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ET Contact. Taking a closer look at an unusual demonstration.


By Kåre Bergheim

3rd of February 2011, updated 25th of February 2013


It was at an UFO conference in Nevada, USA in 2006, that Wendelle Stevens made an interesting speech. He was the chief investigator in the Billy Meier case and in a team with three others he spent 5 years investigating the case - from 1978 until 1982. He happened to be on an investigate trip in Switzerland at the Billy Meier farm on August 6th 1978, when Billy Meier disappeared for contact with extra-terrestrials who claim to originate from beyond the Pleiades star cluster M45.


Shortly after Meier left for contact with the extra-terrestrials a TV announcement came through that Pope Paul VI had died at his summer residence Castel Gandolfo, Italy. The following morning, August 7th 1978, Billy Meier told Wendelle Stevens that he had witnessed the murder of the Pope the evening before on viewing screens on board a Plejaran beam Ship. Not only that, but he also told Stevens the name and other exact details of the next two Popes to follow, who were not even elected yet, as the current Pope had just died the evening before.


Below is Wendelle Stevens Video presentation.

I have set up a simple time sheet. I have also tried to reconcile some points of difference between his speech and the German hardcover material.

The Meier Case Update 2006  Starts at 26 minutes into the video



Wendelle Stevens speaking at the segment titled The Meier Case Update 2006 in Laughlin Nevada. In his speech he went into details regarding the teleportation event he witnessed on the evening of August 6th 1978 where Billy Meier walked out the kitchen door for contact and then all of a sudden vanished. The only trace he left behind was three footsteps in the mud, which abruptly stopped at the fourth. Stevens also spoke about the notes he wrote down then next morning, when Billy Meier took him aside and told him the names and details about the next Popes to be elected, following the one who died in the evening before, during which time Billy Meier was meeting with the extra-terrestrials on board their ship, where he was also shown how and why the Pope died. Detailes in Contact 113.  VIDEO CLIP  (at 26 min mark)



The Plejaran Extraterrestrials claimed to be thousands of years ahead of us in technological development and millions of years ahead of us in spiritual development. They exercised a support role to Meier on one hand and also acted as handlers of Meier when he is seen in the role as their contact person. They claimed they exercised the same support role to Meier as they did to the Prophets of old back in biblical times


1978 – 3 popes reigned within the space of 3 months


6 August - Pope Paul VI died of a myocardial infarction, a heart attack.

28 September - Pope John Paul I also died of a myocardial infarction, a heart attack.

16 October - The Polish Cardinal Karol Józef Wojtyła was elected Pope and took the name John Paul II .


When they first knew


It started two months prior, in contact 108, (details of contact 108 here), which was held on June 1st 1978. [2] In this contact Billy Meier meets up with a Plejaran Extraterrestrial Named Ptaah. He is the father of Semjase, the extraterrestrial woman Billy had his first official contact with in 1975. He is also the commander of one of the huge Plejaran mother ships. Billy told Ptaah that he made a probability calculation the year before that Pope Paul VI would die the year they were currently in (1978).


He had just recently looked at this probability calculation again to calculate exact details: The result he got was that Pope Paul VI would die on the 6th of August 1978 at 20 hours 40 minutes and 13 seconds in the evening. He also calculated that the death would eventuate through a heart attack and occur at the Pope’s summer residence at Castel Gandolfo. In response Ptaah confirmed to Billy that his calculation was correct and that it corresponded with their own discovery years earlier through an apparatus based analysis. So two different methods were here used; A probability calculation by Meier, and an apparatus based analysis by the Plejaran Extraterrestrials. Both methods gave the same result.


Note: This is information Meier would insert into this contact first after this event had come to pass. So it should not be taken as proof that they beforehand knew, but rather as background for their action to come:


One reason why they did it


The contacts were into their third year in 1978. It was still at the stage where they were busy delivering evidence in all sorts of categories: Photo, super 8 film, sound, landing tracks, metal samples, prophetic and teleportation evidence and so on.


