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Extraterrestrial mothership



By Kåre Bergheim

August 6th 2011


The inhabitants on Erra are members of an intergalactic federation which, according to their own information count 127 billion people. It is not stated how many planets belong to the federation. Since 1975 the number is probably increased by a few million or perhaps a billion or more. The Plejaran Federation extends over a distance of several thousand light years. In order to exercise safe control over such a large area the federation members must constantly patrol between the different systems with their motherships and beamships.


These gigantic mother ships, where researchers, scientists, and entire families live, cannot, due to their enormous size land on planets since the gravitational force would result in that the ships would break in pieces. The plejarans and their allies are continually researching the universe with its Galaxies and solar systems. Their mother ship serves as a support point for the smaller beamships. These are used for visits and expeditions to the newly discovered worlds and planetary systems.


In 1975 Eduard Albert Meier visited for the first time one of these gigantic Pleiadian mother ships. This was a ship of new type. On board he met with the commander, Jschwisch Ptaah, the father of Semjase. At that time the Plejarans had only been in the possession of their new mother ship technology for 4 years. A technology however, which was not developed by themselves. Here they were in fact helped by the people belonging to Asket.  


She was the second extraterrestrial contact to supervise Eduard Albert Meier when he was young. The people from where Asket originate are living in a neighboring universe to ours. Through technology transfer from this race the Plejarene got access to a type of advanced technology which enabled their own construction of this ultra-advanced class mothership.


The people of Asket were about 350 years ahead of the Plejarans in the technological field. This small technological lead no longer played any role in regards to the free unrestricted transfer of technology. There were no restrictions here because the Plejarans had achieved an evolutionary basic level which was on par with Askets people and they had thus fulfilled the most important requirement for that this technology transfer could take place - namely that the technology would not be abused.


 Contrary to what the consequences might be if people on Earth suddenly got hand of this kind of extraterrestrial technology. It could easily lead to an unimaginable catastrophe, because their technology is very potent and can generate enormous power. So this is the main reason why the people of the Pleiadian Federation consistently adhere to their directives stating that a direct intervention in the natural evolution of another race under no circumstances must occur and furthermore, they also argue that this is a principle which has universal validity and is rooted in the laws of nature.



Left: The first investigate team lead by Wendelle Stevens wrote the following about the mothership in 1978


“This entire ship is exceedingly large by comparison to our Earth-made structures. This colony-ship is constructed and assembled entirely in space, and once put into operation is never again dependent on any planet for support. It is completely self-contained and almost perfectly efficient in all respects. It gets its energy from sun and star-light and its only loss is a little radiated heat. Eduard Meier took five 36-shot rolls of film during this trip and only one of them was ever returned to him from the photo processors. The rest were “lost” in handling. "





Photo 171 taken by <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier at Hasenböl-Langenberg in Fischenthal on the 29th of March 1976. Semjase is here doing a demonstration flight with a beam ship of a new type. The various visual changes from the old version are higher dome structure and a different rim design. But it is also equipped with more advanced technology. Which enable the ship to undertake time travel and to enter other universes and dimensions. 




Above photo is one of 1476 photos which Billy Meier took up to the year 1998. He used an Olympus -35 camera with a focal length 1:28 / f 42mm.


1. Fake vs real: The American team lead by Wendelle Stevens brought over a beam ship model to Switzerland. They then asked Meier take photos of the model using same camera he used when taking the real beam ship photos. When the photos of the model were later developed and put side by side and compared to the real beam ship photos there were differences. Most importantly a lab analysis showed a clear difference between the photos of the model and the real photos. The comment from the lab technician was: “It is easy to tell a small model”


2. The triangulation method. By using size of known background objects as reference the beamship was measured to be seven meters in diameter


3. Pixel analysis of the famous beam ship & mirage photo undertaken by a professional American laboratory. They compared the beam ship to a mirage from the Swiss air force flying close by. Meier claimed the jet made 22 passes around the beam ship. No strings found in the photo. The conclusion also from this test was that the beam ship was seven meters in diameter.


