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Extraterrestrial races in Lyra and Vega


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By Kåre Bergheim

March 11 2012


This is one of more than 10 photos <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier took of Alena on the 6th of July 1977. She is an extraterrestrial woman belonging to the Plejaran federation and comes from the Lyra Star constellation. The condition Billy was allowed to take photo of her was that her face not to be recognized and is why only a small part of her face is visible. Main reason given is that they at times mingle with us in our villages and cities. It would thus pose a security risk for them to have their face displayed on a photo as they could be recognized.

 Alena comes from the planet SATER which is about 33 pct smaller than Earth. The planet is 157,3 million kilometers away from its central sun in the Lyra star constellation, but in another space-time configuration. She is 148 centimeters tall.



.. “But just as intriguing was our search for a gold nylar jacket that might look like the one Alena is wearing in the picture with her arm holding the gun. We looked in all the clothing stores, all the sporting goods stores, and checked even the uniform supply stores for such a jacket, or even such gold material as might be necessary to make such a jacket, like the arm of the one worn by Alena as she holds the pistol for Meier’s photographs. We never found anything like it.” Wendelle Stevens Messages from the Pleiades vol 4 (1995)


Light brown - Alena's sking color can here be seen as being light brown. She looks similar to people living in countries surrounding the Mediterranean ocean.


“…we had already been to every toy supplier in Switzerland and failed to find any toy weapon anything like the laser pistol Meier photographed. A search of sporting goods stores was equally fruitless. To this day we have never found a match for that laser pistol." Wendelle Stevens and his investigator team page 102 in  “Message from the Pleiades vol 4” (1995)


6 July 1977, 15:20, Hinterschmidruti, Switzerland. "This picture shows Jacobus Berschinger, the driver of the truck that was coming into the property as Menara and Alena teleported back into their ship parked above with a cloaking screen around it. He found Meier at the smoking tree examining the still glowing coals there around the burned opening. " Wendelle Stevens in Message From the Pleiades The Contact Notes of Eduard Billy Meier Vol 4  Wendelle Stevens was the chief investigator in the Meier case.


6. July 1977

(From the German Contact notes, published Augsburg 2003)

The official contact number 78 starts at 15.19 (3.19 PM) that day with the following opening lines.

Billy    Glad that you are still coming. I almost thought you had forgotten.


      1. Then you think timidly.-

      2. This is Alena; She wanted to see you once in real.

Billy  Schön, dass ihr doch noch kommt. Beinahe dachte ich, dass du es vergessen hättest.


      1. Dann denkst du kleinmütig.-

      2. Das ist Alena; sie wollte dich einmal in Natürlichkeit sehen.

 So the visitor arriving in Hinterscmidruti this day was not his main contact at the time, Semjase but it was actually two of them.  And their origin was from the star constellation Lyra , both of them members of the Plejaran federation. The conversation opens up with Menara, a woman Billy already was introduced to a year earlier, in July 1976. She then acted as stand in for Semjase during a short period she was away.


Menara brought with her a person Billy had never met before. She introduced herself as Alena being from a planet named SATER, about 1/3 smaller than Earth. Seen from Earth her planet is located in the star constellation Lyra. The planet circle in a distance of 157,3 million kilometers from their sun MEL. Alena said that her planet cannot yet be detected by us with our still underdeveloped technology. That is because it is located in another time-space-configuration. Billy guessed here height to be around 1,5 meter to which Alena replied she was 148 cm tall. Her skin colour is light brown which can be seen on the photo. 


The details about Menara does not come up in this contact, but was given a year earlier when Billy was first introduced to her 29 July 1976, contact 61. Menara originate from a planet named DERON in the Vega system. Billy describe here as being a beautiful woman. Her skin very dark with a very deep brown colour. Eyes black. Billy estimated her height to be 10 centimetres shorter than Semjase, but with  negroid characteristics like the Hottentots in Africa. Menara explained reason being their race in fact originated on Earth. Their forefathers mingled with people on Earth and created the so called tribes of the Hun (Stämme der Hunnen) which later mixed with negroid tribes in Africa. From this new races appeared, amongst them, and after a long period of time, the Hottentots. Some of these tribes also joined together with Menara’s later forefathers and created what today is their current race, living in the Vega system. 


The contellation of Lyra

The star Vega (Alpha Lyrae) is close, 25 light years away. It is 2,5 times the diameter of our sun and is the fifth brightest star on our night sky. Further out in Lyra is Ring Neubla, 2300 light years away. It is a remnant of an exploded sun.



