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Best daylight photograph of a Pleiadian/Plejaren beam ship taken by other than Billy Meier


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By Kåre Bergheim

7th of April 2015

  • How the photograph came about
  • The Photograph of the beam ship
  • What Billy Meier was told by the extra-terrestrial who piloted the beam ship over Lake Maggiore

  • About the extra-terrestrial Florena.

  • The photograph.

  • The Craft

  • About Luino, Lago Maggiore. The Italian lake district.  

How the photograph came about


While Guido Moosbrugger, originally from Austria, took one of the best night time photographs of a Pleiadian/Plejaren beam ships, Edith Beldi from Switzerland took one of the best daylight photographs. Both of them were members of Billy Meier’s core group at the time the photographs were taken.   


Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer, who was the Swiss Media representative for the group & Billy Meier as well as being the author of two books about Billy Meier, wrote a detailed account in the German Photobook, published in 2001, about how the photograph came about.


Lanzendorfer first brings up a valid point, which is that a common argument from the antagonists of Billy Meier, in order to denote the believability of his contacts with the extra-terrestrials as swindle, lies in the false statement is that only <Billy> Meier has ever got to see the Pleiadian/Plejaren beam ships as well as the extra-terrestrial persons belonging to the Pleiadian/Plejaren federation.


That is not the case and it is misinformation based on absurd theories that Billy Meier used models and effects to manipulate the photographs. For example in the book “…und sie fliegen doch!> (1991) by Guido Moosbrugger, there are at least 19 witnesses listed who participated in various demonstrations and beam ship sightings, tape recordings or extra ordinary events around Billy Meier. Since 1991 the number of witnesses has further increased.


Lanzendorfer lists up other core group members who took daylight photographs beside Edith Beldi as being Hans Schutzbach, Freddy Kropf, Barbara Harnisch and Silvano Lehmann.

For example on the 28th June 1976 Hans Schutzbach was given the opportunity to photograph one of the two beam ships as they flew away. The two beam ships had then landed in the area of Hochacher/Pfaffenholz/Hinwil and Schutzbach photographed the landing tracks as well, which the two beam ships had left behind on ground where Billy Meier met the pilots.


That was Billy Meiers 59th contact. And the extra-terrestrial persons were Semjase, her sister Pleja and Questzal. It was during this contact that Pleja test drove Billy Meier’s moped. The contact began at 16.14 hrs 28th of June 1976 and the witnesses waited at a certain distance away from where Billy went to meet up with the extra-terrestrials.


The witnesses who waited there were Kalliope Meier, here three kids, Amata Stetter as well as Hans Schutzbach. Then at 16.55 hrs Hans Schutzbach took the photograph of the beam ship as it was flying away. One of Kalliope’s kids, Metusalem Meier, who stood with his siblings beside Hans Schutzbach, spoke about this moment at the IUFOC in Laughlin 1999, about how his brother shouted and made him aware that a silvery shining disc, which he also then saw, was flying up from the forested area where Billy had gone for contact. See my article Documentation  for further details and the contact conversation Billy Meier had with the extra-terrestrials.


Edith Beldi, who at the time was a core group member of FIGU Switzerland, the inner group around Meier, spent her holiday in Tessin in April 1998, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. She was accompanied there by acquaintances/relatives. From that place they took a day trip Luino, a small market town on the Italian side of Lake Maggiore. At around 16.30 hours Edith photographed her friends at the edge of the lake with a simple camera. Standing in front of a coach bus, with the lake in the background, none of them were aware of what was exposed in the sky above.


In fact, for hours the Pleiadian/Plejaren contact person Florena, who knew about Edith’s holiday in Tessin, tried to attract Edith’s attention. Unfortunately she did not succeed in doing so since Edith was distracted by the bustle of the markets and by her relatives and friends and therefore did not look towards the sky.


As result Florena abruptly flew with her ship in the exposure area of the camera as Edith photographed her relatives/friends at the edge of the lake around 16.29 hours. 