4. Meier had only one arm which would make it difficult to make, carry around, hide and let alone take a photo of a seven meter object in the air.


5. Meier took many of the photos in 1975 and 1976 several years before personal computers and programs such as photo shop became common.


References here:  CONTACT (1982) Film recording of the investigation


Below: CONTACT (1982). The filming of the investigation. The verdict given by a professional lab technician comparing photos of a model up against the real photos Meier took. “It’s easy to tell small models.” he says . The real photos Meier took are not that of small models. Starts at time 0.48.30 into the video below



The technical evolution help received from the people belonging to Asket resulted in that the Plejarans advanced their ability to master the enormous distances in the universe through more efficient transportation methods. Over the years, they further developed and improved these methods. These were methods Asket’s people had used for more than 700 years. Even within a relatively short time span of 20 years, did the Plejarans manage to achieve great progress. For example, in 1997 they had through their own research and development advanced so far that they worked with transportation methods which involved travelling from one point to another in the universe without the use of spaceship. Asket’s people by the way originate from the same lineage as Plejaren. It is a linage they call the Henok lineage. They are resident in our sister universe which they call the DAL Universe 


When the contact officially started in 1975 Ptaah's mother ship was the largest in its class. A mother ships of this type consists of four enormous spheres, the main sphere exhibits a diameter of approx. 17 km (according to their own information exactly 17 182 m). This main sphere is the core in the center of the ship and has inbuilt vital technology which guarantees that the ship can travel independently and self-sufficient through space on expeditions and patrols.


A mothership is a technical construction which goes outside of what people on Earth  in general are willing to accept as being real and are easily classified as utopian. One can define a mother ship as a self-contained world that wanders freely through space without any contact at all with planets. Ptaah's mother ship which Eduard Albert Meier visited is a self-contained city where more than 143 000 people live and work. All that's needed to sustain life for these residents is produced on board. And not just for normal people, but also anatomically different shaped human races who work there because their home world is in in alliance with Plejarans. Inside the ship it is forests, meadows, and vast botanical gardens as well as residential, park and recreational areas. Just as there are production units that produce oxygen, nitrogen, other vital gases as well as foods of all kinds. By the use of so-called multi duplicators all essential goods are produced or reproduced. The mothership is therefore not dependent on cargo deliveries and do not need an open external supply lines.


With their technical perfection and operational capacity, they can by  undertaking inter dimensional jumps,  move through all space and time dimensions. With such a mother ship the so-called hyper-space will be utilized for the purpose of fast travel. This is a parallel dimension to ours where time and space becomes paralyzed. Through this hyper-space dimension even the most remote destinations in the universe comes within range and can be reached, in zero time.


Even a jump into the DAL-Universe, a twin universe to our Dern-Universe is for them possible. A 70 km wide and 100 000 km long corridor are then artificially created. Through this corridor the ship then moves and enters into the DAL Universe. Such a high-tech operation is only possible for a mother ship to undertake. Because only such a ship is equipped with the type of energy generator and energy transformer which has a powerful enough capacity to create such a channel. A channel which then acts as a passage tunnel through which the ship enters and arrives into the DAL-Universe.


Measured from the top oval-shaped command centre or the bridge to one of the outermost three spheres, all of which are connected with each other through long bearing structures, the total length is 35 kilometres. This becomes the motherships overall maximum length measured between the two points which lay furthest apart.


In the lower third part of the sphere that forms the centre of the ship is wher the  hangar deck and storage space for smaller units is located. These units fly to and from the ship on regular assignments. And they are being stored and serviced here. The entrance leading in is a lock construction which is 100 meters in width and 100 meters in height. The entrance is covered by an enormous full-automated door that leads into the hangar deck. The large hall where the smaller beamships are parked. Hundreds of these smaller and larger beamships are placed here under the supervision of androids or Plejarian technicians who service and prepare them for their next mission. Inside the hangar halls it is very light and this light has a slight blue colour.


