all the money he got by the sale of material to make more material. Like printing continuation of the contact notes, the photo book, pamphlets, etc.


Meier also worked seven days a week often in the middle of the night and seldom left the property, partly out of security reasons. Every night core group members had go security patrols around the property to avert assassination attempts. Meier was a man with many enemies and had 21 assassination attempts on his life. Two of the days I worked on the fields ripping up weeds etc.


The last day it was heavy rain so I sat in the kitchen translating a draft text I got emailed some months before from the Swedish core group member there. It was a text written by a Norwegian freelance journalist I was told and I translated it into German so Meier could read it through and incorporate a quality clause into it before it was put up on the net. Well, that was a waste of time because my fellow country man, the Norwegian guy, revised the article after it had been up on the net for just over a year. He revised it by putting non authentic material inside it so the clause became invalid.


On Thursday evening the 6th of July I sat in the kitchen and had an hour long chat with one of the key witnesses. He was also part of the gründer fraction. His name was Alfred Kropf, better known as Freddy Kropf. He has many written statements in the Zeugenbuch (witness book) and also in the contact notes. The first goes back to 1983. He is best known for taking many photos of the Plejaran beam ships when they were positioned over the Center. He also took photos of ships belonging to the Plejaran federation but not of Plejaran origin.  It was a ship belonging to an extra-terrestrial race called the Druaner. A race also very technical advanced. I talked to Freddy in German and he told me he definitely observed these objects and that he was the one who took the photos of them.


See also:

Semjase about the spirit: Semjase about the spirit. Contact 10

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Semjase about the Betty and Barney Hill case, contact 37 1975 -Reticulum Constellation


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UFO contact from the Pleiades (1978) A preliminary investigation report By Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens (Ret.) Image nr.185 is one of several photos Stevens and his team analysed to determine the size of the objects that Meier took photo of. Stevens comment under the photo on the back of this book reads as follows (written in 1978), "March 28, 1976 At 9:40 hours, Bachtelhornli-unterbachtel, Switzerland. A new, third variation, 7-meter spacecraft with two new variations, remote controlled reconnaissance vehicles accompanying it passes up the valley from Wald towards Gibswil. Note the remote craft beyond the small branch in the foreground of this picture. "


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