Billy then mentioned that early in the morning Menara telepathically told him to make sure nobody was around in the Center that day, something he has arranged for. Billy then queried the reason for this request. Menara answered it was because today they were going to carry out a promise earlier given – to test fire a laser gun. They said Billy could now decide the target, which would stand as a memory for himself and the group members according to his own wish. As to taking photos of the weapon, Menara did not mind. Billy then asked Alena if she would mind holding the gun in her hand while he took photos. Menara said that was also OK but on one condition - no photos of Alena’s face. They could not allow her face to be recognized.


Semjase Silver Star Center, Hinterschimidrüti

It was here the  the laser gun was test fired in 1977

Photo Kåre  Bergheim July 5 2006



The laser gun

 Menara explains to Billy the technical details about the laser gun. She starts with the gun-aiming device, the sight. It shows the target in details enlarged through a special optical magnification instrument. It will enable a needle to be hit on a fir tree kilometres away. This because the tube shaped finder-optic brings the target so close that it looks as if it located directly in front of the weapon. When it comes to the activation mechanism, she says this gun has the old trigger version similar to what we use in our explosion type firearms. Meaning the ray is activated when the trigger is pulled back by the index finger. She then goes on to explains the cartridge and how the rays are made. The cartridge consists of two see-through containers placed on top of the gun which contains two different type elements essential for creating the ray. Used coupled together the gun creates a type of laser ray unknown to us. This emitted ray contains a very a very strong disintegrating oscillation. The oscillation would also affect some artificial material around, such as camera film. Wherefore Menara advised Billy not to take photos when firing the gun.

   The gun has two different settings depending on purpose. By pushing at a certain point the gun it switches the gun on to a lethal setting. Then both the front element and rear element container becomes couped together. This create a combustion ray which in the fraction of a second dissolve everything in its path into nothing up to  a distance of 37,2 kilometres without leaving any trace of ash. Only the surrounding edge where the beam hits becomes charred.  Another push on a certain point switches the gun to a non-lethal setting. Then only the front container is activated.   It then creates an anaesthetization effect used for self-defence. As opposed to the combustion ray setting, which as a rule only serve for the purpose of work or total elimination. Which in extreme cases becomes necessary to apply, when for example an enemy craft or any such flight vehicle need to be damaged to such an extent, that it becomes unable to manoeuvre and thus becomes inoperative. Same goes for weapons etc.


“ 6 July 1977, 15:20, Hinterschmidruti, Switzerland. This is an enlarged photograph of the hole  in the apple tree showing the detail of the seared area versus the charred area. Please note that the hole is slightly oval in shape, and not exactly round as it would be if bored with a tool.” Wendelle Stevens Message from the Pleiades vol 4 (1995)


“This is a close-up view of the severed branch showing the clean separation of the two parts with a narrow burn done so fast the green sap did not even start to run. Burned branches were found like this in a perfect lin through the undergrowth.”  Wendelle Stevens Messages from the Pleiades vol 4 (1995)


Menara then tells Billy that this type weapon, the gun in front of him, has not been in use for a long time, more than 600 years ago. This because their technology has over time advanced further. Their current laser weapon gun is a third smaller in size and the trigger mechanism has been advanced further. The new weapons has a trigger mechanism which is synchronised to the user. It means only the owner of the weapon can use it, no one else. The activation of the trigger is thought based. Which is why the brain wave pattern must be programmed in the memory of the trigger mechanism. That is the brain wave pattern of the owner. Should the weapon for some reason change hands , it means it must be reprogrammed for the new owner to use it.

  The propulsion of Menara’s beam ship

 Billy then ask Menara a question. It is in regards to his animals. He said the hens and dog always made a lot of noise and went crazy when a beam ship came near. This time it is different, the animals behave normal so Billy wonders why that is the case today. Menara tell him reason is that her ship is not a beam ship, but a flight vehicle with a compression aggregate which flies by the use of compression, by ejecting highly compressed atmospheric gas. This is the reason why the animals are not agitated this time around. This as opposed to the beam ships which send out radiation and oscillation which agitate the animals, makes them anxious or  make them run away. Billy then asked what kind of propulsion they use when flying in space. Upon which Menara replied that the craft currently in her possession is not fit for flying in space.