The light seems to come directly from the walls and ceilings. This is the same type of lighting used in the smaller beamships. There are thus several hangar halls inside the ship and the largest has an incredible height of 800 meters. The hangars are staffed with technicians who perform service and control of the units when they return from a mission. As well many androids and robots are on standby in the section. They can carry out tasks on short notice when needed. The Inner and outer walls of the ship consists of a very strong meter thick metal with special characteristics. It is a type of metal which becomes transparent or translucent by the use of technology. It means one can see out without having window in the ship.  This will give the impression, seen by the eyes from an observer inside, that the walls are made up of glass


For transportation inside the mother ship, there are several possibilities. It's not walking distances we are here talking about, but distances kilometres in length which needs to be covered without wasting unnecessary time. The lift to the command centre consists of a transport shaft where one sits in a small vehicle that flows through the shaft to the destination. There is also a smaller transportation vehicles that floats silently about 20 centimetres above the floor. The teleportation method is naturally also used, when traveling long distances within the ship. They simply teleport themselves from one point to another in the same way they teleport themselves up or down to a planet from a beamship suspended in the atmosphere above.


The transport corridor which runs from the hangars in the lower third of the central sphere to a level in the upper third of the same sphere and where a green area is located , is 11 000 meters long (11 km). It branches out to other parts of the ship as well. From here the transport corridor continues an even longer distance, further up to the Commando Central, placed on a shaft far away from the central sphere.  Furthermore there are not only one, but several hangars inside the ship.


All of them built in different sizes. In some of them there are transparent walls. Stars and galaxies can be viewed from the inside. In other sections of the ship there are halls with green areas which consist of gardens, flowers, flowing water, bushes, and parks. Through these one can walk on artificial made tracks. According to Eduard Albert Meier's information these are smooth to walk on since they are made of a special type of artificial material. Within these green areas which also has fantastic flower gardens and the smell is different to what we are used to.


The city is located inside the large central sphere. Everybody on the ship can be reached through an internal communication system and they all can communicate with each other. As mentioned, a long transportation shaft goes up to the to the command centre. The total control of the ship is being done from here. It is where the navigation take place and where all movements are monitored. The command centre has a diameter of 1000 meters (1 km) The walls in this part of the ship are also made of transparent metal. With the help of technology the walls can be converted to one big window. The people inside are then given an impressive panorama view to the myriad of stars and galaxies shining in the otherwise dark space outside.


It is in the middle section of this command centre that the navigation of the ship take place. This section is shaped like a horseshoe with a height to ceiling of about 100 meters. The room is packed all kinds of instruments and apparatus, image and data displays of all types. In the centre of this horseshoe in a square with floor space the size of a normal room. And it is here those in command of the ship are placed. Those responsible for the navigation. And androids are to a large degree used for control functions of the ship. Androids are computer people who are entrusted with the various control tasks. Androids are working robots that look like humans. Inbuilt in their head, they have a type of chemical-half organic computer brain.


The type of android used I this area feel no pain because they have neither the nerve system, or psyche. But beside these deficiencies, they are human imitations. This is in contrast to the more highly developed pure bio-organic independent minded Androids, which has the possibility to develop artificial emotions. Their joints and bones are of mechanical construction. Touch impulses from fingers and other body parts generated when objects are touched are led and transferred via a form of proto plasma to their computer brain located in the head.


All mechanical parts and computer technology inside this type of android is not visible because it is covered on the outside with artificial skin. The skin is so natural that it looks like normal human skin. And embedded in this artificial skin are information sensors. These also sense injuries which if occurs is something the android itself will detect and repair. When an android has fulfilled a certain task and no longer is needed it will go to a corner and wait for further instructions. When again time has come to activate the android it is enough to snap the fingers to summon its attention. Because they are programmed to react on signs, sound and voice.


