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The human history on Earth – What Billy Meier was told by the extra-terrestrials.


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By Kåre Bergheim

September 5, 2012


Reference: Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums….Kontakte mit den Plejadiern/Plejaren Eduard Meier (1997) Page 188 to 207 - Was mir die Ausseridischen über die Erdenmenschen mitteilten.

  • The age of the Universe

  • The very first extremely primitive life

  • The first human life 

  • Immigration from other planets

  • The genetic manipulation of human races in the Sirius region

  • Stations left behind on Mars 

  • Whereabouts kept secret from the pursuers

  • The distant descendants of those who once were sympathetic elevating themselves to gods and creating religion

  • Arrival of the old Lyra/Vegans 

  • First Lyran arrivals 22 million years ago. Earth used for convicts.

  • First settlement of the yellow races 6,7 million years ago

  • Emigration from Lyra 389 000 years ago 

  • Oldest and youngest people on the Earth. 

  • Arrival of the yellow people. The youngest inhabitants on Earth 25 984 years ago (1996).

  • The destruction of Atlantis and Mu 11 500 years ago. 

  • The descendants of the old Lyrans again return to Earth 13 500 years ago. 

The age of the Universe


The Pleiadians/Plejarens explained that Earth scientists are wrong in very many things, like for example in regards to the age of the Universe. About that, Billy received very specific information from the people coming from planet Erra, who stated completely different facts to those which is being presented by Earth’s scientists. While the Earth scientists assert the age of our Universe to be 8-18 billion years, the Pleiadians/Plejarens reported to him that the age they calculated is in fact 46,5 trillion years, calculated from the so called big bang.


The Universe, they explained to him, consists of seven different belts and it was created from an idea of an Ur-Creation, and in fact as a twin universe. The gigantic domain, in which galaxies with all their sun systems and planets etc. exist, is called the material belt, and only in this area are earth scientists currently able to explore, whereby they are still a long way from reaching its boundaries, which are constantly expanding due to the expansion of the Universe.


Furthermore, in this material belt, there exist a constant renewal and replacement, whereby in fact only younger matter and galaxies etc. can be researched and observed, due to the fact that these disappear again, after a certain number of billions of years, and become pure energy and then again gases, which again conglomerate and form new galaxies, suns and planets. Thus the Pleiadians/Plejarens stated that the oldest matter found by them is 38 billion years old. This is precisely because of the constant renewal and replacement in the material belt, which represents the visible universe, allows no matter becoming very old, when one view 38 billion years as simply not being very old. 


The age of galaxies, suns and planets etc. are not calculated by the Pleiadians/Plejarens from the point in time when these objects exist as solid bodies, but the calculation is based from the time when the first finest gases form, from which quarks, atoms, molecules and particles formed, which over time converged and solidified. Once dispersed, they again amassed, rotated and densified, until everything in the end became so compact that solid matter was created from it, which constantly attracted further masses and grew bigger and bigger. This was also how the Milky Way Galaxy and its solar systems came into existence and by same token the Earth, which, according to information from the Pleiadians/Plejarens started to form as a solid terrestrial body for about 46 trillion years ago, which then for about 5 billion years ago became to such extent solidified that life could slowly start to develop on it from this time onwards.


The very first extremely primitive life


While this at first this only correlated to lakes of lava and volcanos, which were supplied by the white-hot magma masses in the interior of the planet, clouds were formed which produced rain, hail and snow, which dropped on to the volcanic mountains and now also glaciers came into existence, whereby masses of snow and ice repeatedly melted, every time masses of lava flowed across and formed mud, which then flowed down the valleys as lava flow, through which fertile ground came about over time. Water deposits also naturally developed, which formed lakes and oceans. In the sand at the shores of the lakes and oceans developed the very first extremely primitive life, protected from the deadly UV-radiation by the moist sand. The life which had started to germinate in the sand gradually created better adaptabilities and progressed into water, where the actual development of water lichens and other aquatic plants began, which soon also began to spread out on the burnt out, but still warm, lava rock, for then also to make inroads into the icy regions. And the process of this primal plant form began for about 5 billion years ago, when in fact Earth was still empty and desolate.


The first human life


The evolutionary process of the lichens-plants went further, so that after a certain time, other higher plants developed, which naturally, just like the primal lichens, were integrated into the continuous growth and decay cycle. And just like it is in nature, and always will be for all time, the dead plants changed to new forms, whereby new amino acids came into being, which in turn were undergoing changes, from which the first single-cell mucous forms developed, which in turn went the way of evolution, from which  ultimately, in a process lasting billions of years, the first animal life forms developed, which naturally in turn was integrated into an evolutionary process, which went the way of coming into being and passing away.


The death of the different animal species led again to changes in chemical form, from which once again new amino acids developed, which in turn merged into different forms. From this developed a new single cell mucous life form, which over time developed into multi cellular life, from which ultimately the hominid genre originated, the first beings from which later the human species resulted as well as, originating by branching out from it, all the ape creatures.  Therefore, the first instinct-, desire, and impulse type form of development of human life forms have evolved from primeval mucous, through creational-natural-cosmic forces and the possibilities of evolution. The first single cell, which was designated to become a human, originated on Earth during the time from 5 to 8 million years ago, whereby these human forefathers went through different evolutionary stages. For more than 4,8 million years ago, the first of these primal humans, who are referred to as OMEDAM, reached the stage of evolution by which the  human life form is distinguished, namely reason and understanding and hence a recognizable consciousness.