In this contact, they were discussing an unrelated topic at the very moment the Pope passed away, which would indicate that they were not there to watch him die. Rather it indicates they picked this occasion because it was the most suitable for delivering evidence in two categories:


1. Prophecy and Predictions: To show their ability to predict a current event and the ensuing future events which would occur as result of it. The amount of details and right scores would set their benchmark standard and display their ability to issue Prophecies, Predictions and warnings.


2. Teleportation


Their claims and the categories of evidence they delivered in this contact


The Plejaran Extraterrestrials claimed to be thousands of years ahead of us in technological development and millions of years ahead of us in spiritual development. They exercised a support role to Meier on one hand and also acted as handlers of Meier when he is seen in the role as their contact person. They claimed they exercised the same support role to Meier as they did to the Prophets of old back in biblical times.



They arrived to pick Meier up just before the Pope died which indicate they knew a future event was about to happen.



Claim to have teleportation transmitter onboard their beam ship. First evidence being physical markings with 3 footsteps came to an abrupt halt. The second evidence was given when the contact ended, in that they then dropped him off at a place 16 km away. It was a distance he could not have reached by the means of travel he had to his ability when he left and within the time frame he was gone for.



They presented proof of their ability to undertake an operation within a narrow time frame, with speed and efficiency. That is they demonstrated a synchronized operation with accurate coordination between the movement they undertook with their ship, Meier’s movement on the ground in Switzerland and the unfolding event in Italy where their target for observation was located. Done on tight margins with little room for errors. It signals they have done this before.


Some information on how they operated


Structures and command lines:

In a contact held some years later, in 1981, it is made reference to another group involving Plejaran extraterrestrial which then was present, working in the European area as well. This group also had contact with people on the ground, but their work was done on an unofficial basis. Two names mentioned here but these died sudden and instant when travelling in a car only a few hundred meters from where they stayed, while on vacation in Italy.


This group was meant to support Meier’s group on a later stage. But that plan folded when these two persons died. So what came up here was that the Plejaran extraterrestrials operating on Earth at the time were organized in groups. This other extraterrestrial group here mentioned was under another Plejaran command. So a sister group to the group Quetzal commanded. Quetzals group of extraterrestrial was responsible for the contact with Meier. Their station was underground in Switzerland.


Both extraterrestrial groups worked independent from each other. No data exchange took place between them. Reason given was that this would allow each group to work neutral and uninfluenced on their given task. Only contact of personal nature took place between the groups, never work related data exchange.

Instead all information was run separately from each group to a Central on Planet Erra, their home planet. There it became evaluated in a coordinating manner and appropriate decisions taken. This was something they adhered strictly to.



For communications they use a principle they call negative velocity. In short what it means is that the signal is already at the receiving destination at the same moment it is initiated at the point of transmission. As energy carrier, to transport the communication information, they use an particle they named sub-Neutrinos. It cannot be seen with the human eye and special equipment is needed to detect it. The speed of sub-Neutrinos is many billions of times the speed of light wherefore the transmission is instantly to anywhere in the universe.


It penetrates everything. Nothing stops it be it matter or antimatter. With their advanced technology they were able to add communication information to the sub-Neutrinos. Only with highly advanced equipment, which includes special sensors etc., can the transmission, reception and decoding process of the communication information be done. When this information was conveyed to Meier in 2001 he was told back then that we had discovered the Neutrinos but not the Sub-Neutrinos they are talking about here.



Billy Meier claims the following:


A) To be the sole and only official Contact person to the Pleiadian/Plejaran extraterrestrials and their federation members. Relay information from them related to the Universe, spiritual teachings, overpopulation, environment, war and other important issues.