Although the ship is only visible as a relative small elongated object on the left upper part of the photograph, at the same time, it can be very well identified in its form as being a pleiadian/plejaren beam ship. Besides, the reflection of the sun is very clearly visible in the upper part of the ships body.


When Billy Meier saw the photograph, he immediately suspected that it only could be Florena’s ship since the ships of her two companions had a quite different shape. In order to get to the bottom of the issue and to provide clarity, Billy immediately let an enlargement be made by a photographer which made the photographed ship even more clear.


After that Billy tried to reach Florena by the means of telepathy, which he managed in the night of the 8th of May. Around 21.50 o’clock he received a visit by Florena for a few minutes in his sitting room in Hinterschmidrüti, whereby the following conversation took place about the photograph which had been taken.




Pleiadian/Plejaren beam ship, flying high above Lago Maggiore, Luino Italy on the 22nd of April 1998. Photo: Edith Beldi




Enlargement of the above Pleiadian/Plejaren beam ship, flying high above Lago Maggiore, Luino Italy on the 22nd of April 1998. Photo: Edith Beldi




What Billy Meier was told by the extra-terrestrial who piloted the beam ship over Lake Maggiore


With reference to Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8 (2005) Page 11 to 13 Contact 263 Friday 8th of Mai 1998, 21.50 h. My translation above the German original:



Florena – I am a little bit surprised. I did not think that you would visit me here in the living room, but rather that you expected me outdoors. Do you not you think that it is a little bit risky, because in the kitchen there are several group members who can come in here at any time. But nevertheless, be very welcome and greeted. I am glad that you have found time to come here. I have tried to reach you for several days.



1. Hello, Eduard.

2. Yes, unfortunately, I was absent, which is why you could not reach me.

3. I also understand that you wanted to speak to me right away, because if I am not mistaken, you have called me because you wanted to ask about the circumstances of a photograph taken by Edith Beldi – or am I mistaken?       



No, by no means, because that is precisely why I wanted to talk to you. Edith showed me her holiday photos from Ticino and from Italy. While doing so, I immediately noticed an object in the sky on a photo which looked like a Pleiadian/Plejaren beam ship. That was also then confirmed looking at it with the magnifying glass. When I showed it to Edith and she looked at it, she was utterly amazed and explained that she had not seen anything while photographing. I found it understandable, because she observed of course her relatives and friends while taking the photograph. When Edith took the photo, it should have been about 16.30 hrs. The place was Luino in Italy, and the date the 22nd of April, 1998 – a Wednesday.



4. That is accurate.

5. However, the time was exactly 16.29 hrs as Edith pressed the release button on the camera.

6. Now, you have told me that Edith was on vacation in Ticino for a few days, to which I thought that I once could follow her there and make my craft visible to her – with Ptaah’s approval of course, whom I asked for permission, because after all, as a rule, it is not allowed for us, for reasons of the Directives, to show ourselves and to let our crafts become visible.


7. So I spent some hours at Edith’s travel destinations in order to let her see my craft, which is why I occasionally opened up a vision field for her towards me.

8. But, unfortunately, she always looked somewhere else, just not in my direction and thus not skywards.

9. I did not want to give any impulses to her because otherwise she would have drawn the attention to her relatives and friends who would not have been able to see anything of course, because I had opened up the view to my aircraft towards her eyes only.


10. Therefore, if she had said something to her companion, then she would have been accused of falsehood and fantasy and maybe even worse things for sure, thus for these reasons I refrained from drawing Edith’s attention to myself by impulses.


11. Hence, in this sequence, I tried to appear simply at a suitable moment in the view field of Edith’s camera just as she once again exposed the film.

12. This is how it happened that my aircraft was photographed by her.



Pretty much like that is also what we have imagined it. Really big thanks for your efforts. It really means a lot for us that another group member than myself are able to take a photograph of one of your beam ships during broad daylight, what actually, with two exceptions, only has been reserved for me up to now. – For Me it was virtually without doubt that it had to involve your beam ship, since you after all you are the only one who flies such a craft. Your associates have other ships designs which cannot be mistaken for yours.