The Androids are normally programmed to take care of a quite specific projects or tasks. It can also be programmed to service only one single person. It will then obey orders given by this person only and from no others. An android is an absolute self-thinking robot, which we would have trouble identifying as such. Because in a conversation with them, they would hardly stand out as artificial. The differences between them and humans are thus miniscule.


 The Androids constitute an important part of the mother ship. They maintain and carry out important functions and tasks, many of them critical. They are also used for expedition purposes and are sent to worlds and planets where it would be too dangerous to use research team of people. The androids do not need to be fed nutritious food. They do not possess body organs resembling any body organs found in humans except with one exception : protoplasm. Protoplasm which is a living matter keeps their skin alive and natural looking. The power which the android needs to function is being delivered by button large energy transformer that captures the electron energy from the universal space and converts it to usable energy.


The android has thus been equipped to draw its power from an inexhaustible energy source. Because they are absolutely self-minded, self-monitoring and self-executing technical beings, they have inbuilt an emergency fuse in the event of malfunction. This is an inbuilt security device to eliminate the possibility that they can turn against humans. According to Ptaah's information accidents did happen during the development phase of these androids a long time back in their own time. People then lost their lives as result of errors which occurred. But such anomalies have now been eliminated.


Although the dimensions of such a mother ship are gigantic, it is not the largest ship these extraterrestrials dispose of. The so-called emigration ships shows a diameter of 120 kilometres. That is seven times larger than the mother ship. These giant ships visited our solar system in ancient times and they can accommodate up to a million people. These type of ships are built for evacuation purpose. They have used them on occasions where it was imminent danger of war or major natural disasters.


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Die Grossraumschiffe der Plejaren by Hans Georg Lanzendorfer, Switzerland published in Stimme der Wassermanzeit Dezember 2003. At the time in 2003, when HGL published this article in Wassermanszeit, he was the Swiss Media representative for the Billy Meier case. He became a member of Meier's core group (KG-49) in 1986. He also authored two books about the case "Geheimnisse des Gemeindepfarrers" (2001) and " Lehre und Künder der Wahrheit " (2006).


Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 1 508 pages A4 Kontakberichte 1-38 January 28 1975 bis 13 November 1975 Gespraeche zwischen Sfath, Semjase, Ptaah und Quetzal von den Plejaden / Plejaren, Asket und Nera aus dem DAL-Universum und Eduard Albert Meier


Flugreisen durch Zeit und Raum - Reale Zeitreisen (2001) von Guido Moosbrugger. Guido Moosbrugger became  a member of Meier's core group (KG-49) in 1976. He worked then as a principal at a school in Austria. One night Meier invited him out to the area where a contact was to take place. And that night he took several very good photos of a clear bright object which he saw flying up towards the night sky moments after Meier had ended his contact meeting with the extraterrestrial on board. He published these photos in his first book about the case titled "Und sie fliegen doch!" (1991) which was later translated into English under the title "And yet ... they fly" (2001).


Below: CONTACT (1982). The filming of the investigation. The verdict given by a professional lab technician comparing photos of a model up against the real photos Meier took. “It’s easy to tell small models.” he says . The real photos Meier took are not that of small models.


 UFO contact from the Pleiades (1978) A preliminary investigation report By Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens (Ret.) Image nr.185 is one of several photos Stevens and his team analysed to determine the size of the objects that Meier took photo of. Stevens comment under the photo on the back of this book reads as follows (written in 1978), "March 28, 1976 At 9:40 hours, Bachtelhornli-unterbachtel, Switzerland. A new, third variation, 7-meter spacecraft with two new variations, remote controlled reconnaissance vehicles accompanying it passes up the valley from Wald towards Gibswil. Note the remote craft beyond the small branch in the foreground of this picture. "


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