B) To be a Prophet. Claims his sprit form has incarnated as Prophet before and that he was the one foretold about in old text 2000 years ago who would one day return. Claims he has the ability to issue prophecy and predictions. Claims his spiritual powers are advanced. He has demonstrated the use of telekinesis on numerous occasions. Claims he had the ability to communicate by telepathy and to be able to access and draw out information from the Akashic records, the fine matter storage bank where information from past life times are kept. Claims his main task however is to deliver the teachings of the spirit.



First he disappeared as already described above, just prior to when the Pope passed away. It indicates he knew a future event was about to happen. Secondly he told Wendelle Stevens accurate details about the two future Popes. That is the two Popes who were to succeed the Pope who had just died in the evening the day before.



As above, he demonstrated evidence of real teleportation which sets him apart from the crowd of UFO abductees who put forth claims of having been abducted but fail to back it up with real evidence.



6th August 1978


When the 6th of August 1978 came, Meier started preparing for contact with the extraterrestrials more than 3 hours prior to the time 20:40:13. And 10 minutes prior to the time 20:40:13 he walked out the kitchen door and vanished. Only trace he left, according to Stevens (video), who walked right behind him, close enough to see the outer door closing in front of him, was three footsteps in the mud when he came out. So fresh, that the water was still filling them up. THERE WAS NO FOURTH FOOTSTEP.





Date 6th August 1978


Source / Time / Activity Ref [3] [4] [5]


(Swiss Local Time – For Italian Local Time add one hour)


Zeugenbuch: 17:30 - Meier prepares for the contact. He took a bath and changed to clean clothes.


Zeugenbuch: 20:30 - Meier walks out the kitchen door.


German Contact notes: 20:31 - Contact 113 starts. Since he was teleported onboard, it is the time he arrived onboard the Plejaran beamship.


German Contact notes: 20:40:13 - Actual time the Pope dies. (According to them, see above.)


Zeugenbuch: 20:55 - Stevens walks inside the house. He notices announcement on TV that the Pope had died.


Zeugenbuch: 21:10 – The phone rings. Meier called from a place named Gasthaus Krone in Elgg ca. 16 km away. His walkie talkie did not work due to the mountain range in-between which is why he used the phone. He asked to be picked up.


Zeugenbuch: 21:10 - Jakobus Bertschinger, Kalliope Meier and Wendelle Stevens drive to Gasthaus Krone in Elgg. When they arrived they found Meier, despite heavy rain, with his clothes including his outer jacket all dry. It took them 20 minutes to drive back. Jackobus commented that if would have taken somebody 2-3 hours to walk the distance by foot so that possibility could be excluded. Meier’s moped was parked at the center and there was no direct public transport to this place. And it was impossible to combine various types of public transport to arrive there within the time he was there.


In the video there is a small discrepancy as Steven says the time was 20:25 when he saw Meier walk out the door, but I decided to use the time 20:30 in my timesheet which is the time Stevens put down earlier in his written statement in the 2001 edition of the Zeugenbuch (witness book) And also because Jakobus Bertschinger [4] in his statement in the Zeugenbuch (witness book) also stated that the time was 20:30 when Meier walked out the door for the contact.


There are two other witnesses listed for this contact who are Kalliope Meier [4] and Elsi Moser [4], so altogether 4 witnesses.


Pope Paul VI died; at 9.40 pm on Sunday, August 6th 1978. [5]

This is the official time as announced by the Vatican.

And it correspond with the time Meier claim (20:40:13).

Because 9.40 pm (or 21:40) would be 20:40 in Switzerland as they had not introduced daylight saving back then, while Italy/Vatican City had,

so in the month of August 1978 Switzerland was one hour behind Italian/Vatican time. [7]





We have invented devices such as airport scanners, machines which can x-ray suitcases and display the image on to a screen so that the contents inside can be checked out. The Plejaran extraterrestrials are more advanced according to this information. Their superior technology is what we will classify as futuristic. They have a range of devices in-built in their beam ships. Devises which enable them to peer through roof and walls and get live footages from activity inside buildings. And they can project these as live footages on to viewing screens onboard their beam ships for watching.