13. That is correct, as well as the fact that in previous years only Guido Moosbrugger as well as Hans Schutzbach were allowed to take pictures of our crafts.

14. But both of them could only take night images, therefore only the light appearances could be captured.

(See: Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte, conversations, block 2 (2003) 50’th contact Sunday, 6th of April, 1976, Page 122)


15. Moreover, Hans Schutzbach also received permission to be allowed to capture Semjase’s and Quetzal’s craft on film during the day, however, he failed miserably I must say, because when he saw both the crafts fly away, he was so excited and was shaking, that he did not succeed in getting a picture, as Semjase and Quetzal told to me.



That is true. – He always used grand words, However, when it came to the crunch, he failed. To imagine or to dream about something is not the same thing as if one suddenly is being faced with the imaginations and dreams in real.



16. Also that corresponds with the truth.

17. But now, my dear friend, it is time again for me to go.

18. Goodbye, and please greet Edith as well as Eva and of course all the others as well.



I will gladly do that, and please also give my greetings to your companions.



19. I shall do that.

20. But now indeed – goodbye.



Till next time. – Goodbye and really big thanks for your visit and for your explanations.



German Original:


Unter Bezugnahme auf Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8 (2005) Seite 11 bis 13 Zweihundertdreiundsechzigster Kontakt Freitag, 8. Mai 1998, 21.50 h.:



Florena – ich bin etwas überrascht. Ich dachte nicht, dass du mich hier in der Wohnstube besuchst, sondern dass du mich im Freien erwartest. Meinst du nicht, dass das etwas gefährlich ist, denn in der Küche sind verschiedene Gruppemitglieder, die jederzeit hier reinkommen können. Sei aber trotzdem herzlich willkommen und gegrüsst. Es freut mich, dass du Zeit gefunden hast herzukommen. Ich habe mehrere Tage versucht, dich zu erreichen.



1. Grüss dich, Eduard.

2. Ja, ich war leider abwesend, weshalb du mich nicht erreichen konntest.

3. Ich verstehe auch, dass du mich schnell sprechen wolltest, denn wenn ich nicht irre, hast du mich deshalb gerufen, weil du mich nach den Umständen einer von Edith Beldi gemachten Photographie fragen willst – oder irre ich mich?



Nein, keineswegs, denn genau darum wollte ich mit dir reden. Edith zeigte mir ihre Urlaubsbilder vom Tessin und von Italien. Dabei bemerkte ich auf einem Photo sofort ein Objekt am Himmel, das wie ein plejadisch-plejarisches Strahlschiff wirkte. Mit dem Vergrösserungsglas betrachtet bestätigte sich das dann auch. Als ich es Edith zeigte und sie es betrachtete, war sie bass erstaunt und erklärte, dass sie beim Photographieren nichts gesehen habe. Verständlich fand ich, denn sie sie beobachtete während des Photographierens natürlich ihre Verwandten und Bekannten. Als Edith das Photo machte, soll es etwa 16.30 h gewesen sein. Der Ort war Luino in Italien, und das Datum der 22. April 1998 – ein Mittwoch.



4. Das entspricht der Richtigkeit.

5. Der Zeitpunkt war allerdings genau 16.29 h, als Edith den Auslöser der Kamera betätigte.-

6. Nun, du hast mir ja erzählt, dass Edith für einige Tage im Tessin urlaub machte, wozu ich dachte, dass ich ihr einmal dorthin folgen und ihr mein Fluggerät sichtbar Machen könnte – mit Ptaahs Einwilligung natürlich, den ich um Erlaubnis fragte, da es uns ja in der Regel nicht erlaubt ist, aus direktiven Gründen uns offen zu zeigen und unsere Fluggeräte sichtbar werden zu lassen.


7. Also verbrachte ich am Ediths Reiseorten einige Stunden damit, sie mein Fluggerät sehen zu lassen, weshalb ich verschiedentlich für sie ein Blickfeld zu mir hin öffnete.