It was these early forefathers of terrestrial humans who developed the first and recognizable, and human constituent rationale. Other pre forms of terrestrial humans originated first at a later time, and consequently the stage of self-aware consciousness was reached first 1,5 million years ago.  For about 500 000 years ago, the terrestrial humans had already reached the point where he was able to make concrete inventions, like for example hand tools etc. which he could use in his daily life. Quite clearly, from these explanations from the Pleiadians/ Plejarens  it follows that humans did not descend from apes, but the opposite is the case, that in fact the ape creatures have developed out from a primal human line.  For this reason is the mistaken teaching of Charles Darwin invalid, who tried to substantiate his mistaken thesis and claims in the way that he filed  various bones and skulls from ape skeletons to the correct size and pinned it on the professors of the teaching institution, respectively the university where he was working. A fact,which was already known then, but which nevertheless to this day has been concealed.


Immigration from other planets


The above mentioned development process relates to the pure earth humans, who actually has evolved in this world from the forces of this planet and nature, without some Deity having a finger in the pie. Instead, alone the creative-natural force and the evolution impulses, which are shaped and formed by the universal consciousness, were determinative. On Earth, however, not only do earthman, respective terrestrial created humans exist, but also humans which do not originate from Earth, whose home worlds can be found in the almost infinite spaces of the universe.


They are the distant descendants of former space travellers, who came here from the time- and space shifted area within the star constellation of Lyra and Vega, from whom the Pleiadians/Plejaren also descended in a direct line. To these early Earth immigrants, also included people who came from the space- and time shifted areas of Sirius. Also the broken asunder planet Melona/Phaeton played a part in this, because the humans who survived from there, fled to Earth, since the planet was blown up through the insanity of those in charge there, due to a large sea was channelled into in a gigantic active volcano, whereby the planet burst asunder and have ever since been circling the sun as an asteroid belt. It was an act of vendetta between people


Beside all these extra-terrestrial immigrants, lived still the most distant descendants of other space travellers also on Earth, but on hand, there were not many of them, and on the other hand, they did not play any important role. All these others, however, who were the very distant descendants from of the old Lyrans, Vegans, Sirians, Malonans, were the ones, because of whom the Pleiadians/Plejarens sought their way back to Earth. The forefathers of these distant descendants on Earth are indeed also the forefathers of the Pleiadians/Plejarens, and as a whole, are all going back to the same, the oldest Ur-Ur-ancestry origin, because all the people of the Pleiadians/Plejarens, the Sirians, Malonans, Lyrans, and Vegans as well as all their present day descendants on Earth, descended in ancient times from a creation of Henok, when he for about 12 billion years ago, created his first creations and established the first of his people.


The genetic manipulation of human races in the Sirius region


Whereas the old Lyrians/Vegans always maintained and remembered their combat capability and ancestry background, this was lost by the Sirians and Malonans. Only the Lyrans/Vegans, and later the Pleiadians/Plejarens and Askets people in the DAL-Universe retained the knowledge that the Henok people, early on, split into two different lines, which then went totally different ways out into the wide regions of the Universe, in order to seek out new home worlds.  The Henok people, who later on settled in the Sirius region, had soon no longer any knowledge of their place of origin anymore, thus new origin stories were time and again invented and disseminated.


Also, they just dwelled in their evolution and became more and more effeminate, hence their combat strength and fitness to fight was lost, whereby they no longer were able to defend themselves against aggressors appearing. For this reason was genetic manipulation carried out in certain social classes, which made those people again becoming combative and more aggressive. However, the backgrounds referring to this necessitate further explaining, because one day, in the end, came also these Sirians to Earth and affected the evolution of Earth humans. Therefore, a bit more needs to be said about the Sirians, who in part still today reside there. 


The Henok line of the Sirians spread widely out in the Sirius region and evolved higher and higher. As a result it was inevitable that they one day became capable themselves of creating new life. In their evolution devolutive created fighting disability, they came up with the idea of breeding genetically manipulated human races, which had to be sufficiently combat-capable to be able to protect them from the frequently appearing aggressors.


Through genetic manipulative interference, were these new human races bred to become life forms who carried barbaric trait in them, up to the point of degeneration and mercilessness. Through the genetic manipulation, however, were their lives limited to only around 100 years, whereby also genetic manipulation was undertaken, by which the genetic manipulated could become subject to various diseases and epidemics, such as cancer, Alzheimer and many other absolutely mortal evils. All that was done out of, what later turned out to be a justifiable fear, that the genetically manipulated one day could gang up against their originators, respectively creators and dominators, and exterminate them.


These precautions should also ensure that the genetically manipulated again would quickly die, should they not die in battle. It was a fear which also then came true, which is why the creators sought new ways to again bring the genetically manipulated races under control, when these became independent. This control had to be absolute, even if it meant an all-out extermination of the genetically manipulated. And naturally were the creator-dominators much more powerful than the genetically manipulated, therefore for them, only escape remained. Thus they fled from the Sirius regions, which however only was possible for them to do, through the help from those sympathetic. But these were not selflessly in their show of support, because secretly they made a joint decision to also utilise the genetically manipulated.


Two large groups of genetically manipulated people fled the Sirius region and settled on the other side to the sun, under which here is meant that they travelled across the entire Milky Way galaxy and settled on the other side of the Galaxy Central Sun, on the outer rim of the galaxy, on a planet in a very remote solar system. There they lived many tens of thousands of years, before they one day were discovered by space travellers of the old Lyra line, after which large groups of people emigrated and settled down in the Lyra region, and then, along with other members of their people, in the relatively recent Earth history, came to Earth, where they settled down, in what today is the countries of China and Japan, and there established the people, today known as the Japanese and Chinese  etc. and from whom further new lines, respective races, came into being.


A large part of the genetically manipulated people from the areas of Sirius found, after a very long time, their way into our sun system, where a few thousand genetically manipulated people were set out on Earth, because they rebelled and became convicted. The outplacement took place on different locations on all continents. The vast majority of the numerous different and genetically manipulated human races however found a new home on the planet Mars and Malona/Phaeton, where they built cities, pyramids and stations etc. and lived a good life before Mars, through cosmic impacts, lost the ability to carry human, as well as animal and plant life.