The extraterrestrials demonstrated this technology to Meier several times. On one occasion in 1977 [1], Meier was onboard one of their beam ships when he discovered that he had forgotten a piece of paper on a table inside his house which had records related to a pyramid construction written on it. He wanted to discuss this note with Semjase. Semjase then asked where in the house he had left it behind. Meier told her he left it on a table in a certain room. Seconds later, to Meiers surprise, she brought up the room he just mentioned on the ships viewing screen.


He could see the table where the piece of paper was placed. He pointed on the screen where on the table he left it and Semjase was then able to enlarge it to such an extent that it became readable on the screen. This enabled them to discuss the construction of this pyramid based on the records he had written on his own note by simply looking at it, displayed on the screen. As mentioned, the actual paper note they were viewing was physically still on the table inside the house, where Meier had left it. It would appear it was this kind of viewing screen technology they used when they watched the Pope.



Contact Notes


In the Contact Notes, Contact 113, the one Stevens refer to in the video, there is nothing mentioned about viewing screens or that they were watching anything on the viewing screens.

In fact the extraterrestrial Quetzal, starts the contact by giving a speech about some unrelated topic. However it is clear they are onboard the beam ship when the Pope passes away because about nine minutes into the contact Meier marks time by suddenly breaking off Quetzal in the middle of his speech with the following comment:


(My unofficial translation above the original )

Quote page 196 [3]


Billy: He has now changed side, Quetzal.

15. Quetzal: I do not understand?

Billy I will explain it to you after you have finished your speech. You see, it was 20.40 and 13 seconds a moment ago. However, just continue.

(German text)


Billy Jetzt hat er die Seite gewechselt, Quetzal.

15. Quetzal Ich verstehe nicht?

Billy Ich erklaere es dier nachher, wenn du deine Rede beended hast. Weisst du, es war eben 20.40 Uhr und 13 Sekunden. Doch mache nur weiter. Unquote


It could here well be that the viewing screens are running images in the background and something can be seen on them, but again nothing is mentioned about that in the contact notes In fact, directly no more information is printed about this Pope in this contact. But indirectly one more information comes towards the end of this contact about this Pope when the Extraterrestrial, Quetzal, give Meier information about the next two Popes. This is however information Meier is not allowed to officially publish before the facts have come to pass. He is allowed to speak about it however, but only within a strictly internal and trustworthy circle.

He is told the next Pope to follow will take the name Johannes Paul 1, Meier is further told that this next Pope Johannes Paul 1 will also lose his tenure through murder the same. (as what happened to Pope Paul VI, the Pope who passed away just 10-15 minutes earlier).


The murder will be through a type of poison that suspends the working of the heart, and gives the impression of a heart attack. The information Stevens give in the video about the two next Popes reconcile well with the information in the Contact Notes, all but except on one point. The reason why Pope Johannes Paul 1 was murdered. On this point there are two versions:



Version 1


The German contact notes give one version


Below is the extraterrestrial Quetzal speaking to Billy on August 6th about the new Pope to come, Pope Johannes Paul 1:


Quote page 204 [3]


(My own unofficial translation above the original)


109. His death, however, will not be a natural one, rather a violent one, which yet again will be caused by a type of poison that suspends the working of the heart and gives the impression of a heart attack.

110. The new Pope will therefore be murdered for the reason he will shock the snobby leadership of the Vatican and horrify them through his behavior and way of life.

111. He will therefore also create deadly enemies among the group of Cardinals and several others, because he breaks the tradition with a triple crown in

the pope crowning sermon and instead allows for a sermon that to some degree is simpler.

112. However the new Pope becomes far too people friendly in the eyes and views of many influential in the Vatican hierarchy which is not good for the Vatican, because he would loose authority through this.

113. Thus only a few Hours after his appointment will a plot be forged which has the goal, this Pope Johannes Paul 1, again to be very quickly ousted from his tenure and indeed through a murder the same.