8. Leider jedoch schaute sie stets irgendwo anders hin, nur nicht in meine Richtung und also nicht himmelwärts.

9. Irgendwelche Impulse wollte ich ihr nicht geben, weil sie sonst ihre Verwandten und Bekannten aufmerksam gemacht hätte, die natürlich nicht hätten sehen können, weil ich die Sicht auf mein Fluggerät nur auf ihre Augen hin freigemacht hatte.


10. Hätte sie also ihrer Begleitung etwas gesagt, dann hätte man ihr sicherlich Irrigkeit und Phantasterei und vielleicht gar schlimmere Dinge vorgeworfen, also verzichtete ich aus diesen Gründen darauf, Edith durch Impulse auf mich aufmerksam zu Machen.

11. In dieser Folge bemühte ich mich daher, einfach in einem geeigneten Augenblick im Sichtfeld von Ediths Kamera zu erscheinen, als sie gerade wieder einmal den Film belichtete.

12. So geschah es, dass mein Fluggerät von ihr photographiert wurde.



In etwa so haben wir uns das auch vorgestellt. Recht lieben Dank für deine Bemühungen. Es bedeutet für uns wirklich allerhand, dass ein anderes Gruppenmitglied als ich einmal am helllichten Tage eines eurer Strahlschiffe photographieren durfte, was eigentlich mit zwei Ausnahmen bisher nur mir vorbehalten war. – Fur mich selbst war so gut wie zweifellos, dass es sich um dein Strahlschiff handeln musste, da du ja die einzige bist, die ein solches Gerät fliegt. Deine Mitarbeiter haben ja andere Schiffsmodelle, die nicht mit deinem verwechselt werden können.



13. Das ist richtig, wie auch die Tatsache, dass zu früheren Jahren nur Guido Moosbrugger sowie Hans Schutzbach Bilder von unseren Fluggeräten machen durften.

14. Die beiden konnten jedoch nur Nachtaufnahmen Machen, folglich nur die Lichterscheinungen festgehalten werden konnten.

(Siehe: Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 2 (2003) 50. Kontakt Sonntag, 6. April 1976, seite 122)


15. Hans Schutzbach erhielt zudem noch die Erlaubnis, Semjases und Quetzals Fluggeräte am Tag auf Film festhalten zu dürfen, doch versagte er kläglich, wie ich sagen muss, denn als er die beiden Fluggeräte wegfliegen sah, da war er derart aufgeregt und zitterte, dass ihm kein Bild gelang, wie mir Semjase und Quetzal berichteten.



Das ist wahr. – Er machte immer nur grosse Worte, doch wenn es dann darauf ankam, dann versagte er. Sich etwas vorstellen oder erträumen ist eben etwas anderes, als wenn man plötzlich mit den Vorstellungen und Träumen real konfrontiert wird.



16. Auch das entspricht der Richtigkeit.

17. Nun aber, lieber Freund, ist es wieder Zeit für mich zu gehen.

18. Auf Wiedersehen, und grüsse bitte Edith sowie Eva und natürlich alle andern auch.



Werde ich gerne tun, und bitte entrichte auch deinen Kameraden meine Grüsse.



19. Das werde ich tun

20. Doch nun wirklich – auf Wiedersehn.



Bis zum nächsten Mal. – Auf Wiedersehn und recht lieben Dank für deinen Besuch und für deine Erklärungen.



About the extra-terrestrial Florena


There are no official drawings or photograph of Florena.

In the German Contact Notes she first appears in contact 253 held on the 1st of November 1995. She then presented herself as Florena being 161 years old, but still looking young due to their high life span. She learned the German language 6 months earlier for the purpose of filling in for Ptaah who was spending time in the DAL universe, a parallel universe to ours, occupying himself with technical innovation. She then appears in the contact notes for several more years dealing with different issues. For example, told Billy they were the ones who employed the large telemeter disc, a remotely controlled highly sensitive extra-terrestrial recording and surveillance device, which followed Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer’s car on the 4th of February 2001, as he drove off from Semjase Silver Star Center. 