However, those who settled on these planets, were no longer the original  genetically manipulated, but only their distant descendants, since the first refugees from the Sirius region and their many generations, initially wandered  half way around the Milky Way before they found our solar system, after they had been able to enter into the space-time-structure prevailing here, whereby they finally, after an infinitely long time, were able to escape from the murderous stealthily pursuit of those in the Sirius region who for a long time had been after them.


The descendants of the genetically manipulated, were over all the thousands of years hereditary Included in the genetic manipulation and were no longer able to free themselves from it, because the necessary knowledge required was lost; and as they already in ancient times had to leave Mars for then to settle on Earth, then they also passed on their genetic manipulation to the humans, who were already living on Earth and with whom they mingled.


Inevitably, in the course of time, the immigrants died out, but only to be born again following the prevailing reincarnation cycle on Earth, which necessarily has remained that way until today, thus this very day, the most distant descendants of the genetically manipulated live as terrestrial humans amongst the Earth created humans, whereby however, the knowledge of their real ancient origin in the Sirius region has been lost to all of them.


Stations left behind on Mars 


The people who once lived on Mars left however many things behind, which point towards the existence of the human population at that time, like for example pyramids and monuments etc. But stations remained there, which were still operating long after Mars became uninhabitable, which however also later on became abandoned by the last ones holding out. Many of these things ought to be realized someday by the distant descendants of the genetically manipulated, by the present day humans on Earth, who as a whole still inherit the genetic manipulation. The heritage left behind on Mars by the genetically manipulated, ought one day to be partly put back into operation again by the people on Earth.   


Malona/Phaeton to the contrary is forever lost, as this planet became destroyed and was made to explode in a fratricidal war. As already mentioned, it today circles around the sun as an asteroid belt, however not in the place where it originally had its orbit as planet, but instead where Mars previously was, whereas Malona/Phaeton circled around the sun in what today is the orbit of Mars, due to a cosmic event once swapped the orbit of the two planets.


Whereabouts kept secret from the pursuers


The locations, respectively planets and sun systems, on the other side, at the edge of the Milky Way, where the yellow races of the genetically manipulated Sirius refugees settled down and established themselves, as well as the planet Mars, Malona/Phaeton and Earth, were effective hiding places from the murderous pursuers from the Sirius regions; from the creators, the genetic manipulators, because they wanted to catch those who had fled, by all available means, in order to exterminate them.  The hiding places were selected by the sympathetic ones, the escape helpers, and for all time gone by, was kept a secret from the creator-rulers, the creators of the genetically manipulated ones, because if they had found out the whereabouts of those who fled, then they would undoubtedly have sent out punitive expeditions in order to wipe out the entire masses of escapees.


However, this very danger exists even today. For this reason it is very carelessly of the Americans to send probes into outer space, provided with descriptions of terrestrial humans as well as with particulars, which contain all the necessary positions of Earth and the solar system. Because should these things, through any kind of stupid circumstances, get in the hands of the creator-rulers, then they would immediately find evidence that the most distant descendants of the genetically manipulated are still alive, and it would mean a renewed danger, when they are again capable of travelling out in space for there, through their genetically created aggressions, possibly initiate conflicts with other peoples from foreign worlds. And thus would the creators of the genetically manipulated come to know, that over all the millions of years, the descendants of the escapees not only survived, but have reproduced in criminal numbers to such extent, that they that they have not only become a great danger for planet Earth and all life existing on it, but also for various civilisations on different worlds in the widths of the universe.


Against this background can also attacks from the region of Sirius, or from other locations be expected, should the secret of the genetically manipulated earth humanity, thru irrationality of the earthlings, be unveiled. A total elimination of the terrestrial humans could be the consequence, against what even the descendants of those sympathetic would not rush to the rescue, because already after a short time of their work, they as well, as with the creators, respectively the creator-rulers, started to fear the distant descendants of the genetically manipulated, whereupon they distanced themselves and broke away.


Remarks: Eight years later, in the new edition of the German contact notes published in 2005 there is a remark inserted in italic to the 1995 contact in which this information appear. The remark goes as follows: My translation / German original beneath

Reference: Zweihunderteinundfünfzigster Kontakt Freitag, 3 Februar 1995, 00.01 Uhr - Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte, Geespräche, Block 7 (2005) s. 325:


(Remarks by Ptaah 6th of January, 2005: This danger has in the meantime been proven to have been resolved, and it still only exist about 60 of the most distant descendants to the ones who created the genetically manipulated and pursued them when they fled. These represent the group of extra-terrestrials, which are called Black Men, but who are not identical with the terrestrial Black Men who are government-controlled. The populations in the present day Sirius region, which is located in a shifted space-time structure to Earth’s dimension, have settled the old feuds against the genetically manipulated, have become peaceful and have no longer any interest in pursuing the distant descendants of the genetically manipulated and to avenge themselves on them.)


 (Anmerkung Ptaah vom 6. Januar 2005: Diese Gefahr hat sich nachweislich in der Zwischenzeit behoben, und es existieren nur noch rund 60 fernste Nachfahren jener, welche die Genmanipulierten erzeugten und diese bei ihrer Flucht vorfolgen liessen. Bei diesen handelt es sich um jene Gruppe Ausserirdischer, Die Black Men genannt werden, die jedoch nicht identisch sind mit den irdischen Black Men, die staatlich gesteuert werden. Die Bevölkerungen der heutigen Sirius-Gebiete, die sich in einem versetzten Raum-Zeit-Gefüge zur irdischen Demension befinden, haben die alten Fehden gegen die Genmanipulierten beigelegt, sind friedlich geworden und haben kein interesse mehr daran, die fernen Nachfahren der Genmanipulierten zu verfolgen und sich an diesen zu rächen.)