(German text)


109. Sein Tod aber wird nicht ein natuerlicher sein, sondern ein gewaltsamer, der widerum hervorgerufen werden wird durch ein Gift, durch das die Herztätigkeit aussetzt, was dann den Eindruck eines Herzschlages erweckt.

110. Ermordet wird der neue Papst werden darum, weil er die vornehme Herrschaft des Vatikans schockieren wird und gar in Entsetzen versetzt durch sein Benehmen und seine Lebensweise.

111. So wird er sich aber auch tödliche Feinde unter der Kardinalschaft und vielen anderen schaffen, weil er die Tradition der Papstkroenung mit einer Papstkrone brechen und nur eine einigermassen einfache Zermonie zugestehen wird.

112. Doch der neue Papst wird in den Augen und Gedanken vieler massgebender Vatikanherrschaften viel zu volksfreundlich sein, was für den Vatikan nicht gut ist, weil er dadurch Macht verlieren würde.

113. So wird schon wenige Stunden nach seiner Ernennung ein Komplott geschmiedet werden, das zum Ziele hat, diesen Papst Johannes Paul 1. sehr schnell wieder aus seinem Amt zu entfernen, und zwar durch eine Ermordung desselben.





Version 2


In contrast Stevens give another version, as he claimed he was told by Meier the next morning August 7th 1978 (See Video)

In short: Pope John Paul 1 would die by the same hands for the same reason as his predecessor Pope Paul VI.

Pope Paul VI was murdered by poison; because he discovered huge losses in the Vatican finances, ranging in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and he planned to announce the losses and appoint a commission to investigate it.



Why a decoy was needed


Version 2 (Stevens) would be true for the following reason:


It appears they have adhered to certain rules when it came to what they included and excluded in the official contact notes.


Judging by which information they left out of the contact notes, it gives an indication that their primary was, in my opinion:


Rule #1:

All information which can identify the perpetrators must be deleted. If not done, Meier could be assassinated.


Likely much of the sensitive information could be deleted as it would not be of crucial importance anyway. But obviously some key parts had to be mentioned. They would find it important to include the information that both these two Popes were murdered by poison. That could not be deleted. But this is also where I think they came up against a problem.


Because if they put this information in the contact notes, they would also have to state the reason for the murders.


But if they stated the true reason for the murders, they risked identifying the perpetrator and thus break rule #1.


This left them with two options:


1) It cannot be stated, and must be deleted, that the two Popes were murdered by poison if the true reason for the murder is stated.Because this will risk identifying the perpetrator and thus break rule #1


2) It can be stated that both Popes were murder by poison so long as the wrong reason for the murder is given. This will not risk identifying the perpetrators and thus be in compliance with rule #1.


They decided on option 2) which meant they had to plant a decoy in the contact notes.


They would have to construct a false reason for the murders in such a way it would stand out as the decoy version and thus become easily identified as the decoy version when put side by side and compared with the true reason, which later would surface through Stevens.


The reason given in the contact notes is based on well known facts. Facts related to this Pope which people will recognize as being true Such as that the Pope broke with the traditional crowning sermon. But the facts here presented are not logical reason for murder. This makes them likely false. Wherefore the version given in the Contact Notes fit the description of being a decoy; designed to deceive an adversary or divert his attention.



Stevens to update and fill in the blanks.


Which means, their next step, if they wanted to get the truth out, would be to find a way to do so. And this is where Stevens would fit in. It would be for this reason that Meier would appoint Stevens as the Messenger and give him the information they were forced to exclude from the Contact Notes. This would be the logical reason why Meier would tell Stevens what they witnessed on the viewing screens, the true reason for the murders and other details that could not be printed in the contact notes.


This was details which could risk the perpetrators to be identified. Stevens took written notes of what he was told by Meier that morning on August 7th 1978 according to his own statement. By verbally passing on the omitted information to Stevens It gave Meier the cover of plausible deniability. A condition in which a subject can safely and believably deny  knowledge of any particular truth.