 This information indicate:

 Her flight vehicle that day unlikely to have been dispatched from a mother ship in space. But likely dispatched from an underground base which they had three of at the time. One in Switzerland, one in America and one in Asia. On one occasion Billy was taken to such a base in Egypt where he was shown how a flight vehicle exited from that base underground. See my article Bases. Her flight vehicle was likely meant for special purpose. For example studying animal life.With this kind of propulsion animals and birds could be studied up close without them running away, since it did not emit any kind of rays and oscillation which would disturb animals and birds.

 Billy then says that at least their ship can be shielded from optical sight which Menara replied was also the case. She says it is located 27 meters up in the air, right above them. The technology on how to shield a ship from visual detection is something they already knew 42 983 years ago.


“Here is landing track left by the coherent beam of white light that projects down from the bottom of Menara’s Lyrian ship as it hovers about six feet above the ground. This track was made in the dry grass of a harvested hayfield. Note the very regular searing without flame, and the geometric precision of the edges of the track. Two tracks were made within minutes of each other at this time.” Wendelle Stevens Messages from the Pleiades vol 4 (1995)


Key Investigator

Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (Ret.) Served as a test pilot in USAF. After retiring he and three others undertook a five year investigation into the Billy Meier UFO case . An investigation they videotaped and released under the name CONTACT (1982)                


Key Witness

Jakobus Bertschinger. 


Jakobus Bertschinger. Key witness  

Wrote statement in Block 2  page 467 German Contact notes published Augsburg 2003

Jakobus opened up his statement reiterating information in the contact notes. He writes that on Wednesday 6. July 1977 at 15.19 pm was when the contact took place, directly in front of SEMJASE-SILVER-STAR-CENTER. Beside Billy, who was working in the office on the August-September issue of “ Stimme der WASSERMANNZEIT “, there was no other person present. In the morning he had already received information telepathically from Menara that she the same afternoon would appear for contact and that the location for the contact would be at the Center. And for this occasion she told Billy to arrange it so that he was alone at the Center when Contact to take place.

Jakobus write that this was exactly what Billy did that day. He sent everybody on various purchase and shopping trips to Wetzikon and Wila before the Contact took place. He writes that this was an eventful contact afternoon, where Menara  arrived with the main purpose to carry out an earlier given promise. To bring with a laser gun which Billy could take film and photo of. And Incidentially the gun was also tested, fired at an apple tree not far from the house. From about 20 meter distance Billy fired the laser based weapon which in the fraction of a second bore through the trunk of the tree.

The trunk measured from shot entry hole to shot exit hole a thickness of 24,2 centimetres. Seen standing from the location where the shot was fired, looking towards the hole in the middle tree, writes Jakobus further, if somebody tried by the use of an Earth based tool or weapon to drill that same hole they would need to prepare themselves for a laboriousness task. Because the trunk of the apple tree is in such a way twisted that it is questionable if a hole could be bored through it so accurate and clean as the one made.


Wendelle Stevens.  Key Investigator

Wrote the following in page 101 Message of the Pleiades vol 4 (1995)


“When I first saw these laser pistol photos I had serious misgivings about them and the whole story of this so called “ancient weapon”. But then Eduard Meier took me to the place in the Frecht Nature Preserve, near Hinwil, where he had tested the first one. He showed me a seared line of vegetation that went in a true straight line until it struck an embankment and stopped. He showed me another, and then a limb high above our heads on a tall tree over 60 feet tall, that was severed cleanly at a place about 45 feet above the ground and 20 feet out from the trunk, where the branch was about one inch in diameter.

The severed part of the branch was still lying on the ground where it had fallen, and I picked it up and examined it. It was severed cleanly without any fraying, but the most noticeable thing about it was the thin layer of seared wood at the break. The charring was no more than 1 inch to 1:1/4 th inch deep into the wood, all the way through the branch, and the searing of the bark was likewise very narrow at the break, and so sudden and quick that the sap in the bark did not bubble out and run. Certainly no blow-torch could have done this, and how would a one armed man get himself or any equipment up to such a fragile and high up position in the big tree? The trees grew so close together here and in such a way that no vehicle could get through without removing some trees first, and that would certainly have been evident.  

The weapon was neither made of metal, nor plastic, nor ceramic, nor any other substance recognizable in our technology, but most nearly like the composition of a solid nylon block, or bearing. It was smoothe to the touch and felt a little slick. It seemed to be made in one piece and was composed of two colors of the same material, a grayish-tan and a rosey-pink or pinkish-red end of the barrel and a chamber on the top. “