Earth black men – definition: Elsewhere in the contact notes, in contact 264 1998,  Ptaah explains he uses the expression Black Men because this is the same expression used by us, in our UFO literature, but he specify that what he really means is people working on behalf of the governments who have at their disposal unimaginable options not accessible to the normal citizen and that they are ruthless and do not remain hidden when they get involved in a case, but appear in public (in short, it fits the description of people working in intelligence organisations under government control).


The distant descendants of those who once were sympathetic elevating themselves to gods and creating religion


The fear of the descendants of the genetically manipulated also took hold upon the sympathetic ones, which for them was reason enough to further falsify the already exceedingly falsified records of origin, after which in the end, through all kinds of manipulations of the records, they became completely and entirely erased, only to be invented as a new record in the form of a fable. In this way, the descendants of those who once were sympathetic were able to elevate themselves as gods over the terrestrial humans, and as a result, they became slaves to them and believers in in them, already after a short time.


This way, the distant descendants of those who once were sympathetic, hoped to make the distant descendants of those genetically manipulated again subservient, by which the secondary objective also was the hope that through the god- and god worshipping cults, sects and religions, feuds, fratricidal wars as well as war between families and nations would result, and by that earth humanity would decimate and eradicate themselves, whereby they, the gods respectively the distant descendants of those who ones were sympathetic, could once and for all release themselves from the danger of the aggressive, combative and barbaric life forms.


However, this was a only a plan which failed miserably, because the inherent and inherited toughness of terrestrial humans, through the genetic manipulation, had been completely underestimated, as well as the fact that in times of hardship and need they would stick together like pitch and brimstone, and because the terrestrial humans, who in the meantime had become increasingly stronger and more intelligent, also had developed to become increasingly devious and barbaric. The longer it continued, the more they enjoyed their role. They defended this role as well as their own lives, to their last breath with all conceivable and continuously newly invented means.


This also became the reason why the distant descendants of the genetically manipulated completely slipped out of the control of the distant descendants of those who once were sympathetic, who from now on called themselves gods, respectively God, which is why they in the end withdrew from earth, with the oath of revenge that they one day would return to hold the earth humans to account.


Arrival of the old Lyra/Vegans 


It was this withdrawal which then also cleared the way for the old lyrans/Vegans to get to Earth and to the Earth humans. Thus they came out from their space-time-structure into our dimension. However, it was something which did not happen purely on an expedition basis, but rather in the way of an escape, because also they had launched wars on their home worlds. So they came into our solar system and thus to Earth, but only however, as time went by, to likewise act as gods and wreak havoc.


About that however, did not the distant descendants of the formerly benevolent know anything about then, nor today (1997), as well as nor did they know anything about the existence of the peaceful Pleiadians/Plejaren, who have made a number of attempts to make up for the damages caused by the collective of the distant ancestors. To all this it should still however be mentioned that even if the danger of a detection by the Sirians exist, it is still not very likely, even though the Sirius region is only 8,7 Light years from Earth, because the descendants of the Creators of the Genetically manipulated live in another space-time-structure to people on Earth (Sirius = Canis Major = the Greater Dog. With this it refers to a long familiar star constellation, which represents one of the two dogs following closely behind Orion, the hunter of the sky. Canis Major is an enormous area, which has many bright stars which makes it a very prominent star constellation. Sirius stands out in the constellation and is the brightest fixed star in Earth’s sky. Sirius not only served the Egyptians as a fixed point in their solar calendar, but it also appears in many old sagas and legends as well as myths. Canis Majoris = Sirius = greek. <sparkling>, is a shining star 8,7 light years away, as already mentioned, and is one of the next neighbours to our star, the sun.) 


Remarks: Eight years later, in the new edition of the German contact notes published in 2005, there is a remark inserted in italic in the 1995 contact which relates to the above information. The remark goes as follows: My translation / German original beneath

Reference: Zweihunderteinundfünfzigster Kontakt Freitag, 3 Februar 1995, 00.01 Uhr - Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte, Geespräche, Block 7 (2005) s. 325: 


(Remark by Ptaah 6th of January, 2005: The former sympathetic, who had become enemies of the genetic-manipulated have in the meantime likewise changed for the better and have become of good sense. They have again returned to the Sirius region.) 


(Anmerkung Ptaah vom 6. Januar 2005: Die einstigen Wohlgesinnten, die zu Feinden der Genmanipulierten geworden waren, haben sich inzwischen ebenfalls zum Besseren gewandelt und sind guten Sinnes geworden. Sie sind wieder in die Sirius-Gebiete zurückgekehrt.)


First Lyran arrivals 22 million years ago. Earth used for convicts.


Already 22 million years ago came the old Lyrans to Earth for the first time, whereby the different races were represented. In the Lyra-Wega systems lived different human races, like for example dwarfs and colossuses, titans, giants and people of same size as earth people, whereby the various skin colours and anatomical differences appeared. It was then also these old Lyran/Vegans, who for the first time populated Earth as white, brown and red people.  Their stay on Earth however, did not last very long because the living conditions were at that time still quite misanthropic and inhospitable, which is why they soon again moved on. However, offenders belonging to their own race were set out on Earth by them; something the former sympathetic from the Sirius region also did with the genetically manipulated.


Thus the Earth became, in the short term, once more a convict colony, whereby the Lyran offenders mingled with those people who already had been set out on Earth. The result from this was that the Lyrans who had been set out, very soon degenerated, because they were without any type of technology and culture as well as devoid of any other equipment, since this was part of the arrangement by provision which the distant forefathers had in place for offenders, and in fact by the old Lyrans as well as those who came here from the Sirius region.


Offenders were segregated from society and transferred to a lonely inhospitable islands or planets where they were free in body, psyche and consciousness but had to spend their lives without any type of facility until it ended, naturally or through violence among themselves. Devoid of any means it meant a very hard and deprived life, but nevertheless through which they were able to learn because teaching material were in this respect permitted. But for the daily nourishment and all other needs had to be provided by the offenders own hard work and effort, and they could never leave the islands or planets, because they were devoid of any such possibilities. In addition, were the genders separated so that no reproduction could take place in the convict colonies.