It also would have given Meier the option, if he saw a need for it, to instruct Stevens to publicly release the information at a later time, at a time when it was safe to do so. For instance, after the perpetrators were dead. In this video segment titled ‘The Meier Case Update 2006’, it would seem Stevens did what he was meant to do: From the notes he took 28 years earlier he delivered the update and filled in the blanks.



Real time or recording


Did Meier watch a recording the Extraterrestrials had done prior to his arrival, or did he watch the event as it happened in real time?


1) The evidence to support that they watched a recorded event:

Newspapers articles [8] reported on Aug 7th 1978 that the Pope Paul VI suffered a heart attack 3 ½ hours before he died. An official bulletin signed by two Doctors put this time to 18:15 local.[6]. This could indicate that Meier was watching a recorded event that took place prior to his arrival. The man servant Stevens talks about was preparing tea for the Pope before he went to bed each night. At 18:00 the pope was already in bed according to information here [9].


2) The evidence to support that they watched the event as it happened in real time:

He was fighting the 18:15 heart attack for close to 3 ½ hour before he died. [6][8] This leaves open the possibility he could have been given a fatal dose of poison in his tea later in the evening, closer to the time he died. And that it was this event Meier eyewitnesses. Because Stevens, in his video speech, make no suggestion that Meier was watching a recorded event that took place prior to his arrival.


He also says that the tea was placed at the bedside table which could also be taken as an indication the Pope already was in bed when he got the tea served. In which case; It could have been at any time in the evening up to, or close to 21:40. Stevens says in the video that Meier watched it all on viewing screens.


He says they got there 5 or 10 minutes before, and then starts to describe what Meier saw.

It would seem logical that they got there 5 or 10 minutes before for the reason they wanted to observe the event in real time. If it was for this reason, then there is another possibility that needs to be considered. It would give Meier another reason to mark time. What he did in the contact notes. That is, he interrupted the extraterrestrial in the middle of his speech to mark the exact time the Pope died. If they watched it in real time, then the marking of this time could also be taken to signify that Meier marked the ending point of a time line or that a time line had been constructed.



The 6 ½ minute time gap blanked out at the beginning of the contact - containing the unofficial segment


From the start of the contact until Billy interrupted Quetzal to mark the time the pope died, 9 minutes and 13 seconds passed by. The official dialogue between Quetzal and Billy contained 430 words during this period. Reading through this dialogue with normal speed took me 2 minutes and 40 seconds. It leaves a time gap of 6 ½ minute missing at the very beginning of the contact to be filled. It indicates 6 ½ minute with unofficial segment has been blanked out.


Which could mean the eye witnessing of the Cardinal and the man servant took place here. Because Stevens said the Cardinal stood and waited only 4-5 minutes after the tea had been served to the Pope before he walked into his room to check on him and directly after went to the Pope’s office to pick up the folder.


So all the scenes Meier watched on the viewing screens could time wise fit within this 6 ½ minute blanked out time slot at the very beginning of the contact. And likely the commentator in this segment, where they were watching the viewing screens, would be Semjase. It would be here she told Meier about the losses in the Vatican finances. Information which Stevens gave in his speech but which was not recorded in the official contact notes.


Also if they took Meier there to watch a recorded event, they would know the exact length of time any recorded segment would last. Wherefore it is not fully logical and consistent with it being a recorded event that they would randomly leave 2 minutes and 40 seconds of idle time just before the Pope died where they saw a need to start a discussion about an unrelated topic, which is what Quetzal here did.


Rather what this indicates is that when the Cardinal left the Popes office with the folder there was simply nothing more to watch before the Pope died, so the extraterrestrial started talking about another topic, and it was in the middle of his speech that Meier marked the time when the Pope died. The facts are here consistent with an event being watched in real time where the marked time 20:40:13 also signify the end of a time line meaning that:


They took the most logical course of action: They constructed a time line – the starting point.