About the photograph


As a rule, all the Pleiadian and federation member crafts fly with an optical shield activated which makes them invisible. But exceptions can obviously be made as in this case where Florena sought permission from Ptaah to make her ship visible for photographic purpose. The reason why this request went to Ptaah was because he is the commander for all Pleiadian and federation members stationed in our solar system according to the German Contact notes.  


But it says here that limitations were still in place as to who could see the ship and who could not, as only a sector of the optical shield was opened up for visibility. That sector was tiny as it only covered Edith’s location, meaning only she and her camera got vision towards the ship, but not her friends.


This is something that has been demonstrated before. Sector shielding is mentioned in the early years, in the very first contacts where several demonstrations flights were carried out by Semjase for photo and film purposes. Sector shielding was also utilized when Freddy Kropf took the night time photographs of a Pleiadian beam ship when he was photographing the full moon over Semjase Silver Star Center.

Freddy had no tripod that night so instead he pressed the camera on to the rear window of his car and aimed the lens towards the full moon. He was not able to look through the viewfinder eyepiece, but had to pay attention to the camera and hold it steady and firm with both hands so that he would not get a shaky picture. He then pressed the shutter-release button and took four photographs in the space of about 18 seconds.

Since the camera had automatic exposure, it was automatically set to four seconds at aperture f/4. It was first after the images had been developed that he saw a bright luminous UFO was visible on all four photographs of the full moon. On one photo, the UFO was above the moon, on two of them just under the moon and on the fourth it was to the lower left of the moon. In terms of size, the full moon could be placed about five times within the object, which looked like a sun.

The reason why he could not see it , was that the V-shaped visibility corridor was so sharply adjusted that it ended at the camera lens. Thus Freddy standing next to his camera could not see the craft, as he was standing outside the visibility corridor. This was done intentionally by the crafts extra-terrestrial pilot to demonstrate how accurate they are able to apply the sector shielding.  See Pleiadian spacecrafts . 

Which brings up another question; since sector shielding was used to make the craft invisible to others, then why was not the craft positioned closer to Edith so that she could take an even more detailed photograph of it?


Reason for that is not given in this contact, but elsewhere in the German contact notes, related to another occasion. Namely according to their policy, Billy Meier was to be offered the best evidence, meaning the most detailed, close up and clearest photographs etc. since he is their only contact person and thus only he is the one delivering their material.


On this basis a core group member would only be offered less quality evidence, meaning on those occasions they decided to give a core group member the opportunity to take photographs, the craft would be positioned further away compared to the distance at which Billy Meier took his photographs.



The craft


Billy recognized that this craft had a different shape. That because they utilize a large range of different crafts. In a contact two years later, contact 287 10 July 2000, Billy is being told that the number of different crafts used on Earth that year, by the Pleiadians and their federation members, amounted to 76 different types. So in this number there is a mixture of crafts where some are belonging to the Pleiadians and some are belonging to their federation members.  



Luino is located in the Italian Lake District, where the three most famous lakes are:

Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore. It is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world. Luino is located on the Italian side of Lake Maggiore and the northern part of the lake goes into Switzerland where Locarno is located on the Swiss side.

Credit. Google maps




Driving by car, my first stop when I arrived at Luino was at the UFO BAR for a Cappuccino. When I asked the staff there, they all said that they had heard about the UFO photograph taken at the edge of the lake. Photo: K.Bergheim




Place: Luiono port area, overlooking Lake Maggiore towards Cannero Riviera on the other side. This is the mountain background in Edith Beldi’s photo. The snow has gone from the mountains in this photo as it is taken in July (summer) as opposed to Edith Beldi’s photo above which was taken in April (early spring) thus the snow is still covering around the mountain peaks in her photograph. Photo: K.Bergheim




Place: Luino port area. Overlooking Lake Maggiore towards Cannero Riviera seen on the left. This is the mountain background in Edith Beldi’s photo. The snow has gone from the mountains in this photo as it is taken in July (summer) as opposed to Edith Beldi’s photo above which was taken in April (early spring) thus the snow is still covering around the mountain peaks in her photograph. Photo: K. Bergheim