And anyone, who because of a delinquency, had been deported to such a place of fulfilment of these measures, had to be there for the remainder their life. This came into practise, in order to give the offenders the possibility to recognize and realize their offences, and makes them repent in the way of bringing them into line by learning, so they would not commence the mistakes and harm again. In this way, the non-offenders own society was on one hand freed from the presence of the offenders, who no longer were able to cause any more harm, and could no longer negatively influence anybody, and on the other hand, was the society not burdened with catering problems and other unpleasant things for the offenders. During the first time of the abandonment, were as a rule strict control performed to ensure that none of those set out were in any way able to flee. But gradually did the controls become more infrequent and in the end it ceased altogether, after which time no offenders were any longer set out on Earth. As a consequence they were simply left to themselves and their own evolution over a long period of time.


First settlement of the yellow races 6,7 million years ago


In the statements from the Pleiadians/Plejarens another reference can be found relating to the colonisations of Earth by extra-terrestrials, which refers to a time 6,7 million years ago. In that time, it is reported, settled for the first time the early ancestors of the first people with yellow skin, who also came here from the Lyra-Vega systems, whereby it involved a splinter colony from those races, which by the split of the Henok people into two groups, settled in the direction of Sirius, and their descendants then emigrated to the other side of the Milky Way, as they had to flee from the Sirius region. However, the still prevailing inhospitableness on Earth 6,7 million years ago annihilated these splinter peoples up to the last human, because their physique and adaptability was over time to such an extent degenerated and they became so effeminate that they no longer at all could boast any power of resistance of their own.


Emigration from Lyra 389 000 years ago 


About all the happenings, which took place over the next millions of years to follow, writes Billy, is unfortunately not known to him because the Pleiadians/Plejarens reported practically nothing about that. Their statements continues again first about 389 000 years ago. At that time there were wild persecution and wars being waged in region of Lyra and Vega, in a space-time-plane shifted region to our dimension, due to the distant forefathers to the old Lyrans and Vegans fought power struggles. However, a large number of these Lyran descendants fled from their home worlds and entered into our universe (our dimension), according to old records, in search for our solar system and Earth. After they were successful in finding Earth, they settled down here and mingled with the wild tribes and peoples, and namely on side purely for the reason of mating, and on the other side also because the wild earth humans seemed somehow beautiful and attractive for the travellers from afar, whereas, however, the main reason for the unification was blood renewal in order to prevent inbreeding.


Thus the distant descendants of the Lyrans mingled with the earth humans, with both parties being of different race, and this in regards to their very nature, skin colour and size. But this heterogeneity led to much degeneracy, both in the form of children born with deformities and other modified human life as well as to hate and envy, intrigues and claims to power, to war murder and manslaughter as well as the first atomic war on Earth, which flattened the both of the then-existing cities of Somon and Tures to the ground and glazed everything. Both the cities were at the time inhabited by descendants of the old Lyrans as well as by their terrestrial wives and husbands.


About certain occurrences at that time is reported in the book of the prophet Henoch, whose spirit form in previous reincarnations was known as Henok and Nokodemion, which in about the year 300 AD was removed from the Bible.  Although there are a lot of falsifications also in this book, it is still possible to reconstruct certain events. To be added to this, writes Billy further, is really only that in the following thousands of years and tens of thousands of years as well as hounded thousands of years, came time and again extra-terrestrial races of the Henok-line to Earth, and namely from the Lyra-Vega systems, whereby these again mingled with the earth humans, from which a new chapter formed.


Oldest and youngest people on the Earth. 


On a question from himself to Ptaah, writes Billy, regarding which extra-terrestrials then first came to Earth, he said that the Pleiadians/Plejaren had no such records or information in that respect, except for those which already had just been given. However it is clear that also other extra-terrestrials have been heading for planet Earth before the first from the Henok-line appeared, whereby however, with certainly it involved those extra-terrestrials who originate from our universe and thus our space-time-structure. It is traceable by different things which the Pleiadians/Plejarens have found on Earth, like for example fossilized human foot prints which is much more than 120 million years old etc. Also other things bear witness of the very early extra-terrestrial presence on Earth.


Billy writes that as he one day brought forward another question to Ptaah, which referred to which of the people on earth is the oldest and which is the youngest apart from the pure earth created, then he stated some more about the coming and going of extra-terrestrials on Earth in this regards, and things which in fact followed identical statements from his daughter Semjase. He then told that the first three foreign people, which came to Earth from the Henok-line and settled here were the red, the brown and the white races, whereby from these races however, only the normal sized ones came here, who in average were about 170 centimetre in height. These people lived at that time in a distant star system, which was located in our universe dimension, thus in our space-time-structure.


The planets however, on which the extra-terrestrials time lived on at the time, became endangered by a dark wandering planet, more than 22 million years ago, and some of the worlds were even partly destroyed, as the wandering planet, which from this time on was called the Destroyer, entered the system of inhabited planets, after which it again shot out in space. The survivors of the cosmic catastrophe rebuilt their civilisation and then attempted to find out the new way of the Destroyer, which then shot with enormous speed over enormous distances through space until it in the end got to our sun system and was “captured”, so to speak, and since then it raced repeatedly through the system and often endangered Earth. Thus the scientists of the foreign human race at the time, followed the way of the Destroyer and found in the end the way to our Earth. Accustomed to harsh and inhospitable climate the travellers from far away in the universe were capable of establishing themselves here, even though they had extreme difficulties and very many of them died. First at a much later time came others, of different colours as well as colossuses, titans, giants and dwarf sized beings as well as natural beings.