With reference to the timesheet above;

The contact began very close up to the actual announcement of the Popes death

It indicates one purpose for this contact was to watch this event. It indicates they had prior knowledge to what was about to happen and it indicates another purpose for which they would have at least one good reason;

They knew Meier could not put down any details about the murder event and at what time it took place in the official contact notes. The event which caused the Pope’s death. So they decided to mark it by constructing a time line. Thus, the extraterrestrials had to think out where to hook up the starting point of that timeline.


It seems they saw one solution here. A solution which also offered them an opportunity to demonstrate what else they are capable of. They decided to use the pickup time at Hinterschmidruti as starting point as Meier always starts all his contacts with date and time. It meant the contact had to start at the same time as the final tea cup was being prepared for the Pope at Castel Gandolfo.


This would be the time they would arrange for Meier to enter the ship because at this moment he would record the time. It meant they had to narrow down their operating window to under one minute. So they had less than one minute for disposal to pick up Meier and arrive at destination.


In front of camera, they demonstrated to Meier that their ships can undertake flight maneuvers with negligible time loss. Meaning they can jump from a stand still position and travel close to the speed of light in the blink of an eye. [4]


I think their logistic sequence then would be something like this:


20:31 - The beam ship with Quetzal and Semjase onboard arrives over Hinterschmidruti to pick Meier up. They have already preprogrammed their next flight coordinates for Castel Gandolfo.


20:31 - Once the ships sensor register that Meier has been teleported onboard, the ship automatically undertakes the next jump on the already preset coordinates.


20:31 - Their jump destination Castel Gandolfo is reached where the ship becomes suspended in the air ready to observe the event.


20:31 - Tea Time at Castel Gandolfo. The event which caused the Pope’s death. A cardinal puts poison in the Pope’s tea. The Pope dies of a heart attack 9 minutes later at 20:40:13.




They are over Hinterschmidruti and Castel Gandolfo at the same time, at 20:31.

The time Billy started his contact at 20:31, is Tea Time at Castel Gandolfo. The time the murder event was carried out. (Italian local time add 1 hour)

Related: See also The future development on Earth on a political, social and geographical basis according to the predictions and prophecies from the Pleiadians/Plejarans.


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11:15  Jumping in : The beam ship instantaneously reappears back in the frame. Generated electrical power field. Felt by Meier as an electrical hit or an electrical shock.
15:28  Jakobus Bertschinger 15:57  Elsi Moser 17:29 Kalliope Meier

1:09.30 - The ship is seen further away. It is captured on a 8 mm film. It disappears and reappears within the same frame at two different locations.
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Some final comments:

I met Meier in 2006 and purchased then all the material he had published up to that year. So for a starter I know Meier is the author, and the material I have quoted above is authentic.

Wendelle Stevens appeared convinced up until he died last year that the Meier case was real. He had solid experience in investigating other UFO cases and knew what to look for. His background as a military test pilot would have taught him the importance of registering details and to always take notes. He took pages of written notes in this contact. I believe Stevens when he said he rejected an offer to work for the CIA when he and the others in his team were brought in for a meeting in the London CIA office.

I believe payback for not playing ball resulted in that he, shortly after he had completed the 5 year investigation of the Meier case, went to jail for sex offences. Had he been a paid infiltrator, I find it unlikely he would have gone to jail. After all Stevens was not a jailbird but a retired man of honour who had served his country in the armed forces. I see it as an indication that Stevens was an honest investigator who probably did a too good of a job in investigating the case and uncovered too much. And somebody did not like that.

If one look at the possibility that Meier knew that the Pope was sick and decided to take a punt in disappearing and fake a contact at the right moment. Then first of all he would have been very lucky in the timing as he disappeared some 10 minutes before the Pope died and any first announcement could possibly have been made.

But if one considers he had a stroke of luck with that, then this still does not explain how Meier the following day could tell Stevens exact details about next two popes to follow. The two popes, who had not even been elected yet at the time Stevens was given the information by Meier.


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