At a still considerable much later time and namely 21 000 years ago came again extra-terrestrials to Earth who in turn were very distant descendants of the latest immigrants. These lived however in their in their home areas of their foreign worlds no longer in the dimension of our space-time-structure  but in a space-time-shifted  plane in the Lyra-Wega systems, where the old Lyrans and vegans already had been settled since primeval times. These new immigrants to Earth were dwarf people, from which a large  tribal community settled and lived at the shores of the SANURA-SEE, until the natural dam in the west of the lake cracked, which dammed up the high plateau lake against a deep valley. Through the bursting of the dam was everything torn away, and the shores where the circa 40 centimetre tall dwarfs lived slid down, after which the hillsides and the whole area slowly stabilized and forest came up. And this Sanura Lake, so explained the Pleiadians/Plejaren, was located where Semjase Silver Star Centre stands today (1997), so to speak on the former banks of the lake.


Arrival of the yellow people. The youngest inhabitants on Earth. 25 984 years ago (1996).


Those of a different colour, which afterwards came to Earth, were solely of very dark skinned people who settled in the in the land known today as the African continent. From there they further spread to Australia and New Zeeland as well as many other places. The youngest inhabitant on Earth, the yellow-skinned people, whose in direct line are the Japanese and Chinese, settled in the far east, in what today is China and Japan. From them, through intermixing of races, came several new races forth, something which also came about as result within the white, red and brown people and as new branches of the original race they spread very wide, over the entire planet, or at least over very large areas.


They yellow people came for about a bit more than a cosmic time period ago, and in fact it was pretty much exactly 25 984 years ago (1996). They came from the planet Nissan in the neighbourhood of Lasan in the Lyra-Systems, and they were the distant forefathers to those who lived on the others side of the Milky Way (one the other side of the Sun = The centre sun of the Galaxy) on a planet called Kudra in a sun system called Nisan. For 2,4 million years ago they emigrated to the Lyra Systems, namely to Nissan. The reason for their immigration was a horrendous overpopulation. The way to the original home planet of the Lyran-Vegan descendant’s on Earth in the Lyra-Vega systems, was found by them through a large old Lyran expedition fleet, which was on a long expedition on the other side of Milky Way, and in the system of Nisan on the planet of Kudra, they met the yellow people belonging to the Henok line.


All these explanations from the Pleiadians/Plejarens shows that beside the Lyrans-Vegans and the Pleiadians/Plejarens also unidentified strangers visited Earth at very early times, but that these early strangers did however not settle for good on our planet, which was the case with the old Lyrans-Vegans and others of the Henok-line, or by the set out offenders on the planet in early times, who were hindered of leaving, as well as the pure Earth created, who could be found both in China and Japan and in all of Asia as well as in Europe, Eurasia, Australia and various oceanic islands as well as in Africa, America and South America etc. 



The destruction of Atlantis and Mu 11 500 years ago  


The old Henok-line descendants, in particular the old Lyrans-Vegans were evolution wise naturally vastly superior to the earth humans and the distant descendants of the criminal offenders. Therefore their standard of living and their culture were very high, whereby the cultural traces of them are up to the present day are still traceable and explicable, for all those who let themselves be guided by truth and facts, undeterred from false scientific explanations and assertions.  


But as it was always the case amongst the Henok people since ancient times, because they were striving for progress and success as well as power, it was inevitable that individuals laid claim to power focusing on total domination. The consequence of this was always revolt and wars, which often lead to entire cultures and ethnic tribes being completely destroyed, extinguished and erased within a short space of time. But each time it was always a few who was able to leave the planet, just in time, to get themselves to a safe place. It was always their early or late descendants who then time and again came back to Earth to establish new cities and cultures etc., like for example the city Mu in the Gobi desert as well as Great-Atlantis, from which today the Azores islands still bear witness of

as remnants, and also Little-Atlantis which was located in the Mediterranean, in those waters which today belong to Greece.


Even though people had become wiser through the mistakes and the cities Mu as well as Great-Atlantis were built very wide apart, in order to prevent further feuds, then the peace did not last forever. It ended after 18 000 years when an unprecedented feud of madness levelled the city Mu in the Gobi desert to the ground, whereas Great-Atlantis and the entire island sank into the ocean, as it was destroyed and wiped out by an Adonis (large asteroid), which was steered at it by the enemies, something which happened for about 11 500 years ago.


The descendants of the old Lyrans again return to Earth 13 500 years ago  


About 2000 years prior to the events taking place around Mu and Great-Atlantis, came again the distant descendants to the old Lyrans to Earth, who already came here 22 million as well as 389 000 years ago, and who lived and worked here. Once again they settled down on the blue planet with homely households and mingled once again with the earthly humanity, which again had become degenerated, for once again to mix new blood and create a new human race, which in all aspects corresponded to their genetic code, whereby this, for another time, also became manipulated. In the procreation of these unifications, came then three different human races into being, namely once again the pure white, the pure red and the pure brown, which through subsequent mingling later on once again became diverse, showing different characteristics and shades of colour.


Thus, through generative interconnections and genetic manipulation, came the three forefathers of the present day humans living on Earth into being. Adam, whose name means “first human”, was fathered by Semjasa, the chief of the custodians, whose task it was to oversee all humans and peoples, and to maintain order in every respect. Adam was the first father of the present day white races, fathered by Semjasa in the garden of righteousness, which for long time also has been called the Garden of Eden or Paradise. This garden was located in Mesopotamia (Euphrates and Tigris, Iraq) at Uruk Gart, which also became known through king Gilgamesh.


From a parallel act of procreation also arose a female and a well-proportioned life from, named Eve, “the one who give birth”. Through Semjasa’s subsequent decree, did a sexual intercourse unification take place between Adam and Eve, which resulted in the first son, followed by further children, who joined with women and men of different and long existing tribes and who again begot children. Thus, over time, grew the white human races alive today.


A further copulation with genetically manipulated influence followed through Asasel, fathered by the first father Ledon, deemed to be the forefather for the brown human race. As forefather for the red human race, was Tet-el fathered by Sartael, where also a genetic manipulation took place. Asasel as well as Sartael likewise belonged to the clan of the custodians.


All three of the newly conceived and created human races of the Earth lived, from when they were created, on three different continents, whereby it was imposed on them not to intermingle between themselves, but to always procreate offspring from people of their own kind. But as it usually was the case with people on Earth since time immemorial they ignored all warnings as well as good advice so within a short time they intermingled between themselves and many mixed races were procreated which spread wide. About that, Billy then goes on to quote the following written in the book OM (Omfalon Murado) (Das Buch OM 1987) in Kanon 31, verses 563 to 565: (My translation above the German original)


563. “ And the descendants of the different human races convened among themselves and created new human races and peoples, because from time immemorial they did not stress obedience towards the laws and commandments, thus in about 500 years they once again lived in bad conditions just as their ancestor did a long time ago.


564. Thus the JHWH requested that a descendant was to be sired by his leader Gabriel with an earthly woman who then immediately was to be taught by him and his wise men and whose spirit form was to be one of their own, in other words among the travellers from afar from the depths of the universe.


565. Therefore was Henok sired by Gabriel and born by the earthly woman Sarana who then taught the human children on Earth and who then lived for 366 years. ”


German original:


563. “Und es tueten sich zusammen die Nachkommen der verschiedenen Menschengeschlechter untereinander und zeugeten neue Menschengesclechter und Völker, denn von alters her belastet gehorchten sie den Gesetzen und Geboten nicht, so sie in gerundeten fünfhundert Jahren neuerlich in grossem  Übel lebeten gleichsam ihren Vorahnen vor langer Zeit.


564. Also ratgebete der JHWH, dass da sei gezeuget durch seinen Anführer Gabriel mit einem irdischen Weibe ein Nachkomme, der da alsbald sei belehret durch ihn und seine Weisen und dessen Form des Geistes sei einer der ihren, also der Weithergereisten aus den Tiefen des Universums.


565. Also war gezeuget durch Gabriel und geboren durch das irdische Weib Sarana der Henok, der da belehrte die Menschenkinder der Erde und der also lebete 366 Jahre.”


Henok, later called Henoch, was also the first prophet on Earth. It was he who brought considerable information, knowledge, wisdom etc to the humankind at the time. However, his teaching, along with the similar teaching of many other prophets following after him, became as a rule falsified beyond recognition, so only very scant parts of the actual true teaching was handed down. These scant truths have in the present time become to such extent twisted, in religious explanations and interpretations, that hardly any person are longer capable of filtering these out in an easily understood form.


Not only did different Lyrans-Vegans elevate themselves as gods over earth humankind, but among those were also the direct forefathers to the present day Pleiadians/Plejarens; and several of all these gods wanted to pressure the earth humans under their yoke and reign with raw and brutal force. To them belonged especially the group, recorded in annals to the Pleiadians/Plejarens as the Gizeth intelligences, as being extremely ruthless, infamous and full of intrigue and beside the extra-terrestrial Ashtar Sheran and his cohorts, they played perhaps the most vicious role of ideological deception towards Earth humanity, before they were captured by the Pleiadians/Plejarens during the 1980’s and deported to a world where they could cause no further harm and also no longer could would be capable of space travel, because all of their spherical, triangle and disc shaped space ships were destroyed and eliminated.


Thus Ashtar Sheran and his cohorts represent no longer any danger with their false doctrines and pretension to power writes Billy further, because he and most of his loyal henchmen entered years ago into the DAL-Universe for there to engage Asket’s people with military force in order to subjugate them. However, in the erupting military conflict, was Ashtar Sheran’s command space ship, together with him and together with his entire fleet completely destroyed and disintegrated into energy. Consequently he and his henchmen will never again be able, in their personalities, to return back into our DERN universe. When they someday reincarnate, this will only take place in the DAL universe, and then they will no longer have any recollection of their earlier life, because with every rebirth of the spirit form also follows a personality change of what Billy calls the comprehensive consciousness block. Thus this means, writes Billy, that Ashtar Sheran and his cohorts no longer represented any form of danger for earth people and many others, also not with regards to the doctrine of lies he disseminated, to bring people under his control.


There were naturally both positive and negative deities among the ancient extra-terrestrials, who in the meanwhile entirety degenerated, through inheritance of the genetic manipulation and they obeyed neither side. Obedient were only just a few, who held leading positions along with those among the people who were in bondage to the ideological leaders and deities.  And this already took place in this way for the first time about 389 000 years ago, for then later, again to repeat itself, when the first human Adam was created by the traveller from afar, Semjasa, but who in reality was not the first human on Earth, but just the first created by extra-terrestrials, after these for around 13 500 years undertook the last immigration to Earth, whereupon also Henok appeared for the first time on Earth, fathered by Gabriel. 


Since the time of Adam and Henok, the genetically manipulated, the Earth humans, have established themselves on the entire planet and their number have multiplied to such an extent that they not only have become the absolute dominator of this world, but also its destroyer. The majority of the genetically manipulated are still strongly trapped in the effects, the consequences and the degeneration of the genetic manipulation which are characterised by the combative, malicious, barbaric, blood lusty, greedy, greed and lust related, wanton, emotional, infamous, intrigue, inhuman and degenerations of all types. An extremely bad inheritance, which has been inherited and is prevalent since time immortal through the genetic manipulation and which actually form the factor of what is referred to as the original sin, as it has been misleadingly explained through the invented story in the false Christian doctrine of Adam and Eve and the devils snake in the Garden of Eden.


However, this original sin, as it is being religiously explained, points in fact to a real background, only that this is formed differently to what has been suggested, namely that the original sin did not lead back to a disobedience by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, but to the genetic manipulation which was carried out on people by the old Sirians. But this original sin, in which since time immortal the combative as well as the evil in humans repeatedly has broken through in a degenerate form, and which makes some people effectively becoming evil itself, because they distance themselves from any type of control and self-responsibility and are no longer in control of themselves, is in truth and fact nothing but a manipulation of a gene in the DNS chain which can be reversed once it finally becomes discovered by the gene scientists.


This genetic manipulation, leading back to primeval times, has through inheritance affected all people presently living on Earth. But that does not mean that Earth humans are not able to free themselves from it, when they through the gene technology finally finds the damage and becomes capable of reversing this original sin. If this happens one day, which it without doubt will, then humans will change back to the original human life form, which only will be combative and aggressive to the extent this is necessary for a life resistant life form, which does not need to be degenerated, writes Billy further.


Through such a new manipulation of the gene, the heredity will be stopped and no longer be passed on, whereby the Earth humans again will loose the degenerative evil and aggression which has become inherent. As of today (1997) is earth’s science still in its infancy with regard to the gene technology and is thus in this respect still not far enough advanced to recognize and rectify the former manipulation; nevertheless, however, they are on the right track. Already this fact by itself gives full justification for the continuously progressing genetic research and genetic manipulation in the present times, even though still many not understanding, worried ones, fanatics, and religious ones as well as notorious troublemakers vehemently opposes it and often preach against it with idiotic ideological nonsense, and in fact against something which is compatible with the course of the human evolution and which cannot be stopped nor prevented. The genetic research and genetic engineering has become essential for people on Earth, not just in regards to the reversal of the original sin, which have led him to degenerate into murder and manslaughter, hatred and greed, obsession, bloodlust, vices and everything inhumane.


The genetic research and genetic engineering is also important for general improvement of the food products of all types and also in regard to the improvement of the physical, psychic and consciousness related quality of life, whereby also the prolongation of life plays an important role, because as a result of the ancient inherited genetic manipulation, the life span of terrestrial humans, in the so called civilized countries, is only a thirteenth part of the amount of what an terrestrial type human would be able to live – namely 1000 to 1200 years.


By an undoing of the old genetic manipulation someday, it must be considered that only the degenerated manipulation is rectified so that the natural combative and the natural fitness to fight as well as the natural and the vital aggressive is not affected, because this is creational-natural which also correspond with the law and commandment in this regard, which ensures that the human species will always continue to exist and evolve. Thus, humans need certain aggressiveness, certain combat strength for at all to be viable, to withstand everyday life and to survive against the environment. Thus with an undoing of the genetic manipulation the same thing must not happen as what happened with the creator-rulers in the Sirius region, who deprived themselves of their combat strength and fitness to fight as well as their natural aggressiveness throughout their entire development and through a specifically undertaken genetic manipulation, because they incorrectly assumed that the human species could exist without these abilities.


A wrong conclusion through which they lost all their natural combat skills, their aggressiveness and fighting strength and as a consequence they could no longer defend themselves when they were attacked by aggressors, which then simply resulted in the monstrosity where the degenerated distant Henok-descendants in the Sirius region, through gene alterations, created new human races who were human fighting machines, but out of which new and in turn very serious problems originated. These human fighting machines were specifically created by the creator-rulers for this purpose and literally bred. Thus, the genetically manipulated were initially also quite normal and highly evolved humans, who however became psychic, consciousness wise and physical to such extent rudimentarily changed that when the old creational-natural characteristics  of the psyche and of the consciousness again appeared, it was in a hugely degenerate form.


As a result, the genetically manipulated ones became very resistant to all environmental influences whereby they also possessed a certain wildness which also showed barbaric traits. By this genetic manipulation it was in full awareness refrained from manipulating the factor in the gene which was responsible for the recognition, understanding, remembering and complying with the creational-natural laws and commandments, the negative and the positive, the neutral-balanced and the good and evil. This omission was deliberately made for the reason that through research it had been detected that by leaving this factor unchanged it would provide a certain degree of safety against the genetically manipulated becoming totally degenerated in the way that despite the high degree of genetic manipulation, those bred would still in a somewhat human way be influenced towards feelings, life and actions etc.


It was this remaining factor which since time immortal has been responsible for that the balance,  respective the good and the positive continually entered the consciousness of the genetically manipulated, whereby the initial genetically manipulated created degenerated evil in the course of millions of years increasingly lost importance , but nonetheless still today is clearly identifiable as being distinctive in Earth humans. What in particular is expressed in by certain rulers and other in government power as well as by criminals, tyrants, despots, anarchists, terrorists and leaders of sects and ideologies etc. Unfortunately, the genetic manipulation back then did result in that the naturally consisting factors of balance and good, as well as the positive in humans, existed in a state of conflict, or at least came to exist in a state of being torn in-between a back and forth state due to the interaction with the genetically manipulated degeneration. A fact which already since time immortal, time and again became evident and could be observed then and which also today shows up time and again in many.


Hence, ever since ancient times have Earth humans continually been fighting within themselves, between good and evil and between negative and positive, whereby unfortunately still today the negative or evil often prevail in many humans.  But nevertheless, the human evolution does not stand still and as time has gone by the result has been that ever more people have decided for the good and positive in the way of defeating the damage through deliberate progress. That is the damage which was once created by the genetic manipulation and the degenerated, the genetically manipulated genetic make-up, the original sin.


But unfortunately this does not always succeed and not for everybody, because many just continue to behave different in the way that they deteriorate into becoming effeminate and into false humanism because they do not find the right way and thereby fall into false opinions, views and ideas etc. and once again become pendent on false ideals, often based on ideological-sectarian absurdity and idiocy almost precisely in the way the old Sirius inhabitants did, whereby they came to the insane idea of genetic manipulation with intentional breed races and peoples.